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TPS Cops In The News: Week of 05/11/2020

In this episode Steve and Ken talk about cops in the news for the week of 05/11/2020.  

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this episode of cops in the news isbrought to you by bump it anyone who’sactive or retired from law enforcementwith a business should ask yourself thisone question do you think that running abusiness without a strong internetpresence is a good idea believe me whenI tell you it’s not that’s why we tookthe plunge and went all-in with thispodcast and started working with acompany called bump it bump it is a webdesign and digital marketing companyowned and operated by current elio outof New York they take pride in caringabout your needs as a business owner andunderstand the struggles of being anactive or retired Elio while alsorunning a business visit their websitebump it marketing calm that’s B um P ITmarketing comp and schedule a call todayto get started without further adohere’s the news this is thanks policesee first-hand accounts with your oasthey guys welcome to cops in the news forthe week of five eleven twenty twentywith me as always Ken Roybal again how Ijust I’m good I’m ready for this I’m soready I’m pumped Pumped you look pumpedI’m a little sway apart I feel pumpedyeah what you’re little sweatyI’m a old frustrated we were trying towe’re gonna try YouTube live butcouldn’t figure it out I startedsweating got a great it so yeah wellthey didn’t want to make it easy on youwell they know what will help him aliveit’ll explode YouTube will just therewas not enough bandwidth on YouTube forus being live and we were thinkingactually I was thinking now said hey wecan go live on my facebook but thenpeople ask all the questions and it kindof we kind of go back and forth in it ifyou feel rude if we don’t answer themand then get to talk did you know wedon’t want to be rude so you have someshout outs right I have a I have a shoutout so awesomeI got a shout out for one of our one ofour listeners who actually a I helpedwith some backgroundsoffensive some questions Anthony Medinahe’s in California and he he made amention that he says I need to advertisemore the podcast on Instagram as you dobecause he found me on officer comm andhe found me on the podcast but he didn’tknow I was even on the podcast so Iguess I got to put more stuff onInstagram and let people know hey heyI’m here you knowso can I feel like we are like thisclose to the show getting like big Ireally feel like that not even joking Ithink the the interviews when I go backand edit them after we have theinterviews some of the stories are sogood and so fascinating to me that Ican’t I have total confidence that if atsome point the right ears get on thepodcast and it could lump so you likeyour own podcast do you like your owninterviews basically I give all creditto the interviewee the interviewee onour stories we’re just getting them outthere we got some good guests so some ofthe guests I just like amazed at thestories and I don’t want to interjectand I don’t want to interrupt the flowof their stories because they’re so goodbut there’s some were even I and you whoare seasoned police officers our jawsdrop because this actually happened soit’s kind of interesting yeah I thinkwe’re gonna I think we’re on theprecipice did you like that you likeprecipice key word precipice I reallycould see it I could see it like it onlytakes like one like if you guys couldshare the podcast as much possible thatwould be amazing share with your friendsput on Facebook whatever you know ittakes you know the right people seeingit and then explosion time then I’d likegold chains probably flavor flav haveyou interviewing Flavor Flav and SnoopDogg yeahyeah that would be good we could be morediverse in our guests and see what kindof like like maybe people that have hadtrouble we could we could interview theguys from straight out of what is itStraight Outta Compton or was thatwhat’s that movie with ice cube andeazy-e and oh um boys in the hood boysno that’s way far back oh this one thenew ones really I think it is Jade OuttaCompton yeah we should get all them onthere and see what how they like thecops I’m pretty sure they’re right heyyou wanna do some news yeah actuallyhave to shoutouts oh oh oh I’m sorry yesthat’s rude and I have to apologize toour listeners and fans of the show I wehave an email for actually emails forthe show kena’s emails we have theFacebook page the Facebook page has itsown messenger system as you know okaybecause you have a Facebook page andthen also my personal Facebook page hasits own messenger so what I’m trying tosay here is sometimes I get I overlookedthings I forget I don’t see a messageand I go back and I see it and I’m likedamn it I meant to mention it so guysjust know that I’m I’m going through allof them and I’m catching up there wassome in there that I did I missed and Ireally wish I hadn’t one of them wasfrom an old guest we had we called himconstable bill oh yeah the Bobby fromoverseas he had a great a great requesthe has a friend that is a big fan of theshow and he said it’d be cool fee if wecould give him a shout out I saidabsolutely do anything for a constablebill so this guy’s name this is a bigshout-out to our fan Mick Stevensonthank you for being a fan thank you forlistening overseas and he’s also knownas Mick Horatio Ignatius Stephenson ohyeah also known as Mick quesadilla windwacker Stephenson Cydia so he’s part ofmy people he could be Mexican mmmalso aka wind wacker Stevenson aka HRHMichael Cornelius rumpa dumped Stevensonthe third oh that’s very royal soundingyes this guy’s obviously he’s a big he’sa big hitter over there in England soNick thank you for checking us out manwe appreciate the continued support yeahto the to Mick to me thank you tip onefor you laterand then the another one I had that Ifound I was like ah dammit this guy canyou know there it is got itthis guy’s name is Brandon Crawford soBrandon thank you for being a fan thankyou for listening the show you writes mea message writes us a message and says Ijust want to say thank you for thispodcast I’m in the Navy on the USSRoosevelt and I’ve put in isolation for21 days and this podcast has got methrough sitting alone thank you again sothat’s that’s great thank you for yourservice and so sorry to hear you’re onthe you know in isolation but some ofthese naval ships bandits there’snowhere to go and there’s all closequarters and stuff so you get handed tothem but yeah you