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TPS Cops In The News: CHAZ, Weak Leaders, Bend The Knee

In this episode Steve and Ken discuss the ever crazy news cycle involving the police.  

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this is things police see first anaccounts with your oast Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcastI’m Steve Gould your host this iscops’ll news 6-8 20/20 with me as alwaysmy co-host Ken Roybal Ken hello hellohello how you doing I’m good sirhow you doin are you doing I’m doinggoodstarting to sound like oh never mindnever mind I never said that so manwe’re live we’re live on Facebook thisis a broadcast event it is notadvertised it Kim we advertise it andeverything no so far we are you and Iare watching that’s awesome mm-hmmanother another small news cycle notmuch going on in the country nope hardlyanything happening but I had somethingfun I did today kind of cool oh yeah Iour little area here there was a littlegeneral store and they hosted a lawenforcement Appreciation Dayand we went there with some friends andthey had us take a photo for theirFacebook page and it’s this big bannerthat says honor to honor police officersand law enforcement chris jay is onwhat’s happening chris Christie and somy friend goes he goes anybody not forceit my friend says yeah he’s retired LAPDand they said free meals for all ofthese people and it was me and of myfriends that were there so that was kindof cool cool people like police in yourneighborhood that’s nice that’s rightthat’s rightChris Jay he’s one of my favorite peoplehalf former guests former intervieweeformer interviewee and he says thatyou’re you are a couple of handsomehandsome chaps which is cool thank youthank you so much I got a haircut Stevegot a haircut and another things Chris Idon’t know if you remember this or notbut in the 1992 riots I was just likeyou know on LEPyou’re not supposed to grow yourmustache below the Vermillion of yourlip which is this little pinky sectionhere so as you like right to there rightthrough there and then my sergeantsergeant Bates ol during the middle ofriots for a deploy and he goes hey yourmustache is getting a little long and atthat time I did not give a crap lastthing I decided working 12-hour shiftsabout my mustache and I told them thisis my riot mustache so this this is muchlonger than it was then but this righthere is my riot mustache that’s prettyaggressive that’s that’s a full-onhandlebar looks like jack verde issetting this a link for a new storyabout Colorado Jack I’m not sure whereI’m able to get got some stories but I’msure we’ll cover it if we can so I knowif you see that there Steve I see thatyeah that’s gonna be hard to do on thefly but I said I do have some shoutoutsbefore we get started let’s get someshoutouts done so last week I was withthe fam going to pick up a new goat anew buck for our herd and while I wasthere again the location of my phonesaid that the show received a donationand I couldn’t believe the number thatthat popped up this is the largestdonation the show has ever receivedretired officer named Gary we put itthis way we were at like 200 buckstowards the new laptop for the show weare now like more than halfway to thegoal I’m out of moneyso Gary thank you sir that was sogenerous so awesome he really likes thepodcast he really likes that we’retalking to cops and getting their pointof view and getting it out there sopeople can hear you know what policeofficers have to say about their jobwhich is you know it doesn’t seem likeit should be a novel idea but I guess itkind of is so Gary thank you so much andof course we also have our subscribersthey donate often Timothy right Williamlong thank you William longinvestigations on Facebook if you needsome background work done if you want todo a little check-in to yourself beforeyou apply to be a cop willing can dothat for you Evan to Phillips first timedonator thank you sirand of course the lovely Mirandabrowning always around browning whenevershe’s our she’s one of our reporters ofthe news she gives us our news stories alot of times so Miranda were thankfulfor that hey Christine has a question aquestion for us young Christine wants toknow you guys joining the motorcycleride to Seattle to restore orderooh you know that’s the type of thingI’m gonna go ahead and watch on thetelevision that’s I don’t want to be thefront lines of the I think it’s theMongols and the Hells Angels I don’tknow if that’s even true but boy thatwould be good TV yeah hey Kevin Cassidyyou’re not late we’re just started wehaven’t started the news yet so we’rejust kind of chit-chatting about somethings here but Christine interestinglyenough we’re gonna be talking aboutSeattle in our first story so you’reright on the money on that I don’t thinkI’m I don’t i sold my motorcycle in 2018so i don’t have it anymore but in mylittle section of washington there i raninto a guy that was part of a group thatheard protesters are coming down to ourcounty and this group to get togetherand washington they’re all about guns itdoesn’t it’s southern Washington allabout guns so they wouldn’t want to cometo our County but ahead and Tifa orsomebody come down to our County andthey were forming up a posse I’d bethere I’d be in there man yeah that’sthe interesting about Washington Stateit’s very polarized with its politicalbeliefs it’s very country boy and thenit’s like super progressive but you knowI can I don’t have a motorcycle but Icould get on the back of one of thosebad boys kind of hold on faster there issomething about motorcycles and guys youyou’re not supposed to ride on the backof a motorcycle it’s just like sidecarand a tender owner a wonderful one lastshout out I want to thank cannonBaldrige he reached out and he actuallyprovided us with a guest interview allright hooked up with the intervieweeinterviewed him today awesome guest andthank you and also maybe one of thecoolest names has ever seen my life hisname is cannon Ken cannon like the boomyeah like heaven like the giant weaponWowpretty great a good deal hey for thepeople who are listening you want totalk about Seattle let’s talk aboutSeattle man cuz it’s our first story mmmwhat’s going on there nothing much it’snothing that’s hitting the news I meanit’s not really hitting then well reallyit’s actually like the vast majority ofthe liberal media is not making a bigdeal out of ityeah I mean it’s because it’s patriotsit’s just a bunch of Patriots in Seattlethat so but the basic thing is let’s gothis first thing you sorry I got it offof Fox News and Fox News happens to hostTucker Carlson by the way I don’t knowif you like Tucker Carlson or not dude Ithank you for being that up Ken that isanother shout out I wanted to do Iforgot about that he needs it from usbut Tucker Carlson well he gets he getspainted as like a conservative talkinghead he he has progressive people on allthe time PS progressives on that thatthe major media outlets won’t have onyet you know Tulsi Gabbard he has anequal on he gives people voice he’sreally good with his stories reallyaccurate and he also calls out thehypocrisy of Republicans so yeah I thinkhe’s one of the last really great andtruthful people on the air I don’t agreewith everything he always says but hedoes have those he’s boyishly adorablewhich helps when I’m not agreeing I’mlike at least he’s adorable but uh Ithink he really is a great journalistgreat reporter and it’s just it’s just abig thumbs up for me yeah I knew youwant to give me a shout out so I wentahead and they remember that for you yesyeah and Alex Seattle is so nuts solet’s get into this yes sir the funnything so for the people that arecatchingI’m sure I I can’t think of anybody thatmight not know this that happened inSeattle so this group it was supposed tobe auntie fun all this but there’s youknow there’s debate about thatthis group goes in and they during theprotest they decide to cordon off sixblocks in Seattle and declare it thewell it’s called chests Capitol Hillautonomous own autonomous zone so it’sTucker cars it it’s a new country it’sthe new it’s a new countryLuke Steven hey what’s up hey Jesse gunsalways good to see youand a tree amen Adrian Richards fromAustralia fans with another shrimp onthe Bobbyalright Chris J is gonna go on your rollcall right now so stay safe out therebrotheryes sir so and okay so we’ve got somecomments going but this we’re gonna goright to this story here so Chazz isthis area that they’ve cordoned off andthe People’s Republic of chess and theywhat really I find amazing is first offthat they they’re able to coordinate offbecause you don’t want tooh oh Austria because it Austrian hangon no Australia hello from Australiaanyways I need to put a little card overyour comments anyways so they decide tocordon off this area and call it theautonomous zone and or Chas but what Ifind really amazing is that the themayor of Seattle calls this occupationof these six blocks patriotic mmm theseare patriots man and it doesn’t matterit doesn’t matter the people that peoplelive in the area that they havebusinesses in the area that when peopleare trying to get into you know liketheir homes or their business they’rethere have their ID checked again accessto this country yeah you know ken Iheard that they have chosen a warlordhis name is Raz the rapper