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TPS Cops In The News: Week of 06/22/2020

In this episode of Cops in The news Steve and Ken are joined by friend of the show, Christine Rouff!  The trio breaks down the LE news for week just how you like it!

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this is things police see first anaccount with your host Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcastthis is cops in the news for week of6:22 2020 with me as always co-hostingcan Roybal and also with us super fanand friend of the showChristine roof welcome hello what’shappening Christine thanks for having meguys hey I was thinking real quick herethere’s a bunch of people joining thesecret things police see group do you doyou maybe want to make a post in theresaying to go to the public thankfullysee group know they can figure it outthey’re good you’re very mean I’m gonnarecord this I’m recording this rightyeah I have I have my phone set up onits little cradle like in the livestreamso I can see the comments if I touch itat all then there’s gonna be some bedlamStephen Mick is here sir and mark my newfriend on Facebook mark Bowles is heregood man mark he’s my friend he’ll comesir Stephen needs that mentioning mymustache and I just want to say that Iwas on earth I was assumed live a daywith the family and my mustache waspretty decent does everybody talkingabout are they over it at this pointyou know they’re my kids are in their30s so they really there’s no effectthey’re used to it yeah your son thoughtabout growing a mustache I’ve seen hispitchers clean-shaven at this point yeahyeah he’s he’s he was growing a beardthere and uh but he shaved it so I’m notsure what if the mustache would still Ithink that’s maybe an older thing yourkids like born with a mustache theyshould have been they should have beenthat would be disastrous for my daughterbut at any rate hey you have a questionthere Steve I think you should answerwho’s askingwhat’s called Kevin Cassidy wants toknow if your merchandise will ship toCanada I don’t know give her a take herfor ride there give her a whirlall right no I’d say I think it’s got tospend at least 500 then it will go toCanadaI would think so I don’t see why notAdam drill Drella or drills I alwaysmess up name so I pronounce them manyways I can new namesyeah Adam is I listens to us on patrolthat’s really cool I got some news thisweek I don’t know if you guys even wantto talk about news let’s get into it youwanna talk about news yeah baby I gotsomething I got some shoutouts man ohplease do please shout out you have toshout it out we have to shut up um LukeSorvino for a donation thank you sirmuch appreciated we have Karen Kincaidshe actually messaged me and said I’dlove to support the show how do I get tobuy some merchandise or whatever andthen she’d assent to direct donation soKaren thank you that was awesome wereally appreciate it and also I don’tremember if I shouted her out last weekor not so I’m gonna do it again to besureNatasha asked at set she gave a generousdonation and I really really appreciateit thank you thank you everybodyvery cool he said everyone slaughtershis name he said you got it right thefirst tryjealous is that what I said all rightmanthat’s pretty cool it’s amazing how manypeople can’t say Roybal I did it’s Louiefor some reason yeah you screwed upSteve it’s it’s like just just separateboy ball right ball if there was anotherL on the end to be much I probably wouldhave rolled right through it to thatSteve screwed it up Versailles thatpaved the way man do you know my nameright the first time those that gottaget it give him that onewe got some news we got some news I meanwe have more news stories that we havetime to do the news but we’ll probablytalk about a lot of different thingsthat are going on well heart is watchingyes go ahead Ken I hate to interrupt youbut we do have anti faith oh holy cowholy cow I want to give a shout out tovel heart because she was on the Pollyoriginal police background net forumsgoing way back to likethousand seven she’s been she’s been a acalf she’s been a follower for over adecade she was on her Commodore 86 soand then Sammy flippin Johnson Sammyflippin Johnson’s here we have a we havea letter from a fan yeah can you sharethat where’s your letter you guys youguys are gonna love this letter we’regonna talk about it a little bit andjust give an honest an honest opinionabout this letter yeah I didn’t want tobe I don’t want to be mean spirited I’mjust gonna respond on air as we alwaysdo because I feel like the person whowrote it wasn’tthey say they watch the show but youkind of get the feeling that they’re notlistening to opinions that we voice andwhere we stand on the issues so here’sthe letter starts like this I listenedto your podcast with increasing dismayI’m not a communist I appreciate howdifficult the job is but you never talkabout hi my how minorities are stoppedfor minor infractions like a licenseplate bulb that’s burnt out at threetimes the rate of whites the constantshootings of black people even whilesleeping in their own home and yourfailure to admit to even admit therecent shootings or a knee on the neckreflect a systemic racism can this isonly the first third of the emails solet’s stop right there like oh gosh sothank you for telling us you’re not acommunist I’ve a feeling you are but ashape that points of view the the it’san interesting thing when the stats onpeople being pulled over more time whitepeople get pulled over more like thesestats they throw out there but if youever read one of these articles and youactually go all the way to the endthey’ll give you a little daylight theygive you a little bit of explanation ofwhat’s happening and really what theyleave out of these things is likethere’s I’d like to know the officersrace that’d be interesting to know I’dalso like to know where it happened whatthe crime rate was like what kind ofneighborit was in because those greatly affectstats and then we almost asked can bemanipulatedyou know there’s we ran into candidatesgoing through backgrounds at Latinocandidates from East LA and pour over 30times and you’re like whoa we got to vetthis out and make sure that this kidisn’t like a gangster come to find outyou check with gang officers and allthat and know he’s just a kid thatdecided to shave his head and look likea gangster never got in any trouble andwas pulled over 30 times by other Latinocops in East LA is that racism these areLatinos policing themselves I don’t knowthat’s a lot of stop so that’s and therewas no infractions but the kid wasadmittedly yeah I used to shave my headand dress like a gangster okay that’sended odel but there’s a lot of stufflike that there’s a lot of I want toknow how many of these stops aregang-related you know because there’s athere’s an awful lot of large policedepartments that our minority are themajority and there’s a lot of blackofficers in Latino officers pulling overtheir own race and I kind of find ithard to see their racism in that I don’twhat do you think Ken well it cracks meup this part of the letter cracks me upjust simply because she says that thatminorities are stopped for minorinfractions like a license plate bulbburned out three times the rate ofwhites but yeah but just remember thisthat there’s something called PCprobable cause that allows policeofficers to pull people over if yourbrake light isn’t out they’re not goingto pull you over and for her to claimthat vehicle vehicle code violations areyou know they’re gonna they’re gonna leta white person go with a taillight orbrake light out but they’re gonna stopthe minority man that’s a bunch of crapbecause you know there’s you have tohave some kind of PC to stop someone ifyou stop them and there’s somethingthat’s incidental think that’s as aresult of your traffic stop you stillhave probable cause it’s still illegalstop Minoo this whole thing where shegets her stats from I don’t know but Idon’t I think that’s a pretty pooryou know stat that she’s using and butwe can we can go out on this there’smoreto this letter it gets even better yeahI mean and it plays those stats and allthat the light bulb thing it plays intolikepeople need to be and put themselves intouch with reality so in badneighborhoods a real crappy looking carwith a bunch of young men in it drivesby and you’ve seen infraction that’s areason to get in the car and talk tothese guys guess what that’s whatresidents of those communities want theywant cars that look real sketchy filledwith dudes they want them pulled overand they want those guys talked to bythe police that reduces crime sorryjust just uh just a fact so you can doyou can do proactive policing if it’slegal there’s nothing illegal aboutproactive policing if you have PC toinvestigate but to you know if thesetype of people like her have it her waythere they want the crime to occur andthen you respond which is not you know Idon’t see the good in that the wholething about snooping and pooping is isfinding crime before it happens if yourpresence doesn’t do it right then you’vegot to have some PC to stop people andif you can legally stop someone it’slegal Christine do you have people inyour neighborhood stupid and poopinthat’s that’s an old term for you forsniffing out cry forget to likeconveniently forget to like cite thesource that they get this stuff wrongbecause you can go online and find likeanything to corroborate what you thinkif you look hard the sources of thesethings and then they also never likeconsider all the literally hundreds ofother factors that could factor into whythey might be pulling them over he’staking his gospel well that’s whathappens that’s the truth yeah all rightso where were we can let’s see umokay no you have not won your argumentwith me saying on the air that liberalsreact by alleging racism when they havelost an argument where we why carry onshow’s overgoodbye so I’m 71 years old and sincethe shooting of MLK have watch repeatedover the top police responses ChicagoDemocratic convention LA riots can youto that etc two Americans who haveconstitutional right to protest but sheputs in parentheses but not to pillageand burn so can I guess the LAPD RIAoverreacted when the other end that whenthe citizens left the city on fire thatwas but the next sentence she gives youa prime example of this what’s thatit says prime example clearing LafayetteSquare with militarized police so Trumpcould have his photo op you bet youbecause they went out there at