TPS Cops In the News: Week of 05/18/2020 – Thingspolicesee

TPS Cops In the News: Week of 05/18/2020

In this episode Steve and Ken discuss news stories involving police for the week of 05/18/2020.

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this is things police see first anaccount with your host Steve goldhow are you how’s things going how aregoats what’s going on I’m goodsuper good goats are amazing my wife wasout milking this morning we got like bigmason jar full of nice raw goat milk sodo you have to do something that so youdon’t get poisoned or is it juststraight goat milk you can drinkyeah you just filter it and then drinkit I think it’s just raw milk Rob milksgood to go I think they startedpasteurizing and all that stuff becauseof traveling and temperature variationsand all that but if you get it right offthe teat Ken and the team good to go andthis is just different than that cowmilk no actually do you get if you coolit right away chill it right away anddrink it after it’s cold it tastes likea whole cows milk to me anyways ohthat’s cool you guys are like reallygetting into the farming stuff I’d likethat yes back to nature how would youlike to do some news yes please oh mygosh okay so let’s get started with thisthis thing here at California is on myradar again today Steve because of thezero bail thing it’s just such a jokeanymore in fact literally it’s a joke sodo we have a do we have a clip on thisone we do sir let’s go let’s go let metell you what the what the headline is Igot two stories so the first one is twopeople released on zero bail ridiculepolicy on Clovis police Facebook page sogo ahead and with that one walking instores taking what they wanted to walkback out they were arrested for stealingstuff by Clovis police released becauseof 0 bail and now these two are brazenenough to brag about it on the very samePolice Department’s social media goodevening I’m Rodriguez and time Lisbonsadhus thank you so much for joining ustonight at 10:00 the two were arrestedfor a felony crime but because it wasn’tconsidered violent they were releasedunder California’s 0 bail policy policesay they weren’t surprised to see thepost on the department’s social mediapageClovis police say this is at least oneof the five times a crew of crooks hitDick’s Sporting Goods since May firstyou can see a woman carrying so muchstuff some of it falls as she gets awayKen I’ll stop it there for a second inthe video if you watch the video thelady they basically just go into theDick’s Sporting Goods and fill theirarms up and just walk right out in frontof everybody that’s like how brazen itis it’s like I don’t care cuz there’s noyou know so the video just shows likewaddling out with all this stuff andpeople okay wait you’re stealing likeyeah so what the most recent theft onWednesday May 13th that’s when policesay they caught 19 year old CherylCummings 18 year old Michael ivory and a16 year old in the act and arrested themon sight we’re talking about thousandsof dollars at least over 3,000 dollarsworth of property and that was just oneof the times but it wasn’t long beforethey were out of jail and bragging aboutit it just goes to the mindset of thecrooks that are involved and having thezero bail in their favor and they didn’tdo it just anywhere they did it on theClovis police Facebook page policeshared about the arrests Friday andwithin hours two people who identifiedthemselves as Cummings and ivory chimedin flaunting the fact they were outCummings posting among other things I’mreading the comments with my feet kickedup on bail ivory let me just stop thatagain because she left something outhe says dot dot dot I love white peopleit was part of it saying bail is aexpletiveain’t it it doesn’t surprise me somewill post their their crimes on Facebookand talk about the things they’ve doneand how they think they’ve gotten awaywith certain things Clovis police saythis crew has stolen more than fourteenthousand dollars worth of stuffspecifically Nike clothing and fresnopolice are now looking at whether theywere behind a series of theftshe had a dig sporting goods store theretoo it’sthat’s it Ken that’s the whole clip wellthat besides that I mean 14 thousandworth of stuff but the thing is that inCalifornia with the zero bail stuff it’sit’s a joke because you know whyremember in New York Steve it’s lit itis lit lit man there’s no bail so theseguys that go in they they know they’regonna go in there and they’re gonnasteal stuff and then they’re gonna getif they get caught they’re gonna getbooked and then they’re gonna get freeand all this I got another story similarto this that was sent to us by one ofyour one of your big fansSteve Nathan macam Nathan McCann heyNathan send us a story and it’s similarto this it has exactly the same thingEscondido Police which is south near SanDiego way and it says a 22 year old mannow accused in a near fatal stabbing inesketh Eden the last weekend wascontacted by police at least six timesover the last two weeks but avoided jailduring that time because of recentchanges in booking criteria meant toslow the spread of