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TPS Cops In The News: Week of 07/06/2020

In this episode Steve and Ken talk about cops in the news from the past week.  Special guest William J Long joins us to discuss.  Need William’s services? contact him at


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this is things police seefirsthand accounts with your host stevegoldhey guys welcome to the podcast this iscops in the news for the week of 76 20 20 with me as always kenroy ball ken how are you hey i’m supergoodexcellent and also with us is specialguest william jlong of william j long investigationshello sirhow you guys doing excellenti think william’s rocking a t-shirt thatienvy him that is one good lookingt-shirtt-shirt will you go out and matchgood man mrs has one christine roof isonroofster what’s happening christinechristinechrisley think what you mean what youdoingwell i amit’s doesn’t doesn’t william lookexceptionally handsome tonighthe’s got his hair combed i i’m gettingthe feeling you took a shower and suchtodaythank you very much last week i i did infact becausei spent two hours rolling around inother people’s sweat this morning injiu-jitsu soi had to shower good mani inappropriately exposed my son toviolence on the tvthat’s what i did today i thought youwere just gonna say inappropriatelyexposed myselfno no i don’t know where we’re goingwith that i don’t talk about thosesituationsit’s one of those deals when um therewas a movie he wants to see iron man 3i thought it was fine because we’ve seena bunch of the marvel movies but mom hadother information and she’d already toldhim nobut then i’m like come on i told him youcould watch it she’s like it’s scary itscares themso it starts playing this is like a halfan hour agoand i walk by the living room he’sstanding outside the living roomjust like out of the view of the tv andi’m like what’s going on buddy he’s likeit’s just this part i can’t watch it’suh he’s terrified i’m like alrightwe can’t tell your mom about this but wegotta change the moviehey man a buddy of mineuh rick wilson’s watching hey rickwhat’s happening out there he’s inwashington with merw and i just want to make a specialannouncement as wellpaul kegel the paul kegel is watchingwith us giggleand his um his amazing daughter mckennamade usuh yeah background artwork for us socooluh paul’s uh paul’s saying that twoofficers are down in mcallen texasuh if you can update us a little bit uhon thatuh april thank you she likes my mustacheii hardly ever get that the mustache[Music]really i want my mustache to have itsown showit’s about your mustache is about athird of your face at this pointit’s it’s really rick and penny rick andpenny wilson both are there thank youguys for joining usum yeah so and karen kinkade is watchingshe’s my fani just have to bring that up every timekaren is awesome karenvery graciously reached out this weekand wanted to use ouramazon link just to do her shopping shehas some major purchases to do and i hadto inform her thatamazon has shunned us and um more thanonce i think three times we’ve triedand it’s just not it’s not arelationship that’s going to workbecause i don’tthink i think they’re botscan ourwebsite and when they seepolice or gun or anything like thatthey just don’t want to be involved sokaren thank you uhshe’s actually uh donated to us as wellwhich is amazingyou know what i love about this show isthat uh rick and pennyuh they’re old friends of mine they weended upreconnecting with them out here inwashington but they are patriots to thebonegood christian people and this show isreallyuh really the fans are really patriotsand they love police andyou know it doesn’t get any uh anybetter than that so uh i’m thankful forthe audiencewelcome god bless you glad to have youhey dustin wenhamwindham we do have here havesome um shout outs up front ken do youhave any i dotoo i have a couple you go first yepokay i want to give a shout out tonathan mccann he’s a donation reallyappreciate that sirthank you keeping the uh the ship afloathere alsoshelby and i apologize if i butcher yourlast name bonomolo bonomoshe contributed a news story uh iappreciate that thank youum jesse meese is a fan that we see onhereum yeah a bunch of times he actually isgiving me a guest referral that i’mworking on for a police interviewso good thank you for that and i wantedto say uhalso uh to the podcast listeners ireally encourage you to join thefacebook group because that’s where wedo thisuh cops and news live it’s a lot of funand it’s a good opportunity tokind of interact with like-minded peoplein the cesspool that is facebookand also umi want to plug tomorrow’s episode we’regoing to have um this will be out on thepodcastand also uh i interview a canadianpolice officerfrom uh the prov the province of ontarioso that was oh you finally got one yeahi got onegot me a canuck so that’s important yeahand um that’s all i got ken what do yougotwell i also wanted to say hey to nathanmccann because he’s uh he’s a followeron instagramand uh he he appreciates the podcast aswell so he hereached out to me so he get a double hegets a double shout outand jose rubio got a hold of meyesterday uh joselistens on his way to work good manso we have a lot of people that do thatthey like to listen uh if they have abit of a ride to worki notice that the numbers can the numberthat’s how i started listeningyeah there’s a holiday or there’s like amonday off the downloads are alwayslowerthe next day they pick up because somany people listen to their carbecause barbecue is more importantthan yeah uh jesse mies is here finallyjessie’s on time sure we gave you oneshout out brotherand uh alice morgandid you just give a shout out to aliceor is that someone else uh nojust i’m gonna mess up her name i’m justgonna say alice morgant tessai hey good to have you here aliceuh and then uh i guess uhthe uh in texas the shooting uh uh hethey were saying two officers down itlooks like the suspect is deadso we’ll get more information on that ifyou want thatsure sure hold up yeah it looks like umthey were ambushed when they arrived onscene both officerswere killed it said originally they werebeing transported to the hospital thatturned out to not be truesuspect was also shot in the gun fightthe condition of the suspect has notbeen releasedbecause the uh the thing to do now is tojust shoot it out with copsno matter what and uh you know goingvery touching very lightly on this youknow this is this type of thing herewhere they’re doing whatever it isthey’re doing but yet let’s haveuh let’s have uh civilians do trafficstopsjust go with that i’m gonna leave thatright there for right nowwe have some uh we have some newsum hey anthony medinashane eldridge tuning in shanei pray three can keep a secret when twoare dead thoughts accurate i’d saythat’s a good shame especially amongstcops no cop can keep a secretslammy slammy sammy flippin johnson ishere and uh i just uh oh boythere we go oh we gotta read the commentmansammy says uh ken the stash is on pointas usuali agree no i don’t know guys well ithink yourgoatee and mustache looks pretty coolthere steve yeah whatevercan i tell you yeah how much do we gotto donate to you guys to just go like meand shave everything off oohi don’t know about that if i got i’mhalfway towith donations we’re at like we’rehalfway tothe price of a new laptop it’s like thegoal i have set right nowso i need about uh a thousand moredollarsin dollars i don’t know if i would shavethis for a thousand dollarsmy i uh in the in the uhin the in the late 90s i justfor some reason i was out of town fortwo weeks doing backgroundsand i said i’m just gonna shave mymustache because i wasn’t damnover there in sacramento i don’t knowanybody up there so i shaved my mustacheand it was really weird because after mymustache had been on for all these yearsit was likecold on my lip my lips got cold it waslike fresh skinit was weird i didn’t like it at all soi’m probably not going to do that don’tever do thati remember when i was a kid my buddy’sfather always had this big greatmustacheand he begged him all the time to shaveit so finally he wears him down and heshaves it he comes out of the bathroommy buddy’s likei’ll grow it back your upper lip is sothere’s so much space between your noseand your upper liphe’s like thanks a lot well i’m with uhhey ray ray woods here he says how muchuh for ken to shave and i’m like i gottasay i’m with steve on this one i don’tthink there’s enough moneyit’s kind of my trademark you know it’suh i don’t knowpeople see my mustache before meit’s our money maker ken you’re nottouching that thing come oni don’t know what’s going on i justsometimes i just get lazy and i don’ti don’t trim it i kind of trimmed it alittle bit today but normally it’s theway it is because i’m just too lazy totrim itso okay so that’s the show um thanks youeverything you guys ready to get startedwith some news are you guys ready to getstartedwith some with some news here there’si’m ready sir there’s someoh we have some stupid stories they’reso stupidum but let’s get do we havedo we have a clip on alyssa is that justi don’t i searched but you know what sheshe saved herself from it so this is athis is the first storyand it’s just it baffles me you knowthese hollywood people thethe they’re liberals they’re celebritiesthey’rethey’re out of touch but they feel theyfeel the peoplein the in the uh low-income areas of theof the country they feel them eventhough they’re in therefar away tucked away in theirmulti-million dollar mansions so alyssamilanouh she comes out and she sides withuh with the black lives matterin she’s she’s kind of in