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TPS Cops In The News: Week of 06/29/2020

In this episode Steve, Ken, and guest Sean Thompson (San Francisco PD) discuss cops in the news for the week of 06/29/2020.  Our hearts are heavy with the loss of Officer Anthony Dia (Toledo PD) and Sgt. Craig Johnson (Tulsa PD).  Please find the Go-Fund-Me link to help support Officer Dia’s wife and two children.  Links for Sgt. Johnson will be posted as soon as they are obtained.  Also please check out our guest’s two podcasts, links below!!

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your host Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcast welcome tothings police see cops in the news forthe week of six twenty nine twentytwenty with me as always Ken Roybal andalso special guest former interviewee onthe podcast Shawn Bryson what’s up guysepisode 27 I was a good time yeah youhad one of the grossest stories I’veever heard in my lifeI could barely finish yep so that wasdry heaving was that last year last yearyou guys did that it was just before youand I teamed up Ken because Shaun Iremember there was an interview I thinkit was you that Steve said this is toobig for you this is way above your paygrade so I said okay you’re not seasonedenough for this podcastsorry bro yes there’s the pristine roofis on William James long my biggest fanI just say this is Ken Kincaid iswatching Karen hello to you Karen JesseMeese is here Steven Mick yeah he’s overin England man it’s like midnight overthere yeah he said he’s a die-hard fanand Christine says Shaun that shirt islegit yeah already yeah I want to say toStephen Mick over in England good Imight BobbyStephen cave he said evening Steve ShaunKen and Ken’s mustache so my mustachesays hey back to you right back to youman I gotta say I am extremely excitedat how you guys are growing and how theshows seems to be expanding by leaps andbounds that’s cool thanks brother yeahwe’re excited too it’s um it’s kind ofodd I had like I just literally sit downthe other nightonda like I couldn’t tell you how manyemails just from people writing in likethis who appreciate the show it feels sogood I mean when you first start doing apodcast like year and a half ago oneemail you get like two or three weeksyou like like reverse stalk the personlike any more feedback and my brotherBradley William is listening he’s anofficer from Toledo Ohio yes Bradley heactually um Bradley reached out todayand he said that they have a little bitof a following over there for the showwhich we really appreciateI think you were gonna we’re gonna do alittle tribute to their fallen officeryeah you know what we might as well justget right into it and start this July4th yesterday in Toledo Ohio there wasan officer named Anthony dia who wasshot 26 years old and you know thesestories have been coming out you knowofficers get shot and stuff but there’sthis one this one is incrediblyheart-wrenching the reason is becausethere’s they’ve they released the audioclip of his last moments and it is justgut-wrenching but what we want to do iswe we’ve been reached out to by ToledoOhio officers now we wanted to do atribute but first I think what we shoulddo is play that audio clip if you havenot heard this clip man just just justyou know it’s it’s gonna tear you it’sgonna tear your heart out but we thoughtit’s important to to play the clip sopeople know absolutely you know whatbeing a police officer is about goodyeahhey mail ran back behind the whole Depotwith a dog that’s it for the clip gunwell yeah and Bradley and all you allthe family out there in Toledo man ourhearts our hearts are broken for you youknow every possible thought in prayerfor for you guys and for the familyAnthony was 26 years old he leavesbehind a wife and a two-year-old childbut you know what there’s this is a veryunusual saying too to be able to hearthe broadcast and to have that presenceof mind I mean I don’t know what wasgoing through Anthony’s mind at the timebut to have the presence of mind to saytell my family I love them and turnedout to be its last moments he died atthe hospital but man this just breaks myheartit breaks my heart it’s so hard to hearI mean I remember I I saw your posterearlier and I actually had posted aboutthis before I’d even listened to theaudio because I just you know I knew itwas gonna be so hard to listen to sohard to listen to an officer essentiallypassing away on the on the radio wavesand you can hear their urgency in hisvoice like he he said it twice but hecould you know you could tell he couldfeel himself slipping or probably losingconsciousness their urgency there yeahand he wasn’t he wasn’t getting overlyexcited John I I feel like you havesomething you wanted it yeah I listen tothis solace whensomeone shared it as I was getting inuniform last night and man I did take afew seconds to to step away in thelocker room I’ve been in in positions Ithink I shared a story with with Steveon an active shooter went to and andthat mindset of coming to terms withthat possibly being the last call youever go to if it’s heartbreakingso from out here in California a lot oflove and thoughts and prayers I knowpeople knock that but thoughts andprayers to the department and the familyand the community out there in sweidaabsolutely yeah with the client I meanwe don’t usually typically we alwaysusually keep it light here you know wedon’t typically share this type of thingbut with the climate now kind of have toyou know cuz they’re you know they’rethey’re these brave men and women aregiven their lives every day and they’retalking about taking funds away thatthey need they’re talking about having asocial worker respond to this call thiscalls responded to by a trained officerwith a bulletproof vest on he’s stilland I’m being killed he was killed byhandgun even though he’s wearing hisvest and they it’s just fantasy worldthat the that they’re living in wherethey’re just credits everything thesepeople are doing for us looks like okaythere’s a I go to plenty of holes andwent to some recently and I’ve haddiscussions with people were you you goto that call and you I’ve even saiddispatch like it’s not a police callit’s a medical call that that’s that’snot for us but what people don’t realizeis how quickly those calls that aren’t apolice call can turn into a police callsure can turn into a couple weeks ago wehad a just someone outside of a person’shouse taking pictures and quickly turnedinto a standoff with a guy with a knifeand a critical incident for five and ahalf six hoursand you never know people don’t realizehow quickly things can can turn so in aperfect world yeah you send send amental health professional which youknow I’m all for but to take money awayfrom and services and training away fromus to be able to handle these situationsit just out of it’s not not the answer Iposted today Steve was talking abouthe’s posted I made about this incidentand the post that I said I posted youknow the the the audio that you playedand I and I also said you know what forall the people that if you afterlistening to this clip if you’re stillall hung up on screw the police and acab and all this kind of stuff I saysjust unfriend me I don’t want to I’mdone with you if you cannot see thatthis young man went to a call doing hisjob and he gets shot by his Shawn acrazy guy yeah so social worker callsright and he’s he leaves his wife andlittle little child and if they if theyjust keep getting hung up on the copsare around this I’m like man if youdon’t see it from this particularincident if you don’t if your heartdoesn’t break or at least go man thatthat’s that’s really sad that thisparticular officer who did nothing tonobody and everybody from Toledo issaying what a great great guy this is ifyou cannot have a heart for what hasoccurred then screw you I’m done withall these people I’m you know back theblue this is that’s all that’s how Icare about right now yeah what peopledon’t realize is another thing I thinkpeople don’t think of is I’ve had tohave this conversation with my wifeincreasingly now of what happens if I ifI don’t come home and be like people areso quick to jump on the well that’s whatyou signed up for and and I know thatand I’m prepared but there’s you knowinnumerable people that you have tothink about that that aren’t preparedfor that and it’s it’s something that Ithink the general public just doesn’ttake into account and think aboutabsolutely it’s like I don’t knowexactly you guys are saying again Ican’t blame you because there if you ifyou see your Facebook friends on therethat don’t support the police those samepeople you’ll talk to and they’ll admitthat every cop they know is a goodperson but they’re not talking aboutthose cops are talking about these badcops um they don’t really have a realityto bounce these things off the mediathat the coverage they’re seeing theykind of have to I don’t know justbelieve it they just have to like eventhough they know so many I know peoplethat know so many officers in likepersonally and know they’re great peopleand still by this narrative it’s it’smind-blowing and you’re right you don’tneed that in your life it’s just it’sjust heartache and it’s justdisappointing you know mm-hmm crazy yeahLisa Ginoza says hey she’s here and goodto see you Lisa yeah that’s just I knowwe kind of debated whether this issomething to include and and you knowit’s it’s Steve’s call and he said yeahlet’s let’s do this tribute because it’simportant for people to know that wouldlike they say you know his his namematters in his life matters and all thatand so we wanted to start that nottrying to be all heavy in the show buthow can you avoid it you know we can’tjust you know there’s a lot of stupidstories that we have that we’re gonnashare they’re just they’re mind-blowinghow stupid they are but this is reallythis is the reality of police work andwhen we say you know we support lawenforcement and police and the guys thatare still in the field like you Sean Imean I cannot imagine I can’t imaginewhat you guys are going through cuz whenI was on the job we didn’t put up withall this crap and it wasn’t all thisliberal nonsense that’s going on but manI gotta hand it to you you know you’reone of the Warriors and you’reyour representation of the the peoplethat are out there that we do need tosupport so every chance you get everychance you get no matter what anybodysays to you we support you we love youguys keep doing the job you swore anoath the people that are absolutelyjerks out there treating you like crapthrowing things at you during rice andall thatscrew them because we love you you knowand we got your back and that’s that’sall I can say yeah well thank you it’s ait’s I haven’t been in for a long timebut it’s increasingly gun harder like Isaid you I knew it I was getting intogetting into it but it’s getting it’sgetting it’s getting toughI still love what I do and I love beingable to help save lives and you know howpeople that that can’t help themselvesand defend people’s rights to say whatthey want whether I agree with it or notand there’s a lot of it that I don’tagree with but I I would put my you knowaway my life down to defend that personjust as quick as I would somebody in myown family and so it’s something thatlike I said people people don’t don’trealize those those those