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TPS Cops In The News: BLM, Nick Cannon, Biden, Cancel Culture

In this episode of Cops In The News Steve and Ken are joined by a former guest and Tennessee Law (Clay).  

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your host Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcast this is copsin the news for the week of seventhirteen twenty twenty with me as alwaysmy handsome co-host Ken Roybal Ken howare you hey hey I’m good I’m doing goodtodaysuper good excellent also we have ourspecial guest with us um he was the starof episode number 42 he’s a Tennesseecopperby the name of clay clay thank you forjoining us my man clay got a lot of fanmail about you man they like thosestories I think the undercover story wasthe biggest was a real big hit got somegood stories that’s for sure peoplefinal min we’re get 7-7 people coming innow very cool very good well we got afull docket Ken sent me a lot of storieswe do but first I want to hear about itdid you get some goats or somethingtodaytoday I got a stock trailer that’s whyI’m a little late folks always a littlelate a little later than late this timeI got a stock trailer in case I need tomove my goat skin so you got a traileryeah you’re like full farmer total fullfarmer we have so far we’re doing milkah we have eggsI’m thinking about a pig really thinkingabout a pig I might cry when I have tokill it but hello it’s not breaking pigthen it’s you’re gonna kill the pig inTennessee they do a lot of farming rightright clay killing pigs gotta be a realman to kill pig look it in the eye andblow its brains out do they shoot themclay that’s terrible yeah man so believeit or not there are there’s tons ofstuff going on in the police news arenathis week you know this isn’t one of ourstories but as people are coming in Ijust want to mention that these thesepeople aren’t you know the big sign infront of Trump Tower the New Yorksinuses blacklivesmatter on the streetyes these people aren’t even there noteven shy they’re just dumping paint onthe signand interesting thing about it whenthese people did this in some otherstateI can remember what state it was whoeverwhoever was in charge there they chargedthese people who were defacing the blacklives matter sign with a hate crime andthese people that are doing it in NewYork they’re black people they’re blackpeople that are painting over the blacklives matter sign in front of TrumpTower and these people are pissed butI’m kind of curious they’re not sayinganything they’re not even saying thesepeople are getting arrested so I’m kindof curious how that all that’s all goingto turn outRaywood wants to know what pulls thetrailer bellhart hey what’s happeningwell I have a I’m proud owner of a 2006Duramax Surgery max diesel that’s thesecond one you had yeah first one gotstolen very sad story I’m just goingthrough my I’m going through the thingsplease see email here because I don’t dosome shoutouts for supporting us soChrissy Hector is listening is watchingfrom California California I used tolive in California myself clay you don’twant to go there just saying Culver Citynice little area next door to WilshiredivisionLisa ginosaji tear up your fences putthem in the horse trailer and take themto the butcher she sounds like she knowswhat she’s talking about she’s gotnothing to do with pigs yeah my dad hadhim my dad had him when I was reallyyounghe worked for a real small town PD andthey had two these two these two pigsgot huge and my mom said that um itwould uh they would call him they wouldcall she would call the station if theygot loose and then they’d call them onthe radio and go Tim your pigs are looseI go round them up so you grab anothercop and there’s videos of people ofpolice officers they’re rounding up cowsyeah I don’t know where these places arehey Jack Verde is on shift in Coloradohe saysJack the Chrissy Hector says there areno hate crimes in California Chris J ison Chris J copper in LAPD he usuallyhits us up I think before he goes a rollcall Jesse Meese we were I was thinkingabout you Jesse cuz your goats like thatoh yeah he never got this answer to thatwhat happened what happened to his tohis goats the other died oh no hey Chrisso Chrissy Hector is in is in what’d shesay she’s in Nevada not California it’sgood to see you all you guys man we’reup to 17 right now we usually top outmaybe 20 22 23 have a good su yeah 23 soI got some news if you guys want to talkabout the news yeah I want to give aquick quick shout-out to oh that’s rightDavid Diaz thank you sir appreciate thesupportrepeated support Tim Schneider friend ofmine from way back went to high schoolwith them came in with a big donationthank you brotherlove ya and Christine Jun thank you verymuch so people are continuing to UM tosupport us that way and it’s it’sawesome really appreciated and Matt dois here and he says you guys are awesomeall facial hair is on pointand I just want to mention I forgot totell you Steve my my mustache has beengetting emails so I may have to set upits own email account mm-hmm yeah keepan eye on that thingcommunication port well I don’t want itI don’t want it to get you know I’llconceded in everything and startsthinking it’s gonna do its own thing andI don’t want that happening so I’ll justkeep it in checkhumility start its own podcast I’mtrying not to pour Jessie cuz I don’twant to know he says both of them justfell over dead literally find one daydead the next chickens going strongthough Godnew game rooster to annoy the neighborsso one day the goats were standingstraight up doing their thing in thenext day poop they’re on their sidehey as we speak Lisa Gunn oh just gaveus a donation to support the show thankyou Lisa what killer what how how closerare we to the TPS new computer the newprocessing unit we are like 800 bucksaway we have like 1,200 bucks becauseyou have awesome listeners yes you knowI had a really important shout out Kenand I can’t find it because there’s like37 different ways I get messages fromGmail to website to Instagram tweetInstagram accounts and to Facebookaccounts so so you’re supposed to youhave to look at all those to see whosaid something to you yeahso I I bought it I think it was about afallen officer so I feel really bad I’mgonna try to find it but um you know doyour thing in the fight if I if I see ifI find it and I see a hole Oh in just ohI’ll let you know okay do you know alistener from Australia South Australiadick mails yes it sounds familiar hepops up a lot he says I kept two goatsin the backyard of the station in asmall town in South Australia they tookgood care of the garden I gave the BillyGoat Morris Employee of the Month inApril 2018why wouldn’t you have alright guys youknow what we don’t have Christine roofis not here I don’t know what to saywhat the hell is going on with thatChristine usually monitors our commentsso I’m gonna get back to the commentsguys I’ll keep keep an eye on yourcomments buddy gonna get to the newshere do it I’m cuz we got some crazystuff and I’m really happy that clay ishere because clay is he’s from the southbut clay in himself in his career he’s acan of whoop-ass all by himselfsalut clay don’t play you know what Ifeel a mean coming on clay don’t thinkyeahI like that you guys like that I likethat good I feel like cuz I’m the meanking now you are my own me you’re thenamed queen hey thank you back take thatback sorry how dare youlet’s start out with this first storythis first story will get your bloodboil in here by the way I just want togive a shout out I forgot all about thisSteve I want to give a shout out toanybody out there that’s listeningthat’s a liberal we’re sorry that to seeyou go if you’re listening to this butwe usually don’t make the libs veryhappy and sometimes you get some somesome emails about this and just to saythat we are prokop we’re pro Americawe’re pro-gun we’re pro God and we’repro police so if that does not fit yourbill I don’t know what to tell you butSteve had Steve had a sad thing happenedtoday I don’t know if you want tomention it but I’m gonna go ahead andsay that just shut up tell us peopleyeah I mean sometimes I get unfollowedfor being conservative that’s just it’sjust the way it is it’s it’s reallyweird when you get an email to the showthat some wants to pick your brain aboutsome anti-cop ideas and my protest yeahgive me some ideas for signs so let’s godo itlet’s go to gar a Darlington SouthCarolina is where first story comes outof news 13 in in South Carolina anywaysthere’s this Darlington CityCouncilwoman Sheila Backus so anywaysshe’s she’s on the hot seat right nowbecause there was a police officer fromthat city that she’s a city councilwoman he’s out there doing his his joband he’s giving her car that was parkedillegally so he’s doing what he’ssupposed to do and he’s giving her aparking ticket so she goes out to himand she says to him why are youharassing us you don’t have anythingbetter to do than write parking ticketsI’ve never heard that one beforeyeah like this guy is like reallyenjoying himself you know he’ssent there by surgeon and you know thatthe part where they they always say youdon’t have anything better to do whydon’t you go get the robbers and murdersoh yeah I left them to come over hereand write you a parking ticket yesright that’s what I do so she says whyare you harassing us you don’t haveanything better to do than write parkingtickets and then she says he the officertold her that was his job and he neededto contact the chief she needs tocontact the Chief of Police if she has aproblem with it so then she says shemakes a phone call and she comes backand says the chief said he will takecare of this ticket so that whatever andthen and then she says this to him takeyour white self back to the whiteneighborhood you’re probably the kindthat would shoot us in the backand then it was reported the next daythe ticket was busy yeah I mean that’sridiculous that is ridiculous she’s anelected official so I guess you can youknow these are these are your own policeofficers in your own city that she’sbesmirching and doing these attacks onbut I’m like what I don’t know I don’tknow what you I don’t even know what Ican say about this particular storybecause a black City Councilwoman goesout to the police officer and tells himto take his black ass back to the whitepart of the city I mean what what evenis that it’s late I know it was thoughtit’s why I haven’t seen many councilmembers that had the best interest ofthe city and heart when they got theelected position anyway most of them arepretty Center doing it for themselvesonly exactly what she sounds likeabsolutely good good good why why doesit have to be a race thing it’s notthat’s just what she made it out to beit’s the City Council members I noticedis from just from being a watcher of thenews I’ve noticed that they’re the leastgroomed government officials I’ve everlaidin every city city council members arelike straight-up gangster they seem todon’t I mean should they send them thefork-and-knife school or something likeyou’re a sim council member they justseem to be like this whatever it’s soweird there’s a weird I mean it’s alwaysbeen it’s always