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TPS E00: Podcast Intro With Host Steven Gould

In this episode I introduce myself to you guys and briefly describe what the podcast is about.  It’s my hope that this podcast gives you a glimpse into police work in a way that you have never seen before.  The goal is for the listener to gain a better idea of what police officers go through in the course of performing their duties.  Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and comment if you like the podcast.

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[Music]this is things police see first Annacomes with your host Steve goldguys welcome to things police seefirst-hand accounts my name is SteveGould I’m the host of the show thepurpose of this episode is just to be anintro just gonna give you my briefbackstory and it’s kind of give you anidea of what the podcast is all about Iwas a law enforcement officer for 14years in the state of Massachusetts Iwas 10 years of police officer in fouryears a natural resources officer abouta year and a half ago two years ago mywife and I started talking about livingsomewhere else experiencing a differentpart of the country we just had thisitch to explore and go do somethingdifferent so we talked about it for awhile and then we just decided to makethe leap we up and rented our house wegot a camper and we drove across countryto Southern California where we landedand just started living here at acampground we had no job setup nohousing just just a complete leap offaith and luckily within about 2 or 3months I had landed a job as abackground investigator for one of thelargest police agencies in SouthernCalifornia so that’s what I’m currentlydoing it was a crazy adventure kind of acrazy thing to do with your lifeconsidering we have two young kids andI’m sure I’ll share more of thatadventure as the podcast goes on and ifpeople are interested I’ll certainlyI’ll get into it with greater detail inthis podcast I interview active andretired law enforcement officers askingthem to give me the details on theirmost intense experiences on the jobI asked about humorous calls bizarrecrazy calls and of course I asked abouttheir most intense and deadly encounterswhile working as a police officer theidea is that you’ll hear officers telltheir experiences like you’ve neverheard before my hope is that people hearthese stories and they’ll just get alittle glimpse of what it’s really liketo be a police officer and just get agreater appreciation for the sacrificesthese men and women make the thingspolice officers see in the line of dutyare absolutely insane you can’t makethese stories up I’m excited to sharethem with you and if if you like thepodcast and youyou want to show support I’d reallyappreciate it if you go to iTunes andyou click subscribe you rate in reviewthat’s a huge help to new podcasts and Iwould truly appreciate it if you want towrite to the podcast or reach out to meyou can you can get me at things policesee at so that’s things policesee at any questions concernscompliments are welcomed you can send tothat email and also if your if your lawenforcement officer and you have somethings to share and are interested onbeing interviewed on the show let meknow that too and I’ll get right back toyou so that’s it that’s what the Pacusis all about that’s my brief historythank you for checking it out and I hopeyou enjoy it

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