know what if I wasstranded in isolation on a naval vesselfor 21 days and all I had was you knowthings please see podcast you’d be finegreat cueing my Cheerios in the morningand my podcast and I’m good yes all Ineed so to think and that we’re peopleare listening to us on Navy shipsoffshore Wow across the pond ton ofdifferent countries actually Australiaand it’s really um it’s really coolreally touching so thank you guys somuch truly appreciate ityeah I remember when this podcast firststarted and you were maybe your podcastwhen as far as the corner from yourhouse the street maybe across the streetfrom your house my neighbor’s now yeahno its you again you’ve got quite a fewfans overseas and now in the militarywent over there listening on the shipbut that’s pretty cool that I got a handit to you man because I used to I thinkI’ve read everyevery rating on on the podcast andpeople there was a little bit of timewhen you took a little break yeah andwhen you came back people were like loveyou somewhat yeah so you’re doing goodgood we’re doing good Ken oh oh I’m justyour assistant do you know that I toldyou I double that sell or any day that’sdouble nothing you know what I could dowith that don’t youyep I can buy more air guitars mm-hmmexactlyyou know for the people that don’t knowI have one of the largest air guitarcollections in the worldbigger more air guitars than the the theair guitar museum I’ve got tons of airguitar I don’t even know where I’m gonnaput them all but that’s another storywhat the heck I got stories I got newsstories I am yeah and you know what thefirst one I want to do is a combo combonews story shadow couple a new storyshout out like that so we haven’t talkedabout this but it’s just a very veryquick story it’s interesting got acouple of LAPD stories today anywaysthis is an LAPD story coming straightout of CaliforniaLAPD given to us by you’re not gonnabelieve this this is gonna blow you awaytell me okay heart I heart shiningMiranda Kay browning Instagram biglistener weekly visitor she’s the oneremember Moran is the one says hey shehits me uphey where’s the podcast and I’m Steevecould you please download that thingplease drop that now because Miranda iswaiting I love hearing some MirandaBrown that’s rightawesome awesome big family we love youso she sent us a story and the headlineis so far it’s only an Ellie times butthe headline is LAPD wants to give rapidresult coronavirus test to everyone itarrests and what this thing says is thatthey have a testing systemthat’s capable of determining within 15minutes if someone is infected andthere’s some controversy about thisparticular test I don’t know enoughabout it but it’s you know what some ofthe arrests someone they do a test onthem find out hey they got corona virusand then what yeah I’m not really um Idon’t really like that idea especiallyif this test isn’t accurate or it’s youknow cuz now now you’ve been labeledthat you have corona virus so guess whatwe can do all kinds of stuff with youyou know to be enough no we have theright to put you in isolation or youknow I don’t like it that’s dumb and notonly that is now everybody that thatthat that guy or gal is come in contactwith all the officers and they all toquarantine they all have to quarantineright yeah and it’s not even for surethat it’s accurate but they’re trying toroll this out the thing is that that thepolice chief went to the City Counciland says hey can we get these kids soit’s not they’re not they’re not even inthe hands of the police departmentthey’re just you know wish list I don’tknow I don’t know I I guess if you aregonna go to that extent then why do Iarrest anybody yeah I think it’s thecase of like Burt sometimes you can knowtoo much in these situations goodexample I had a pain in my stomach and Iwent through all these tasks and thenthey found that I had a lesion on myspleen this went out for months can youknow about it I would sleepless nightsparanoid I know what the hell is goingon come to find out this thing does it’sbenign it’s no big deal it’s going awayit’s just a cyst or something but thedoctor said you know we we sometimes wejust can see too much too muchinformation can really stifle the humanbeing so yeah I think it’s a little bitoverboard and it’s all guesswork yeahit’s all guesswork I mean you said oldstory work where I don’t know if wementioned this last week where theeverything’s coronavirus and they show apicture of this this Mexican cartel drugcar and it’s got its bullet holes allover they godeath by Corona everything’s coronavirusso I just don’t know I don’t know howthis works now I know I know in thebeginning if somebody tested positivefor corona virus and you’re supposed toisolate them and everybody in theirimmediate vicinity I don’t know if theyget all isolated at a quarantine and andin a police station so now this guy’sgoing in he’s breathing all the air andhe’s doing whatever and they find outhe’s positive for corona virus based onthis 15-minute test which also brings toquestion we can’t where were all thesetests because because they’re going wedon’t have enough testing but I haven’thave tested all this kind of stuff andthe country is all this behind andeverything and this test is 15 minutesbut what yeah that’s weird that’s theydevelop that pretty quick they did andit’s not I don’t know so anyways le PDwants to do that and the chief wants todo it and they gotta go suck up to theCity Council or whoever the mayor’soffice whoever is going to authorizethis thing mmm and then that’ll bring awhole bunch of new problems because tomy understanding and the big scheme ofthings the LAPD has not been overlyinfected and so now are they trying toappease somebody or they trying tosomeone say hey we don’t want to be NewYork with nine hundred thousand officersinfected out sick yeah it’s kind ofwhat’s what’s behind it because we’relazy Steve like you said what are theygonna do when they when they have anarrest it takes a bunch of officers theybring him the booking and then like uhhe was bought everybody wrap it up gohome everybody involved in this go homeand now all these cops behind oh yeah bythe way we can’t use these parts of thebuilding anymore we can’t use thebooking route we can’t it’s like a wholeprecinct shut down now because and theygot a they got to bring in coronavirusSWAT to go in there and deepdecontaminate the areaso that’s that’s something good storyall right yeah and that just came out Ijust got that this morning so that’swhat we call in you know the news bizthe news bizthat’s