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TPS Cops In The News: BLM, Defund The Police, Truth

In this episode Steve and Ken discuss all the craziness that is happening in the world after the most recent incident of police brutality.  

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your oastSteve gold ladies and gentlemen welcometo cops in the news week of 6/1 2020 Iam Steve Gould with me as always canRoybal hello sir hey hey what’shappening man not much not much a newcycle this week again no hardly anythingto report I tell you what though I amgetting a headache from all this stuffthat’s going on I’m just getting anabsolute headache yeah the my Facebookfeed all my friends hate each other andwant to kill one another I can go inthere and I have fun with your posts Ijust go to stir the pot that’s all I dopeople think I’m disturbed and have wellthere’s two there’s two lines of friendsthere’s friends that I have contacted meand said Steve I don’t think you shouldhave these stances I mean like we Iagree with you but like you should becareful about sharing them because theleft is crazy and they might like try tosabotage your life and I’m like I don’thave any crazy to me any crazy views onthings I just have my own thoughts whichI thought we could have and then there’sother side who we think I am I have lostmy mindI need to get on board with the movementso you can’t have a nuanced point ofview you can’t like be like in agreementwith like little different bits andpieces need to be one or the other oryou are anathema I don’t have there’s avery small percentage of my friends thatare actually liberal so when I poststuff people just go and it’s not it’snot a big deal on my on mine as much asis on yours but your page seems you musthave a lot more left-leaning friendsthat seem to have a problem with whatyou say yeah I gotta tell you I love Ilove my leftiesbuddies and there is a handful of themthat you can actually have someconversation with an agree to disagreebut lot of them are crazy I I think sowe I don’t know if you want to talkabout this this review that we totallyhurtful review man like so podcast holygets a five-star of Yoon is well over300 now which is amazing gets us a lotof views with that many reviews you knowappreciate that everybody but this oneis really made me scratch my head let meit’s a two-star review can it’s very itcriticizes us boy your commentary andattitude about George Floyd reallymissed the point veteran officers toshow such naivete about race isdisappointingI’m very progressive liberal so he’s avery progressive liberal yet I choose tolisten to your podcast forced myself Istrongly support law but some of youranti-progressive comments lead me toconsider unsubscribing that’s fairI’m not like a progressive liberal sowe’re gonna have different points ofview Ken Lemon check you’re notprogressive liberal no guy so this makessense so far but then he says yourfar-right opinions make for difficultlisteningwe are not far-right far-right aregroups like that are closer to likeNazis and like yeah right is very badpeople I kind of that kind of hurts myfeelings that someone would say that butI think there’s we talked about itbefore the definition of far-right hasbeen really screwed up okay far right islike neo-nazis that’s itthat’s far right all right we’re normalconservative that’s it there’s no farfar right there’s no farther right heydum-dums here jellies with usyou’re fired please make difficultlistening frequently however I expectedmore however you still although were farright he expected more insightfulinformation from you about this incidentI suggest you further educate yourselveswithout this you were seriously diminishyour credibility read in defense oflooting as a start in defense of lootingdid you support Kaepernick no I didn’tbut I I supported his net right to kneelthat’s right to do that not something Iwould do this is America I didn’tsupport him I get the feeling no youwere correct so when I was so that wasnonviolent protests he was attackedbecause people disagree with kneelingduring the anthem yeah that’s why yeahTrump’s vilification of Kaepernickreveals a racist callousness andhostility and inherent in Americansociety cap was uppitybut then the riots discredit the causeto question mark can’t win for you tofurther the cause of law enforcement itwould behoove you to gain far moreunderstanding of race problems in theu.s. can you racist bested racist sowhat there you have a kid that this is aguy who’s listened to all of our podcasthe’s enjoyed hours and hours of freecontenthe’s never reached out before in thefirst communication he’s gonna have withthe show who star review saying that hedoesn’t like us anymore and the overyear of the over year of podcasts all ofa sudden we we have an opinion that hedisagrees with and now it’s a t-starfucked so I would know what I would sayin fairness I would say sir if you’relistening I would appreciate it if youwould make that five stars up it’s fineI don’t mind criticism what make it fivestars did you have enjoyed our contentyeah like it admit it to yourselfI don’t know how liberal you really areif you’re listening to us well Zack bonehey what’s happening and Geoffrey Leewhat’s up for usDakotah let me flip that littlenegativity and give a shout-out to ohyes Emma hmm Emma excuse me I won’t sayyour last name I didn’t get a permissionanything but Emma wrote a really niceemail Emma I appreciate itthere’s a page on email saying how muchshe likes has shown she supports lawenforcement and in the stewing the showso Emma thank you those mean a ton to usI forward it to Ken and we appreciateyou yeah that was super cool love theemail and and Emma we got your back Iknow there’s a lot of people that don’tlike police and they don’t like thepeople that support police and weappreciate you guys and all the folksthat are on Zak bone hey what’s upwhat’s up brother and and people thatare listening to us right now man weappreciate everything you do for us andin the supporting of police officers andso when you send us an email in the snowhey we’re doing a good jobwe appreciate it that’s that’s thecoolest thing you guys can do let usknow good is this the part of thepodcast because I’m white that I have tosay that I have like friends and I’m notracist yes and you should show photosand just you know you need street credeasy street cred that say you know thatyour idea I love me some black peopleyeah yeah I don’t it’s it’s sad that youhave to qualify yourself to have anopinion but hey you guys ready for somenews man let’s do it baby let’s do somenews because this week is crazy there’ssome stuff going on man if you if youare wanting to be a police officer oryou are a police officers this week isgonna be a wake-up call for you becausethere’s some wax again there’s somewhack stuff going on guysso let’s get in with this first one thisfirst one’s a little bit it’s disturbingat one point it’s not it it’s out of NewYork it’s NYPD so anyways the thecaption is an NBC news guys and and theheadline reads prosecutors say she triedto firebomb an NYPD van her friends sayshe’s a regular girl so basically whathappened thiswackjob of a a career activist she goesaround the United States and in the lastten eleven years I don’t know what it ismm-hmm and she stirs up problems withwith whatever her causes at the momentjust a regular girl yeah so anyways theyget her on video there’s four NYPDofficers sitting in a van hmm and shedecides she’s gonna toss them all itselfcocktail at the van while the I think itgoes inside but they say it goes insidethe van but none of the officers gethurt and so but but I gotta get to thisthing so anyway she’s a whack job she’syou know if that thing had they you knowhit something and and broken in the andall the crap just starts the fire in thethere could be some