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TPS E10: Most Evil Criminal and Dumbest Criminal

In this episode Steve goes solo and answers some questions from a listener.  Don’t worry there are police stories shared!  Steve talks about the most evil criminal he encountered on the job and the dumbest criminal. 

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your oast Steve goldhey guys welcome to the show thank youfor checking it out in this episode it’sgoing to be just me there’s no there’sno guest to interview here it’s justgonna happen sometimes I don’t have aguest lined up people’s schedules aretough and you know to be honest with youI should be better about this cuz havinga hole in your content is never good butluckily I had a listener save me hewrote in he asked me some questions heactually wrote me a really nice emailand he asked me some questions which aregonna provide the content for thisepisode because he asked me questionsabout my police career and I’ll sharesome of my my stories before you ask meabout like the worst criminal I everdealt with he asked me about the dumbestcriminal asked me about police equipmenta little bit so I’m gonna talk about allthat stuff and hope you guys enjoy it sohe wrote in his name is Hasan coolie andhe wrote hey there just wanted to letyou know that I really enjoy yourpodcast so much I’m not an officer butit’s something I’m very interested indoing at some point soon for now I doquite a few ride-alongs with my local PDthe guests on your show are fantasticand have the most exhilarating storiesand some of the funniest I’ve heardlooking forward to the next episodebest Hasan thank you sir this email mademe feel greatmade me feel really good so thanks buddyI appreciate it and I will answer yourquestions also in this in this year inthis year podcast so he asked me aquestion about the show cops he said doI think cops the TV show romanticizespolice work or does it appropriateappropriate ly share the struggle ofpolice officers and helps people toemphasize empathize with them um yes andno I think it’s a fun show I alwaysliked watching it I don’t even know ifit’s still on or if there’s new episodesthe episodes were always kind of old youknow I think cuz of legal issues theyalways had to like film it and then showit later but it’s a reality show andit’s fun to watch but it’s not itdoesn’t really help humanize cops thatmuch because it’s so edited and sopolished they take I don’t know probablyprobably a thousand hours of footage Iheard they drive around fromsometimes trying to get an episode andthen they splice it all together all theall the juicy stuff but it would bebetter if it showed it humanized a copswarm get people to know them better ifit showed them in their private lives alittle more I know they did thatsometimes but not all the time so Ithink if they did that a little more itwould have been better but yeah I thinkit gets people a chance against no costit’s not that realistic though it’s ittakes you know a certain city and itstacks all these calls together as ifthey’re happening in you know one nightand really takes very long time sothat’s my answer for that then he asksaside from my firearm radio invest thatbe bulletproof vests I’m assuming what’sthe next most useful piece of equipmentfor an officer would you say taser knifepepper spray um well tasers are goodthey only work about 50% of the timeknives are good for you know cuttingpeople out of car car wrecks and maybetrying to defend yourself at a lastditch effort if you’re down to yourknife you’re in big trouble pepper sprayI never used it once in my careerbecause I I’m a pale orange haired manand this stuff hurts me like on callsthat I went to where people got sprayedand I got exposed to it it just ruinedmy night every time and I would ratherI’d rather have a bunch of us mukilsomeone without that stuff if at allpossible that would be that would beideal to me so back to your question Idon’t want to be cliche but I would saythe most important thing after thosethings would be your verbal skills Iknow it’s not a piece of equipment butit’s true like your ability tocommunicate with people and deescalatesituations and read people is the mostvaluable thing that you can really usealong with those other things youmentioned so verbal skills but I’m notgonna that’s kind of a cop-out becauseit’s not a piece of equipment excuseupon I’m gonna say your flashlighttwo-thirds of police work done at nightand even on day shift you’re gonna gointo places where houses buildings thatare shut down alarm code happen you’regonna be able to you’re gonna need tosee in dark placesand flashlights is a biggie if you can’tsee you’re screwed so I would saydefinitely your flashlight for equipmentwise then Hassan asswhat’s a worst criminal you ever had todeal with I would say this question himasking me this made me go back andcatalogue all the calls and scummypeople I dealt with and one kid kind ofstood out and it’s not like he didn’t doanything to me but it’s what he did inthe way he this this person I’m talkingabout it was kind of pure evil and I’llexplain why so I’m working one night I’mworking I think I think I was southsector and the other cop was northsector and there’s a roving supervisorso it’s a small town there’s three of uson duty the other officer and thesergeant go to a call they’re there forhalf an hour or 45 minutes and theyleave the call with someone under arrestand I’m kind of shocked like whoa whatbecause usually if it’s a domestic or afight or anything violent we all go soI’m kind of shocked like what