coronavirus so itlooks like he was arrested for attackingthis homeless guy but according toonline jail records he has a long recordand it’s the funny thing about this isthat he was in Kent he was in CountyJail in April where he was serving timeon a burglary conviction he was releasedafter they issued an emergency orderluring bail to zero for misdemeanors andnonviolent felons so somebody can breakinto your house in California break intoyour house and commit a felony aburglary violating the sanctity of yourhome and because it’s not violent zerobail you’re about Plus because thecoronavirus these same criminals are nowgetting out of jail and so he so not toolong after that he gets out of jail onthis thing and then he starts committingcrimes one of the things that he doesthis is what cracked me up he takes thepolice on a high-speed chase that he hadstolen off a minivan off a used-car lotthey arrested him issued him a citationfor GTA hmmm and released him two dayslater he was pulled over in a Jaguarthat had been stolenarrested he was arrested and guess whathe was cited and released again mm-hmmso we have him on a burglary to GTA’sand then he gets arrested you’re notgonna believe this for stealing aMitsubishi a Mitsubishi and he had methin his in his so he gets cited andreleased here’s the funniest part so nowwe have four felony crimes three GTA’sone burglary mm-hmmso the last one the Mitsubishi he getsarrested for cited cited so the car isreturned to its owner and then he stealsit again he steals the same car all overagain and so then the only the onlyreason that he gets that he getsarrested and they’re probably good athope they’re gonna keep him but hebecause apparently attacking a homelessperson and stabbing them yeah consideredviolent but it’s just it’s just such acrack-up thank you Nathan for that storythat was a good story but I mean isn’tit sad that anymore we keep we keeptalking about these stories about zerobail New York California seems to be thebig onebut where all these stupid stories comeout of but now it’s just a joke rightit’s no it’s it’s no big deal and thisis slowly this is slowly beingprogressing over the years withprogressive prosecution prosecutors andall this going forfor letting people out and changing thethe criteria for what’s considered in acrime you should be incarcerated for towhere we are now zero bail for peopleand in the time of coronavirus not onlythat Steve but they’re now releasingpeople from the jails early because ofcoronavirus and yet hmm I saw I saw acomment saying that that you have torelease criminals convicted criminalsfrom jail early because the coronavirusbut you can go to Walmart all day longyeah I don’t understand that at all isthat are they trying to protect theguards I don’t I don’t get it I don’tknow I don’t get that at all I’m I’mafraid for California kids it’s likeonce you once like you said it’s beenprogressive over the years but the youknow like our buddy up in up north ofLos AngelesTim wardens DA in Tulare County mm-hmmhe’s a righteous dude and he’s fightingto have people do their sentences andactually you know take their punishmentslike they’re supposed to but um it’sonly a matter of time before guys likethat don’t want the job so then you getthis like snowball effect where it’slike now you can’t even get DA’s thataren’t progressive you know what I meanyou’re gonna start getting DA’s and allthese workers who are just like eitherdon’t care or are or super progressiveand then like California will justexplode and light on fire well I mean Idon’t I don’t know that this has every Idon’t think it’s completely tied intothe corona virus I think the zero bailthing is gonna go on after you knowafter all this happens but yeah this isa shame this is a shame and the badthing about it is just like these kidsin Clovis that postedI mean how what a joke it is that thatthese kids and they go in and you knowif you go into a Dick’s Sporting Goodsand who’s working there some high schoolsome high schoolkid that’s there to make money and theseguys come in and they bum rush the thatbum rush the the store and they load uptheir arms with Goods and they run outis this high school kid gonna tacklethem and arrest them and stuff nothey’re gonna gohey look at that look at that all thisstuff that’s going out the door and soif they even identify these kids they goout and they get booked or whatever andthen they get freed on a citation andthen they make jokes about it on thepolice department’s Facebook page rightto their face and what if and what doesthe police department say they go yeahwe figured it doesn’t surprise us hesays the police spokesman said itdoesn’t surprise me to be honest withyou some will post their crimes onFacebook and talk about things they’vedone and how they’ve gotten away withcertain things so it’s like the policeare going yeah you know that’s we wefigured as much for that shocked yeahthat’s what happens I mean they’re gonnait’s his natural progression cops aregonna stop wanting to enforce these likeremember when back in the day when weall of a sudden became just kind of likeand the cords didn’t