hot off the presses like it neverheard them before did you coin thatphrase I made that pretty much actuallyit’s it’s so old because they’re reallynews press is kind of you know they’regonna be it’s a dying breed people don’treally read the newspaper right so it’shot off my email how about that got itokay so the next story is disturbingit’s disturbing out of Oakland Fox 2News in Oakland and the headline wellactually we have a a clip on thiscorrect we do it’s the clips um a littlelengthy but it’s good and it gets weirdkind of towards the end you’ll see whatI mean do it new at 6:00 tonight theOakland Police Department has stoppedkeeping tabs on sex offenders during thecorona virus pandemic now hundreds ofregistered sex offenders in Oakland arein violation of the law whether theywant to comply or not KTV is evan sternoffski explains why we put a wholepopulation at risk and i find that veryvery concerning nina salerno bessel minhan attorney with crime victims unitedthought to pass the sex offenderregistry known as Megan’s Law she wasalarmed to learn that the Oakland PoliceDepartment has suspended checks on localsex offenders during the Cova nineteenshelter-in-place order meaning policehave no current records on thewhereabouts of hundreds of offenders nowit’s kind of like an open field sexoffenders in California are required tocheck in with their local PoliceDepartment and their information isposted on the public Megan’s Lawdatabase registrants must update theirinformation every year transient sexoffenders are required to go in every 30days and update where they’ll be stayingbut while other law enforcement agencieshave found ways to update records on sexoffenders during the pandemic theOakland Police Department has shutteredits registered unit a little bit of aability that was still left a little bitof reporting that was still left Oaklandhas just completely shut down and nowwe’re going to have this huge at-riskpopulation with nowhere to go the Cityof Oakland has 887 sex offendersregistered on the Megan’s Law website arecent check shows nearly 400 of themare now in violation the policedepartment can just interject this iswhere it gets weird I know it’s kind oflong but they start interviewing likechild molesters so this standbyconfirmed to KTVU that it’s registerunit is closed and the registrationprocess has been suspended due to thepandemic we press them on why but OPDofficials would not elaborate theclosure comes as several high profilesex offenders have been released inorder to thin out California’s jailsduring the pandemic I would think thatchecking on sex offenders is one of themost essential services we can providethe Alameda County Sheriff’s Officealong with the cities of Hayward SanLeandro and Berkeley are continuing todo registrations either in person or bytelephone according to the districtattorney’s office San Francisco isgiving registrants a form to fill outwith a 60 day waiver for otherrequirements Los Angeles is doing allappointments by phone oh my god I meanit’s like just just this huge pit in mystomachOakland’s policy is also frustratingregistrants who are trying to followstate law we spoke to a homeless man inOakland who is a registered sex offenderhe spoke to us because he said he istrying to follow the law but didn’t wantto show his face I’ve done everything Icanhow is it that I’m in violation of statelaw for complying with everything Ipossibly can he spent ten years in stateprison for the continued sexual abuse ofa minor under 14 he then went to a statehospital where he received treatmentbefore getting outhe went to register in person like hedoes every month but he was deniedhere’s the thing can this clip keptgoing and they continued to interviewsex offenders and they were almosttrying to make you feel sorry for themthat they can’t register like what wasme they’re gonna get there like they canget in trouble now arrested althoughthey’ve tried to register it’s like noone caresI thought these people well this is thisis coming out of Oakland right yeahthere’s so much so Oakland is a liberalstronghold remember the mayor of Oaklandis a one who warned illegal immigrantsthat the that ice was coming into theircity on this certain day and so I’m notsurprised that this this is you knowwhat’s happening here is the sexoffenders are not allowed to registerbecause and this is making them victimsyes we’re making them it’s really grossto it I don’t it’s really insane andthey are it kind of reminded me of whendo you remember when this is super leftlike the super left weirdos we’re gonnaadd patter asses to LGBTQ they weregonna add like a you know for childmolester or for pedophiliaI’m like oh the gay people are like hellno not having that but like if you gofar enough left you just start to do youknow you degrade into completeretardation yeah so I mean this Oaklandis shutting down this unit that thatallows these these these sex offendersto register we yet there’s otherneighboring cities that are just doingit fine they’re doing it telephonicallyor whatever what’s that what’s the pointshutting it down and the these thisMegan’s Law the whole thing about it isthat this is how we track sex offendersso you can go to Megan’s Law website andput an address in and find out all itsit’s like it’s horrible we talked aboutthis last we know that we support whereyou can I encourage anybody inCalifornia to go to the may go to ourwebsite type in your address and you’llbe shocked it’s like red dots where thewhere the houses are and that and thenyou can I think you can either click onthat or hover over and it tells you theperson’s the person who lives there andthat what they did I think it’s whatthey did but it’s absolutely shockingthe amount of sex offenders that are inyour neighborhood the fact that theyclosed this office making it so youdon’t have updated information and andthe the guys who like I don’t know theupstanding citizens who are sexoffenders they have to register once ayear but transient transient sexoffenders are supposed to register everythirty days because they’re transientthey move around and they just said Imean I don’t understand that says theCity of Oakland has 887 sex offenders onthe Megan’s Law website and as ofTuesday this last Tuesday nearly 400 ofthem were in violation of registrationrequirements so if this is a state lawhow does the police department make itso these people aren’t in complianceyeah you think they wouldn’t do thatthey it’s it’s odd to me it’s like doyou think if they put it out to publicthey’re like all right