TPS Cops In The News: CHOP, BLM Values, The Commies – Week of 06/15/2020 – Thingspolicesee

TPS Cops In The News: CHOP, BLM Values, The Commies – Week of 06/15/2020

In this episode Steve and Ken discuss the craziness that continues in our country as we are steered closer and closer to becoming a bunch of commies! Thank you all for the continued support.  Every little bit helps and we SO appreciate it!

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Justice and they go to push and the guyfalls over hell out of here oh my goshand of course you know because of thenature because of the where we’re atright now as far as police go you got tofire them you got to file charges onthem and blah blah blah and it’s justthe stupidest thing which actually justa big shout out would be give big shoutout to AOC to AOC for her intelligencethe funny thing is that she says craplike this about police and nobody saysanything about itI mean you can you can you can you cangoogle AOC tanks and all that and theclip the clips have come up and the newstories will come up but unless it’s aconservative website they’re not gonnathey’re not gonna criticize her at allabout it and because it’s because it’sher and she has such a big social mediafollowing and everything that people Iactually believe that police departmentshave full-on military tanks and shehasn’t come back because she said thisson on Good Morning America and then shetweeted it as well she says she hasn’tclarified it at all so she’s leaving itlike it is and that’s unfortunatelythat’s who is gonna be puppeteeringBiden if he wins like people thinkthat’s not gonna happenthose are the people that are aredriving their party that mmm at the wayshe thinks you thought it was badwith you know a lot of us didn’t seen atthe time but with McCain and Bush likecome to find out you know they theypretty much McCain had a lot of hands init lied us into that going overseasthere was no mice weapons of massdestruction that that whole thing was afarce it’s gonna be way worse if someonesticks their hand up Biden’s buttonstarts puppeteering him it’s gonna beway worse because these people arecommunists and they’re already winningthe culture war it’s already happeningthey’re gonna have to do that they’regonna have to do that anyways becausehe’s yeah he’s like an older version ofaoc yeah yeah it’s so funny can I saw Isaw an old clip on the news from likethe 80s and he was in New Hampshire andhe was telling all these lies he waslike I have three law degrees I did inthe top of my top five in my class orall this stuff and then they show a newsanchor lady later in the 80s and it’slike you know it’s all square and likepixelated he’s like oh yeah but umsenator Biden you you graduated 76th outof 85 and you only have one law degreeand he’s like well I misremembered thekeep in mind he’s 40 at this point he’smisremembering piece of garbageAlicia is on from Minneapolis how’s itgoing out there going out there manthumbs down for Minneapolis but yeah Ifeel for you I feel for you I don’t knowwhat the what the citizens are sayingout there with the police departmentbeing disbanded and all that and youguys are kind of you know not gonna havea police department I guess but I don’tyou know let us know what your plans aregonna be if you’re gonna hang out thereyou’re gonna wait it out you can seewhat the City Council comes up withbecause I’m really curious what thefolks out there gonna do without apolice department or what the game planis that’s what I feel bad about ken isum and I post on the page too yesterdaythat there is a meme going around policedepartments nationally right now for afor a national like July 4th mmm walkout of police yeah I heard about thatwhich that’s that frightens me and itfrightens me no why cause like itusually wouldn’t but I mentioned it tomy wife and my wife had genuine fear inher eyes for that event she was lookingat the meme with me that I got fromsomeone at a large Department to tell meit was being passed around and thatscares people like that’s not likepeople like my wife who were you knowlike not really connected to this worldare not really caring too much aboutpolice culture and politics and stufflike that mm-hmmthe normal person that’s very scary likein it and it didn’t bother me until Isaw how upset my wife was she was likeSteve that’s really really awful likeyeah cuz I’m thinking like well that’dbe something to watch my wife be soafraid I’m like yeah probably theaverage person who’s not payingattention or keeping up with all thiscrap there’ll be some whore there couldbe some horrible victims that are aproduct of that and and at the same timeI’m not blaming the the movement forthat I hope maybe they can leverage itinto getting some security for theirjobs in the way they operate but if itwas ever to really come down to thatthat’s that’s scary to me well it’s it’swhat people don’t understand is thatthese the people that were hearing fromare the art of a minority of loud mouthsbut you I mean I don’t see a lot of newsstories about just Joe on the street theguy that has – maybe it lives in aneighborhood where they might have tocall 9-1-1but it could take an hour for theofficers to respond like that I don’tsee any anybody there I don’t see theminterviewing those people like like isis is Alicia being interviewed isanybody going in and asking these folkswhat you you know the City Council theyjust did this need your thing andthey’re saying that they have years ofthis