want anything to dowith it you pinched someone for it andthen it’d be like oh you searched hiscar for weed like they’d throw the wholething out well you know as well as I dothat’s cops just stopped charging peoplewith weed you would just find Whedonthrow it in the woods or you knowthrowing the sidewalk squish it withyour foot whatever you would just stopcharging people because what’s the pointthat’s weed this is like real quickthese are felonies are talking inatorcops will just you know stop will becomelike Robocop you know I’ll be like postArmageddon types in he we’re cops onlyenforce like you know murders done rightin their face yeah I mean where do youdraw the line and and the funny thing isabout all this is there’s lots ofstories that come out about the zerobail and the failure the utter failureof the zero bail policy and yet why seeit in the news I see it in the news Isee the opponents going this is purecrapthis is a like like Tim from the DEAfrom Tulare County yeah he comes out hegoes yeah not good and yet all thesepeople opponents are saying okay so thisis what’s happening because of that andyet the people who actually implementedthese policies zero here zero from themif something really bad is gonna have tohappen to one of these people because ofthis law for anything to happen yeahit’s just a shame but that’s just that’swhat’s happening and it’s a completejoke now when the criminals start makingfun of the process and I’ve got my feetup here you know out on bail making funof you well what a complete what acomplete joke well fine that’s that’sjust the way you want to do it andpeople aren’t gonna put up with thatthere’s gonna be but there has to besome kind of backlash that’s gonnahappen I know something’s gonna go wrongthere’s gonna be a store that hires asecurity guard and the security guardsgoing to end up you know shootingsomeone or somebody something’s gonnahappen where they go oh wait wait andthen who’s gonna be the who’s going tobe at fault like the security guard orthe store owner that’s trying to protecttheir property I mean who’s gonna be atfault of course of course yeah andthey’ll get prosecuted so that’s man Idon’t know what to do with that I don’thave to just at the beginning of thepolice the news will just have a list ofthe of the crimes committed because ofBill like every week every week and youand I you know I remember weeks ago thisis like at least a month ago where theguy in New York where he were the guythat says that’s lit you know no bail isthat’s lit know that those at least amonth ago and we were like ha ha ha haguys cracking me up he’s killing me hereand then as it turns out it’s not sofunny anymoreno it just keeps getting worse thiskeeps happening so that’s that storythis our next story the security guardwhen do you have a clip on that one Iokay so this I just want to set this upby the CBS CBS News in Los Angeles itsays security guard charged infive-year-old boys accidental shootingdeath we’ve just learned that the LACity Attorney will charge a man for thedeath of a five-year-old boy who wasshot who shot and killed himself inLeimert Park that boy died back inNovember at the home of his fostermother today city attorney Mike Feuersaid the loaded gun belonged to 26 yearold jaelyn Burdette the son of thehomeowner Burdette is a licensedsecurity guard and now he is facingcharges of not storing the gun safelysee this guy if you have a weapon youowe me a little bit he’s just gonna sayif you have a gun in your house itshould be secured you should do that sothis is a cracks me up there’s more thanone part part of this particular storyso this security guard he finds a gun inthe alley it’s loaded and I’m I don’tknow if the guy is it has a guard hisguard card obviously but he has a Idon’t know feeis of firearms card or ifhe even knows about about guns at allbut the gun is loaded and so he goes into the house cuz it’s a birthday partyit’s his birthday party right and hegoes in the house and he goes and dropsit in a document container in the littleboy’s room worse as ever and then andthen within about five six days thelittle five-year-old finds a gun andshoots himself and he dies in Californiayou if you have a gun and it’s in thehouse you’re supposed to keep it inaccessible to where children are you’resupposed to lock it upright but what baffles me about this isthatthis guy totally is totally negligentwith this gun he doesn’t call the copsit’s obviously six days later the kidkills himself so the guard doesn’t callthe cops most sweet if you find a gunnormally you’re going to oh my gosh isthis gun I’m gonna call the cops rightnow yeah so then this guy this littlekid shoots himself but here’s the here’swhat’s baffling to me is if he’sconvicted it’s a misdemeanor maximumsentence of 1 year in jail and athousand dollars in fines so that’s ityeah I guess no no um no like well Idon’t know what California has for likemanslaughter type of things but theyhave manslaughter right California wellman this wouldn’t apply to manslaughterto be like more like negligence of somekind and death caused by negligence yeahI just I