serious injuries inthere in the in the van but anyways thecan we is there any way we can get somemusic I got some I got some good quotesfrom her friends even though she triedto kill and main police officers herfriends have comments to say Steve do wehave anything that we could add to thata mood music so her friends say onelongtime friendssaid that she didn’t believe theallegations that she said the girl is aregular girl who wanted to help peopleand is being treated unfairly and anonline fund raisers is seeking to raisemoney for legal fees for her and hersister who was also arrested saying theytook a stand and bravely put their livesand freedom on the line to support thenationwide protest against policebrutality so you see you can actuallytry to murder police officers and be aregular girl at the same time she’s justtrying to help that’s rightMarc Brown what’s up Mike Brown hmm youknow these comments I don’t know ifwe’re gonna be able we were gonna do thenews but there’s some comments that arerelating to the comments we are sad I’mnot even looking at the comments becauseotherwise I’ve got distracted okay whatam I do is I’m gonna share some of thecomments with you because in Steve soyou know so Marc Brownhe says I’m a deputy sheriff’s deputyand just this morning removed a bit abig sign I had outside my front doorthat said welcome homewith a blue line through it just toorisky so much anti police sediment outthere sentiment out there frustrating Iget that that’s a shake it that you knowwhat there’s I had a t-shirt on theother day and I was gonna go run down tothe grocery store it was like a copt-shirt and I was like I should putsomething over this you know becauseyeahprotests in this area like I don’t needlike someone breaking a bottle over myhead well where you are yeah and thenthe the whole thing I get what Marcsaying because the whole thin blue lineflag and all that that’s racist now it’sracist because you it’s been the thethin blue line is a racist statement andyou can have those things just like Marccan’t have a sign saying hey you knowwe’re with youwe’re with you no can do that I’ve beentold a lot lately can that because I’mwhite I am racistI just don’t I’m not in touch with thosefeelings yet Ohso I need to realize that I am just likeinherently racist there’s a workshop youcan go to I don’t know I think the cureis virtue signaling like you get onFacebook and then you or you kneel youkneel down in public to groups of peoplewho demand it you’re forgiven I don’tknow I know how it works yet you are youshould try that see if that works foryou so that’s so that’s that firebombthing but hey you know what these arethese things that people are doing she’sbeen around this gal has been around forlike I say 11 years or so and she’s agogoes around the country doing thingslike this and then even after all thesemany years they still defend her and actlike she’s the cause you know the causeis greater than the than the than theact that she did and they’re almost likesaying that these people are like what’sthe name of that they had littleseventeen-year-old in France for she hadburned at the stake for Joan of Arc ohyeah she’s Joan of Arc on that level forsure for sure so that’s that story butthe second story I we gotta get intothis story these if you’re if you’relistening to us right now liveyou’ve gotta weigh in on this becausethis is absolutely hilarious Joe BidenJoe Biden possibly come on we don’t knowwe don’t know passe man we don’t know ifJoe Biden’s gonna be the president butif he is here’s something that policeofficers all over will love that JoeBiden said so Joe Biden Lister’s off aFox News Biden says police should betrained to shoot him in the leg insteadof the heart oh no not only that notonly that but the the one of the bestparts he says that police if facing athreat from a person with a knife orsomething should be trained to shoot himin the heartand so the leg instead of staying thereand teaching a cop when there’s anunarmed person coming now held on here Iwant you to I really want you two tothink about thisthis comment that he made I’m gonnaquote Joe Joe says instead of standingthere and teaching a cop when there’s anunarmed person an unarmed person comingat him with a knife stories changingyeah that’s okay shoot him in the leginstead of the heart so Steve you’reyou’re you’re a rain you were arrangedmaster and you’re all into firearms andstuff like thathow how logical is it and well first offlet me let me break this down how is itthat somebody with a a knife is unarmedfor one thing and if it’s if it’s asituation where a suspect is chargingyou so their legs are moving back andforth back and forth as they’re chargingyou how do you shoot him in the leg andmiss the that artery that’s in their legyou know it’s gonna take a lot oftraining but I think it can be doneespecially I mean with the with thesenew knives that can appear in people’shands out of nowhere so they go from onearm to armyeah it’s Keith Keith’s tender we hearyou brother we’re just we’re not we’renot trying to mock Joe body yes we areKeith’s tender says shoot him in the leglaughable and nearly impossible which isthe truth I think anybody’s ever shot ahandgun if you shot a rifle you knowit’s got a long sight radius and it’syou shot your dad’s 22 growing up or aBB gun pretty accurate easy to controltake that sight radius and make it thisbig now you’re trying to shoot in bigwith the big square sights it’s hard todescribe to someone but you’re you’regonna try to shoot a moving target witha handgun it’s not like the movies whenyou dislike you have one in each handand like you try to you know you’reshooting people you have to reallyconcentrate to get bullets on paper andthen you add the stress in theadrenaline dump to a shooting it’s not Ithink it’s impossible I think mostshootings happened within five to sevenyards you know when the actual shootingoccurs and by that time with a guy who’sthey’ve shown videos of these actualincidents happening and by the time aguy decides he could be far awayand he decides to grab that knife andcharge you you have seconds to respondmuch less shoot the guy in the leg yesKeith and pumped with the general hesays mark is saying why stop there maybewe should shoot him shoot at the vehicleaim for ricochet off the vehicle togently graze his head they carefullypass out without banging their head orhurting their their feely the cop couldslip behind them with a pillow I justthink if it had come from Eddie I thinkif it come from anybody else we’d begone you’re an idiot but this is thepresident candidate you know of theUnited States and takes him in the legsact it’s just hilarious to me that thatsomebody can just float this and ofcourse Fox News is the only the only onethat said anything about this thiscomment but it’s totally laughabledidn’t get much traction in the news butwhat a clownish clownish comment forsomebody to make and and because becausethis thing with George Floyd happened inMinneapolis that that Biden decided wellI need to say something to you know toshow how woke I am and how tacticallysound I am let me say this let me pullthis out of my butt and come up withthis stupid comment that’s that’s wherethis all came from yeah he’s um like themedia is is protecting him he’s he’s areal train wreck he’s really lost it Imean he’s not there mentally and he’sgonna get destroyed and they’re alreadydoing the thing with the numbers likethey did with Hillary and Trump or thelike hellBiden’s leading no he’s not he’s gonnaget destroyed he’s making points withcopshey leo della Rossa says this is what hegoes LOL is someone who is just nowlearning how to shoot a handgun I canbarely hit the target the first timeyeah he says first time live lovelyclass guys fellas and Dom Kelly says myas well get Jackie Chan to train cuffsexactly oh