problems with the police departmentbut thatthat’s things that should have beenfixed yeah and they weren’t fixed sowhat they’re gonna do is they’re gonnahave this knee-jerk reaction wherethere’s gonna cancel the policedepartment what did you did you um didyou put a ballot measure out and askwhat the citizens think of it who areaffected by it no they just votedthey’re gonna get rid of the policedepartment I know talk about being likenot taking the temperature of yourconstituents you know I mean it’s likewhat are you doing you’re elected to notreact like that you’re elected to takecare of the people em perd that thatthat voted you into office and I thinkthat now Alicia this is this isinteresting she says has fallen apart itwould be a disaster if they actually diddisband as we’ve had more shootings inthe past few weeks than in the past fewmonths I think I’m sorry Alicia thatsucks but you know if you think about itthough Steve and I were talking aboutthis this last week Alicia about the thepolice the part of the City Councildeciding to cast so the policedepartment and man I’m telling you theythey tip their hand way too quickbecause what’s gonna happen if you’re apolice officer and your paycheck isgoing to be gone because they’re goingto cancel the department that you workfor those guys are gonna split they’regonna I’m positive almost every policeofficer there should have an applicationor several applications in two otheragencies oh then what guarantee you youknow it’s like it’s like why would youstay yeah you’re not gonna have todisband that Police Department becauseno see you later and and I just think Iwould be the first one I got to pay forI got bills I got family to take care ofI can’t just all of a sudden wait untilthe very end and that was said okay thisis a date and I wait until that datewhen they decide no the City Councilalready said we’re getting rid of youI’d have my applications and all overthe place you know are you familiar withMike the cop Ken yeah yeah I saw rightbefore we came on he postedwith a beer and he said you know here’sto me handing my Gearin I’m done he’slike yeah he said I’m no longer going toreport to a job where politicianscontrol my life like the fate of my lifeI could die by their hands and he saidhe’s no longer than you do it to hisfamily and luckily for him he’s got aplatform he’s got a couple millionfollowers so he’ll be fine but that waspretty shocking to me because being acop is a pretty big part of Mike the copyeah he’s like the cop right I was likeholy cow and I noticed recently that umhis posts recently have been have gottenmore and more heated in a pro-police wayin an anti whatever movement is going onwhether it be in TifaBLM the rioters whatever kind of out ofcharacteristic for him because he seemspretty pissed off and if he’s gettingthere he’s a pretty measured guy thenlike you’re saying I think that I don’tthink it’s being reported on and I thinkit could be a very jarring thing for usas citizens if if there is this thismass exodus of police that could bedevastating and that you know it’s gonnabe it’s gonna be a mess yeah because theway the way police departments populatethe positions is you either get lateralsfrom other agencies so or you hire newrecruits if you get a lateral fromanother agency it takes they sent themto maybe a two-week academy to kind oflook this is what our sees about maybethese are the codes we use yesand that can you can do that you can dothe hiring a background within a fewmonths and get them out in the fieldpretty quickly with a new recruit ittakes a long time to hire someone getthem through the Academy before they canactually go on their year probation alot of money tooyeah a lot of money and so and so whathappens if you’re a department thatsucks like I’m not saying that it likeAtlanta the the politicians make it aterrible work environment to be inAtlanta plus it’s really humid yeah andit’s humid and and they said hey peopleare just leaving Atlanta and we’re gonnarecruit and we need people who’s gonnago who in their right mind would want towork there so let’s talk about Atlanta Ithink the first thing I want to hit onin Atlanta is you have secret squirrelinformation that you get fed to youabout this blue flu that happened firstoff we’re gonna we’ll get into the intothe the taser shooting and all that thatcharges and the DEA and and he’s a he’san idiotbut because of the because of the DEAwas filing on these cops in Atlantathere was a there was a big blue flu andyou’ve got the secret scoop on that TMZsee I was actually really really excitedto have this person reach out first Ididn’t know what to do with it and thenI was like oh obviously the personreaching I was in Atlanta metro officerso they work directly right adjacent tothe city they’re involved in policingthe city not specifically Atlanta PD buthave all the inroads to it and have allthe connections of people who areworking there and he basically just saidlike hey I would like to you knowseeing’s how no one’s reporting on thisand if they’re trying to ignore and Iwould like to give you some informationto put out please leave me anonymous butum I’d be more than happy to give youupdates that are real and fact-checked Isaid hell yeah please do you know that’spower to the people get some informationout there and let people know the truthyou know and he started reporting and itwas kind of unbelievablehow how many officers got the blue fluand how the medium wasreally ignoring