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TPS E28: Policing Brooklyn – NY Officer Daniel Jurkowitsch

In this episode I chat with New York Officer, Daniel Jurkowitsch.  Daniel’s got some great stories from the mean streets of Brooklyn and also shares a great positive perspective for policing in these times.  

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hey guys welcome to things police seefirst-hand accounts I’m your host SteveGould this is episode number 28 in thisepisode I interview New York officerDaniel Jurkowitz Daniel is an activeofficer working just outside of New YorkCity in the neighboring community andbefore that he worked for years inBrooklyn as a police officer so he’s gotsome great stories it was a really funinterview and I think you’re gonna enjoyitso without further ado here’s DanielJurkowitz this is things police seefirst-hand accounts with your oast SteveGould[Applause]Daniel Jurkowitz thank you for come onthe show my man my pleasure and you areyou’re an officer to a neighboringcommunity we’ll keep it private outsideNew York City correct yeah and youworked for New York City for four fourglorious years in Brooklyn yeah foryears well six months – the Academy soif you want to get technical three and ahalf but you know I like to end at thefort you know yeah that’s when I was umwhen I was going to take you know totake the pad exams like oldMassachusetts has a pad exam – you havelike a runaround obstacle course – tobecome a copwhen I was there there was a that wasyou know 2006 or something but there wasa there was a Brooklyn cop there lookingto get out of Brooklyn and transfer to amessage like a small town inMassachusetts and he said what he toldme and you can tell me if this isaccurate or not but he said back then hesaid he would get dropped off with likea partner they each have a gas mask andthen they just walk around Brooklynneighborhoods and take like reports byhand like you know Breaking andenterings and all the stuff in yourpockets old school I did I did theycalled the impact when I was thereactually technically they didn’t call itimpact they renamed it they rebranded ityou know the city yeah they called ittarget and I was on foot post for onlylike nine months but it was actually alot of fun I like that a lot I mean backthen what year was that that he wasdoing that must Meno 506 oh yeahdifferent times back then okay I don’t Idon’t think I would have enjoyeddifferent uh different mayor differentleadership you know what when I wasdoing foot posted it’s kind of like yeahyou go out you know do what you want todo and just handle your post but youknow five it was very difficult justleave it to that gotcha yeah that’s Ithought that was interesting it’s cuzyou know you hear about foot patrol likebut it doesn’t really happen in smalltowns or smaller cities because it’sjust guys need to be able to move aroundNew York City I mean you’re talking30,000 cops it’s crazyoh yeah that’s probably more than thatthat’s probably like 40 thousand rightnow I don’t even know look the size ofthe Coast Guard yeah it’s crazy yeahyou’re probably right actuallyWow that’s nuts all right brother canyou uh can you tell us about the firstthe first hot call you you responded tothat really gets your blood going yeahso uh actually remember it pretty well Iwas with an FTO at the time in the cityI was doing the for buys so we worked3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and we were likein like one of the southernmost parts ofthe precinct so not really too manypeople like live down there there waslike a mall down therethey were like building some housingareas but there wasn’t really much goingon down there they put me there and likeit was like the slowest sector and theguy was working with his really coololder guy he had like you know 10 or 12years off but uh we hear this guyscreaming over the radio and they’re ina they’re in a pursuit on like one ofthe main roads that border East New YorkBrooklyn and Queens and you know theguys like screaming he’s like guys likesouthbound uh you know it’s white Lexusor whatever the car was or somethinglike that and then it just stops goesdead so we’re like oh yeah is notgood you know and me I had maybe liketwo months on there’s something likethat maybe like three months on so I’mlike going on my limit and this guy ismy FTO he’s cool calm collected justhits the lights and starts going and I’mdon’t get me wrong we’re flying there wedo maybe like 85 it’s like yeah I meanwell the road we were on was actuallykind of more of an open road so we wereable to fly down it but like you knowwe’re we’re doing like maybe 50approaching like red lights and I’m likeokay and then he’s like yelling at melike watch my right I’m like I’m like ohI guess I’m you know supposed to do thisI don’t know yeah like watch your clearthere’s nothing more terrifying thanbeing the passenger in like whensomeone’s driving fast in a cop car oh Ihate that yeah that was like I was likemy first experience of it but uh itended up being that and this guy he hitan unmarked car and there was undercovercops in the car and they goover the radio and they’re like chasingthe guy and they get out and the guystarts fighting he was all hopped up ondrugs they ended up having the tase themand I was like this whole big situationbut the one thing that like freaked meout the most when we were like probablyfive