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TPS E07: Robert Rangel – Time Slows Down When Someone Is Trying To Murder You

In this episode I interview retired LASD deputy sheriff and author Robert Rangel.  Robert tells us about some CRAZY things he saw on duty including him and his partner being ambushed and almost killed.  Before we get to the attempted murder he tells a crazy/bizarre story that is very graphic and a bit gross but shows perfectly how insane this job can be.  Just to warn you it starts around 9.40.

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Red Dot Club: Victim’s Voices

this is things police see first-handaccounts with your host Steve goldhey guys welcome to the podcast in thisinterview i chat with retired LosAngeles deputy sheriff Robert Rangel notonly is Robert a retired police officerbut he’s also an accomplished author Ishould have mentioned this at the top ofthe interview but I’m not used to havingpeople on here that actually have somecredits in the entertainment industry soI kind of botched that so I’m doing itnow his his last book is called the reddot Club victims voices in these bookshe breaks down the events and policeofficers lives while they’re on dutywhen someone tries to murder them andit’s super interesting it gets supersuper good reviews it’s on Amazon youcan order it there I’m yeah so he justbreaks down like five to 10 secondevents when someone’s trying to murder acop and just kind of extrapolates outthat time frame by going into the copsmind and seeing what they were thinkinghe actually does that in this interviewfor an event when he was on duty whensomeone tried to murder him and hispartner so it’s um if you like thisinterview you’ll you’ll absolutely lovethe book so I had to kind of fix that upfrontsorry about that Robert I’m I’m stillstill learning here I will have to warnyou you know sometimes I ask peoplewhat’s the most bizarre or craziest callyou went to and I always tell them don’thold back tell tell me it just just sayit because I don’t I don’t want thisshow to be I don’t want to censor cops Iwant people to know the crazy stuff copsee and Robert really delivers on thishis crazy moment is it’s insane it’sdisgusting it’s it’s perverse it’s it’sreally upsetting so I just want to warnyou it’s the middle story I think I’llput a timestamp in the in the notes soyou can skip by it if you want I do notcensor anybody who comes a show and Iencourage all the officers I talk to tojust bring the real stories that’s whatthis podcast is about so if it reallyhappened we want to hear about it thisis a fantastic interview super thankfulthat Robert came on and without furtherado here it is Robert thank you so muchfor coming on the podcast and sosaid to have you you were a Los AngelesCounty deputy sheriff for a detectivefor how many years were you on I was on13 years 13 years and you were stationedmainly or where was their last stationmy last station was West Hollywood whichis very strange and bizarre area see alot of different things before that Iwas down South Central LA and then thejails before that okay so Robert can youtell us the first time in police workearly in your career that you went on acall and you had that like at your firsthot call that first adrenaline dump whenyou were like holy cow this is thisstuff’s for real well tell you didn’ttake long it was actually before I waseven sworn we have a program with LACounty Sheriff called the right alongprogram and what you do is you as acivilian you ride along with thedeputies and so I went out to Firestonestation and there was a call of a manand a woman having to fight in themiddle of the street the deputies werethere when we got there things weresettling down and then all of a suddenwe hear BAM bad bad bad man damn but Imet them everyone looked at each otherjammed and ran to their cars all thecars took off in different directionsthey bet and we drove to the end of theblock as soon as we made a right thisguy comes running screaming down thesidewalk waving running toward us wavinghis hands in the airmy cousin my cousin he gone crazy Ithink he done killed somebody andthinking this is my first hour ever in aradio car in a police car and I thoughtthis is the job I want right here and wewere going to where the gunfire gunfirewas you know so it doesn’t get any morereal than that man you know yeah I meanI can only imagine your head was placepinning well yeah turned out to be a guywho his it was his birthdayhe was just out of prison and he decidedto celebrate by smoking some PCP angeldust they said weSamri usually yeah I took his guns juststarted shooting up the house oh mygoodness a couple of kids in there theywere you know like a four year old and asix year old kid in there and and Ithink the mom was in there and then thisguy was the nephew that was running andyou know trying to flag us down so whenthis happened to you like you’re thisearly on your career did you feel youobviously felt the excitement you wereexcited were you all it was it also kindof freaky for you did you have