things arethis yeah yeah yeah take them forgranted completely I’m glad you say thatI mean because we have a lot oflisteners that are getting into it andyou know I have to give them credit theya lot of them are not even questioningtheir decision still they’re still goinghard to become conscious which is greatthese are great people they reach out tous they talk with us and can help someyou know he helps them all the time withthe applications and thank goodness forpeople like you because we’d be we’d bereally screwed man I did you know Ididn’t I often feel guilty I didn’t dothe full I’m kind of like a washout youknow I did I did some time as a cop andthen pieced out and I’ve been enjoyingmyself ever since but Wowit is quite the job man I think giventhat current state of things I don’tthink you made a terrible decisionhey Mike Reyes is watching Mikey Mikeyfrom backgrounds LAPD retired detectivegood to see you Mike and the myth theman the myth the legendLisa Cano says yes we love you wesupport you we have your back I tellevery Leo I can and Karin Kincaid sayswe have to stick together and supportShaun and the rest of the blue whoprotect this time for us to stand upwith a voice and that is trueno more backing down don’t worry aboutwhat people say because what they’regonna say isn’t Steve and I have spokenabout this if you say I back police backthe blue the response we get is you’re aracist and so I can’t you know whateverwhatever that’s not good enough for mebut you ready to go for some some othernews stories yeah before we go on I justwant to say that officer Diaz familydoes have a go fund me I’m good I’mgonna link it in the show notes and Iwill link it in this thread here forthis on Facebook and also I just WilliamJay long shot me a message real quickjust before we started and saidrequested a shout up for sergeant CraigJohnson of Tulsa Oklahoma he he was shotin line of duty shot and succumbed tohis injuries on 630 2020s during a motorvehicle stop him and his partner werefired upon and he was shot to death heended up dying later another young guytotal so tragic I don’t have many moredetails I’m sorry to say and I wouldlove it if someone had a GoFundMe linkor something for his family somethinglegit to send it my way to send it toSteve at things please see dot-com and Iwill get that I’ll get some eyes on thatfor sure real quick I think whathappened with that baby is familiar withthat that has been so from what I readwas officer was on a traffic stop Ican’t remember what it was with guy guywas refusing to to comply and get out ofthe car so sergeant shows up therearguing with the guy he reaches underseeholds a gun hits both of them numeroustimes head and torsoI think the officer the officer still incritical sergeant obviously passed soit’s a I added those I I think I’veshared a picture with Steve I have in mygarage I have a Jim and I have a wallchalk wall that I put all the officerswho’ve been killed for the year in theline of dutyunder a blue line flag so tomorrow’sworkout will be dedicated to sergeantJohnson and officer dia very cool allright we have a clip on this next onethis this next story out of Minneapoliscracks me up the headline ABC in inMinneapolis says Minneapolis spendingforty five hundred dollars a day theseare the people that canceled theirPolice Department right they spent theirspending forty five hundred dollars aday on security for wait for it CityCouncil members clip for them that’s agreat decision to cancel the police butthey hey guys that don’t have authoritythat are armed the city of Minneapolistonight has confirmed it is paying forprivate security for three City Councilmembers the city says they hired a jusenBalcom for forty five hundred dollars aday so far the bill is up to sixty threethousand dollars for the past threeweeks and a city spokesperson says thecouncil members are not usingMinneapolis Police for security becausethe officers are needed right now toprotect the community city spokespersonsays the cost of private security is thesame as using MPD for protection thecitizens also looking for other ways toprovide that private security you knowhow they do that they say that it’s thesame price the police would cost yeahbut you you already have employeesemployed that good job they’re alreadygetting paid you’re not extra money andif you’re if you’re telling me that thesecurity cost as much then that’s areally expensive securityyourselves get police pay the thepension medical all that and when youpay a contractor you don’t pay thatstuff so they’re really expensive forsecurity but the the absolute tone-deafstupidity of these these council membersto go yeah so we voted you know a cabcancel the cops hey I need security andand yeah I’ll be desperate security butI also want the city to pay for itthat’s stupid as you can get and theythey’re just like out there and they doit and the thing about this LEP II hadthe same thing they had one of thecouncil members the first one thatbroached defunding the police the LAPDshe had a 24-hour police two policeofficers in front of her house becauseshe had death threats and stuff and sothen at the same time she’s calling fordefunding the police but yet she’s got apolice protection detail in front of herhouseand the thing with these people and thatthat LA City Council member as soon asthey found out and people going hey holdon here just a minute you have you havesecurity and then they go oh I’ve beengetting death threats and then the nextday yeah so council member canceledtheir security because pay it out ofyour own pocket man my initial reactionis either just one there’s two optionseither their way overpaying for securityor Minneapolis PD officers are extremelyunderpaid there’s only two options thereyeah yeah that’s it could be a very sadfact there someone said here Lisa saidthat um if you want to make your workout a Facebook event people could joinin and I don’t know if you keep up Lisayou’re talking with a X semi prowrestler man but I know you wereJack can we say it ranks bodyslam youhey you know whatthat’s real wrestling is real it’s stillreal to me damn after I interviewed yesShawn I want to shout out Ted and MargieFabul are watching they’re from mychurch and they heard there was apodcast today so they wanted to join inhey guys so so this is crazy I got$4,500 a day but they could what’s wronghere you have these highly trained I’mguessing I don’t know much about thiscity but you have these highly trainedpolice officers good to go they got gunsthey got bulletproof vests they gotpolice cars they got presents they haveall this stuff and you’re gonna pay aprivate security why would you do thatwhy would you Steve why would you dothat I wouldn’t do it and like cuttingoff your nose to spite your face WilliamJames long William James long D can yousee this screen you know an arena daycan you see it per Tulsa PD that oneyeah oh that’s a long E were you lookingfor something from that there’s that theis that Tulsa is that the GoFundMe ohthis might be for sergeant Johnson ohgood okay cool yeah I’ll follow up withthat for sure thank you okay all rightso we’ll we’ll take care of that butanyways I just think that’s one of thestupidest things I’ve ever heard thatthey but that’s kind of ballsy of themdon’t you think to to hire privatesecurity to after they’ve alreadydefunded they know they didn’t saythey’re gonna defund the police they’regonna cancel though they’re gonna polishthe police department and then they’regonna pray a private security that’sfine it’s the city’s money they don’tcare yeah to me it’s the same as the youhave all these musicians and that wantto jump on this big public you know youknow hating on the police but then whenthey go to town they still want policeescorts andcurity at arenas and if you don’t if youdon’t like it then don’t associate yeahI don’t want I don’t want to pay anybodyfor you know if I need electrical workdone in my house and there’s somebodythat I don’t like that does electricalI’m not gonna pay him to come to myhouse and do electrical right it prettysimpleyeah and I know for a fact that theseguys and ken knows looking for securityespecially in LA and it’s a big gig hereoh they are so they specifically requestpolice because you have securitycompanies that run this and they andpolice kind of kind of threw your namethey had a bunch of different securitycompanies but your peace officers so youcan travel with a gun which is highlyvaluable so a lot of them are contractedout by private agencies and I know for afact that they say don’t give me one ofthese private security guys give me acop that’s who I want so they they knowthey want the police that’s who theywant yeah they’re and they they knowthey know who’s got the training andwho’s good to go you know as far as ifsomething happens they want the policethere because they they’re constantlytraining they have tactics and all thatkind of stuff but we don’t want the nineyear old kidding BT use the Glock 19 inhis ways he’s on the job he’s on the jobjust got that gun it’s brand new so butyeah that’s the stupid story thesepeople get Dumber every day I don’t knowwhat it is it’s good for us and so I I’myou know those guys are they are theplace to watch that city they’re thefirst ones and and I don’t see if theysaid that I need police protection I’dsay within six months they’re not gonnabe able to pull people because so manypeople should be have left thedepartment by then that they don’t theycan’t afford to pull some guys officeoff of patrol to babysit these councilmembers so I I’m interested in watchingthat I’m gonna get my popcorn out onthis one oh that’s the sad part thepeople in the neighborhoods who don’tactually want to defund the police ifthey actually get this through the CityCouncil members will keep their privatesecurity and the neighborhood’s willget destroyed and they’ll be you knowvictimized the entire time yeah yeahit’s gonna be said it’s gonna be saidand that’s on that cache this is theymake it fun for me to report on thatcity I just enjoyed it they every weekthey come up with something dumber oh mygosh really say you can’t see it from myhouse that’s the type of thing yeah dothat over there but I’m sorry I just youknow as you guys were talking I waslooking at the next story which ispretty dumb pretty dumb this is gonnacause some conversation for us guys wehave an actual clip on this one but theclip is Channel 4 News in Los Angeles Iout of LA City of course the questionthat the the city castle has raised andthey’ve just they have to vote on itcould routine traffic stops and I meanlet me stop for a minute because thatwhole term routine traffic stop I don’teven know what that is but it’s justsomething called routine traffic stopsgood routine traffic stops be conductedwithout armed police officers becauseyou know most felony murder suspects andpursuits of bad guys getting away happenon foot because nobody owns a car sothey’re kept any bad guys in cars but wehave a clip on this and you’re not thinkusing your head they’re only gonna havethem do the safe traffic stops oh that’sright okay oh that’s right yeah allright here we go what la politician waschanges with a police department and heis suggesting that someone else notpolice handled traffic infractionsthings like busted taillights in expiredtags as NBC 4 is Beverly white