blocks out he looks at me and he’slike listen he’s like very importanthe’s like we’re gonna get there in a fewseconds he’s like we might have to do ahospital route for one of the cops he’slike if that happens get in the car andmeet him he goes cuz I’m gonna need youto help me clear intersections and I waslike like that’s when it like hit me andI was like oh like yeah we’re notwe’re not just going to get the bad guylike you know we’re flying to thisbecause a cop might be shot a cop mightbe heard you might be on there but likewe don’t know you know cuz they’re likekind of quiet over the radio after thatbut I mean they were just in the middleof a fight trying to get this guy inhandcuffs that’s everybody ended upbeing fine you know guy went to jail Imean I think he ended up getting downlike a few days unfortunately because oflike some drug program thing but I meanall the cops were safe that’s the mostimportant part but yeah that was thefirst one where like my blood was likereally pumping it was crazy stuff yeahand that’s a lot of pressure I mean notonly the situation itself super intensebut then it’s like you’re being lookedover your shoulder at you know what Imean like they’re kind of you’re beingjudged big-time probably by the guyyou’re with by everybody else there cuzyou’re a boot you know I mean I don’tthink he expected much of me anyway butwe didn’t crash so I guess I did my jobcorrectly and when I got there I didnothing but stand in the street and justtake direction from the boss so gotchathat’s a good one and yeah I get a kickout of New York City cops on whenthey’re on the job you know cuz they’rejust they seem like that I don’t knowthis probably isn’t true for every oneof them but they seem like they havegreat personalities like the I’ve seen afew of them um kind of screw with peoplelike it seems like they like to give baddirections you know how do I get to thisplace or if it’s like two young girlswere like oh yeah go take a look thereit’s like I did I wasn’t right at allbut they’re just they’re all ballbusters yeah the thing that we alwayssaid was like yeah to left center rightI mean that was more likeManhattan cops I never worked inManhattan but yeah that was like therunning the running joke you know cuzit’s a great they’ll find it eventuallyyeah but it’s funny it’s funny you madeyou said that that’s amazingalright brother can you tell us a orstrange call yeah so I’m laugh or justthinking about it so this guy beat meand my partner for the time we’reworking again the forty twelve and Iwasn’t on a foot-post anymore we werejust doing patrol and we got a call foron EDP I don’t know if you guys used tocall it ATP’s too if the rest of thecountry calls it EEPs or what is thatlike if there’s a quote emotionallydisturbed person oh okay progressiveacronym I don’t know if it would havefiltered down to where I was I’m sureyeah I know they call it something likedifferent now they don’t want to say anyDPS but in the city we call the DDPs andin the department that I’m in now theythey don’t even call it ATP’s they theyhave a specific radio code for it butyou know regardless um we get the callfor you know emotionally disturbedperson somebody that needs our you knowpolice assistance he’s at a motel andhe’s just standing in the parking lotand there’s one guy like though theworker in the hotel he’s like you knowjust hung up and the dispatcher istrying to call them back and they’regetting nothing so we’re like yeah youknow we’re gonna get there and the guy’sgonna be gone don’t worry about it so weactually roll up and we’re only like twoblocks away and we see this giant likesix foot five Colombian guy must havebeen at least like 240 250 like solidnot fat like just solid muscle with thedead oh man you’ll you’ll understandthat the dead eyes that like look rightthrough youyeah you look great and just like thething that freaked us out though is thathe was holding a fire extinguisher so itwas like very bizarre and there was likenobody around like it was the middle ofday was maybe like four or five o’clockcause it was still pretty early in theshift in like usually that area thatmotel I mean that motel was just youknow a sewer for just a wonderful NewYork City customersjust usually road easily that’s exactlythat’s one of the hotspots where like ifyou know if you were looking as wecalled it you’d hang around there and in20 minutes you’d find you know whatevercrime was happening ruins by the hourexactly yep exactly rooms by the hour sothere was like nobody aroundso that’s freaky so we’re like did thisguy just kill everybody in the motellike he’s got very niceyeah and he’s dressed to the nines hehas like I’m nice not a suit but likelike business casual he’s got nice shoeson he had like a pea coat on and itwasn’t really that cold but it was justvery freaky and like we parked the carand we got out and like I’m looking atmy partner and he has a Taser I don’t soI’m like we’re giving each other the Ilike gun taser gun taser I mean cuz itis a fire extinguisher so I was likeright alright you know what screw it I’mpulling my gun out and I was like yougot your taser in case he drops it andstarts running at me just taste theshare they got please so we we draw itdown on him and he immediately justdrops it and the the ambulance rolls uplike maybe 10 seconds after that andlike we don’t even like guide him wedon’t even like talk