that biglike whoa this is I’m gonna hold on tomy seat here well I had before you knowhey what’s you know what’s it like whenyou get these hot calls are they scaryand he said he looked at me he says noyou get a rush and and I when he whenthis happened when I was in the car Igot the rush and I think some peopleprobably might not right and if if theythink they might might not get a rushout of that I don’t think it’s a job forthem but if that’s something you knowthinking that you’re gonna go and handlea man who’s shooting up a place ifthat’s something that gives you anadrenaline rush to think that you’re incharge of that situation then it’sprobably the job for you absolutely yeahI remember when I became a policeofficer there was a retired chief thatwas still reserved on our departmenthe’d work like once a month and healways said that a police officer is avery it’s a very takes a very specialkind of person to do the job you know afine life you have to have that littledaring a little bit of daring a littlebit of carelessness you know deep deepcaring about other people empathy andthere’s a whole broad range of thingsthat that it takes but definitely whenyou’re there it’s not it’s not a movieit’s it’s real and you’re in charge nowand and now the rubbers met the road soyeah pretty pretty interesting when youwhen you go through stuff like thatabsolutely yeah you because you never noone really knows how they’re gonna reactor you know physiologically or mentallyto a situation yeah that’s that’s whenyou found out it was for you yeah rightand then when I went out on patrol youknow my first week we had six murders soand then youmultiply that times the people that getshot stabbed the that didn’t die in thatweek probably so you had sixty otherpeople that probably could have died oryou know that were shot or beat butdidn’t die and that’s the intensity ofviolence that was out when I first wentyou know to patrol my first week andyeah you know the Sun comes up and youthink I didn’t die I’m still alive Imean that’s a strange thought to havethat you didn’t that you didn’t die thatnightyeah that’s not not normal that’s notwhat most people do it all day and thiswas uh this was West Hollywood right ohno no no no no no West Hollywood was atthe end you know this is down in SouthCentral LA right there Watts right byWatson’s Lenox sheriff’s stationI was just gonna ask you like I guessWest Hollywood has changed a lotoh yeah I know no that West Hollywoodwas my last assignment this is where Ifirst started patrolled down in SouthCentral LA you know they used to theycalled it I read an article here not toolong ago that the area one of thestreets I worked they called it themurderers alley his it was such such ahigh high amount of murders that went onin the certain strip up and down thatStreet in the years that I was there inthe year that I was there yeah it’s goodthat here he is crazy I mean I cameacross an old an old like vintage ad youknow I forget where I saw it even maybeat some shop and Los Feliz or somethingbut it was an ad of for Compton and hispeople sitting on their front lawn andeverybody had a white picket fence andeverybody everything looked okay but itwas from you know the 40s or somethingbefore yes before it was just suburbanit wasn’t any kind of crime capital ofthe country you know that’s rightdon’t it was a nice area totally bizarreRobert can you tell us about the most orthe most bizarre or strange call thatyou went on just that was just kind oflike blew your mind well you know onceyou get through the blood and guts ofLenox and you get up to West Hollywoodhim you know my partner kind of said itbest you said wellHollywood is like you parachute in yougather your parachute you put it awayyou take a step you look around and yourealize I don’t want to be here and thenyou take a step you take your foot thatyou made the step with and you put itright back exactly where it was beforebut you can never go back because you’vealready seen what you shouldn’t haveseenso yeah West Hollywood is just I meanyou talk about it had some weird stuffgoing on I mean one night there was aguy he’s kind of drunk walking out of analley and we Jam him and you know hekind of smellshe smells like like like like like craplike dog shit yep oh yeah I stepped insome dog shit I was coming through ayard and like really and the partnergoes over and shines his light throughthe alley and there’s a guy laying inthe alley and he goes he he bring thatguy over here so we bring the guy overthere and the guy’s pants he’s passedout drunk and he’s laying in the alleyface down his pants and underwear downaround his ankles and his is but hisbutthole is all like loose and then welooked at the guy looked at the guy andlooked at his hand in this his arm hishand his ol arm up to his elbow was fullof crap so he had been putting his fistin the guy’s butt in the alley while hewas passed out oh my gosh you don’t wantto you don’t want to pass out in WestHollywood that’s for sure that is youknow you never know how you’re gonnawake up that is one of the