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TPS Cops In The News: Minneapolis Burning / RIP George Floyd

In this episode Steve and Ken discuss cops in the news for the week of 05/25/2020.  They get into the brutal killing of George Floyd and if racism had anything to do with his death.  Prayers go out to his family at this incredibly difficult time.  

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happened to behere I was working by the computer and Isaw you and I said let me say hey what’sgoing on how opportune I know I knowperfect Wowso right now is gonna be not much goingon this week no I mean we really had toreally dig deep to get even some newsbut I think some stuff going on thisweek I think we’ll be able to talk aboutit as William long said this may be atwo-hour episode special minute newsyeah I don’t think it would quite gothat long but certainly we’re gonna hitMinneapolis but what’s lost in the inall the fray here all this stuff that’sgoing on in minneapolis there are somethere are some other news stories thatwill will if you get too close to thispodcastit will singe your eyebrows some ofthese news stories ken turns over everynothing I did left out so we will wewill talk about about what’s happeningout there but first we’re going to hitsome of these news stories and Steve yesjust wondering if you have any shoutoutsI do actually I’m glad you said that umlet me go on here and I want to give abig shout out to Evan de Philips fordonation to the podcast thank you verymuch sir very generous of you he saysthanks for the great content Stephen Kenall right thank you sir I like that alot I do I’m gonna I’m gonna get a shoutout but I’m gonna do it during one ofthe news stories so mm-hmm okay you knowwhat it’s it’s kind of overcast II hearand whenever it gets overcast or moistercool I get this little frog in my throatI don’t know why it’s froggy it getsfroggy so if I have to just clear it outjust raise your hand I’ll mute you I gotmy water here too you ready to go withthe news I’m ready sir this news storyis is really tragic we have a clip onthis one this comes out of Texas FortBend County Texasit looks like a deputy Fort Bend Countysheriff’s deputy was killed by friendlyfirewhich is really really tragic let’s gowith the clip on that a community comestogether tonight as the daughter of adeputy constable killed overnightgraduates from need Ville High Schoolgrace white was there for the movingtribute we come to you today with heavyheart as we mourn the loss of officerCaleb rule standing at a solemn show ofsupport men and women standing in fortheir brother in blue as his daughtergraduatesa daughter who lost her dad unexpectedlyovernight Caleb rule was a deputyconstable for precinct 4 in Fort BendCounty shot and killed by a Fort BendCounty sheriff’s deputy I’m not going tosay anything was done wrong I think whatwe have in this certain circumstance isa mistaken identity investigators saythere were three deputies along withrule responding to a call in SiennaPlantation a neighbor called policeabout suspicious activity at a vacanthouse while clearing the home one of thedeputies fired when he thought he saw anintruder killing the deputy constable hewas known as a family man a lovingfather and husband rule served 15 yearsin law enforcement with Missouri Citypolice and precinct for both agenciescame to be by rules daughter’s sidestanding in for her dad they’ve grown upin need bill they’re a part of thiscommunity and you know the neat billsgonna wrap their arms around them andhelp them heal man that is uh I don’tknow if you if anybody seen that videobut I mean this is the night before hergraduation and she’s just I can’timagine she’s barely able to hold ittogether she walks to get her diploma ofcourse I mean holy cow man that wastoughyeah that’s that’s always a tragic typeof situation and I’ve I’ve heard ofthose situations before word kind of afriendly fire thing mm-hmmI’ve only actually I can only recall oneother time in California where thathappened but this is you know what I waslooking at this thing and this guy isyour age yeah yes he’s not not that oldthere’s 37 and he has looks like theyhad four kids together but oh you knowwhat for her too so they had four kids13 to 18 years old and the daughter sothis happens less than 24 hours afterher dad died she attended her graduationso there manit’s been something where she had to bethere most probably most people wouldjust say I can’t go but I guess she feltthe need to to go to graduation she hada lot of a lot a lot of law enforcementthat we’re just kind of supporting herat that the thing I didn’t see the videois that the is that the minute you’retalking about yeah yeah it’s really umyeah who knows maybe her dad it wasimportant to her dad maybe they he wouldwant you to do you know to walk whateverI don’t know but uh yeah it seemedincredibly difficult for her to do thatso good on her for getting through itand it was touching to see the policethere but that’s raw man I mean that’snot even 24 hours that you found out nodad got killed so they sent more than ahundred deputies attended the graduationceremony so that’s pretty coolyeah we’re what would you here’s aquestion listeners for Steve Gould Steveyes the deputy that fired the shot thatkilled this deputy what’s he goingthrough oh manthat’s brutal I mean we had um Gregoryfell on and he was involved in acrossfire situation when they shot a guyand luckily that officer didn’t didn’tsuccumb to the injuries that’s that’stough enough but I can’t imagine can youcan you imagine that you you’reresponsible for that your bullet yes youknow it’s it’s it’s really if you were apolice officer and you took someone’slife by accidentyou know there was an LAPD incidentyears ago where they were it was ahostage situation and this guy was athis business I want to say it was uh itwas an auto repair place and he’s insidethis this little office area and he’sholding his child and the child is alittle girl she’s I want to say she’syounger than fiveso during the incident LAPD’s trying toget trying to save this child andshootings happens and she ends upgetting killed along with the dead Ican’t imagine that situation where aninnocent child is is killed so much notmuch more but in a differentcircumstance you’re going in and and acolleague a deputy is killed by you inthis kind of situation and policetraining training trained for tacticsand safety and all that kind of stuffand I cannot imagine what what whatwould he be going through because thisis this is his job and how do youforever be known as the deputy thatkilled another deputy and just the guiltalong with it stuff like that I thinkthis you know will he stay on the jobwill it be too much uh and if he stayson the job I’m not saying he should quitor anything like that I’m saying if hestays on the job what would his whatwould his career be like after that Imean yeah it doesn’t ever go away rightmm-hmmyeah I mean they say time time heals allthings so hopefully hopefully there’sforgiveness involved hopefully thefamily forgives them and they’re openabout it and yeah I don’t know that’slike an impossible situation yeah thatis that’s a tough one I feel very sadfor everybody involved I mean thedepartment’s mourning the familiesmourning you you actually lose to twolaw enforcement officers because the theone that did the shooting I’m sure he’sgoing through hell right now too and andI guess that if you wouldn’t really knowthe exact sir circumstances but if itwas I think that the sheriff called ithe said it was a tragic accidentsomething like that in the yeah he waspretty careful about the way hedescribed it he was because he’sthinking about the other officer whoshot him