explainsit’s an idea born out of street protestsand personal experience the citycouncilman who wants LAPD removed frommaking most traffic stops recalls beingpulled over several timesthe wheel I’ve had a gun pointed at mefive times in my life four times for apolice officer was the person trying torob Harris Dawson’s proposal to havetraffic stops handled by the Departmentof Transportation and not police moveforward today at LA’s virtual CityCouncil meeting to report on alternativemodels and methods that do not rely onarmed law enforcement to achievetransportation policy objectives in thecase that it was police officers youliterally feared for your life over arolling stop or a changing lanes withoutsignaling the councilmember tells us hebelieves minorities and women aretargeted far too often for traffic stopsby police and he credits the ongoingblack lives matter movement withenergizing his radical proposal witheverything confronting the city beforeboth the pandemic and the recent socialmovement we have a proposal like thismight not have been taken seriously butnow I think all my colleagues are takinga hard look at it and doesn’t mean thereisn’t pushbackcouncilmembers harris-dawson bondingprice and wesson say they’re tacklingthe problem of police stopping motoristsfor driving while black next upcommittees will hear from analysts theDepartment of Transportation and theLAPD with harris-dawson hoping for solidrecommendations in just a few weeksdangerous to help prevent crime butstopping hundreds and thousands ofpeople simply because they’re in a carin there black is not the way ken do youthink thing I mean I’m just spitballinghere could they just make a policy whereyou can’t just pull people over becausethey’re black that seems racist to mewell that wouldn’t solve this wholeproblem yeah because that seems to bethe problem is that they’re saying theguy was saying that that they’re pullingpeople over because it’s driving whileblack which is ghosts that goes backyears relief she said that but the thingis that the Department of Transportationthat people have they’re talking aboutthese are the you know the people to getparking tickets out those are the d-o-tpeople they would be pumped and are theyI you know it’s been less time I was onPatrolin 1997 that’s my last tour but I can’tI cannot remember going man I’m gonna goout and I’m gonna get me some brokentaillights today heat oh so brokentaillight that that’s like from thatsome Highway Patrol 1950 OhIII mean that’s just a stupidest thingever look you guys what I’m for thatI’m in a major city with my fatherdriven down the wrong way down thestreet in the cop on the corner was liketurn around pal that’s the wrong way ohhe had no he’s like I don’t got time forthis what what kind of what kind of Imean how are these do t people justsupposed to decide who that you’re gonnapull over you know because a lot of alot of times felons dangerous felons arearrested as a result of traffic stopsright you stop him for something herolled the sign he went through a stoplight he has a broken taillight oranything and it gives you PC to stop andthen you kind of find out hey Bubbablonde you run him for warrants he’s gota felony warrant for a murder orwhatever it is so traffic stops aren’tthese hey you know they’re not this likeeasygoing thing that you can just pullpeople over because what happens whenthe guy pulls out a gun how many timeshave these old videos William just saidtell sergeant Johnson’s family that yeahyeah yeah Chris check Chris Jent is onyou guys LAPD officer and I don’t knowif you noticed Chris I’m wearing my roadto dn’t to Newman’s shirt blue yeah Lukeokay I don’t want to be on the line herebut you wear that like every day I have14 you know what if I were if I if I had14 of these shirts why would I have towear anything else I just tell us youdon’t have your shirt yet no I have oneanywaysso people I guess people don’t realize atraffic stop is a detention it’s not aconsensual[Music]it’s it’s a detention you’re not you’renot free to leave you have to have yeahyou have to be sworn you have to havearrest powers to detain somebody andwhat happens when somebody is driving ona suspended license or doesn’t have alicense or has a felony warrant or hasnarcotics in the car or somebody is inthe backseat who is a victim of humantrafficking or the plethora of thingsthat that that can happen on any trafficstop sureI mean who handles that do do they stepback and do they call a police officerif they’re they’re taking money away andpeople are leaving and or they’re nothiring who’s gonna back come up andhandle that yeah yeah the real bad guyson these calls too I remember when Isaid police academy they you know theyshow you case studies know that and theyshow you like they’re you know there’sit’s like going to the watering holetraffic stop there’s like there’s likezebras and gazelles and all these otherjust normal people doing the thing andthen there’s actual like jackalspredators and these guys in theinterview maps they talk attack and killofficers and they do it for variousreasons ago officer was female andlittle I knew I could take her bootswere dirty guy was a slob I knew it Iknew I could kill him all these peoplethat they they named these studies arestill armed police officers now imaginepulling over a jackal with like how youknow Howdy Doody just like you no no nogun a little tin badge no hardly anyauthority do you think a jackal is gonnathat’s like it’s like a get out of fieldget out of jail free card that’s likethere’s there’s gonna be nothing fromstopping them from tearing through thatperson getting away yeah I can onlyspeak from my experience and when I dotraffic stops it’s I’m not the best withtraffic everyone has your little bit alittle niche the violations I usuallysee are when I’m behind the car I’ve noclue who’s driving the carright if you work at night you generallyhave no clue who’s driving the car rightso this this assumption that everybodyis all these traffic stops are for areason other than a violation are justare crazy yeah I had a I had a stop inprobably eighth maybe 1982-83 where westopped the car and to this day I can’ttell you why we stopped this car it wasat the end of morning watch which wouldhave been the end of graveyard so it wasstill dark out and we stopped this carand this big buff guy was in the cardriving and for whatever reason blahblah blah and then I’m talking to himand in between the seats I see asawed-off shotgun and so that I’m sure Ididn’t stop him for I’m sure I stoppedhim for a traffic violation but here hehas a shot sawed-off shotgun we we Ijust hung him out of the car huhbuddy’s a hunter it’s not there and wearrested him but and what happens youknow you see these YouTube videos ofpolice activityyou know these shootouts where the guyjumps out of the car and they start juststarts blasting move I know you know anddo these do these do t officers do theyonly do traffic stops in the daytime soor what happens when the guy goes that’sa do T guy he’s gone yeah just grab themtake them for a ride it’s it’s gonnalast until after the first person allsomebody sees when when like yeah Ithink you’re when you’re talking aboutthey they interview these guysafterwards we did a class anchors calledlyokha law enforcement officers killedin actionand they do these studies and they talkto these guys and their factors thatthey they use they look at an officerand they see are they put together dothey have command presence are they istheir look disheveled do they think theycould take that person in a fight yeahbut they have these traffic stops forlike you said they just officer gets outshots firedthey’re gonna see somebody in a uniformin in powder blue a lot ofI think we’re at the like the d-o-tofficers or whatever they they have likethe it’s not regular blues it’s like thepowder blues geike Academy Blues theygot different but it looks like auniform what happens when they get outthey don’t wear vestsyou know how guns are not armed one ofthem get stronger and if you were ad-o-t guy and their gun yeah we’re gonnaissue your vestI’d be like what why do I need a blow tofist yeah you know and what color lightsare they use on the cards they betterhave red and blue forward-facing lightsyou know it’s just the city of it hellyes this is all coming out of this theseBLM marches and this people’s budget anddefunding and all this kind of stuff butI just can’t believe how stupid some ofthese people are and the way they’rethese these our council members and andif you get enough votes this stuffhappens and I for some reason think thatthey are going to pass something similarbecause this goes right along the linewith this with the social workers rightsomebody they do and I and our cops justnot gonna do traffic stops anymorebecause they got the d-o-t guys out hereso they take are they taking away theirPC to stop or can cops still stop peoplelegally using probable cause can theystill do that yeah you know what’s thedealBradley Williams said the traffic stopled to the arrest of Timothy McVeighit’s right now state trooper grab him Ibelieve yeah so I don’t knowthese guys are got their heads up therear if they think that there’s such athing as a routine traffic stop and thatthese civilian people are gonna be ableto do this because the first time thefirst time one of these guys gets blownup because someone just gets out theircar and pop some you know experimentover yeah that’s like a mantra in thepolice academy there’s no routinetraffic stop announced it’s just knownyou know people understand that likeit’s the small things right a lot ofofficers use like proactive officers usetraffic unless your traffic guy- they call pretext stops which isillegal illegalwill stop there’s you see somethingsuspicious you want to talk to somebodyyou have an opportunity you knowtaillights out they run a stop signwhatever a lot of people are cut becauseof infractions we had we had a guy doingI guess it was over time it was thestory I was I heard was checking forfare evasion on public transportationguy didn’t have a ticket they get himoff the bus they get his IDthey run him cuz it’s an infraction totake it he had a warrant for a homicideguy got arrested because he didn’t pay a$2 and $0.50 yeah bus ticket and that’show they ended up picking them up sopeople people don’t understand thatthese are these are tools that we useit’s it’s not to mess with you know theregular person just driving to workdriving to school it’s one it’s a safetya safety thing running stoplight stopsignsyou know unsafe lane changes all thatkind of stuff to help prevent injury butit’s also a tool that’s used that cannothelp apprehend serious criminals yeahand you know there’s a thing that peopledon’t talk about it – it’s a policeofficer sixth sense and it’s that thingwhere you look at you look at a car andyou look at your partner and you knowthat he knows you know but you can’tstop whatever it is even though you justyou know if I’m seeing it many manytimes and it says that sixth sense thatyou have that that tells you someone’sdirty but you don’t have anything tostop them for and then that that thatbulb lamp on the on the license plate isout and you stopped them and there’s arighteous a righteous felony arrest as aresult of that traffic violation orwhatever it is man that’s like it’s