so we’re notgonna respond to a motor vehicle crashesnow we understand two minor ones noinjury okay we get it we’re not gonnawe’re not gonna issue your reportspolice report you have to do it by mailwe get that limit contact also we’re notgonna register violent sex offenders foryou wait a second let’s do that one okayso they are these okay so the questionis are these guys legal or they illegalyeah I mean that will I’m sure if one ofthem got snapped up they’ll go to courtlater in the judge because they couldcall because this is a state law so inorder to be in compliance you have toregister but you have to register withinthe jurisdiction that you are going tobe living inso the jurisdiction shuts down thereporting office yeah I know if theydon’t have a function to register Idon’t see how they could be convicted byanything you know so they can they goout and do what can they what what iswhat is the purpose anyways just so youknow where they’re atsex offenders yeah yeah I think just seemaking the databases to just tell youwhere they’re at yeah I think it’sstupid and they’re not really coming outOakland’s not really saying hey we ranout of money or anything like that rightso I don’t know what the deal I don’tknow what to deal what that is they’rejust not doing itokay so at Oakland we don’t I don’tthink we know anybody from Oakland butif there’s anybody who’s listening fromOakland be disturbed be very disturbedlet’s go on to the next story which Ijust want to say about this next storyregarding LAPD mmm I want to say I wantto say over a month agotold you so Ken called it you did andcalled it yeah so I just want to readthe headline mm-hmm that I wrote that Iwrote over a month ago it says this isChannel 4 News NBC KBC out of LosAngeles the headline reads 17 LAPDrecruits contract kovat 19 at trainingcenter see pi so this is the LAPDacademy and they’re saying that 17 ofthe recruits because they haven’t shutdown the academy and they are supposedto be practicing I saw a photo that thatthis doctor I don’t know what kind ofdoctor was sight doctor whatever isassigned to the Academy and it was aselfie with her holding the cameraupright and behind her is a wholeclassroom of LAPD recruits this was amonth ago yeah here we are here we arewe’re doing our thing we’re being us youknow whatever this selfie was about andthey’re all proud of itbut I don’t know man I how how can youhold an academy so you’re in classroomsand in there they’re not showing anypictures of the recruits in auditoriumswhere you can spread out you know of a200 person auditorium and the class theclass is 50 people they’re not doing itlike that they’re doing it in classroomsbut they’re spreading thatand then and then they’re wearing facemasks but you’ve got you’ve gotacademics and then you’ve got selfdefense which I don’t see them doing andyou’ve got tactics and you’ve gotphysical fitness and you’ve got marchingthey’re facing movements you know whenyou’re in formation in formation andunless they’re doing these like six feetapart can you imagine a formation of aclass of recruits are they adhering tosocial distancing within the academy Iguess they’re supposed to or I didn’tthink of that for some reason Idistinctly when I figured they were theywere kind of throwing caution to thewind and just running a normal academyno I don’t know I don’t know I mean Iknow in the classroom is just supposedto be spreading out but how’d you dohandcuffing Ken how do you do anythingbecause really put them on the academicpart you could do that at home we knowsome academies there’s some people thatwe know that they’ve shut down academiesand they’re doing them remotelybut LEP he’s not doing that Elias T’snot doing that the Sheriff’s Departmentbut what’s what I found what I foundinteresting was that the commandingofficer of the Academy she saidsomething that was interesting let mesee if it’s in this story here it’s notin it’s not in this story it’s not inthis particular story but she said thatthe virus however these recruits gotinfected the virus came from outside theAcademy really so really are these guyssick or did they just test them they arethey it says they contracted The Cove innineteen so it doesn’t explain why theytested them or any of that you know whatI for some reason I thought they saidthat the recruits were being like thetemperature check every day or somethingI don’t know where I heard that but II thought so but but if you think aboutit one thing I mentioned a long time agowas that these are not live in academiesthey go home they leave they go homethey do whatever they go into the worldthey go into the world who knows if theystop at the store they they interactwith their families who’ve been outsideyou know maybe the the husbands wives goto workthey’ve been out they come back sothey’re for the for the CEO to say thatthat the the virus came from outsidethere’s nobody that lives at the academyof course it came from the outside rightwhere else is it gonna come from so I’mnot sure I’m surehmm I’m sure LAPD has it all down youknow they know what’s happening but it’sI didn’t what you know a month ago Ididn’t get how this works I didn’t gethow this works because we knew that atthe beginning of April there was a classstarting and I’m thinking when I firstheard there was a class starting Ithought really oh okayand then now that this happens you’reshocked yeah it’s really shocking butthey’ll they’ll have coronavirus andthen that’s and okay so now you’ve gotcan they say it’s only this classbecause now if they’re doing PT which Isuspect they are physical trainingthey’re still sharing the locker roomsand they’ve got to be sharing theshowers and all this kind of stuff thosethings are hot musty and they’re runningin packs you know and the breath yeah Iheard somebody I heard I heard the theLA County Sheriff’s are doing trainingbut they’re they’re not socialdistancing during runs you know duringthe long runs and stuff so I don’t knowI don’t know what’s going on with thatyour take on it Steve I knew you weregonna have a little a little moment herewhen I saw the story that you sent me islike Ken nailed that oneso not disappoint I guess that makes mein my country we would say I’m smartI’m smart I’m waiting for the I’mwaiting for the president to hire me onthe co vid taskforce because yeah I knowstuff it’s only days couple pass I’msure take you steal you away from me Ithink not so you know what I’m what I’mI haven’t heard them say hey big this isa big deal so 17 recruits out of I wannado you remember I think was