he has armedguards they the instant they’veinstitutedthe very controversial patent risk atany moment you can be patent frisk forweapons rashim very contraband in NewYork because it’s a racist also thisthis R as on Isola ticular to socialmedia uses the word fag like all thetime so not super inclusive guy seemskind of homophobic but you know it’s anemerging it’s emerging nation and thefirst leader might be a little rougharound the edges we have to give him alittle bit of slack but uh seems likekind of a kind of a scary guy yeahhere’s a here’s a rap artist so I meanthat’s that gives him street cred rightthere to be a leader of a new countryand the the other thing is that you knowthey did something that was reallyreally racist they put a wall up thatprevents people from getting in and thenthey check them to see if they’reallowed in their country yeah so whatlike undocumented or unwanted people inyour country you just put a wall up tokeep everybody safe you know so racistso racist so what I find incredible notonly did the mayor call these peoplePatriots but both the mayor and thechief came out the chief of police theyboth came out and go we didn’t we didn’tknow this was happywe didn’t know this is gonna happen wedid not authorize this so the mayor andthe chief of police didn’t authorizethis but the chief is saying that shedid not authorize it however one of thebuildings that was abandoned in themiddle of the six block thing was thethird precinct of the police departmenthmm so she must have been asleep whenthat happened and it just happened andnobody knew about it so they’ve they’vekicked out the police basically they’vedeclared the building some kind of somekind of Cavs building yeah and and whenthe police the police went in theretoday or yesterday was a video of themand that the chief and one of herminions was walking up to the buildingto the shuttered police station beingprotected by that guythat resgate jump okay let them throughlet them through the police can youimagine the honor though the king of anation Wow believable it is really I sawthat mayor I don’t know her at all forsome ever laid eyes on her with todaywhen I was watching the news and theywere kind of asking her you know whenwill this end or when are you gonna dosomething or how long you let it happenand she said I don’t know might be asummer of love summer of love that washis comment I’ve never seen if you guyshave not seen this mayor she’s awhack-jobshe’s sit there and they’re saying whenare you gonna let this Wendy gonna havethis in and stuff and she’s like itcould be the Summer of Love and thenfret anybody knows the Summer of Love in1968 San Francisco it’s like all thesehippies descend on the area and I didn’tclose the thing off but that’s just astupidest comment ever for a mayor tomake like disregard all the people whowhose businesses and live there andthey’re they’re being prevented fromtheir livelihood and things like that intheir own neighborhoods that they paymoney for and they’re just letting ithappenyeah well it’s you know it’s a weirdthing that’s happened with this the BLMmovement worth now it’s um it’s verymuch a communist movement in Seattleanyways it’s like now it’s it’s more ofabout it’s more about communism I meanyou see like any communist revolutionyou see the statues being torn down therhetoric they’re using they’re verytotalitarian there’s no nuanceddiscussion with the Communists that’sit’s there they attack institutions likethis and if you have a disagreement saythey have ten bullet points if you don’tagree with all ten you’re outthat’s just so good that’s the way itworks it’s the most unamerican thingpossible and a bunch of idiots in ourcountry are signing onto it I reallythink it’s the minority of people butthe media makes it look a lot larger Ithink the Democratic Party is scaredthey’re trying to walk it back they haveno control of it you know it’s it’s thisweird social movement thatit’s it’s odd like if you look at theblack lives matter page under a beltthey do reference comrades in there mmmbecause they’re trying to be inclusivebut talk about hijacking a movement Imean yikesyeah and there was somewhere in thatsomewhere in the background thatperipheral stuff of all this happeningthere’s the name George Floyd comes tomind but I’m not sure how he figures inwell put a shine to him over here justyeah yeah on this building or around thecorner but we have a community gardengoing stewarding we’re extortingbusiness owners for survival pleaseplease bring vegan food and drinks weresupport because you got it I mean youhave to realize if they if the mayor orthe if the mayor that city wanted thisover like a dozen cops could walk in andit would be like see you later I mean itwould be done I don’t think they’re theykeep showing pretty much the same armedguy in there you know decide the mediaand everything you know and Fox News isguilty to of trying to get their ownthey want their own spin on it too butit’s like the insert this armed guy inevery scene it’s like I saw more thanone of the things about Washington stateis it’s an open carry state and so theycan legally do that they sit on theirwebsite for this state they say yeahit’s an open carry but yeah we don’tencourage that whatever yeah I guess hecan do it the hey rich Emoryhe’s rich just joined us and KevinCassie says did you see the video theguy pulled down a statue at landed onhis head no but I’d love to see thehouse if you if you can send that toSteve he and Ford it to me Steve thesepolice feed calm I’d like to see thatone but the thing about this Seattlething is that what what’s the endgameyeah I don’t know I mean there are theycalling for them to defund their PoliceDepartment they’re not car I don’t knowwhat their I have no clue what theirpurposeI don’t know third their demands are atall I talked to you know Ben Kelly who’sbeen on the show he’s yeah yeah greatinterview he took out a cop killer Itexted him to see if he was ok what wasgoing on and he said you know it’s likethat’s not necessarily antifa in thereit’s just like a ragtag group ofdifferent people who are kind of justopportunists taking taking an advantageand you know we didn’t get too into thepolitics of it but he said it’s I meanit’s a mess there’s no leadership is outthe windowyeah that’s terrible William James longhey what’s up man good to see you hereyeah so I don’t know what their withtheir point in taking over this thisthing is and I don’t know what it has todo with with the protests that are goingon but it’s just a stupidest thing everand so basically if if a conservativegroup let’s just say a bunch of guyswent in there with guns and they justI’m gonna put a barricade here and verygood here and it’s ours now if it was aconservative group would they go ohpatriots yeah right on man would they doit then no that’s not what they would doKen so basically what I’m thinking isthat you can you can go in and just takeover areas and then the lets you do thatand there’s no end game to it they don’thave any demands they’re just doing itand I don’t know if anybody remembersthis anthem Adina we are looking goodyes we are Steve and I are both handsomehow do you remember back in the maybethe mid-2000s in Los Angeles did youremember the old the Occupy Wall Streetmovement oh yeah yes stone in LAdowntown at City Hall occupy Los Angelescame in and they they came they trickledin and slowly they took over all of theflan at City Hall and they camped outfor a month with the City Council’sapprovalhomeless people would spin like get thehell out of here well the the the thingis the City Council was approving itthey were blessed Tina you guys areawesome power to the people free speechyou know this so basically they sent upa tent city there are hundreds of tentsthere after 30 days 30 days of themoccupying this area the City Councilgoes dude it’s it’s really smells I hearthere was there were no bathrooms mm-hmmthere were no water facilities nothingto wash with and so they kind of fed upthey they told them to leave they didn’tleave 30 days Steve these guys werethere yeah I heard Wall Street one wasvery stinky as well yeah and then after30 days they decide they’re gonna evictthem so LAPD does a secret ninja missionthey send a bunch of officers andbum-rushed all these guys and kick theirasses out of the City Hall lon but thatwasn’t the bad thing the bad thing wasthat at the end of this 30 days okay nowthe area is is evacuated right hmm allthis horrendous crap is left there thecity sanitation had to go in there inhazmat suits and it costs the city areyou ready forty million dollars to cleanup the area what yeah million I wouldhave done it for twenty these cityworkers can that do sanitation talkabout unsung heroes when I when we livedin LA we lived in Los Feliz and if youwent far enough down I think Franklinyou would get to some overpasses andsome encampments and stuff and I sawthem there when the police booted peoplethe sanitation guys have to come in withlike gloves and protective gear on and Imean all most of these homeless peopleare like drug addicts and there’sneedles everywhere there’s human fecesyeah I don’t know man I mean I hopethey’re paying those guys well yeah Iand it’s really bad but when you got togo into hazmat and then this greatexperiment for the City Council I meanis the same things gonna