alegal it’s a legal stop Stephen Micksaid we had a serial killer in Englandin the 80s that killed 13 women he wascaught after a routine traffic stop wellhe had his next victim in the tripyou see traffic stops are proactivepolicing and that’s why the public allare always wanting and somebody elsesaid something else you know here’s thathere’s interesting jack verde sayspretty sure you need to be a swornofficer to stop and detain someone yeahwhat do you think Josh I’m saying theydo absolutely I mean I mean Adam crawl along time ago you so listen to hispodcast all the time and um he’s no hugefan of the police he gets he picks onthe cops a lot about you know he callshim like chicken shit tickets likeparking tickets speeding ticketswhatever but he admits he said you knowI don’t want cops to stop looking forthings because it makes me feel safe nowthat I have family and children you knowit he goes when if I see like uh Iforget what he said he’s a car guy sohe’s like if I see a 77 LeMans cruisingdown my road at 7 miles an hour withseven males in itbecause yeah I’d like the police to stopthat car or find a reason some traffic abulb light whatever of lane violationI’d like those people talked to I justwould just for my safety I I would liketo know that police are like beingproactive looking to stop crime it’sstuff like that that in here’s a guythat doesn’t even like the ID well helikes police but he’s pretty hard onpolice but I don’t people don’t realizethat the the the line between the orderand chaos that that the police providethat protection is very tenuous like itcan just go away and it the reality willbe will be terrible and the horriblepart is with the way the media is wewon’t see it on TV until it’s likeextremely bad we all know that we’re notgonna hear the cries of these peopleuntil it’s like their apartmentbuildings are on fire that’s just that’sjust the way it works I was talking tosomebody and we members a couple daysago as two to three days ago aboutSeattle and they knew nothing about itnothing about nothing about triads nowatches the news all the timenew knew nothing about it so if you youknow won’t go too into the politics ofit but if you you know watch you watchone side you’re only gonna see seesomething you know I’m gonna see whatcertain people want you to see you knowyou’re not gonna hear about thelawlessness and the chaos Seattle is agood example of how quickly that fourblock was a four or five block area wentto hell in a matter of three weeks twoweeks the first week this was a jokeit’s crazy man those those idiots manthese people up and get me started aSeattle trying to trail off yeah do youguys see the Black Panthers March or theBLM March the armed March that happenedlike yesterday people didn’t see thatthey don’t even know what happened therelike there was no coverage there andI’ve got no problem with it they’rethere I mean we rag down all the whitepeople who went to the Capitol withtheir guns we’re like come on and thenthis is all the black people with theirguns marching through KKK territory goodfor themyou know that’s whatever I mean you’rereally the thing I don’t agree with isyou’re really I don’t want to see anykind of violent conflict and you’re kindof kind of asking for one but at thesame time you know F the KKK you know sothey’re there they marched by thethousand through KKK territory armed itwas it was like the first videos I sawof it on Twitter I was afraid I thoughtit was like in teeth or something cuzthey’re all dressed in black I was likeoh no what’s going on then I found outreally what it was but the main point isthere was like very small coverage on itis that not interesting to you media isthat not incredible the largest March ofall time of black people armed withassault rifles march down the streetthrough KKK territory I guess it’s notinteresting and I know it sucks to forthese guys they wanted coverage theywanted people to see this but because oftheir the the protection the mediaextends and I don’t know why I meanmaybe they thought let’s not really overcover this in case something badwe don’t want to have to you know showthat who knows what their rationale isbut they you know they’re the the arm ofthe left-wing really so it was just thatwas astonishing to me that wasastonishing they’re just peopleexercising their second Amendment rightsso good for them it shouldn’t matter whothey are what they look like what grouplike they have the rights just likeeverybody elsegood for them I did I did see thismorning I did see a funny picture mistopicture of some of the guys from thegroup and one of them one of his rifleswas a 22 and he had this look of concernon his face and the the slide was openand you can see that it was jammed 22 2022 rifle you can see they see the jamwell the thing is you guys it’s not youknow bravo for there see you later ChrisChris is going into roll call stay safebrother it’s not that that they you knowgood that they’re exercising their 2:8rights I’m all for that you know if youif you can carry your gun carry your gunbecause that’s that’s what it’s allabout man yeah that’s not the problemit’s the rhetoric that these guys thatwere marching that we’re saying they’relead guy yeah there was some there wassome scary rhetoric that I saw online hewas let me see here well I’m trying tofind some man I wish we could get theyou know you’re right because I’m goingto all these new sites trying to try togoogle it and they’re all at all.theythese guys were marching and they werein black outfits yes that’s it it’s allthe story I know it’s so weird like tome it was fascinating I’m like what dothey do I had toseriously go on twitter and hashtag readthe hashtags to figure out these guyswere were black dudes with ar-15smarching through intentionally marchingthrough the KKK territory like thatthere was a whole purpose to it but ittook a long time to bird dog that therejust couldn’t there couldn’t be ajournalist to cover thisit just seemed odd yeah it’s just it’sweird because he was he was talkingabout cassock because I wish I couldremember exactly what this guy saidbut his rhetoric was was was one ofchallenging white people and here we areyou know and you know we’re gonna shootand we’re gonna kill people all thiskind of that type of rhetoric well Ithink they I think they really believethat like it seemed like a lot of thembelieved that they were gonna be met inthe street by an equal force of KKKmembers and possibly have a gunfightlike that seemed like they believed thatbut I think that’s just a perceptionproblem I think that I think they’ve Ithink the media has really poisoned alot of people’s brains about that stuffI you know what I meanI think they they really thought theywalked like they were gonna upset thenest of KKK men and they were the KKKguys we’re gonna be already what they’relike you know it seemed like that theway they were talking about finger offthe trigger until you know don’t put onein the chamber until it’s you know untilwe’re confronted and you know I don’tsee I don’t want to see anybody shootand killing anybodybut from a standpoint of good for themFirst Amendment rights Second Amendmentrights go March if if you’re going intoan area where you don’t agree withpeople in that area and you gotsomething to say good for you that’sthat’s what we’re all about rightprotecting everybody’s absolutely rightmy only point is I had to be with itright but you know it’s good for them Ihope I really hope the intention isn’tisn’t too same thing with during thelock downs everyone going to theCapitals with their guns I hope there’sno intention of of any kind ofconfrontation but good for those statesit I think more states should allow opencarry no I think it actually a lot ofproblems no it’s really cool man and Inever really saw the value of open carryuntil these demonstrations because to mecome in Massachusetts it’s like noyou’re it’s technically an open carrystate but they give a caveat to theChief of Police if he thinks you’recausinga disturbance he can take your permit soyour disturbance could be you walk bysomeone with a handgun and they getupsetthat’s how fragile it is so but when yousee other states that have this freedomof open carry it is like quite a stuntit is like it’s the pure pure SecondAmendment in action and you know I agreethere Shawn I agree with everything yousaid about that March that my only pointwas like I had no idea was going onbecause no one was covering it whichseemed yeah insane I’ve seen like a30-second clip on it and that’s that’sabout all I saw yeah I went for thebeating like terrified to being like ohyeah that’s totally it’s actually morerighteous than the people that floodedthe capital header guns you know there’sa there’s a there’s a couple videos onit’s called biz pack is wherethey’re carrying this story bi z bizpackedPA see we view calm and the the thing istheir leaderit’s called an FAC is the name of thegroup and that stands for don’t tell methat stands forI can’t remember the name of it itstands for something not o not effingaround anymore that’s it that’s presentwell that group has a leader that’s anNFA sees leader his name and this guy isa badass his name is Grand Master J manMaster J and he’s boasting that they’reall extra military and extremelydisciplined and expert shooters becauseyou could tell by that guy who had thejam there are experts tutors and oh it’sit’s not effing around coalition is whatthat stands forhe claimed they’re all ex-militarydiscipline and expert shooters and hesays we don’t want to talk no more wedon’t want to negotiate we don’t want tosing songs we don’t want to bring signsto a gunfightwe’re an eye-to-eye Organa an AIorganization so when they decided to actright we’ll act rightwill do and we do it all legally andthat and then he goes on to say there’svideos on it this guy’s stuff is thiscrazy crazy they also they also say thatthey’re going to declare where is itthey’re gonna declare themselves aindependent something or other and theywant the government to give them landand what they’re eyeing you know how yougo when you say hey where am I going tomove hey this is a nice area so theseguys are eyeing the state of Texas theywant the state of Texas so everybody’sgot to move out and these guys moving inand then they all say this is seriousand they want to battle it out withrednecks they’re challenging rednecksand he says he gets on the speaker andhe goes threat counter threat becausethreats don’t mean yes to us y’all beenthreatening us since Birmingham I ain’tseen you know whatever I don’t see nowhite militia so to boogie boys thethree percenters and all the rest ofthese scared ass rednecks we are herewhere the F for you we’re in your houselet’s go and if they see mother yeah noI tell you is doing challenges out therelet me see let me see if I can get thisvideo video clip on here hang on I sawone video was him and he definitelyplays like kind of preaches okay yeahhang on just a sec here I’m gonna I’mgonna play and he acts like he’s MalcolmX or something but he’s actuallychallenging these people he’s actuallychallenging them but basically to agunfightyikesand there’s another video that’s thatit’s a portion of this thing oh my godhe’s actually he’s actually challengingthem to to a gunfight because that’s manyeah I only saw one video a lot funnierthan that that’s