like the tryto hire was it 50 a class I thought it’s50 or 60 some like that yeah so that’sclearly that’s clearly a third of aclass the rest of them have toquarantine too right I mean I don’t knowactivity with them isn’t that the wayit’s supposed to go yeah they all needto go home for two weeks or whateverwhat did the service to the recruitsbecause Academy you get you get recycledif you miss X amount of you know days orweeks or whatever they’re gonna recycleyou to another class and so what happensin the interim where they don’t theirrecruits so it’s not like they haverights or you know all that cap type ofthing and they can cut them loosebecause whatever reason I I figuredthey’re gonna take care of them rightyou’d hope so I can that’s like anightmare of mine having to do redosomething like that I’ve had nightmaresabout like being late for Academy classand getting yelled at being like youknow that’s the biggest fear you make ithalfway through and then you getrecycled or something you could injuredor whatever and you have to do thatagain oh no thanks well normally if Iremember with LAPD they like say here’sthree months in and then for some reasonyou get hurt or something you getrecycled to the class behind you so theycould be two months in and you got toredo maybe a month or something but theydon’t start at the very beginningbecause they always have a class goingthey’re so big so it doesn’t right rightyeah that’s cool let’s let’s see whathappens next month in the month after ifthey continue to hire or I mean if I wasif I wasthe commanding officer of recruitment Imean not recruitment but of the Academyand someone told me yes 17 new yearrecruits are kovat 19 positive I don’t Idon’t know I don’t know if I would havecolor in my face at that point yeahthen shut her down yeah I don’t know ifthey’re gonna do so we’ll watch thisstory and we’ll and I’ve got my ear tothe ground I’ve got inside sources thatare telling me some secret squirrelstuff that I might be able to sharemaybe next week like it it’s a standbybecause Kenny might be the TMZ of policenews Dan you know some stuff we’re atbackgrounds there were stories that arein the news now that you were gettingthe window and like big stuff some Idon’t think you might not even come outyetthere’s scandal going on in that placebut we know we knowslowly leaking it out as my sourcescontact me and if you are listen to thispodcast and you want to be part of theTPS police in the news source squadthat’s a good reality confidentiality isour middle name right yeah we don’tsnitch we just don’t know so with thatlet’s move on to the next story which isgonna piss off some people gonna upsetsome people and I personally left it forthe third story because I just wantpeople to know what’s happening in NewYork so apparently there is a cityhealth commissioner in New York City andher name is doctor I can’t even can yousay this name noxious Ock serous youknow I can’t say things like thatpronounce the names of streets in LA soher name is her name is spelled herfirst name is spelled Oh X IR is Oxuswait who cares we can say whatever wewant her name her name is ox or Asst barbow barb oh oh that was her first nameyou were saying that was her first namebarb oh so she was on a telephone callon a I think it was a a some kind ofconference call with the with the chiefor the Commissioner of the NYPD who issaying they need five hundred thousandmasks for a Cove in nineteen whetheryou’re in ninety five mass for theirofficers mm-hmm keep in mind that outthat departments huge so she gets pissedoff and remember I just want to bring itto people’s attention doctor oxr isBarbeau is the one if you if you googleher name she’s out there at thebeginning the very beginnings of NewYork’s pandemic and she’s out there in anews conference go everything’s fineeverything’s great you come out and youdo you go about your regular businessshe was on the Pelosi train that’s rightthat’s right and so that’s that’s whoshe wasso anyways she gets all pissed offduring this call and she says they couldonly provide fifty thousand mass but notonly that not only that she thenproceeds to say and this is what’s gonnapiss you off she then proceeds to say Idon’t give two rats asses about yourcups I need them for others very niceyeah and so this is the department thathad them has had the most policeofficers out on Cove in nineteen of anydepartment in the entire nation what adeath is true actually yeah they’vethey’ve they’ve lost some I don’t knowhow many officers haven’t kept up onthat 40 or 50 something like that oh mygosh you know and for her to be soflagrant and there’s news articles thatare saying she needs to be fired and theUnion for the NYPD guys they’re allsaying they she needs to be fired andthe commissioners getting in a pissingcontest with the Union saying yeah sheisn’t yoube fired and here’s the thing she didn’tsay it publicly she said it in theprivate phone conversation with this guyright yeah so she’s never gonna pay forthis probably rightno and the mayor says he’s gonna lookinto it so what does that mean he’s herappointee I mean she’s she’s hisappointee you know and he can eitherfall on his sword and go yeah she’s anidiot I need to fire her or he needs tocover himself because she’s justbrilliant and he needs to cover for herhow do you cover for that kind ofconversation she’s trying to claim thatit was it was the heat of the moment andeverybody’s stressed out and all thatand I don’t know of any stressfulsituation where you would say I’m gonnagive a rat’s ass about your cops oh waitshe doesn’t give two rat’s asses that’sdouble the rat’s ass and who was it theI kind of wanna I kinda would like toknow what he said to her to spur thatcomment because I have a hard timebelieving that a doctor a professional acity official would just go right tothat I’d like to hear what he said toher I wonder where she’ll come fire backwith that if you read some of the someof the articles out there and grantedthere are some articles that are fromconservative conservative news sourcesand all that and they’re saying thatshe’s a cop hater and all this kind ofstuff though it’s it’s I don’t know whather experience is or why she would evensay such a thingthis guy Patrick Lynch is the presidentof the Police Benevolent Associationhe’s the one that said she should befired over her despicable andunforgivable comments here’s a commentthat he said that I think really hishome doctor bar blows should be forcedto look in in the eyes of every policefamily who lost a hero to this