think that’s the weirdest thingin the world that the whole the wholelaw is geared towards protectingchildren who you know you’ve got thesestories of kids finding guns in thehouse and they go they take him toschool to show their friends how cool itis to have a gun and all this andthere’s been enough there’s been enoughaccidental shootings of kids that thislaw came into play but I mean amisdemeanor and a year jail a thousanddollars that’s it I don’t know that’sjust weird to meI mean if anybody knows about this tellme about it because I just I’m baffledhow this is even and that here’s anotherthing too is the person that’sprosecuting this is it is a Los AngelesCity Attorney which means it’s astraight-up misdemeanor and the cityattorney do you you don’t hear thatabout them prosecuting a lot of crimesand this is for me this is negligenceit’s it’s a yeah I don’t understand itmmm tragedy geezbut it’s it’s really sad that thishappened I think about the stuff a lotbecause I have kids you know and I havegunsI carry guns sometimes you know it’slike that’s like my worst nightmareleaving your gun somewhere where kidgets a hold of it it’s like yeah youshould be paranoid out of your mindabout that and every every cop has gunsin the house I mean at least one rightright and so we all have had that timewhen we you know the kids and you haveto be you have to be kind of smart aboutthat period you know I always used tohave gun locks on my on my guns but thekids knew don’t you ever go near daddy’sroom my daughters like afraid of guns atall if she ever sees me take one relaxand my son of course is like Hawkeyepull the trigger yeah cuz kids arecurious and they only know what they seeon TV and so but this is just pure thisguy’s an idiot there’s just others tothis security guard guy yeah and itmakes you makes you wonder what the heckbut I don’t see the security guardanymoreno but that’s that’s really sad here Igot another story that’s a shootingstory and this one is a little bit Imean I’m wondering I’m wondering what’sgoing on is it something lately in thewater cops you’re there’s there’s thingslike this that are going on that arejust troubling to me and I can’t sayit’s it’s it’s new but I guess there’senough stories right now where’s fatherme so this this headline out of the NewYork Post yeah New York Post it’s itreads NYPD rookie copped or confessed toshooting quote-unquote best friend withDepartment issued firearm so this NYPetey Ricky that says he gunned down hisbest friend and off-duty he was off-dutyhe was arrested for murder and I guessthey they were childhood friends in a init was he was a cop at the 109thprecinct in Queens and let’s see herethe guy was shot and it wasn’t anaccidental shooting because it lookslike he accidentally shot his bestfriend three times and the guy died atthe sceneand he fled the scene and then returnedlater and he confessed to it but thething let me see what something led toit I think they may be it doesn’t say itdoesn’t say but I thought I readsomewhere else there were they had anargumentI remember the LAPD shooting in the inthe in the forest up by you somewhere ohyeah were the guys for camping anddrinking apparently there was anargument there so I’m hoping not thatthe go-to thing when you’re a policeofficer and you get in an argument withyour buddy is to just pull out you’vegot to start shooting them yeah this islike the Old West reminds me of likeWyatt Earp or something yeah do you doesit feel like like these types ofknucklehead moves with cops I mean thisis just not not just shooting but otherthings taking picture I mean touchingdead bodies boobs and what are some ofthe other things we’ve had going on ohmy gosh so many there’s been a lot wherecops have just been doing some weirdthings that you think no man that’s justlike why would you do that why would youdo that there was another one too at theshooting one do you remember it was a itwas a couple weeks ago it was right theday after the camping shooting story andthen there was another story wheresomebody did somethingwas an LAPD cop too I can’t remember butnow there’s just I mean but there’s thisweird things and so Steve the questionfor you is what’s going on man well Ithink for LA anyways in they lost theirtheir diamond there they lost Ken Roybalmore filter left these hires yeah thereis cops that that did stuff I meanthere’s been cops have done stuff overthe years and you go and like they’llsay police officer arrested for murderyou know like a hitman type of thing yougo yeah but this type of stuff we getdrunk we shoot each other or you shootyour best friend cuz you’re in anargument you get caught on camera oh Iknow what it was was the the story I wastalking about where the where the thegangster the guy was on the bogusoffense and the police officer justpummeling him oh yeah yeah that was bad- it’s just like you don’t know you’reyou have to assume you have to assumeyou’re being filmed 24/7 you just haveto assume that yeah I think there’s justEvon flows I think we’re just goingthrough a period of time where it’s youknow it’s embarrassing but the thing isinterestingly