LafayetteSquare with militarized police tanks androcket launchers so Donald Trump couldtake a picture and it was brutal I’msure I didn’t see the I didn’t see thevideo footage but I’m sure it was brutalthat’s exactly what police do right yeahthey didn’t the police and the SecretService didn’t give repeated warningsthey did not give repeated warnings andthen come over a loudspeaker and thenwarned them again and they didn’t dothat they didn’t march towards themwarning them the whole time by the wayno one was tear gassed the whole thingclearly getting her talking points ofCNN and not doing any research so no butthis whole thing you can tell it waskind of a liberal thing about you knowwhat’s the point though because sheemailed you with this laundry list ofcrap that is she I’m sure for a halfsecond there you were gonna turn Steveyou were gonna turn to become liberalbecause she wrote you an email I’mpositive it was close man it was closeit’s one of those things were what’syour point yeah I don’t know maybe shewant this is what she wanted to happenthen she goes on and she says I livedthrough Nixon’s police state and nowTrump is PlayBook which is really funnyif you if you remember that NixonWatergate thing in Nixon’s police statethat whole thing with Watergate was somuch more tame than the Mollerinvestigation and the deep state goingafter Trump so much more tame it’s crazybut anyways the brave police who tookAnnievarious cities instead of drivingthrough protesters in Brooklyn our lastsort of hope for police departments ingeneral and the only hope that wouldbridge and understand and gap betweenthe public who are supposed to be servednot violated again yeah and the reasonthose police officers who took Anniewere brave is because they’re panderingLissa’s that’s what makes them bravefine that’s what they that’s fine youknow I have an opinion about that whichI talked about last week so yeah thankyou to that fan that was pretty awesomeyeah I’ve heard you say that yeah it’sjust pumps you up you know people areout there that’s I mean it’s just theshow is the the podcast is getting a lotof eyes now and it’s a naturalprogression of a show that gets Ithought you’re gonna get a pose amuse Iappreciate it because it gives ussomething to talk about I’m sorry Idon’t understand I don’t understand ifyou’re listening to this podcast it’swell-known that this post cat podcasthas a slight conservative flavor to itwe may be we may be patriotic we maylove the flag and we absolutely madeback the blue so I mean if that bothersyou why are you here you’re not gonnahear anything that will please youpeople like to snoop around you know butI hand it to her she did she gave me anemail with her name and everything on itso she was really one of the voice heropinion which I I respect it’s weirdcause it’s like we say you don’t want tohave to say it over and over but like webelieve racism exists bigotry existsexists in the heart of man man is flawedno good we have to fight our self to begood all the timethat’s where racism is okay if you’retrying to say that that systemic orinstitutionalized racism is happeningright now it’s very hard to prove it’sbeen disproved it’s is very hard toprove that because you’d need likeracist policies and procedures that arebeing followed that show the racism nowyou could say there’s laws in the booksthat impact one community or another ina in a worse way something you couldlook at with your legislators but ifshe’s trying to say thatpolice are it’s an institutionallyracist organization that it just it justisn’t you know and we’re not sayingracism doesn’t exist don’t don’t hearthatwe’re just saying I don’t we justlooking at this differently than you youknow yeah and if you listen to thispodcast and you don’t understand whereSteve and I are coming from we don’tlike we don’t like bad cops we don’tlike abusive cops they don’t like racistcops what happened in MinneapolisMinneapolis whatever that word is was wedon’t we don’t dig it man s it’s not theright thing to do it the a man died andSteve and I and Christine do not approveso if you want to come at us withanything like that forget itwe do not like bad police work becauseit looks bad on the on the wholeprofession however if you want to paintcops with one broad brush and say thatthey’re all racist they’re all abusiveand a cab and all the same you know thatdoesn’t work for us because it’s nottrue and you’re spouting stuff that youheard on some talking point from somevirtru signaling CNN broadcaster wedon’t really care when you say thatbecause bottom line is we don’t reallycare no Christine anything dad oh god noI think you guys articulated it well noI mean spend time on it because I meanyou’re not gonna change it so change anyminds and and Steven Mack is shockedthat we’re conservative what he’skidding of courseand Lisa Ginoza is a Comey gang by johnlegato I’m not sure what that meansmaybe a book oh maybe this hey you readyfor some news are you guys ready forsome news on on Facebook because we gotsome stuff coming up here all caps allcops are badassesI guess the other are bad cops but notyeah can we be accused of virtrusignaling appropriation I don’t want toget in trouble here guys appropriationyou see what I’m doing with the show Ihave you a prison of colorI have Christine a woman I can no longerbe held to task for any I can say almostanything now no I’m a prime year personof color yeah I’m free that’s cool cuz Ican say stuff is that a doggone you onthe bed okay I just want to give you aheads upI live in rural rural Washington he’sout there out there I’m out here I’m notsuper I’m six minutes from town but ifyou hear a loud boom it’s because myneighbors are shooting those what arethose explosive targets Oh Tanner rightTanner right if you hear that don’tworry if I don’t get excited don’t getexcited it’s just stuff blowing up in myneighborhood that’s amazing and prettyinsane because your neighborhoodalthough very rural and spread out isvery nice so the fact that they’rehollowing up Tanner right is they canalso also if anybody’s listening thisanywhere in rural Washington you do notwant to come here with your auntie fehand your and your protests that are youwill not get violent it won’t happenhere this is not the place I’m surethere’s other people who you’relistening to live in similar situationsworried that’s just not gonna happen nono first story first story this is thisis you know we were predicting this sametype of thing how much money it wouldcost once only once all the peacefulprotesters understand that peacefulprotesters burned the hell out of allthe police cars in Los Angeles so thethe headline from Channel 4 News can beseein Los Angeles says bill tops 1 milliondollars to fix police cars damagedduring the civil unrest so they had 150patrol cars that were damaged and youknow okay check this out a hundred andfifty patrol cars were damaged in thefirst two days of people peacefulprotesting and said you know it’s sofunnyso NBC News they have my might theymight be a little liberal but instead ofsaying rioting they call it civil unrestI’m sorry whatdefinitely civil it was civil and it wasit wasn’t an uprising or riding it wasunrest what even is that what is civilunrest the reverse of rest so there’ssuch a thing as civil rest see you laterbro thanks for joiningI do have a clip on that Ken please doto please I’m very very poorly preparedtoday as you know we’re late to startbecause of my tech technical problemsokay here we gothat’s gonna make us listen to 16 secondahead 16 second I won’t submit people tothat well we’re gonna just talk amongstourselves you see what’s in your hatthat’s the pony or a Bronco that’s verycool okay cool that’s nothing that’senough of that here it goestell me whenwhat that wasso Ken that’s not a million dollars it’snine hundred fifty thousand that’sdifferent practically nothing peacefulfood but you know I heard us I read itsomewhere and someone else mentioned itthat these police cars too by the timeit’s all said and done they cost $80,000to equip and buy and all this type ofthing and so if these cars are totaledand there’s a hundred and fifty of themI’m gonna let Christine do the mathbecause I’m not that smart but I knowit’s over a million dollarsyes jump change it’s not look how dothey come up with a million dollars Idon’t know and these cars are these carsare totaled there’s nothing they can dowith them I remember going to a I wasworking patrol one time this guy flaggedthis down and his he had a classic car -it’s like it’s Impala Chevy impalas60-something it was a nice car Ispecifically remember that but so thisguy he’s my car so far and you know weget there and then under that under theunder the engine there’s a fire in a serin the engine and he goes can we go graba bucket of water as if I that’s notgonna do anything man so we called thefire department fire department theytake their time they get there and butby the time the between the time wecalled the fire departmentand the time they got there the fire hadcreeped it’s little fiery ass all intothe interior and once it hit that foamrubber it was done so these police carsif there’s throwing Molotov cocktails inand it hits the foam rubberthere’s don’t even go near it and one ofthe funny thing was that the the firemanhe’s going up there with his hose I goaren’t you afraid of the car blowing upand he’d look for you guys man you’vebeen watching too much TVbut yeah so these police cars ever sethim on fire and doing all this stuffand but it was civil I mean as peacefulso that’s cool yeah yeah I think andthey were um they were using a lot oftheir junky cars right it seemed likethey were like a lot of yeah I saw somecrown vics out there as like crown vicsthey were police plants they were likehey everybody get the oldest cars youcan get so we get new cars whatever thisis yeah yeah I remember when I was a kidKen talking about like watched too manymovies I remember being like eight yearsold and I stole like a can of gasolineit was like full and I did a littlestream conservation area I did a wholestream and then I lit it it was like andit went to the gas can and it just justthe top but like the nozzle nozzle justlike lit on fire and just sat thereburning I was like I was fire ball likeI guess if they don’t have enough likethere’s not enough vapor it won’texplode yeah anyhow I was just like Ohburn your eyebrows any time when you’rea child Adam Drella says between thetime we called the fire department andthey got done doing