you know he didn’t want to sayyeah it says that the deputy mistook theother deputy for a prowler and open fireand it says it hit the the rounds hithim in the chest okay so you’re theyou’re the gun guy you’re the gun guy soit says his bulletproof vest wasn’tenough to protect themyes something he shot with a rifle yeahyou know ar-15 and yeah it’s really nerdand here’s that here’s another thingwe’ve talked about this before but thisguy the guy that shot him was a deputy asheriff’s deputy and the one that gotshot was a let me make sure I get thisright was a deputy constable oh I heardthat yakhont deputy constable the twodifferent agencies maybe that I don’tknow I don’t know a deputy constable whowas mistakenly shot by a sheriff’sdeputy so we talked about this beforecuz I don’t quite get the wholeconstable thing is are they are thepolice officers well they have to beright yeah cuz this guy was shot said itsaid that he was on the job 15 years heworked for City Police Department priorso he sounds like he’s got full policepowers maybe it’s just two differentagencies working together and theycalled them their deputies constable sonknow is a weird that’s weird labelthat’s an East Coast thing right yeahthey I mean they harkens back to Englandyou know sheriffs and constables andstuff but in the East Coast mostly likein Massachusetts it’s like a constableskind of like serve civil paperwork and alot of times a retired cop you know butdoesn’t carry a gun and stuffno no that’s weird that’s it that’sterrible it’s that’s said you I wantedto get started with that one because Idon’t know it’s just seemed like thatwas something these types of thingsthere’s another officer in Utah that gotkilled too but it’s all overwhelmed bywhat’s happening in Minnesota so theseare things we don’t want to we don’twant to gloss over stuff like thatbecause there still are officers thatare getting you know losing their livesand we need to report that stuff oursecond story do we have a clip on theirside I think we have this when the theLivingston teacher yeah no I think wehave a clip on his own okay so here wego to the next story this is inLivingston Parish and I’m guessingparishes are en Louisiana yeahPJ how come I don’t have a state welllet’s just go with this so the headlineis and this is out of WB r Z ABC News inwherever they but Livingston Parish sothere’s a teacher in in and I I thinkshe’s an elementary school teacher sothere’s some lawsuits going on weregarding this this is why this is inthe news but the story it says recentlawsuit claims is Livingston teacheraccused of rape she also showed studentexplicit explicit images but that’s justpart of it there’s four lawsuits thatare going out and with this couple thekicker in is that both her and herhusband who was a police officer werearrested and so there’s four separatelawsuits filed since November 2019 andthe the weird stuff they’re accused ofrape sexual battery video voyeurvideo voyeurism bad all like porn isn’tthat all for hereyeah related chargesand they’ve been sued so according tothe court documents a family claims thetwo were not only connected with anincident involving this the two were notonly connected with an incidentinvolving the serving of tainted food tostudents that the teacher also showed astudent inappropriate images we’re gonnaget to the tainted food part toobecause that’s no bueno no me gustakeeping in mind and some of ourlisteners I hopefully all of ourlisteners will be cringed out by this soaccording to the Attorney General’sOffice her husband Dennis Perkins who’sa former DP oh he’s a deputy sheriff inthe Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Officewell the teacher decided to makecupcakes for her for her students forher students and somewhere either thedeputy sheriff husband or the teacherdecided that it would be a good idea togive these cupcakes to their juniorhives to her junior high students that’sso nice of them to make cupcakesthis wasn’t a one-time thing thisoccurred between November 2018 and May20 19the kicker with this is that well thethe teacher gave the cupcakes to thestudents with her husband’s sperm in thecupcake this is so twisted in stinkinis that get them off like they thatobviously gets them going they like toldwatching these kids eat these thingslike oh yeah that according to thelawsuits the one of the students saidthat gay that had one of the cupcakeshe’s been struggling with depression andhe can’t find or hold down a job andanother claim that their child has isexperiencing mental health behavioralsleep issues yeah and that in additionto one of the girls eating the cupcakesthe teacher since the uppercuts showedthe student explicit and sexual imagesin in in addition to photographing andvideotaping the girl so I just get andkill them I guess just get them off theplan to kill them this is this type ofthing this is not the first time thishappened there was a couple I thinkthey’re either both deputy sheriff’s areone of them in another state where theywere they were peddling in child pornand it’s one thing when I don’t know thesecret lives of police officers but theyusually may be may be police officerslike the certain segments of thepopulation maybe they do you know kinkystuff for they’re into S&M or some kindof weird stuff where you go okay youknow but this is all adults it’s finewhere where the the police officer andthe spouse are both involved in childporn and weird bizarre criminal behaviorboth of them yeah can I’m not that’sjust it’s really gross it’s like reallygirl cuz it’s like it’s so premeditatedit’s so like the whole cupcake I know Iknow the sexual and like physical abuseis horrible but the whole cupcake thingreally really brings it to like us likea psycho level you know what I mean it’sjust soit’s so disturbing to me what is thateven psychologically what does that evendo for you why would you do thatputting your sperm in the cup caseyou’re giving to children it’s so evilyou know it’s like there’s like thesepeople are like they’re the people thatlike you know would would buy an icecream truck and kidnap children and thendissin member them in the bathtub intheir basement like these are that’stheir they share the same brain as thesepeople yeah and and and how did it cometo light that there was sperm in thecupcakes it doesn’t say that from thestory but yeah did you confess that yeahshe likes it was a teacher sitting therewatching cuz she because she showed pornup porn to the student to this femalestudent and then she videotaped theirwhile she’s doing while she’s looking atthe pictures what a freak and it was shesitting there I was kind of weird butshe’s eating the cupcakes and theteacher sitting there going I meanwhat’s a deal man yeah how did they findout she’s like do you know that uhcupcake you’re eating there’s some seewhat you’re watching there there’s someof that in that cupcake oops oh my goshdisgusting if you don’t laugh becauseit’s funny you laugh because it’s souncomfortable that these people are sofreaking weird that they would do such ayeah yeah you’re right it’s trulyunfunny in disgusting because ithappened to people but um yeah it justit’s almost unreal you know it’s surrealyeah who does that that’s so sad but andI don’t this is just a story about thethe the suits but I want it for thisamazing story I want to thank one of ourlisteners Joe Massaro Joe I’m sayingyour name right Joe hooking up man dudeJoe thank you for sending this justbecause this is easily one of the mostbizarre stories we’ve everhad this show so Joe if you’re out thereI’m deputizing you man to to findstories for us if they’re good and wegot room for that stuff that Steve and Iwill go ahead and and just talk aboutthem and give you a