dogging thelos angeles policeprotective league because they’rethey’re covering for the officers andall this kind of stuffit’s totally stupid because thethe protective league is the union forlapdyeah and they have the interest of thepolice officers so of course they’regonna that’s what they dothat’s what they do that’s what they’repaid for so she goes all off on that andthen she’sthen she’s she sides with blm in thepeople’s budgetwhich they want to they want to defundlapd90 here’s the kicker so she comes out ofthe woodworkwhen she’s not talking about some otherliberal virtue signaling thing oh she’sthe worstshe comes out of the woodwork attackingthe los angeles police protective leagueand siding with uh blm for this budgetof course to act 90 can you imagine ifthey took90 percent of the money from lapd that’sa stupid thing right therebut where does she tweet this from shetweets this from a community called bellcanyonwhich is in ventura county not losangeles countyfrom downtown los angeles she’s about 32miles from hergated community to los angeles and thenmaybe another 10 milessouth to south central l.awhere the people would be impacted butno she’s the one she’s she might as wellbe on the moonsaying hey let’s defund lapdshe’s not she’s not wanting to defundthe ventura county sheriff’s departmentno no no nono no no she has security ohcome on yeah oh they they cut her onvideo we went up therekind of exploring and driving around kencalabasas area in that area yeahthose gated communities they’rebeautiful and they are like william wasjust saying they meanbusiness they are they are manned byusually off-duty cops or retired copsand you ain’t you ain’t getting in doyou knowanybody that worked a detail like thatat all and with celebrities and thingsum yeah i know a bunch of guys like thatand they don’t mess around though theseare all trained usuallyoff-duty police officers who do thesecurity yeah butfor somebody to say to come out and sayget rid of the cops and they’re nowherenearthey don’t even live she doesn’t evenlive in the city it’s soso stupid what the heck she was over ingeorgia one timeuh confronting the georgia lawmakersabout the abortion law or something likethatand she’s getting into the face of thesegeorgia legislators andum she’s from she’s from ventura countycaliforniatalking about georgia laws she’s goingto fix it in the southbut she’s not one of she’s not one of myfavorite people she’s kind of an idiotyeah so first this is what’s herewhich one the the uh protect peoplenot police last night police are peopleyes that doesn’t matter yeah that isthat’s the uh that’s the uhthe logo for people’s budget laand um so she says what what is the losangelespolice protective league um there arenarrows remember you have to rememberthis is the union for police officersthey are a narrowspecial interest group that lobbies ourpoliticians to protect the lapd budgetpension plus officers uhbut elects what is i don’t even knowwhat word she’s trying to use need toprotectpeople not police and sowell you know which brings to mind she’san actress what does she think thescreen actorsguild does yeah she’s an obviousshe does she doesn’t connect to any dotsagain oh ii belong to a union too you know butthat’s that’sdifferent that’s a difference i protectpeople they protect well of courseof course not these robots i think thisdustin has uh has a bit of a commentthere about theworld is uh is probably the worst it’sbeenum and tinak diazhe’s back he’s he’s my buddy t-nock hesounds that’ssuch a like biblical name i don’t knowif it is or not t-not sounds like enochhe says uh he says alyssa must be boredshe retired from fighting demons in sanfrancisco with her sistersshe was on that show uh and why i can’tthink yeah i like that show it was likea cheesy knockoffof the movie the craft umit was uh her and mcgowan was in it rosemcgowanyeah and then charmed charm that’s ityeahshannon doherty yes yeah that was greatand rick wilson brings up a very goodpoint i thought we had this on theshow but uh rick wilson is saying fordfoundation wants to defund the policetoointeresting story about that oh my godthat’s so frustratingand i feel bad because i i have my fordtruck it’s a it’s a2013 or something like that but i lovemy ford truck i mean i love itbut the ford foundation uh in themeantime this is funny60-something percent of the police carsin the united statesare provided by the ford motor companyyeah then the ford foundationdonates millions of dollars to blmso they take this money that they makefrom all the cities that are that arefunding fordand good for the guy that runs for itbecausehe um because the employees who arethese employees nowadays because theywrote a letteryou know saying that ford should stopbuilding cars for policewho when i was an employee i just didwhat they told me it sounds uhthat whole thing sounds real fishy to meken like the blue collar workersare writing this letter i don’t think soi think it’s some management union orsome other bs i meanit’s all about who can signal theirvirtue the hardest like thatthat’s all like you said they’re givingthey’re giving to both you knoworganizations they’re they’re justtrying to capitalizethey don’t know what to do you knowthey’re like we make the cop cars butwe’re supposed to hate the copsyeah so how does that work so the the idon’t know if it was the ceo or chairmanof the board whoever the guy ishe told them to pound sand we’re goingto still make cars yeah we’re makingbillions of dollars off these copsit seems like they’ve been trying todistance ford motor companyfrom the ford foundation saying they’renot run by the same peoplemake sense or anything like that butsomebody’s got their fingers insomebody’s pocketyou know it says ford so it’s so hardyeah for me it’s fordhow do you spell that ford what’s theother onesorry that’s the way that you got tochange the nameso um yeah good for alyssa she’s just anamazinghuman being she’s really brave she’s abrave soldiershe’s woke too super woke so hey jessemeese has a message for yousteve the meester jesse meeseumi don’t know what that means jesse mesays steve we need a goat update beforethe end of the show both of mine diedthe other dayoh no see i’m not getting my live streamis not updating as quickly as yours so ididn’t see thatoh no i thought it just went by um froma while agoi don’t want to hurt jesse’s feelings myherd isso strong my heart is as strong as ken’smustache i meanwe are breeding over here um the youngare becoming adultswe’re getting like a half a gallon ofmilk a dayit’s wow it’s pretty good whatever isgoing on at your place i’m sorry brotherum they both died goats are so hardywhat did you dowhat did you do this is his fault that’snot nicei’m sure i’m sure they were poisoned byyour neighbor or somethingdustin winnem’s windham says you guysshould interview the cop on twitchyou know i’ve heard of twitch i don’tknow what it is that streams his patrolshis name is tbacon that’s the name you want if you’rea cop baconken we’ve been you know they can’t i’vei’ve told ken about this the uhwe’ve been like contacted through emailbywe get content a lot but there’s beenlike some likecops that have contacted us that aren’tlikearen’t our cup of tea or they’re doingthings we’re really not interested intalking about like they’re we have theyhave these otherthey have these alternative agendas andthis in the you know the main podcast isaboutpolice stories like that’s that’s thefun part you knowso if you’re like you know writing abook aboutyou know um destroying your owndepartment oruh you’re like a social media star formaking duckface um on instagram in uniform andbeing hot or whatever it’s likenot going to be a great interview soah martin trump truffitsays hey guys love the show perthwestern australia don’t do youraustralian accent steve we’ll loseanother fangoodbye mike put another shrimp on thebobby australia the covid free statesolidperth that’s pretty cool umyeah so uh ford man there’s a lot ofthere’s a lot of comments out therechristine’s shouting out my wifethe real mvp for the goat milk it’s truetoday it was like 97 degrees andcarrie’s out there collecting eggs andmilk and goats and i’m just likeinside holding the baby like bring me mymilk and eggsquite the ladies t-nock brought up theyhad adefend the lapd uh rally today in frontof lapd headquartersand i i got some photos of that and iheard that went pretty wellalthough in new york it didn’t go aswell because you see if you have apolice propolice defend the police uh march orsomething like that which they had innew yorkof course the blm has to come outand like anti-protests the bureau ofland management comes outyeah bureau of land management it wasfrom bastardsso i’m talking in code here i don’t knowif you know that what that stands forsteve butbradley william is here um hey guysthanks for your comments i’m going tolet william take over the commentsbecause i have to get to the next storyhey nicole enriquez um[Music]she’s from lincoln nebraska she’slistening at worki like that so that’s alyssa milano shejust irritates me she’s like a littlenap that won’t go awayum i just want to say i don’t like heri don’t like her either now i don’t feelbad about how marky mark mistreated herin the movieum what was that movie was she in amovie with him yeahwhat was the movie when he was obsessedwith uh was it fearah crap never mind just do the next newsstoryokay now i have to look that up at somepoint but i can look it up never heardof itno thanks thanks buddymark martin says they are not shrimpsthey are prawnsin perth oh hey stevesir do you want to cover this next storybecause i think you got it from a fanyeah