man I just and there arepeople that actually think things likethis that weird you know I I think thatthese kind of comments just cracked meup because they’re so far removed fromthe real thing like when they like whenthey say hey you know so the guy hasshot 15 people with a rifle and can youjust go and talk to him right can youjust talk him downkumbaya I have a hug for you I’m gonnaput my gun down I want to hug you youknow what do you think what are theythinking is it that’s stupid that theycome up with this stuff totally detachedfrom reality I mean you’ve seenDemocrats stand there press conferenceswith rifles and call you know not evenknow the name of the parts and they’reyou know this is the shooty end and youknow a R stands for assault rifle rightknow that yep we’ll move on to this tothis next one in California you knowthere’s this big move of foot and thiswhistle we’ve got some other stories onthis stuff about the police and policetraining and how inherently violent justcops are they just go and they gettingpeople out of cars and they beat themand just it’s out of controlNick Munoz says hey Stevie boy okay goodbuddy of my childhood friend commercialfisherman on Cape Codall right all right so the next story isit’s out of California but this is thisis going around the United Statesthis guy gavin newsom out of californiais a governor he says newsom ends policetraining this I’m sorry Newsom endspolice training in quote-unquote sleeperhold which is the karateyou know the karate home yeah we do thisthing here but I love how they do thesethings sleeper hold and all these kindof terms as the cops are doing WWF outthereso he’s now gavin newsom if you don’tknow him he’s pretty liberal and plushe’s he’s arrogant he’s arrogant cockyhe’s an idiot and he’s Nancy Pelosishe’s nephewso this whole incestuous politicalclimate in the in Californiaso anyways he’s gonna sign he’s gonnasign that police officers won’t be ableto use a crowded hold anymore which ishilarious to me because I was surprisedI guess there’s so some agencies outthere that use it yeah I don’t know LAPDthey outlawed that in 1980s I went topolice academy over a decade agoand it was not allowed then inMassachusetts the only time it’s allowedis if it’s on the level of lethal forcelike if you yeah justified lethal forceand you can do a chokehold but I don’tknow any agencies that train chokingpeople out at allso it’s it’s nothing it which makes itperfect for him because he can kind oflike parade this around in the publicand the public does you know better andthe cops go and we already don’t do thatwe already have a policy on it so it’sit’s just posturing but and there’sother things hmm there’s other thingsthat they’re that they’re saying thatare just they’re just already policieswithin police departments and it’s it’slike it’s like they’re coming up withthis stuff just to come up with thisstuff and so hey William James longwhat’s up Oh use of force continuum it’sbeen around for what 30 or 40 years fromthe FBIand these but the these things thatthey’re coming up with do you have thatthose eight things that they’re tryingto say that what do they called theeight eight things that will make policelist okay so they’re ban chokehold wetalked about require de-escalationalready we had I remember doing drillsat the shooting range where you haveyour gun out you deescalate to pepperspray deescalate to hands and we dodrills like that okay so that was that’salready already happening in any modernpolicing require warning before shootingit’s called the challenge to stop policedon’t make me shoot you already trainingthat the only time you don’t do that isif it’s gonna tactically put your lifein danger so that’s already thereexhaust all other means before shootingobviously duty to intervene and stopexcessive force by other officers yeahthat’s that’s already that’s already youshould be doing that anyways in thereright it’s already punishable if youdon’tso that doesn’t it’s just kind of youknow it’s repeating itself hereredundant I’d say ban shooting at movingvehicles most PDS have banned thatrequire a use of force continuum butlike I said the FBI developed that longago and they’ve altered it many timesand it’s trained and if you don’t getthat in your police academy there’ssomething real wrong you’re not going topolice academy yeah I I went through thepolice academy in 1980 and that was wealready had that then requirecomprehensive reporting which time anofficer uses force or threatens to do soalready happening who doesn’t do that soso all these things that the politiciansare coming up as far as as far as theseawesome really cool police policereforms these have been around fordecades and so you have to ask yourselfwhy are the politicians acting like howprogressive they are and we’re gonna getthe police in check with all these coolreforms that have been around since 1980you know how did that the only thing isthat’s just pandering to the group ofpeople for votes they didn’t expect usto uncover it excuse them here todaytoday only things police see uncoveringthe stupidity of politicians there’s aum I saw a quote can somewhere that Iforget who said it someone could remindme but it said um policing is a job tobe done absolutely correctly requiresperfection which is impossible formankind to achieveso they’re trying it’s likepolice has been so reformed already andthere’s so many policies already guysand girls are still gonna break thepolicies there’s still gonna be badincidents you can’t write a policy tostop someone from breaking it youthere’s it’s impossible so there this isjust like a scramble to throw out to themasses to try to I don’t know give themthe answer they want yeah a lot of thesethings they just keep implementing indifferent states these policies and sowhat they did in California was theycame up with a law that makes it morepolice officers can’t just say they werein fear for their safety their livesthey have to be able to articulate theexact moment that they thought they weregonna die at the hands of a criminal ifthey cannot adequate adequately attica[Music]if they can’t adequately articulate itthen there’s they can be subject tobeing charged for the shooting so we’regonna give you good at report writingboys whether what they’re doing isthey’re de legislating fear into theofficers so that shootings will stopthat’s gonna work that’s gonna work soKeith stander says it just shows theirignorance and lack of an investigationof current rules laws training tacticsetc same thing as gun shot gun controlBret Richards is here good friend ofours LAPD here’s an LEP hey we’d love torope on he’s refused my advances so farso so they’re they’re trying to make itso officers don’t shoot and they make itmore and more difficult and and it’sjust to me it’s just stupid but theyshould be so indecisive that they standthere and then ultimately be killed bythe person that’s yeah and and what ifyou’reyou know the scenarios of this shootdon’t shoot thing where they try andmake it hey Brett they try and make itthat they’re gonna hold the copsaccountable for their you know shootingof unarmed people okay so let’s go intoa dark alley the middle of the night doyou think the call is a guy with a gunand you confront him and now you can’tactually see the gun but then all thesudden there’s this in the light there’sa just a hint of a reflection and itlooks like something metal and it’s inhis hand and you don’t know if it sayscellphone and you have your gun pointedat him he’s not complaining yeah andeven though you have a gun pointed athim he decides he’s gonna lift upwhatever is his hand and you pop him soofficer did you wait until the very lastsecond and absolutely had no alternativein that millisecond of time you can’tarticulate it we’re gonna have to justfile on you well here’s the thing theycould just