shout-out for thatso thank you Joe appreciate that so mucheven though it was very disturbing andSteve and I will not sleep tonight oh mygoodness and and Steve you ever look ata cupcake the same again no cupcakes forthis guy so let’s go all right so ourlast you are our next three stories aregoing to be let’s get into Minneapolisokay because for did this long enoughblanket yeah that’s kind of a big dealit’s funny because I have I have alittle following here and there onInstagramand I’ve had people on Instagram andother places that people get meprivately and things like that and theythey want to know my opinion on certainthings they want to know you know Kenwhat is your opinion on this becauseobviously something happens if I have anopinion so I I thought well let’s givean opinion during this during thisepisode and I’m sure you get questions alot of times about Steve what do youthink about this and it’s just one ofthose it’s one of those interestingthings yeah so so during this duringthis episode Steve and I are gonna talkabout that what’s happening and we’regonna give our opinions about oh youknow what we feel about this and what wethink and I don’t think there’ll be manysurprises I put my opinion on Facebook alittle bit about this does not go overwell with the most of the people I’mfriends with but you have a lot ofliberal Lavin’s yeahhmm but there’s a it’s kind of a it’s aweird place to be but there’s some wackstuff going on there’s some super wax Ican’tit’s weird Ken because with somethinglike this if you look if you try to lookat it and analyze it just look at it andput your emotion aside and look at iteven if you try to do that you’re racistyou know and I mean that you can’t likelook at the video comes out becauseevery time when these videos come outyou’re like this is horrific and thenlater other stuff comes out where you’relike oh I can kind of start to see whythis happened or how it happened or howyou know it’s never just that the cop ispure evil or the cop is just a racistthat hates blacks you know me thatthat’s rarely the case so in this caseit’s so you know I have to say it’s ahorrible tragedy because it is it’sawful you watch a guy die on this videothe even having to say that annoys me Idon’t even want to have to preface itbecause it’s so obvious but you have tosay how bad it is right it’s um it’sit’s horriblebut the guy people are thinking likethis is pure racism he did this cuz he’sblack and the little discussion I gotinto online was kind of like well why doyou think it’s racism because the copswhite and the guys black it’s it’sracist and then if you really get intoit with people they’re like well we’renot saying like they just like everycops racist or even that cops racist butthere’s this systemic racism that runsfrom a thread of it comes out of slaveryand goes into the black community andand they’ve had a hard time at it andall this and all this stuff might betrue and and there’s it’s very veryinvolved but they’ll talk about it andthen in the end they’re not saying thecops racist they’re saying there’s asystemic racism from hundreds of yearsago that’s pervaded our society andwon’t go away and all right well that’sway harder to get rid of them whatyou’re saying you’re you’re actuallysaying this is just a super racist copcops hate black people hate brown peopleand they just do this because that’s whymm-hmm but if you get intellectual withthem they’ll really break it down andthen at the end of you kind of goall right I guess we kind of agree thenbut that’s not that they’re angry that’sso that doesn’t satisfy them you knowwhat I meanyeah they’re angry and there’s a lot ofthings good at will touch will touch ona lot of things that you kind of scratchyour head about but you know on the onehand there’s there’s all this riotingBluff it’s it’s supposed to be protestall the protesters that that thrashtarget they’re protesting the protestersthat have burned down buildingsbusinesses I have a photo that I postedthat it shows you know it’s a headlinebut in the back of the the back of thephoto it’s this guy he’s standing outthere you know with his mask on and andstill wearing their the corona mass butanyways it’s it’s this picture of himstanding there in front of like a stripmall or something like that and in theback of the picture this building is onfire the flames are just shooting out ofthis picture out of this building andit’s it says autozone of the the pictureand I’m like frickin autozonecontributing to this systemic racismthey need to burn down yep you know andthen there’s there’s other people thatgo on the news and or there’s otherfolks that make comments about thetarget have you seen the photos of thevideos of the target getting thrashedyeah a little bit so I mean they just goin there they’re just running out it’salmost like target deserted the targetsdeserted and these people are justrunning through the store and there’speople running out with their arms fullof stuff yeah these are opportuniststhese are not oh yeah they could careless but well here’s the thing is thatI’ve had people make comments sayingyeah take it all take it all you knowand and I’m going to how does thisprobably white peoplewell actually was as a black guy thatthat made the comment on the police backnothing but how do they connect how dothey connect this guy’s unjust killingto to burning and looting and somehowjustified saying this is this is what weneed to do because because they owe itto usthe funny thing out and there’s athere’s a video on the police backgroundon that Facebook page about the lootingat Target half the people are white wellthey’re being supportive they’restanding there standing with theirafrican-american brothers and sistersand by the way I’m gonna run out withthis stereo the the whole thing wherethey tie it all together and theyjustify all the things that are going onand then you have you have people youknow 2,500 miles away in Los Angeles youknow shutting down the 101 freewaybreaking out car windows just on theverge of attacking CHP officers there’snumerous photos of Los Angeles policecars vandalized and windows broken in onfire and and I’m going let me see I I’mtrying to find the the connectionbetween Minneapolis I hate that wordbetween Minnesota and and Los Angelesand this is hosting this semuc racism ofLAPD killing black people and by andlarge every story that you read aboutLAPD those ones they’re like you don’thave this where this out rate there’sthis outrage but it’s not the same as asyou know they they targeted this personbecause the person was black the most ofthe shootings from LAPD I’m just givingan overview but most of shootings arebecause of calls or whatever you knowlessor are responding and how that howthat why you need to break outthe car windows in vandalized policecars and all this kind of stuff in LosAngeles because of something it’sbecause of this pervasive view that allpolice are bad and so we need to punishthem and let’s let’s ruin all theirstuff you know yeah it like there’sthere’s no racist policies or proceduresquite the opposite in these policedepartments right there’s no that wouldbe really systemic if there was theInstitute was racist and it had racistpolicies and procedures know when when abad cop acts he’s breaking the rules ofthe police department when he’s beingracist so there’s that that argument sothere’s like well it’s not the it’s notthat there there’s policies andprocedures but it’s like it’s in theether they’re just racist like there’sno you it’s just not there it’s not it’snot true and if you try to and I’ve gonedown this road before which is alwayssuch a mistake but if you try to if youstart getting into like FBI stats andbreaking down like mmm