surewhat is itthis is the uh the deputy that wasattackedoh yeah deputy was attacked in umthere’s a fly in your in your oh here itisand i i don’t know if i’m saying thisright but fatfaquare county in virginia i thought itwas interesting becauselike lord lord fuckwall from shrek fromshrek so i thought this was a good storythis is the one shelby sent us andit’s interesting because i think anyother time in thein the nation this would make the newsbut it didn’t like thisthis cop was uh clearing some debrisfrom the road and aa black suv went by and shoutedsomething at him and threwi think a brick at him and knocked himout he was found by some citizens facedownon the ground next to his cruiser ithink he was on his on his drive homei actually have a clip on it um yeah letme play itcleveland breaking news in fall carecounty a violent attacksheriff’s deputy who was just trying todo the right thing the sheriff’s officesaysthis deputy stopped to move somethingout of the road that was around seven onold waterloo roadnear warrenton while he was walking backto his marked cruiserhe heard somebody yelling from a blacksuvand that’s when investigators saysomeone hit him on the head with anobjectand then kept going someone found thatdeputy about five minutes later lyingunconsciousface down on the side of the road andthe sheriff therehad some powerful words tonight for theperson who did thiswe are going to hold this person orpeople accountable for what’s takingplaceand if you’re the person involved inthis incident i suggest that you contactus and turn yourself in yeah that’sthat’s going to happen i think thatsheriff was uh i think it was his firstpress conference when he saw the videohe was likeyou know what though these guys arethese detectives they’re magicthey could have like a pebble and out ofthat pebbleat a crime scene all of a sudden theythey go to the they chase the trap thepebblethey drop in the machine yeahso this i mean realistically there couldbe a gas station nearbyand they have video of the of a suvpassing by and then anotheranother video of them going by anotherplace and stopping it i mean there’s allkinds of stuff they do i don’t even knowbut i wouldn’t be shocked if they didfind it butthe uh so this guy’s walking back to hiscarand somebody comes out says somethingand throws a brick in his head and hegoes unconsciousthat’s just the climate i mean it’sthat’s awful this isn’t like uhi never heard of this county it’s notlike a real super populated area youknow it’s likethey just see a guy in uniform a copsome some cop with like a heart of goldhe’s on this ride home and he’s like letme remove thisdebris from the road who the hell woulddo that i’m like i’ll see you lateri’m going home off the clock remember wehad that storyuh a couple of weeks ago where the ladywas driving with her kidin virginia in this little town and shecalls 9-1-1somebody got a hold of it or they weretelling us that they’re from virginiaand it’s just likesome of those places in virginia arekind of going down the tubes thereyeah very blue i’m not sure that this isuhthis is pretty i mean the policejust because you’re wearing a uniformthere’s a that’s like a targetit’s always been that way but now it’sjust there’s no respectthere’s no people think they’re notgoing to get caughtand even if they do get caught sometimeswhich is we’ve seenat the riots the thethe district attorneys or city attorneysthey just let them go anywaysyeah people are very um they’re veryemboldened they’re veryuh they feel like it’s their right andthey can do this and they it doesn’tjust stop at saying things to cops theycanphysically assault police becausethey’re that’s they’re seeing peoplecondone it on the mainstream mediathat’si mean it’s just it’s just an okay thingto do they took an oath and they knewthis wasyou know they knew the citizens wouldrevolt like this like come onyou break it’s totally uh totallyacceptable it’sit’s so bizarre one time at band campnow this is my story about this iswe were i was on patrol with my partnerand we somehowdecided behind a building this is nighttime and behind the building we go backthereand there’s a group of teenagers there’smaybe a couple of girlsand i think they were gang membershispanic gang members anywaysso we stopped and were talking to themand things like that and decided to kindof peekaboo aroundso we take the girl’s purse and insideher purse is a loaded 38revolver and so we decided okay wellshe’s got the gun so we’re going to hookher up put her in the back seatand we didn’t have anything on the onthe on the other guys so we’re drivingoutand i’m just clearing the corner umand something hits the window of my carbut it wasa god thing because it was a rockthat somebody decided to throw from thedark and it was really weird because ithit the frameof the window just right and it bouncedoff the framethe frame the frame and went outbecause if they were if they were a goodshot they would have clocked me in theheadyeah with it and so i kind of stopped aminute and i gothen i just kept driving but because webecause we had the gun so i wasn’tyou know that’s their problem but theygot mad at us because she’s holding agunwe hook her up and we’re the bad guys sothey’re gonna throw a rock at my headwhatever that’s what you getyeah william what do you think aboutthat yeahi think you got lucky what do you thinkabout this this story with the uhthe sheriff’s deputy getting clocked inthe head with with it with a bricki’m gonna agree with my friend uhrichard carroll and sayuh it could have been a lot worse soit’s agood thing that he made it yeah at leastthey didn’t i mean he was knocked outthey could have pulled over taking hisgunthey could have done whatever theywanted with them you know sothat’s one way to look at it yeah couldhave been way worse they could havedragged him down the road you know whoknowsyeah they could have got yeah they couldhave taken his gun out shot himall that stuff this next story isreally stupid my gosh can i use thatword any more than i dothe i don’t know if we have a clip forthis but the the headline isuh new bill would require new york copsto have personal insurance for liabilitysuitsdo you have a clip for that um i isearch for one but i do have a clipof the union kind of defendingthemselves that goes with thisokayi am not derek shavon they are nothim he killed someone we didn’twe are restrained and you know what i’msaying this to all the cops herebecause you know what everybody’s tryingto shame us the legislatorsthe press everybody’s trying to shame usinto being embarrassed about ourprofessionbut you know what this isn’t stainedby someone in minneapolis it’s still gota shine on itand so do theirs so do theirs so he’sholding up his badge in that clipum but yeah uhboy i don’t i can’t fathom to imaginei mean police already are underpinnedbut now you have to go to your insuranceagent go yeah i got this job where ii take people’s freedom i carry a gunit’s very dangerousi drive fast all the time what that howmuch is thatliability insurance going to be ohyou know the things that they’re talkingabout say a police officer is in a fightor whatever and or it could be anythingand you makesplit-second decisions i challenge thepeople that complain about copsto make decisions as quickly and theseare life-altering decisions and not allthe decisions that you makein that in that second of timeare going to be absolutely correct solet’s say that there’sa fraction of of fault on the officer’spart because he had to make he or shehad to make that decision that quickwell what they decide to do wasnormally the cities will defend officersin a lawsuitsure but in this case they think thatwhat what they should dois police officers should shouldbuy their own personal liabilityinsuranceand normally when police officers aresued or the city is suedin it’s usually in the millions if it’sa judgmenthow much would a police officerliability insurancepolicy cost i mean that’s ridiculousthat would be a ridiculous and if youhad to gointo a into a business a professionwhere you had to buy your own liabilityinsurance in a professionwhere there’s a possibility you may takesomeone’s lifei i would go i i don’t think i canafford that policyyeah it’s nuts i mean this it’s not likeit’s set up right now wheregross negligence is ignored right nowit’s justit gives the officer the benefit of thedoubt and gives them some protection forlike you’re saying for split seconddecisionsand all other kind of things becauselike usually when an officer gets suedthe the paperwork will look likewe’re suing the city of so-and-sofor training employing in whateverofficer gouldblah blah blah blah it kind of names youin there saying they didn’t train youproperly or they kept you employed eventhoughthey shouldn’t have or whatever umcorrect me if i’m wrong but in grossnegligence you’re you can still be suedif you’re a cop ifthere’s gross negligence right yeah it’sa mistake yeah you’re not off the hookthey’re they want to get rid of allprotection and justjust be wide open for any interactionany contact that goes along with uhgettingrid of qualified immunity you know[Music]and if you take if you put all of theliability on the police officersthen um forget having people who aregoing to put a badge onand take the chance of making that splitsecond mistakebecause that does happen sure but ifyou’re going to hold them accountable inthose situations where the adrenaline’sit’s adrenaline rush and people get hurtpolice work is dirty businessyou know people sometimes diethere are there have been cases wherepolice officershave been doing swat entries and theyget killed by friendly fireyou know that