push-ups and givingeach other high-fives so yeah we werejust you’re just doing our thing yeahand you know these you know you usuallywhen there’s a riot the cops that go tothese rites normally haven’t been to aprevious right so they don’t really knowwhat to expectand so along with all the police crapthat’s in these carsthere’s also personal gear that was lostfrom the police officers I don’t knowall that was in there what you wouldtake cuz I haven’t been in a police caron patrol since nineteen and 97[Music]I’m through it at least the front seatyeah the front seat but a Bing my nameis Christina being the Poconos all monthI’m sure your local police have beenlike mmm Mexican guy moved into do anything yeah I notice I’ve beendoing a lot more of police patrols nearmy house that they normally gave me butyeah so uh yeah these cars are very veryexpensive very expensive and when we sawthe pictures if you just google LA riotsthere’s just pictures of rows and rowsof cars especially at that Fairfaxpeaceful protest yeah I bet you anythinglike things that every cop has now intheir car or like Kindles and iPads andstuff like that yeahyou know little computers so that sucksso uh Stevesir Matthew Hensley is watching Ron arock hello say Ron hey Ronno a rondelle Ron super Maya Ron ErinZumaya is watching he says he’s latehe’s excited to be here Brian Brian -Julie Dida pace Florida and Lord a babyso yeah so that’s that story I mean it’sjust that’s just a that cost for thosecars it’s just a tip of the icebergbecause then you’ve got all thesebusinesses and all that and if you’veheard anything coming out you know canwe stop a moment and talk about thebeautiful utopian experiment calledSeattle chop they met the mayor isgetting sued double timeone suit is from the from the residentsand the business owners are suingthey’re suing her because our orders ofrights are violated and stuff and theywere unsafe and then there was anothergroup that was suing the mayor is wellin the city man they’re gonna getmillions and millions of dollars thetaxpayers gonna have to pay for all thedamage to these buildings and all thiskind of stuff same thing in LA andeverywhere around the country wherethese peaceful protests and I don’t knowif I can say it loud enough for thepeople in the back of the room thatthese protests were peaceful so peacefulcivil unrestwhoa simple unwritten rest restChristine wait Steve yes with mark thatmade the comment saying that uh thatcivil unrest is more like a fart in anelevator that’s the most accuratedescription of a fart in an elevator hedid say that so that’s that’s similanrest and I would hate to see if therewere if there were people that got upsetand became violent you know the oppositeof civil unrest peaceful protests andthey actually were burning peat burningbuildings and hurting people and beatingthem up and all that that would be scaryyeah it’d be scary if they were pullingdown statues and trying to turn us intoa bunch of Communists that’d be terribleyeah can you imagine going to work inthat chop tone like you have to reportlike you’re going because businesseswere opened like some dude searches yoube like and you call the policeokay some guy searched me for weaponsand they’re like yeah that’s cool theyshowed a video they said they showed aphoto that they had gone in there andthere started they want to start takingup those barricades you know when youthink about it going back to thissection you know those big bear casesbig cement barricades that they used toblock off the street jersey barriersyeah do you think those protestersbrought those in on their pickup trucksthose are provided by the city and thenthere’s rows of porta-potties that we’rein there those were not brought into theback of someone’s pickup truck eitherand so they showed this picture theywant to start clearing out these thesebarricades and there’s a picture of aguy laying in front of the big bulldozerman the first guy they scooped up inthat thing the turban square so brave sobrave you know no one’s lifting thosejersey bears those those protesters inchop couldn’t they’re unlike therubber-coated weights in the gym youknow like a little tiny hands yousupposed to jog with though they’rebench pressing those I feel bad I feelbad when you talk about the people thathave to work in chop this is what Ithink of like the meme of ben affleckanother dollar all the money that thebusiness is I mean would you go in therehey let’s go to pink what is thatPinkberry let’s go to Pinkberry and chopthat name sounds like curvy to me Idon’t know why Christine your brotherlives near there and like like we’vekind of talked about before like itlooks bad but like I bet you they markedsix cops in there the chop is overthat’s kind of what happened but he wentdown there right yeah you walked throughit one day just as he was curious yousaid just looks like a bunch of likenomads like homeless people just kind oflike hanging out like it was like a likea low-grade it looked like anyway theguy and walked through and though hedidn’t get searched that’s good hedidn’t any trouble but then a coupledays later people were shot so my dadwas like freaky now and those like youcan’t go anywhere near there like whatare you moving back home oh man I just Ijust think that is if they think that’sgonna happen also along the same linesMinneapolis decided they were actuallyofficially going to disband their PoliceDepartment but apparently not knowingthis it has to go to a vote in they haveto put it on the ballot a ballot measureso I hope that people get to decidethat’s nice yeah yeah I can’t see thewhole city going yeah chill man that’scool yeah my neighborhoods cool totallyno crisis band those mofos yeah and thenwe don’t need we don’t need police rightin here bears on the right there’s somuch crap going on I feel bad for thepeople and those in the really badneighborhoods I was actually just insometimes my job brings me to bad partsof the city I was in South Central andthe people that you actually first ofall I’m like it’s just funny when I walkaround with a folder and I have likequestions about surveillance and stuffand like hey you got stuff for thatcamera over there like in people arelike what do you do it what do youbecause it’s it’s always Hispanic orblack neighborhoods and people are nicethey’re just they’re dirty I’m an oddityI know it I walk I’m a born care they’relike this guy works for the city or he’sa cop like there’s no way you live theyprobably think you’re a Mormonmissionary yeah exactly but they’re thepeople are like once they like kind ofcheck you out there I don’t blame them Iyou know they’re very very nice as wellmoon was very nice to me she was likelet me take your car now I’m gonna askaround and see if like you know I waslooking into something and she was gonnalike ask her neighbors and they’re justnormal people you know it’s like youthink these people don’t want police ofcourse they want police like they wantlaw enforcement they want law and orderit’s what they really really want andthey and when they um you know all thesepolls when they interview these peoplein these inner cities where the crime isterrible they want the police they theywant more patrols even so this is justit’s just sickening where it’s like it’sthis huge political thing now and thesepeople’s lives are in the balance likethey’re the ones that are gonna sufferthe people that need the cops you knowit’s like it’s really gross I’m gonnagive me a pro tip okay you want it whenyou go to these areas you want to wearglasses like this you want to wear apocket protector high-water pants and asChristine saying of pristine white tee awhite short sleeve shirt with a tie ithas to be short sleeve it cannot be longabout Mark Boal says haha Steve on alittle bike with a white button-up andblack trousers that’s what I’m talkingabout mark when you think about thoseglasses I think that will work as wellthem to me man come on okay these aresuch these glasses are the coolest everjust start selling that stuff on thethings please see websites as much heresee my beer see Steve’s Steve’sprotective gear I got it I got a packetof eight of these on Amazon for like 15bucks you are 1,000 years old the reasonI got eight of them right there I goteight of them I guess at my age I can’tremember crap so I you know if you loseglasses you go tothe room there’s more well I’m like myleft side my left eyes blurry all thetime and I did I tell everybody that Ican see just fineyou can’t ya that’s Christine picked itoff she’s like glasses I’m not I can seefine Christine you can’t see so just soyou guys know Christine and I read thecomments from you but it’s because Stevecan’t see if that cos he’s the boss hecan’t see crapI guess his folks so anyways but that’sthat’s the bill for for the police carsand I’m sure if you multiply that timesa bazillion bazillion bazillion dollarsaround the United States the total inproperty from the peaceful peacefulprotests is in the billions I mean wellyou know what I’m gonna predict 200million trillion billion zillion dollarsjust wait for the news to to come outwith that exact number first thingsfirst happened herecan I also do it what do you call thatshameless yeah a shameless plug Stevecan you please share that t-shirt thatyou happen to be wearing well what thist-shirt this t-shirt what is that isthat merch it’s I mean I don’t even knowwhat you’re talking aboutoh my I mean if you want to emerge youcould go to things honestly themerch is cool to see people buy it andappreciate it but just straight updonations of the way to go I literallyget like you got 193 from t-shirt saleI’m like awesome what’s up right I digthem I think it’s coolyou know I’m thinking about Ken and letme bounce this off you guysI think tank I’m think about maybemaking some that’s just say TPS or kindof taking the police or cops out of itbecause not because the climate ofwhat’s happeningbecause of that but also because when Iwas on the job like I would never wearanything that said police on it likewhen I was in public just because I waswith my family and you know whatever Iwas thinking like maybe like making likea hybrid something that didn’t likescream it was a police podcast but moreof like an outcome so then it was lessobvious what you think maybe like adonut or something because you could lowhanging fruit Christine you can have asecret society of TPS listeners for onlyTV and they look each otherOTPs it was just my head just rotateinspire you you good with thatwhy out the cell