why do certaingroups have so much interaction with thepolicewhy are certain groups get killed moreby the police or why the police get hurtmore by these certain groups wellbecause this certain group commits malesof this race black males commit moreviolent crimes than any other race inAmerica they have way more interactionwith the policecops are way more likely to be injuredor killed by a black male these are justfacts like you can’t get your feelingshurt by these facts button you need thefacts to get to why why this badrelationship exists between thecommunity and the police to try tofigure out like logically what’shappening but you know if you starttrying to talk about that like why iswhy what is this thing that seems to behappening or why if you start talkingnumbers in in stats you will you will Igot I tried to do this again and I wasimmediately built the straw man wasbuiltI was super racist I’m a dick look atthis guy he’s got orange hair could yoube whiter like this piececrap oh did you hear he was a cop he hasa podcast it was like I think I told youabout it was last year or a couple yearsago it was like yeah I’m commenting I’mlike what are you guys doing to me thenpeople start coming after you personallythey start going after you so I had to Ihad to delete the whole the whole thingbecause they were like you know they’llstart calling your work and tellingpeople that you’re racist or you knowit’s like you can’t have a conversationabout facts or no because facts areracistyes facts are racist so there’s no likewhen everybody’s emotions get up and youhave people in your life that I likethat they won’t they can’t thinkstraight they can’t they can’t thinkwithout the illogically yeah and youknow what I love and this is thisapplies to you Steve and I want you totake this to heart because I mean it outof love you need to check yourpriveledge brother privilege left andright right now right now you know thefact that you host this podcast and meyour little Mexican co-host is merely aco-host you’re here to legitimize me sothat I can say things and then go wellKen’s Brown and I’m friends with him soit’s I just I get it I absolutelybecause you could sit there and sayhere’s this here’s this 55 page FBIstudy which clearly refutes yourposition and people will go oh yeah wellthis had all this kind of stuffand what about Frederick Douglass andyou accesing go what yeah 8th gradehistory in a long time I can’t just acomplete waste of timewell they start they’ll also startquoting like past shootings that havebeen debunked like Michael Brown TrayvonMartin these guys were thugs you knowthe it turns out they were thugs and itwas notwhat it seemed to be you know likeMichael Brown the hands up thing he wasinvestigated by Obama’s administrationand the cop was found innocent likeObama’s FBI went after him and theycouldn’t get what do you think that iswell absolutely just you know whateverstill racist hands up don’t shoot sothey start they’ve built this I’ve seenmemes of like all these police shootingsthat are supposed to be unrighteous andI go down on the lightning that guy’s ascumbag that guy’s a scumbag that guy’sa scumbag but it’s too it’s too latethey’ve been they got their wingsthey’re Saints now they’re used in anargument they’re martyrs and this wholethis whole thing of what would alwayscomes out is that every cop is like thisright and I would like somebody made itmentioned in social media I can’tremember where but they said so allpolice officers should call in sick oneday and there’d be no police on thestreet I just gonna let that sit therefor just a minute yeah zero police onthe street I’m seeing a lot of abolishedpolice raping on the side of buildingsyeah we don’t need you well here’shere’s something part of this story thatwe’re talking about with this this wholething first off I just wanna I wanted togo into with you a little bit about Idon’t want to get too much into it notjust me personally it’s your podcast butnot so much into the actual incidentbecause we all know we all know whathappened during the incident whateverhappened before the guys would try totry to pass off $20 counterfeit billpolice are calledhe gets talked to he doesn’t want to getin the police car because he he sayshe’s he’s claustrophobic or that clusterfour but he can’t breathe in the policecar and so he starts kind of passiveresistant he’s a huge guy right he’s bighe’s big dude guy he was a bouncer atone time so you know he’s he’s got thehe had the bulk there to be hard forthatbut it’s it’s a big guy so he just wantto get in the police car and so he fallsdown and he’s not like getting in anoutright fight with the cops and thenthis whole thing happened he just beinglike deadweight right just kind of likeyes of resistance yeah it’s not a bigDonny brick with the guy and so theycuff him up and he’s got nice guys hishands behind his back he’s cuffed up andthe picture that bothers me the most Ithink two things one is that the theknee to the neck yeah and the otherthing is the amount of time that passedby and I’ll go into this imminent cuz Ihave another thing that’s to talk aboutwith that but the need of the neck andthen if you look at the pictures of thisguy this officer he looks like a total asoulless yeah heartless like he’s notbothered by at bye-bye Floyd saying hehe can’t breathe he’s not bothered bythat at all and then look on his faceand then what really troubles me andthis is where I think it’s gonna come tobite him on the butt too is that he’she’s kneeling on Floyd’s neck and he’sjust kind of chilling with his hand onhis pocket I have an idea about that Kenyes I think this guy in evidence by hiswife I think now leaving him I thinkthis guy is probably and he’s got tonsof complaints 18 or something internalaffairs I think he’s hardened I thinkhe’s callous I think he’s pissed I don’tthink he’s racist I think he’s just ahardened at least dick you know I thinkpeople were were you know whipping himabout about it and he was just staringI’m going say whatever you want I’m nottaking my knee if this guy’s neckit’s almost like that caused it he waslike you know I’m gonna keep doing thishe’s not I’m the cop and I’m gonna dothis and the guy I think he’s just adick I think the guy could talk veryeasily and project very well I don’tthink for a minute that cop thoughthe couldn’t breathe I think he thoughtthe guy was complaining to complain orjust yeah I think that’s what the copthought because you can breathe yourmouth and I you know I can hear youyelling he’s he’s saying he can’tbreathe but I think the cop thought inhis twisted mind F this guy that’s notwhat’s happening right now I mean and Ieven said it to Carrie when we’retalking ago I don’t think the guy diedfrom asphyxiation I think it wassomething else and sure enough theautopsy came back it was his heart so hefelt like he couldn’t breathe probablybecause he’s having a heart attack youknow you have they say you have heavyfeeling on your chest so he wasn’t afixated he was actually having a heartattack and that that’s why the video isso awful to listen to a big strong dudebegging this guy to let him breathe andthen watch it you watch him die on thecan it’s horrific but just to be in thatcops head I don’t think the cop thoughthe couldn’t breathe I think the copthought he can breathe fine he’s justcomplaining these people are pissing meoff I’m keeping my knee in his neck Imean like you said before can I think onsocial media when this first happenedlike who handcuffs a guy and then doessomething like that to him like the guyshe’s immobilized he can’t defend himselfthat’s like guys who handcuff people andthen punch him in the face you know it’slike right what the hell are you doingput the guy