been in America thatyou could say whatever you want againstwhite people it’s just kind of like asthe whites were seen as the ruling classthey’re in control so they’re you couldalways punch up at white people and itwas fine but it’s getting really bizarrenow like this whole culture of like andwhite people are taking it on like Ireally hate myself I’m so sorry forbeing racist I didn’t even know it likeit’s this weird they’re doing theseweird admissions of like how they’reevil in their heart cuz they’re whiteand it’s like and you see celebritiesdoing it it’s it’s really weird to watchit it’s it’s super racist like the NickCannon thing that went on can I wastelling you aboutyeah the Nick Cannon thing is insanethis guy is suckling off the teat of thebeast he’s in Hollywood he’s gotmultiple TV shows he’s being paidmillions of dollars by white people andby Jewish people by the way so he goeson this podcast and he just startstearing apart white people and Jewishpeople cuz I’m not sure if he is or notbut is he a black Hebrew or is he justlike like Farrakhan like what’s his dealyeah I know I know he I think he likesFarrakhan but I don’t know if he’s ifhe’s like that kind of radical or Idon’t know what he’s it’s like he sawyou know like when a buddy beers he’s uhlike a tape or listens to a motivationaltape or something and you’re like it’snothing’s getting into you you seem likeyou have these new ideas it seems likeit definitely seems like he saw a videoand was like yeah yeah white people arelike I have a clip Ken of exactly whathe said and yet it blows my mind he’llplay it and where the term actuallycomes from because I’m bringing it allthe way back around okay to MinisterFarrakhan to where they may not have thecompassion or the the when they weresent to the mountains of Caucasus whenthey when they didn’t have the power ofthe Sun it wasthe Sun then started to deteriorate sothen they’re acting out of fear they’reacting out of low self-esteem they’reacting out of a deficiency so thereforethe only way then they can act is evilthe only way they can they have to robsteal rape kill and final slightly morein order to survive exact so big peoplewho didn’t have what we had and when Isay melon ated people only had any savvyjizzthey had to be Barbera they had becausethey’re in these Nordic mountains therein these rain torrential and they’re theones that are actually closer to animalsactually the truth damagesthat’s um crazy so I bet I meanbasically me a not a very melon atedperson melanin challenged which isregrettable for me I get sunburned easythe Sun is essentially punishing mebecause I’m white and that should thatshould tell me alone that when I gooutside and I get burnt God doesn’t likeme that much you know mm-hmmand I don’t have compassion in my heartand that’s why I want to I want to killin oppress black people well yoursavages I’m looking at you clay and I’mlooking at you Steve right now[Music]Ken’s got like three levels of melaninmore than us so he’s like gonna hold itover us well you know apparently I’mgood to go so that’s uh that’sinteresting yeah apparently everythingneeds to be race it doesn’t matter Imean you could get mayonnaise instead ofmustard on your on your hamburger andit’s because I’m this color you know Imean it doesn’t matter it’s everythinghas to do something with race I justwant to help I want to hold the pressesright now Steve okay clay I just got tostop everything right now for anemergency messageChristine roof is here yes and andWilliam James long okay we can begin wecan begin again Christine if you can dome a favor and kind of respond to someofthings were trying to do three things atone time I’m trying to keep the storiesyou know current what we’re doing nowkind of keep track of clay and Steve andwatch their their privilege and at thesame time say he’s like I don’t want tobe on the show yeah that guy that guywhat was his name again the Nick Cannonhe’s nuts man he would have been takenif he stopped at white people but thenhe went into later on he went intoJewish people and started really tearinginto Jewish people and that’s like avery sensitive thing in this countryalso so I think if you stop with justdissing people like me with no melaninit would have been fine but you can’t gowith the anti-semitic stuff no no but hesaid sorry so it’s good he’s okay nowit’s fine so that’s how the DarlingtonSouth Carolina so apparently she paidthe ticket and we haven’t heard anythingabout it after that and maybe shedoesn’t know that the chief that well asshe said she did when our next story ison a national level our next story iskind of interesting there’s a stafferfor Joe Biden and she there’s a funnypartI got a deal follow up and see what’shappening with this lady anywaysarahpearl she’s a videographer for thefor the Biden campaign and she decidesthis is before she got hiredshe says she said that let me see hereshe tweeted a meme in June that urgedpeople to stop calling police pigs butonly because unlike the police pigs arehighly intelligent and empatheticanimals who would never racially profileyou goodness and I just want to stopright there because I have been raciallyprofiled by a pig even justice I I’vebeen to the to the to the petting zooand race you know i I’ve had pigs doinglike this to me so that’s not trueshe alsosaid pigs are sweet intelligent andcompassionate police officers aremonsters who don’t deserve to be calledpigs because apparently it’s an insultto pigs goodness and then she tweeteddefund police and then she later saidshe said days later Buffalo’s policedepartment should be defundedimmediately and the kicker about this isthat she wrote these memes in the inJune 2020 and then she got hired by thebiting campaign in July 2020 so just whothey were well the the Biden campaignhasn’t said anything about this you knowbut you know and then I think you therewas something that said that Joe Bidensaid that no we don’t we don’t want todefund the police that’s not what wewant to do I have a clip on him beingkind of flippy-floppy let’s beflippy-floppy with him that he wouldredirect funds from police after hiscomments from last week we just heardhim a few minutes agoso with this flip-flop will we ever knowwhere he or the Democrats for thatmatter truly stand while they try toplay both sides on this issue joining menow with his take host of reality checkon Fox Nation David Webb good to see youDavid obviously you know the Democratsare trying to appease the far left andalso the moderate Democrats at the sametime what are they doing here whatthey’re doing is they’re confusing theirbase they’ve got their more left-wingsocialist base and they’ve got thepeople that are no longer reallyrelevant apparently to the Bidenplatform which are the quote centristDemocrats Joe Biden flip-flops becauseJoe Biden doesn’t know where he is as Isaid and I’ll repeat it he is simply apawn for the left he’s a pawn for thepolitical opportunists which is why hewould never be an effective presidentbecause he cannot have a direct agendahe never really has he’s a politicalhe’s a political player on the policeand this idea that you can defunddeconstruct or reconstruct in some formlaw enforcement this social worker ideathey’ve never asked the social workers Italked to them on my radio show dailythey say we don’t get asked about thisalso how didwork out for the tragedy in McAllenTexas those two officers responded to adomestic violence call it doesn’t matterwhat the Democrats say it’s theirpolicies not just for years but fordecades in these communities where wenow have broken trust embolden criminalscollege professors college students andoutright Street criminals taking on thepolice as Terrence Monahan as the chiefof Department how that worked out forhim and yet the Manhattan da and Bill deBlasio’s administration releases acriminal on supervised release there youhave ityeah so so Biden whatever people wanthim to say that’s what he says and justwhat it what happens clay I’m gonna askyou a question here because you’rereally smartyou’re smarter than means do you puttogether yes I just want to say thatwhat happens what are they what are theimplications of a President of theUnited States that comes out and saysdefund the police well I think it’s onlygoing to affect certain parts of thecountry but if it those parts it wouldbe absolute disaster that’s the onlything holding it together in some ofthese cities the only thing holding ittogether is to police there it would beunlivable and in no time at all you knowwhat I noticed I’ve worked in rural areaand metropolitan area both and in themetropolitan area the general publictends to rely on services a lot morethan they do in the rural areas therural areas nor self-sustained most ofcall for services law enforcement youknow and everything else but they’rethey’re more self-sustaining than theyare in the metropolitan areas even Ican’t even imagine what it would be likein 24 hours it would just be a disasterin some of these cities oh yeah you’regonna say something Steve I was gonnasay yeah you’re absolutely right butpeople don’t realize how how thin theline is between chaos and order when itcomes to this stuff like this what’smaking society work like this thebad guys that want to do horrible thingsthat’s the only thing stopping them it’sjust it’s it’s just a little thingonce they sniff it out and they knowthere’s any weakness or they knowthere’s any hole they can get throughit’s over it’s gonna it will get andnobody knows it’s better like you saidclay then people in the inner city areyou going to interview these people youcan google it these people like morepolice please stop please stop talkingabout this this is ridiculous we’regonna die I was listen to a podcastwhere they talked about this guy fromthe National garbage on and he said theygot stationed in South Central and thepeople in South Central and in wattswere hugging them bringing them foodthey were they were crying when they sawthe National Guard come in because theywere so happy that these guards beenwent around the playgrounds they wentaround the schools they went around allthat stuff so so that life could starthappening again for these people andprotect them and they actually liked itbetter than when they weren’t there theyloved it they this guy that wasinterviewed said that yeah he goes wherethe National Guard so we were there hegoes we did this some for him to aroundthe playground mom’s intro and GooglePlay they go you know we got charged bya gangster we shot him 14 times with themachine gun through his car and peoplewere just about applauding like thisthey’re not adverse to Authority andthey know how important it is they knowhow how how tenuous life is in in thesevery high crime areas absolutelydo you hear what’s going on in Seattlethe latest so there’s a City Councilwell first off the Seattle City Councilthey’re all for defunding the police 7out of 9 City Council members say goahead and let’s defund the police 50% oftheir budgetso then this others this CityCouncilwoman goes I think on Twitter andshe she throws an idea out there shesays let’s let’s let’s lay off policeofficers based on raceso her idea is to jump is to is toleapfrog seniorityand