was that’s a mistake it’sa it’s a heartbreaking mistake and i’msure the officer whopulled the trigger has to live with thatthe rest of his life butare you going to sue him in thatsituationand take his his uh you know his houseyou know all that kind of stuff becausehe made a mistakethat was not on purpose right so rightacting in good faith ray wood saidsomethinghe said probably the same as malpracticeinsuranceso i guess cops should make what doctorsdothere you go sure that’s gonna happenyeah they’re gonna have to make up forthat butuh it’s uh it’s uh it’s interestinghow these and these are these cities orthe liberal cities like new york andand in colorado they’ve they’re theypassed the law doing away with qualifiedimmunityand los angeles and all these citiesthat are justliberal strongholds where they come upwith these stupid stupid ideasum and uh there’s this guy in berkeleycalifornia and you know berkeley ifanybody is from california you knowthat’s thebirthplace of liberalism and they’rejustsuch retards so liberal and this guy hasdecided that they’re already going tomove forwardwith having civilians do traffic stopswelli think williams said it before trafficstops are some of the most dangerousuh stops you can make and you’re goingto have people with no guns i meanthere were uh what do they think i meanthe most frustrating thing too when youget involved and start reading thisstuff is when you step backand you look at the fact that they’retrying to address a problem that doesn’texistthey’re trying to fix a problem that’sunfixable fixableit’s not systemically racist this systemit’s not that’s not what’s happeningracism bigotry is all and we say it allthe time is in the heart of manthat’s where the error lies you know andyou’ll never correct it likelike we said like ken you said that arewe shooting fora society where it’s um like demolitionman you know like oh what’s your buckleoh like no one no one ever errors intaco bell’s the only restaurant is thatwhat we wanttaco bell all the time i like taco bellthat’s true it would be pretty sweetyou know did you um there’s something iwant to bring up when you’re talkingaboutpeople being perfect i want to bring upsomething that’s really it justboggled my mindoh so anyways going along with thispolice officers being perfect because ifyou’reperfect you wouldn’t have to worry aboutcops or making mistakes or anything likethatso along those lines don lemon i don’tknow if youyou know don lemon from cnn you’rereally knucklehead you really test mytemper that guyso he’s he’s he’s talking with uhhe’s such an idiot he’s talking with uhchris cuomo you know how they do theirlittle bromance thingsso dumb screaming biggest idiots on tvthey are so he says don lemon saysjesus christ admittedly was not perfectthe foundation of christianity is basedon the fact that he was sinless but yeahokay donyeah and so stupid i have a feeling thatjesus could not be a police officerbecause he just doesn’the doesn’t qualify he’s not perfect soyou know um yeah he’s he’s such an idiotall you guys on this uh that arelistening right nowthat are not don lemon fans i’m rightwith youhe drives me nuts he is umi heard commentary on i think it was ithink it was something tucker carlsonwrote where he said you know thehe played a clip from don lemonfrom 2013 where he’s being veryharsh on on black communities and sayinglike we need to keep the dads in thehome we need to keep the nuclear familywe need to get these kidsnot getting pregnant in high schoolgreat you know whatever it washe was agreeing with like uh o’reilly orwhoever it was at the timeand then like seven years later here heis likeif he said that he’d lose his job at cnnso it’s liketucker’s point was i call him tuckerbecause we’re we’re close friends youguys are buds we’re buddiesum he’s like this guy’s an idiot he’s aprogrammablemoron so it’s like cnn has the storythey were on to run with they programmeddon lemonyou go talk these things handsome blackman and then hehe talks to them he’s he’s good lookinghe’s black and he’s gay so he’s like theperfect cnn anchorhe’s like their perfect weapon and thenhe talksall their points and then so seven yearslater when they tell him to completelycontradict himselfthere’s no issue at all because donlemon has no brainhe’s just a brainless retard he is he’san idiot oh i hate himdid you see that interview he did withumwhat’s that actor garyterry terry cruz he’s awesome i lovethat guyso he just he just belittled you know hetalked downwhat he had him as a guest on the showand then he begins to justcrews could just rip him in half too ohyeah because because seedon lemon’s mic was louder so and terryterry cruz was just he’s just being coolabout it you know just trying to talkbut anyways don lemon said that um ifbecause terry crews is all about wellblm they’reum not all black lives matterand and and don lemon goes um wellblm is for police brutalityif you want to start your own all livesall black lives matterthen you go do that but blm is all andif you go to their websitenot so no not so it’s not about policebrutalitythey have their fingers in so muchmarxiststuff that’s a whole nother podcast sothecomment section has just become a slewof cnn and don lemon hate[Laughter]i don’t i don’t mind the don lemonadehim and como when they do their littleoh my gosh he tried me i don’t i neverwatched cnnthe only reason the only way i’ve seecnn is if tucker carlson plays it on hisshowand i crack up because tucker calls himdon lemondon totally to his facehe’s a complete idiot but anyways weso this whole thing with having uhpolice officers buy their own liabilityinsurance that’s just stupidthat’s so dumb umalong with that somebody somebody in oneof the comments earlier saiduh about uh nypdand who would want to be an nypd officerwell our next story talks a little bitabout thatthe headline do we have something onthis one no we just had that one clipso the headline is out of the new yorkpostand it says nypd limits retirementapplicationsamid 400 percentsurge this week yeah sothey can’t be quick enough they’rebailing manso to answer your question nypd officersdon’t even want to be nypd officersno so it’s i meanthe the just before that a few daysbefore thatthis thing with the liability insurancecomes out right and then all thiscop bashing and all those types ofthings theyum the cops already you’re already onon trouble they they defunded nypd bybillion dollars and grantednypd’s budget is in the billions but abillion dollars a lot of moneyand then uh uh aoc this says that’s notenoughbecause she thinks they’re they’reshuffling money around to fake out theone billion dollarsbut uh then these police officers whoare justthey just they have enough time toretire they’re going to pull the pinthey’re not going to no they’re notgoing to stay anybody who can leave isleavingeven nationally it’s just happening yeahandand we and you know there’s anotherstory that we’re going to go intouh along with that out of seattle but400 percent400 percent to have that many officersdecide that it’s time to goyou can’t and then what they did wasthey they umthey because they defunded the policelast weekthey canceled an nypd recruit class of1200 officersso you got to take those 1200 officersout of the mix then you take thesei don’t know how many three 400 500they said an astonishing rush for thedoor came is 503uh uh cops filed for retirement betweenmay 25thand july 3rd 500 officers add that tothe 1200they’re going to be seven quickly notnot not keeping up i mean my buddy alexgetlin here saysnyc is going to revert back to when itwas at peak crime in the 90sin the 90s can i remember my parentstelling me like in the 90s new york citywas a war zone likeyeah you went to work on the subway youwill probably get stabbed like it wasit was horrific there that’s wherethey’re going that’s whatthey’re hoping again we got a commentfromtina diaz and he says you guys seen thenypd tactical video on how to subduesubdue a suspect i mean victim i don’tknow if you guys saw that uhi watched that we’ve been going overthat in jujitsubecause most everybody there is a copit’s it’s scary like if you put yourknee on their backtheir front anything you try and likeget on top of them to get controlcongratulations you just committed acrime whether they got hurt or notso yeah okay to to uh did you see thatvideosteve that’s floating around nookay so what what it says is thatthey i don’t know if they made it a ruleor law or whateverbut it’s an nypd guy talking about thisnew rule these new rules that arerolling outout of new york and they’re saying thatany any kind of presson a suspect like during a fightwhere you have to press on theirdiaphragm is illegalyeah it’s law now it is law yeah so youcannotyou you can’t like if you’re if you’retrying to control a suspect and you geton top of them and you’re holding theirarms downwell your body is is on top of theirdiaphragmif you get them on their back and you’retrying to control them by fighting themand jumping on their back i mean yourbody is on their backthat’s on their diaphragm anything andi’m thinkinghow do you how do you grapple with somesomeone’s trying to take your gun you gooh let me oh no wait i can’t get on ican’t get on your chest this isvery awkward for me please please andthey alsoinstructed fellow officers if you seesomebody doing thatto tackle them out of the way as if youwerewould they say getting them out of theway of gunfireyeah so tackle them off the suspect yeahso so the officer is fighting with theand the thing about this that peopledon’t get is is police officers arereactivethey don’t just go kicking people’srears justnearly they they react