away there’s enough gotpeople there to lift this guy up and dowhatever you know well the I’m gonnaread I’m gonna read a statement from thethe district attorney but there’s Ican’t think a-apparently was somethingthat’s coming out and I haven’t beenable to narrow it down yet but there’ssupposed to be some tactic that thatwhole knee to the neck thing is supposedto be some kind of approved tacticreally that department yeah and Ihaven’t seen it in writing but you knowhow social media is so it could be realit could be not but there is a statementthat the DA made that kind of made meraise my eyebrow to but this they showedyou’re talking about the officer andyou know that photo of him just kind ofstaring down whoever’s videotaping butif you look at his booking photo he kindof looks the same it’s this you know youcan’t tell from a photo rightjust looking at his booking photo it’slike it I don’t give a crap type of he’shardened man he’s gone I don’t know whathappened to himbut yeah this is this is the guy’s thisguy’s name shelf Chauvin Chauvin so theI mean this guy this guy you may as wellhe’s done because the governor came outthe mayor came out and I’ve never seenin my life the same day as an it do theynot have a union there because the sameday for officers get fired and the FBIswoops down like the same day I’m likewhoa yeah that’s unprecedented as far asI can tell that this all went down soyou what they were trying to preventwhat’s happening right now it didn’twork it didn’t work but there’s stilleverybody has due process that’safforded them and but they fired themoutright and nobody’s coming out andgoing yeah because it’s it’s untouchablethe union’s not gonna come out and gothis is he has rights and you know thereare we have to afford him the rightsthat Americans all Americans have to dueprocess that no one’s even touching thisyeah you know but let me get to this theto the DA and I’ll preface it with thisyou know there’s people that I mean youknow what something like this happenseverybody has a law degree everybody hasa law degree and they’re all saying thisjust needs to be first degree firstdegree murder like that has some kind ofspecial something to it saying it’sfirst degree what does the third degreecan is it like manslaughter 30 degreeand slider yeah but I don’t know howthat how it works in in Minnesota butthe the and just to break it to peoplethey’re notfile first-degree and they’re not goingto it’s not a first-degree case I’msorry to break the news to people butthe laws the law this does not qualifyas a first-degree murder case I’m sorryno premeditation really no there’s nopremeditation so so let me read this thethe statement on these charges how theDA came to the charges so the DA saidthe criminal complaint against sincefired cop Derick Chauvin also says thatanother cop checked Floyd’s right wristfor a pulse and said I couldn’t find oneabout two minutes before Chauvin finallyremoved his knee the defendant had hisknee on mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutesand 46 seconds 2 minutes and 53 secondsof this was after mr. Floyd wasnon-responsive this is what raised myeyebrows police are trained that thistype of restraint with a subject in aprone position is inherently dangerousokay and this is what can this is what’sgonna piss people off and they’re notgoing to accept it and the but this ishow the DA came to these charges anautopsy found no physical findings thatsupport a diagnosis of traumatic oficioor strangulation of Floyd but revealedunderlying health conditions includingcoronary artery disease andhypersensitive heart disease thecomplaint said the combined effects ofmr. Floyd being restrained by the policehis underlying health conditions and anypotential intoxicants in his systemlikely contributed to his death rightand they filed they filed when they saysecond or third degree manslaughter orthird degree murder and manslaughterthat’s what it wasso yeah I mean I don’t think that hemeant to kill the guy like I don’t Ithink he’s just being a dick I don’tthink he meant to kill the guy at allyeah so like you said it’s notappropriate to charge him with murderit’s not and and go ahead I say he wasbreathing finelike you could he was talking he wassaying very loudly he couldn’t breathewhich but like I said I think it was hisheart you knowwell what’s troubling is that afterfirst off let’s say that he’s getting ina pissing contest with Floyd and hethinks oh you just you’re just whiningtrying to get a 10 shouldn’t saying youcan’t breathe right okay then then theguy becomes unresponsive and the otherofficer goes hey I don’t have a pulseand then after that he still has let mesee so so he gets told he doesn’t havethe pulse by the other officer he stillkeeps his his knee on the guy for twominutes and 53 seconds after the officersays dude there’s he’s not breathingwow I didn’t know I didn’t know thatdetail that’s hard that’s horrific butwouldn’t that kind of go oh crap youknow take the knee off and and maybe hewas telling the truth he can’t breatheit doesn’t matter the reason why policeofficers are not medical personnel rightyou know and if and if somebody inconjunctions with saying they can’tbreathe and then they’re not breathingthat’s the time that’s where I kind ofgo you know what you’re not you may notbe a straight-up first-degree murdererbut you’re the biggest idiot on theplanetyeahyou know what was it worth it dude wasit worth it you’re gonna go to prisonfor what 25 years or whatever it is thatthey give him I mean he has no not ashred left of any kind of compassion forHumanity you know I mean you can tellyou treated that guy like cattle kind ofyou know what I mean he he could couldhave cared less it seemed like yeah it’sit’s disturbing in that sense butthere’s a lot of there’s a lot of thingsthat go into play here but this guyshould he somebody asked me because Imade a comment he should never beenwearing a badge and someone said well Iagree with everything you say but wouldyou still say that if he had a if he hada stellar career say 17 18 19 yearswhatever would you still say heshouldn’t never had he should have nevergotten a badge and I said you know whatyou you are right where I think I shouldhave said was he should have never beento continue to the word a badge with hishistory of bad police rise work yeah cuzthat doesn’t I mean that’s not a smalldepartment I know in LA and you knowbetter than I do like you don’t get thatmany strikes you know I mean like theydon’t know they don’t screw around youget punished you get time off you getdays and then you’re gone that’s how didthis guy get investigated 18 times yeahand use of force I I mean I’ve been thevictim of use of force complaints anduse of force is just a catch-all rightyou know I could be just put your handson someone yeah put your hands the cuffsare too tight so much anybody cancomplain yeah that’s truebut it’s it’s the fact that you know ifthere’s a pattern of use of forceincidents the guy obviously is usingforce and then you kind of have to lookat the totality of it but if an LAPD ifyou get caught using excessive forcethere’s a good possibility you’re gonnaget fired yeah right in that check yeahbecause there’s like there’s like yournameheat of battle and you’re you’re in afight with someone in fists are flyingand you’re on video and then the guykind of looks like like you know it’sdone and then in the heat of battle youyou’re you’re still doing it theAdrenaline’s pumpin II you punch you onemore time that’s excessive force theyget you they’re probably not gonna dingyou for that because it’s like right youknow you’re fighting for your own safetybut if you get caught on videos smackingsomeone up against the wall like