crazy man I’m tellingyou these guys are nuts but there’s justall they need you know if you go back tothe to the Revolutionary War how didthat war start somebody fired one shotand they call it the shot heard aroundthe world one errant shot it wasn’t evenintentional really intentional shotit was the shot and all it takes is oneperson it go well Oh triggers triggerdiscipline sorry and then boom shootingstarts and then they start shooting eachother oh that’s a pretty that doesn’thappen that’s the one thing that makesme nervous with both those groups largegroups of people like that with withassault rifles I always look at theirfingers and I’m always like you have alldifferent levels of competency withthese guns like as a former fireinstructor the whole situation makes menervous I’m like please no one and weall just get alongthat’s that you should you shouldtrademark that yeah I’m like I said I’mall for the First and Second Amendmentand say what you gotta say and I don’thave to agree and you don’t have toagree with the people you’re saying itin front of but and I don’t want yeah Ithink we should go back to 1950s wherethey had they had chains and they hadtrashcan lids and they’d go in a RegulusRumble so this gun thing I mean do youremember that Ron Ron Burgundy do thatand then you know but once you startletting out guns and stuff that’s justthat’s dangerous I don’t condition Ididn’t know that guy was so intense jeezthere’s and like I say there’s thebetter video where he goes even furtherthan thatwere you thinking he’s he’s choosingpeople off men come out of here redneckpeople and we’re gonna have a gunfightit’s basically what he it’s just it’sgoofy to me because I told I told Paulcable that this guy when you listen tohim talk he could do such a goodimpression of samuel l.jackson he justis exactly samuel l.jackson of the samecadence when you listen to yeah awesomenext story next story we can probablythis is we don’t have a clip on the nextdoor in New York the last one we havehere is four d arresting I think thatwas the fedsoh you skipped over anything well noit’s still therelook over there for the for the nextstory just quickly this is something Iposted about in the and the policebackground group that New York passed abudget and they cut 1 billion dollarsfrom the NYPD budget and the bad thingis I meanNYPD’s pretty big but they went aheadand canceled the July police academy1200 officers know that’s a huge AcademyClass yeah they I don’t know how manyclasses they have but they have likeover 30,000 officers and we had we had55 in our class nothing big no that’s alot of that’s a lot of that’s a lot ofofficers to this not and and you knowwhen you’re talking about 1200 officersthat’s I don’t know where they all gobut they must be like la Ken right therejust oh wait like they’re running aclass every month LAPD I mean that my PDthey LAPD runs there they don’t runclasses every month because 1200 nitsthat’s a lot that was just a July classthey’re talking I think they haveclasses every 101 in class was 1200peopleyeah that’s not per year oh wow that’sokay that’s ridiculousyeah and they have an their budget istheir budget is now down to 88 point 1billion dollar holybillion dollars and then so they cutthis money they cut a billion dollarsfrom their budget and then AOC comes outso that’s not enough she’s claimingthey’re doing all kinds of math it’sgonna be really hard for the layman toget behind giving them more money whenyou tell the people well we cut theirbudget to eighty eight billion peoplelike oh yeah what did you cut that inhalfwell the that’s not good enough for somepeople because BLM wants budgets cut byninety percentI don’t know what you can do with tenpercent police budget but okay thatwould be tough Ron ErinZumaya is here and let’s see okayfreeway is here from he’s a RoyalCanadian Mounted Police yeah welcomewelcome guys I’m talking about there wassomebody else was here in the worldwhat’d you take shut the friendliestpeople world the best you know I’ve beenafter Canadians for a long time to comeon I’ve been message and I’ve tried tofollow up and they won’t come on theshow and I have actually a femaleofficer in the wings right now who saysshe’s willing to come on so I’m excitedabout that I bet everybody got somestories some vicious arguments for theydon’t say they please him thank youwell Brett’s here Brett were extendingan invitation to come be a guest on theshow love those noises somebody withsomebody mentioned somewhere on socialmedia that they were even talking defundthe police and in Canada and in Canadathey’re guys grow what we do it’s justlike this little thing it’s the latestthing to dowhen we felt Brett are you guys havingproblems out there in Canada with thisBLM black lights black lives matter andand all those types of things trying totry to go after the police there let usknow but anyways that’s that storythe Kush this next story is so stupid Imean the stupidity of this next story isbeyond my capability to absorb stupiditybut we’re gonna go for it anyway so ifmy head explodes let’s just go aheadwith the clip on this one alright thisis a long three-minute clip so eitherone you guys got something to say likeI’m the spot just let me know alrightyesterday’s demonstration at the Capitolturned into this violent confrontationbetween protesters and law enforcementboth parties have very differentaccounts of what exactly happened goodevening I’m ErinI’m Dan winners thank you for being withus tonight now that would police saythose officers were being assaulted bythe protesters but if you listen tomembers of black lives matter they sayit was the police who were theaggressors err and they say theiractions were in response to that w-h-o13’s monica madan joins us live now withthe follow-up Monica there is a lot ofhe-said she-said going on yes absolutelyErin and quite a bunch of mixednarratives between the black livesmatter group and police officers as tohow the events escalated into a chaoticscene yesterday at the Capitol of coursethe Capitol has been a backdrop forthese protests which have been happeningdaily often non violent at the Capitolfor the past couple of weeks butyesterday seemed to be the tipping pointnow it all started when protesters wereagain at the Capitol demanding thatGovernor Kim Reynolds signs an executiveorder to restore felon voting rightsthat’s when officers came in looking forsuspects wanted in connection withdamage to a police vehicle if youremember that hyvee protests thathappened about two weeks ago thosepeople were then taken into custody andwhen officers were taking them outpolice say protesters tried to interveneand that’s when things turned prettyviolent at least 18 people were arrestedon the scene and are now facing chargesincluding assault and disarming a policeofficer des moines police say it was oneof the more violent attacks onpolice they’ve seen in quite some timehowever black lives matter released astatement seen des Moines police wereacting extremely aggressive towards themthey say an organizer was grabbed by anofficer and that’s when protesters beganto try to what they’re calling D arresthim they called it a non-violentresponse and said it was an attempt topull away a protester to protect themfrom being pinned down beaten anddetained by police and they also claimedthat two women were put into chokeholdsnow we also spoke with des Moines policedepartment chief Dana Wingert aboutyesterday’s events and just the pastcouple of weeksand I asked him you know what promptspolice to respond protestors as we’vebeen seeing that back and forth here’swhat he had to say when the protestsescalate when the rocks are being thrownthe bricks are being thrown thrown inthe bottles of urinethat’s what escalates it that’s when youget to your gas that’s when you may getrubber bulletsthat’s when we’re when we have anobligation tonot only protect property but we have toprotect ourselvesthere’s nothing too difficult to figureout what the words dispersed means okayit’s a law and when you’re ordered todisperse and that simply means leave nowof course from our conversations we’vebeen having with protesters theydisagree with that and think that thatuse of force is unnecessary they thinkthat what they’re doing it’s verythey’re entitled to be protesting but alot of gray area in terms of who’s inthe right and the wrong and of coursethat’ll be up to a judge to ultimatelydecide now I want to point out anotherthing that was being discussed today theblack lives matter group also in theirstatement said that they were confusedand raised concerns about not being madeaware of what the charges that policeofficers were arresting people were nowchief winger told me that it’s franklylegally not their business in terms ofwhy some other people are gettingarrestedtheir legal obligation is to inform theperson being arrested of what chargesit’s upon but they do not have to tellother people who are watching it happenso so these BLM people they they have aright to know what these other adultpeople are getting arrested for and andso the scene goes like this they thethis they go to arrest these people atthis march and the BLM people decidethat this is not you know that you can’tarrest these people so then they putthis letter out on their official desmoines BLM letterhead saying this wholething that people are talking about isthat if a police officer arrests youyou’re under arrestbut the BLM says that they can DRSsomebody if they’re in police custody Idisagree and one arresting I just wheredo they come up with this stuff that’sgot to be the dumbest thing I’ve everheardhe’s extremely entitled it’s like youknow we don’t it’s one of the firstthings we learned anyways was that likeyou can’t you can’t resist arrest oncean officer says you’re under arrestyou’re arrested that’s it there’s nothere’s no they don’t allow you toresist arrest because of the incredibledanger it would cause any officer tryingto enforce a law so like if you couldresist arrest and later in court provethe assault you did in the officer wasjustified because the charges weren’tweren’t valid everybody drunks peoplenot in their right mind we’re gonnathink they’re righteous and think thatthere later on they’re gonna prove thatthey were innocent in assault officersso that’s why they don’t allow resistingarrest that’s what you’re not allowedyou have no right to resist arrest sothese people are spoiled brats sothey’re basically saying like we’re weknow betterwe’re desert the like how can you dothis we disagree with the fact that youwant to arrest these people we disagreeso that’s all we were doing is justintervening with the police andreversing their decision to make anarrest where does that how is that insociety how is that ever been a thingit’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heardand for that to be your argument is sodumb and so dangerous it’s just like itthese people are some of them are justso entitled it’s crazy well you can youcan put this out you can put this outanywhere where you decide the policedon’t get to arrest me today and I’mgoing to be D arrested by this mob andShawn you could probably speak to this alittle bit better than me but back inthe day up until recently when you whenyou have when you have a suspect incustody and you’ve got them righteouslyarrested and a mob tries to