to what thesuspects doso um if a suspect wants to fightyou have to fight backken if you fight back you could hurtsaid suspect so i don’t see how that’sgoing to fit into the new training guidei don’t know how this works so let mesee herei’m not sure so basically the way it’sgoingis you have to ask somebody if theywould mind beingarrested and if they don’t want toi’m not sure there’s much you can do idon’t think you can really arrest peopleif they don’t want to anymore christinesaysmaybe their diaphragm should follow thelaw tooit’s so frustrating when you think aboutour country how big it is there’s like300 what 50 million 330 million whateverpeople are there’s 800 000 copsthese instances are so small they’re soit’s amazing how little this happenshow little this happens it’s incredibleour lives are so goodit it blows my mind i justyeah i don’t understand what thesepeople are thinkingum i think it would be much different ifthese folkshad lived in these areas they were theywere plagued by crimeand they actually i don’t know whypoliticians aren’t required to go sit ina police car for a monthand if they if they um can make itout of that month without ending up inthe hospitalor nursing some injury or getting shotthen they win butthey need to they need to get into thereal world becausethese guys are trying to pass these lawsthey’re just virtue signaling they’rethey’re trying to be like i don’t knowwhose favor they’re trying to get inum i think they’re trying to follow themoney or go down the path where they’regoing to get money in the future becausethey do these things but they’re stupidstupiddecisions that they’re making and it’svery detrimental and dangerous forpolice officersoh it’s awful it’s all it’s like they’rethey’rethe way they neglect reality you’ve seenwe’ve all seen the thing when they takea reporter and they bring them into ashoot or no shoot situation withsimunitions likefake bullets and the reporter comes outand the reporter goesoh my gosh that was really hard that wasscaryand hard and making the right decisionthis moment was so difficult i’vei’m so sorry for being so harsh on youthis has happened like a bunch of timesbut they won’t apply that to like abunch of other aspects of police worklike it’s just you just don’tyou don’t know because you don’t do itlike but they they they won’t atall show any kind of empathy for policethey won’t put themselves in their shoesat all it’s it’s really my wife and italk about it all the time it’s likeit’s like mind-blowing it’s soaggravating kencan make it go away yeahray wood says you can’t grapple just usea taseras long as it’s a non-lethal taser thatweek so i mean reallyif you’re in atlanta ray the taser iswell depending on who you are if you’rethe cop it’s a deadly weaponif the bad guy points to choo choo it’snot a deadly weapon he fires it rightpast your headwhile trying to escape arrest then samed adeadly weapon not deadly weapon umand i’m going to you know i become thei’ve become pretty good at making theselittle memes i think i become prettygoodi’m going to make a meme you’re morethan the master where they have thesei’m going to i’m going toi’m going to put side by side the thepeople that have been killedby police officers and i’m going to puton the bigger side all the policeofficers that have been murdered thisyearand see how that lines up murderfor all these police shootings andthings like that and i don’t think it’sgoing to match upno so anyway i just got to say your yourmemes are fire againthey’re getting really good i i have tolearn a little bit more i’m using mycell phone so it’sthat’s what i got but uh i’m tryingken’s always like do you want me to makea meme for the show i’m like ken pleasejust stop asking me just make it pleasei’mi’m all i’m all thumbs i make memesthat’s what i doso that’s what but along the lines withnypd here’s another storyum rick wilson you’re going to like thisone because it’s out of seattleand it says the headline reads maxmass exodus dozens of seattle policeofficers reportedly applyingto different agencies and seattle wasalready in the news becausethey could not get cops they could notgetto uh i mean six months ago they werewasn’t there mayor on the tv like pokingfun at their port authority policedepartment because they’re like oh ifyou want to be a fake cop you can goover there because they were losingall their cops are going to the portauthority because no one wanted to bei do have a clip on this can if you wantoh yeah go go for it i’m david rose ahandful of seattle city council membersare pushing to take a chunk out of spd’sbudget we’re learning that some of theofficers themselves appear to be lookingto leave the forceq13’s hannah kim has confirmed almost 40applications have been filedto transfer out of spd into otherdepartments in just the last severalweeks let’s get to hannah for thebreakdown ofwhat she’s uncovered hannahwell yeah david so we have confirmedindependently that nearly 40applications from spd officers have goneto sixdifferent departments now keep in mindthere could be some duplicates and therecould be more applications out there butconsideringeven 40 applications if you think aboutthe fact that spd only hired 51 officersin 2020it’s a pretty big dealat the corner of thistle and rainier sothis goes on tosome other weird part of the story soi’m wondering where they get this numberfrom because 40 is a prettysignificant number and uh you don’t ifyou’re applying foranother job you don’t have to tellanybody so i’m wondering how manyapplications are are out there for theseother agencies and there are otheragenciesin uh in washington there they weretalking aboutuh i think a sheriff’s department maybea couple of sheriff’s departments orsomething like thatbut we talked about this a couple ofmonths agowhere they were they’re so seattlehas such a hard time recruiting they hada signing bonusfor laterals 15 000.i almost went i almost did it and ifyou’reif you were a brand new applicant neverbeen a cop5 000 signing bonus butuh apparently that’s not enough money uhfor people to goand what these guys don’t understand isif they keep doing stupid stufflike chop and all these things wherethey where and they keep dragging downthe copsfor one thing people aren’t going toapply and the numbers are going to dropand then people are going to retire andthey’re not going to be able to keepup with it their numbers are going todrink and then the ones that staythey’re going to be waving in their carsas peopleuh you know commit crimes or whateverthe why get out of the car you’re goingto beyou’re going to be in trouble no matterwhat you do and don’t lay on theirdiaphragmsyeah the leadership backs or backs don’ttouch them at allthe leadership the leadership ishorrible if you see their chiefshe’s this little lady she is like youwantstrong leadership people most people inthe country want the policeto take charge law and order make ithappen clean this upmake it go away the the clips i’ve seenwith hershe’s just this little lady she’s gother makeup doneshe’s got a little hat on and she’smeeting with like theleader of chaz you know and he’s leadingher around her owncity he’s giving her a tour of hercity allowing her to go into theher part of her sit it’s likeugh disgusting like the the um themorale therei know for a fact because we havefriends who work there is crushedthese guys are just like you knowa lot of them aren’t gonna leave becausethey have huge vacation built uphuge sick time built up their salariesare up therethey can’t leave they can’t start overthese guys in patrolwhat are they gonna do you know go tothe bottom of the run work work midnightand have no time offthey’re just stuck they just have topower through orpray to the good lord that there’s amiracleyeah and if you have i mean what peopledon’t realize thatin police work police work is um theyears you have on the jobis like dog years and i remember when ihad 20 years on the job so i was only iwas umonly 42 when i had 20 years in the jobbut at that age 42 i was already anold man yes uh and i wasi was in the senior division if i wantedto be in sportsand i’m like i’m 42. but in police workbecause of the the beating that you takeover that many yearsyour body and everything else just agesthat much quicker so if you want to ifyou if you have 15 years on the joband you want to go work somewhere elseand you’re a new guyat this agency they’re going to throwyou in a police carworking patrol and when you got 20 yearson job 15 years in a jobi’m like i i don’t think i want to dothat so i guessif you got to stick it out until you getyour 30got it they got to do it i mean whateverchoices they have they just they have tofindyou have to find a an assignment that isjustyeah no find a desk job and the thing isthat thethe more people that leave theseagencies they get less and less and lesspatrolso they start canceling thesespecialized units and theseadmin admin jobs and they send thosepeople out to patrol because it doesn’tmatterwhat you what you do your badge sayspolice officerand any job in the department you’regoing to be required to dowhatever they send you to do and ifyou’re 50 years oldand they send you to patrol that’s whereyou got to goyeah you got no recourse what are ourfans saying herelooks like april marie has had sometrouble with facebook deleting her stuffsay what they say it’s hate speech forthe blue line flagi do that stuff all the time on thepolice facebook pageman we razz anti-police people all daylongand nobody because it’s[Music]and then you block them for them to takedownapril marie’s blue line flag that’spretty harshi’m not sure i’ve never had that happenbefore butum yeah