thatguy from a couple weeks ago rabbitpunching that guy in the back of theheadyeah there’s no way you’re not gonna getout of that right so there’s a real goodpossibility you’re gonna get fired soshould he have ever worn a badge I thinkprobably after a number of incidentsmaybe they should have looked at him alittle bit closer the reason I say thatis because you know maybe Floyd wouldstill be aliveif somebody had maybe looked at this guya little closer and seen his record andsaying that he yeah you know we got tofigure out whether he’s gonna be aliability Wowhe is he became a liability for fortheir department and now we have thisanother issue that really pisses me offis that because this guy he’s he’s he’sa dick and he did this and he looks likehe’s gonna pay for this but the problemI have is that every police officer inthe United States is gonna pay for whatthis guy didI know Ken I mean how do you feel Kenabout the posts you’re seeing right nowon like social media by other cop stateI don’t I don’t know how to word thisand I don’t want to seem callous or likejerky I appreciate the the posts thatkind of give what they’re going throughlike one of our former guests ShawnThompson put up there about he washeaded into work and I shared it he washeading into work for San Francisco PDand he was feeling nervous you know likeof course you’re San Francisco is ahotbed for protests and you know whoknows what you’re gonna encounter you’releaving your family behind you’re goingin it’s like what am I gonna see today Ilike that like how guys communicate thatso people can get a feel for itit kinda is driving me nuts the guysthat are are overly defending theprofession you know what I meanbecause it’s like you don’t need to likeanybody with critical thinking skillsknows that all cops aren’t this guy thisguy is just his he’s a dick you knowit’s like if you’re wrong by acontractor it doesn’t make everybody youknow of a contractor a jerk you knowwhat I mean like that type of thing Ifeel like a there’s a lot of these likepage or two long Facebook posts likejust like overly defending the job ofpolice officer and even some of them arekind of virtue signaling a little bityou know it’s like back it down a littlebit it seems like the fact that you feellike you have to defend the professionI’m a number one it doesn’t work itdoesn’t reach the people and changeanybody’s mind because these people areincensed number two it just seems likeit’s over the top like it’s just kind ofirritates me I don’t I don’t know whyyou know what I’m saying yeah there’sthatit’s kind of weird because on the otherhand too there’s cops that are the itit’s they come on and they just go overthe top no this is murder and all thesetypes of things when cops should knowthat yeah it this looks like one of themost egregious things I’ve ever seen butwe’re we’re not done yet and then all ofa sudden the DA comes out goes hey sorryguys this is not this is this is whathappened and now these you know there’sI think there’s to one extreme and tothe other to what you’re saying is Idon’t know that they need to you canmake a sentence but these long frickinwrite-ups that just going over the top Idon’t I don’t know man because the thefirst thing that thought I saw I saw apost a super long write-up from this cupI mean it was I was getting I had tostart skipping sentences because it wasso longand then at the end of it I gointeresting I wonder and I went to theguy’s Facebook page the original authorthe police officer and I was wonderingwhen a police officer gets killed didyou go to such trouble and write a superlong thing about the police officerdying to the line of dutydoubtful right doubtful so yeah I hearwhat you’re saying it’s just I just findthis whole thing irritating I think someof it is almost like pandering yeahyou’re just getting played like a fiddleyou know by the manipulation ofeverything in a good friend of both ofours Dee who’s a police officer shewrote a really interesting post that Ireally appreciated about being a blackwoman and also being a cop and whatshe’s dealing with dealing with theseriots in LA and that was stuck post likethat are really great to really get thatinsight and see like wow that it that isuh that is such a different way to lookat it you know I appreciate that stuffbut the but the you know the overdefending in the and and the beating ofthe chest about police and we’re not alllike that and my agency would never dothat this is egregious and yeaheverybody knows that you don’t have tosay that you almost sound guilty youknow II mean it’s like what are youfeeling guilty about something becauseyou’re really going over the top hereyeah it’s like it’s like you Kelly youdon’t have to defend the obvious I meanif you know I would say you know if it’ssomething like you saying that I don’tgo in front of trains because you’ll diewell you don’t have to say that and youdon’t have to really write a 2-pagething on Facebook about not standing infront of trains cuz you’re gonna die cuzit’s obvious everybody knows it right soI mean you don’t have to say you know Iwould never do this as a as I wouldnever do this as a police officer totell me something else Captain Obviousthis is norocket kid you know who I hate I hateNazis and Hitler bad guys in theboogeyman I hate all those bad guys myStan I don’t mind telling you I’manti-nazi yeah because of that thank youyou know Dee also wrote something veryhe’s the best she’s the best we love Deebut she wrote something today onInstagram where she said something tothe effect of I’m shocked at the amountof people who are calling for the deathsof all police officers and I’m blackyeah yeah that’s that yeah I love all ofher friends it’s like you’re talking tosomeone who’s black and you’re talkingabout killing all police off like thatbut like I like the messages aboutMartin Luther King- were you know his uh he was quite thepreacher like on MLK Day this year I wasin the car in a station played one ofhis old sermonsI’d never listened to his like preachingI’ve heard all this famous stuff andcivil rights stuff you know but uh hewas one hell of a preacher like he couldpreach the gospel he was really reallygood at it and um you know he really setthe example a christ-like example inprotestyou know peaceful protest not that’schrist-like that is raising the bar thatsets you apart and I see a lot of blackfolks I’m friends with speaking outagainst what’s going on and saying nolike this is not right it’s not the wayyou’re not that’s what makes you thinkit’s like the like the people doing thison the videos are like they’reopportunists you know they’re like noone’s really upset about some kind ofsocial injustice and then also on theside needs a big-screen TV you know whatI mean like right that doesn’t seemright and the thing about MLK if you putit in context during MLK’s time the KluKlux Klan Klu Klux Klan was outoutright murdering people right I meanthat was a big deal and there were blackmen and women that were being killed bythese these raciststhat’s the other thing can people areposting that like racism is worth alltime were highest oh and the 60ssegregation hello yeah yeah GermanShepherds attacking black people therewas there is Jim Crow laws yeah and foranybody doesn’t know what the Jim Crowlaw in the south is back in the back inthe day when I was young there werethere were signs that said black peoplewill restrooms white people restroomsthey couldn’t drink out of the samedrinking fountains they couldn’t sit inthe same restaurants it was puresegregation and racism and then not onlythat when Martin Luther King and thepeople that he marched with would dothese peaceful protests freaking thepolice in the South would would put