most singlemost disturbing things I’ve heard in mylife Robert it’s just a crazy yeah youknow yeah I mean you run into stuff theycall it West Hollywood because you’reall you are gonna get exposed to youknow stuff that you’re probably notgonna see anywhere elsewow that is that is crazy that’s I’msure you probably have aplethora of stories similar to that lookman I’m gonna say it this way there’s alot of stories out there and they’rethere you know they’re so I don’t knowwhat the word that you would want to useis horrific out-of-boundsso taboo that you can’t believe it andyou laugh about it but the reality isit’s you know that is someone else’s youknow pain or displeasure or someone elseis someone else being a victim thatyou’re actually laughing at but I thinkit’s the only way that you can deal withsome of the stuff that that you see it’sjust it’s just too too far out thereyeah that’s fun a lot of people thatI’ve interviewed say that about just howcops cope you know with those situationsbecause like you said that is that is aninsane situation to deal with that’s andthat’s part of the reason I’m doing thepodcast is so and I’m glad you told thatstory because it is it is brutal andgraphic and shocking but people it’sgood for people to hear those are thethings cops see and have to deal with Imean the if you could imagine it a cophas had to deal with it like it’s thatit’s that insane and that’s I mean noone in Police Academy trains you forthat scenario you just described no it’sit’s Technicolor it’s not just it’s notjust the you know a black and whitething it’s a real living evolving thingand you you’re smelling the shit andyou’re and then you realize the guy’sgot it all over us his arm and thenyou’re and then you’re getting grossedout and you’re trying to deal with thesituation maintain your composure thepoor guy in the alley he’s passed outyou don’t know if he was a willingparticipant and then passed out or ifthey know each other I mean you’retrying to figure this out but meanwhileyou’re dealing with the grossest of thewhole thing and you’re like I can’tbelieve that I’m actually here dealingwith with this you know it’s crazy yeahthat is that is absolutely insane Ithink you take it I think you’re thewinner for most bizarre so far I knowokay Robert sonext I want to ask you about your mostintense or terrifying or just crazy callthat you experienced as a as well yeahlook every every cop I know has beenthrough some stuff right I mean I waschasing a guy in a car he had a gun weknow he had again it was on a motorcyclehe just robbed someone and going 110miles an hour and the car catches fireflame starts shooting out through thehood of the car where the hood and thefender meet and my partner’s screamingwe’re on fire I can see the fire he’strying to get in my lap and I’m pushinghim away and then because I’m drivinghim do 110 miles an hour and so then Ihit the brakes he goes what are youdoing I go and stop and he said I thinkthe fire is out okay give it the gasagain right so we’re back in the pursuitthat first stop but so those thingshappen right I mean there’s a bunch ofstuff like that that happens you cantake every incident in an officer’scareer and compare it to when someone iskilling you and those things pale incomparison there is nothing like sittingwaiting for the back of your head to beblown through the front of your face andnot thinking it’s gonna happen butbelieving it’s gonna happen knowing it’sgonna happen and that’s a situation Iwas inWow I am partner I got ambushed me in aplane car June 6 1991 s d-day sharebeing shot with the guys on Normandyyellow they went through the horror muchmuch worse than I can ever imagine butI’ll never forget the date because it’sd-day June 6 1991 so my partner wassitting we were sitting in a plane carwe were working in a prostitutionoperation playing car I was a rental carand my partner was driving guy walked upin I see him at the front of the car andin one 1002thousand three one thousand he’s at thecar door in that one one thousand twoone thousand three one thousand Irealize he’s probably has a gun becauseI never saw the gun he was hiding bothof his hands from our view hmm as he’swalking up to the car I pulled my gunand I thrust it over my partner’s chestbecause I’m the passenger as I thrust mygun over my partner’s chest I’m tryingto come off safe time is slowed down nowthis is this is a very real physicalthing that happens in dire situationswhere time slows down into micromilliseconds millionths of a secondremember why it hurts wider talked aboutthat yeah so and you’re talking aboutstuff I write about in my book here Italk about Wyatt Earp in my book and Italk I’m an author too so we got thesebooks out but yes I’m gonna I’m gonnaget to that for sure I should have Ishould have mentioned that in thebeginning but yeah so so it’s a commonphenomenon where adrenaline kicks in thebrain has such a pouring out I mean thebody has such an outpouring ofadrenaline and your your thought processspeeds up so fast that everything elseseems to slow down because