say couldn’t you haveretreated oops yeah couldn’t you haveran away can’t you write that won’tincite more crime if you know that’sthat kind of behavior is um yeah I justthink that these and I know that Brit Iknow you love Gavin Newsom I know youlove them so we’re just talking a littlebit about him but these things that’scoming from all over all the UnitedStates and here you know what let’s getinto the next stories because this allonce once this starts happeningit just gives it’s gonna be a snowballeffect and for cops that are out theredoing the job this makes it this isgonna make it difficult so that on thenext story this one obviously is out ofMinneapolis but it’s out of Fox it saysthree other Minneapolis police officerscharged in George death Chauvin chargesupgraded so here’s what happens is thisMinnesota this is interesting so the DAis in charge of of filing yeah I know Iknow Brettgavin newsom is the worst governorin the country so anyways the DA in inMinneapolis he decides that they’regonna charge what third degree thirddegree murder and manslaughter againstChauvin and then the Minnesota AttorneyGeneral keith Ellison and I don’t knowif you know about Ellison but he’s aliberal hack on a Washington that thatwas was he a congressman I might havebeen a senator out I can’t rememberanyways he goes and he gets under underunder kind of a cloud of domesticviolence allegations he gets electedstill as the Attorney General he decideshe’s going to take over the theprosecution of these officers so I don’tthink I’ve I can’t remember but I don’tthink Brett Brett might know a littlebit more about this being a long timerobbery homicide detective where aAttorney General takes over a DistrictAttorney’s case and now they’re allworking together to file this this caseso what happens is they just said nowand this is the thing so Chauvin getscharged with I think they upgraded tosecond-degree murder and manslaughterfor Chauvin for Evans me and the guysback but then these other officers andyou’re just doing your thing rightyou’re you’re you’re holding the guydown cuz you don’t know what’s gonna Idon’t know whatever so you’re thereyou’re there participating in subduingthe guy so what happens is they decidethat they’re gonna charge these guys isaiding and abetting in a murder brutaland these guys are brand new they’reyeah they’re brand new cups I can’t tellI couldn’t tell that there’s if theywere actually off probation or they werethey were there on probate I think theywere high days they were on their own soso what’s gonna happen is this you’regonna be in the field doing police workand and your partner gets into a scufflewith somebody and you’re and you knowthe fight is on and then the guyssubdued he stops breathing or whateverhappens how many guys are gonna have tocuff your partnerI’m just safe I’m arresting you wellthis is what I’m sort of lady this iswhat I foresee that they go you’re notshooting at me yeah knock yourself outgo commit whatever crime you want cuzI’m not gonna touch youthere’s just too much liability I cansit in my car I can let you shoot up theneighborhood and I don’t want to getinvolved because for one thing I couldbe charged because something happens toyou and then your partner’s gonna go I’mnot gonna get involved because ifsomething happens to this guy because ofsomething you didaccident or not I’m gonna get chargedtooyeah no I’m not down for that I’m notgonna do that sohindsight’s always 20/20 folks like it’sso easy to criticize these young guysthat were there that were you knowthey’re making suggestions and thesenior cop shooting them down like it’sit’s really easy to criticize them butyou know they they didn’t know this wasgonna be the outcome they didn’t knowthis was gonna be a national thing thereprobably were very confused and at thescene you know what I mean it’s it’sreally really easy a Monday morterMonday Morning Quarterback these guysand should there be some discipline yeahmaybe but murder we’re gonna charge themwith murderBriggs never gonna go through it’s nevergonna pass yeah Brett says the federalcase takes precedent either way it’sgoing to be difficult to convict therookies one had three days out and onehad four days so this whole thing Idon’t know how you guys feel about itbut if I was a cop in the field todayand here’s another thing too it’s notonly this thing inMinnesota but they there’s an inIndianapolis there was this incidentwhere these black officers and there’sjust at least two black officers thatwere the main guys they pulled some kidout of his car but a lot and they filedcharges on them then this thing happenedin Buffalo New York were they where theofficers were walking and they pushedthat old man down he got hurt so they’recharging those two guys so with allthese this is like there’s theirinvestigations they must be working intothe night to get all these facts inorder to charge them on a Saturday yeahI want to know what happened with thatKen like because it’s it’s a weird videoto watch where you want you see thesecops Oh like a wave of cops coming inright here now me personally I’m notwalking up to them with my phone outtrying to talk to them or ask them aquestion it looks like they’re on amission looks like they’re doing a sweepor something you know what I mean so thewhole thing is kind of weird to me likewhoa what did the guy say to him whatdid he want you know I mean it wasn’t aparticularly hard shove it was just kindof like a move along type of thing inthe guy mm-hmm I have more of a problemwith the reaction afterwards someoneshould have got knelt down next to thatguy and helped him out I mean he’s lyingthere bleeding and with the climateright now what’s going onall those guys kept walking in the videoanyways I mean later he got help but Iwould have been on that guy like BAM areyou okay you know what I mean let’s yeahin the video I saw there was an officerthat and that they you know three fourguys passed by the guy and then one guyjust got down and sorryall right taking care of him but thething is this if you if you if you wereat the out in the public and you yousome guy was bothering you and youpushed him and he fell would the policecome out and go what happened yeah wellhe was she came up to me I didn’t knowwhat he was doing I just kind of pushedhim away and he fell on over a bike rackand he cracked his skull well you’reunder arrest we’re gonna charge you Idon’t think soyeah so why is it that somebodyinadvertently just goes get out of theway you know sir you’re blocking artwe’re marching here can you get any kindof and the guy’s old and he loses hisbalance and cracks his skull we’re gonnacharge we’re gonna charge the cops yeahhow is even that makes sense well itmakes senseif you’re trying to make sacrificiallambs to pander to the BLM and all theseall the protesters and all the movementsthat hate cops yeah that makes sense tome yeahso William long says do you guys think afederal case we made against Chauvin Ithink so course they’ll go for the civilrights but I mean look at the MichaelBrown thing we look at so many that somuch of this movement and all a lot ofthis stuff is based on lies and thewhole the foundation is of Lies you knowit’s not if you look at the MichaelBrown case or even Trayvon Martin likenot good guys had a great amount ofresponsibility for their own deathspeople the guy Trayvon Martin’s killerwas not even a cop he’s a Hispanic guyyou know and then Michael Brown he wasinvestigated by Obama’s FBI and found tobe innocent why do you think theFerguson was on fire and they couldn’tget the guy convicted because there wasno way to do it because he wasn’t guiltyof course none of that matters toanybody now but that’s what this wholemovement the black lives matter thingsbuilt on those two cases I have a bigproblem with that and the problem is nowthey’ve like hijacked