our our laststory steve sir this isthis is really irritating don’t beirritated sirwilliam will make it all better so thenthe nic do we have a clip on this oneum ken you know i screwed up the orderso you’re gonna have to tell me whatyou’re talking about this is stlouis um spd leaving was the last one wehadokay so if you guys remember the thestory of mark and patricia mccloskeyin saint louis uh they live behind thisgatedin this gated community and i don’t knowhow much of a gated community because ithink my chihuahua could jump over thefenceat that particular gate but anywaysthey’re the couplethat was uh where this black livesmatterpeaceful group uh i’m gonna throw uphere hang on just a second okaypeaceful demonstration that actuallydestroyed this gate that leads into thisgated community and they decided tomarch inmass and this couple had their houseright at the entrance of the gateso they see all these people chantingand yelling and there’s differentstories about what they were sayinganyways so they built it took them idon’t know how many years 30 years orsomething like thatto get their mansion the way they wantedand the reason they were marching inthere was becauseuh because the mayor lived in this inthisarea if there were ever if there evercan was a housethat black lives matter wanted todenote as white privilege this was thehousethis is a it’s like a castle there’sbalconies you knowthere’s balconies there’s white peoplein there this is white people yeahand so that was the march that causedthe uh mayor to shut down shopright no this is in st louis oh stlouis oh st louiswe talked about her about the mayor ofseattle last weekso they marched on the mayor of stlouis’s house as wellyeah well yes they did and it’s reallyfunny i’m gonnaremind me about that in a second butanyways so these people are marching byand they’re already violent because theytore downthank you they tore down the gate andthey’re marching by these people’s houseso they’re afraidso they get a picture of them sendingout actually a video of them standingout in front of their in front of theirhousehe’s got a a rifle and she’s got ahandgun and i don’t know where she tookher training because it’s kind ofshe’s holding it kind of limp wristed soi think she points it right at his heada few timesyeah or he kind of turned the gun butheytowards her train killers they’re nottrained killers and those are the mostdangerousguys he had trigger discipline though ifyou looked at the pictures he was goingto keep his finger off the triggerit was good so so okay so they’re afraidfor their lives and they’re on their ownpropertyand i don’t know if they have open carryin in st louis or not but who caresum so they go out there in front andthey get video of them and all thatand then the uh this the city attorneyfrom st louisdecides that this is so inappropriatenever mindthat the violence has already startedwhen these people broke down the gatewent into a privatearea of the city and started marchingand they thought that was okayso then can they don’t believe inprivate propertyno there’s no such thing because thatwould beprivilege right right that’d be tooamericanso umthey decided who is this st louiscircuit city attorneydecides that this is wrong for them todoand she decides she’s going to filechargesagainst this couple not only that whatis happeninghere’s the stupid this is today’s stupidnews is that umis that they the this uh attorneyshe issue she goes to the court and getsa search warrantfor the guy’s rifle mani mean and this this guy ishe’s not not a very skilled attorneyhe’s a well-knownvery good attorney so the fact that theywould go to thesethey would dare do that they’re going toget sued he’s going to sue themhe’s probably going to win but this ishow hard their virtue must be signaledthis is how hard they don’t care he’sgoing to destroy themi hope i hope so too and theyou know if it was me and i was the iwas the st louis uhcity attorney i’d go hey steve can youdo me a favor go up to these people’shouse and just see if he’lllet you take that gun as evidence nono they got a showboat they got to get asearch warrantsearch warrant yeah the guy would you’reright he would probably complythe guy’s like he’s just like whateverokaybecause if you if you have a searchwarrant you’re looking for somethingspecificand you go okay hey we have a searchwarrant can you just tell us where therifle isso do we know like what what the whatthey were looking at they think this waslike an automatic rifle or what what wasthe point of the search for and i wasthey went in there looking for thelooking forthe rifle that’s all it was to make surethat he canlegally own it on his own propertythat’s where they’re gonna get reallyscrewedbecause i’m sure they’re breaching abunch ofstate laws that have to do with thesecond amendmentand they’re going to pay the city’sgoing to pay a hugehuge amount for this yeah and thisis and and according to the hill whichwhich itheir their good publication they saidthat missouri has a slew oflaws that could protect the mccloskeysfrom criminal charges including standyour groundthe castle doctrine and open carryso if they have open carry they canstand there all day long long as they’renot pointed at somebody rightyeah yeah should be fine i i i don’tum it’s just so gross he might havepointed it at some people thoughoh she pointed at her own husband’s headhopefully he didn’t load it he just gaveit to him was like just use thisand it wasn’t like he was taking acombat stance and likeyou know it’s someone’s face i don’tthink it was like that if he if he wasit was probablyjust kind of because he looked like hehe was likemoving back and forth and he pointed itright at herthis is what happened this guy’s buddytold him to buy that rifleand he was like i guess i should havei’ve told my own friends before they’relike what kind of rifle shaking like ohget an arlike somebody told this guy just to getan arand then this started going out he’slike i guess i grabbed the ar like hedidn’t know he probably shot it twiceoh man carol whatever side you’re onwith this whole thingyou everybody’s got to agree the memesthat are coming out of this areabsolutely amazingthey could not have been dressed betterhis pinkshirt with the khakis tucked in with abrown belt likeyou’re just lounging in your housewearing that what the hellis going on in there do you haveservants likethat was me i’d be like warm up pantsand like a ripped t-shirt and have ababyyou know what i mean like this guy’swhere he looks like he’s like going toformal dinnerand she’s out there they were they werejust going to barbecue they were justgoing to barbecuethis barbecue motif she’s out there inin uh in bare feet and i i oh he’s inbare feet toooh it is it is ripe i mean it’s like canwesomehow get the whitest people inamerica to stand on their front lawnswith gunsin front of a crowd of black peoplecould we do that for a photo opit’s like they’ve been targeted i don’tknow how many of our of our listenersare gun owners but i’m thinking ifsomebody comes onto my propertyor they break down the gate to mycommunityand the um the storyreads uh let me see here the groupiethe group began yelling obscenities andthreats of harm to both victimsis what the police said um the policeare usually pretty cool with stuff likethat i mean i live in southerncalifornia we’rein an unincorporated area where thesheriffs respond and i asked aroundincluding speaking with a sheriffand it’s pretty much go time if someonewe have a gated propertywith a gate like a auto gate if someonecomes on your property the response timehere ishalf an hour to 45 minutes yeah andwithout exactlysaying it the sheriff was like shootthembecause because it’s happened out hereand they don’t care if someone comes onyourproperty and you kill themwhose story is there to tell but yourstoryyeah he came on the property i told himto leave he charged me i shot him likethat that was basically the story igleamed and i was likei like living here yeah you’re holdingthe gun pointed at the bad guy and youtell himthere’s two witnesses make sure you killthe guy because if he has his ownstory you’re screwed he’s crude butuh yeah i just i just think that uhthat all this stuff is just getting outof control and theseattorneys these district attorneys andall that are justuh they’re just stupid williamyou seem to have libertarian tendenciesas i do myself uh i don’t know if you’refull-blown libertarian because i meanthat would involvepossibly anarcho-capitalism and nothavingi’m pretty moderate all around so you’reinto private property andrights yeah absolutely so you’re with meif someone comes on your propertyat night in the in the vehicle yeahabsolutely build darkness i’m a gunnermyselfi would do the same thing okay got itwell williams williams uhformer military too correct so williamsis a trainedclub they’re getting just a couple stepson this property and then it’sthat’s it this toei don’t know man william’s asleep in hishouse and he hears a glass break he’slikeoh my gosh ask my wife how many timesi’ve cleared the house at the sound oflike something strangethat’s great i i mean i have cleared myhouse before i don’t i can’t rememberwhybut it’s good the paranoia of three inthe morning when you’re likeoh you forget did i turn the lights ondidn’t i turn the lightsoff well well it’s a noise you didn’thear too and your wife’s like there wasa loud you know like i didn’t witnessthis noisecould have been someone breaking indownstairs maybelike i guess i’m getting the glock idon’t know wellthat’s all the news stories i have wecan start taking any questionsfrom our uh our listenersand uh you can ask william hey