viruslook them in the eye and tell them theyaren’t worth a rat’s asswhoo fighting words yeah so anywaysthat’s what they have to deal with andand I think you know this is eithergonna be swept under the rug you haven’theard it on any big you know CNN MSNBCalthough and although if if some news ifsome NYPD higher up said something offto her that would be in the news oh yeahof courseyell over it yeah so let’s let’s seewhat the mayor is gonna do about it he’sapparently easy he’s a clown is it oh mygod the shops don’t like him anywaysyeah let’s move on to the next storyokay I got this one this is all over theplace but I I got this one off of NBCNews and we have a clip on this rightyou are and who somebody sent to thisstory but I can’t remember who sent thisto us yes Jesus should give them creditbuy me some time Ken let me see here letme I’m gonna sing a song right now looksfor that song freedom we’re gonna getthe name of the hour new source thatthat this is the problem and there’slike too many different inboxes I haveso I don’t know which one it came intooh there’s the page in books I got yourback because I have the screenshot thatyou sent Kenny oh cool let me see whatit is where is it well my phone isthinking there we go okay so this camefrom an individual Abigail trainer ohokay you know what that wasInstagram Abigail thank you she’s umshe’s actually wrote to us she’s astudent in San Diego not not a lawstudent doesn’t want to be a cop butjust finds the the podcast to be veryinteresting so Thank You Abigail yeah sothis came from Abigailtrainer and it really thinks they have ago for sending this to us because we’vereally looked into it and this is aninteresting conversation to have aboutthis officerand we have a clip on it but the theheadline reads police officer on leaveafter urging cops not to enforce stay athome order and this is the poor guys aPort of Seattle Washington policeofficer so you go ahead with that clipyes this is um Port of Washington is isthe agency that all the Seattle cops areleaving Seattle cops are leaving theirjobs to go to work for the port oh yeahthe port is more conservative and theystick up for their cops so they’re alittle bit they take care of their own alittle bit better than Seattle I’ll justadd that mmhmm yeah okay here we gothe police officer I’m compelled to makethis video the video posted may 5th wasrecorded inside Port of Seattle policeofficer Greg Anderson’s patrol car I’mseeing people arrested or cited forgoing to church for traveling on theroadways for going surfing opening theirbusinesses in it Andersen sharplycriticizes officers enforcing stay athome orders and urges law enforcement totake a standif you’re part of a department or anagency that is asking people or askingtheir officers or their deputies toimpose on people’s rights and infringeon their their their freedoms you needto step up and say no and if that costyou your job so be it I’ve alreadyexpressed this to my department andluckily for me I come from a departmentthat I feel like my chain of commandshares my view the video quicklygarnered thousands of views but fastforward one week and Anderson is tellinga very different story about hisdepartment I got a call and I saidlisten the video needs to be taken downright now and you need to accept aletter of reprimand Anderson says herefused to take the video down evenafter getting a call from Port ofSeattle police chief rod Covey Greg ifyou openly defy your governor you can’tbe a police officer in the state ofWashington now I am on a administrativeleave status pending termination on thePort of Seattle’s Facebook page chiefCovey posted a statement confirming thatAnderson is on paid leave quote while welook into allegations that he violatedour policy on the usesocial media the chief continued Gregghas always had the ability to expresshis opinions on what is going on in thecountry however he’s not allowed to doso while on duty wearing our uniformwearing our badge and while driving ourpatrol car every police officer in thecountry understands that it’s aninsubordination charge and it willresult in me ultimately being let gofrom the agency social media Anderson’svideos have garnered comparisons toFacebook posts by Snohomish CountySheriff Adam Fortney now facing recallafter announcing his department wouldpublicly defy the order we reached outto officer Anderson for a comment he didnot return our calls a GoFundMe accountfor Anderson has raised more than 20thousand dollars in one day Andersonsays he has no regrets my head is heldhigh I am not intimidated or upset byhow this played out Kristin Ayers yeahthere you goso this this this story has so manylittle legs to it and there’s so muchthere’s a lot there and the the thewhole thing where you can’t be a cop inin Washington if you openly defy thegovernor is crap that’s not true becausethere are sheriffs that have said nowwe’re not going to do it and they don’tget to not be sheriff’s there’s stillcopsso that’s that’s not true the otherthing is that he he went this video isnot of him from his living room he’s inhis police car he’s wearing his uniformand his badge in the whole nine yardsand he’s speaking about open defiance tothe state of Washington okay I thinkthat’s his first mistake totally agreehis second mistake is that you know it’sinteresting when you see this follow-upinterview of him you could tell the guyskind of a he looks like he’s a ruggedyeah he’s all over to a man’s man yeahhe’s got a t-shirt that says Ranger onit you know his t-shirt so I’m guessinghe’s kind of a hard-ass type of anindividual who’s gonna stand up for hisrights but you know the truth be toldthey didn’t say he couldn’t say what hesaid which a lot of departments go heyyou’re embarrassing us I don’t care ifyou’re on duty or off duty we’re gonnatake you to administrative hearing overthis they didn’t say that to him theysaid that you’re you’re going to get anofficial reprimand and you need to takethe video down I didn’t say you can’tvideotape a separate video from yourliving room and post that yeah totallytotally agree I think that’s where hethat’s where he lost me where was likein that the Chief of Police was rightwhen he said every cop in the countryknows what I’m talking aboutwell yeah you’re you’re on their timeyou’re on dutyyou’re being paid by the city and you’recalling for open defianceyou know proofs in the pudding now if hegot if he went to something where he wasordered to do something he thought wasunconstitutional and he refused to do itthat’s one thing okay yeah