theyarrested someone what what’s going onwhat happened so they come into thesally port and I talked to the cop mebecause of the car all my buddies and hesays yeah this kid was snapping picturesof his little cousin seven-year-oldcousin with his phone taking pictures ofher naked oh this is not not gonna be agreat night I do not like dealing withpeople like this no one does so we gethim out he’s probably about six feettall very thin very pale blond hair kindof pale blue eyes kind of a spookylooking dude anyways and he’s just oddlike the family never said he wasdiagnosed with anything but hedefinitely like just odd like aemotionless person like no empathy apsychopath he was this a psychopath youknow that’s all he was just pure evil soI’m I’m I get the I win the wonderfultreat of fingerprinting him so I get toget nice and close and rolling hisfingers and as I’m doing that he looksat me and he says can I ask you aquestion and I’m like sureand he goes you must hate someone likeme so I know I I don’t know what to sayto the kid and he’s not saying it tolike um agitate me really or like to getunder my skin he’s really asking himlike a very robotic way and so I justkeep rolling his fingerprints then hesays I would like to know like do I makeyou sick like because of the way I amand I didn’t answer him again but it wasjust dis gross like he just so so weirdcold like he wanted he was curious youknow he didn’t had no remorse for whatit happened or why he was there he wasjust curious like what’s your reactionto someone like me like just a likeHannibal Lecter style dude so come tofind out what happened at the call washe was in the house with his cousinwho’s seven and her father who’s hisuncle so I’m pretty sure that’s therelationships it wasn’t my case and Iwasn’t there for this part so I might bea little off but that’s kind of the agepeople that were there and I’m prettysure that’s what their roles were soanyways the father catches him havingher pull her pants out and he’s snappingpictures down like in her pants in herprivate area and the dad catches him andI guess the dad of course just totallyfreaks out he freaks out starts smashingthings he ends up taking this kids Xboxand just smashing it to pieces becauseit’s the kids prized possession his xboxwhich down the road ended up being a bigproblem for the case because a lot ofthe evidence of what this kid was up toonline and with his little cousin was onthat hard drive and of course the guy’snot in the right frame of mind he’s notthinking evidence collection he’s justhe’s just piss and he wants to hurt thiskid but he doesn’t want it physicallyhe’s gonna get in trouble himself so hesmashes this property so that’s whathappened at the house we get the kidback we print him then I end up in theinterview room with him with anotherofficer I’m just there as a witness inthe otherofficers conducting the interview no noI play off him if I if need be but Iwasn’t like I said that this wasn’treally my case so were there talkingwith him and the kid is just very calmcool and collected very matter-of-facthe confessed he said he’d been doing itfor a little while never really youwouldn’t get into the details or saythat he was ever any penetration oranything like that but he did give upsome facts that he was he had beentaking pictures for a while and kind ofescalating things when he could when hehad time it was the whole thing was justa yeah gross you know it’s just you justyou want to choke him you know what Imean he’s just an evil person and likejust something his brains are scrambledlike he did poseable was put togetherwrong you know it’s just he shouldn’t bearound he should be on an islandsomewhere or or six feet under you knowthat’s the feeling you get around thosepeople so we leave the interview roomput him back in the cell and a coupledays later after he’s arraigned aboutthe court and all that the detectiveswalking Mize again you know that caseyou were on look at look what look whatwe found in this phone I think they gota warrant for his phone or whatever andhe in his notes section of his phone hehad a list I forget that it was amanifesto and it was like the the D thedestruction and something like antforget the words but it was reallycreepyand it just just it in bullet pointsdescribe the steps he was going to taketo break his cousin down mentally andthen use her for his sexual pleasure sohe was at the top of the bullets he wasjust starting he was taking picturestouching her once in a while getting heraccustomed to that getting her to thinkthat was okay he downloaded all thisstuff of you know child groomingwebsites and put together his own listand the ultimate goal at the bottom hehad like an objective and it was to makemy cousin so-and-so a slave to my penisand I’m saying penis it just to be lessvulgarand that that cemented it like that Ithink was probably the most evil personthat I bumped into while on the job anduh yeah that question brought me backthere man that that guyI hope wherever that person is ifsomeone hasn’t killed that guy I hopehe’s got a ankle bracelet on and hecan’t leave his house and I hope there’sno child within 10 miles of him becausehe is bad news not even a glimmer ofhope in my eye that he could ever bereformedso that was I think the worst criminallike that I ever had to deal with on thejob so sorry the last few lessons havekind of gone to a dark place with sexualassault and victims but uh that that ispart of it that’s that’s what cops dosometimesso the next question is the dumbestcriminal that I dealt with this one waspretty easy to think about because