happen in inSeattlewhere are they going to the bathroomwhere where they dump their trash wheredo they wash themselves I mean it’s gotto be disgusting but this thing is is Isee I see it a bunch of theseMillennials in dreadlocks and man justyou know smoking weed and and doing allthis stuff and just chilling and notreally caring about why would you need abath in the first place yeah that’sanother that’s a good point Ken they’resome of the thought leaders I see quotedfrom that movement are like 19 years oldI don’t know if you can think back whenyou were 19 but my brain was like rottenlike my you know you’re literally youryour brain is not fully developed whenyou’re a male who’s 19 years old but yetthey’re leading this movement it’s likeit’s so incredibly stupid it’s like it’sreally hard like it’s really hard towatch the news and like my wife and Ihave like really our self limiting howmuch exposure we give ourselves to thenews cuz it’s like driving us nuts yeahI don’t even really watch the newsanymore I get I get news headlines youknow in email and that’s where I get alot of my news from but I can’t watchthis stuff because it’s so stupid youthink that that like Seattle they’veokay they’re over the top now man thisis ridiculous someone needs to go but nothey condone it that what really pissedme off was when this and the policeabandoned a police station and then thechief comes on and whines that becausethey closed a whole Police precede that911 calls have response time has spikedbecause they kid they don’t have thecoverage that they’re supposed to inthat area so you’d think at that pointwe go hey guys when you’re at 9/11 onecalls 911 generally denotes it’ssupposed to be an emergency and they’resaying yeah we can’t get out thereenough that’s enough that’s enough wegot to put police in there so but theregular folks are suffering 911 callsbecause they they they won’t open thispolice station because these people areblocking the police yeah the chief saidthe response times three times longerfor that part of the city it’s likeletting that station be shut down isakin to bending a knee yourbending your knee that’s why I’ve saidfrom the start and people think it’sterrible to say they’re just trying tolike relate with the protesters to stopviolence like it’s a psychological thingyou are agreeing with them they don’tlike you a lot of them hate you andyou’re agreeing that you’re wrong yourprofession in general is racist andyou’re bowing to them and this is whatfollows from that kind of psychologicalwarfare it’s like it’s really obvious ifyou’re not out of your mindbut that I don’t even I mean the farleft I don’t even know if there’sDemocratic Party left really the leftare they’re communists so they’retotalitarian and this is this iscompletely lost on all of our friendsout there that are that are liberalthey’re just kind of being towed alongand they’re starting to believe thisstuff and it’s really it’s reallydepressing Ken because it’s like this isthe whole thing what imagine imagineFloyd was a violent criminal had aviolent pastimagine if he wasn’t reformed imagine ifhe was a drug addict imagine if he washigh when he was being arrested imagineif he actually did resist a little nowI’m not saying this was justifiedbecause no one in the entire countrythat viewed this thing says this isjustified and we’ve said right on thispodcast totally unjustified horrible andreally hard to watch I mean reallyreally upsetting to watch but that beingsaid imagine all the things I just saidwere true imagine if this wasn’t racialimagine if they knew each other andthere was something else going on soimagine sorry all those facts rightimagine if those facts were brought tothe front of the news do you think ourcities would be on Martin would they beon fire if all those facts wereconsidered if you put your emotion asideprobably not but that’s not what themedia does and anybody who tries saywell we’ll do Fox News lies and they dothings they’re five percent ninety fivepercent of the media is towed along bythe left it’s just in Hollywood that’sjust though that’s just the way it is sobending a knee you’re confirming allthese inaccuraciesand you’re just basically giving upyou’re giving up and you’re bowing downand then your Police Department it’sburned to the ground yeah that’s rightand that’s what happens and nobody’sreally talking about it they it wasfunny the other day they asked thegovernor of Inslee governor Inslee ofWashington what does he think aboutSeattle and he says don’t know aboutthat he’s gonna check into it you knowand so he’s basically silent on theissue but I’m telling you this is thisis the kind of thing that drives me nutsbecause there are people that come inand do things that that make no senseand then the the leaders and the onlypeople that are that are even agreed towith it is the mayor of Seattle Ihaven’t really seen anybody else go butthe but their silence just means likethey’re turning a blind eye towards itand they’re not really gonna do anythingso that’s just that’s just stupid butbasically for for this podcast whatpisses me off is a police abandon apolice station yeah I don’t get thatand the chief says they want to asquickly as possible they want to getthat police station back so it hasn’thappened yet you know III just getaggravated over that but are you guysready for some good news there’s a therewas a couple of comments here that JeanaAmma bellow says we were idiots at 19yes I remember I don’t think I could runthe country at 19 you know but evensmaller and Anthony Medina is askingabout chokeholds but we’ll get to thatat some point and Kristine and JackVerdi are saying facts are racist ifthere’s no time for facts that’s truehere’s something cool that happenedwithin the last couple days Alfa Foxbusiness it says San Diego defiesdemands to defund police by expandingthe budget so San Diego City Councilalmost unanimously there was one guythat said Ana lime do that but the Ithink six to one or something like thatWow they raised their boytwenty-seven million dollars instead ofdefunding them we’re good yeah we’re notgonna be fun them cuz that’s stupidbecause if you defund the police and youcut their services back there’s this biggap in that there’s this big thing inthe middle of between you’re pouringmoney into the community to help youknow fix the issue and then at the endof it the police aren’t going to bethere but the middle part is there’scrimes that are still going to becommitted so we’re gonna give more moneyto the policewhich I guess pissed off a lot of peoplecuz they’re like 4,000 4400 people thatcall didn’t go hey I have an opinionabout you you’re funding the police andthey said yeah here’s my middle fingerto you and we’re just gonna keep givingwe’re not only gonna keep their budgetgive more money which really pisses yabecause they sir watching Seattle rightnow and I mean I know Orange County andthis is the this is the truth when I’min the field doing investigations and Ileave Los Angeles and I go into OrangeCounty all of a sudden the Sun is outthe palm trees look better all the grassis green everything irrigated I went toa one-stop oil change there for aninvestigation and there was a there’s a70 inch widescreen TV in the lobby it’sall tile there’s a oddity yeah yeahthere’s good coffee I’m like that’s aconservative County in SouthernCalifornia like the only stronghold somy question you can is is that rubbingoff on San Diego or have they alwaysbeen kind are they in the middle betweenLA in in Orange County what’s the dealwith them now San Diego is kind ofinteresting because for a time they werehemorrhaging police officers they couldnot keep police officers and I don’tknow if they’re in that same situationbut they were they were trying to cuttheir pensions and do all this kind ofstuff and they just didn’t we’re doing ahorrible job of taking care of thepolice so police we’re leaving and thisis a this is a big move and I don’t knowin the last few years if they’ve electedpeople that are more Pro police orpeople who just aren’t stupid you knowthat are trying to take votes in betweentaking tokes off their their weed youknow and and then voting on the CityCouncil I don’t know what’s going onthere but they don’t historically have agood relationship with the policedepartment as far asbacking them and all that kind of stuffso it’s hard to say but the fact thatthey moved they see the thing is is thatthey didn’t just keep the funding at itsregular level they boosted it yeah cuz Ibucks twenty seven million dollars theythat’s a that’s a big fu to all thesecities that are talking about abolishingthe police and defunding the police andthey are the second largest city inCalifornia yeah well they have somethingthey have some up-and-coming problemslike I was there a couple years agopretty nice got gas lamp district andall that I met a friend there and wentup for dinner then I went back morerecently and there was homeless peopleeverywhere it can I mean it was likelike I seen downtown LA at a hotelI mean downtown San Diego to a hotel andlike I had to walk to get back to my carI had to walk out into the middle of theroad to get around in the campement ofabout 40 people just sleeping in lanesof traffic I mean it the homelessnessthere exploded and I wonder if they’reseeing this and they’re going okay we’rewe’re