you know goodfor you and I’m sure that he’s the kindof guy that would not do it you knowthat’s a whole other thing to hash outin this disciplinary action in court andwhatever else but like you said he’sjust making a video on duty in the carI’m sure they have policies against thatyou know yeah he’s calling out he’sspeaking out against policy it’s kind ofa no-brainer yeah just he should havetaken it down and like you said he couldgo home and redo it and say hey becauseyou know what the bottom line it’s aboutfollowing rules oh it’s about followinglaw so you signed on to be a policeofficer that agency you know theregulations you need to follow theirlaws their rules you know what I meanand it so later on when you’re on thestreet and someone’s telling you toviolate the Constitution you can say noI’m gonna follow the wall and thenyou’re yeah no and this whole thingabout whether people’s constitutionalrights are getting trampled on oranything like that hasn’t even beenhashed out so we don’t know the legalramifications of these governor’s orderswe don’t know that yet it hasn’t been noone’s taking it to court although in oneof the statesone of the states I can’t remember it isthe Supreme Court or a judge he threwout the governor’s orders that he couldmake them stay home I don’t know what’sgonna happen with that I’ve seen a fewjudges get trounced with I think I’llstill one a pastor someone who’s beingpunished in the south and the judge saidno you can’t tell them not to you knowwhat the courts are kind of coming onthe side of the Constitution which isgood but yeah it’s it’s kind of it’s avery delicate balance between thesegovernor’s power we’ve never expirethey’re doing under for the greater goodfor your safety we’re going to do thesethings but that right there is thebalance of when freedoms start to getlost like do you want to be free or doyou want to feel safe you know that’sthe old that’s the old saying you knowwhat I mean like if you start that’s whyit gets people all it she and crazywhere it’s like well I’d rather have myfreedom than kind of like Aaron the sonthis this much safety you know it startsto get Americans who still have alltheir freedoms it gets us a little bitcrazy and people from other countriesdon’t get it because other countriesdon’t have this freedom of speech orthey don’t have the right to bear armslike I got an argument with a couple inat a bar when I was on the road fromGermany we were talking and they weretelling me how they the husband I saidhow do you I go honestly because we werefriendly after about an hour chatting Isaid how do you feel about gaming 40% ofyour pay to the government and he’s likeno he’s like actually you know what Idon’t mind it we have good health careand I said okay that’s cool it’sinteresting I said what about thefreedom of speech you know you guysdon’t have freedom of speech over thereand he goes we have freedom of speechlike oh you don’t I go fuze can you goout in the public square and say I’m amember of the Nazi Party he’s like nowe’ll be arrested for hate speech yeahyou don’t have the freedom of speech myman like so they’ve lost it already sothey don’t really it’s like they it’sgone you’ll never get it know it theydon’t know that this is not this is nota person I bet I want to be the memberof the Nazi Party but you should be ableto say whatever the hell you want to saynot hurting someone so this isn’t aFirst Amendment issue where they’regonna get this guy is insubordination asthey ordered him not to they ordered himto take the video down it’s a violationof whateversocial media policy is and he’s refusingnow I remember hearing this phrase yearsago and it’s always stuck with me whereif somebody said I don’t know what it isI get strong opinions sometimes and Ilike sure oh I’m not gonna do that orwhatever and someone says ken do youreally want to die on that hill and soyou pick and choose is your is thisbattle worth your pension your incomeright and all that is it worth it is itreally worth it to fight with thembecause you they’re not gonna win andthe other thing is that we talked aboutthis last week if a police officer goesto some area and they see some socialdistancing violation they’re gonna youknow handcuff everybody and haul in tojail why because they have the option tonot do that right so if this guy’s up inarms about you know I see this happenand see this happening in blah blah blahif you if you get to that’s nothappening that’s not happening you knowrampant arrests of people social youknow violating social distancingguidelines it I don’t know why he’s youknow all up in arms about it becauseit’s not like the country’s being takenover by these governors right but at theend of the day the whole question isthis was it worth your job yeah you knowcuz they got him dead to rights theyordered him to take down the videobecause he’s in uniform in their uniformand he’s refusing to do it he knew hewas being insubordinate and yet hedecided I know I’m gonna probably to getfired for this okay and then what yeahluckily he’s got the GoFundMe that wasonly like $20,000 though yeah I thinkit’s much higher now but it’s not worthyour career it really isn’t no it’s notbecause he’s now he’s I mean is anybodygonna hire him later on you know you gotfired for insubordination from a policedepartment they’re not gonna they’re notno one’s gonna touch him yeah unless hewants to be a sheriff or one of thesethese cowboy counties where they go yeahgood for you sonput this sheriff you two four five lovethose sheriff’s can those guys are theSan Bernardino County he they paid theybasically said San Bernardino County hasan order to wear your masks that willnot be enforced yeah and those peoplewear them and the whole thing is thatwith misdemeanor crimes if this is amisdemeanor it’s not there’s nodiscretionary right it’s discretionaryand it’s also there you can citesomebody you can you can there’s no lawthat says you have to arrest people forthese investments and and what law Istill have yet to hear someone tell mewhat law it is that’s being violatedbecause the governor said so yeah yeahthat’s that’s exactly what they haven’thashed out is this these sweepingguidelines in emergencies thatgovernor’s can enforce it’s one thing tolike say them and want people to do themit’s another thing when you put thehammer down but like you said I don’tthink we see nationwide hammers comingdown you don’t see people being draggedoff into into you know squad cars and ingreat numbers and stuff like that and Ithink I would hope I would hope