me I mean this is isthis not a big story a major city likeAtlanta not had a police show up I meanlike one or two officers per sectorwhere there should be 20 policecaptain’s shagging calls haven’t been onthe road in 23 years Kentthrowing on the best and going to calllike that guy knows what the hell he’sdoing and then the only people that thatare required to help them are the StatePatrol because you know most StatePolice have it in their in their missionthat they’re to foster and aidcommunities when requested so they don’tthey don’t have a choice they they kindof have to go report for duty in Atlantabut yeah it’s uh it’s not good and itdidn’t look like it was slowing down itlooked like they were they were keepingup because they’re basically saying youknow and he said there’s the guys thatdo come to work are not responding toanything unless it’s officer in troubleand they’re literally sitting in theircars on laptops filling out applicationsto other agencies in the area so thepolice recruiters and background guysbefore the other areas are working likeyou know double time because they needto they want to absorb these guys well Ihope they do I mean and and going backto what we said before the people aregonna pay for this are gonna be thecitizens who need the police who supportthe police you need to be able to pickup 9-1-1 but it’s um it’s it’s a sad dayfor Atlanta and just it just so thatpeople know the blue flew in and I thinkalmost every Police Department I canthink of police officers can’t strikeand so when they get picked on and theycan’t take it anymorevery rarely do they blue flu but whenthey get to the point where they’redoing that they’ve had it yeah I meanthere was a blue flu in LA right at onepoint Oh back in the 80s was it like didit did they get what they wanted I meanwhat happened back until recently LAPDthe Union the LA Police ProtectiveLeague always got what they wantedbecause they just they’re just ahardcoreyeah of course and plus they’reprotecting the city don’t let them killus we’ll give you a look and so it’s ait’s a it’s a double-edged sword becausedid you see Christine scary Kincaid’sback Karen is here Karen Kincaid she’sback again excellent she’s my biggestfan she probably doesn’t really know whoyou are but she’s my biggest fan she’sgetting an idea but so there are theseyou know this whole blue flu thing butthe whole reason behind it is that thisthe these two things that are going onin Atlanta and now here’s the thingabout this hypocritical da I think he’sfrom Fulton County this DA who’sactually unit you’re gonna be surprisedabout this garbage so this this guyhappens to be in a runoff for reelectionthat’s just a coincidenceyeah nothing I’m doing – exactly so acouple of weeks ago he decides there wasthis video that came out were thesethese Atlantic coppers they got into itwith a with a driver in a car called astudent and they were telling them tonot drive through this area and thecollege students decided to drivethrough the area and then they get yaynow now we’re in a pissing contest andthe Karen was watching the Trump rallybecause because yes all you left out theloves you both part Ken nice tryshe’s just saying that because you’rehere so this guy in Fulton County DAshe’s talking to someone else the FultonCounty DA he’s in a runoff a couple ofweeks ago this thing with this collegestudent happened and then these theseofficers from Atlanta PD they happen tobe they have to be black guys so and thethe student that they yanked out of thecar also happened to be blackso we can’t say anything about that butthe one of the officers was pointing theTaser at this college student and Idon’t know if he tased the student ornot but anyways he pointed the Taser atthe student I vaguely remember this sothey decided this da decided thataccording to Georgia law a Taser is adeadly weapon hmm now hold onto that forjust a sec put that to the side hold onto that because the DA says that you’regetting charged with assault with adeadly weapon because in phasers adeadly weapon so here we come with thiswith the second shooting the guy at theWendy’s parking lot and he’s asleep andthe fight is on and then the guy turnsand you can see where he’s shooting theTaser at the officer right over his headyeah so then a Taser can be a deadlyweapon especially in the hands of asuspect and you’re the police officerand he gets you with the Taser and nowhe can take your gun so it’s not likeit’s the mayor came out and said nowthis is a less that less than lethalweapon and you can’t shoot people likethat yeah you generally can’t unless thevictim of the tasing is a cop and youcan take their gun from them then no youcan’t shoot a cop with the cops taseryou can’t do that so then the cop shootsthe guy and people think in the big dealis the news comes out says oh they shothim twice in the back well if you are ifyou’re doing if you’re running like thisand then the officers like this and it’sin a millisecond and the shooting is onby the time you’re doing this and thecop does this and he shoots you your armis this way you’re gonna get shot in theback probably know what somebody can thevideo they show didn’t show the guyshooting the Taser Oh showed the copshooting him in the back yeah that’sbecause that’s the way he was justgunned down right so then the same thesame da the same da he comes out and hegoes you shot a guy with a taser that isnot a deadly weapon and they file onmurder charges death penalty murdercharge on