enough that this stuff youknow when you hear people going cops orkillers and they killed this guy andthey they shot this person who wasunarmed now there you go out you knowthat’s that’s that’s that’s somethingwhere you you kind of God just let theinvestigation happen but on this type ofthis is not that this is not that theseare guys that are doing stuff where yougo yeah what can I tell you guys arecrazy they’re idiots whatever and sothere’s no there’s the cop haters can’tgo yeah cops shooting best friendsthey’re all cops do that you know stufflike that it’s not like well it’s notlike that type of attack yeahso so so dumb bad I just I see yourbaffle to Steve I got nothing I guessthere’s nothing I can say about any ofthis is that well let me take the heatoff the cops with our next story allright you know there’s this story youkinda go there’s so many like there’ssome of these jokes that can be madeabout this particular story but thething is though that there’s beenthere’s been animals that have beeninjured in this story which makes it alittle bad and it kind of adds to thehumour sadness to it you know what Imean yeah so let me just read theheadline on this one and let let’s letthis settle in with our listenersbecause this headline should grab ourlisteners Delaware man arrested forsexually assaulting multiple poniesaccording to police multiple not justwhat Pony multiple ponies Steve so grossit says a man there’s a womanDelaware’s is out of CBS news inWilmington Delaware a man has beenarrested after allegedly sexuallyassaulting multiple I just want toemphasize the multiple ponies you knowlover man the mall yeah and it soundslike maybe he’s a little frustratedindividual cuz he’s 31 years old is hethat old his guys right come like in thepicture he looks like yeah he looks likeyou could get a lady look an actor I’veseen the guy’s name is Michael very goit’s 31 yeah as much shots on the on theon the website but this is not the firsttime so so this this is this isinteresting too this is an ongoinginvestigationand so what they did was the cops set upsurveillance on the pony stall oh theydid survey set up surveillance video andsomebody was I guess but it says around12:30 a.m. they were surveilling theequestrian center stables as part of anongoing investigation was they fightsome guy going in there into the pony’sstall police resources being usedcan you imagine what are you so what’swhat’s going on – yeah I gotta gosurveil pony stall catch you guys everso the reason that that the ponies gotinjured was because the way this dudehe tied up the pony’s legs he’s intosome kind of pony bondage and and thisis going on since since February theyhad multiple reports of injured poniesand they they I guess they were tiedwith cords above their hoses somehowthis injured him and some of them werenot they had trouble walking because ofthe injuries and this goes back toSeptember 2019 when these first whenthese reports first started coming outwell this is a lot of abuse these ponieshave been through yeah and here we areSeptember to Aprilso let me see so they have surveillanceof the guy going into the stall he theythen see him tying the legs and thenthis is where so they only see him tyingthe legs yeah they see him removing hisown clothing no sick stuff nownow here’s here’s an interesting thinggoing back to a couple stories ago sothis guy is facing felony bestiality andburglary charges felony but you canleave your gun in the closet and somelittle kid can kill himself and that’s amisdemeanor right okay so and and thestation is ongoing now let’s talk aboutthis Steve I just want to talk aboutthis for a minute what kind of guy Imean who are these people that that goand and kind of get their rocks off afreakin pony a pony he must be a youmust work there right like I’m guessinghe doesn’t like owned the facility butyou got imagine the people who hiredthis guy they probably had questionsover the last year like did this guy’skind of weird or like to almost catchhim a few times you know what I meanlike they probably had there wasprobably now there’s probably all makingsense to them they’re like oh yeah he isawful he is terrible like I’m sure he’slike a really yeah I mean what’s his Iwonder what his job is they’re like heworks there right like mucking stallsand I don’t know I mean I don’t knowthey didn’t say that he did he hasaccess and he’s been there for a year sosomething yeah I guess they I don’t knowmaybe they don’t have security cuz whywould you need security on your horsesthree of the most unlucky ponies in theworld yeah I mean I I’ve never I’venever had into a case like this and Idon’t know the the what motivates peopleto do this but you know you’ve heard ofpeople having like sex with there usedto be a question on the applicationamended and I applied have you ever hadsex with animals and so I guess that wasa thing that you know you’re notsupposed to have sex with animals andapply to be a police officer okay thatseems like wow why are you even askingme that but there are people that dothings like thatbut then it makes me wonder I mean huh Imean these are so