tries toarrest them away from you that wascalled a lynching they were trying tolynch the suspect from you and of coursenow that that lynch is a is a racistterm but there still must be a termwhere if you’ve got someone in custodyand someone’s trying to grab them awayfrom you by force what’s I don’t knowwhat that’s called now but yeah well Iwas looking it up on my phone becausethat’s what I remember remember beingcalled was lynching somebody I knowthere’s the historical term and there’sthe other you knowother definition of hanging somebody butmy understanding was you know breakingsomebody out of custodyyeah I’m was lynching an inmate or youknow somebody under arrest and all itdoes so even if you’re detained youcan’t fight that if you’re detained foran investigation and now you startfighting well now you’ve committed acrime you might not have actuallycommitted a crime before but if I haveto I have if I have you know reasonablesuspicion to think you might’ve and I’mtrying to investigate and now you startfighting with me well now you’vecommitted a crime and now you’re underarrestit’s it’s not you don’t get a choice tosay you get your day in court everyonegets their day in court if you thinkthat the arrest is and to the people whoyou know we’re trying to break them outif you think your friend was arrestedunjustly then go to court most of theseespecially in the bigger cities they’reprobably not gonna charge it anyway butjust go to court and fight it and ifit’s an unlawful detainment unlawfularrest fight it sue the city sue thedepartment you know you you have yourights also but just because you thinkthat you you shouldn’t arrest it thatdoesn’t that’s not how it worksyeah and these marches I’m sorry goodsee no I disagree oh these marchers theydo things for they push it right to theenvelope and if you give if you give agroup of protesters and let me do thishere protesters a lawful order todisperse they are legally obligated tothis person when they don’t and thenyou’ve you move in they can be arrestedand you don’t get to this whole thingwhere you challenge the police now thatjust seems to be the flavor of the weekman is just challenging the police nomatter what and it can be the stupidestthing you could stop someone at atraffic stop and it turns into this bigdramatic thing because you have a rightto challenge the policeI can and if these are is if this is thetactics that BLM is gonna be using fromnow on every time a police officer putshands on someone to take him intocustody and there is people that hadwarrants that they were trying to arresttoo and they start fighting and that andthen and the organizers can go this weneed to do rest this person that’scalled a lynch mob and you don’t get todo that and there’s consequences forthat so the that’s a silly tactic butthat’s what they’re using and it isn’t agold Steve it’s also it’s also extremelydangerous from from our perspective issure I work a lot of protests I work alot of marches and I a I don’t agreepersonally with most of what people sayand I always say I will defend it tillthe day I dieI will defend your your right to saywhat you want to say whether I agreewith it or not and people in my face andscreaming in my face and hoping myfamily gets you know I’ve had themtelling me I hope my family gets rapedand murdered and that’s your opinionthat’s how you feel you have the rightto say it that that’s the fine but nowyou cross the line and it puts us in atough position of so do you just letthese people go well well then you’resetting a precedent that now they canjust get away with attacking an officerand if they don’t want their friendarrested now they can just fight andnothing will happen so there has to beyou know for lack of a better term therehas to be a line in the sand and youknow it used to be the letter of the lawum now that’s kind of seems like some ofthese places are you know doing theirown interpretation of what they thinkthe law should be I always tell peopleif you don’t like the law get it changedtalk to your politicians and change theletter of the law but until you do thatthis is how the law works I there’s lawsthat I don’t like but we don’t write himwe just enforce them yeah yeah law andorder it’s so interesting why an orderworks the same across all platforms evenwith my kids we had a week last weekwhen we were likekind of loose with like iPad time kindof loose with like we just kind of hadan easy week we were took you know weweren’t so strict as we usually areand the following week my two littleangels are being terrible and they’rebeing they’re they’re being expectantand we get this now this is mine whatare you doing talking back what the hellhappened the law and order fell out ofour family and now you know it’s justit’s just you can compare it it it worksacross everything they were all of asudden you give them an inch the allthese cliches exist for a reason yougive them usually take a mile that’sexactly what happened in the same thingletting these people tear down statuesyou’re empowering them you’re givingthem an inch it’s just gonna get worseand I hate to say it because this isexactly what the farlap wants you to saySean you might not be able to say it butthey need they’re gonna need to unleashyou guys a little bit it’s gonna need tobe some ass-kicking you know there’sgonna need to be some law and order andI’ve been waiting for itI’ve been waiting for this to happenI’ve been listening and thinking when isthis when it went who’s gonna saythey’ve had enough and just let theirpolice force do this and it’s hardbecause most of them are very liberalcities so I don’t know how bad it has toget it’s hard because I worked I workedprotests and riots and you know with thelooting and protests I understand peoplebeing angry I get it but what you dowhen you destroy these buildings andthese businesses is yeah a lot of themare a lot of them are the big the bigchain stores and the big corporationsand they don’t seem to care they haveinsurance which to me is a sillyargument fo well the business hasinsurance it’ll pay for it but yeah alot of these places can’t afford thatand when you destroy these you knowthese statues in these cities and youknow city property you’re you’re comeyou’re costing yourself more money andmore harm right you’re you’re destroyingyour communities when you destroy policecars you think you’re getting a pointacross the you know the police didsomething wrong in some cases we have inin other cases you know it’s just aperception but by destroying all thisproperty that’s gonna be replaced andthat’s gonna come out of City money andthat’s paid for by the taxpayers it’scosting you more they they destroy thesestatues and there’s arguments aboutremoving them and putting them in youknow museums for statues and and and I’mall for I’m all for discussions rightnow no you don’t want to see anybody youknow if one group is you know offendedby something and and everyone could beoffended by something but we can come upwith some way of some compromise butwhen they just destroy thingsanybody same with you know baseballgames football games you want achampionship and they write and destroya city it’s the dumbest thing I’ve everseen all it does is cost that communitytime money you know business businessesleave less income for the city lessservices you know less less socialservices for people who need them forhomeless for you know the list goes onand on it’s a trickle-down effect thatpeople take into account hey SeanBradley was nothing Brett Radley’s theofficer from Toledo right yeah soBradley has a question that I think bestfor Sean he says with the protests andjudges making tear gas pepper spray andrubber bullets in illegal yes I saidillegal for police to use how do wedisperse crowds who become unruly andviolent forces hugs hugs Care Bear stareI I don’t know this one this one’s toughthey could use horses right Johnyeah not a lot of places have them andwe still have them and they’re notreally it’s more of a I think in a lotof places it’s more of a nostalgic thingyou know yeah exactly I understand a lotof arguments that people make but Idon’t I don’t agree with them the teargas is a great tool what they don’tunderstandmost people don’t is most of the time -you’re gases and used by your regularofficer so the people using those ourtactical teams are you know specialoperations that are specially trainedfor that and once those people come inthings have crossed that line and whenthey take all these less lethal ornon-lethal options away from us the onlyoptions we have left are lethal optionsyou know instead of you know you got tenoptions you take five of those away inthe middle and you either have yourvoice or your gun and and what do you doyeah and I thought that they were tryingto make it a think in LA they’re tryingto make it so that officers couldn’t usetheir batons either really yeah I’vecalled that over the last week or so butI mean I if you don’t use your baton youdon’t have they call the rubber bulletsand the teargas and so what do you haveleftthey banned tear gas and pepper ballsand rubber rubber bolts from like mostplaces or is just his area they’retalking about there there I’ve heard acouple a couple of the bigger citiesthey’re starting they’re starting to youthat because these are things that wereused during protests and riots to try todisperse I didn’t see personally I’m notsaying it didn’t happen I didn’t seemuch during peaceful lawful protests itwas once they got to that point of nowthings are out of control you knowdispersingIII really suggest people YouTube thathopefully those videos are out there butI’ve seen a number of videos where whenmajor police departments disperse acrowd there is a protocol and you arewarned so many times on loudspeaker toget the hell out there’s no way you’renot hearing so you know these picturesof dudes with one eye you know becauseit got blasted out by a rubber bulletI’m not caring because I know you canwatch the video and like that share thechief or Sheriff whatever was sayinglike you’ve been told this is no longerlegal assembly it’s time to go yeah andwe’re gonna start firing things at youand the amount of time you guys givethem Shawn is astounding it’s like holycow they give them a half an hour toleave and then it’s like once they startripping those rubber bullets into yourgas like who can feel bad it’s justthey’re not gonna show that you know howreadily fair you guys are there’sgenerally again I only see a try to onlyspeak from my experiences but very ampletime yeah there’s communication betweenusually between higher-ups in thedepartment and leaders and organizers ofthe events a lot of time people don’tknow if people know this but a lot oftimes those those people are incommunication so though you people youknow with the the police departmentsknow who the organizers are and theycommunicate where they’re gonna bemarching to where their routes are gonnabe stuff like that and sure it mightjust be the you know the little splintercells and groups that come in and startthe problems but it’s usually very ampletime to start dispersing again you knowit’s from our experience of myexperience of an you know very big citywe give a lot of leeway to for people toto do what they do but yeah once you getthat once you get that warning for mepersonally I’ve been I’ve been peppersprayed