the black livesmatter is an organ a political movementorganization but it’s also words you sayso if you try to say something againstblack lives ladder matter theorganization people don’t decipher thetwo they just say you don’t like blackpeoplesome black lives don’t matter to you noyeah I’m saying the organization isreally effed up if you look up if youlook at their page and see what they’reall about like a lot of the things theystand for they’re all about supportingtrans people gays that which is fine thepeople who arenon-binary whatever they’re very carefulabout all that they’re they they have astatement they want to disrupt theWestern prescribed nuclear familystructure they refer to people ascomrades like they’re inviting they’retrying to be inclusive as possible butthe one thing their mission doesn’taddress is black men in supporting themit actually does the opposite it saysit’s a space set affirms black womenfree from sexism misogyny inenvironments that are male centeredeverybody knows in all the studies showa huge problem in the black community isthe lack of strong male figures thefather in the home that’s one of thebiggest things that needs to change tohelp that community black lives matterdoesn’t care about any of that theydon’t not even in their mission which tome that totally discredit s– along withthe fact that it’s built on lies in thepolice cases to me it’s just it’s justgrosswell they hate police yes that’s thefact that if the total mission is to isto defund and abolish police and that’sthis doesn’t matter how they go about itthey don’t it’s it’s inconvenient tobring up facts about all the other blackmen that are being killed in America byother black men right a very small smallpercentage of the deaths of young blackmen in America are the policecomparatively speaking about the theactual numbers don’t match up but if oneblack man they they could have in in inChicago they could have twenty fivepeople get shot you know in gangviolence or whatever it isblack men getting shot and killed yeahthat there’s no BLM outrage over thatbut there is if one black man dies atthe hands of the policeregardless of what the circumstancesmight be I wouldn’t support Minneapolisis a good case study for that but butMichael Brown or these other storieswhere they go away if there’s mitigatingcircumstances about how thisso you don’t hear anything about thatand so getting back to Williams questionabout the federal charges absolutely manespecially especially in this climateand in the Rodney King incident theofficers were found innocent in statecourt they got convicted of federalcivil rights violations and that’s whatsent them to prison because it’s ittakes much less to get these types ofconvictions than it is in state court soif something for some if some reason thethe whole Chauvin trial just goesbelly-up and they can’t get a convictionfederal they’re gonna go after him bigtime he’s done as far as I’m concernedshowman’s done yeah isn’t it interestingyou to Kenda that they had a personalrelationship don’t you want it I want toknow so badly how well they knew eachother and what what was going on youknow what I mean like did this guy likedid they hate each otherlike they said they worked prettyclosely together for a while then I wassaying oh maybe he you know probably tootomorrow too much conspiracy you in thisthought but it’s like I was like ohmaybe that you know he’s a crooked copand they had something going on on thesite you know I don’t know but it makesyou wonder why isn’t that being kind ofbird dog doubt like I want to know moreabout that relationship well you canforget it if it’s inconvenient to thenarrative yeah no one’s gonna do it nobut I think there’s gonna be all kindsof stuff brought out in the trial willunit they’re gonna pull out everythingthat they have and they were talkingabout just stuff that to me has nothingto do with the case and already I thinkthe to the to probation is alreadytrying to turn the case you know ofcourse they’re trying to save their ownskin but yeah so that’s that’s for methe whole thing about that story is thatthese cops are getting jumped on nowand there again they’re getting you knowled to the slaughter as far as that goesand if I was a cop out there I justdon’t think I would get involved I thinkif if if there’s any possibility anycall that you go to any call that you goto will turn you know South on youyou’re just I think it goes back to theold I’m just gonna observe just gonnaobserve and reportbecause intervening is not a good thinganymoreit’s not gonna be hard to do ken becausethey’ve been given those orders forcoronavirus so it’s like a naturalprogression to be like I’m still notgetting out of my career you know what Imean almost like you know it kind ofdovetails perfectly yeah and Williamssays I don’t think it would go belly upI don’t know if they can even get a fairtrial due to the publicity the entirejury pool is tainted and which is truethey’re gonna have to move the venuebecause the you know you can’t I thinkif you go to Mars you might be able toget someone there who has not heardabout this case because they’reprotesting black lives matter in Europeover this you know I don’t know becausethe Michael Brown thing you know it’s awhole different story when you whenyou’re getting when you don’t have theinside track and you’re getting all yourinformation like we do from the mediayou got to be careful you really got tovet what you’re getting with MichaelBrown I think when they get the jurorsbehind closed doors and they the jurorsstart seeing the facts things change youknow what I mean they they’re it changesjurors it changes their the way theyperceive the whole case because they getall the facts something you’re not gonnaget you know what I mean so becausepeople thought Brown what they thoughtDarren Wilson wouldn’t get a fair trialI mean his life is ruinedyeah but you know he wasn’t convicted soMick Anthony says Stevie good lookinggood buddy yeah and I could argue thatthanks button that’s old college buddyall right and he’s an officer of the lawah hey Mick what’s happening man good tohave you here so the next storyis that a ballet but it’s it’s kind offunny because here I’m gonna give you alittle story of how this whole thinghappened this there’s a big move afootin the United States about defunding thepolice now a lot of people thinkdefunding is like taking all the fundsaway and not having any cops that’s notwhat defunding is defunding is takingportions of the budget for policedepartments and redirecting them to likeprograms for four different typesdifferent things I can’t think of whatthey are programs designed to stop thiswhatever it is it’s that’s they considerI don’t know if it’s a bonus that liesin man’s heart yeah I’m not sure how ithow it works to stop bad thingshappening but apparently supposed to soanyways in LA what happened was one daylast week in the midst of all thewriting BLM one of the BLM leaders cameout in an article in The HollywoodReporter and she says that the policeshould be defunded so then a few dayslater no the next day all the LAPDofficers are then shown kneeling beforethe protests with the protesters bykumbaya kumbaya and then later on afterthe kneeling and the hugs and all thatLAPD goes out and rightly so usesless-than-lethal gives a righteous asswhooping stay kicking their asses of thepeople that they just met with this sothen they get all pro stuff so then BLMthe next day they go in the PoliceCommission meeting Randy bunch youwhat’s happening brotherso so then BLM the next day goes intothe Police Commission meeting and afterthe kumbaya moment I mean we’re allfriends nowthey go to the Police Commission meetingand they say defund LAPD and fire chiefmore so they will fire the chief ohwe’re not friends anymore what happeneda little hour in the barrel