headed towards like a skid rowtype of thing and we might want tobolster our defenses I think you knowthat could be part of it hey can Iinterrupt for just a second yes pleasecan you do like this picturehey you guys you see that gun I thinkthat gun on Steve you’ve been workingout bro boom milking goats babyKevin Cassidy says in Canada in the Cityof Saskatoon there’s people talkingabout defunding the police so you knowwhat America we’ve got influence allover the world man cuz Canada now wantsto defund the police and for no reasonfor what because they’re not the newslike we are so Canadathey’re just like yes let’s defund thecops yeah our buddy with that our buddythat we had on the show is is overseasand he said they’re pulling down statuesand like small villages in England andthey’re like what the hell are you doingstopI don’t have a clue these people manthey’re plenty but thumbs up to thumbsup to San Diego City Council for sayingscrew you to all these people that arewhining and thinking that defunding thepolice is gonna help the issue becauseyou know crime is just gonna spike ifthey continue to cut back on the copspileus so that’s in San Diego our nextstory you guys are gonna find this storystupid just as stupid as all get-out sothis is out of the New York Times so youknow the New York Times is legit likethe LA Times super legit no biaswhatsoever in the news in the New YorkTimes so they the the headline reads theprotests come for paw patrol and I Idon’t know too much about this because Idon’t have any grandkids yet butapparently there’s a cartoon called pawpatrol yes and you know they’re pullingstory they’re putting pulling policeshows live PD and cops it cancel it’sgood for us can because we’re you knowthe less the better we’re not going tobe nervouswe’re self-funded baby that’s true sothey’re so they’re pulling cop shows offbecause anything this is the dumbestthing to they’re pulling TV shows offbecause anything that shows cops in apositive in a positive way is bad andit’s racist yes and and so I read astory today that said they should theyshould have more realistic so the copsyou know that go in there and this isthe way that it was it was described inthe show in this one-hour segment whichyou can do a lot in an hour you can getin a shooting you can get in a footpursuit and you can arrest somebody andhave a trial all in an hourmmm-hmm week after week the same guysthe due process baby thing and sothey’re saying that the yes they’resaying that the the cop shows aren’trealistic because what they want them todo in these cop shows if you want tokeep the cop shows on theerr you have to kill young black men whoare unarmed you’ve got to show policebeating people police brutality andyou’ve got to show cops being arrestedand getting in trouble and you’ve got toshow cops what elsesnitching off their other partners forno reason so that’s real cop show if youwant to have it but now beyond that sohere’s this cartoon called paw patrol Iguess it’s a little it’s a bunch oflittle dogs or somethingand they’re they show the police dogsdoing good things I guess there’s a firedog and some other crap like that yeahI’ve never seen it but right now thecute little cute little dog and a localpolice outfit and he’s a sergeant dog soso then they think that this dog cartoonis bad because you know you need to pullit off the air because it shows policein a in a positive light the problem isthat it’s a freakin cartoon isn’t thedog brown gun he’s kind of tan darkbrown yeah yeah so something and Iunderstand that and then I think acamera when it was a week or two agoLooney Tunes decided that Elmer Fudd wasgonna have a gun and your semi sent yoursemi Sam’s got the two pistols right hethey’re not gonna have guns anymore andthat so here you have three you know youhave cartoon characters when the worldwould the world decides that they’reoffended by cartoons and we have aproblemit’s and that’s cartoons Steve okay soin order to pass in order to pass sometest what should these cartoons be doingwell I mean you suddenly Sam and ElmerFudd’s I’m pretty boring with other gunsI mean all their guns do is makepeople’s faces turn like powdered butyou know the funny thing is this thatthey in the in the in the LooneyTunes cartoons they said that they’regonna take away their guns but they’regonna leave like you know the TNT thingslike you’re talking about when they blowup so guns they don’t in the in thecartoons that early shoot people withthe guns but they blow up their faceswith the TNT but that’s okayTNT is gonna stay yeah yeah Ellis Ellisis on and she says Elmer needs his gunhe does though is Alice from Australiais that Alice is that I can’t rememberthe call I can’t remember Alice we thinkyou’re from Australia but we can’tremember sounds sounds more fun you’refrom Australia now so apparentlyanything that’s positive cops positiveshowing cops on TV live I don’t know itseems like they could have a new thingcalled reality TV where they show copsin action that’s if if you hear realityTV you heard it here first I said itthat actually things that really happenin Copland that would be amazing whenthey know cops the show cops you knowthey I know you’re saying but the copsshow cops films thousands and thousandsand thousands of hours of police work toa show and you don’t hear much outcryfrom all the footage Christine roof toosaid without his gun all Z has is a lispyeah I guess we have some some folksfrom Kent Alice’s from California allright and then we have some folks fromJohn if what is that flag that John’sshowing there Texas hello is itAustralia no Buffalo Bills I can’t tellif it’s Australia or not and said theu.s. flight I can’t remember I doesn’tso that’s what that’s that story butthis next story is that’s gonna thisnext story is gonna cause you guys someAustralia C coupe boom-boom I don’t haveflags even though I can’t see anything Isaid that’s nice John AJ yeahbut the but the the next story I thinkthe next story we’re gonna have adiscussion on the next story you guyslook at thisMilwaukee Wisconsin Luke Stephen is herefrom Milwaukee hey Ken well no walk Heyokay sorry so then this next story let’sget into some discussion on this nextone and I’m just gonna read the headlinethen we can talk about this becauseSteve and I have an opinion about thisnext story the headline NBC News NBCNews says NYPD lieutenantapologizes to colleagues for kneelingduring George Floyd protests and the subthe sub headline is the lieutenant toldhis colleagues he had trouble sleepingafter he made a horrible decision togive into a crowd of protesters demandsand kneeled alongside several otherofficers to lady you’re a pariah yeahyou know let’s you I have seen photos ofLAPD officers and others this is this isthis bugs me because the whole kneelingthing bothers me kneeling in uniform butthen I said these photos are sent to meI have a lot of secret secret squirrelsout there the send me stuff in text andin on Instagram and they’re sending mephotos of these officers that are thatare kneeling with their fists up andthere’s one photo I saw where twoofficers were we’re posing with a littlegirl a little a little kid and the kidst-shirt said what is it I can’t I can’tbreathe or something like that and notto not to take away from any of thetragedy that has occurred but you knowpolice officers my understanding when Iwas in the job you’re not supposed tomake political statements in uniformyeah and there’s a good point there’sanother story where it says the the thepicture I mean I’m sorry no storyanother photo was with this guy in hisbackto the camera and he’s kneeling andthere’s something on his back of hisshirt that is derogatory to to LAPD andthere’s three officers there with himthat are kneeling holding their fists upand I don’t know man I’m not good withthis this this this lieutenant from NYPDhe says the cop in me wants to kick myown ass and he’s just he’s just besidehimself that he was able to do that didyou see that you know are you gonna gowith the Webster thing yeah talk aboutWebster cuz that irritate me know it tono end you know I feel for these guyscan I really do and I understand whatthey’re going like how it happensWebster mass the Chief of Police there’sa small department the Chief of Policethere lie down flat with his handsbehind his back at black lives matterrally and the picture you see him lyingflat face down and behind him there’slike a black woman standing up behindhim and it it looks very much like he’slike just giving up like he’s justconceded you know what I mean like it’sjust like you’re right I’m wrong I’m adirt I’m sticking my face in the groundit’s terrible and the guys were pissednow I know a friend of mine his personalfriends with him so I have a connectionkinda to him and what the scene wasbasically was everybody in that littletown square was lying down every personand he’s the only one there that’s notso they’re kind of like come on chiefjoin us you know that type of thing andimagine being that guy you know you’reat it you’re in a town in Massell ittletown of Massachusetts that’s neverpolitically charged ever you’re neverdealing with this stuff ever and itcomes to your front door everybody intown is looking at you like come on manget with us be with us be part of thiscommunity and he lies down and someonebehind them stands up and they