to keep people of color in the ranksand and lay off all the white policeofficers this is her idea and you knowwe remember when chop was in Seattle andthey were saying that that 911 callswere going down the tubes because theyhad they had given them that policestationso 911 calls just went crazy unansweredcalls they’re saying that if they ifthey were to lay off I think they weresaying they’d have to lay off I thinkthree to four hundred police officerswhat’s that gonna do to 911 calls thesepeople are nutsbad brutal I don’t even I don’t even seehow you can talk about and if you gotseven if you’ve got seven votes out ofthe nine council members to defund apolice department that’s gonna happenbut are they not thinking and then thechief of police and the mayor the thethe mayor who said they’re gonna have asummer of love in chopped that way sheboth of them are out there saying yeahnot that’s not doable guys and then thethe chief tells her that whole thingabout about laying off only whiteofficers and and no matter whatseniority they have don’t lay off thewhite officers this chief of police cuzI don’t know where she’s getting herlegal advice from but that’s againstfederal law you can’t do that wellCalifornia just took that back whichpart they they voted to get rid of aanti or to get rid of a discriminationlaw because they want to discriminateagainst white people and they can sothey got rid of their can theirdiscrimination laws so that they can nowbe more choosy by race oh geez okayyou’re gonna say something laws don’tmatter to them I mean it doesn’t matterI mean it’s they’re just gonna do whatthey want to do they damn law one way orthe otherin ridiculous part of all that if youknow I’ve been a cop for a long time andI’ve never seen a difference between ablack police officer or Hispanic policeofficer earlya white police officer an Asian policeofficer they all police exactly the samethey’re almost identical you can’t eventell their skin color of you if you wereto peel the layers off they’re just topsand they’re going to perform like likethey’re trained to do – oh the law thecolor means nothing when it comes topolice they don’t they don’t apply itlike that nor does it matter it’s it’sit’s utterly ridiculous they knownothing about how the system works inlaw enforcement the cops color doesn’tmean anything that’s not that’s thegreat that’s the great spell the mediahas on the average people watching thenews where they really because what isit is it cops are racist say they seepeople who aren’t white and want toshoot them do you think that reallywhat’s going on let’s get over cars justa black let’s kill them no but that’sthat that’s insane you cognitively youhave to be able to think that’s notwhat’s happening at all and then allthese stats they come up with we talkedabout him last time was like aboutpeople being pulled over and like fineand all this and that but they alwayslead out the officers race and theyleave out the neighborhood they’re in soit was like well if you’re talking EastLA or cell Central you’re probablytalking Latino and black officerspulling over their own races is thatstill racist or is that just copslooking for crime you know any becauseit if you start to really dig into thenumbers like you’re saying clen KlanClay it’s not Klan it’s not there butclay I want to ask you so if they startgetting rid of all these cops I don’tthink they’re gonna do this in Tennesseethat’s gonna happen but you’re inmanagement at what point do you guysstart hitting the road you know what Imean like it you have a bunch of adminduties I’m sure you’re not shaggingcalls these days but at some point ifthey if they cut you by 50% and thatwould probably mostly come frompersonnel because that’s the biggestnumber in any budget do you think you’dhave guys of rank shagging calls againthey’d have to write[Music][Laughter]you know after Ferguson happened andthey were talking about firing out youknow all the police officers and stufflike that it occurred to me what if youhad a police department hmm that justwent nuts and they bought out all theall the white officers and paid him offand they brought in a nothing but ablack police department that does notmean that criminals will stopcriminalizing it doesn’t mean that badguys will now stop shooting oh this isthey’re all black officers we’re notgonna shoot at them that’s I don’t evenknow how that how what kind of a thoughtprocess that is but the color of theskin of the officer does not dictatewhether a criminal is gonna be violenttoward them or look at Baltimorecitizens yeah they’re all black it’s allblack pretty much all black Departmentso for this Seattle for this SeattleCouncilwoman to think that let’s get ridof all the white police officers that isso in order to not be racist we’re gonnabe racist but they don’t care becauseunder the umbrella of black lives matterand all that you can say anything youwant against white people and that’sokay but if you paint over the blacklives matter sign in front of TrumpTower that’s a hate crime we’re talkingabout a site up a thing of paint on astreet as opposed to real live peoplepolice officers in Seattle and thatsomehow that’s okay that’s crazywe’re painting is this this is these arepublic streets right so the de Blasio ofsigning off on this this is cool withhim oh yeah oh yeah he signed off rightin front of Trump Tower a big blacklives matter the I mean it’s huge it’sit goes from one side of the street tothe other and these people it’s not thefirst time someone’s thrown paint on itis this like the second or third time ithappens and I think it was last weekthat it went up there was a there wasanother black lives matter was inSeattle today and there’s a news storyabout they’re doing their protest andthere’s this gal one of the leadersshe’s on a bullhorn and she’s saying this stuff therewas a police officer in Bothell BothellWashington where two officers were wereshotoh Ken that’s the shoutout I got I gotcontacted by Natasha at sat and yeahwere you gonna do the talk about theofficers and the watcherI have that info I was just gonna tell Iwas gonna tell the story real quickabout this yeah since the net thathappened okay yeah go ahead okay soanyways these two officers getting ashootout with with this with this guywho’s shooting at them they’re bothsitting in the carthe one officer that was killed oneofficer was grazed in the head the otherofficer was killed shot in the head itwas in it was friendly fire so anywaysthere was a there was a black livesmatter protest today in Seattle andshe’s on the bullhorn and she’s outthere saying about this Bothell policeofficer that was killed she’s out theresaying no lives were lostpolice police lives aren’t real livesand this is BLM saying this stuff gotyou got a watchyeah and a watch for Jonathan Schoop hewas a Bothell PD he only gave me onename maybe the other officer hadn’tsuccumbed yet it was seven thirteentwenty 29:40 p.m. he was uh he waspretty much a rookie been on since 2019he was a guard up in the Coast Guardbefore that and he leaves behind afiance his parents and two brothers sogod bless her family and pray for mendedhearts for them yeah he was still onprobation he was actually the theofficer with his was his trainingofficer and he had a grace he’s not hedidn’t have life-threatening injuriesokay but they were both sitting in thecar so that’s but how how not cool ifsomebody said that about George Floyd nolives are lost people would go nuts yeahbut they say this out in the open on abullhorn in a Seattle Street and thenews didn’t pick it up this is one ofthose though and ice and it wasn’t oneof those Oh fly-by-night news sites theyactually posted the Twitter video ofthisladies saying this mmm so this is whatthis is what our officers are up againstJeffrey Lee had something interestingand you guys if I’m curious if you’ll ifyou chime in on this if you know what’sgoing onso DHS there’s video of these DHS guysin full SWAT and I jump out of a likethat looks like a minivan see they rentthem in like Avis and they just theyjust stop the car they jump out they goup to this guytake him to custody BAM in the van boomthey’re gone yeah and there’s there’sthese people Nancy Pelosi cracks me upbecause she said that these policeofficers were kidnapping people off thepublic street they were what’s the wordthat she used for storm troopers oh shecalled them storm troopers this isreally smart Council Speaker the houseman they are legally and oh she saidthey were kidnapping people so now alegal arrest is a kidnap and if you gowith more than if you jump out of anunmarked vehicle and you’re in policecamouflage gear and you take someoneinto custodyyou’re a storm trooper kidnapping peopleyou know I’m not a fan of like a federalpolice force doing such things but inthis case I really loved it becausebecause the president said he was ifthey did if they wouldn’t take care ofbusiness then he would because there’splenty of citizens there that are cryingfor this they they want help they wantlaw and order and that’s what the US isabout so it’d be really interesting toknow were these our homeland securitycop agents guys imagine so you can cleanthere what I think they were bortacagents was tactical unit oh reallythought more attack I think that’s whattheir uniform looked like and some oftheir gear I’ve done some training withhim before us what they look likeso I’d say US Marshals too so they getyour blessing from the governorsome thinner they don’t need that theydon’t have to they don’t have to becausethis is they were at a federalcourthouse where they were making thearrests and if it’s on if it’s a federalbuilding that they’re defacing orwhatever the the state can pounce andthat’s that’s federal property and theyhave every right to go in thereI remember when California they saidthey didn’t want what’s the immigrationis it immigration before ice they wantice going into state court houses toarrest people who were in there forcourt and then they were beingvictimized by being arrested by iceinside the courthouses so the I saidyeah cool whatever and they waitedoutside and they they popped the guywhen he came up out the the courthousebut on federal at federal buildingsbeing kissed their butts because there’snothing the state can do yeah they umwhen I when I when I was on the jobI would work sometimes with federalRangers for the National Seashore thestate for the federal park those guyshad some authority man if you were inthe park they they do motor vehiclestops at the roads that went through andwe back him up if we were going by theyjust they play over pull you out of thecar search your car search your personI’m like this is amazingwhy are you doing this he’s like what doyou mean I’m like did was her movementsor did you smell something or seesomething no we can we can just do thatthey’re on federal wages do that I’mlike yeah but it’s like a neighborhoodit’s like a residential road that wouldgo through the parks didn’t matter theywould just rip you they got so much somany drugs that way they would get youknow people were down from the citygoing looking to go in the woods and getall banged up through the wringer manand I don’t fly that often but Iremember