the cops on the one cop thisis out of control it’s like they theystarted filing uncomf like this in somecases for good reason and now it’s likeout of control they’re doing it forrighteous shootings now yeah it’s reallyreally bad and this guy is such a pieceof garbage this da that when they he’sin court going you know he was beingcordial you know they were you werehaving some banter whatever he said lookat the video they’re fighting andwrestling this guy I just got out ofprison he he would go back to prison tofinish his sentence if he was arrestedthat’s the whole point that’s why he’syou know the guys on probation he shit’slike when you were a cop you pulledsomeone over speeding they had a warrantyou’re like you know dummy I never wouldhave known you had a warrant if youweren’t speeding like an idiot you knowthey’re always doing 30 miles now overthe speed limit this guy has is onprobation with a sentence over his headhe gets hammered and passes out in thetake outline of what these therestaurant calls on them the cops comethey do a DUI and like the the news isreported like well you know the guyoffered to get a ride homeoh did he offer to tell the cop what todo did he offer to get out of troublethat’s awfully nice of him he offered toget a ride home to his sister’s nose andwhatever get the hell out of here yeahbut he the way he tries to justify itand he’s not answering the questionabout hey it was a deadly weapon acouple of weeks ago and it’s not it’snot a deadly weapon when you well.ok forthe purpose of the filing and then thethe the Georgia Bureau of Investigationthe GBI they said hey we were asked toinvestigate this and and we weren’t weweren’t notified that they were justfiled charges guessing we’re still gonnawe’re still gonna investigate this andwe’re gonna come to our own conclusionthat’s gonna be interesting yeah there’ssome there’s some weird stuff going onon this and what’s funny is this DA he’sunder investigation with the Gdi for some kind of financial takingmoney for personal gain and stuff likethat so he’s no friend of the GBI andhe’s probably not gonna I think I thinksomething’s gonna happen what’s gonnahappen ken if the GBI comes back andthey go it’s a clean shooting yeahwhat city are they supposed to worktogether but he he just went he justdecided to do his own thingthe this da is a knucklehead but thethese two Atlanta cops it that used adeadly weapon yes when it wasn’t that itcan be a deadly weapon in one week andthen but not it can be d weaponized thenext we if you’re a white cop it’s it’snot it’s not because you’re white andit’s being used on you that’s what Ifigured out so these Atlanta copsthey’re there they filed a lawsuitagainst the city to get their job backand what is this thing what is thisthing with just this thing happensTuesday and Wednesday you’re fired yeahthere’s no due process crazy hmm so heyI want to mention RonZumaya Ron a Ron’s Amaya is on and bigshout out he just made it he says we’renot quite done you’re on we’re stilltalking so you’ve got some time left andI just want to if I can get a shout-outfrom Steve from Steve because the honorof reading this comment I want to handit over to you because the it’s an honorthat mark Bowles is here with usabsolutely and I want you to take I wantyou to take these comments from markbecause he’s one of my favorite peoplelove me some marbles yep mark Bowles[Music]what did he what a mark saying yeahmurder charge insanity provepremeditation prove intent come on Iagree and then he said oh then ChristineChristine is dispensing wisdom as wellChristine is a smart cookieshe’s a smart cookie she’s feisty shesays mark Bowles exactly they’ll fireridiculous charges and won’t be able toprove them for four I think this is atypo for Iowa reasons she’s beendrinking I think the people will be andthen yeah okay so this will they do theyovercharge and then the jury gets theinfo they drop the charges and then theylike the city on firethat’s like no it works well this we’regonna we’re gonna relive whatever it isnext year when a bunch of these cops areacquitted because the the the districtattorneys are whoever’s in charge filedthese stupid stupid charges and thenthey’re gonna get acquitted because thejury is gonna go there’s not 12 of usthat can agree here guys are out of yourmind and then you’re gonna have rightsagain just wait to the Floyd trial thatI mean you know Ken you were there thereal trouble didn’t start until those LAcops were acquitted during Rodney Kingand I just listened to a really greatepisode of red told America about theRodney King trial and it kind of equatesit to what’s going on now and how themedia submitted the video of Rodney Kinggetting his ass kicked but they didn’tsubmit the 120 mile an hour car chaseand then him charging the officers himhaving a criminal record like all thisstuff was omitted and the fact that theofficers were actually I mean LAPD atthe time was saying you’re usingdefensive tactics you’re hitting untilthe subject complies how they’re trainedyou can’t convict these guys if they’redoing approved training so there’speople saying that the everything thathappened at the Floyd thing right orwrong a lot of it might wash out likethat knee on the neck might be anapproved thing that their department hasyeah a lot of it a lot of it might bemight get washed away and when it doesthat place is gonna burn in the bigcities and are gonna go absolutely crazyyeah and andyou know what happens if this hand I’mnot