take thepicture and now you look like a completehorse’s ass and there’s guys that wantyou knowthere’s people that want to leave thedepartment now they’re like he’s ashamedhe’s humiliated tucker carlson talkedabout it I was cringing Morningwood hispicture I was like oh because I know fora fact this is a good guy he was on he’sum tactical guys the SWAT team he’s veryrighteous dude he’s a good cop as agreat track record his men respect himor did and now this so I feel for him soI totally get it I see that that helpedme see how this can happen and I can seewhat that New York officer is sayingwhere now that he looks back and sees inretrospect how we how he’s beingportrayed he wants to kick his own assbecause he was you know he tried toappease them and it doesn’t work theydon’t want to hear it yeah but thisWebster guy he I mean I got a problemwith people kneeling and and you guys inyour comments let me know what you thinkabout that Anthony Medinathere was no kneeling back in in 1992during the LA riots if somebodysuggested that LEP copperish kneel youknow for for Rodney King who would thatjust wouldn’t happen the leadership plusDaryl gates was the chief of police thatwould never happen that would neverhappen but so this guy in a Webster heit’s one thing where you’ve got thisthis these these these command staff allover the country they’re kneeling andthen the whole thing about it is they ifthey kneeled with these with theseprotesters then they go out and and theyshoot you know less than lethal roundsof them and tear gas and all this stuffso they kneel with them and go kumbayaman just like we’re brother theBrotherhood of protesting and then so Ithought that I they do the you know thekickoff and then LEP do 70 kicks theirasses so we’re not friends anymore butthat’s one thing to kneel but this guywent way over the top laying on hisstomach for eight minutes andwhat 8 minutes and 46 seconds orsomething with a with the black livesleader black lives matter leader holdingthe sinuses can’t breathe over him likethis and he looks like a total dick andyou you know what I’ve never I haven’theard anything out of this story at allthe the the news media hasn’t evenreported it no it doesn’t fit what theywant really so but I’d be interested howhe feels about it now cuz I mean it’sjust I feel Turkish do pitous look andthink ever broken William James longsays what about the sheriff that marchedwith the protesters near Flint Michiganthey’re also the can’t we all just getalong Jake Freddie can’t we all justgoes running King but the the FlintMichigan guy that the there was marchingalso in Chicago you know what it waslast year or the year before the Chiefof Police from Chicago he’s marchingduring this rally of about guns becauseall the murders in Chicago I meanthey’re getting slammed they’re gettingslammed back then so the chief of policegoes on the news and he’s marching armand arm with these people protesting thedeaths in Chicago when he’s the chief ofpolice in charge of preventing all thesedeaths in Chicago and he’s sitting thereprotesting all the deaths so these guysthat these guys that March and kneel andall that kind of stuff man do your jobthis is exactly why there’s policiesthat were you’re not supposed to bepolitical and you know if you’re notyou’re not you’re not and when you ifyou want to go on your own time and youwant to say oh you know I disagree withthis or that the other thing but to sitthere with your police badge in yourpolice uniform with these politicalsigns it doesn’t matter whether thewhole world can agree with you or notit’s not you’re not supposed to do stufflike that in uniform and here we are sothen so then nothing happens to them andthen the chief of police and hiscommanders they kneel lieutenantsince sergeant’s Neil and what messageand the majority of copies that I talkedto there look they’re like saying that’sBS I’m not going to do itthere was one lieutenant there was astory about one lieutenant that wastrying to order her subordinates tokneel with herthey’re like hell no yeah they weren’tgoing to do it and you know the amazingthing but I think it shows a lot thatthere’s a lot of more pushback than thenwe’re seeing is you’re seeing thesepictures of four four police officersaioli P DS got ten thousand people rightand you’ve got over and over you seenpictures of four officers two officersthere’s 10,000 officers why don’t yousee a whole squad you don’t see thatyeah they said they I’ve heard that tooit’s very much a photo op it’s a lot oftime suggested by a journalist therethey were they’re looking for the youknow they’re looking for the you knowwhen the girl put the the flower in thebarrel of the National Guardsman youknow they’re looking for that pictureyeah and it’s just it’s annoying it’sbeen overdone it’s like if someonealready got the shot let’s yeah I’m notgonna speak for you but I mean for me Ijust think it’s total BS when thesethese officers in uniform are kneelingduring protests mean you’re there toprotect everybody including theprotesters and the people that are notprotesting but the regular citizens thatyou know are affected by all this butyet you’re siding with the protestersand this is not the first night this isafter all this carnage and damage hasbeen done and you’re and so what you’redoing what does that say to the peoplewho are getting their asses kicked thebusiness owners all the people aregetting hurt what does that say to themyeah it doesn’t I mean it doesn’t theywant compliance that’s what the mobdemands you know that’s what they’reit’s and then it’s it becomes a thingwhere you you can’t not kneel and stillbe like supportive of black people’scivil rights like if you don’t do it nownow you’re racist that’s the mostconfusing thing that’s happening rightnow these these ultimatums that arecoming online like all over Facebook andsocial media is like white silence isviolenceput this black square up or else we’llknow you’re racist white people shouldspeak out but also shut up and alsodon’t you dare ask a black friend whatit’s like those are all messages I seerepeated over and over it’s like what’sthe harm in a white guy like me who haddoesn’t have the bad experience going tosomeone and going hey I feel for you Irespect you I know you’re you’re sayingthere’s a problem with the blackcommunity and the police explain it tome like what’s wrong with that dialogthat’s not allowedit’s cuz it’s totalitarian it’s just notit’s not it’s not a lab right now youcan’t have you’re not doing it you’renot doing it their way right you’re notso you’re not submitting like when weworked in LAPD I had great conversationswith black officers and they had reallygreat points and you know they said Imean I was just no podcast the other daythat had really this guy Dave Smith he’sa libertarian comedian out of New Yorknot a big fan of police he’s like verylibertarians are very big into in nothaving a state just private propertythey are big into the Second Amendmentcuz there’ll be no state to protect youbut anyways his point was he’s verylogical and his point was you know blackpeople were enslaved for like over 200years generations and then they wereemancipated they were they were theywere given their freedom rightfullyrighteously and they were they went intothe south into communities where thesesouthern people they didn’t choose torelease them we forced NorthernAggressionthey call it in the South forced them torelease them so now they’re released into these communities where people havebeen learning and taught that they’reless than people they were ton than theydidn’t even bleed red they you know theythey were not human they were subhumanso yes there’s gonna be problems echoingthrough generations of adjustment andall that and it’s and there was terribletimes in this country the country was somuch worse the racism was so palatableand awful not that long ago but it’scome a reallyreallylong way and there if there is stillproblems and there’s black people Irespect that are saying like oh there isstill some issues like I had blackcoppers tell me like you know it’sbecome the cycle that they’re in andit’s like you know black communitieshave more crime they just do the tirecrime so there’s more police there’smore police interaction right so thenthere’s also you’re gonna theprobability of a black male beingshooken down who’s completely innocentis higher so there so you’re gonna havethe police they’re more more interactionbut then also these innocent black guysbeing hassled that’s gonna harbor somebad stuff but so there’s all this it’sit’s so much this week is having methinking so much about race Ken like Ithink about it all the time and it’s somuch more nuanced and complicated thenthis whole thing is saying where it’slike there’s there’s no one comingforward with any kind of solutionthere’s no there’s no like thoughtleader involved here that’s like sayinglike let’s look at the root of theseproblems the police are the end-resultinteractions with the police or the endresult of of a community that’s introuble you know what I mean and weshould be helping and fostering a betterrelationship with and I don’t know whatthe answer is I really don’t know whatit is but I don’t like being lied to bythe media I don’t like being manipulatedand I don’t like movements that arebased on on on things that aren’t