of your gunyou know so the same day the same daythe City Council of Los Angeles saysthat they’re gonna three members aregonna propose defunding the police 100to 150 million dollars so then you’rethinking oh this is stupid they’re gonnatake it to committeesee you later Brett they’re gonna takeit to committee the City Council andthey’re gonna propose defunding thepolice department 150 million dollarshow big is their budget to defund 150million ken they’re over a billiondollar budget oh my gosh but that’sthat’s nothing compared to to NYPDthey’ve got multibillion-dollar collegesit’s hugeso then so then they’re just gonna talkabout it they’re gonna talk aboutdefunding the police but wait there’smore later that night 6:00 6:30 p.m.mayor Garcetti comes in and he says nowe’re gonna defund the police it’s notit’s not even in committee the mayor isjust gonna just gonna and this thing wasall set to be to take place that wasgonna get voted on and we’re all set tovote the budget in and the police onJuly 1st and all of a sudden the mayorgoes now you know what no I’m gonna takethis money away and then and thenyesterday the the LA Police the LAPD hasa union is called the LA PoliceProtective League and yesterday theycome out and they say that they shouldsend a crisis a mental health unit tothe mayor because he’s lost – damn – andthe reason they say that is becausethese guys don’t stop so mayor Garcettiwho’s fondly known as Mary yoga pants Idon’t know quite with the references isa real tenderoniyep he’she’s quite the liberal guy so anyways hehe pisses off the Union because he saysthat let me get this quote as soon asthey started going outside his house canhe was like deep on the police orwhatever you want so then the policeunit gets all pissed off at him becausethey asked him a question about since hehad been addressing a form of blackleaders when he made a remark that aremark about change that agitated theUnion he says it starts somewhere youknow the reform it starts somewhere andwe say we are going to be who we areNo and we say we are going to be who wewant to be or we’re going to continue tobe the killers that we are yikes themayor of Los Angeles says that and sothe Union got pissed and that same dayone of the Union there’s this awesomevideo of this one of the union leaderssergeant Jorah sent dodds I think is hername she’s in a I want to say it’s aroll call in the valleyLEP and she’s in a roll call and they’rein a parking structure and there’s acircle of officers all the video isgreat if anybody has has access justaccess a video it’s LAPD policeProtective League director addressescouncilmember Monica Rodriguez and soMonica Rodriguez she’s a council membershe’s over the police budget committeeso she’s standing there and and sergeantsend out she rails on her and she saysthat she says that the police the CityCouncil is pandering to BLM and get thisthis sergeant it’s a black sergeant shesays that the City Council is panderingto BLM and thatthey’re diverting 250 million dollarsfrom the city budget to BLM causes andwhat they did wasn’t right and the Unionis gonna go to their graves fightingthem goodthat’s definitely message that needs tobe delivered by a black officer I’m surethat I’m sure they were like all rightwhich one of the black people is goingto just for this yeah because yeah andand you know the thing about it is thatyou can’t say all we do is report thenews you and I sit here and we get thesenews stories and we report them becauseit’s in black and white this is trulywhat happened it’s not our opinion it’sjust what happened we’re reporting it soif I say that a black police unionrepresentative goes to the City Counciland says you are pandering to be a limpthat’s not racist that’s a fact sowhoever’s out there thinking howtone-deaf ken and Steve are becausewe’re saying something about BLM sorrythis is the news this is exactly the wayit went down there’s video of it heythey never leave out anybody’s whitenesswhen it’s a black and white thing soyeah Mick Mick Anthony had to go he saysthank you guys for saying what’s on yourmind much appreciate it be safe andwatch your six ten-four sir thank youyeah that’s the problem with thispandering to BLM to taking a knee likethatit’s so problematic it’s like you’rethat don’t get it confused they hate youthey hate you they don’t want to getalong they don’t want reform they wantyou obliterated that’s what BLM oncethey hate your guts yeah it’s reallycute to take a photo op like that and alot of these things are turning intophoto ops but your take when you’retaking a knee you’re telling them you’reright I’m a monster what have I doneyou’re assuming all this guilt you’vedone nothing it’s it’s really reallypsychologically warped and disgusting inlike kind of a cuck move you know it’slike yeah police need to get out andkick ass that’s what needs to happenthese looters need their asses kickedhard and that’s what happened that’s whyit’s slowing down now but that’s whatthey doin the this BLM leader from from LosAngeles the one that said to defund thepolice she later on said that it wasdisingenuous to the police to bow downwith them because later on they wouldn’tkick their asses after that but andthat’s another thing the Gavin Newsom hewhen he was talking about these reformsand things he was saying that that thereneeds to be reform so protesters canstop being harassed and I’m like whowould be harassing the protesters and wetalking about her a CE CE and thestories if you read the stories outthere about the police and all thisstuff they’re saying peaceful protestersattacked by police like yeah so thepolice if you believe the stories theseguys are just standing there goingjustice justice kumbaya kumbaya and thecops just go in there and just startshooting them yeah that’s the problemthere’s I mean there’s two differentgroups out there for sureI mean god bless the people who want toexercise their right as an American inpeacefully protest that’s what thiscountry is all aboutbut they’re they put them together keepwhen it’s convenient you know and I meanit’s like there there’s another there’sanother faction another group out therea few other groups that are violent andinsight insight bias and that’s the onethe police are dealing with there yeahthey’re not going they’re not you knowgoing after peaceful protesters no andthere’s a lot and they just you knowthey just say those headlines to make itand these are the new this is the newsmedia putting this stuff up these arethese are like MSNBC oh they love itthis is what it’s really I mean TuckerCarlson said this and I agree a big partof this is just about Donald Trump thatthey hate him they are they’ll burn downtheir own house to get him you know whatI mean so this if they can prolong thisthey can keep this sore open this woundgetting salt rubbed in it they will doit they will keep this train going justjust to make him look bad they don’tblack lives they don’t care about blackpeople they’re gonna use they’re gonnause that movement because that’s what itis now it’s a it’s a politicalorganization and they’re gonna point itlike a gun that’s what they’re doingright nowyeah and they’re sending cops to theslaughter over itso this is this okay so the next twostories are very interesting and theseare the these this is the big move offoot so you’ve got you’ve got this thingabout defunding the police so whatthey’re doing is they’re saying youdon’t need more cops you don’t need youknow equipment we’re gonna defund youand we’re gonna take that money andwe’re gonna take it and put it intothese into these areas that are that aremostly the black population now we’regonna put it in programs that way so wecan change they can put all the moneythey want into these awesome programsthat they want to do and defund thepolice but here you’re not gonna stopthe violence