everythingelse is in normal time but your brain isfuriously thinking how do I get out ofthis right so as I’m shoving my gun overmy partner’s chest and I’m trying to getthe safety off which is just likeclicking a letter on a keyboard clickthat’s it that’s as fast as it takes toget your gun off safe I’m yelling at mythumb in my head come off say it comeoff safe come off safe come on come oncome on come on you can get off safe nowcome on hurry up I need to be able tofire now I need you and this is about aslong as it’s actually taking in the timethat I’m living the incident probably agood 15 20 seconds where I’m trying toget my safety off and the reality it wasclick off that quick so those 15 or 20seconds in my in my altered time statego by just as the guy turnsin a two-handed grip as he’s turningwith his two-handed grip my partner hadnow has seen me with my gun in front ofhis chest and out of the corner of hisleft eye notices movement again as heturns to his left to look out of thedriver’s windowthe suspect is turning in a two-handedgrip and points the gun directly in hisface so now my partner and the suspectare gun to face suspects gun to mypartner’s face probably five inches awayfrom his face so in that moment I knewthat my partner was gonna die there’s noway I could save him he said somethinglike get out of the car I couldn’t quiteunderstand it because time and time isvery distorted at this period thisincident while things are going on timeis distorted sound is distorted visualacuity usually increases so I realizedwe can’t get out if we get out I get outon the passenger side we’ve got our rayjackets on that identify as policeofficers Sean doesn’t have his gun outif I get out of the car on the driver’sside I there’s no way I can protect himI can’t shoot over the roof the car SeanI’ll be in my line of fire I’ve got afire now so while the guy had the gun inSean’s face I start firing over Sean’schest when I fire the suspect fires butmy round hit him firstso I’m firing at chest level but I’msitting downso I’m actually firing into his pelvis Ihit him in the pelvis it buckles himjust enough to where he goes down alittle bit and fires into the car doornow I I don’t know this Sean now istrying to get away from the get from thegunfire he’s moving his head to theright he’s trying to come down into mylap and I’m like and I fire againsuspect fires again into the car doorbut I don’t know if Sean’s hit I don’tknow where that were the suspectsbullets are goingout of he’s hit in the face I don’t knowif he’s dead I just know he’s comingdown right into my lap I fire againsuspect now was not just buckled he’sgoing down his body is actually movingdown toward the groundI fired again as this is happeningeach round seems to be taking about tenminutes the fire now it’s pitch black soall I can see is the muzzle flash of thegun the muzzle flash is coming out as aball of fire slowly expanding and it’sgoing and as is going boof like this theball of flame coming out of my gun isslowly expanding to a big huge orangered fireball and then just as just asslowly and maybe a minute or two time inmy altered state the ball of flame seemsto suck back into the god as it sucksback into the gun now I can rememberwe’re in a dark car in the dark nolights anywhere so what I’m doing now iswe’re trying to shoot point but pointshooting so that you would thrust yourarm out in front of you lock your elbowlock your elbow lock your wrist in nowyou’ve got a straight shot straightahead I’m not firing that way I’m flyingsideways so what I’m trying to do now isfeel my wrist to see if my wrist isstraight at the same time I’m feeling mywrist I’m using the the flame of the ofthe bullet of the flame of the guncoming out of the gun I’m using that andthat light to pick up my sights to seewhere the tip of my gun is cuz I can’tsee my gunyou’re seeing by gunfire you’re do usingI am I’m aiming by the gunfire that’show I’m aiming my shots and anybodywho’s shot a handgun at night or any gunthe nose at the the ball of flames aboutthe size of a basketball at the end ofyourbarrel and that that’s all happeninginside your car right and imagine thathappening like each shot is taking twoor three minutes it’s not just normallyit’s both it’s like a little flash butin my time altered time state each shotis taking two to three to four minuteseach bullet and during that period oftime I’m concentrating on where’s mywrist okay let pick up your front sightby the by the flash the muzzle flash seewhere you’re aiming and and and get somesome reference as to where your roundsare going round four hits them and allof a sudden I hear firecrackers behindme the firecrackers behind me is a guywho’s behind me shooting me through theopen passenger window Wow so I takearound I take another round and it feelslike a baseball bat hitting you it’sactually you’ve got to remember a bulletis something that tears through flesh ittears through bone it tears throughorgan organs in your body and itpulverizes everything in it in its pathso when the round hits you it’sphysically