gonnahelp a people out and that’s what blacklives matter the organization is notdoes not have tents that are help thatare good for black peopleit just doesn’t you can go on theirwebsite and see it it’s not it’s apolitical movement now it’s not good soI don’t know what I’m not smart enoughto know how to fix these problems but Ido know I was so interested in it when Iwas at LAPD I talked with black officersa few different times and there is a lotof interaction with LAPDin in black communities like they reallyreally outreach I mean you know that youwere there that they have weeklymeetings with and they have blackofficers assigned there and there’sblack officers assigned to recruitmentto help black candidates like it’s it’svery progressive it’s very into tryingto help thecommunity that’s what makes it even moreof a slap in the face when you see thedisrespect in LA where it’s like youhave a police department that’s thatbases itself on its population so it’smajority Latino then white and black Ithink than Asian right they kind ofmodel themselves after the thepopulation in the community you’re rightI don’t know if that’s legal whatthey’re doing when it comes to uh youknow hiring yeah yeah it’s that kosherbut that’s what they do and they’rereally trying and they’re thecommunities they’re really tryingthe answer is super complex anddifficult it’s and it’s thesimplification of racism that we’reseeing and we’re being fed is false andit’s it’s making people burn cities it’sdriving me nuts it’s it’s it’s out ofcontrol but I mean Luke’s know againit’s time to let your mustache step uphave a voice Luke says what is Ken’smustache thinking stop holding it backmy mustache is much more conservativethan I so I don’t let speak a lot oftimes but it’s much more conservativeWilliam James long we’re gonna get toyour question in a minute because itgoes into the next story he’s asking howdo you guys feel about policefacilitating the the protesters likeblocking streets and marches and thingslike that rule we’ll talk about that inthe next storyyou guys notice my mustache it’s alittle longer yeah it’s kind of myHarley my hardly mustache for somereason you know what it’s not that youguys I don’t purposely let my mustachedo thisit’s just I’m too lazy to trim it it’s Itell psi this is just my mustache it’smy almost – but that I get what you’retalking aboutthis whole this whole issue with the theinnerbetween police and all that and LAPD isit’s like LAPD has bent over backwardsthey over backward a lot of programsthey do and there’s there’s nothing morethey can do I mean what what do you wantfrom them they’re not social workersthey’re not there to make sure your kidgets to school and learn they doeverything they can I don’t know whatelse le Pique and LAPD can do but itdoesn’t matter because they people justkeep getting pissed off of them youcannot kill you cannot kill people andnot get in trouble no matter what haveyou can have a guy with a full-on 50 Calon the street and kill ten officers andthen you kill him and people gomurderers yeah another up can we headback because we work with guys thatkilled five and six people yeah now youget to number two and they’re like takeit easy don’t be defending your own lifeout there this is too much you need toshoot him in the leg you need to go anddispatch or something so I don’t knowthere’s nothing more they could do butanyways this next story if you guys ifwe haven’t pissed you off are alreadywe’re gonna piss you off this time Idon’t know anybody in fact I know zeropeople that actually read Huff Post doyou guys read Huff Post because it’s astupid I want to thank terrible reg Ithink I posted this story on Instagramand someone goes is this satire yeahbecause people I’ve seen people postbabble um be on Facebook and then it’s atotally stupid the headlines are juststupid when you read the story I’m dyinglaughs and it Babolat be the way theywrite stuff so people on Facebook goesah I can’t believe this the the whoeverdid this I want to go oh they actuallyhave that lumpy has an article can aboutall the times they were taken serious sothe Indians like that too but so so youguys know Huff Post is for real HuffPost is a real publication I don’t evenknow out of what hell they came from butthey come up with thisthings and and if you don’t read healthpost if you’ve never seen their articlesI’m gonna read a headline to you andyou’re gonna you know there’s gonna beseveral people in the podcast right nowthey’re gonna be smashing their own headagainst the wall cuz this is about thisso let me let me let me kind of framethis story a little bit so when theriots started happy well before theywere the riots there were peacefulprotests here these are my air quotesright there air quotes peaceful processstarted happening LAPD was mobilized 12hour shifts a and B watched 6:00 a.m.6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:00 a.m. 24-hoursfor 12 days so the LAPD goes out therethey get bricks and rocks and bottles ayear and tossed at them and they get hitwith stuff and beat up and all thesetypes of things and they’re trying to berestrained and they get there they’regetting because they’re being held backfrom actually defending themselves sothey’re trying their best in this giventhe circumstances in the age of coronavirus so then after all this is over onthe 9th what are we on the 13th today sothe 9th yesHuff Huff Post comes out with thisheadline you guys listen to thislisten to this headline I’m gonna do itmy my professional voice many policearen’t wearing masks posing yes anotherrisk to protesters in a pandemic andthen the headline even gets betterofficers in major cities face no penaltyfor going unmasked and that’s sending atoxic message oh my gosh so you’ve gotthousands of people out of here marchingthe streets the cops are out there andthey’re not wearing masks becausethere’s no law that says you have towear a mask and then HuffPost comes outof here and acts like if all thesepeople get-get coronavirus it’s the copsfault for not wearing masks what thehell isthat such a stretch so ridiculous itsays not only that if everybody getscoronavirus it’s the cops fault but notonly that is they don’t have any penaltyfor not wearing masks and not only thatwhat toxic message Steve you’re acollege graduatewhat toxic message are the cups sendingwell I’m picking up a lot of toxicmasculinity oh that it all they’reintimidating uniforms yeah I don’t knowKen that that’s I mean that’s like thereare public health officials who are justflip flopping on the coronavirus wherethey like did you see that when I put onFacebook where they’re like experts havedecided epidemiologist and all thesepeople that by the way we shouldn’t youknow they’re they’re science geeksthey’re not like our leaders they’re notelected but they’re somehow controllingour lives now they’re saying because thecoronavirus is is racist and goes afterblacks and yeah overwhelmingly theprotests are justified it I mean thearticle was almost that ridiculous whenyou read it it’s like what like thisdoesn’t this doesn’t like my wife losther aunt like two weeks ago fifty yearsa nun sweet one of the sweetest womenI’ve ever metbeautiful soul could not go to herfuneral we had to attend the funeral byFaceTime thankfully one of her cousinswas there and he could do it and theydidn’t want more than ten people thereso and it you know tore up the wholefamily that they couldn’t be there forthis and now all those strict guidelinesthat US rule followers were doing areout the window they’re just it justdoesn’t matterforget about it new rules yeah doesn’tmatter and I think that I don’t see howthe cops are responsible for everybody’swoes but come on the the the pandemicthe corona virus was here I’m prettysure before all these riots werehappening but if they if there isanother outbreak it’s the police faultyeah butI don’t know how that works yeah butHuffPost for the win HuffPost for thewin guys always nailing with Journaljournalistic excellence I don’t know whythey haven’t won a Pulitzer Prize orsomething already for their amazingstuff but the thing is that there’speople I’m if you go on the commentssections of these posts from HuffPostand people are all like all over itthey’re just there are little sheeplesthat that agree with all this stuffanything to go along with the narrativeyes right yesLuke Stephens asking to be guys seen theDave Chappelle segment and all thisstuff our thoughts and I saw a segmenton it but he was there any part Ithought it was a little clip he wasbegging on somebodyOh Candice Owens I think he bagged onDon Lemon too but he Dave Chappelle’sone of my all-time favorite call he’sfunny he’s a lot of she’s all-timefavorite comics he is hilarious Iguarantee you this specials probably itdoesn’t matter who he’s making fun ofit’s hilarious no he’s like he’s likeRicky Gervais he does there’s no hetakes no hostages whatsoever he’s justwhoever is the target and then Candiceowns came out she goes he is thefunniest guy ever what he was sayingabout it and he was just laughing alongwith him but if you take if he take itseriously like he’s really you know nowyou pissed me off you’re not my friendanymorebut she left right along with him I loveCandice so enchanting she’s she’sawesome yeah she’s cool I like her it’sfunny because she’s a very conservativewoman