when this last time I flew lastyear something like that and I got mybag once we landed and got my bag andthere’s a tag on it says this was openedand and we looked through all your stuffand I guess holy you Steve and I guessyou know when it comes to federal lawyou don’t have much of a choice you feelthey can do whatever they want yeah Ihadn’t I had a candidate Ken at LAPDthat hadthat had been punished for they weresearching people’s bags and the iPadwent off and took a picture of themscrewing around with people’s stuff andthe person sent it back to the you knowto the TSA supervisor and of course Ihad to go down to LA accident view thewhole thing but yeah they will they willgo through your stuff yeah I mean itjust seems and clay you probably know alot about this stuff too is federal thefederal side of law enforcement theythey’re not under these strict ruleslike like a local municipal and stateagencies are there for their own use offorce policy based on the Constitutionnot based on the state constitution ohthat’s right and what tripped me outwhat tripped me out was when I firstheard that the FBI doesn’t record theirinterviews neither’s da that’s like whydon’t you do that why wouldn’t you butthey don’t have to so their theirAuthority is much broader than state orcounty or city oh yeahit’s amazing I just live in can’t lie tohim talked to Noah general Flynn that’sin crime and I don’t and a court Endersthere’s some videos out there where thewhere these guys are attacking some kindof building and the US Marshals come outand just thump them yeah every way andmy whole this whole decade for thisnobody said anything go ahead good clayyeah I hit him Leslie projectile hit theguy in the head and he’s got someserious change right now you know it’skind of what Steve was referring to Ithink you know a lot of these guys andsome of those federal agencies likeFederal Protective Service police orsome of those I mean it’s their firsttime really good did to be very much noyeah a lot of some of those buildingswithout anything really to do 99 percentof the time but you notice that theseguys are going I mean there’s thumpingpeople and they’re just and it’s like ifthe police go out there and they try toarresta protester man the fights on and peopleare going why you got you why are youarresting him why are you doing this tohim and everybody and the attack thepolice and stuff but the federal guysthey go and go yep come on let’s goyou’re on there’s no fighting there’s nothe news isn’t coin bastards you knowthey’re not doing anything the federalguys get out there and it’s like thatthey’re like Wyatt Curt wrestling asWyatt Earp going out there tell himhouse come on what that police brutalityexists to start with it if you look atit if you believe that police brutalityexisted on a wide range like they say itdoes you would not get up in a policeofficers face and point in his face orstick your phone honestly rose up on himthrow paint on him and or anything likethatbecause you would think that theconsequences would be that they wouldrealize but they know we don’t rightwe’re not gonna do it they know they canyell and scream at us and we’ll just sitthere and take it our for our day for aday they don’t they don’t truly believewhat they say great and within 20 feetof us if you thought I was gonna amonster that cared nothing about humanlife you wouldn’t come within a mile ofme you would be an idiot to do that I’venever thought about that but if thatthat is the case then if police officerswere we’re out there hunting and killingblack people you you know they only doit on traffic stops not like in personor the police officers would go you knowwhat we usually hunt you down but thanksfor coming to us during the riot Iappreciate that so much right here yesso much easier you’re right clay theyactually weren’t they afraid they’re notif you go back to like Minneapolis withthe officer shaven there he’s gotmultiple people videotaping what they’redoing their actions there and theycontinued their actions cuz they werebasically I believed in what they weretrained and you know I had anunfortunate consequence I you know Ithink I would have done a littledifferent look I’ve been there butthey’re not scared of the video either Imean that you know they were but theythought they should be doing why isn’tthe why is it the news mediaand BLM and all these people weren’tthey getting excited but at the what thefederal law this guy got plugged rightin the head right with this projectilewhy doesn’t nobody care yeah you know Isaw one little clip on it and I got aside job like most cops you know workfor a less lethal company manufacture Ido trained for them and so I follow allthis really close with use of tear gasand Leslie the projectiles and bangs andeverything and but you know no oneteaches to shoot people in the head witha less lethal projectile but the problemyou have with those is they’re therethey’re not a guided missile you know atbest a lot of them when they’re lockedfrom the platform that the further theygo the less accurate they become andyou’re gonna have you know you’re gonnahave misses and you know we’ve seen thatfor years is the biggest problem that wehave Leslie that when you try to extendthe range on it too much you’re gonnahave shots at Gill away arrive where youwant it to and I think this guy wasprobably hit unintentionally in the headI really doubt anyone but you knowtargeting like that but you just notseeing much about it I really uh I’veseen a lot about Turner gas over thelast few weeks you know that you knowsome cities trying to you know outlawtear gas and stop the use of tear gasbut they’re focused on everything elsethey’re you know it’s it’s media drivento I don’t I think the media knows thatthere’s no rule at least brutality goingon to you it’s just it’s a new storyit’s almost like the feds areuntouchable to the news media they don’ttalk about that police brutality at allno I don’t hear any stories of it at allthe only the only thing even close to itis a couple years ago we had some iceagents trying to take a guy into custodyand he ran from him rammed a couple carsand they ended up being a shooting inthat and the local media had jumped onit a little bit because there was asmall protest about it saying that icewas uh out of control but it went awaypretty fast you know it’s certainly notlike it was a municipal policedepartment or sheriff’s office it wasstayed in this news cycle for weeks butit it was on I’m like six o’clock onenight and that was itdon’t matter I don’t think you’re goingto be hearing anything about it becauseit doesn’t haveit doesn’t affect the agenda thatthey’re looking for on the federal sidethey’re not patrolling the streets andall that and they get pissy about whatthe feds do but it doesn’t it’s it’s notwhat their main target is so that’s whyyou don’t hear anything not even thenews media doesn’t care they don’t careat all but if a police officer files aprojectile hit someone in the headmajor news 24/7 all day long you know Iremember during the DNC that theDemocratic National Convention in LA andI think was 2000 some lady got hit witha less than lethal round in the I losther eyeball and all this kind of stuffand that was 20 years ago you know andthey they want us it’s 20 years lateryou want to make a big deal about it nowthey’ve been doing this for a long longtime so Christine roof says exactly clayabout your there not being afraidladies love in the in the chat hereJessie me says preach clay yeah manClay’s gonna please couldn’t make somecomments today that will probably makeyou guys all clay fans it’s awesome butlet’s go you know what let’s go to thenext story I’m thinking about it oh thisis so awesome I love this I love this sothis going to Oklahoma City this is fromI think I I want to say this is fromWilliam James long if I’m not mistakenWilliam James long did you give me thisstory on the DA anyways there’s a DA inOklahoma County Oklahoma I think do Ihave a coupon this one I don’t know okaykeep going I interrupted this so this dahis name is remember his name DavidCrowder District Attorney David pratterout of Oklahoma County Oklahomahe said he filed charges against riotersand he said that let me see what he hiscomments hereanyway she said that that the stuff thatthey did looting writing all that stuffthat that these are felonies and hecharged them with felonies these writersand the ACLU and BLM had a heart attackover it they’re very excited and I couldnot it did my heart so good – what’sACLU cry like little babies about thisremember when a CLU actually stood upfor like everyone founded they wouldactually stand up for everyone they’dstand up for the police now that’s notthe caseI do have a clip can by the way okay goahead okay see and the ACLU of Oklahomasay District Attorney David Prater wenttoo far in charging protesters withterrorism Fox 25’s Connor Hansen was atthe courthouse today to hear from themand has more information on what policesay happened ConnorWendie some of those charges announcedat the end of last week go back to whenprotests first started here in downtownOklahoma City about a month ago theweekend of May 30th that of peacefulprotests came violent clashes withpolice on the first night of protestsdowntown a Sheriff’s Department van wasset on fire investigators say both is alOrtiz and Eric Ruffin were involved ontop of an arson charge both were chargedwith crimes of terrorism black livesmatter says District Attorney DavidPrater went overboard property damage isnot a violent nor an act of terrorismthe only violence committed on May 30thand 31st was the excessive force ofthose of the Oklahoma City PoliceDepartment and other law enforcementagencies horse herds say the burning ofthe van was done in an effort to quoteinfluence the policy or conduct of agovernment by intimidation or coercionand in retaliation for the policy orcontact of the government byintimidation or coercion black livesmatter executive director Shereedickerson says she has spoken to the DAabout the charges Dixon says she askedPrater to remove warrants and drop thebond for those who were arrested sheclaims the acts were nonviolent since noone was harmedthese incendiary chargesdisproportionately target black andbrown youand continue the pattern of excessiveforce by law enforcement against blackand brown persons in those who standaside us in our fight for liberationfight from liberation can they are theydon’t have their Liberty they’rePatriots they’re Michael Brown by KenBrown so first off first off anorganization can i form an organizationand then whenever someone gets arrestedI can go talk to the DA and demandcharges get dropped can I do thatyeah so you’re Mexican so you could havethe ACLU on your back man I could yeah II don’t understand why they’re evenentertaining entertaining these peoplebut but that’s pretty ballsy for someoneto go in there and say we demand thesecharges and and that they’re targetingthey’re targeting brown and black peopledid those people did the police likeplus those people in and drop them offthere and then go arrest them or didthey get there on their own yeah didthey did they did the police light thevan on fire I’m confused yeah