Christine are Lisaagain Rogan Oh wants trucker hats guysokay I’ll look into that wrecker hat mybest person on it and costume mustachesI don’t know where the mustache wouldcome in I don’t know what is the N onceevery two months shaved his mustache andglued it to a postcard and you could buyit oh my gosh can I have a mustachefilter on you let me see if I can get iton nicest supercomputer from NATO whatare you doing from it I have somefriends didn’t help desk at work that’snice now they’re gonna go which ones Kenwhich ones can yeah you can’t tell thedifference Karen I wish we ate I wish weate bagelswe we have I used to eat doughnuts allthe time at wind chills but hey okay sowhen going villages it’s a good idea tosee no just for the record what’s it thehats or the doughnuts just likeincognito things please yeah okay soguys are we votingI vote for incognito TPS stuff becausethen those things will fly off the shelfJesse can you get can you get a logothat just says TPS on it and people knowdude are you Christine I need you todesign that for free Thanks you dohashtag TPS of the mustthat’s good Ken’s mustache no or just dolike a mustache like a mustache that’slike an orange one and a black one oh mygosh that’d be amazing I knew we had youon for a reason anymore I’m gonna doubleyour salary Adam I wish I knew how longmy mustache took to get here but I thinkI want to say within in my in my mid-20sby the time I was in my mid-20s I hadthe mustache going I think Ken wastalking with Jenny his wife and was likedo you think I should grow a mustacheand he turned around and there was amustache all right Ken sorry we’rereally keeping you from the news herewith Oliver cool so here’s this thismove this next story is this stupid movearound the United States I just thinkit’s the dumbest thing everso on KTLA 5:00 in LA the the LosAngeles Unified School Board votes downplan to defund school police fails toagree on reform but the thing is is thatthe school teachers union voted todisband the school police department thething about this retards the thing aboutit is that anybody that knows LosAngeles so the city of Los Angeles is450 you know closing in on almost 500square miles for the city but the LAUSDthe school district goes far outside thecity limits here goes into the SouthGate and all these other areas so it’smuch bigger than that it’s its own it’sall of the city of Los Angeles so 500square miles and then plus the otherschools that are outside Los Angeles andthey’re saying that’s just what I’msorry to interrupt you but can youexplain what they do they have all theauthority of a police officer yeahthey’re full they’re full-on PeaceOfficers they’re California Procertified is a police department and sothey were that you know they have thesame uniforms as LAPD and then they havepatches and they’re there’s their badgeis different but but you’re right markbecause protecting our children isoverrated is what is whatMarcus saying and so the the stupidthing about this and I’ve never there’sa difference between having schoolresource officers or you have officerfriendly doing tick-tock dance videoswith the kids and the first respondersthat can get into the schools and notebecause if I was if I was on patrol andsomebody and there was a call came outof an active shooter at a high schoolI’d get there but I’m like this is thisis big this is a huge area the policedepartments know their schools they knowtheir layouts they know all that stuffand this is a full-on police force andso for these people to come out and I’mglad that the school district had thecommon sense to say no no no no and inlight of all the school shootings thathave been going on since Columbine upuntil what’s the one in Florida youcan’t remember that one but all theseschool shootings and they come aroundand say yeah let’s just defund thepolice do you know what let’s get rid ofthe police department for the school’sincredibly stupid and short-sighted andthey it’s not just they just respond toactive shooter stuff obviously they likethe ones around here where I live theydo um they do traffic enforcement on theschool they help the kids get out in andout safely they do truancy like they doall the stuff a cop needs to doinvolving school in an area this sizeyou it’s either they have their ownPolice Department or you add thousandsof officers to LAPD or the sheriff’s todo that so it’s six and one-half dozenthe other really you know it I can’t Ican’t imagine a teacher wanting to getrid of them yeah I think that and theseare educated people and not only arethese idiots voting for disbanding thepolice department they’re teaching ourchildren yeah can I couldn’t be happierthat we homeschool our kids at thispoint I was so like when my wifementioned it I was like no we’re nothaving likeweird homeschooled kids like I’m notyeah cuz I didn’t know and where I wasfrom in the Northeast it wasn’t a thinglike there was like one kid who washome-schooled and then he was integratedlike in like eighth grade we met him itwas like where have you beenbut in other states it’s a thing there’shomeschool meetups the whole thing butanyways it’s a really good way to nothave your kids indoctrinated with like avery leftist agenda I could rememberfifth grade sitting in class and ourteacher our fifth grade teacher I wantshis name cousin you know he’s a nice manbut he really screwed up here he he saidto us we all did terrible on this testand he said it was during the Gulf Warand he says you know if you guys can’tpay attention and do like I tell youwhen you go home and study for thesethings then you might as well get a GEDand ship overseas and fight in this warand the kids sitting right next to hisdad had just been deployed and HIDAstarted crying because he misses his dadand this guy is basically saying likepieces of garbage go overseas yeah tofight yeah and it what I mean he kepthis job I don’t I don’t know if he wouldnow or not but with every culture andall that but um I remember I stillremember the next day hearing shoutingin the hallway shouting and whimperingand it was my friend’s mom just tearingthis guy apart tearing him apart wasinsane but um that’s that’s that’s theway they think all of them pretty muchall of them the ones there’s there’ssome that are conservative they keeptheir mouth shut because they want tokeep their jobs mmm but that’s that’swhat you’re dealing with you put yourkids with them and also there’s athere’s something weird when when I waswhen I was in school you know in thatthey did it they did a study of theproblems in schools in the 1950s thebiggest problem in schools in the 1950swe’re talking back to the teachersrunning in the hallway and chewing gumin class nownow there’s calls for these for thesekids that are hitting teachers if youdon’t have school police I mean who’swho’s responsible for that who’sresponsible for all thewhen I when I worked in in Los Angeleshmmat Los Angeles school I was I wasshocked I went in a call to LA sent toLA High School and in order to get inthe front doors of LA high school youhad to go through a metal detector inthe 1980s Wow and there and these idiotsand I cannot stress enough that this isthe stupidest thing I’ve ever heard todisband a police department thatresponds to these schools that is dumbChristine in answer to your your messagealthough that mustache is sexy it isdistracting Joel Ulrich is joining us hehe was a little bit latehello and also we got parkland schoolwas the one in now hey Gwen Phillips isthis school police officer yeah Gwengave us some I believed when you gave usa referral for a great interview rightnow I’m sorry if I’m not rememberingcorrectly but I think officer detectiveSanborn came from Gwen Phillipssuggestion but I was fully aware Gwenwas an officer no and we need morefemale interviews Gwen if we can inviteyou to the podcast for an interview thatwould be great we would love to have youon the show more lady cops lady cops weneed some little more modesty not likemen have are more you know more bra theywant to contact you I got story yeah thegirls are a little bit more modest yeahthe ladies are cool that’s that storyhey on this next story Steve you’regonna have to help me out with this onehmm I’m your helper there’s a city inwhere is it in Lowell mmm is thatMississippi no Michigan Michigan LowellMichigan and the story is former Lowellpolice chief forced out onearly what happened was this policechief they were gonna have a march in inthis city and I don’t think it’s a bigcity anyways there is I guess it’s anopen carry state maybe because that’swhat the thing but anyways this policechief writes a Facebook post on theofficial police Facebook page and hesays we at the Lowell PoliceDepartment’s support the legally armedcitizen and the Second Amendment it’sgreat and so they said they fired himthey said that I read this I wanted tosmash my phone I was like what is thisso they said that he overstepped thekind of disciplinary letter any theysaid he overstepped his bounds andcaused unneeded personal commentary andinserted political debatable issues theConstitution what are you doing aboutthe Constitutionso this police chief goes down there andsays hey you’re more than welcome youknow and if it was one if it was anotherprotest which you’ve seen hundreds oftimes were that where the politicians goin there we support your right tolegally protest well this guy says wesupport your right to bear arms we’re anopen carry state I think that’s whatthey said and we believe in the SecondAmendment they fired him this guy alsothe article says one year from beingfully vested in the retirement system sothis is yeah I mean I don’t know if he’sdoing them a favor or if he’s thatdedicated by resigning but I feel likethere’s no way the Union wouldn’t standbehind him and he wouldn’t build to getall that’s coming to him you know withan attorney well generally speakingpolice chiefs any kind of element or theeasy aren’t a part of the Union sounless they have their own union whichsome departments have command officerunions Union but so who this is so hehad 25 years he was just shy of 25 yearswhere he get a full pension I guess andI don’t know how it works out there butit was three months away oh my goshthree months away Christine yeahChristine looks very serious about thisi but she has a comment about the stupidthis yes it’s the RBF Christine isonline right now like I’m like orbits inAmazon just naughty she’s totallychecked out she’s like oh man so that’sso that’s that story I don’t know