wehad a guy that we dealt with a few timesthat was real dumb he was like 25 superviolent guy his um lived with his dadhis dad never said he said he’s not he’snot diagnosed with anything he’s justhis a low IQ like they took his IQ whenhe was younger and it was like 80 or 90or something like that so just just adumb dumb kid with a bad temper in apoor upbringing so that those thingscreated this horribly broken person heactually before I tell you the dumbestthing you ever did he actually tried toattack me once on a call him his dadwere fighting me showed up and I had asergeant and another officer flanking meon either side and I just so happen tobe the contact officer and when it wastime to go time for him to be underarrest I told him to turn around hewouldn’t do it you know I told him I wasgonna get him all set up for cuffingwouldn’t do it so I went down and saidall right well you got him got toattempt before he can really go afterhim so I go to grab his hand and he justcomes right at me he’s gonna you knowdeck me before I can even defend myselfmy two buddies on either side I’ll neverforget this took him under the arms andslammed him into the wall of the rotmanon the porch wall the houseand then slammed him face down on thedeck and it was the most beautiful thingI’ve ever seen so to this day I don’tforget that guys you uh you have my backthat was like um lightning speed sothat’s this kid he’s just he’s a druggiehe’s got weapons and guns he said just areal dum-dum though anyways my buddycalls up one night he’s going off and uhwe had a four lane undivided highwayaround North himself in the town it washim calls off and says I’m off we’reso-and-so pushing a four-wheeler downthe highway in the right in the travellane so I’m not so surprised at this cuzthat’s this this kid so we stopped himin my my buddy question him and he’strying to tell us he just bought it Ibought it right over there the guy justsaid just paid him and he gave it to meand it’s all said don’t worry about itit’s like 11:00 at night it’s rainingout there’s no one over he’s pointing atthis area that’s a gym that’s closed inthe next door there’s a smaller realestate building all blacked out no onetheretotally totally not anything hedescribed so we call the one in the gymand that comes upon out her son had aquad for sale and this kid had seen thead and was just gonna go steal itbasically and also when he’s pushing itdown the road in the rain on the highwayin a lane of traffic he had taken ascrewdriver and punched it into theignition cuz he thought I think he justhad so many movies that he thought thathe could just like a screwdriver is likea universal key for all all things so hestuck that in there and broke theignition and just yeah that was thedumbest thing the dumbest thing I thinkI I saw and the dumbest felony anywaysthat we arrested for all all or I shouldsay a lot of felons are real dumb butthis was this kid took the cake for surethat was the end of the questions he didhave one more comment he said he askedme he said that he really liked the theheart-pounding stories and the intensityof it allthought they were great but he said whatI consider asking a question about a jobwell-done or a situation where a policeofficer went above and beyond and I hada question like thatoriginally that I was gonna ask and Ikind of I kind of carved them away tojust the questions I asked now because Iwant to keep the I don’t the pockets runtoo long and I want to try to keep itexciting a few guys you know but it’snice to hear those stories sometimes andif you guys think that’s something Ishould ask and want to respond and letme know please do go ahead and you canemail me at things police see and let me know I put a linkto the email in the description of theepisode so just a weigh in on that ifyou want me to add that as a question Ican I can certainly do that and I knowfor a fact these guys have heartwarmingin in good stories because they’re gooddudes so you want me to ask thatquestion I will do it so anyways guysthank you for checking on the podcastonce again this is this is a short one Ijust wanted to get this in there quickso you had something I don’t want toleave you hangingwe’re going to the East Coast for tendays a visit family real real pumpedabout that you should have probablyalready heard before this one aninterview with a CHP officer and I’mpositive it was a great interview Ihaven’t done it yet but I know it wasgood so I hope you like that and you’reprobably listening this right now I’mprobably on the East Coast right now andwhile I’m there I’m gonna try to get anEast Coast copper to sit down with me soI know a bunch of them up therehopefully I can steal a little time awayin your interview one of them if you’reone of those East Coast coppers andyou’re hearing this reach out to abrother let me know and we can set it upif you’re a cop anyways listening tothis contact me through my email andlet’s set up an interview if you havesome good stories and you’ve heard thepodcast and you think it’d be fun tocome on let me know I’d love to have youon and I think it would be maybe a lotof fun and I would really appreciate itso that’s it guys that’s the podcast forthe week once again thank you in themand if you really like the block has thebest thing you can do is click subscribeon iTunes and the icing on the cakewould be a reading and a review so ifyou do those things I love you for itbut I should be back to the normalinterviewformat in the next episode thank youguys again and I’ll see you next time

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