you knowwhat we have a minute williamif you could if you could tell us allabout william j longinvestigations and how you help ourgroup not only police applicants butanybody please that needs pi servicesyeah absolutely firsti want to start by thanking you guysbecause asof right now 95 of my clients are comingfrom people that have either heard aboutme on the podcast oryes i love it that’s great man thatmakes me so happy with a friendof somebody that has listened to thepodcast or something it’s getting towherei’ve had a friend of a friend wholistens to the podcastcall me and ask for my services oh manthat’s right iprimarily do background checks right nowjust kind of cursory thingsum and like ken said you can do it ifyou’re going to be a police officer orany kind of other jobthat requires some kind of investigationi can pull that foryou and it’s just a cursory check itshows you what they might see when theydo one it’s not like a fullin-depth background investigationhowever i am able to do those umit’s just going to take a little bitmore time and more moneyum so for any member of the policeapplicant groupor you know anything like that i give adiscounted rate sothat’s awesome that’s so valuable likewhen you’re when you’re going to be acopand it it’s it’s it’s a calling and youreally want you just want to be soprepared toto have a resource like that and that’sawesome that’s so cool it’s been greati’ve hadi think i’ve had about maybe close totenlike police applicants call and justjust want the background that’s all theywantedthat’s cool man that’s so good and youdo offer a adiscount which you won’t discuss herebecause this is uh different people butif you want to know about the discountthat william has for our groups policeafrican groupor police applicant group just uh get ahold of uhget a hold of him if you can’t find hisinformationget a hold of myself or steve we’llforward you that information but yeahum soso uh i think christine has a questionshe said that high five was so whitefragilityyou bastard how dare youwasn’t it you didn’t see the strengththat high fivestrengthso alex getlin has a questionlet me see did you hear there’s a callonline now to cancel the show brooklynnine-nine because it’s funny cop showand considered pro cop propagandamy goodness i did not hear that alex andit’s very upsetting to meyou’ve upset but terry crews is on thereand i’m pretty sure they’ve had a coupleepisodes actually calling out policebrutalityand things like that so that’s that’sabsolutely ridiculousterry crews speaks the truth and i’mpretty sure he’s a christianwhich automatically means show needs tobe canceledthere you go and uh alex just so youknowi’m not shocked because they try tocancel that policecartoon dog yeah so chase from pawpatrolyeah so if they’re trying to cancel acartoon what is real human beingsyou know they don’t stand a chance wellyou know they already pulledlive pd and cops both of them gonei know it’s i always chat with my buddylike texting with one of my best friendsi grew up with the other dayand we were talking about the onlineworldand the cancel culture and it’s it’s sobizarre likewhen i went to college and even throughpolice academypeople of all different colors there wasnothing betterthan busting each other’s balls aboutyour ethnicitylike it was so fun to bust each other’schops about thatrelentlessly do you think a ginger gothammeredyeah i got hammered hard but i came backhardtoo but the thing is in person the pointof this conversationmy buddy were having was in person youknow the intentions of each other andyou knowyou know i’m a good guy i’m not tryingto hurt you this online bs that we’realllike into now like and and thegenerations younger than us are 100plugged in it’s adversarial it makes nosense likeif i was to stand in front of you andjoke about you beingarmenian or something and you busted myballs for being a carrot top or a gingeror can’t go out in the sun we’d have agreat time it’d be funny or you guys atbackgrounds used to joke aboutgiving me an umbrella out to the tacotruck because i because i had no melaninit was all funny but now if you saysomething like thaton facebook or online it’s immediatelythat so many things are taken out of itbecause it’s not facetime it’s not likeface to faceit’s adversarial right away and i itruly believeguys that this antifa thingthat’s what spurred it this onlinehatred that isn’t even reallike this this this kind ofmiscommunication onlinehas spurred like real worldhorrible things to happen and it’s it’sjust so depressingit’s like i feel like i almost feel likei mean i love facebook forthis platform because they’re believe itor not they’re actuallypretty liberal with sensor censorshipthey’recool with us being a cop show and doinglive stuff andeverything we’ve done they’re they’rereally cool with it there’s otherplatforms that are notthey’re like like i said before amazoncanceled us butit’s like i don’t know i feel like thisum over connectivityand lack of human interaction is gonnadestroyit’s gonna kill us all yeah i experiencethat with my friends too i have uhlike i said i’m a pretty moderate guy soi have a lot of friendson both the left and the right and uh meand my friendson the left have kind of been going atit the past few weeksand uh it’s it’s funny online you knowon snapchat on facebook on whateverthey’re vicious but then you know yousee them in person and it’s likenothing’s going on it’s it’s reallybizarre yeahi had uh i had about eight cop haters onmyon my instagram today and it’s so stupidbecausei put up warnings and go yeah trollsdon’t even botherbut because when someone makes a commenton one of my instagramuh posts it immediately shows up on myphonesomebody commented on your thing and igo in there and within like 30 seconds idelete them so what’s the but what’s thepointof uh of going into like going into acompletepro police facebook page or anything andand saying somethingthat’s derogatory because you’re justgonna get deleted andbanned and did you make a difference inthe world nono so umi need to get your face doing that no ona t-shirt that was amazingchristine uh can you repeat the questionbecause i’m not sure what you aretalking aboutbradley says he saw an article channelsare not tochannels are not allowed to run rerunsof copslive tv and even the world’s uhwildest police videosuh yeah so anything anything cop relatedcannot be on tvunless the cops are beating someone andthey get prosecutedfor bad stuff those are okay if theytouch the rookie i’m gonna riotthe uh we happen to knowyeah we have he’s known he’s in thegroupshe’s in our group you’ve been forfor a few years now but yeah they betternot do that because that’s aokay so so christine has a questionshould i dress asrobin d’angelo for halloween the authorof white fragilitywhat would be scarier oh my goshi’ve seen videos of of uh robin d’angeloand is that if anybodydoes not know about this book what aclown festthe book is titled white fragilitywritten bya white lady who should know aboutwhite fragility better than anybodyright um she’s awfuli think christine that would be reallyfrightening if you dressed up as heri think it’d be better if you if youjust put toilet paper all around you andthen put tootsie rollspaste tootsie rolls all on there thatwould bebetter yeah don’t christine has alreadyhad an experience wheresomeone spit a like a lungi on her blueline stickerwhat oh no um so iit doesn’t sound like you live in a partof the country where i would screwaround with that stuffdon’t do it oh my goodness ohalex gatlin says that this uh robin ladyshe charges companies twelve thousanddollars to run hercorporate racial sensitivity trainingsession it’s just from the heartit’s coming from the heart there was uhthere was a story out of seattle as wellthat they had to takeum some kind of special trainingi think it was only for white peoplethat were supposed to take the traininglet me checkjust for white people it wasseriously there’s places in the countrywhere um only white people have to wearmasksit’s like it’s funny but it’s it’sit’s not good that’s bad that’s againstcivil rightsthat’s a county in in uh that’s a countyin oregonthat said people of color did not haveto wear mass california justjust got rid of a law a umdiscrimination law because they want tobe able to discriminate against whitepeople they had to remove this state lawand they did oh well this thing in inwell what’s funny about this thing inoregon where they where where wellbasically they’re saying black peopledon’t have to wear masks becausebecause they could be profiled by peoplethinkingthat because they’re wearing massthey’re automatically robbersyeah because this is the old west andpeople were wearing bandanasand then my first thought was you knowin los angeles the crips and the bloodstheir whole thing was wearing red andblue bandanas sowhoever the reason they came up with themasks and maybe because they’re afraidof it is because gangsterswear them okay i get where you’re comingfromum so this story let me see if i canread this real quickum it’s about racial bias in seattleand oh so the office the seattle officeof civil rights manages the trainingsessions on racial bias which on atleast one occasion was voluntaryfor city employees the classes are partof the city’s race andsocial in social justice initiativeanyways but the training sessions lastmonth have drawn scrutiny becauseparticipants wereseparated into groups based on theirracewe want to the thing is our city wantsto bring backwhat we like to call segregationsegregationturns out segregation wasn’t racist sowe’re gonna need all the blacks overhereall you whites and indians or