whatyou guys how you guys feel about thisbeing you know speaking out for theConstitution I’m reaching it’s it’sterrible that he would have saidsomething like that and then here’s thething so so this guy goes online on thefull on the police department on thepolice department face book page andsays this about you know people have aright to do this so then if policeofficers on their own time say somethingunder their own Facebook account theyget dinged for that too which is itSteve Christine which is it it’s reallythe cancel culture and it’s part of thewhole culture yeah it’s part of thewhole the thought police and the incontrolling you and not being able tohave an opinion even when you’re notworking like people are being fired foryou know having an opinion that differsfrom the mob it’s freaking 1984 exactlyit’s very Orwellian it really is I meanif you read what these commie bastardswere talking about in the 80s and onesthat defected and came over here they’relike oh we’re in putting this stuff inthe in the educational systems ofAmerica and there was an institutestarted in New York that was funded byall the Liberals it was a communistInstitute that’s that disseminated allthese all this communist material intoour universities it’s like it’s insaneis it feels like not it feels unreal itfeels like a crazy movie you know andit’s just completely and and part oftheir prophecy is that like you can tellthe people who are indoctrinated totheir face and show them facts and theywon’t believe you until there’s a booton their neck that’s literally the quotethis KGB officer gave mmm it is what’shappening because you can talk yourselfblue in the face facts andyears with someone and they’re therejust like they’re not there it was aquote – that was talking about it’seasier to convince people it’s easier toconvince people that you know offalsehoods than to convince them nottheir you know that they’re wrong andbelieving that to change their opinionright yeah I say you see it all the timeon Facebook where people post a meme andit’s like Donald Trump just got caughtkilling 500 people and then the peopleare going bastardyou know how they Snopes says DonaldTrump did not kill 500 people and youand you go and you post it on theperson’s Facebook page and they go wellthat’s good to hear but I would believeit if he did yeah problem is he wouldeven like if that’s I mean that’s givingthem too much credit even stillsometimes they’re like oh I don’tbelieve that yeah yeah I heard yeahhis investors are interested in Snokeit’s gonna be publicly traded and it’sgonna have you know an initial publicoffering they’re gonna buy it up so JoelUlrich remind me of this story I’m notsure which one you’re talking about Ididn’t I don’t think we have it on thisweek’s episode Oh HP remind me cuz I’mnot sure but anyways I don’t know Idon’t know he’s this guy wants to gethis job back but we’ll see what happenson to the next Stuckey next this is inVirginia oh this is this is where whichone are you talking about isn’t this toTucker across from one yes yes TuckerCarlson so anyways guys this story isabout a 9-1-1 call where this lady wasshe and hear about this protest inFredericksburg Virginiaso this lady’s driving through town withher kid and all of a sudden theseprotesters start surrounding her car andsomebody starts jumping on her car sowhat does she do she sucked she’s awhite lady with her white little childand so she calls 9 1 1 ok she’s andshe’s racist becauseyou know anyways we have a we have aclip you haven’t got to listen to thisaudio clip this will blow your mind ifyou haven’t heard it alreadyI’m sorry everybody yeah so that thatclip didn’t work out for us was not thefood it was that is that the link didyou look played that link that you sentme Ken or no it should be the link thatthe only one for the charcoal TuckerCarlson show hold onoh man brutal so that’s insane andraging imagine that’s your loved oneyour your wife you know that’s that’scrazy yeah and then Tucker goes on tosay later on the mayor of Fredericksburgapologized not to the lady or thecitizens of the town which is 25,000people she apologized to the protesterswho had to go through this like youcan’t make this up is this real life soand then there’s some stupid littlepublic service announcement from thefrom the city on on YouTube but anywaysthe for her she’s calling 9-1-1 cuz thisis happening right now this is in realtime someone’s climbing on a car theprotesters I’m sorry we can’t doanything it’s a sanctioned event so okayso if I get a permit if I get a permitto to march and then I go around tearingup cars and breaking windows andbusinesses there’s nothing they could dobecause it’s a sanctioned event whatkind of logic and stupidity is that theygot one of those permits where theysuspend all laws for them so sorry it’slike what is that movie um when there’slike one day a year when you can justlike murder people and the purge purgesorry they got a purge permit so you’rein the purge zone looks like this is thepart where you queue that clip of alllike the liberal senators saying like noone is above the lawyeah yeah and and so is this what we’vecome to where we’re and and you knowwhat the 911 operator she did not give acrap no I’m sorry she does they’reclimbing on my car I got a kid in a carwe suggest you call City Hall and letthem know okay did she just tell themnot to tell them not to do that and thenshe goes she says okay what you need todo is you need to drive slowly make sureyou don’t hit anyone heck because it’syour ass if you hurt anybodyyeah so she’s getting her car’s gettingattacked with a kid and she they want tomake sure that protesters are okay thisis stupid but anyway what is it what’sgoing on Christine what’s going onkeg again Steve that’s my Dumb andDumber gag oh that’s just my all-timefavorite gift that makes me crazy but ifyou guys can just absorb that for aminute that’s what’s going on in some ofthese towns and if they didn’t record itI don’t even know how the lady got itgot the recording or who got therecording of it but I’m glad they theyout of these people I made him look sostupid but it’s these little towns withall of the other liberal mayors andstuff like that layer terrified manthey’re terrible jobs Ken I know I knowsome people and had been back east thatare like what do we do I know theirvalues and how they how they feel aboutsituations but I feel for them theydon’t know like they don’t like you saidmost of them are out of a union nowyou’re you’re either voted in or thetown council appointed you for one orthree year appointment yeah like whatyou got what do you do like you make astand all right that’s itI’m gonna make a stand here I’m gonnasnip for what’s right and what’s trueand maybe lose my job and not be able tosupport my family or am I just gonna cowtied to you know the mob and give themwhat they wantit’s hard one on on some of the in someof these sit well I should say in mostof these cities where there’s liberalbureaucrats in there and politiciansthey encourage this stuff they don’tcare about the common man all they careabout is is this virtual signalingletting these these protesters get awaywith all I mean it’s just like the thisthat all the statues that are comingdown all the statues are correct theyhad this on videotape where they’regoing yeah okay some other preparing itokay we’re an hour into them preparingthe statute for the police our secondhour now where they’re trying to bringthis where is every letting this happenbut guarantee you go down to thesecities Washington DC and see it on thatand you stand in you break a window youdon’t think the cops will be there rightnowand arrest you it’s bad man the um likeI get it some of these statues could dowithout him like one of them that wasreally weird was the Abe Lincoln onewith the slave on his knees like lookingup at them I’m like the first time I sawI’ve never seen this – before but theyshowed it and I was like yeah thatdoesn’t like drum up good emotion to methat’s kind of like a yucky I don’t likethe idea of like this slave kneelingthere looking up at Abe Lincoln likethank you kind of weird but in Americayou don’t just tear that down becauseyou don’t like it yeah get it taken downyou know you get it you you you petitionthe city you do whatever the legal legalpath is that’s how you take it down thefact that they’re letting these peoplejust just pick and choose like the TeddyRoosevelt statue in front of the museuma science or whatever is there they’revoluntarily removing it they’re like nobefore you even say anything we’ll getrid of Teddy Roosevelt like you’re sorryhe’s a white guy at the mustache veryoffensive like the fact that they’repreemptively doing it is it’s disgustingto me and that’s a very it’s very veryfar left tearing down statues anderasing the history you know like tryingto like like erase the historycompletely that’s a that’s a virtue ofthe left that’s the frustrating thingthere’s a lot of these people that aredoing that don’t even know anythingabout the history they’re just doing itbecause they want to do it because nowthey’vegiven given them the right to do it theyjust do it cuz they can right there justlike in the blueprint of communismthey’re like no I’m doing this thing andthey’re like you’re not it’s like we areno windup toys might do things now thatour statute is bad bad kill them it’slike they tear down statues of peoplethat fought against slaverythis is stupid I can see they’re youknow they’re to the point where they gothe Children’s Museum and there’s a bluedog they go that statueand they tear these they’re so dumbthey’re just following their bunch oflemmings they just go you see a dog yeahthey see a darling a k-9 unit what wasthat thing they were saying it was apigs in a blanket fry them like thatyeah that’s a BLM BLM was saying whenthey first started marching that’s whatthey’re saying about copsyou said he goes through another podcastto where they were talking about Harlemthere was literally a clip of apolitician saying oh them destroyingproperty that can be replaced that’sjust monetary that’s not violence that’slike what no what does that been okay Idon’t understand these new rule but doesjust say they’ll do it you know it’sfunny when you go back to the originalstarting of all the protests and all theburnings of buildings and people gettinghurt and all this violence that’s goingon and next you know in a month from nowyou’ll see someone’s gonna someone’sgonna send a letter an email to Steveand go you