black woman and you know she canlaugh along with that not get herfeelings hurt do you think yeah do youthink someone on the other side could noshe’s pretty lawsuit so William wasasking about how do we feel about howthe police let me see what was thequestion like how do you feel aboutpolice facilitating the protesters likeblocking streets for marches stuff likethatI think I’m understanding this questionbut it gave me a thought I was thinkingabout this recently if the police wereallowed to do their job like I thinkprotests are fine but I’m not sure itused to be long time ago because if youif you look at all the protests againstTrump they’re marching through thestreets they have a point a March MarchMarchlittle pink hats much-much March Marchgo to an end spot rally pointspeeches celebrities Saints saying poemsabout Donald Trump blah blah so theyhave an a they have a staging area theMarch Abbey area they do there they’recrying and while I need and then they gohome the whining area yeah yeah whiningarea and you don’t have and of coursethere’s still all the broken windowsbecause these people are agitators andthey like to do that so but basicallyit’s not anything like this there’s norioting and things like that becausethat to me that’s what a that’s what aprotest march is but where you just gothere’s countless pictures of theprotesters they’re quote quoteprotesters going out and you see photosof them facing off with the cops I don’thow does that how does that translateinto a protest because we’re going therespecifically to face off with the policethat’s a protest and then when they gettheir asses kicked then the cops are atfault because they went out theredirectly to challenge the cops andWilliam to answer your question if thecops were actually cut loose this littlethin this little thin thread of thinblue line against these hundreds ofprotesters those protesters would bedispatched in short order if the copswere allowed to enforce the laws andthis whole but as it is they aren’t andso my opinion is the cops that thisthing where they go okay this is anunlawful assembly you have to leave okaythis is an unlawful assembly more thanthe last unlawful assembly you mustleave you guys just please leave pleasecome on come on leave and then they dothis thing and then we get into thisdisobedience thing when they don’t haveto follow the law but the cops have tofollow the lawthe cops have to follow law and I justthink that once you get to the pointwhere it becomes it changes from alawful protest into an unlawful assemblythey’ve broken the law and you know youdon’t get to do that and then the policeneed to clear the area out and starttaking people to jail simply for beingthere because there has to be if you ifyou want to break the law there has tobe consequences for it and if theprotesters want to get violent if youwant to get violent with armed trainedpolice officers knock yourself upbecause if they ever let the policeloose they’re not going to go there andviolate people’s rights and just startthumping people in the head they’regonna move them out so my opinion is letthem let them go to enforce the law yeahif they’re gonna I mean like you’resaying our Constitution says peaceablyprotest if that’s the case please staythere to keep the peace like you’resaying they can put barricades up theycan you know hey the protesters say wehave a plan we wanted to do X Y & Z likeyou said we’re gonna go to a to Bthey’re gonna do this here okay we’llkeep you safe no problem but the secondpeople start turning and startinitiating violence yeah the police Imean we we all live in the society we’vesigned on to leaders and rules andgovernment I mean if you don’t if youdon’t want to help place and you don’twant to have some kind of order then youcan just get a horse and move to themountains you know like this like in themovie dirty work that’s like don’t bepart of this society then just go goelsewhere but you’re kind of you’reyou’re kind of signing a contract ifyou’re living in a community you’reagreeing to abide by the rules andyou’re not gonna you know be disturbingthe peace you’re not gonna be attackingpolice officers so I’m with you as soonhelp them out all they want it’s theirright to protest be peaceful about itthat’s fine as soon as it turns badit’s got to be nipped in the bud becauseif it isn’t then we see whatis watching it right now we’re watchingcity blocks taken over by dum-dums andyeah and the cops are the cops don’t goto protests to go kick people’s assesthey’re not there to go kick protestersasses that’s not why they go therethey’re there to keep the peace and tokeep innocent people from getting hurtand who’s getting hurt the cops becausethey’re being held back hey Steve wehave a new watcher Jenny Roybal iswatching with usthe Jenny Roy Roy ball can you guys canhear January ball shout out to her she’sone of my favorite did you yeah clean upa little bit yeah say hey to Jenny mancuz she’s one of my favorite she’s myfavorite people Jennyoh I’m with you Bobby Watts these peopleneed to go back to their parentsbasements as a Sarah Michelle GellarKevin Cassie says what the hell is upwith people bringing their toddlers thatis shocking did you see the one of thetoddler flipping off the cop no heyChris Chris J’s back Chris ChristianVince is back with ushow did Jen a so on this slap this laststory this is what we’re gonna finish upwith this story hey Steve once we finishup with his story can we take somequestions if people have them sure okayso you guys get your questions readybecause we’re gonna we’re gonna finishup this story then we’re gonna take somequestions from you and get Steve’sopinion on everything very important sothe last story is no surprise to anybodyit comes out of Daily Mail I thinkthat’s in isn’t that in England DailyMail I’m not sure net I see a UK in mymind when I hear that yeah when I thinkof that so anyways here’s this thisstory says Minneapolis City Councilunanimously votes to abolish its policedepartment and we’ve placed it now thisis the thing there they’re abolishingthink about no police and they’rereplacing it with community lead PublicSafety systemWow and that the sub-headline also iswell new york city leaders push plan tocutone billion dollars from the NYPD budgetOh billion a billion well they have Ican do man I can’t remember how manybillions of dollars there there in thebillionsso anyways okay so here we have it thisis the story that the City Council hasdecided no more police no more policeand they’re gonna replace it with thecommunity lead Public Safety systemwhich I don’t know what that is Stevetell me the most annoying thing aboutthis can is when you see the meansonline and they’re like no dummyit’s not defund the police and thenthere’s a meme of like all the thingsit’s gonna do that’s not defunding thepolice it’s like oh excuse meI thought when you said defund thepolice you meant take all the money awayfrom the police it’s like right get itout of here with your back peddling nowget the helices nobody’s really on boardwith that like I’ve seen some memes fromlefties that are like no no no payattention conservatives it’s not to fundthe police it’s like you know basicallythat it sums up like you know justremove responsibilities that policearen’t equipped or trained for from themand allow them to concentrate onminimizing crime and criminal complaintsit’s like yeah that doesn’t sound socrazy like that that experiment soundsgood I think most cops would be likeyeah that’s we mostly complain about theBS calls we go on and if you want to goto barking dogs noise complaints parkingissues take stolen car reports you knowif you want to if you want to do withall these investigations having to dowith past crimes that there’s nothingactive going on and just let us hang andtake care of the real crimes I don’tknow I don’t know if that’s such a badexperiment but that’s only some peopleare saying that most people are justsaying like I think when BLM says thatthey mean defund the police like yeahthey’re looking for no state there whichis weird they want it’s like like alibertarian agenda they want no policewhichis crazy to think about you know do youjust go to go there to just ban thepolice department and then just replaceit with social workers who respond likethey’re gonna need to be armed like I Idon’t I my personal opinion can this isvery much driven by the election and Ithink if anything happens they mightchange some services to be civilian theywon’t get rid of their Police Departmentif they do it will just be anotherPolice Department and I think once theelection is over I think all this defundthe police stuff is out the windowthat’s that’s what I think good it’sgonna happen something’s gonna happenhave to happen but Minneapolis therethey’re just doing away with theirPolice Department and this whole thingwe you know keep hearing about socialworkers going out to all these calls andthings like that and you know you youcan send these social workers or mentalhealth professionals out to these callsbut a lot of times these mentally illpeople are the what the ones who do themass shootings and all that those arementally ill people they’re not in theright mind school shootings just anykind of mass shooting people that arethat are in their homes and they go andthey killed those you know those twoofficers