to him like he’slike speaking gibberish basically it’snot making any sense and the ambulancegets there and I’m like alright brotherlooks like getting the ambulance youknow he just walks in quietly like agentleman Wowsits sits down in the ambulance and likeI’m trying to talk with her makeconversation to like keep everythingstatus quo cause like you know he’s he’sa you know he’s mentally unstable youcould snap at any moment you don’t knowlike those are the scariest people thatyou deal with on the street so I’mtrying to like make conversation withthem and like he’s answering myquestions but like the words that he’ssaying are not making sense like in thesentences like I don’t know is that itwas very like a weird like I felt likeit was in like a paranormal activitymovie very strange you know we get himto the hospital we drop him off and he’slike this is the weirdest partes he’s uhokay you say something prophetic youtrying to tell me about the future exactexactly exactly so we actually put himin a stretcher just in case you startedfreaking out with the buckles and strapson and everythingright and he was fine he was a gentlemanso he looks at me before we’re about toleave the hospital and he’s like he putshis hand out for me to shake his hand somy cat know whatever I’ll shake the guysaying like he’s a gentleman the wholetime dude he grabs my hand with theforce of like a thousand men Oh likealmost breaks my knuckles and I’m likelike I’m like a wall do I punch this guylike is he trying to be nice like Idon’t understand actually I just rip hishand off and I’m like I don’t know mypart I was like dude let’s get the hellout of here yeah Wow maybe just lettingyou know like what could have been youknow yeah I don’t know I think aboutthat guy a lot too because the picturesI burned in my head of us rolling upthere and he’s just staring with thefire extinguisher and we’re like oh mygod that’s maybe that’s the best thingyou could have done is have your gun outcuz then he’s like alright these guysaren’t playing and I don’t want to dielike you know luckily he didn’t want todie yeah thank God so was it like somekind of psychosis like brought on bydrugs or was he just a legit crazyperson I think I think he was justcompletely mentally out of it yeah Ithink he was probably having an episodeor something with schizophrenic or whatI don’t know whatever I’m not aprofessional like that but I mean Idon’t know he’s he’s off somewhere elsenow hopefully I never see him againyeah I know exactly we’re done we had togo in a halfway house once with my buddyon shift and there was just a big dudethe the worker for the house was hidingin the closet he was so afraid of theguy he said he’s gonna kill me he’s andkill any cop to show off so he go we goin there and he’s sitting in on his bedthere’s a huge pile of throw-up in theroom this guy’s cute broad just solidlike these guys get so muscular they’reso I heard the gym lifting weights likea crazy person they’re just crazyanyways he’s just sitting there withthrow-up down his front and I meannothing really happy we arrest him alittle bit but when he looked up tothrow up all over him on the floor withthose dead eyesI was like man not only is this guyprobably gonna like you know possiblyinjure us he’s gonna get his puke on usyou know it’s like yeah nasty so whenyou guys what’s the protocol for youguys when you when there’s a guy likethat in the in the ambulance or the thecity ambulance is it usually the CityFire Department or is it like a thirdparty yeah it would be FDNY EMSthey would they would always show up andare they cool with that guy in the backor they make you sit back there withthem so I mean do you fall asleep orsomethingyeah the procedure is a cops got to ridethe back and then sucksusually there’s another EMT in the backwith you and then there’s an EMT becausethe EMTs are they roll around in twos sothey have a partner also so one guydrives one EMT in the back one cop inthe back and then my partner wouldfollow in the car the department thatI’m in now is a little bit differentjust because it’s not as much personnelas the city so the department that I’min now if we get an EDP I have to ridein the back of the bus and the medicsbecause we have County medics they’renot like volunteers they are in the backwith me we have to get another cop cuzuh I work by myself now in thedepartment that I’m in so right you haveto get another cop to come to your callto drive the ambulance and then anotherand then another cop to follow both youidiots in the ambulance so that you havea ride back from the hospital youactually drive the ambulance there’ssome a cop does yeah yep in thedepartment I’m in now we drive we driveall the buses yep wow that’s interestingyeah I remember that from my job inMassachusetts was the hospital’s like 20miles away the closest hospital and weevery time I feel like I was always alow man on the shift every time I’m inthe as you call it the bus with a crazyperson it’s like spending that much timewith a lunatic is just an it’s not onlyannoying but it’s like they’re likelearning your face they’re like askingyou like crazy questions it’s just likeah show up at your house yeah exactlythat was like my least favorite thing todo was ride with a lunatic who’sstrapped to their yeah the gurney thoseare the scariest colds man is you knowthe people that are mentally unstablethe et peace it’s