it’sreally weird it’s this this is what’s soawful about that movement that no itspoliticized and it’s it’s so divisiveit’s like it’s they make sure that theydivide everyone every time they opentheir mouth any one of their reps makesure they spread hate and division nounity is not their goal their goal isalways hate and divisionthat’s all they preach that’s all theydo it’s it’s awful yeah this thisOklahoma district attorney has got DavidCrowder he’s quoted he says this is notSeattle we’re not putting up with thislawlessness here I love the south I lovethe south claylaw and order you know and but thestupid things that they come up withit’s like we talked about last weekwhere the where the BLM went in andthey’re the police made an arrest ofthese people and the BLM said they wentin to D arrest the people they make uptheir own stuff man and the ACLU there’sjust that knuckleheads if you’re Darrested and you’re D arrested your kidsOprah and you’re everybody’s thearrested mean that’s the new thing sofor the ACLU to say that the police arethe ones perpetrating the violence andall this stuff that’s that’s the dumbestthing I’ve ever heard I don’t I don’tknow where these people get off on thisstuff so guess who’s here Steve who isitSammy flippin Johnson all right Sammyflippin Johnson says what’s up fellasstashes are on point thank you thank yousir our new logo could not be a betterfit thanks for everything we dohey I think clays not having too much -looks pretty good tooyou know hey guys it’s really but youare a southern lawman no mustache I’mkind of starting to question yourjudgment why I still have to wear arespirator pretty oftenmy clan Labs oh really in days yeah sono reform you can’t have any facial hairif you’re wearing a you know arespirator and a PR once you retire andwe get you back on here we expect you tobe full-on Steve Gould yeah this is theretiree this is the retired cop motifthat’s right everybody every cop thatcame to backgrounds where we worked butthree weeks in they had this growingcookie finally so on the next story theout of Fox News out of Orange CountyFlorida yesdo we have a clip on this I keepsearching search you know it was verylocal story and they wanted me tosubscribe to their newspaper for theclips Noso no that’s not gonna happen no I wantto say hi to Rick Wilson friend of Mayaand whose visit whose lives near me andhe’s watching with us god correct he isa man of God so a Florida police unionpulls endorsement of Orange CountySheriff wait for it who took awith protesters controversial I have anopinion about that do you I don’t Idon’t respect any any police officer whotook a knee with BLM because BLM did notcare after they took a knee an hourlater they were throwing urine filledbottles and Briggs and rocks at thepolice and then after the kumbaya momentthey went days later and demanded todefund the police so you’re not makingno friends I don’t know what they wereoh then they use it they go you tookAnnie with us you’re jacking us exceptyou were throwing bricks that were onfire at everyone and hitting them in theface you know this story can is really Ireally can’tmaybe I’m just a softie but I feel forthese guys in the admin that getssurrounded in crowds and it’s likethey’re eventually elected officialswhere they’re like I read it but I readinto a little bit and the sheriff waslike you know and this guy’s like a he’sa cops cop he comes he was a SWATcommander or like he’s like a cops copand that basically this youth from thecommunity this you know first kid ofcolor personal color when he was sakeaccording the newspaper came and saidyou know would you take Annie with us insolidarity and his response was like youknow he’s surrounded by people hedoesn’t deny this kid so I’m not sayingI agree with it but he said well whydon’t we take Annie will let’s say aprayer to God together so he’s trying tojustify in his own mind and with thetroops that were with him they try totake Annie say a prayerobviously still not great but I feel fora man it’s like it’s it’s tough now nowhe’s out I mean you don’t you don’t havethe support of your Union no good Ithink that a lot of officers and clay Idon’t know if you can if you can chimein on this but it seems like a lot ofofficers that watched this happen andthen an hour later they’re good in therethey’re getting their butts handed tothem with rocks and bottles and stufflike that and they feel betrayed sourgrapes baby[Music]absolutely I mean there’s I’m not gonnatake a knee I haven’t done anything ifyou know I have guilt you know andthat’s that’s 99.9% of all the officersthat are out there working their guiltfree of anything they’ve not doneanything and you’re not gonna kneel downand apologize for something I haven’tdone and they’re not going to either andit was very rough with me if my you knowif my command you know my boss said ifhe went and did I mean we’ve not doneanything we’ve not done anything but dourge it ups be fair with people and youknow that’s like admitting guilt whenthere is not yeah absolutely you’resigning on to their whole their wholebill of goods that they’re claimingagainst it you’re saying yeah you’reright their false accusation by doing itI just can’t see itabsolutely three cops they can’t see iteither day now they know that they’reworking harder today and they’re notdoing anything to anybody they’rerespecting everyone’s rights they’reobeying the law it’s just since we areand no one likes that that’s I see a lotof people taking retirements to them alot of them you know some of the otherplaces on friends would they they had itthere there they’re turning in theirtime yeah I don’t know I’ve heard it’syou know it’s gonna put us in a reallybad situation if you lose a lot ofexperience out in the fieldyoung a lot of problems so between theretirements and the defunding where theyhave to layoff officers that’s gonnatake the city is gonna take a big hitand I think the folks who are actuallyliving in these areas they’re saying nodon’t get rid of the police we don’twant that and but it’s it’s it’s weirdit’s like the politicians and the theseradical leftist they’re the ones thatare that are driving this this machinebut you don’t hear anything from thepeople that live in these areas wherethey’re having shootings and all thiscuz you never hear anything from themand they just there without a voicealmost in the whole thing yeah it’spretty sad reallyI’m sorry room items have no bulletscorrect they’re not really interviewingthem either to see what you know what’swhat can you hear it can you hear itbackground noise any background noisefor me I hear somebody like they’redoing something outside nothing nopeyou’re good okay good it’s my microphonewhat do you call this a dynamicmicrophones dynamic like you don’t likegetting the sounds all around that’scoolthis next story kind of irritates me alittle bit tell us how you feel about itI do so this this story is out ofVirginia West Virginia and it’sspecifically at West Virginia Universityso this Police Chief is doing a zoomsession with this group of students andI don’t know who else is in there duringthe zoom session they see behind him acustom-made blue line flag and they wentnuts and they demanded that he be firedand all this stuff so since he’s apolice chief of a university theUniversity chipped in and then thepolice chief went ahead and said you’renot gonna fire me you can kiss my rearthat’s not what happened the policechief took down the flag that’s in hishome and then he apologized to thestudents and this professor went onthere and said yeah the apology isneeded that’s what’s needed well youstill need to fire him thank you you’refired yeah so he’s still apologizing cuzthe blue line flag is racist the blueline flag is racist because you knowwhat this is a when did this happens itthis is aggravate see you later Jeremyhey Carolyn Calder’s here I’m not sure Idon’t quite get this whole the thin blueline the thin blue linesbeen around since before I came to thejob in 1980 so how is it it’s racistI don’t yeah it’s weird it’s like thereis it becoming like widely accepted asit as it’s racist because I know a lotof coppers and retired cops that havelots of thin blue line stuff and theydon’t they’re not racist they’re justcops did you know what Gwen GwenPhillips yeahthat story was ridiculous I can’tbelieve that this was even out there Iremember what I read I read that therewas um there was that what he call itthere was a march of something in one ofthe states I think it was one of thesouthern states and this gal got runover and died or some like that andthere were white supremists out thereanyways during that so anyway let’s lookat it this way the blue line flags beenaround for four decadesso then during during this I think was2017 or something like that this lady atthis rally gets killed but this guy runsover marchers just saw that she diesthey saw on the on the on one of thetrucks there the blue line flag and theConfederate flag and they decided thatbecause of somebody decided to have thatflag it’s now a racist symbol one personyeah Wow it’s like it’s like when wewere when I was a kid growing up youyou’d go some of you would say somebodyand you go okay okay but now this thiswhole thing is now supposed to be it’s ait’s a W and a P it’s not okay anymoreand so the blue line flag in the sameway it’s somebody had it on the back oftheir truck and now it’s it’s racistit’s white supremacywell I give me a break I really wishthis guy West Virginia well it’s auniversity so that’s the problem withyou know can I have spoke about thisbefore but my my wife were on both of uswe homeschool our kids and I was totallyagainst it at first I was like I didn’tknow anything about it and I was likewowwhat was that mean like are they gonnabe weird like don’t they need to getsocialized you know what I mean I didn’tknow so I was kind of against it but sheresearched and research and got me intoit now I’m so thankful that we do it butwhen you send your kids to the to publicschool and into the into these wizardswho are running it they’re going to beindoctrinated into this leftist thinkthat’s who these people arethat’s what they believe and that’sthat’s why you’re seeing on tik-tok andon Instagram like 12 year old girlsposting arguments with their dad aboutpolitics because they’re going to schooland they’re being told you’re whiteyou’re a little racist in you haveracism in your heart and they and thatyou need to really really read aboutthese other people and ChristopherColumbus is the devil and all this stuffand then their parents are going waitwhat the hell are you talking about whatis this and the kids are like you knowthey’re reading their parents to writeit out but my wife showed me a couple ofthese things on on social media wherethe kids are putting their parents inthe place about race relations what Icouldn’t be more thankful that my kidsare not in the garbage education systemand I know there’s good teachers outthere that don’t think like that butthey have no voice and they’re notallowed to have a voice because I knowfor a fact they can’t they can’t speakabout God they can’t speak aboutChristianity they can’t speak about anyof that stuff and they cannot