firehoses on him and he dogs yeah so thiswas this was right this is super real inthe news out there in the opengetting their ass systemic racism forreal democrazy for real systemic racismand people we have a very short memoryyou know I mean it’s this is the worstracism because my I’m on the keyboardand I see it on my screen it’s like getthe hell out of hereyeah and so when he speaks from hisheart about how you affect change he’sdoing it from someone who was there inthe front lines he went to jail he gotbeaten he got all this stuff why becausehe’s black right and then we have thesefolks here who say yeah well the targetthing you know thrashing Target andtaking that big screen TV that’s rightI’m like dude you’re you’re I’m and Iyou know what you and I are just talkingyou’re white guy I’m a Mexican guy whatdo we know right cuz that’s the firstthing people to say I’m just going byhistoricalmy historical knowledge not as trying tolook into the black the black experienceright I’m just looking at it from whatnews with historical news says and thisis what it tells me that Martin LutherKing would not condone what is going ontoday oh hell no yeah no and I don’tthink you and I are being racist oranything cuz someone’s gonna go that atleast you know please for the newsthey’re just racist cuz you know nowe’re not we’re not but I will be onaccident accident right I’m so white youare check your priveledge please sorryagain so we have another our next storywhere we’re on now we’re on Minnesotabut our next story we have a clip aboutand it’s a it’s with regard to thesepeople this is this drives me nuts tooso these people got ahold of the officerDerek Chauvin his home address anddecided to publish it so all theseprotesters protesters I guess theyconverge on this guy’s house Oh evermind never mind if there’s family thereworking children never mind that let’sgo terrorize them and they converge onthat so now these police officers whoare racists because they have to goprotect this family so they the story isabout the headline is officers protectfired cop Derek shelvings house afterGeorge George Floyd death and you have aclip on them yeah it’s very aggravatingapplet well comment people are defendingthis killers house look any aredefending this killers house look manyare defending this killers house lookhow they are defending this killershouse lookthey’re either defending it from you andthis horrible mob that wants to killpeople without a trial so so they shouldjust let something happen yeah I don’tthere is a ton of cops here too Isuggest you watch the video there’s andthen they’re chastise it’s just a lot ofthat just keep goingthey’re chastising these poor cops whogot stationed there that and they’rejust like holding their sticks lookinginto the sky like this night yet can’tbelieve I’m here because those peoplewould tear that place down and probablykill everybody inside I mean that whyyou there well your yeah your seems likeyou’re there to do violence they’re notgonna they’re gonna not gonna just marchin a circle say saying we shall overcomeyou know they’re there for a reason whywould you converge on a police officerand what do you expect so if the officerfeels threatened and he comes out andstart you know someone gets shot becausethey feel like their life is threatenedof course the police are gonna show upand then they’re gonna protect thisperson’s house just like they would ifit was anybody else that’s what they doit can you imagine this guy’s neighborslike I told you that guy was a dick thisis happening yeah and it’s a wholeneighborhood this whole thing where youfeel the need to docs and to publishpeople’s addresses so the whole worldcan converge on it and terrorize becausewhat it is is this terrorism yeah it’sso low it’s terrible it’s terrorism andit’s different you know it’s it’sdifferent the the thing for me is it isthat this officer didn’t go and justexecute Floyd in the street you know hejust didn’t point a gun at him and gunhim down this was a dick move and itended up exasperated in the man’scondition and the guy died from healthconditions probably related to thiswhole incidentbut to go to the guy’s house and to justwhat a hundred people two hundred peoplewhatever how many people are out thereand and bring terror to his neighborhoodis the stupidest thing and then thisadds to the stupid for me is that forthem to get all in the face of theofficers who are sworn to protect and toserveeverybody I know and not only thatthat’s their assignment they don’t evenhave a choice but to show up thereform a line and protect this person’shouse okay so you made your point youmay leave nowI know brutal some that white chick withdreadlocks telling you that you’re a pigyeah and and because because theseofficers are assigned to go do this andthey stand the you know the they form askirmish line in front of in front ofthis guy’s house to protect his familythe officers that do that so they’reracists now they’re racists too andthey’re part of the problem what ifthey’re black can does that doesn’tmatter then they’re still racist becausethe race traitors race traders but theysee a family of these photos of these ofthese officers and they look totallydisinterest my gosh dude and I was gonnago to my kids baseball game today that’sthat’s really grueling putting up withthat kind of treatment for like eightyou know eight hours someone yelling atyou that’s like really exhausting andyeah to be to be irritated frayedstraight oh and I can’t tell you I’vehad a number of people get a hold of meand say you know what I’m just I need tofind another job I don’t want to do thisanymoreoh no you know is it worth it nowit’s time to snot yeah it’s um it’stough man like when I got stopped beinga cop to 16 it was getting to be likevideo camera stops recorded all the timepeople melting off a lot like this isjust a town you know but it was youcould kind of see what was happening andit’s not gotten better you know it’sgotten four years have gone by and it’sScott worse and we’re especially thecities especially the cities yeah so Imean these cops are getting spit onbitten hit brickswe’re throwing urine at them whateveryou know they just treat these cops likedirt and so we go from coronavirus tothis yeah bad now these people don’tlearn from the past either because laburned in 1992 and there’s still partsof the riots that have not been rebuiltyeah I remember there was a there was astore well known it used to be thriftydrug stores and I don’t remember thriftystill around but they were owned by bigfive so there was this Thrifty’s thatwas in these and these areas they don’thave a lot of times the depressed areasdon’t have these big name shops and allthis these really neat shopping mallsand things and so when you have aname-brand store go into an area andthey plant roots for the community andthey do all these things and thrifty hada store during the riots it was justthrashed it was burned down they stayout right said we’re not going back andthey didn’t rebuild the store oh manyou know and if this happens where whereit’s just like you you folks you justkilled the economy in this area there’smom-and-pop shops you don’t hear targetwas one incident but for the most partyou really don’t hear that all theseplaces they get burned and and thrust orall mom-and-pop shopsyeah note is bad too is um a lot ofthese people doing this to theseneighborhoodsfrom these neighborhoods mmm-hmm they’reshowing up to protest and then burningdown your neighborhood yeah yeah becausethere may be the point thanks thanks forthe hand thanks for the help and so youknow there’s stories that you could goon and on about about the after-effectsof this type of thing but this happenedbefore