moving you right he shoots meas I’m shooting my fifth round into thisguy now I know in my head I got a guy upto my left that I’m shooting that’sfiring Shawn my partner I don’t know ifhe’s deadall I know is he’s down on my lap now Ihave no idea if he’s shot I don’t knowif he’s dead I don’t I don’t know if theguy at the door if I’ve actually hit himalthough my gun was probably a foot awayfrom his body because I was reallyleaned over and now I’ve got a guybehind me shooting me from behind andyour brain is trying to go what do I doand then I blacked outpretty common phenomenon I’ve I’vewritten these books the Red Dog Club inthe books it’s fairly common not all theguys but a lot of the guys black outduring the gunfight and it happened tome where you actually loseyou become semi-conscious and when I saysemi-conscious is the world blacked outI didn’t see anything but I still hadthought process in the thought processwas what do I dohow do I get the guy behind me whenthere’s a guy at the at the driver’sdoor how do I shoot the guy behind meI guess I’m dead I can’t shoot both waysat once I don’t know if Shawn’s dadI wonder what its gonna be like is I’mgonna take one in the back of the headit’s not gonna be so bad because theother rounds went in my body so fastthat when it hits me in the head it’snot gonna hurt at all in my head it’sjust gonna come from the back all theway through the front of my face outthrough my face and it’ll be over not abad way to go that’s what I was actuallythinking well you’re in that splitsecond you were coming to terms withyour own death oh yeah accepted itthere’s nothing you could do and then Istarted thinking geez I wish I couldtell my mom and my dad and I wish Icould tell my kids I wish I could tellmy wife that it didn’t hurt that Ididn’t suffer I wish I had the time totell him it’s not a big deal don’t besad about this I didn’t suffer at allmm-hmm that’s accepting you’re gonna dieyeah and then I thought and this is allthese are all thoughts that are goingthrough in my subconscious state wherethe world is blacked out I don’t knowwhere Sean isI don’t know where anything is I don’tknow what’s happening around me I’m justhaving these thoughts in this blackedout state but it’s very real it’s notlike it’s an imaginary thing things aremore vivid and more real than they’veever been before ever and then I thoughtto myself fuck both you guys I’m gonnakill both of you I’m gonna fucking killyou bothand and then the next thing you know I’mbackI’m not unconscious anymore I look outof the driver’s window and shawn hasactually leaned out over the windowshooting at the guy that I just shot andI’m thinking how in the world is the guyand I know I shot him I have to have mygun was just a foot away from him I hadto shoot him multiple times ended up Idid multiple times I hit him five timesat least on his way down and now he’s upand he’s running I’m thinking how isthat possiblethat’s impossible it can’t be and Shawnis leaning out the window bang bang bangbang I’m like oh my god this shit is forreal I leaned over Shawn’s right arm andI go bang and I shoot at the guy hescreams and he goes down in the streetface down and he’s screaming now myshoulder because I took around and myone of the rounds hit me went into myjoint in my arm my shoulder is hurtinglike hell I mean it feels picturesomeone with their foot on your neck andsomeone with someone with their foot onyour neck and the other foot is underyour armpit and they’ve got your arm andthey’re pulling it out of its jointlovely that’s what that’s what it feltlike sore is an understatement and sowhat I did is I I couldn’t really movemy arm too well so I kind of thrust mymy chest up and used my body to throw myarm out of the window and I yelled outnow you you son of a bitch and he tookoff running and as he took off runningand went around a planter box and as hewas running a planter box I took anothershot at him they took a shot at him andI saw him stumble and I thought I hadhim turned out I missed himanyway that’s the most intense thingI’ve ever gone throughWow man that is a hell of a shootout andthat’s crazy because there’s how manytimes on the job would someone walk upto the cruiser and ask you a question orwhatever you know and you never I usedto think that once a while when I was onthe job like to try to keep myself frombecoming too complacent because likewhat you’re describing is an ambushshooting like that it’s just it’s ohyeah there’s usually just so deadly soit’s so you definitely had an angel inyour shoulder that that uh that day yeahI should be dead I definitely should bedead but you figure you know theincident that that I that I describedseemed to take a good 15 minutes as Iwas going through it the reality is itwas a five-second interchange of gunfireso I fired I fired three different timesa total of seven rounds Shawn fired sixthat’s thirteen guy at the door Shawn’sdoor fired too so what is that thirteenfourteen fifteen the guy behind me firedat least two fifteen sixteen seventeenrounds in five seconds that’s nutsso