know words or violencebecause this silence is violenceyeah silence is violence and words areviolence and words have consequences butby all means go do all you know bringthe city down and hurt all these peopleand all this kind of stuff that’s finethat’s finewhat’s cool mark Bowles had a really hada cool thing where was he said Mark Boalsaid North Carolina North Carolinapassed a law allowing vehicles to hitprotesters who blocked the roadway Idon’t you know Mark said it so it’s liketotally agree with that butexcellent but if you have an appointmentyou have to get to schoolthere’s gotta be stuff but anyways guysthis whole thing yeah Adam truthless Ohalso mark brought up something thatreminded me of another thing did youguys hear about Shaun King and what hesaid about the Christian the Christianstatues and all that stuff yeah whatJesus needs to come down yeah so ShaunKing is this activist and he’s a BLMactivist or he he backs him and all thatkind of stuff so anyways he comes on thehe he made a tweet where he I’m gonnaparaphrase but he basically said thatall the statues a show of white Jesusand all the stained glass windows andall the churches should be should bedestroyed and and all this stuff man andI’m thinking okay now you’re now you’resaying because you don’t believe in thecolor of the skin of a painting or astatue or a stained glass window let’slet’s destroy that stuff doesn’t havethe basic basic understanding of whatChristianity is you know God said we’reall we’re all image bearers of Goddoesn’t matter the color of your skin isnever mentioned in the Bible we’re allwere all image bearers of God right sohe Shaun King is trying to say that umno it’s funny I saw that thing popped upon my phone I showed it to my wife I’mlike just in case you thought we weren’tin the end of days here’s a headline Isaid they’re calling for tearing to havestatues of Jesus the most peaceful manin the world did nothing but talk aboutlove and forgiveness it’s insane likethey showed the Chinese culture hasChinese Jesus middle-east says he wasMiddle Eastern he was a he wasdefinitely a darker skinned guy you knowI think everybody knows that right hewas Palestinian Israel area that he wasuh he was a middle-eastern guy he was hewas a price a brown brown skin rightbrowner yeah yeah so anybody denies hesaid he wasn’t he wasn’t a white guywith a British accent yeahnow hold on let me do my Australian moit’s just weirdI know I don’t understand it why dothese guys get to get away with thiskind of language though he’s attendinghe’s black so it’s like yeah at leastLisa Cano says she identifies his blackbut he’s white is he like is he biracialor what is he no they show pictures ofhim when he was little and he’s a littlewhite kid then this is this is thecraziest part I don’t have a totalhandle on the story but now if you seepictures of him his hair is super shortand he lines himself up like black guysget lined up cuz the way their hair isthey have a razor straightedge go aroundso their hairline have you ever noticedit perfect rightso he gets lined up like a black guy andhe has a little mustache you know likethe it’s very he’s appropriating blackstyle you know so he looks like in somepictures he looks like he could be blackbecause of the lighting but if you seepictures of him in high school and likewhen he’s a kid he’s a white kid andhe’s been called out for it and that hisexplanation was horrific he basicallysaid his mom slept with a light-skinnedblack guy while married to his dad andthat’s how he is black but if you seepictures of his white dad it looks likehim dad he’s basically making his momlook like a whore so he can keep being ablack guy it’s like it’s real it’sreally sick and incest but can I imploreyou to Google this go down this rabbithole because you’ll be like I don’t it’slike I knew so many kids growing up thatloved the black culture so much the rapmusic that dancing like there’s a lot tolove there there’s a lot of creativityin black culture they loved it so muchthat they were the kids that were thebaggy pants and you remember on the highschool movie I can’t hardly wait andSeth Green played the he’s a red-hairedkid and he plays like what’s up homesyou like plays like a black kid that’swhyso good I grew up with those kids allaround me I never understood they justloved black culture so much that theymake sense so they so they so badly wantto be black like if they could somehowfool people into thinking they wereblack it would have been like theirdream and this is the dream he’saccomplished like he’s got the world andpeople are so afraid they kind of dancearound it they’re like I’m not sure somepictures he looks black I don’t knowit’s it’s so sillyhe’s a white kid Lisa what Lisa wasreminding us about Rachel Dolezal yesshe’s in San Francisco or Oakland likethat she’s a straight up white lady butshe did her little her hair and thatlittle spongey that little sponge lookedat white girls do when they do their youknow they get the little white fro yeahand then she kind of got a little tanshe like tight-knit hair yes you knowevery weekend so so she was and she wasin charge of the local in double ACP andit turns out she was white she was verywhite but she got called out and shebecame a big nothing but I couldn’t Ihad a little problem with that myselfwhere she wanted to be black and shejust you know I don’t appreciate beinglied towe mislead no no it’s funny ken isMalcolm X has a quote and this quote isso accurate to today’s standards andhe’s like the biggest problem with ourmovement is the white liberal becauseyou’re just screwing everything up forus these white these crazy white peopleare just you know I want you to knowSteve I have to interrupt this for avery important message Adam Adam drilldrill Asst Adam jealous and Mick beauare calling you out about yoursubstandard Australian accent[Music]you’re from Australia and have said Xand doesn’t mean you’re the expert okaywhat do they know yeah he didn’t knowlike guys I’m so sorry about thatbut put another shrimp on the Bobby babythat was perfect not close but it wasgood like itlet’s go out and scout the outback andInfectious an outlet no a crocodilewrestling then we’ll marry it becausethat’s what we do in Australia how’sthat guys is that better is that betterI don’t know just kidding I love theiraccent it’s intoxicatinganybody wasn’t it’s Trillian accent andjust talks you’re like right cuz I likethat Adams not from Australia and hestill called you out so that’s gonna besomething to see so Adam you’re racistokay so let’s let’s go this last storywhich is really infuriates me it pissesme offokay hey you guys wanna talk aboutChicago Chicagonothing going on in Chicago except onFather’s Day weekend they had 104 peopleshot on the Father’s Day weekend 14people including five of them beingchildren were killed one little boy wasthree years old got shot in the backbecause they’re trying to shoot his dadmissed the dead shot the little threeyear old in the back and my goodness I’mgonna I’m gonna play a clip from BLMabout their outrage over this that wasit wow you guys catch it the LMstatement and then if you look at yourcalendar all all the days for theprotest march for all these victims isempty it’s like they don’t care so I’mkind of wondering what’s happening I dohave a Chicago Oh about this yes can weplay it yes sirgoodness holy cow can that be awful wellthere’s two parts of this story one isobviously that the slaughter that’sgoing on in Chicago the second part isbecause it doesn’t fit the narrative youdon’t hear BLM saying anything about ityeah the the violence in Chicago correctme if I’m wrong has been bad for yearslike yes it is really stamped out of themedia like that’s something that happenslike I remember being in it at ahospital with my daughter and she had anew pulmonary person came in he had justfinished training and he had been atthis other hospital in the emergencyroom and he said yeah I’ve been dealingwith just gunshots constantly we’re likegunshots really he’s like yeah we getlike you know we get like five tengunshots a weekend in Boston and we’relike geez it’s so weird a shooting younever hear about that he goes oh no it’sjust happened so much they don’t put onthe news at all you know it’s but it’salso like like not – I mean that’s awfulthat people are suffering that andthat’s happening but not even to mentionlike the astronomical cost that’sassociated with having a handle those onlike unnecessary shootings or likesenseless deaths and and that just endsup becoming taxpayer responsibility alsoit’s wild yeah it’s crazy I know it’sreally weird that they don’t umit’s never mentioned at all yeah heyChristian Vince is here Chris one of ourfavorites people yeah and there’s um youknow people I got I got accused thislast week of not being Christian becauseI don’t support BLM but the fact remainsis they’re so scattered all over theplace one of their leaders the New YorkChapter guy and that and this is weirdabout BLM they have a like an officialBLM and they have little BLM’s and andeverybody can use BLM and not I don’tknow how they’re connected or whateverso anyways he comes out and he he calledfor you know being violent and all thiskind of stuff and they’re gonna take itback and he believes in this sovereigntyand all this kind of stuff and but thething is that their their message is soconvoluted and even when all thesethings happen if it doesn’t match thenarrative they don’t say anything aboutit but why doesn’t anybody call them outno politicians not even the conservativepoliticians don’t even call him out onit what is it that they’re so they’re sofragile flowers that nobody cancriticize them I don’t get that eithertucky yeah hold tucky there he calls himout he called Tucker Tucker Carlsoncause he’s getting unbelievably TuckerCarlson gets like the number one ratingson TV a lot and he’s losing sponsorswhich does not fit the capitalistequation which is right which scares mebecause it’s like these corporations aretheirs they’re so embedded in ourgovernment and they’re so worried aboutthe Left agenda that they’re not eventhough the viewership is huge they’renot willing to pay for ad space on andbe associated with him in his differentthoughtsyeah he’s got ones I heard he’s got oneof the most popular popular shows on onFox as well I think if they try to getif they got rid of if they got rid oftucker carlson i think that channelwould would drop yeah he’s he’s amazinghe calls out both sides I mean he’sreally good on most things