I’ve been I’ve had tear gas Idon’t want I don’t want to do thatyou know you guys give ample warning andyou should you know a lot of thesepeople are kids they’re really amped upthey’ve got a bunch of ideas in theirhead we’ve all been there we’ve all likeyou know we’re not even the same peoplewe were when we were 19 you know any menso it’s good I mean I applaud you guysfor that and that’s the way it should beI mean this is this is our these are ourcitizens and like you said there’s a lotthere’s a lot of decisions there’s a lotof decision makers in the process andthis is going up to lieutenants captainsdeputy Chiefs they’re talking theorganizers they’re not it’s just notlike a patrol sergeant who’s gonna dieright start shooting at them like yeahthat’s not happening this is like a hugedeal because they very well know peoplecan be seriously injured they’re gonnabe on the news there’s me all kinds ofliability the city’s always gonna paysomething like you’re not gonna get awayfrom it you’re gonna the city will besettling lawsuits it’s a huge huge dealso we also don’t want to use thesethings right that’s it that’s amisconception too is there’s this ideathat we go out and want to do harm topeople talked about that a criticalincident you know just sort story a fewweeks ago guy with a knife and I wasthere for four hours and I had the lessless lethal we have you know they shootthe beanbags and the whole time you knowwhen he would walk towards me and makeeye contact with me I’m saying pleasedrop the knife please drop the knife I’mnot saying it to him because you knowthere’s your hostage negotiation and youdon’t want to talk you don’t want abunch of people talking but I’m tryingto tell myself and you know in your mindyou’re like him maybe he can read mylips or hear me but you’re saying dropthe knife drop the knife I don’t want toshoot this guy I it’s less lethal ornon-lethal it’s gonna hurt it’s notgonna kill him I don’t want to use thatsure but I will if I have to well here’sthe rub is that they’re they want totake all these things away because thesepeople are whining these these badassprotestors are whining about the tacticsthat police have tobut yet there’s no comments on the theprotesters throwing bricks at copsglass bottles with urine rocks orwhatever else they have there’s nothere’s no commentary on that whatsoeverso the protesters they have all therights and they can do anything theywant and then when they get busted fordoing this stuff and they get arrestedthe politicians go yeah we’re not gonnafile charges and they let him go so whatare you supposed to do shop yeah we wehad we had a group and one of the squadsI was in we took rocks and bottles andwe had officers with that Molotovcocktails thrown atom explosives you canhear from 6-7 blocks away cars drivingaround handing bricks out to people andyou know you know explosives to peopleand what do we do I mean the only theonly other option there’s there’s reallytwo options it’s either gain control ofthe situation or let them run the cityand do what they want well you’reletting them do it but you know what Imean it’s just go ten eight you know gogo home and just let them run amok andhave zero police presence there reallyis really no once it gets to a certainpoint it’s above my pay grade to makethose decisions but I don’t see anyother any other way you know it’s we wetake you know projectiles and you knowand rocks and bottles and all thosekinds of things get hit by cars or youjust let them do what they want to doand you just reminding about somethingso so just to let you know what happenswhen they take police and the and allthese things if you didn’t have policeso in Chicago over this weekend fourthof July weekend[Music]eighteen people wait nine children underthe age of 18 have been shot dead inChicago since June 20th and awfullet me see June 20th let me let me findthis story about over July 4thso seven year old a seven year old waskilled in Chicago a 14 year old waskilled in Chicago a 7 year old waskilled in Chicago and there’s like 60less count with 60 something people shotin Chicago and these are the same citiesthat are saying hey we need to get ridof the cops and in the meantime you’vegot these these people that are justpandering to the protesters and all ofall the criminals and they’re justimmortalizing the police department andthey’re taking everything they can everytool possible away from the cops andthen it’s just gonna be mayhem out onthe streets because it’s just you knowthey’re just I don’t know they’re justmaking it bad for for for the their Citytheir cities all the way around whatwhat is the deal with Chicago I mean I’msounds so uninformed right now but whythe hell is that place so terriblebecause I have friends that I’ve neverbeen there have visited like Chicagoproper not South Chicago and they loveit it’s awesome there’s awesome bars andrestaurants or whatever but is it justthat it’s I mean it’s one of the biggestcities in the country what is what isthe main catalyst to their huge crimeproblem I don’t even know man is theresome kind of you know economic like I’veyou know it was a collapse of some kindI’ve heard it goes back to don’t quoteme not a big historian but I’ve beentrying to research this stuff a littlemore I’ve heard that it kind of goesback to the same same timeframe asDetroit I think it was like 50 60s therewere there was some big riotsand because of those a lot of businessesa lot of corporations like in Detroit itwas GM I just started watching that Iknow I’m way way far behind the timesbut uh that showing Netflix on FlintMichigan and once you know GM you knowleft Detroit and all these motorcompanies left you know they took vastmajority of the jobs and all the incomefrom the cities and nothing filled thosegaps I think from what I’ve heardChicago is the same thing and it’s justbeen hard to fill fill that void okaywell some kind of economical yeahcollapseLisa Ghannouchi says fatherlessneighborhoods yeah it’s a big problemKalyn Oh Tripp bill is is watchingwelcome welcomeKatelyn a lot of names in here can I’venever even seen before so it’s prettycool nothing is there all my friends ohI have just separated because shout outthat really illuminated you quite well Iwas actually happy initially that wedidn’t talk about it but now I’m alittle bit agitated and think you shouldyou should tell everybody that you havea fan of the show specifically disgeared towards you I think it was Kalynthat’s in here was heel incentive missyeah she sent a messageshe says she listens to the podcast andI’m on it I’m gonna quote her am igetting red in the face cuz this is veryembarrassing for me she said I listen tothe podcast and ken is amazing I can’tdisagree but you know you could throw mea bone Steve’s pretty good Steve in yourface you’re right there on the screen tome better facial hair than I do so wellwhile see that’s what I was saying thatmy that I have fans and then my mustachehas separate fans apparently my mustachehas quite a following I don’t knowwhat’s going on with that yeah yourmustache fans think that you’re too softmore like my mustachedo you guys have any questions that’sall we got for the news if you have anyquestions Sean’s here he’s the policeand if you have any questions about youknow what he thinks about anything andyeah so Sean do you have anything fromyour last couple weeks dealing with um Iknow you’ve shared a lot already and Idon’t want you to over share I knowyou’re on the job San Francisco butthat’s a pretty big liberal City how’sit going up there is it busyyeah we did about two I think I told youwe did about two weeks straight workingworking working the protests and longhours and I have a long commute itslowed down a little bit last weekend wehad we had some events it’s just wet allthe time you’re both professors justdampit’s gross oh I clean that thing oftennot often enough but yeah it’s been busysome of it I think I’ve said a coupletimes I’m I like seeing whether I agreewith it or not I’m all for peopleexpressing opinions but the other stuffit’s and it makes it it makes it hardsometimes to go out and and do the jobwhen you’re you’re seeing people hurtand seeing people attacked yeah how’syour wife doing man she’s like I mean Iknow she’s kind of used to it but thisis like they’re ratcheting up has beenpretty extreme she doesn’t she I thinkit’s I say she’s doing good with it butshe I don’t think she tells me a lot ofyou know what she has to deal with orshe goes through – mom yeah I think shetries to keep it to herself I think it’slike I told you before II share a lot more with her than I thinkmost people do because for ourrelationship and dynamic it helps youknow if I’m having a bad day ifsomething’s going on she knows why it’snot just you know okay work was roughit’syou know dead body you know whateverwhatever the call was whatever theincident this is this is why I’m havinga rough day but I can only imagine it’sbeen it’s been rough for her seeingseeing the news seeing you knoweverything going on I personally got offFacebook I’ve been off for a little overa month I just got tired of tired ofseeing seeing the negative constantly sohey Sean yeah I got a question for youbecause you are the superstar specialguest of the evening oh manand so I’m gonna ask you a question fromone of our front of our listeners andMiley let me think it to you is don’tmess up the answer that’s the only thingso you get one shot brotherno pressure all right Luke Stephens saysI joined late but for Sean have you seena lot more anti police activity in yourarea since everything blew up in thelast few years um I’ll be honest not onthe job I mean there has been so sothere has been in the last couple weeksthere’s been there’s been a lot more Isee I’ve seen more of it on social mediathen I do personally in the field westill get a lot of people that come upto us from all walks of life all groupsthank us for what we do I try to go outin the community and wherever I’mworking and have conversations withpeople and you know share stories andjust kind of get on a level you know aperson-to-person and there has been butI don’t know I feel I feel like it’s itmight might be blown up a little more bythe media that’s my personal it’s sanfrancisco’s and that i mean i don’tthink has been pro-police for quite awhile anyways right come with theirpolice chief up therethere’s still a lot of people that arepro I mean you got Oakland right thereso some people have to like you’replease let’s keep them there yeah whatthe funny thing is you can always kindof tell you can gauge when when thesethese events are happening when there’slike is it going to be bad for us isthere gonna be a lot of a lot ofviolence and chaos you just look at thenight before and the night before a lotof the groups are probably in Oaklandand you just kind of gauge what happenedon the night before warming up well yeahin my County where I live in WashingtonState I could absolutely wear that shirtout can you wear that shirt where youare I don’t live in the city I could Idid I was wearing it a few weeks agowhen I went into work I was in the citymy workout you know it was over time itgot canceled and I had some errands torun so I wore it and I did get some somepeople who laughed at it it’s probablynot the the most the most popular Ithink I think Jen the general