go againstthe the liberal agenda they can’t theycan’t speak against it has to be theMarxist views that that’s just the way Imean it was it was a it was a joke andlike you know that 70s show and now it’sbecoming scary because these people arestarting to be in government and they’restraight-up retarded they don’tunderstand how the world worksthey don’t understand right from wrongthey think they can make their own truthI have my own truth broforget about your truth I have my owndid youI meditate what do you want from me Idon’t I don’t believe in your truth it’slike it’s a nightmare and when you watchtheseold commie KGB agents I highly suggestyou google these guys and they talkabout mind control and what they want todo to America all’s they talk about isthe education system and they talkedabout leftist ideas and they talkedabout screwing up the youth and theytalking about it taking fifty or moreyears and we’re coming on the tail endof it and it seems like Russia’s winningbecause the people that I’m seeing noware complete idiots what do you thinkyeah Cleveland AG I think you’re rightwe moved out about five years ago out ofa have a metropolitan city and theschool system there was a very liberaland you know my kids would come home andtell me stuff that the teacher had saidmultiple times I wanted to march up tothe school but I deal with we moved intoone of suburban counties now and it’s acompletely different makeup and it’s allabout you know unfortunately a lot ofthis stuff centered in the majormetropolitan areas even in the south tosome degree not so much here as it is inyou know in the Northeast and out westand the west coast but you know where welive now teachers are very conservativeit’s a very conservative school systemit’s it’s you know it’s completelydaylight and dark difference in it Imean you drive 20 miles and it’scompletely different you know schoolsystem absolute that the plea differencegoes well and oh this son startedcollege last year he just got throughwith his first year and he went to aChristian college a private school andeven there there were two teachers thathe just had round and round with debateover different on their beliefs and Imean oh wow you know I just had to tellhim you just and to shut up he kind offell the class again they don’t wantyour opinion in any of this just writethe paper the way they want it writtenand he took that under protest vividlysome indoctrination going on there andthat’s what I actually have a cousinwho’s a school teacher now she’s gonnabe your starting her first year ofschool next year as a school teacher andwe coulddisagree more over politics religioneverything I mean she she she’s in herearly 20s and she thinks she’s got theworld figured out and she has no idea ofwhat reality is and then job you knowit’s I can almost imagine what her classis gonna be like it’s just like exactlywhat you say this what she’s gonna be afuck I mean I can’t even follow her onsocial media I had to delete her becauseI just make me furious listen to thestuff she wouldwhy do people on social media in thelast few weeks I’m just uh I’m not gonnatolerate it yeah it’s funny we have umone of our past guests jimang and greatguy he’s a copper here in SouthernCalifornia and great episodes he was inpeople really liked it he’s this a verylikable guy he’s very nice he’s verysweet guy and very kind and they’refunny I did a conservative post andmember of Carrie’s family you know she’svery liberal and Jim came on and he’slike Jim never says anything and he’slike you know we had someone in ourfamily like you all so that went away toschool and jeez we had unfriend thempretty much and stop talking and all theway around because we were just goingcrazy dealing with someone like you itwas like the most you guys like a saintit was like it was hilarious but he’sright no response just you cannot comeback if Jim ingen does that you but clayon this issue and I’ve seen this beforewhere they demand these things like thisthis chief who had in his own home hisprivate home he’s got a blue line andthey want to fire him because now thesanctity the privacy our own homes isnow subject to getting us fired you haveare you able to comment on these policeadministrators that are just bowing downand apologizing for stuff like thiswell no and some of the ones I’ve seen acouple of my note have done some ofthese things and the others I can only Ican only imagine but I’m sure you guysknow that use a lot of these times theseguys get to be administrator resistantbecause they were the sharpest tool inthe shedso does they down here or then you gotto drink the kool-aid or they need whatthe kids and so I really ought to someof them I’m not surprised in the leaston what they did they were terriblestreet cops and they’re terrible leadersand we have a lot of those and a lot ofthese department that have a lot ofproblems you can look right at the topbecause that’s where the problem startsand it gets trickles down so you knowit’s some of them I can understand youknow that I don’t know anything aboutthe University chief I think it’sincredibly wrong to target him for whathe has in his own private homeespecially blue line play I don’tthere’s it’s ridiculous to think thatit’s racist you know I I think that it’skind of it’s a symbol it’s it’s one ofthe few symbols that you could have thatbasically law enforcement you know youyou can’t just pick out a badge becausethere’s so many different badges but Imean you know you one thing the thinblue line does stand for is long forceand I think they just use it to targetus it’s just I think no it’s not racistjust a way to target us in this currentagenda today to think that it’s racistis just ridiculous you know I’ve got aline flag you know my son’s got oneflying in a room in his in his bedroomyou know pender the wall you know it’sjust his way to support you know youknow me and the family just it’s earlyridiculous that it is racist and I it’ssad that you can’t even have things inyour private home anymore but you knowour lives you know your we’re not reallya public figure that you know likes themyou know like an elected official butyou know they’re still come after us ityou know I’ve got a you know FOP tags onmy on my personal vehicles and you knowI meant well I don’t know that I’m gonnarenew the FOP tag on my wife’s vehiclewhat is this methyl-pyou know it has like the enthalpy thefirmly symbol it says Fraternal OrderPolice remember and you know I reallygot it for two reasons one is because itsupports the organization you knowbecause they get proceeds from thepurchase of the tag you know and theyyou do a lot of good things with it youknow they lobby for laws and things andthe other ones I thought it might youknow help my wife back is she bad aboutwe will live free from sometimes therebut I’m afraid for her to drive aroundwith it on her car I know years ago wehad our BT because they ran judicialtags we’ve had some judges that wereactually you know targeting know whenthey were out in the public you know Idon’t know it’s it’s you know I’m Isupport the blue line flag but I don’tknow if I’d want to fly on me mypersonal vehicles right now I actuallythought about going down to the protestsone not taking a bunch of Trump stickersand women tags and sticking them on theprotesters cars while the black garb onI might just run down or drive to getthere maybe they busty and I don’t knowbut if I can find their cars almost 60years on although they did that um youdo have to be careful a bit so we had alike when I pulled in to the policedepartment when I first start working Ihad a little blue line sticker you knowI was excited and one of my sergeant’slike first thing you should do is killthat up your car I was really bummed byhe said he because he’s like just youknow it was Massachusetts it’s also nota great state for cops sometimes and itbummed me out but you know I did it andthen sure enough we got um we got anewbie hired six seven years later hehad a blue line sticker on his car hewent to they was going the Red Sox gamehe parked in the T parking lot took thetrain in and came back all those windowswere smashed out 2015 f150 Larry and Imean we’re talking thousands of dollarsand the only thing they could think wasthe blue line sticker you know so itdoes it it’s sad but true as they sayyeah I took my blue line sticker off mytruck not because of where I live thisarea is all about guns God and Trump andpolice they love the pike Countyexcellent hopefully conservative but ifI gotta go north to Thurston County andOlympia where the capital is I don’twant my I don’t want my vehicles outthere I don’t trust them at all so yeahhere yeah and you know what I don’t wantdeal with it I don’t deal with it I andthe whole thing that you’re hearing nowis the silent majority where you know Ijust I prefer to just go to the polevote watch people cry sip on some wineand let the tears flow a beautiful thinghey can we had that gut that was a twoweeks ago we had that lady in her carwith a baby and the protesters ourattacker was like they have no there’sno line that they will not cross and ifyou have a blue line sticker or if yourwife’s out there with one I would seethem telling a woman out of the car inassaulting her really there’s not it’syou know there was a there was a video Isaw it yesterday or today where therewas a protest and they’re blocking thestreet and there’s a card that was stuckand I don’t know if there’s a man orwoman in the car but the protesters onthe video they’re going okay okaythere’s it there’s a child in the carthere’s a child in the car and they’retrying to peel people off so this guy hegoes and he breaks the window anywaysyou know with a child in the car andthey’re telling him there’s a child inthe car they didn’t give a crap you knowso no no blue line sticker can youimagine the car would be demolished ifthey did that we got solely Luke Stefansays you know we could replace the blueline with Ken’s mustache Lisa LisaGunnoe says she’s goes jogging with theblue line flag she she doesn’t give acrap she saysWonder Woman like it Lisa and I want toI want to give a big shout out right nowto Ray would cuz he’s been here sincethe podcast started andhe’s with us making comments thank youRay we appreciate it manwe see we’re trying to get to thecomments as we can but I don’t knowwhere Christine went she’s not I don’tsee her here anymore she’s grinningKristy is 27 it’s Saturday she’sprobably a few wine coolers old dudesyour podcast I got one more story thiswill be a quick oneLAPD chief says his office should havemore power to fire bad officers and Idon’t know how they do it in otherdepartments but on LAPD there’ssomething called the board of Rightsit’s been there for a long law and I cant remember like 4050 years or some likethat it’s called the border rights andif you if you have a personnel complaintthat’s get sustained or whatever and youget to say I’ll take I’ll take thepenalty or I will I want to go to aborder rights and a border rights is tocommanding officers and a civilian threepeople and you get to plead your caseyou have your attorney they have theirdepartment advocate they have a littletrial and then the three of them decidewhat