that played these areas byputting them into these groups andKenned are they gonna check with thecitizens no no is this what citizenswant or is it just the mob outside yourwindow I mean no there there’s a there’sa silent majority in this countrythere’s a lot of people that don’t wantthis to happen but they’re just doing itI hate that that’s disgusting using themoney and Los Angeles is almost 500square miles there’s four million peoplein it and these areas that they’retalking about are usually South CentralLA in those types of areas now nevermind you know what gets lost on thisthere’s a whole population of people outthere that aren’t black that aredisadvantaged their inner city there’sthey’re plagued by crime gangs and stufflike that but they that’s not importantall these people because I guess theydon’t have a movement and so there’s nobrown lives matter organization wellthat’s your Vulcan you shoulda startedsomething she started something and soall this money is I mean the whole thiswhole one group of people that are themost important thing on the planet rightnow and all this money so they’re takingall thetaxpayer money and they are gonna put itinto these programs is that gonna stopthe crime no so you’re gonna you’regonna take money away from the copswhich further you know makes it the copswon’t be available to have their youknow whatever special units or equipmentor whatever it is that they’re takingmoney away from and then they’re gonnaput money into these other programs solet’s say they put money into the kidsprograms so you got the little kids andthey take it from the police and soyou’ve got less cops or whatever themiddle part is where the crime isactually happening that’s not affectedbecause the generations that are gonnachange from these money being from moneybe important to these programs those arechildren right now you know and youcan’t legislate gang members to stopdoing drive-bys because I’m pretty sureit’s against the law now right there’slaws against that so so here’s the newstory and okay so you’ve got defundingright here’s a hear it so here’s thisthe additional part of it MinneapolisMinneapolis council member conversationsunderway to disband police now here’sthe thing about this story there was anare there’s a comment that is made to mewhen I put this on the Instagram and thecomment was odd they’re gonna find outhow much it costs to the sheriff’s topatrol their area yeah I don’t thinkthey’re talking about that no they’renot talking about having the sheriff’scome in and contract the sheriff’s tocome and do police work they’re talkingabout no police department and usingalternative methods to to I don’t knowenforce the law bring peace and stuffand this is where it gets completelystupid I don’t know I mean I’d beinterested to watch from my state youknow let let many Minneapolis do thatway across the country from me oh andI’d like to see hi can you imaginethat’s what the people want and it goesinto our next our next article toobecause he’s kind of we go together andthere’s an opinion piece in The New YorkTimes but this is just one article outof many that are out thereit’s ano more money for the police and they’retalking now this is what cracks me upthere is a there’s talk about abolishingpolice around the country just nothaving police departments yeah you and Iwe kind of our head explodes about thatbut there’s a there’s a mean that thisthat was sent to me and there’s athere’s it’s from the colas HomelessCoalition on homelessness is this thisInstagram account and they had theselittle these little memes and they saywhat imagine if and here’s here’s one ofthem and this is what they’re talkingabout not having police around and nothaving police respond to two incidentsit says incidents of gun violence arerising in the neighborhoodimagine a trauma-informed crisisintervention team works with communityactivists to disarm and de-escalateconflicts people doing harm areconnected to services that address theunderlying problem isn’t that PublicSafety hmm the whole thing the wholething is or you could have a suchDepartment to do that that so these sothey’re talking about all these crisisintervention people coming out andinstead of police responding so there’sa guy there’s a guy out there that isshooting you know a mass shooter or he’sout there committing robberies and he’sshooting people anyways there’s anactive shooter situation we’re gonnasent people out to talk to him you knowlike remember the Care Bears when yourkids were little like the light otherbellies and warm feelings would go overhere Care Bear shine and theneverything’s betteryeah Kimber stairs the bursts and if wejust had a bunch of Care Bears but Idon’t understand how they even and whathappens when there’s a burglary hotprowl a home invasionin progress somebody calls and says Iwas just raped and the guys she just randown the street there’s a robbery inprogress there’s a guy shooting a gunI’m sure a couple social workers andcardigans can take care of that I’m surethe ones it’ll jump right on againthat’s what they want to do what arewhat is wrong with these people thinkingyou can just get rid of the copsthe article actually calls for likeresponses to domestic violence to be nonpolice which I think doe police wouldapplaud yeah sweet Joe don’t get mewrongand their mental health stuff too andand the police are like dude cool Idon’t want to deal with guys crappingall over themselves I don’t want to dealdomestic violence is one of those thingswhere G it makes me wonder why they callit domestic violence because we’re gonnago kumbaya them with a hug and we’regonna talk to them you know if thepolice get there and go dude you can’thit her screw you and the fights on I’msure these guys are gonna talk them intonah we got a real nasty one in what’sgoing on right now why don’t you sendCheryl and Mandy down they’re gonna talkto this family you know long history ofhorrible domestic violence but thankgoodness you’re here with your collegedegrees yeah to go talk to these peopleno need for police I’m sure they’regonna respect your authority they’re notgonna do anything to hurt you oh it’stoo funny man I can’t I cannot thethere’s so much going on but the thingis that you know on the on the mostextremeportion of it is just abolishing thecops but think about this that thesethese movements that they’re havingdefunding and doing all these policereforms is you know William William longyou’re still there I think and anybodyelse that wants to be a cop I’mwondering what your thoughts are onactually still joining is that somethingthat’s on your radarthat you are I mean how would you feelSteve if you were 21 years old today andand you’re thinking about being a copwithall this I mean it’s like not just oneor two things it’s there’s so muchanti-police stuff um I know and I’verecognized in myself that my brain at 21years old was of a different it was adifferent person’s brain 40 year oldSteve’s not doing it 21 year old Steveyou remember you might think it you knowlet’s let’s see what happens let’s mixit up you know I don’t know if it’sgonna affect these people like that Iknow a friend of the show Christine roofand I think she was involved inshe gave us one of these articles yeahfor defunding the police appreciate thatChristine she’s um I don’t think it’sdeterring her at all she seems prettydetermined she wants to get in theremake a difference so I know for her atleast that she’s um she’s still game totry to improve her community throughpolicing cool William Long says I’m allin man he’s in and what Williams got atouch of he’s a bit of a libertarian soI can see here that he also wants to seethe police department defunded inMinneapolis just to see and as Ekpo n–says the job still has to be done I’m 35and see what’s going on it doesn’t determe and everybody I’ve talked to on