that were killed last yearthere in Hawaii that guy was whack yeahso whether they’re gonna send well youknow the thing is is you’re gonna sendthe sheep to the slaughter and and youknow they’re it’s like it’s like yousend this social worker out and they getthere they get their head blown off andthey go okaysend in the cops it’s like the canary inthe mine yeah is that how that workswhere how many social workers are gonnahave to be off before before they go youknow what bad idea we should have keptthe cops and then domestic violencecalls those are violent because they’redomestic violence yeah so what happens Idon’t think people none of this is realto anybody until it happens it’s kind oflike before you’re a cop and then whenyou are a cop and you go to these callsand you’re like holy crap it’s just likereal this is insane the stuff I’m seeingit reminds me of a call that me and mybuddy went to back when I was working tothe PD and we gotta get a cult 9-1-1call from a halfway house in town sirit’s a halfway house of people onantipsychotic medicine so they’re likenot in prison but they’re like you knowtrying to get him reassimilated to thepublic and it’s a social worker he’s ina closet he goes listen this guy’sinsane he’s hugehe said he’s gonna kill me he saidanybody who responds to help me he willkill them especially the police I’mterrified I’m locked in the bathroom andI ain’t coming out so when you get hereI’m in the first-floor bathroom come getme and let get me out of here and youknow his room is upstairs sure enough weget their kids locked in the bathroomhe’s terrified terrified from what thiskid this of this patient did to him andwe end up mucking we wrestle him we gethim we get him cinched up and he goesaway to the robber room at the hospitalwhatever but that social worker reallythought he was equipped really that hetold me he goes I guess working here I’msupposed to sleep over he goes I thoughtI could handle this he goes I can’tthese people are unpredictable theyscare meI don’t trust them I can’t sleep like soI’m just like I’m just sleep-deprivedall the time because I’m afraid of whatthey’re gonna do to me we had a ladythere would that would eat batteries allthe time because she thought it wouldhelp her energy whatever but they’re notit’s not gonna hit home for them untilthey deal with these people can untilsomeone with like superhuman strengthgrabs you by the throat or wrestles youor throws up on your spits blood in yourface or something insane and they’regonna gono this isn’t this is not why I got mysociology degree you know this isn’twhat I want to do well what happens whenyou go to a call it can be mentalillness it can be domestic violence andthere’s a crime now they’re gonna haveto you know call the copsthere are no copswell I think I mean they’re gonna haveto have an enforcement armed dispatchedbranch something I don’t know I thinkit’s a great experimentpeople are gonna fleas in the Apple it’sa great thing to do in Minneapolis youshould try it yeah Uncas way far awayfrom me but I think it’s gonna be areally bad experiment because I don’tthink I don’t think you can take thepolice department away and then crimejust stops yeah it’s really it’s it’sreally sick the way it’s there’s theseidealistic mentalities of like thisutopia like there that’s not gonnahappenit’s like communism will never workbecause of that and a totally peacefulpublic well man is following we’re notwe’re no good like that’s the wholepoint like you’re not gonna fix itthe best you can do is put your fingerin the dam and try to control the chaosthat’s it I mean this this this ideologythat they’re just gonna be this thatwe’re all gonna be you know like singingKumbaya and hugging and you know smokingpot together and everything’s cool we’lljust never happen it’s not good and Ifeel bad for the people that citybecause they’re the ones they’re gonnasuffer from this experiment in thisliberal oh yeah and I’m buying this guyI think that they should put their crackpipes down and do some governing that’sgonna help the people but the people whothey’re the people who they’resupposedly virtuous signaling over aregonna be suffering the most from thisstupid decision yeah it’s scary and Ithink um kind of like what you’re sayingI think a lot of them probably areterrified of this happening yeahrightfully so hey before we finish upthe new stories does anybody do you guysdrink I I normally don’t drink thisbecause the sugar but it’s coveringapple green apple Gatorade fierce I justis so good the green apple is so good Iprobably won’t have one of those foranother six months but I like it so muchhey listen we’re gonna want to getthrough the questions yeah let’s do itsee you guys ask the ask the questionsthat you wantof Steve and I and but first off LukeStephen has a college question for youOh for a college boyyeah a college boy question we can haveis this one have either of you guys readthe Gulag Archipelago Gulag ArchipelagoI can really really but I need glassescan much of what we’re seeing now mediaseems eerily reminiscent of what lead upto during the Soviet Union actually it’sfunny you say that Luke I was listeningto a podcast I was a snow podcast andthey actually were talking about thatthe red decade I think they call it andthe guy on the podcast was referencinglike the exact same thing was happeninglike the exact same thought movement theexact same actions taken by theCommunist Party is happening right nowand frankly Luke it was depressing andterrifying yeah the you know I it’sfunny because the Gulag Archipelago i’vei feel like i’ve heard about that inschool but I can’t remember what classicwould have been but good question KevinCassidy he’s like a brain a smartypantsvery smartypants asking to say whatwords we don’t know those Luke I’m sorryLuke is a smartypants he’s a brain Lukeyour brain not that Kevin is not a brainKevin you are a brain toooh you’re all beautiful you’re all yesyeah guys we’re not getting anyquestions here so I suppose if we don’thave any questions if you guys havequestions let us knowhey is Christine still here Christineare you still here Ruth I haven’t heardin a whileI think we’ve missed all the questionscan they streamed by as we were flappingthey streamed by no questions well Imean that’s all the stories I got thenman what can I tell you all rightbrother well I’m gonna I’m going to putour you know let’s just do a let’s justdo a plug for Dan Jurkowitz bump itMonica wait thank you good man thank youthank you Luke appreciate you and allyou guys Alice says defend police equalsno tourism and all that kind of stuff soyeah you guys are very welcome we likedoing these live sessions and I thinkwe’re gonna go ahead Kevin Kevin’sasking a question of you I’m sure it’sfor youcan you read it cuz I can do what’s yourmother’s care routine okay ken startedhe starts at 5:00 a.m. ends at a lot ofpreening involved there’s a lot ofmeasuring in oils and mints you don’tget that you don’t get that kind ofgrowth without artificial thingshappening alright yeah I mean things onroids I don’t think there’s a mustachefertilizer or anything I the next timeyou guys see me I will have it trimmedbecause my wife gets my wife kind ofgets on me about when the mustache goesdown my neck ken is that a great thoughtnext time you eat a taco take a bitelook at Jenny and say mustachefertilizer was funny this afternoon wewent to this this police appreciationthing at a general store and they’reselling these these hotdogs big sausagesin like that I had one that put mustardon it and all this kind of stuff but wasone of those ones of it you know the bunwas this big and all that I like thatwith it and so I took a bite and then myfriend she is you have you have much toyou have a mustard on your mustache andmy mustache it’s it’s big enough Ididn’t even know there was anythingthere I didn’t feel anything I couldeven if I went there’s a girl there’s aleg of lamb hanging there once yourmustache gives just certain size youcan’t tell when there’s stuff on it butI was mindful after that I’m gonna go togo on to the next thing we’re gonna plugDanny Jurkowitz Dan Jurkowitz awebmaster thank you sir he keeps usgoing he’s I redesigned things policesay police things police youshould go there for all your thingsplease see merch and you can donate andyou can listen to the show and you canapply to be a guest there he designedthat he also redesigned policebackground net for Ken yeahand it looks awesome the guy’s supertalented he’s a police officer himselfhe prides himself in helping othersother le OHS so if you want to get ahold of him I believe it’s Dan at and he will hook you upgreat guy and super lucky to have himand he was also he was also a guest onthe show so I go see Dan at bump and he’ll he’ll hook youup with your side hustle and ken nope Iknow you said your desk is kind ofoverflowing lately but police backgroundnet if you need a background expertthat’s testified in courtken sir ma’am that’s me give me a hollercandidate police background dotnet ifyou need your background reviewed to seeyou get you all ready to get hired byany police department I’ll be your guynationwide babyall right nationwide Kenneth you’re goodI’m gonna run the intro go for ityou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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