I mean whenyou were saying about BLM to Ken it’slike the political move in BMF BLM theorganization I mean they’re you can’t bea Christian and support themyou just can’t I mean they they’repro-abortion how many black babies hasabortion killed right millions where areabortion clinics set up blackneighborhoods okay and a woman thatestablished the abortion clinics arelike Planned Parenthood is all it’sMargaret Sanger she’s like a you Genestwomen two of the women are avowedMarxist the ones that are founders theysaid they’re they’re Marxist beliefs soI mean they’re in they want todeconstruct the family the nuclearfamily these are all things that areChristian and that you know the people’sbudget is backed by BLM as well fortheir the people’s budget out of it’sonly limited I think it’s all over theplace but anyways they want to defundpolice departments by 95 percent so ifthey had their way 95 percent of policedepartment budgets across the countrywould be gone which mean what do yousaying what do you do the five percentpolice budget what even is that a caryou know or whatever I mean it’s juststupidwhen Phillips yeah I’ve seen JohnnieCastro art I did not see the portrait ofthe of the little boy though so yeah Ihaven’t seen the one of the little boybut he does some amazing drawings of theevery time there’s a fallen officer yeahhe’s he’s very good anyways at the riskof pissing myself off a little bit moreI mean I don’t that’s it for the newsbut do we have any questions from ourguests it would be great to see Ken justget so pissed he gets up just starttearing his pictures of the wholespecialscomputer can’t don’t know we need thisstuff for the podcast what are you doingsmashes microphone I’ve been throughenough of this stuff that it doesn’treally faze me I go back to when theywhen they really called this pigs youknow that was that was a throwback tothe 70s but this type of thing whereI’ve dealt with this kind of hate forthe last 40-plus yearsyeah just whatever you know is they canhate us and then the first thing they dowhen when the pooper hits the fan isdown line one one well I know it’s beenhealing you basking in my love do youguys have any questions for SteveChristine’s here you can ask herquestions as well or nuts or you can askme quite and put us on the hot seatmarks marks is 5% police budget is thatwhite short sleeve button up in blackslacks on the drive I respect thatEnoch Diaz Enoch Diaz is is near dear tomy heart because I can’t Teaneck howlong you’ve been on the job because Imet him when I did his background knowand he wants to know if my if my I wouldget pissed off first or my mustachewould get pissed off first right thanyou are if you notice if you know Canadaif you see him in personyou’ll notice isn’t my starts to vibrateright before it leaves his body andinsults you we have a question we have aquestion for Christine when Phillip saysChristine when are you getting down thejob yeah good questionI like that Randi bunch you hello myfriend not soon enoughdragging your feet dragging my feet whywouldn’t you want to be a cop right nowChristine come on let’s go when did youanswer the question yeah I said not soonenough working on it so soGwen Christine’s offering you her mostspongy answer and that’s what that’swhat we got so far it’s when are yougonna come on the job yeah they just sayyester one Thank You Adam we appreciatethe the kudos there Kent State WilliamJames long brings up Kent State Iremember seeing that in the news when Iwas a mere tyke yeah there’s some crazystuff from our history where you thinkthings are crazy now and then you lookback at thingsI think Kent State was when the NationalGuard shot college students did theythink they shot for college kids yeahlike if you think things are nuts now itwas really crazy then Teaneck Diaz sayshe has a mustache now – the funniestthing about him is when I teen aqus notthat’s that’s a fake name I happen toknow his real namewhich I’ll share for you I’ll share withyou off what’s his home address soanyways when I did his background it wasso funny because he was one of thoserockabilly guys and he had he didn’thave any facial hair and but his musthis sideburns were long and his hairwent way up here and then little flattopthing you know his rockabilly guys theyneed a big change for his wallet yeahyeah yeah I remember one folks is gonnahelp you outChristine wait I’m oh you said greatyeah I said sweet Gwen is a go let’slet’s get you together and then by nextweek we should have some informationfrom Christine that she’s ready to applyI’m working on it Gwen mm-hmm okayWilliam James long says shot 13/4 killedwhere is this Chicago um this is thisweekbut do I remember hey Steve here’s onedo you remember all of your backgroundapplicants I remember quite a few I doI’m gonna go with no because I Iconducted about 1400 LAPD backgroundinvestigations and I I sometimes I I oneof my candidates got me in Instagram andI’ve seen her pictures all the time andI you know the faces don’t sometimesthey ring a bell and sometimes theydon’t but yeah that’s a lot one of thecoolest thing Ken went up one of ourgood buddies and two-time TP s guestDavis Cotto was a good friend of this anawesome dude I love the guys so muchanyways he said he had a candidatesitting across from him and he goes umsir I just want to tell you that Ireally enjoyed your interview on thingsplease see amazing candidates now aretelling their background investigatorsthey heard there’s like okay so WilliamJames long he was saying Kent State 413shot and four killed this is the I thinkwas a National Guard or yeah it’s insanethis is a college it was a collegeprotest and somehow or another it wentsouth and they you know the protestersdidn’t have any weapons they weren’tpeaceful like they’re now and thesepeople got shot it was I just wentbedlam I guess is what happened but yeahso I mean that’s all I got this week ifif there are no more questions you’reskipping over some somebody want theTracy I think once an update no Lisawants an update on the goats Steve thegoats are going strong Oh kidding me Ijust I mean like I said I pick one upfrom Tucson very very Hardy goatyour squirrel trap go I’ve killed a lotI’m I’m like a cold-blooded killer nowof my house no one else my wife won’t doit so I have to kill all the squirrelsmy weapon of choice is a 760 pump masterten pumps back in the head I probablykilled it’s just it’s a it’s a trapcalled the squirrel inator and I’vekilled I think seven squirrels the thingwe have to because they they’re stealingour feed for the animals and alsothey’re eating our garden so it’s likethey’re adorable and I have to blowtheir brains out so it’s like it’sreally it’s it’s a really effed upsituation it’s like the bastard and thehouse does takes care of business needto be killedlet’s see mark says the personal historystatement might as well call it the bookof shame yeah that’s truethe personal history statement that’sthe application but the actual that whendepartments have a piq which is apreliminary investigative questionnairethat some departments have 250 300additional questions that they ask youand then what drives us nuts is thecandidates that tell you things that areon no question they’re they’re just sohonest we did you know and you’resitting there you try not to routinelypleasured myself with an oversizedpillow on my bed is that a problem nobecause you told me that’s really goodyou should Christine can you reeksLuke Stevens question Luke Steven okaygiven the current climate towards lawenforcement officers when is the righttime to exit Mike the cop quit 20 copsin Milwaukee quit or retired as of nowthen had for all of 2019 there’s a lotof legs that going around and a lot ofreally do you have any thoughtsI like that Lexus well Mike the copdidn’t need much of a reason becausehe’s grown is falling to over a millionpeople and he’s making money he justneeded he just needed like I’m making 20grand a month with my brush so P so wellthat you know we’re hearing storiesabout police officers retiring New Yorkhas this as this big amount of they saidlike four hundred four hundred peoplewho have resigned this month there’ssomething crazy thing like thatbut when you think about it New YorkCity NYPD has like thirty thousandpolice strong yes I’m not sure whattheir normal attrition is but theproblem comes in when they the way theycome up with budgets for the police isthey speculate based on past retirementswhat the budgets gonna need and how manyhires new hires are gonna need for thenext fiscal year that’s how they decidethe budget so if all of a sudden theyget slapped on the butt because allthese extra retired guys are leavingthey’re gonna it’s gonna be acome-to-jesus moment where they go wellmaybe that D funding wasn’t so smart butI don’t personally I don’t have aproblem with all these people all theseguys retiring my biggest fear is thiswhole thing I can’t remember ifChristine sent me this this story or notabout the Colorado was that the one yousent me the Colorado where they tookaway qualified immunity somebody else Iget a lot of news stories every week andsomebody sent me this ten more to pee soI’ll be right back he’s really gotta gopee because he’s so anyways if they takeaway the qualified immunity that makesthe the officers more more open huntingseason as far as being sued withouthaving that that protectionthe police how many people are gonnawant to join if that is something that’staken away that’s the question I havefor Christine yeah I I would not blamepeople for not wanting to do that but II know that I I don’t have to worryabout it but I mean I guess we don’treally know what to expect I mean Inever would have expected that we’d havea pandemic and the situation that we’rein now so I don’t know but that is agood question like when’s it when is thetime to leave I don’t know I feel likethat’s gonna be different for everybodyyeah and and it’s not only leaving itsthe already LAPD’s saying oh you knowwe’re gonna cut the budget and all thatkind of stuff and so it took them Idon’t know how many decades to get tothat 10,000 officer mark and anothertalking about going to 9300 and thattakes us back I think to the 90s the themanpower levels of the 1990s and they’rejust like yeah let’s do fund and let’sjust go let’s just go and go back tothose to those levelsthat’s stupid plus the Olympics arecoming up in LA in 2028 they need 12,000officers and they’re just going yeahlet’s go down in 93 oh they were pushingthat big these extra cops for