trying to I’m not trying to put thescare in you Alicia but sorry happenswhat happens when this happens when whenthe Floyd trial goes on and typicallythe jurors they they don’t go in therewith a yeah let’s just get the guy youknow they’re gonna go in there they’regonna they’re gonna listen to theevidence and blah blah blah they’reinstructed how to listen how did ya howto do it and if that happens whathappens to that city if by that timethere’s no police department who’s gonnacome in and take care of that city ohman I tell you right now he’s not gonnaget charged with murderhe’s not gonna convicted of murder noneof those guys are that just that’s justain’t happeningWow bare minimum but they’re I mean theway I saw someone lay it out when it waslike they were kind of saying how hecould get off of most of the stuff andit was like wow that would be very badfor a Minneapolis yeah and then and thenAtlanta the same thing you’re gonna filea death penalty case where’s thepremeditation where is this I’m a lawyerbut I mean that’s a stupidest stupidestthing I can ever think of even in theeven in the Floyd case they went up towhat was itsecond-degree or a murder or somethinglike that but I mean come on man theythe a death penalty case the guyshooting its it’s well documented thatthe Taser can be deadly in the hands ofa criminal using it against the copsthat’s the death penalty case is thisguy got a lay off the crack yeah painduring deluxelook he’s he’s stupid but I would not Iwould not want to be in Atlanta orMinneapolis at this time but that’s thethat’s the thing about what’s going onin the country right now with the policeeverything’s anti police the police areresponsible for everythingbut yeah Ron you’re gonna have to youknow what Care Bears stare go watchthose cartoons Ron Care Bears and thenpractice that whole Care Bear starething and I bet you the power of lovewell overcome you know these the Iposted in them on the Instagram thatthis this manifesto or whatever no itwas a it was an opinion piece in the NewYork Times that they said that theyshould they should just do away with 50%of the police department’s budgets and50% of the police and and I and my firstthought was oh for sure once they dothat thing criminals will stop doing 50%of the crimes and it’s good because ifyou if you have less if you have lesspolice officers the criminals aren’tgonna aren’t gonna lay off they’re gonnathey’re gonna have a heyday well but thecops won’t be able to keep up so thestatistics will show less crime and it’svery sad it’s like it’s people is peoplelike Alicia who are going to pay for thestupid posturing of these social justicewarriors at the in these liberal citiesthey’re gonna have they’re gonna have topay for it because once you startmessing around with the policedepartments manpower and funding andstuff it’s all gonna go to hell that’sjust all there is to it yeah people havethis idea of or the it seems like that’sthe trend is to have this idealisticvision of mankind of people like peopleare like somehow good you know anythinglike somehow we can make a differentpolice department we’re bigoted reasonin the heart of man like no it’s intherewell now always be in there and and andthe thing and these these people like Ithought it was BLM but I don’t want to Idon’t want to say that for sure butthere’s people that are calling for likeall minority police departments well letme tell you something if you are apolice officer and someone’s pointing agun at you or you think someone’spointing a gun at you or thefight is on and you think they’re tryingto get your weapon it doesn’t matterwhat the color of your skin is you aregoing to do what it takes to surviveright and if that and you if someone’sin a fight with you you don’t care thecolor of that person’s skin they aretrying to kill you and so I don’t carethe color of the officer or the color ofthe of the suspect the outcome is goingto be the same I don’t think there’sblack officers that say oh he’s he’s himand I have kindred spirits I’m not goingto shoot him even though he’s shootingat me or he has a gun that doesn’t workthat way yeah people should listen tothe interviews we’ve done the thingsthese guys go through things you’ve beenthroughI mean it’s please try to try to beempathetic for the police people love towatch the news and the highlights at CNNand MSNBC and all this BS and try to putyourself in the shoes of actually beinga law enforcement officer what thatwould be like yeah I don’t breathe Idon’t think they do check check yeahcheck ferdy’s he’s all about Care Bearstare Jack Verdi is is that indeed yourreal name Jack oh no wait his real nameis Jack Greene / oh okay that’s what itwas Christene south through that channeldetective so basically I mean this laststory is about the officers getting doyou don’t even think about this thatsays every Atlanta police officer gets$500 bonusfrom the foundation to boost morale assick I was conceived that seems kind ofbut wait wait wait can they put a pressrelease out they said there’s no problemthey can handle the call volume just alittle bit more call-outs than normalall the sudden 24 hours later they feellike they should give you jobs or $500wow that’s really great who is thatthat’s the police foundation that saidthat is that a private and I think wasthe union or benevolent associate orsomething yeah it doesn’t sound like thecity butthey’re gonna give me $500 to go sit inmy car and not touch people yeah that’sfine that’s