othercaribbean will put you all together i’mnot sureyou know but we want to be inclusive inwhen we do thatso it was the same day the mayor and thecity’s police chief joined tens ofthousands of people who were marching insilence as part ofa black lives matter day of reflectionbarf can let’s reflect on thatum but anyways there’s these i don’tknow seattle but seattle’s on anotherplanet i think they’re just herevisiting because they’re just theycannot bethey cannot be from americayeah um joe rogan used to say all thetime i used to listen to his podcast aloti haven’t kind of fell off of it but umhe used to say all the time that americais just it’s just too big i mean 350million peopleit’s too big just to have one personthat’s supposed to meet all the needs ofthese people it’s it’s geographicallytoo big um it’s politicallytoo divided and that’s kind of comingto fruition now it’s like you reallycould have likenew england mid-atlantic southeastnorthwest southwest midwestyou really could have differentcountries different presidents differentgovernors provinces whatever you want tocall itum it it just seems to be getting worseand i see things going this wayyou know what i mean like there’s goingto be a divide where there’sconservative companiesand there’s super left companies andthese ones won’t hire you these oneswill you’ll live in a conservativeneighborhood the liberals live in theirneighborhoodsthat will be on fire probably and thenwe’ll just kind of likenaturally i mean go away from each otherwe’remy family’s already feeling it we’re insouthern california we’re lookingat going to possibly new hampshire likewe’d like to go to a place that’slike conservative and has very limitedstate power wewe don’t want to be we want to be withlike-minded people we don’t want to bewe certainly don’t want to be incalifornia anymore this place sucks it’sit’s likethe most beautiful place in the worldthere’s every climate you can imaginewilliam i don’t know if you’ve ever beenhere but you can drive to the beach youcan go to san diegoyou can go to the high desert where welive you can go to the mountains we cango to a ski mountains 15 minutes fromhere and we’re in the high desert it’sinsane it’s amazing completely destroyedby peoplethe place sucks because of all theseincredible douches running around yeah imean ijust i i think i would have moved toidahoif if uh our kids weren’t out here butidaho seems to bestill conservative and uh propertyprices are going up in idahoyeah so home is not too bad we got weedand guns andeverything else yeah but it’s half uhindian territory now isn’t ityeah it is now i’m i’m really interestedto see how that’s going to play outthat is interesting because they decidedthat uhi think it was the supreme court saidmost of uh oklahoma city isin on the reservation right tulsaso how does that work you i don’t knowi’vei’ve already seen several cases that arebeing tried right now that are beinguh dismissed because they’re like wellit was on indian land so you can’t do itand it’s like this guy like raped andmurdered a four-year-oldand you guys this that’s what this wasall about was his attorneyjust got really smart and was like oh itwas on indian land sothey can’t do anything about it and tookit all the way to the supreme courti only read like this much about it buti have to hand it to that attorneybecause it looks like we got a littlesloppy during the trail of tears timeand the negotiations and never correctedthese boundaries and it looks like thesejudges ruled correctly thatyeah technically that’s notthat we that lane was promised to themthey’re not wrongit’s just i i don’t know there’s been apresident that’s like already been saidwe’ve been doing the same thing for solongi don’t know what they’re gonna do now idon’t know if they’re gonna roll newthings out over timeor if the tribes are just gonna go okaythe state has the authoritywhich i doubt um i don’t know what’sgoing to happen but i’ve seen a lot ofcasespossibly getting thrown out like forsome bad peopleyeah but they might get federal chargesso you’ve seen that have you seen thatmeme whereas thethe tom hanks movie where the the littlesomalian guy he’s goinglook at me thank you they’re gonnathey’re gonna go to the to the uhto the native americans and the neighboris gonna look at me i’m tulsai’m tulsahas a question uh melitta long norelationno that’s actually my mother oh is itreally yeahoh no kidding awesome yeah you know whatmelina you didgood you did good good mancongratulationsyeah she’s she’s talking about the fordthing we already covered that earliermom you’re latewe did cover that yeah we’re wit it’sit’s insanechristine wants you and i to move toarizona arizonaum hey that’s all i got on the news uhif you have any guys have any uhlast questions that you want to ask youwant to ask uhwilliam how he does his skin regimen iknow youhave the skin of an angel william baby’sbutt you have a baby’s butt on your faceit’s just cause i can’t grow anything itsucks i can’t do it because uhyou know i’m in the uh doing thatcollegiate academyand they don’t like facial hair and it’sall right only only i’ve been used to itfrom the militaryonly ugly guys grow facial hair tochange the way they look you knowfacial hair especially i’m on the screenright now i’m pinchingi’m pinching william’s cheek on thescreen oh my goodnessso hey melita when you see next time yousee william if you do use a favor justpinch his cheek for us oh geez pinch hischeekusi think the baby butt thing was perfectchristine but that’s all i got folksthat’s all i have thank you guys so muchfor uh for joining the podcast yes thankyou thank you william for being ourguestthank you guys for having me on this isuh this is awesome i didn’t think i wasgonna be able to be on the show for likeanother two or three years until iactually had some storiesum but this is great oh you’re gonna beon again don’t worryi look forward to it thanks guys getsome get some stories under your beltwe have one one last question i’m goingto let william take this questionwhat are we looking at which one is italex’s questionuh you think we’ll see a big surge inprivate security in the coming yearsum that depends i thinkyes um if the police departments end upgetting defundedbut if people stand up and you knowkeep it the way it is i don’t think soit just depends on what happensyeah hmm hard to telli know for a fact around here when westarted havingthe writing and stuff like that eventhough it wasn’t near as bad as the restof the countryum all the private security companiesaround here were having to bring onextra people because everybody wantedsomebody at their building yeahmy uh my wife and daughter have justthey just came back and they said theypeek in the windowand take my mind off of what i’m doingoh i thought it was like a beer ithought maybe it was a deer it was therefor a snack and you’re likethe deer we’ve had the little crack deerthat havebefore we go i have one story rickwilson you’re gonna love thisthis deer story so we’re going up ourdriveway and our driveway is super longand we pull into the driveway andthere’s a mama deerand two baby deer and the baby deerthey’re like on crack they’re goingyou know going across the driveway andthe mama dear she’s standing therein the middle of the driveway and she’salready eaten somethingso she’s in the middle of the drivewayblocking the driveway and we kind ofpull i’m pulling up the car a little bitat a time and she does that she looks atusand she goes junior cudwe had to go are you gonna move and shewhen she decided it wastime to move she got off the drivewaybut it was like two minutes and she’sjustlooking at us not giving the care butshe’s on our drivewaydid you ever see anything like that as aas a little mihoin hacienda heights a little did i see alittle mijowhen you were a little miho did you eversee anything like that there’s no deerno there’s no deer we saw somecockroaches actual crackerswe saw a little crackhead sir i’m soglad you explained what crack deer wasbecause i had no idea what you weretalking aboutoh it’s trippy man they just go it’slike somethingovertakes them and they go they leap andthey just leap back and forth andthey’ll disappear in the bushes andthey’ll come out the other side andit’s weird man they just like to run infront of cars here soyeah william when you grow up in theinner city anything that scurries on theground is a crackheadso that’s just yeah[Music]a crackhead anything that’s yeahcrackheadbut that’s how we got steve we got tomention people want someexpertise want some eyes on is the place to gothat’sthat’s right if you are a policeapplicant and you want to you want toget ready for the uhfor the background investigation you canget a hold of me i will prep you i’llget you ready for all the questionswe’ll go over your applicationand i’ll tell you what mistakes not tomake and umhow to respond during the interviews andyou’ll be set to go by the time i getdone with youum if you’re not ready for theapplication it’s becausei don’t know you just weren’t a badpersonyeah get a hold of me police backgroundken at policebackground.netalso um you can uhyeah just email me and let me know whatyou need and uh i’ll get you set upall right guys i’m gonna get us out ofhere and do the bumper and then theoutrohey guys i hope you enjoyed the podcastif you love the showand you want to show some support youcan go to thingsplece.comand click the donate button we are 100listener funded so if you’ve beenenjoying all the content we providewe surely appreciate the support alrightguys we’ll catch you next timeEnglish (auto-generated)

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