feel withthe population I call the silentmajority is there so pro-policeyeah and this is for the listeners onthe podcast it says defund politiciansyeah I just I think it’s hard for peoplewhether it’s I don’t know if they havefeel like they have to save face withsomebody who’s who’s upset or they’renot thinking thoughts through but whenthey throw these things out I think thegeneral person supports us in the senseof they know that we’re for lack of abetter term like you know necessary evilyou you can’t have you know a calm youknow society with without some kind oflaw and order that’s just it’s just notgoing to happen it’s gotten a littletougher but I think the the majoritystilltowards us absolutely Ted Ted bobblesays Shawn thank you for your serviceand John shinmin I could miss itJohn I’m not gonna mess up your name hesays Shawn do you still like the job areyou counting down the days intoretirement and I’m so far fromretirement I got a late started what 32when I started I legitimately love myjob I’ve done them one of my partnersjokes that I’ve done everything workwise I’ve had a lot of jobs done a lotof things it’s rewarding it’s funthere’s hard a lot of hard stuff mightone of these days do whenever anotherepisode with Steve and you know tell warstories and that kind of stuff but it’sa yes I still love it and believe inbelieve in the job it’s just it makes ithard Wayne be okay if you’re gonna havea family you know is it worth the riskof not making it home or you knowseemingly getting I could get could goto jail and get arrested for followingfollowing policy and doing things by thebook and you have to outweigh out weighthe pros and cons I don’t know if Icould tell people yeah this job’s freeyou know this job is great get into itI can’t tell people not to it’s kind oftheir own they have to dig deep and seesee if it’s important to them but I Ilove what I doJohn can you um we’re like on an hourfor tea here I know you I’m sure youhave things to do can you take one morequestion yeah okay this is um fromBradley William he’s uh leaves a Toledoofficer breached an officer to officerwhat do you think about officers nottaking calls or blue flowing it inprotest at what point does it not becomea protest anymore and more of an officersafety or ethical problem with the oathwe took do you think it’s dereliction ofdutythat stuff I understand I understandwhere like you look at Atlanta and andpeople called the blue flu I don’t knowif that’s what it that’s what it is Iunderstand the frustration it’s hard togo to calls and and and think aboutshould I be here like what’s like I’vegone I’ve gone to calls where I had toquestion normally when I shouldn’t so Igot at a 5150 of a young young girltrying to cut it cut her wrists and herboth arms were just bloody and cut upand parents couldn’t get her undercontrol and I ran in you know I heardyelling and screaming so running do wedo what we’re called to do and she’s notwearing clothes shoes in the bathroomand my first thought I do my job myfirst thought is I have my camera onshould I not have it on bike becauseit’s it’s a teenager like am I gonna getin trouble should this thing beyondshould it not be on mm-hmm it’s on youknow to cover me but it’s you just youjust do your job so it’s it’s hard it’skind of a long-winded answer can go onon for a while but it’s it’s hard goingto calls sometimes it gets frustratingbut that’s where you you dig deep and gothis is this is my jobsomebody somebody called us and they’reexpecting somebody to show up they theyhave an issue that they can’t solve ontheir own and they need somebody’s helpand that’s that’s what I’m there to doI’m not saying that the you know peoplewho don’t come in all wrong but that Ithink it’s a personal officer to officeryou know you’re out your own choice yougot to figure out what’s what’s best foryou and what’s right for you sure asteamgot one time for one more question yeahbecause this one I have to ask thisbecause I have to know the answer to itfrom Luke Stephen he’s asking Sean isthe poop pandemic actually real in SanFrancisco yeah there’s there’s a lot ofpoop thanks LukeI do actually have I do have a funnypoop story or a couple of my long storyshort I got somebody’s poop on me firstphase f2 you put someone in handcuffsand put them in get one handcuff on andI look at my hand and I was like yeahwhat’s that on and then I asked you knowwhat’s on you and who didn’t say poopbut I reiterated I was like pooping Zackyeah and I had a burrito for breakfast Idon’t know what that means but it’s ayeah I joked with a some couple walkingdown the street one day in their likefinancial area someone stepped in poopin there like yeah I was like don’tworry it’s not dog you know dealt withspit and people throwing up and stuffbut I never got poop on me your nose soSteve on that high note I got nothing Idon’t think I could beat anything inthis podcast I can’t follow that poopstory this was a great podcast um thankyou so much for coming on Sean this isthe lot of fun oh man Sean I have to sayI am a fan of yours you have a couplepodcasts I love you free to plug themright now so every once in a while Ijump on my buddy John and his girlfriendDanielle do you good bed to the sequelso and you jumped on with us and yeahRobocop yeahyeah do some good bad movie reviews andthen John and I dogood bad wrestling no-holds-barred we’rein my studio here and we just talkedabout the goofy the goofy stuff and ProWrestling so interesting lighten it up alittle bit I’m not I mean you guys areway more wrestling geeks than I am likei geek out on my own subjects but it’sgood I mean it it’s just because youguys really visit a lot of I love itwhen you guys hit on Vince McMahon’sstuff like the depravity the this getshe set up that were just so unethicaland so horrible and base I mean it’sit’s funny because I remember them as akid but now when you look back at himyou’re like that was really screwed uplike hey guys like we do the same thingall the time when we you know there’sthings I remember and I’m like oh thatwas pretty fun than you watch it I likewhen he’s in a fight with a suspect andI’ll stand he jumps on his car and goes[Music]man it’d be awesomealright so they can get those in iTunesSpotify stitcher you guys everywhereyeah everywhere good bad good badwrestling we’re on YouTube Instagram itmight be under gb2 wrestling or good badwrestling podcast Facebook I kind ofmanage that one still I try to stay offof it you know listen give us feedbacksend me the links back I’ll just put inthe show notes for ya yeah say I’ll sendyou links if I could say something realquick to the officers out there and Itry to tell this tell this to people asan officer I think especially witheverything going on right now I thinkthe biggest issue in law enforcement Ithink is we’re not transparent enoughand what I mean is like we don’t on anindividual basis communicate Ipersonally try tountil I got off your social mediabecause a lot of people that I know thatI talked to on there but I have peoplethat reach out to me all the time textme about okay have you seen this videowhat do you think about this case inthis situation and I try to engage withthem I do it in public they ask me aboutyou know people will ask me about youknow videos and things like that ifyou’re an officer take the time to talkto the community and talk to people youknow to explain why we do what we dobecause I don’t think there’s enough ofthat you can support obviously as I dosupport law enforcement I I don’t wantto do anything else I work with some ofthe best people I’ve ever met from allyou know all different walks of life butwe need to communicate with people moreand tell people when someone says well Idon’t understand why you couldn’t dothis we’ll explain to them rationallywhy you do what you do and and whythings have to work a certain wayexplain to them the law explain to themthe policy and procedure so they canunderstand what they’re seeing not justheadline from a news a news outletthat’s being irresponsible by justputting out something they want you tothink mmm that’s a great pointthat’s awesome into that that’s all theygot well I gotta say people applying tobe police officers who need once someexpert guidance can find Kenneth Ken atpolice background net you have a websitesame address and you also have aFacebook page they can reach out to youat yeah if you want to look for we posta lot of stories on the Instagram pageand on the Facebook page policebackground net is an actual name of theFacebook page and there’s so every daythere’s new stories and this stuff thatwe post I steal it all the time it’sgreat yeah it’s good to have hey did younotice that I have my blue coat musicI’m sure noneoh you never wear thattwo things please c-calm if you if yourpolice officer and you want to be aguess I would love that there’s a guestform you can fill out and it’s just areal quickyou know your name your department andyou don’t have to list out you guys seemto always do it but you don’t have tolist out your stories you don’t have totype them out just yeah just be like carwreck suicide whatever just give me anidea and I’ll get back to you I’m tryingto be a lot better about getting back topeople a lot more quickly and then Iwant to I want to say thank you so muchto everybody who’s donated to the showwe don’t have big expenses but we dohave some expenses and we’ve been payingthem with the donations which is amazingwe are actually in the pool right nowwhere we have like almost a thousanddollars yeah I’m going it’s abouthalfway to the laptop that I want to getto run the show right now we have a 2014laptop it’s awesome and the reason it’sawesome is because in 2014 I bought likea kick-ass MacBook Pro and you know allthese years later it still works it’s itgets real hot and it’s really slow ittakes a long time to edit on it so we’rehalfway to our goal of replacing thispiece of equipment and I’m so gratefulto you guys for that thank you so much afew if you wanna even a couple bucks adollareverything’s appreciated go to thingsplease see calm and click the donatebutton and also there you can you canbuy some merchandise if you wantt-shirts say say it say right you canalso grab some merch submerge myself soyou can get a bug you can get a t-shirtsomebody requested a truckers hat Iguess I got to do that but um okay sadyeah thank you for all the ratings andreviews on on YouTube and just sograteful of this community and for youguys and it’s just been it’s just beengreat and that’s all I got Ken well Imean this is and you know what Shawn Ithink I speak for everybody who’slistening to we just pray for you guysand you know they they have a personalconnection with you because you wereanswering their questions and and you’reon here now and I think that if you guysif you’re if you pray throw throwsome words up for four Shawn safety he’sout there in the field and they can useall the prayers we need for safety andjust mental health too because they getpicked on a lot so I’ll be praying foryou and I’ve Steve will too so thanks somuch for everything that you doappreciate it you close and I’ll justsay God bless the policegod bless the police thank you guysthank you gentlemen have a good day youtoo Billayou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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