what happened like when Ichecked with my source he’s like oh yeahthey came in they do sat in their carsand filled out applications for markmark Bowles just said it gave a commentyou should probably respond to that cuzyou’re Steve Gould well I’d be quite anhonor for me toomy best friend parks his squad car infront of his house just to make sure anybullets fired at it won’t hit his son’sroomoh man that’s sad axe yeah man yeah Ijust I feel sad I feel sad for America Ifeel really bad for the cops cuz I knowI know the cops out there doing theirbest and I’ve been there I know whatthat’s like you’ve been there and youknow what I was when I was came on thejob is right after I came out in 1980and so the 70s had passed when pig andall this kind of stuff and it’s alwaysbeen you know it’s always been anti-copthere’s always been those people but nowit’s like all these politicians aregetting involved and BLM is like anactual movement that’s that BLM funds ifyou look at their website I’ve seenseveral videos about this and they theirmoney goes directly to I think it’scalled act blue or something like thatwhich and if you look at all thedonations they make to buy whosecampaign and all these kind of campaignsthat are all blue campaigns so theirmoney’s going to all liberal causes notnecessarily to the to the BLM movementyes that’s that’s where the rentum ladies ooh she’s a communist andshe’s anti traditional family she’s alesbianwhich is fine but she’s like against itseems like almost against male figure inthe home they said if they’re there theydo their best to make things notcentered around the male there’s somestatement like that on their theirwebsite and they used the word comradehe’s a Marxist it’s just the theintermingling of the agenda there isreally nasty and I want to say somethingto our Christian brothers and sistersyou can’t call yourself a Christian ifyou support that organization because Isee it happening like but you can’t yeahthe values these they have or a spousespouse house are not Christian at allthey’re anti-christian they’re theiranti family they’re pro-abortion they’recommies these word comrade that’s all Ineeded to see I saw a comrade on theirwebsite like what the hell is this yeahthey also there’s a faction there’sdifferent factions of BLM and I thinkone in the east coast or Midwest therewas one guy of the leader of the the BLMout in that area he was talking aboutgoing back to Black Panther type tacticsand things like that yeah and like thePanthers they were they were gunning forcops they were out there hunting copsand setting them up and there’s severalshootings in LA and in Oakland and allthese other places I remember Peterpranzo we interviewed yeah yeah theBlack Panther Party had a hit out on himand his partners yeah crazy so that thattype of thing where where they’retalking about going back to that type ofthat type of tactic is just wrongbut let’s see what let’s see what ShawnAnderson says Shawn says do you thinkthe government would ever give a videoto demonstrate how police and public aresupposed to interact with each other Ifeel like most don’t understand I’m notsure quite sure I understand that like atraining video or something like that Imean it’s sad to say but maybe peopleneed that yeah I really think this somewe I’ve said it before like even withinour family a fair number of people go tocollege and come back retarded you knowthey’re like it’s like they’re who areyou again you’re like some kind of likecommie likeme bastard knows what’s happening butreally that I remember sitting even wayback when I was in school and rememberthinking these professors areanti-american I remember thinking thatlike I don’t really like this guy he’skind of a douche you know I mean likebut that’s that was twenty years ago nowit’s way worse and the programming isreal because some of extremelyintelligent people I know went to schooland became Complete Idiot’s they can’tthey can’t they have no discernment theycan’t look at things with criticalthinking skills they can’t look outsidetheir box they’re highly emotional it’sit’s frightening ken well it was reallyfunny because on my Instagram page Iposted something oh you know what it wasNASCAR came out with a car that that wasa thin blue line car when the driversand it was is it back to blue and it wasit was on CBS News had the story comeout about this NASCAR so Christine thisstarts getting in this debate with thisguy who’s just a clown and he’s he’ssaying stupid stuff and Christine’sfiring him back with I mean Christine isdoing this thing that is a criminal sinto liberals she was using facts and thatjust the guy was just couldn’t handle itso he eventually went to the he calledher a racist that was it you know youknow debate is over because you’re aracist and that’s just that’s I just gota that’s a saying can I’ve heard beforein the conservative moment where how youknow you’ve won the argument with aliberal they call you racist that’sreally it was just hilarious but whatkudos and then and then in in a Christine are laughing at the guywe go you know that it was justhilarious because someone you want to goto battle with she’s an amazing personsure and amazing hey you guys candy SPPLisa says the parents are wait theparents who havecertain value send their children’s tothese colleges maybe they should stopdoing that they’re getting them andtheir children in debt huge debt to ruintheir children stop that that’s comingfrom Alicia and so hey oh there’sanother