these are not likeminiature ponies these are these arePony ponies and I’m thinking ponies orthe kind that you remember when youwould go to all very Street in LA andthey would sit on the pony with thesombrero and your parents would take apicture or they go take a picture that’sa ponythese are not these are not small dogsize ponies these are pony ponies and heand if you’re a pony and some guysstarted in you know what I startedputting stuck some guy started puttingstuff where it doesn’t belong wouldn’tyou kind of go oh and do that kickingthing that’s why their legs were tiedbecause you probably were probably ohthat’s right because he knew he knew hisponies cuz we when we do the goats andwe milk the goats one of the goats islike when they’re gonna be naughty theystart kicking so my wife has like ahobble you you tie the legs together andthen they can’t they can’t do anythingso that’s the first thing I thought ofwhen you said they tied the legstogether was like oh these ponies werethey were fighting but yeah so can Iremember sitting around the lunch tableat backgrounds and hearing some prettygreat responses to the animal sexquestion like they when I was there itwas gone they didn’t have it anymoreyeah but I know that a lot of guysmissed it missed having it because youthey said like you guys said randomlysomeone would just like like an openbook like completely honest like yeahwell you know there was this time withpeanut butter you know what I mean likein that nut butter thing repeat came uplike a bunch of different it was likewow people are a lot more screwed upthan you think you know well there therewas that when they you know they tookthe question out about having sex withanimals a long time ago and yet casewould come in and and cop out to stuffand it was the classic was the I put Iput peanut butter on me whether it wasmen and women who would cup out to thisI put peanut butter on me I let my doglick it off and the the the most commonthing in your mind as a backgroundinvestigator you can’t go outgrows an insight but inside your mind orstill you look yeah you looking at theguy just gonna go just writing this downyes okay okay but inside your mindyou’re going why are you telling me thiswhy are you telling me this because it’snot on the application dude you don’thave to let me know but yep they feltthe need and then you just and then andthen another thing in your mind you’rethinking oh my gosh I just shook thisguy’s hand when he walked in yeah yeahthat’s I mean it backgrounds us I meanpeople would confess to crimes too andthen you were in a weird position whereit’s like you have someone applying tobe a police officer who now might startgetting investigator yeah and there’ssome stuff that a lot of people don’tknow this but there have been candidatesthat have copped out to stuff during thebackground interview and then they turninto a police investigation and theyhave been arrested because of what theycopped out to I’m not saying don’t do itcop-out away you guys confess all yourcrimes and then get arrested later keepon doing it because that’s important toweed people out but I’m telling youthese whole all these animal things andand background investigators man if Ihad thought about it and I had writtenall this stuff down sixteen years ofLAPD backgrounds I’ve written so manystories down oh I would have a Trevortreasure trove of stories and I couldhave written a book and imagined thatwould be a great like coffee table bookor a book like cook you know reallyaround the toilet you know like thingspeople told me when I was aboutconfiscated just like just like littlelike paragraphs of like just bizarreweird stuff that’d be so fun yeahthere’s just some weird weird thingsI mean there’s started there’s storiesof people who stood out in their fronttheir living room with the drapes openand just you know masturbating in frontof their window I mean you’ve got tonsof stories man this guy that was aprofessional his job was to be a spermdonorthat was his job you know the guy thatthe guy that was at the mall and he sawthis I guess apparently very veryattractive woman so he went immediatelyinto Burlington Coat Factory dressingstall and masturbated these are justsome of the many stories that we have hecouldn’t handle it anymore was this toomuch and he had any AE and this is whatwe learned about these people oh my godyou just jogged my memory can when and Iwas on patrol back east there I had togo to a call where they wanted to talkto me in the phone you know like a lotof times and they don’t put over to airyour phone about they’re like yeah thisguy is first of all as a Vietnam vet andhe’s a little quirky that’s like notwhat you want to hear you’re like ha hahashe’s like well the last couple weekshe’s been going to his door to get hismail completely naked like buck nakedhe’s a nudist I guess and but he does hewalks up while the merrick mail carriersstill there so she has seen him fullyand the guy’s like 65 you know 7 andhe’s uh complete and I know the guy bythe way I know the guy actually hadeaten his gumbo before at a block partyso he’s a good dude and I’m