thepolice applicant group Facebook pageevery one of them says the same thingdoes it I’m still in that’s good to hearI mean I part of me wishes they wouldall pull back and teach everyone alesson you know and there’d be no newpolice to come out but that’s likecynical and jerky so I take it back yeahit’s you know what those lines mightmind yes but what if you you know theinteresting thing yeah well you might Ihear you someone has to do it send me soI’ll send you William they’re stillthey’re still volunteering well whathappens to in this incident whereMinneapolis is saying we’re gonna getrid of the cops how many of thoseofficers are gonna go yeah I’m justgonna wait and see if they get yeahthere’s gonna be a max mass exodus fromfrom there well I’m sure it’s ourapplications are alreadyhold out online believed probablyprobably from the front seat of policecruisers yeah it’s not it’s not likeSeattle PD were they where they’re goingthis is just crap town this who wants towork here and they have a lot of peopleand they’re having problems they have afifteen thousand dollar signing bonusfor laterals and Seattle and they have alink it’s I think it’s five thousandfour new hires and they can’t get peopleto apply in Seattle it’s not even likethat it’s like yeah we’re letting youknow we’re gonna cancel your ticket yougot you were gonna take your pensionwe’re gonna take your salary yourfamily’s gonna live in a trailer and allthis they’re gonna they’re not gonnawait so before you can get rid of thepolice department I think these officersare all gonna split is there gonna bewith is this something they’re doing canin Europe or something is theresomething besides a play I mean theprofession of policing roughly goes backsince civilization I mean to the Romanguards and whatever I mean there’salways been some kind of law and ordersome kind of thing that responds is thissomething that’s being done somewhere isthere something I don’t know about someof something besides a police departmentthat’s gonna respond to stuff like thiswell I think I saw a movie about thatother than that no was it MinorityReport like when they future Crimeathat’s it yeah no it’s just one wherethey will send you Bullock and and slystole yeah no that’s such a goodcomparison demolition man Demolition Man187 PC murder or was it I can’t rememberthey had they didn’t know what it wasand all this kind of stuff where thepolice are just very just you know we’regonna come and talk to youI got a rewatch ik yeah cuz he getsCryer frozen and then the bad guy WesleySnipes gets cryo frozen and and cryofreezing he learns yeah Stallone learnshow to crochet and Wesley Snipescharacter learns all kinds of martialarts and stuff and they get releasedinto the future remember the three thethree seashells for wiping your hineyand all thatthat’s a really good movie I like thatsay Zach Bowen says demolition man soZach you know we’re talking about as faras real 187 he needs toilet paperstudents wears at the machine rememberthere’s a machine if you swear it findsyou yes to go take a dump too is likedeath kill that’s what it was and sothat thing went to crap and they hadkilling what’s your boggle and so that’sa great movie it’s gonna be it’s gonnabe but I mean first I think in thatmovie the apocalypse happened first likela isn’t it called ex and it’s calledlike San Los Angeles or something it’s acombination of San Jose in LA orsomething but I think they have a hugelike something a apocalypse type eventhappens and then then the societiesreformed and Taco Bell’s the onlyrestaurant and cops are Angelus justwatched it doesn’t classics but he’she’s on top of it but that’s what it’sgonna be Zack that’s what it’s gonna bewhere where if you watch anybody that’sthat that’s listen to this that wants tofind out what it’s like to be without apolice watch demolition man becausebecause just hugs and Stardust all overthe place oh my gosh can dom kellysaying someone was arrested in englandbecause they misgendered someone ontwitter canada got arrested got chargedcriminally for stand-up comedian forbeing telling like an edgy joke likethat’s like performing arts i thoughtyou could almost do anything but i heardabout that a couple years ago a stand-upcomedian guy got charged for it likesexism or racism or something I don’tremember the details I don’t they use inEngland but they don’t have aconstitution they don’t have a Bill ofRights and all that so yeah they’rethere there’s places and I think Englandis one of those places where they justthey’re jailing you if you don’t dostuff the way they want you to do itWilliam long does not know how to use 3cso if you can make him a youtube videoon that Steve sure absolutelyjust for William yeah that’s the newsfor me man I just this place this wholeworld is like going nuts crazy and it’sall about it’s all about oneorganization and so the whole countryand and whatever injustice is there areagainst any other group of people don’tmatter until this one group mattersyeah that’s unfortunate I have to say Ii’d ask everybody who’s christian outthere who watched our show to pray forour government pray for the protesterspray for the police even you know prayfor pray for everybody pray for thisthing to come to an end you know peaceand love baby peace and love and that’sall i got for this week thank you guysfor all visiting us live and we’ve gotto we had an audience that was in herethat stayed with us the whole time iappreciate it i’m gonna tell you somepeople popped in because i turned it onthat have never come in before we’re upto like 11 or 12 at one point and uhyeah you know there was some some newpeople checking out the live streamwhich is cool cuz usually we get i meanthe bulk of our listenership is on thepodcast I’ll tell you – I screwed up Kenand did not start recording the podcastversion until like four minutes in againso sorry everyone I’m gonna have tosplice it together somehow but I wanteverybody to know that there are otherpolice interviews coming up where we arescheduling some it’s just they’re notgonna they’re probably not going to beconsistently every single week we haveif you’re if you’re first time listeningthe podcast we have a catalog of a tonof interviews they’re all the guests areall amazing and really good and I’m sograteful that they came on but we dohave other ones scheduled it just takestime to set them up and you’re gonna getan episode at least once a week but Idon’t know I can’t put my finger on theinterviews I know we have one next weekso you’ll get that next week but um youknow we’re doing our best to do it butwe’ll certainly come on this way everyweek and interact with you guys and keepthe keep the ball rollingthere’s always news there’spolice in the news and I just 2020s tothe first six months of 2020 suck soit’d be nice if something could changethe world is not what it was in 2019 andhopefully we just get out of it and keeppraying keep being strong all rightthat’s it for me thank you guys forjoining and we’ll see you this episodeof cops in the news is brought to you bybumpit anyone whose active or retiredfrom law enforcement with a businessshould ask yourself this one question doyou think that running a businesswithout a strong internet presence is agood idea believe me when I tell youit’s not that’s why we took the plungeand went all in with this podcast andstarted working with a company calledbump it bump it is a web design anddigital marketing company owned andoperated by current elio out of New Yorkthey take pride in caring about yourneeds as a business owner and understandthe struggles of being an active orretiredelio while also running a business visittheir website bumpit marketing.comthat’s be um P IT marketing comp andschedule a call today to get startedyouyouEnglish (auto-generated)

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