this has happened before and thisis not in my opinion this is not you’vegot all these all these politicians andall these people going yeah this can’thappen and we need change and Bible andstand up and you have a right to protestand all this type of thing and that’sfine and dandy but we’ve been down thisroad before so obviously this is not itand one cop one cop out of the how manywhat I can mean remember the number ofthe officers in the United States onecop here and there and here and therethis is the human race you’re gonna havedick moves and bad things happen frompeople all day long because why it’s thehuman race man has fallen man we’re notany good and so when this happens youdon’t indict an entire professionbecause of it that’s stupid and yet thisis what happens I it’s unbelievable tome if somebody in in the 1980s in the1990s when I was working patrol ifsomeone came to me and said all cops arekillers I’d look at him gowhat are you even talking about becauseit’s not true it’s not true and so hereyou have this stuff so they’re out thereprotesting at this officers house thatwas I just feel bad for the family andobviously you mentioned before the wifehas decided that there’s she’s divorcingthis officer she’s she’s done she wasprobably this close and then thishappened she’s like yeah that’s it thisis it I’m not getting healed because ofthis I would I mean I can’t imagine yeahthe thing that’s disgusting to meis that you these protesters don’t knowthat you know I don’t know it hasn’tbeen published about whether this guyhas kids are not in the house yeah andthe trauma that they’re inflicting on onmaybe some kids they don’t theseprotesters don’t give a crap no oh nothey don’t careand that doesn’t that this that tells methey’re just not compassionate foranybody but their own agenda so I don’tknow I feel bad for the people that arein the house and the guys in jail now sohopefully they’ll leave his house aloneyeah go to the jail oh I feel bad forFloyd’s family you know it’s like thathe um my wife showed me like post orsomething he had online where he waslike telling kids like to stay out ofgangs and he just seemed like a likekind of a sweet gentle giant cup guyobviously he’s not a perfect angel he’syou know got counterfeit money and he’syou know day drunk or whatever but umyou know just he seemed kind of like asweet guy you know kind of like a biglug you know and man it’s just the wholesituation sucks yeah for everybody thislast story is interesting because as youknow I have no love for CNN none nonelove no love CNN but the I found thisthis story kind of I don’t know maybeamusing just because it’s CNN so thisthe headline reads protesters storm CNNbuilding in furious Atlanta protests whywhy are they so mad at CNN well why werethey mad at the rite-aid whatever so soof course they say justice for George nojustice no peacesay his name George Floyd they’rechanting they that protesters do andthen it says after hours of peacefulprotests and this speaks to what you’retalking about before that the peoplethat are coming inside II and all thistype of thingfrom these areas I have a feeling thatthere they come from out of the area andthey infiltrate dig move the leadersthat says after hours of peacefulprotests in downtown Atlantasome protesters suddenly some somedemonstrate demonstrators protesterswhat’s the differenceI think the DNC buses these people inproblems George Soros yes somedemonstrators suddenly turned violentsmashing police cars setting one on firespray-painting the iconic logo as signat CNN headquarters and breaking into arestaurant and the crowd pelted officerswith bottles chanting quit your jobs soso somehow CNN has something to do withthis and must pay yes this restaurantI’m cool yeahthis restaurant has something to do withthis and must pay and all policeofficers and they were this is thatprotesters shot BB guns that officersthat threw bricks bottles and knives atthem and some people were watching fromrooftops and some were laughing asskirmishes broke out they ignored policedemands to disperse and people werearrested but not sure where the humor inall this is or the connection betweenCNN and the restaurant and vandalism andburning police cars in AtlantaI’m guessing they maybe they thoughtthey could get on TV if they went downto CNN and they did and made a big stinkthere you know they would really getsome get some coverage you know and Ihaven’t I haven’t seen anything from CNNmaking a public statement about this butbut I would not be shocked if they cameout and I saw CNN statement saying we wethank youdeserved it they have a right to burnour sign we understand and we feel wefeel their you know whatever and justkind of just define it and saying allthis stuff about them because that justseems like it would be classic CNNsomething that would say yeah we’regonna what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnapack up all of our stuff and uh we’regonna give this land back to the NativeAmericans and it’s not going to be anews organization anymore because wejust feel bad and it shows solidarity weburned our own sign yeah this is stupidstuff but I just thought we should inthe end this segment with this it’s acrazy time man it’s a crazy time and Ijust want to say he made mention beforethese people they’re going out thereit’s lawless they’re burning people aredying people are getting shot not by thepolice for some reason these protestersand demonstrators in and malcontent theygot to shoot people too because that’sall part of their anger but as SteveGould said you know you heard it herefirst all these people are wearing masksright because you’d only get thesniffles out there protesting so wellthat was exhausting I’m that that’s itfor today as far as as far as our newsgoes I was going I think we did ittackled it I think we did it we did itone hour and 25 seconds for five minutesexcellent done not bad not bad for sucha such a heavy week oh man say thatagainI am I got a building extension on toour goat pen and I’ll have you know I’mgoing to we have an old chicken coopthat I’m going to clear out because thequarantine we got one quarantine liftedken that’s right four chickens is beinglifted on the first and we’re gonna getsome chickens so what is it what doesthat even mean you have a quarantinelifted for chickens there’s been aquarantine inin LA San Bernardino Riverside I thinkin San Diego on chick owning chickensfor like two or three years I meanthere’s actually like down this road forme there’s an old chicken those chickenhouses mm-hmm empty they just wentbelly-up because this viral in Newcastledisease if you get it in your area andUSDA everybody shuts everything downbecause you can kill all the chickensmm-hmm well it’s gone and we’rereopening so this guys getting somechickens I love we had chickens it wasfun they’re fun I think the only lastlike three years though hmmyeah I’m gonna kind of wear him out funfact when I was three I lived on myparent my grandparents chicken ranch inParis California oh I guess you knowchickens I just drove through Paris isnice yeah yeah this was in 1961 orsomething like that well if I need anyadvice there chicken a full-on chickenranch Wow hold on chicken ranch so wellhave fun doing that and I’m gonna go anddo what I want all right sirsounds good sounds like the life I’lltry us out dress please hey guys I hopeyou enjoyed the episode if you’d like tosupport the show go over to thingspolice 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the stories you’dlike to share and I will get right backto you so thank you for listening andwe’ll catch you next time[Applause][Music]you[Music]English (auto-generated)

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