like oh mygosh this is gonna be the most awkwardconversation of my life I gotta go tellthis guy hey could you stop but you knowthe thing was he was in his house thedoor was shut but you could see throughthat he was naked he wasn’t doinganything explicit he was just walkingaround his house naked what laws inbreaking it’s not like in a picturewindow like hey look at these is walkingaround walking towards the door andanyways it’s just um just one of thosesituations you run into a New York copand you’re like you never thought you’dhave to deal with this you know what Imean you just reminded me of this storyI got this this we got this call I don’teven know what it was so we gonna knockon the guys doorand the guy answers this is a skinny oldguy I mean he was probably in his 40smaybe early 50 something like thatstraggly looking guy thin as a rail andjust look like you just woke him upand he answers the door his hairs allthis shoveled and everything and heanswers the door and his t-shirt and hisunderwearbut these are not just underwear theseare tighty whitiesthese are jockey tighty whities andthere’s the kind of tighty whiteys thatthey’re all one goal they’re like loosethey’re just loose you know you’ve wornthem so much if you’ve stretched out theleg part the leg little baggy so I’mtalking them and I’m gone yeah okay Imean why am i I’m distracted by thiswhole scene of this guy oh yeah and Isaid I said do you always come to thedoor in your your underwear he goes yeahthat’s the way that’s where I go to thebeach so teach is on right enough aboutus so so yeah back to this story sowe’ll see what happens with him we’llsee how they deal with and then when hegoes to prison to do the does he getbeat up you know they’re not gonna likehim stay away from do you ever watchthat show on HBO called real sex canknow there’s like real sex 1 through 20started in like the 90s but there wasone of them my buddy told me he’s likeyou gotta watch this real sex episode soI watch it it was called the real sexepisode was called Pony play grown menand women go to a ranch it looked likethe southwest go to this ranch and theylike they wear hooves and like Mane’sand their hair and like mass and they’relike naughty ponies and then like thehandlers like I have seen stuff likethat on social media where people thesethese weirdos they actually identifyyeah ponies wellmy that’s what this kidneeds he could you know not harm animalsanymore he could go harm some guy fromWisconsin who’s also there is a naughtypony yeah looks like like a naughty boyyeah and when you get so when he getsout of jail does he is there a sexoffender registry does he have to stay Iwould like 500 yards away from Stahl’sanimals he can’t own animals for threeyears he would yeah anyways that saidthat’s pretty sad it’s like so weird solet’s say let’s end this this segment ona good note okay so one of our goodfriends he’s been a member of policebackground that net and the forums goingway back when he was first applying forthe job and he’s on our were ourFacebook pages and my Instagram and heis Bill Norcross and bill Norcross billhe’s he is the person that the this TVshow on ABC called the Ricky is modeledafter I mean he’s the guy that theydecided this and he’s an executiveproducer on it but we just want to givea shout-out to to bill because seasonthree has been inked for for renewalcoming up here so congratulations tobill and all the crew and all the peoplewho have to do with the Ricky and we arestill we’re still after him to get outand get him on the show yeah would begreat people well people reached outthey said they’d love to have them onhere so how cool is that man your yourside hustle is you’re an executiveproducer on the TV show that’s based onyou yeah basic job security if you evergood fill up a cop I imagine it paysdecently I don’t know how you become aexecutive producer but that’s kind ofcoolyeah I bet when they wanted to buy hisstory or whatever base on him that wasprobably like maybe an optionhe could take less money up frontbecomes a producer and it was a successyeah I don’t know what you’re talkingabout but I mean it it’s it’s it soundslike a big deal you can I want everybodyknow the rights to the story of how thispodcast came about are for sale so forsale contact me directly years ago whenI was I was I had the police backgroundnet over there originally forums and sothe forums would get tons and tons oftraffic everyone said well you canGoogle your own page and they tell youtraffic wise this is like and this manypeople visit police background net andthis website is estimated to be a valueof $8 I didn’t know I was gonna I waskind of holding on to that is aninvestment for my retirement but I’llkeep it I’ll keep it it’s a really goodname I mean even if you didn’t want tocontinue or if you’re gonna sell it orwhatevermy buddy buddy mine owns a bunch of justdomain names he just came up he justthought of names that like how thismight be and he actually sold one toDisney so you never know policebackground net is that’s a great namesome you know sell to the City of LAyeah I I was thinking about the