question here another questionSean Anderson says I think it wouldbenefit everyone to see what policeactually expect civilians to do to helppolice do their job yeah I mean butthey’re people the thing about that thething about that Sean is there’s there’sall kinds of stuff where there’sapologetics for cops and to say listenthis is what happens I can go throughthis thing where where if a cop hasprobable cause and stopping you and justyou know answer the questions don’t bestupid don’t if for some reason theywant to take you into custody just goalong with the program if you think theydo something wrong and go back later thestation file a complaint you don’t fightyour battles later there’s no yeah theytold us in when we get trained pleasetell me that there’s no you have noright to resist arrestthere’s no right so even if you’re beingarrested for something you know you didnot do and it’s totally unjust you haveno right to resist ya need to do isremain remain cool fight it laterthat’s how civilized society works sothe so an answer is Sean’s comment isthat there’s all kinds of stuff outthere where you can there’s facts andthere’s research in there studies thatrefute everything these people or theseanti cop people say and it doesn’tmatter what you put out there they hatecops that’s all they care about theydon’t care about facts they don’t careabout you could put videos out there wasa video that that’s been recirculatingagain where this where this black Ithink was a pastor or somebody where heactually went in a shoot don’t shootwith this local police department andthey were going okay here’s thesituation blah blah blah and theystopped the car he gets out and he endsup shooting somebody and all this kindof stuff you know whateverright away yeah and at the end of it hedid like three of them three of thescenarios with him at the end he goes hewas like dang yeah that was hard and heactually like would have in real lifewould have killed people I love thataccidentally of course but and he’s he’sa he’s a changed manhe gets it but there’s but that video isout there and it was in the news andeverything but you can show that stuffall day long and that and these cophaters they only see the only see hateand they don’t care what you put outthere all right Christine Christinegoing to the battle with Ken yeah[Laughter]motorcycle ride with the gangs and Iwant to say to Sean I don’t want him tothink that I’m I wasn’t picking on himor talking down to him about that whatpolice should do like earlier if he’sreally asking it’s just comply justcomply that’s what you’re supposed to dojust it’s it’s very if it seemsconfusing to you it’s it’s common senseit’s very very simple just comply withthe request that’s all and I was on thesame NASCAR picture I don’t even knowhow this came up you know support thepolice bah blah blah here’s a car here’sthe NASCAR this girl this young girl shemust been 16 or something she goes onand she says the comment about thepolice are hunting and murdering blackmen and I said well provider study andshe says I’d have to spoon-feed you dothe research google it and it’s all overthe Internet I go well cite me a studythat shows these facts that you’resaying that that’s a pretty bigstatement to say that police are huntingand murdering black men but no she justgot it she got into a cab you know thisguy had to boot her off yeah but it wasfun for a minute but yeah that’s rightmark my mustache my mustache can takecare of itself right let me repeat thegoal of the propaganda is to makeAmericans reject factsfavor of opinions and narratives they’refed yeah that’s the Communists goal doeshave anything to with emotions cuz thatseems to drive a lot of people to itsworkers you guys do you guys have anyquestions we’re done with the newsstories here do you have any questionsthat you would like to ask quite a thingISM anything I’m Steve you can askanything of Steve I’ll tell you anythingyou ask yet tell you anything you needto know did anybody notice that I Iactually trimmed my moustache a littlebit it was down to like here and I tooka little bit does look a little shorteryeah I didn’t want to spur on like 30 or40 comments about your mustache so Ididn’t wellyeah but mark Bowles he mentioned it sowe have to we have to talk about mymustache now so yeah that’s right jackzero evidence and any of these recentincidents are racist that’s yeah but doyou people out there that believe itthat that police officers are out theretargeting people of color hunting themto murder them like that’s a stupidestthing I’ve ever heard yeah tell us aboutyour goats Steve how’s that goat milkinggoing goats are going strong wifehandles the milking I tried to learnyeah teats as a as they were are verysmall and I had trouble like milking Ineed their manly hands I need I just Ijust not those your hand Steve showsyour hands what I set up something theycall a squirrel in a Turk n but everheard of a squirrel inator let me justmmmI don’t even know what that is it’s thatthe whole bucket of squirrels there yeahno yeah I do I do what what is that outhere in the high desert ground squirrelsare a big problem so they’re like eatingall of our vegetables they get in withthe chickens eat their feed so no I haveto deal with them as the man of thehouse I have to deal with these theseanimals threatening our food source yeahso I got the squirrel nader on thesuggestion of my neighbor and it workedwe already got one it died in there likeimmediately I think