did what was the um what was theirdeal what was their a whole what wastheir gang members okay there’s gangmembers they wanted to steal our carbecause they wanted to go use it in adrive-by oh they probably you wereundercover right so they you’reundercover they didn’t I’m picturing youhow to I had another car a block awaywith a bunch of gang members and a bunchof I heard they had a kaise and stufflike that those are the guns they weregonna use for the drive-by mmm that’sniceso yeah look man I’ve got this I’ve gotthese books out the red dot Club if youguys are gonna be a cop if you want toknow what cops go through either abouttheir the the stories the accounts areabout guys and girls who’ve been shotand who face death and I described inmillisecond there are shootings and Itell you exactly what it’s like to fightfor your life knowing that you’re gonnadieI mean I’ve had a couple of these guyson the podcast and they’re you knowtheir episodes were wildly popular sothe detail that you can get out of abook for those experiences like you’dlike you’re saying it’s uh it’s amazingeverybody everybody I know is uh thisabsolutely loves the books they’re doingreally well you have plans for anotherbook yeah get another one in no I’m notsure I’ve been asking if we can you knowgo muddle through another one I shouldbecause the stories are so intense rightand quite frankly I can’t write the bookand tell the story without living theexperience with the guys and what I tryto do is get you the reader toexperience with a people went throughand so far if you look at the reviewsyou know they’re almost all five starsI’ve got oh well over I got overhundreds they’re almost all five starsand I’ve been reading since I’ve been akid there’s nothing that I’ve ever readthat goes into the detail not of justnot of just this the the dynamics thephysical dynamics of shooting andreloading and moving and that what I dois I go into the mind of the personwhich is very difficult to do and I makeyou understand and feel what they feltyeah I’ve heard it’s extremely extremelymoving the book the reviews I’ve readare outstanding some I mean move somepeople so much they you know theythey’ll finish a chapter and then havetrouble getting to sleep that night it’sthat yes that moving to them it says alot well we got we got the guys that aresaying hey thank you for writing a bookbecause I you know I was in X amount ofshootings and now I can compartmentalizemine I didn’t know that I that myfeelings were shared by everybody elseand then I’ve got the civilians that sayI didn’t have any idea that three threeseconds five seconds could be sohorrific so I get a wholea whole bunch of different comments andthey’re varied and I think that the bookthe books the experiences that theseofficers went through will hit you on somany different levels all the way fromthe courts letting these guys out afterthey tried to kill you letting him outin four to seven years things like thatyou’ll justit’ll make you angry it’ll make youlaugh it’ll make you cry it’ll give younightmares and if I can’t reach in andgrab you by the guts and twist and makeyou sit up and go oh my god and I didn’tdo my job as a writer Robert what wouldyou give for advice to a young recruityou know we got these we got these videocameras now and and I don’t know that itchanges a lot I mean it changes theperception that people have look manwhen you guys go out there if you havetime after your contact explain why youdid what you did explain it to thepeople it’s gonna make things a loteasier for you in your career don’t beafraid to you know watch the hands handskill of course but you can watch thehands and still talk to people you canmultitask so and I remember one thingwhen I got hired it’s pretty interestingbecause the captain that swore us insaid look you’re gonna be going outthere and you’re gonna be dealing withjust trash dirt violent people people ondrugs and you’re gonna just be dealingwith the dregs and it’s sometimes it’sgonna seem like that’s all there is inthis world he said remember that whenyou drive to a call you’re passing fiftya hundred two hundred three hundredhouses with normal everyday people justtrying to make it in the world so try tokeep that attitude that there are somevery very very good people in this worldand that you’re gonna be passing themall the time that’s great advice Robertthank you so much for coming on here andsharing that with us that was reallymoving experiences you had and okayyou’re latebook is Red Dot Club victims voicescorrect yeah if you if you were to go toAmazon anyone and just look up the RedDot club you’ll see both books on therethe red dot club and the red dot Clubvictims voices and if you don’t believeme read the reviews by everybody they’lltell you everything you need to know asfar as how it’s impacting them and it’llgive you a real in-depth view or bird’seye view of what what these guys gothrough and an appreciation awesomethank you so much sir all right thankyouhave a great evening

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