the deal is gonna be and if it hadgone prior and it goes up the chain ofcommand prior to the board of Rights thechief can go I want to fire this officerwell the the board of Rights can sayyeah we’re not gonna fire the officerand once the board of Rights makes theirdetermination the chief can’t overruleit so he won and the reason they didthat was because to make it soegotistical power-hungry Chiefs can’tjust arbitrarily fire police officersright so the chief Michael Moore LAPDchief decides he wants to go back to theold days where he and he can decidewhether who gets fired and who doesn’tarbitrarily once the juice so you knowand that would pisses me off is this isa power play and it’s an in LA Citythat’s a charter amendment and thevoters have to decide you just can’tdecide city council can’t go let’s voteon this they can’t do it’s a charteramendment so I think that in thisenvironment in in the on your worstday on your best day it’s not a goodidea to do but in this environment nowwhere Morelle is just in the crapper andyou’re gonna bring this up now what’s amessage to tell the guys you know oh manthey’re really think he sucks but clayadministrative Lee give me youradministrative insight on this stupiditywell you know to see we’re in thatWillett estate so you work at the atwill the employer unless you have CivilService protection so there’s a lot ofagencies in the state that don’t havecivil service so your will be at thewill of the sheriff or the chief youknow of course we’ve seen things likethat you know we try to get a policeBill of Rights passed to the statenumerous times never had much successwith they there’s always argue that theyhave they need the ability to get rid ofproblem officersyou know they just say Authoritysometimes you know that’s not that’s notthe case every time it’s you know whenthat does happen I’m really surprisedwith the with a Lange story there if Iwas a chief I wouldn’t want the ultimateresponsibility he’s himself then youknow he you know like you know here wascivil service the chief can say I triedto get rid of the guy I wanted him gonebut you know the board put him back onthe job you know he’s I think he’sasking for more you know scrutiny uponhimself by having that you know ultimateauthority to do that and he’s just gonnaend up in more lawsuits there’ll be awrongful you know no termination lawsuitone after another gonna end up justfiring every single person that comes infront of them he’s no oh you got aproblem they’re not fire him fire himhe’s gonna KendallI mean Rao’s already terrible out thereI’m sure anyway yeah and that theCalifornia has a police officer Bill ofRights and there are there they haveCivil Service protection and it’sbecause of all the abuses that went onbefore all this stuff happened so Ithink maybe he’s fishy because he’sdoesn’t have Civil Service protectionanymore and they can fire him withoutjust because but that’s just I justthink that’s a dumb move um especiallyat this time morale sucks and people areoneleaving and retiring all that I justdon’t think that’s a very smart move tomake that’s all the stories I got do youguys who are listening do you have anyquestions for clay because clay usuallywe get some questions for the folks thatare that are common commentators hereRay Wood says you guys are awesome I amtrying to get a few friends to volunteercome on to come on and be interviewedjust do itray how did your how did your interviewwith the Canadian officer go oh it wasawesome she was great she was reallygreat she had the accent everything shewas good people actually got a lot ofgood feedback about her she um she didreally well she you know a lot of peoplecome on and they’re not sure how they’regonna do but she did really well youknow oh very cool yeah I had somethingcool happen not enough if I told youlast week or so but a listener of thepodcast contacted me and said theywanted me to do a backgroundconsultation with them they’re fromCanada really yeah police backgrounddown their net is now international ohvery nice international so that’s gonnabe cool too to do that I just want tosee what the different ways they soundpretty it sounds very similar like theydo we know yeah they do in-home visitsthey talk to neighbors they go in personto past employers so it sounds like verysimilar to what we did at LAPD but sheshe was a little shocked that we wouldtake the candidates phone and look attheir social media she’s like what doyou mean I go well you know we’d givethem the opportunity to sign in to acomputer and let us view it buteverybody’s got theirs password saves sothey don’t remember them so they can’tlab what’s my pet I don’t remember soyou know it’s just easier just give meyour phone and that you know they’re notgonna say no it’s so they give you theirphone and you know it’s usually fine Imean my biggest piece of advice forpeople would be like don’t know we’regonna do that cuz a lot of guys I wouldget guys posing outside the like thebuilding going to meet my backgrounddude you know like with likeembarrassing it’s like come on man andthen a lot of the girls if you’re likescantily clad let’s say maybe get rid ofthose because it’s a littleuncomfortable and you’re like very bustyand you’re very provocative in yourpictures it’s like it’s not likedisqualifying but it’s just a littlelike professional it’s just a littlelike and you’re standing right thereit’s awkward I had they switched over itclay you need a kick out of thisfor some reason they decided they didn’tthey Ouisa send people to si Dscientific investigation division getphotographs of their tattoos that wasjust par for the course if you hadtattoos the background investigator goand take your shirt off we’re gonna takea we’re gonna take a photo here theydidn’t do that so with everyone saidthen they decided they were gonna bethey were gonna pick and choose whattattoos we wanted to to take and if itwas a female that they’re supposed totake the tattoo the tattoo photos andemail him so I was a guinea pig I wasthe first one who ever got a tattoophoto this girl’s tattoo was near hervagina and she pulled down her shortsand she wasn’t mindful of how far sheput so I get this photo that’s basicallypornand I took it to the boss I go this thisis why I don’t want the tattoo flow tothese guys take it out that do photosbut I don’t even know how I got on thatthat they still do that like when you goin the mailroom you would get theattachment the folders and then youwould get all the tattoo yeah nopictures and the photographers are aprofessional they knew how to make sureyou know tell someone about that tattooI guess they don’t know going in therelike is there gonna be a police doctorwho like looks me over every square inchlike if you have it let me tell you ifyou have a tattoo in your underwear lineyou’re good yeah I believe youyou’re good let’s just like Latin Kingsor the Bloods or something tomorrowBrown sent three emojis Canadian flagsshe’s a Canadian at the end of the babywas a good one uh Lisa Cano says I hopeclay that your community supports youand lets you know Gwen Phillips has aquestion for clay she says hey claywhat’s your plan for retirement thatclay you’re hanging on buddy what’sgoing on here man well I don’t stand afew more years I’m in a position wheremaybe I can do a lot of good right nowyou know more so than you know I’ve doneit to patrol level so I want to try tokeep doing that let’s do a part time onthe side for one of the manufacturers ifmanufacturers less-lethal do trainingfor them actually believe in next weekI’ll be in South Carolina teaching aclass I’ve thought about going intotraining full-time I teach a lot ofclasses for the company and do a lot ofgrowth are you know academies here Idon’t don’t really want to just quitI’ve seen people quit in the past andthey you know sit around and do nothingand they just seems like they live likethree years in there I’m going to theirfuneral and I don’t know just I think Iwant to stay in somehow you know I maygo into training full-time I stay athome full-time my life would probablykill me because they’re crazy they saymas doesn’t grow on a rolling stoneright yeah I retired from LAPD 17 yearsago and from backgrounds what year and ahalf ago something like that but here Iam now retired and I get up in themorning I go what am I gonna do I don’tknow and then on Saturdays employee ofthings police see you’ve you have thingsto do I got an idea once we hit it bigand we’re in the millions the millions Isay you and I booked a flight we gotrain with clay have him show us howit’s done yeah give you some skillslisten like we we would like to do theplatinum plan of training with you likeI shoot live subjects but that’s abucket listSteve once we hit the big time we’regonna go visit clay do some shootingwith him and did you know that you knowwhat’s funny you guys are in front of myscreen I’m like did you know Steve youknow I’m pointing that you guys can’tsee room but Steve is a your are youstill a range master youwell yeah I was a fireman structure foryears technically I probably am stillcertified Massachusetts yeah so I didthat for a long time maybe I can can youmaybe clay can hook me up right come ondes do you get do they still have gunsin Massachusetts I hear some stuff youknow the quarks with the string that’slike what about the cap guns they’vecapped they did they have cap guns onyour kid yeah actually they can hold upthe bad guys can hold up a card and ifyou’re if they’re too afraid they canhold up a card like the military youknow like yellow will just give you acouple guns when you cross into thestate you don’t have to have any perfectand Lisa says that we should havemeetups across the country so we’regonna you know when we hit it big claythis is gonna be so cool Steve and Iwill travel across country do liveevents and podcasts live my wife wantsto marry Tennessee who do it yeah shewants to she’s like I love the state -we stopped there on our way crosscountry in Nashville and in theirsurrounding area it’s awesome I wasgonna mention to you I sent I sent Stevea news story today that thatMassachusetts one of the they’re notgoing to open things up until a vaccinethere’s a vaccine and and what is itbars and clubs bars and nightclubscannot open in Massachusetts untilthere’s a vaccine along with some otherthings but I was gonna tell you Stevemaybe Massachusetts isn’t you mightthrow up all over yourself every day ifyou move back to Massachusetts go toTennessee Oh we’d love we loved and seeI just the employments the problem youknow I’m I work for my company used tobe in Tennessee and they they pulled outand went to other other countries inother states rather so clay would Iwould have to do you need an assistantmaybe like someone to drive around bignotes I got a couple of questions hereLuke Steveand says clay any advice for those of uslooking to join law enforcementespecially in light of recent events thecurrently au climate don’t do it wellyou know I would tend to say don’t do itbut those guys that are wanting to dothat it’s it’s in it’s in their bloodthat’s what they want to certainly wantto help their community it’s true thingthey’re not going to be satisfied insome other career paths