theOlympics yeah I guess not yeah it’s it’sirritating William James long are wegonna have another zoom get together heyyou guys interested in doing a zoom getto the other weed it’s not a livesession on Facebook but we just get inin a zoom session and just just shootthe crap and just talk about whateveryou want to talk about if you guys areinterested let us know Steve is the bossand he calls all the shotsI am his secretary mm-hmm yeah yepthat’s so trueken loves to say that but I once heard asupervisor from LED say managing KenRoybal is like herding cats so if youthink he listens to me that would befalse that actually was said about me inan open forum on Facebook of retiredpolice officers why he had to say thatabout me I don’t know all right so wehave a couple people Christine wants todo itNo so Lisa again no wants to do a zoomyeah well that’d be funhey did you see Lisa’s comment did youmention it when I went P by the way hadto pee since we started so don’t judgeme anyways Lisa had a funny funnycomment she said no stories about peanutbutter is this everything in backgroundor she thought is she are you referringto us talking about it because it’s areally disturbing trend to me wait isthere anybody that needs to hear thepeanut butter story we’re gonna haveLisa we may have to overrule you on thisanybody need to hear the peanut butterstory there’s a lot I mean it’s I wasshocked when we’re like eating eatinglunch and these guys are telling me howlike oh yeah well you said people comeforward bestiality all the time whatyeah you can’t do that I was eating asandwich and that fell on me and my dogwas hungry so it’s like I’m not gonnasee he can’t have food you know inbackgrounds there’s a lot of there’s alot of weird stuff that we hear superweirdI think somebody did ask to hear thepeanut butter story and also somebodyelse maybe asked what was your weirdestbackground no Tim Taylor wants to knowabout the peanut butter story of Steveit’s not my story I mean oh well I willtell it yes in the background there’s aLEP I used to do a they did theCalifornia PHS which is the applicationthen they would do an additionalquestion near the 300 question thing andthere’d be all these questions aboutsexual deviance and all those type ofthings but they would never ask us aboutwhat did you do with your pets peoplewomen and men would come in and theywould they would confess to stuff that’swith just the background investigatorswould just be like I have to go now Idon’t want to be here anymore one of thestories that they would come and tell uswas that they would putpeanut butter on their genitals men andwomen and they would let their dogs lickthe peanut butter well I’m gonna let youguys sit on that for just a second butthis is a weird crap that we have nowapparently this is the true story so TimI hope you’re happy[Laughter]what Lisa probably does unfollowed I’msorry LisaLisa bleep ain’t too pleased here andwe’re sorry that was the peanut butterstory but there are other do you have aweird story I can’t you know I got weirdstories from backgrounds I’m justthere’s a what what is it I got weirdsex stories from backgrounds I mean Idon’t know what what is wrong with thesepeoplebut when you’re doing a background andit turns into like they’re reporting acrime to you and then you’re like yeahis this when did this happenyou’re like this is a crime like did youreport this to the police that’s alwayslike the that was always the nightmarecuz admin never wants to deal with that- like are you uncovering crimes whenyou’re doing back rubs because no thankyou well there’s weird stuff like theytell us they’ll tell us like yeah I hadsex with my sister so I’m telling youthere’s the guy that stood out in thisfront room in front of the big windowand would masturbate as people walked bythere was the one where the guy was inthe mall and he saw a pretty girl and hehad to go into Burlington clothesFactory and relieve himself you know itwas time to think worse this is what youneglected to mention was you asked himhow many times he was masturbating infront of the open window yeah that’ssomething we didn’t want to know but thething I will tell you this I will tellyou this that he was DQ’d by LAPD but hewas hired by[Music]Border Patrol oh so bilingual totallyit’s so coming yeah it’s okay issuesyeahdo you see some Spanish cuz all theother stuff doesn’t matter I believe soso there’s some I mean I wish I hadwritten all this stuff down becausethere’s so many crazy crazy things thatcandidates coming to tell us inbackgrounds and we have to keep astraight face because if we said what heknows like that would be unprofessionalthey could make a complaint against us Icouldn’t do that I wouldn’t be able doit yeah there’s some celebrity ones toothat came through that were like likecelebrities kids or brothers and thosewere interesting I don’t know I wouldn’tname who it is but it’s like I had onethat was like you know the guy couldn’teverybody’s excited to get this personto be the poster boy you know so don’ttell us who it was but what would likewhat was the gist of the story that wasso bad well it’s kind of like the thegist of it would be like if your brotherwas super famous like super famous andhad tons of money and you were like youguys were close and you had access tothat money and you it just kind offailed to allow you to mature the rightway and you kind of did what a young manwould do if he had too much money andloose morals you know what I mean likethat type of thing worse like yeah yourlife up until two hours ago was a trainwreck but now you want to do this it’slike oh my gosh so it was interestingMik Beauchamp won today once a PHS Iterm how to get one Mick beau Mick Isaid yes I don’t think that’s Jaden himany other questions guys William Jameslong said this is top tier content okayWilliam I love I love me some Williamyou know I like William he isa libertarian so he questions both sidesall the time I think he’s a fan of JoeJorgenson which is a libertariancandidate for president which kind ofintrigues me the libertarian isintriguing to me because they’re kind ofit’s funny William you want to be apolice officer because they’re kind ofthey’re very anti state I guess it’s howI guess it depends how deep you go intolibertarianism but um they’re all aboutliberty and virtue really so um I loveme some William he’s a good dudeI’d like to hear he willing you thinkthat we should vote for you know theage-old thing comes up when you’retrying to vote and there’s a third partycandidate like Gary Johnson and they’relike you’re just throwing your vote awaydon’t vote for himI think William thinks we should votefor Joe Jorgenson which he has some alot of good views but my biggest fear isthat someone on the Left will be electedand then destroy us all yeah so I don’tknow why I said that but there’s reallyno way for William to respond to that inany kind of timely fashion so in thisscenario Christine you will be Williamand you will give me his inner thoughts[Music]yes all right I think are we goodbecause we’re like an hour 42 I have togo pee like a complete unprofessionallike such a chick so rude Christine heyguys this is pretty amazing thank you somuch for joining us and Steve are welooking at next Saturday for the nextpolice in the news that would be good tome that’d be fun absolutely um I thinkI’m free Ken if anybody wants an experteye on their background they should goto you can a police background dotnetthey can reach out to you or they can goto your website please background onthat or they can go to your Facebookpage please background just type inpolice background on that into Facebookand it comes up yeah you can put apolice background dotnet on Facebook youcan go to the actual website for thebackground investigation consultationand you guys are gonna have to hold onon the on the background because I’ve todo Christine’sbackground consultation first I I get Iget booked up during the week sometimesand then sometimes it just kind of lendsout maybe maybe I’ll get one thing forthe next week but it’s hard to tellbut if you have something coming up soonyou want to get a hold of me sooner thanlater we can go over your background getyou hired okay so hey Vinny Stefanithanks for joiningum Vinny I think just came in Lenny wereleaving so Vinny so thank you guys somuch Steve do you uh do you have anylinks that are not Amazon related wherepeople can get merch those bastards allright I want to plug Dan at bumpitmarketing so Dan at bumpin marketing.comyou can message him he totally designedboth our websites he’s a great dude he’sin law enforcement himself he’s been aguest on TPS danger quits great guy hewants to help police officers with herside hustle and he’s going to give you areally good deal and I think him lasttime I checked he was giving freeconsultation so Dan at bump at marketingcomm get ahold of him if you want to getsome totally sweet merch for thingsplease see you can go to the websitethings please sitcom or if you just wantto donate directly to the show whichwould be fantastic you can go to thewebsite and there’s a donate buttonwe are currently halfway to the goalthat I set to get a new computer sowe’re halfway there and that not toolong a time I totally appreciate it Ilove you guys and thank you so much forfor donating it’s really coolI think that’s if I can Christine do youhave anything to plug Christine roofcomm I I don’t want to be associatedwith any website that that might be it’sa German website do do su no thank youall right I want to give a plug toWilliam Jay long investigations he’s ourresident P I he can work he can do stuffon database checks anywhere around theUnited States so if you have somethingyou need to learn about your backgroundand see all that secret scorestuff we’ve jail Ong investigation ifyou don’t know how to get a hold of himget a hold of me I will send you thatinformation and that’s all I gotall right cool Christine thank you somuch for coming on we really appreciateitit was really fun you were really greatloved your point of view and youprobably decided to invite me on becauseI’m so obnoxious in the comments thatyou’re like a dis letter this letter Iwas like Ken this girl keeps writing onher comments no this is a lot of fun allright we’re glad to have you so we’regonna we’re gonna outro now Christinehang on the line out rail with a coolmusic okay here comes call me thank youguysyou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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