if theywere that media being the watchdogthey’re supposed to be would report onthat but I’m not totally sure they wouldyou know I don’t think they would yeah Idon’t in this particular story and Iwant to thank Abigail for bringing thisto our attention because we I’ve heardof it but I was just kind of likepassing over this particular storybecause it was seemed like it was one ofthose run-of-the-milltype of things but this is a bigger dealwithin a it’s a it’s a big deal within abig conversation about social media andcops yeahyeah we talk about all the time it’s analways evolving subjectyeah and I think the rule of thumb orthe best advice that you and I couldgive people is don’t make videos inuniformunless you’re dancing yeah no really ifunless your department is putting you upto the video to do some kind ofcommunity policing video or whatever inuniformI wouldn’t take them in video in inuniform you know why bother why why eventhrow it out there no and there’s alwaysa chance that you’ll do something you’llmistakenly say something as long asyou’re wearing that uniform and there’sa lot of agencies now that even ifyou’re out of uniform if they knowyou’re a cop and the people somebodycomplains about you that you have thisopinion and it could be about anythingabout anythingand if it goes against the you knowespecially in your own City yeah underyour act what is it a behaviorunbecoming a police officer some yeahKubo broad regulation conduct unbecomingan officer and that’s broad yeah but anymore with social media and I know a lotof people I have tons and tons offriends who are active police officersin agencies and you don’t hear them saysquat about you know anything yeah theydon’t chime in that’s probably good ideafor everybody so busy I hope foryourself but yeah back where I was fromthose agencies that had well inMassachusetts a Damascus you can’t smokecigarettes it’s you’ll lose your jobimmediately if you’re a cop because ofthe heart bill cause of early retirementbut you can chew tobaccothey couldn’t smokeless well Departmentstarted making making it so you couldn’tchew tobacco on duty I get it or offduty because it was unbecoming anofficer to chew tobacco off duty and itwas like like no one really cared tostand up and fight it but they were likeif it ever came down to it I don’t thinkthat would stick I think you could tellme what to do it you know it hasn’t beenvoted on the state Senate that this isjust something a regulation you’remaking up I don’t think so yeah Iremember on LAPDthat you or you could be disciplined onduty or off duty for things that you doso you know it’s it’s that old thingI’ve probably brought this up beforewhere you could get in an argument withyour neighbor and he’d call your watchcommander make a personnel complaintagainst youeven though you’re off-duty and youcould take days off for something youdid off-duty this is long before socialmedia that sucks that’s why cops are sogreat to rent too if you have a propertyrent the cops cuz you can just tattle onthem to their boss like a like a bigjerk yeah I would just if it was me andI wanted to I wanted to be a cop I wouldjust leave all my stuff on social mediajust like here’s my dog here’s a pictureof the Sun here’s a tree right but otherthan that you got 30 years of don’t sayanything and then after the 30 years youexplode like Ken Roybal and then andthen here’s a here’s the best advicethat I could give to anybody is isbefore you open your mouth because ofsomething you did ask yourself this onequestion do you really want to die onthat hill that’s a good onethat’s that’s where you’re gonna plantyour flag and that’s gonna be yourlegacy but you’re gonna be living it ina and you know you’re not gonna havemoney to pay the rent if that’s what thehill you choose and the whole thing islike like I get civil liberties and Iget all this kind of thing but you haveto be smart in how you do this stuffyeah that’s all the news I got for youand my brother this week awesome goodone I enjoyed it thank you yeah and yeahso we’ll see what happens next week Heyyeah and I understand you are gettingmore backgrounds coming across your deskso people they want some expert adviceon applying to a police agency they canget you at Ken at police background netcorrect yeah I’ve been doing even moreout-of-state stuff toobackgrounds are you know no matter whatstate you’re in I can still consult onbackgrounds because they’re basicallyabout the same been getting DQ reviewshelping people with those our ourresident subject matter expert on oralinterviews Carolyn Zavala she’s retiredLAPD officer she was in recruitment foryears and she’s the oral interviewexpert I’ve been sending people to herand there are so many people on thepodcast that that follow us on Instagramand Facebook and on the podcast too andthey just you know being in a lot ofbusiness just based on word of mouth youknow so it’s good I love itexcellent and thank you to everybodywho’s been reading and reviewing andlistening and all that stuff appreciateI think we’re up over you were like 315315 for reviews which is really cool andyou want to support the show go tothings please see calm there’s ummerchandise there there there’s more I’mtry not to say merch as much merchandisethere’s also a donation you can donatewe have two monthly subscribers nowwhich is awesome two more than I thoughtwe’d ever have so it’s really cool andthank you for the donations appreciatethat and also probably give a plug toWilliam Jay long investigations you canfind him on Facebook he goes longtimefan of the show good dude and he canalso just be kind of part of your prepwork for um you wanting a little littlepeek into what you have going on andwhat they can see about you he’s the manto hire for that right Kenyeah William is a licensed PI inOklahoma and he can he can accessdatabases all over the country and anyinformation she want to find aboutyourself that a potential employer wouldwould get on you he’s the guy to getahold of I’m gonna put something on theInstagram and again on the Facebook pagewe have a Facebook page called the thepolice applicant group North America andif you are applying to be a policeofficer that’s a good place to go to I’mgonna put it on there as well so theycan get his phone number up there and onInstagram as well very cool sir wellthank you verymuch yeah it’s been a good day let’s goout and enjoy the rest of our of our dayalright so you can buy[Applause][Music]you[Music]English (auto-generated)

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