it was thisterrified it like froze but you’resupposed to fill it the squirrel naterup and then drowned them in a pool oh mydaughter is like not thrilled with theprospect on the road and release I’mlike you can’t it’s against state sosorry you asked about goats but I’m I’mall baking squirrels right now my my mygreens and out here I have a problemwith moles I got a couple of moles andmy my buddy he told me yeah he justtakes a shotgun out in the yard anywaysfor the mold to come up and shoots thembut out here where I live where I liveyou can shoot your gun in your backyardand it’s all goodnobody cares it’s awesome so don’t don’tbe demonstrating out here I’m justsayingdon’t do it no one’s gonna question arandom gunshot no do it Steve KevinCassie says hey what’s your advice fornew fathers tell you I’ll tell you thisbecause I’m three times a dad now thefirst couple months are gonna be this myexperience okay are gonna be all aboutthe mom and the baby and you feel kindof weird like you don’t feel like youhave the same connection to the baby doyou help and you you hold and do allthat stuff but once I found once the kidplumps up a bit gets a little bit awareof his surroundings and he can’t likestarts reacting to you coming in theroom and smiling it gets really awesomelike that for me it was like two orthree months in with our first baby thatI was like oh okay this is this is liketotally amazing I kind of felt a littlelost up to that point because it was allmaybe in their bond and then I was kindof just like the helper you kind of holdthis thing that doesn’t even know you’rewho you are but um three or four monthsin it gets amazing and it never stops umI have a 10 year old a 6 year old and athree month old and I could tell youthey are the best things we’ve ever doneand every day is better so make kids andthen make another one and make anotherwould making kids I like it well that’sall I got for the news bro all rightthat was a that was a very full news daywe’re at our 38 minutes so a long timeallow me to plug I want to thankeverybody thank you so much for thespanker guys thank you for the donationswe are like a little bit better thanhalfway to the new piece of equipmentthat I want I want a new laptop becausethis one’s a 2014 it’s still pretty goodbut it gets really hot and it’s prettyslow so that’s the whole goal of thedonations right now is just to anupgrade the gear so that we can keepputting the podcast out so I appreciateevery anybody who donates from from fivedollars to to the maximum amount I’veseen yeah we had one donation that wasfive hundred dollars Ken so five hundreddollars so which is incredible so Iappreciate it all and I thank you youcan go to things please see comm and youcan donate there we also have amerchandise store if you want to youknow dress yourself up with a littlemerch you know like this this classy mugthat I drink booze out of during thepodcast and I also want to tell you ournation is going our nation is in need ofgood police officers so that’s kind ofbecome a secondary function of thepodcast end page because it’s been tiedinto Ken’s police background net I’mreally proud of it’s really cool and weget new officers our prospect officersreach out to us alltime if you really want to go into yourinterview and you want to make sure thatyour your squared away all your yourteaser cross and your eyes are dotted Iwould implore you reach out to Ken Rahlat can net police background dotnet andhe can give you a private consultationand help you get into that dream careeragain if you’re on Instagram follow usSteve at things police see and follow mele backgrounds 13 or you can put my namein there too but we have a littledifferent flavor on the Instagram but Imake you know what I make my own memesI’m getting a little bitter at themeaning the flavor differences yours isvery creative and original in mine isvery dislike sound bite sound bites soyeah that was Karen King Kincaid sayssome formative thank you thank you Karenand a big shout out to Lisa Lisa saysthanks and she had a good time and againChristine I think Christine is your Ithink she’s your number two I feel likeshe’s really moving up in the thingspolice C ranks she’s up there she’s likea lieutenant a lieutenantyeah I like it but yeah that’s all forme man appreciate you guys love havingyou here and we you know what we had toput a few people that kind of hang outwith this the whole time yeah all rightI’m gonna do our outro or you know whatI’m not gonna do the bumper I’m justgonna say itSamuel Jurkowitz past guest New Yorkpolice officer bump at heis the one that helped set up thingsplease see calm he facilitated thatwhole thing he designed it he’s alsohelped Ken out before great guy newfather and he’s a big supporter of otherlaw enforcement officers getting a sidehustle going so he will give you he cangive you you know social mediaconsultation he can build your websitehe’s up on all that stuff and he’s intogiving cops a break so Dan at bump itmarketing calm does that sound rightcome for his email I haveno clue okay bump it bumpit yeah I think I get hold of us yeaheither way go see Dan above marketinghe’ll hook you up and he will take careof you and um let me uh let me do theoutro music Ken thank you very much sirlove you guys thank you so much for forjoining us and hang in there with us forour our banter yesexcellent thank youyou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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