otherday is something that’s I never thoughtabout this because it wasn’t in theworks when I first started the websitebut people don’t have to ask me where doI go to find your business because thebusiness is the name of the website it’sawesome I feel smart I did have a domainname I never did anything with it wascalled cops for hire and cops number forhire calm where you you could have awebsite if you wanted to hire off-dutypolice officers to do security and allthat and I did sell that now this islikeleast over ten years ago sold it sold itfor $1,200ooh have you do do you go back and checkon it check on your baby once a whilesee yeah I do I check on it and that’sit’s nothing’s really going on with itbut I got my money from it and I wasn’tdoing anything with it so that was coolthose fun very cool yeah yeah I’m anentrepreneur entrepreneur so basicallythat’s all I got for the news brotherwell thank you so much as always and aswe always say if you’re if you’relooking to become a police officer andyou you want to go in with the best shotpossible your man is Ken Roybal ken atpolice background net you can email themthere or just go on search policebackground dotnet on Facebook and go tothe page and page is doing really welland hire Kim for services you can helpyou yeah I got I got contacted by one ofour listeners named Emily and Emily wasasking me if I did she’s in anotherstate and she asked you know is it onlyLAPD and I said no backgroundinvestigations are universal you know itdoesn’t matter what state you’re inthey’re all basically the same and thecriteria to get hired is normally aslong as you’re not doing things forpony’s you’re probably good to go butjust for our listeners out there whowere wondering am i LAPD specific or doI do other agencies I see absolutely ifyou live in in New York or Missouri orWyoming or California I can do yourbackground review I can any state anystate I’ve worked with States fromagencies from all over the United Statesand they’re all basically the same so ifyou need help no matter where you’re atI can help youvery cool I love it yeah all rightbrother um people of course can go tothings please see calm and that placethey can see they can see the show theycan or not see the show they can watchthe show they can they can buy somemerch if they were like this looking att-shirt like yeah yeah mug twos not inthe roombut I do have a mug you can buy theresome other so people bought some stuffup over the last couple weeks which isreally cooloh you can also donate to the showthey’re trying to raise some money toupgrade our equipment a little bit solike I said I think we haven’t got muchfor donations recently but um RuPt like200 bucks which is really cool and badno no and well I wanted to thank alistener from last week abigail is thatson right yeah Abigail I totally forgotto mention the reason the reason shewrote me where she told me she liked theshow but also she couldn’t she wanted towrite because she’d fixed her dad’siPhone 10 so she told me to take atoothpick and just get in there andstart digging around she was right Ifixed the lightning port on my phone ohyou wouldn’t believe the amount of lintthat came out of it is that what it isyeah just tons of lint in there so Icleaned it out and then I shot it withsome compressed air and my phone’sworking again so Abigail I forgot tothank you thank you so happy Gayle forthe winyes thank you I guess so outro us I’lldo my outro plugin and so forth so onand so forthand I just want to shout out to the twolisteners that were on live with us Imean it was me and you but shout out tothe to the fans not quite the largeYouTube presence so now you know thisdoes kills two birds with one stonebecause now it’ll be uploaded to YouTubeautomatically oh cool yeah BAM nicealright sir outro us hey guys I hope youenjoyed the episode if you’d like tosupport the show go over to thingspolice see calm when you get on thewebsite there’s a few different ways youcan show some support you can donatedirectly you can do a one-time donationor a monthly donation even a buck helpsus keep the lights on over here pays ourexpenses for the month is greatlyappreciated you can also just use ourAmazon affiliate link if you just wantto buy something on Amazon like younormally do just do it through our linkand we’ll get a little kickback for thatso you can go to the website and do thator in the show notes I’ll put a link youcan just click right through that linkand the third way is you can buy somegoodbye some merch so we have coffeemugs we have t-shirts men’s and women’sand we also have hoodies sweatshirts nowso go over to things please see calm andcheck it out you can also just listen tothe podcast there or you can apply to bea guest to scroll down too and click onbe a guest and what you want to do isjust give us a brief synopsis of your ofyour service how many years you were onthe job and just a very brief idea ofthe stories you’d like to share and Iwill get right back to you so thank youfor listening and we’ll catch you nexttime[Music]English (auto-generated)

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