you know maybebe a firefighter you know you can hangout the station cook chili and watchtelevision I don’t think it’s gonnachange that much I mean if you knowwe’re it’s a bad bump in the road asit’s the worst that it’s been in my timein but yeah that they might be fun topolice in some of these places but itain’t gonna hold very long it’scertainly not gonna happen in the southit’s just not gonna go over down hereit’s the political atmosphere iscompletely different they have to changesomething on a national level for it toaffect us any and that’s just probablynot going to happenI really don’t see how some of thesepeople can stay in places like PortlandSeattle you know and even LA I don’t seehow they can do it I mean it you knowevery week since this has started we’vehad deputies come in and tell us youknow on various she’ll city labor in arestaurant and someone both or dinner orboth or lunch or both attract beautifulnow it continually seems that we’ve hadchurch groups we’ve had individuals andcitizens bringing stuff to the stationyou know food cookies all kinds of stuffcards you know we’re seeing a lot ofsupport from this you know I guess thesilent majority not so silentnecessarily in an area but you knowbefore you go wisely you know if you’regonna be the police pick somewhere thatwants you there don’t go to see I meanthat you would be it would be stupid tobe a police officer in Seattle andthere’s nothing there I don’t know whatto say if I was him I’d be finding a wayto go somewhere else it’s it’s all gonnabe and where you go I mean it police isnot going yeah and you know I you knowwe sit down here in Tennessee and wemake funlack I mean we of course of not surgerywe call it the left you know the weirdcircuit as far as you know federal courtrulings income and things that come outof the north and north northwest in theWest that I just wouldn’t be a policeofficer in those areas you got to findsomewhere that you know wants police toabsolutely advise man I mean you imaginethe stifling that happens to youngofficers in like Seattle that want to gowhat they want to fight crime andthey’re like woo woo you get the wrongidea buddywell Seattle Seattle couldn’t keep copsand now they’re talking about laying out300 of them who’s gonna go there theywon’t have to worry about recruitmentand to add on to what clay was sayingfor Luke is that do your homework youknow find out what how these cities whattheir attitudes are towards cops and ifthe city doesn’t support the cops don’tgo yeah save yourself manlisa has a question for all three of usbut I don’t have the answer so I’llleave it for you and clay Lisa’s askingshe says I listen to some podcasts withFBI it seems police don’t care if peoplehave ar-15s but FBI loses their mindabout it what’s the difference yeahthat’s funnythe like like clay was saying earlierwhere and we were both kind of sayinglike with the federal a lot of federaljobs where they’re not they’re notreally cops they’re not reallyresponding to calls or not they’re notreally wetting their whistle onenforcement they’re not going hands onthey’re not searching they’re notarresting they’re gonna get a bonyBologna over things that a street copwould not you know what I mean like a aa cop in Tennessee is not gonna get allexcited about some minor what he sees assome minor firearms violation orsomething that could be a violation andclay I think you agree with me when youlook at a federal agent he might make afederal case literally out of it youknow what I mean I think I think that’sthe answer I think they’re they’re justgonna blow to our proportion right isthat what you think clayyou know firearms are here so commonthat you know we don’t think you thinkabout it I mean it’s the ar-15 they cameforward so whatever it is I mean it’svery very common everyone in Tennesseehas multiple firearms you know it’s ayeah I watch some things I follow up inNew York City another have like thecaper of the day or something you knowlike cops kept like two guns orsomething that’s like it’s a big deal wewe stopped thinking guns all the timeand don’t even think anything about itis their right to have them when Iworked in New England clay I did workwith other cops that would because I wasthe Rangemaster they would call me toevery cop there was I mean every callthat there was a gun and they go what’sthe deal he’s got a gun like he’s gotthis gun and you check his permit yeahhe’s got a permit okay well that’s fineokay I just wanted to check with youbecause he’s you know he’s got thisconcealed gun what’s he need a gun foron a near business he’s got a permit forit so he’s a plumber who works in theinner city you know that Mary had been alot work and I talked to people in adminthat were that straight-up told me SteveI know you’re pro-gun pro-secondamendment but I’m really not comfortablewith members of the public having guns Idon’t think they should have gun andthese are people who license people tohave guns saying this to me like I justdon’t think they’re what’s the reasonwhy do you need it’s like that I meanthese people are their ranks are wayabove me so I’m I’m not saying this tothem but I’m thinking like because ofpeople like thinking the way you’rethinking like that they don’t need theseguns that’s that’s the whole idea behindthe Second Amendment that you know likemy agency we we teach that Hank andcarry permit for the state so I mean weuse our range our firearms instructorsyou know they’re out there they teachthe class about twice a month you knowcitizens come to our class and you knowwe we go above and beyond what theminimum state standards are you know toget a carry permit and you know we’llhave advanced training that they cancome to as well we encourage thecitizens to have a firearm you know it’sour response times not 10 seconds youknow when you need us you know we thinka well-trained citiesthat is you know cable with a farm is uhyou don’t you can control your owndestiny a little bit more I meansomeone’s breaking in your house at 3o’clock in the morning and are you theclosest unit 7 minutes away that’sthat’s a long time yeah like I live inoh I live in the unincorporated part ofSouthern California where it’s it’s ait’s I’ve been I’ve spoken with thedeputies around here and they’re likeyou got they go it’s a pretty well-knownfact if someone I’m completely fenced intwo acres fenced in with a gate sothere’s no if someone’s in my propertythat’s a big problem and they prettymuch told meyeah if someone’s in your property whenwe respond just have one story yourstory because then person’s deadbasically they respond down here topeople who’ve been shot who’ve broken inand like what’s the purpose of being onmy property and then I order you toleave and you don’t leave you know andthey they don’t have a problem with itthis is Southern Cali where people aresurprised and you say that but I meanI’m in San Bernardino County where thesheriff’s just don’t have time they’relike you know what if someone tries toget into your house or gets onto yourproperty and they won’t leave under yourorder and they try to assault you orwhatever it games on that’s it that wecan’t I have a 35 minute response timefrom deputies 35 minutes on averagebecause there’s two there’s a stationdown the road for me and there’s twodeputies but they cover like the squaremileage is ridiculous so they’re notthere you know so they basically told mehey handle your business we’re notreally looking to deep into this ifyou’re at home at night and someonecomes into your space games on man andthen just give us give us your statementwhen we come you know we might have totake that gun we’re not gonna take allyour guns you know I’m sure you havemore than one don’t worry about it andthat conversation I have with the policehere was so refreshing because I feltlike I was like a lot freer alreadybecause I used to live in LA Countywhere oh man you can’t have I mean Icould have a gun because I was lyoshabut they hated that they hated thatthere was like a retired or a former copthat could have his gun you know theydon’t want anybody having guns in LACounty even even retired coppersI mean they can correct me if I’m wrongbut they let you guys have your guns youknow they can trip from the LA cityright well we get we get see CW’s fromwhen we retire you’re the only peoplethat get CCW so oh yeah in LA Cityyou don’t even issue permits it’s funnybecause I live in I live in WashingtonState and and it’s a 50/50 betweenbetween conservatives and Democrats butsomehow the Democrats seem to be inpower all the time and even thenWashington state’s a shell issued stateand they’re actually nobody really knowsthis cuz they don’t promote it and theydon’t want it but it’s an open carrystate as well but nobody nobody does buteven then all you got to do is go in getyour fingerprints taken and if you don’thave anything on your record they shallgive you a concealed carry permit andthere’s no training oh wow so this isconstitutional pretty much yeah yeah andI think it’s a stand-your-ground stayedall kinds of cool stuff which shocked mewhen I moved here I won like dude I feellike I live in Tennessee that silentit’s that silent majority man peopledon’t know it but yeah I think inWashington don’t don’t play withpeople’s gun rights they don’t like thatat all and no matter what people say butI don’t have any other questions fromfolks and I think that all the peoplethat have been here from the beginningwe’re almost at two hours this is we’rea great podcast it’s clays fault we wentto long love clay yeah big fans wellthere’s a lot to love the Tennessee lawman thanks guys I enjoyed it it was alot of fun being on now is great havingyou back man we got a lot of good inputfrom from your episode people loved itso we’re so happy to have you backhopefully you come back again sometimenot be glad to with more stories morestory so how do you guys thanks a lotfor for coming out here we had Lisa saysyou guys are all awesome thank youappreciate you hanging in there with usfor two hours Lisa and all you sevenpeople that are in here thank you againand don’t forget to tootell your friends about us and let’s getSteve that new processor for you sittingpretty with a new computer and come tothe Facebook page because this is also apodcast so it’s gonna go to the thepodcast people that aren’t on theFacebook page I want to urge you to gothere and to join and chime in with uswhen we do these live broadcasts and gorate and review on iTunes as wellbecause that’s a big help for us andyeah all right Ken let’s go that’s aboutall I got to say here I’m gonna run ouroutro bumpers just just for a secondyeah what Steve said about going ontoiTunes and giving a rating cuz peoplelove that and Alex get-get Lynn thankyou again he gives us some applause manalright I’m good alright here we go heyguys I hope you enjoyed the podcast ifyou love the show and you want to showsome support you can go to things policec-calm and click the donate button weare 100 percent listener funded so ifyou’ve been enjoying all the content weprovide we surely appreciate the supportalright guys we’ll catch you next time[Music]youEnglish (auto-generated)

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