like any second itcould just like switch yeah you don’tknow what they’re gonna do yeah allright brothercan you tell us your most intense orterrifying call you responded to so thatwould definitely be so it’s not actuallya call that I went toI guess you could say it was a callreally um never made it there but I’mworking again the four to twelve and youknow just driving around doing patroland this cop goes over the air and itwas actually a unit that I was in whereit wasn’t really technically it was kindof patrol but it wasn’t really patrolsanother I’m not gonna out the name ofthe unit that we were in becausetechnically it wasn’t even supposed toexist but and I’ll keep all those guysnames like confidential and everythingbut it was a team of like clean dustyand yeah it was it was a team I justthey’re still in it now and like I’m notin the department anymore I’m not gonnablow anybody spot off but yeah so it wasme and it was uh five other guys workingfor the night and then our boss and itwas me my partner and another guy wewere just riding around you know prettylow moment for the night a shootinghappens in one of the housing projectsthat we were probably pretty far fromactually probably like a mile away andin the city four city blocks that’s youknow those far for us we hear theshooting happened and we’re not like toocrazy with like trying to make it overthere because it wasn’t really our jobto respond to not all one calls in thatunit we were just uh like addressing theconditions of like whatever was in theprecinct for that week so we’re kind ofjust like moseying around the area andbesides like uh there’s uh there’shousing in the city so they have housingcops and it happened in the housingproject so I mean they were on it sowe’re like alright well they got itcoveredbut then again we hear somebody that wewere working with again screaming overthe radio and you know you get that pitin your stomach that just drops becauseespecially for for the three of us thatwere in the car like we recognized whoit was immediately and like we knew isour buddy and we knew he was withso-and-so and we knew exactly what theyprobably did they probably were drivingaround the area looking for the guy thatshot him or looking for a car drivingaway or looking for something so uh weare flying over there like just eatinred lights doing probably50 down the 50 to 60 down the sidestreets in the city which is like scarywhen you when you eat red lights likethat could yeah you know you get thattunnel vision and I I wasn’t driving butyou get that tunnel vision and it’s justscary stuff and they’re like screamingover the radio they’re saying all he’sgoing westbound on this and then he’sgoing southbound on this and then justdead silence after that and then youhear you hear the radio get miked up andwe heard our buddy like it’s likescreaming and like we heard like theradio like bouncing around and likemuffled background a little laptop greatnow he’s fighting with the guy so weassumed that he was chasing us in thecar that just shot the other kid andthat they stopped them you knoweventually whether the guy crashed orwhether they actually stopped there whoknows but then you hear in thebackground like cops scream and like geton the ground and then you hearI’m like fighting with the other guy andwe were still like actually how far so Ican’t we still halt and ask there we endup getting there and there’s two peopleshot in the back of the car and it wasjust it was a whole mess I’m not gonnago into any of the more specifics cuzthe case could be still ongoing out butit was just a nightmare and it waspretty scary one just cuz it wassomebody that we were have to collectcloser with that we knew exactly who wasgoing over the radio at that same timekind of like the first story that Ialluded to but um this time it was Idon’t want to say it was more personalbecause it’s still a cop but like youknow we worked with him every day weknew ago I was happy you know so it kindof hit home a little bit closer but Imean thank God everything ended upworking out especially knowing I meanespecially in New York City knowing theguy that’s that’s pretty crazy yeah Imake us work the same area yeah weworked on the same the same teamtogether so he was uh we worked with himevery day you know we worked with thosetwo guys that were you know chasing thecar every day so you know it was uh wasa crazy time yeah yeah that sounds likesounds like nuts and there was um howmany people shot total three people ah -two people was it a a gang thing or canyou come shoot shootings in East NewYork Brooklyn basically almost 99% agang thing I mean I think they evenclassby some of them as like mass shootingsbecause sometimes like four or fivepeople get shot like that I don’t knowthat place is crazy yeah yeah they doplay they play with the numbers to gettheir national statistics to scareeveryone because like like people careabout gangsters shooting each other youknow like yeah they mix those into theschool shootings to make you think it’snuts exact exactly sometimes yeah yougot to look at those statisticssometimes cuz you look into and it’slike you know these people in Chicagowere shot at a barbecueyou know Memorial Day barbecue that’slike whoa wait a minute that’s a littlebit different than you know an actuallegitimate school shooter not sayingthat human life is like invaluable inChicago but you know it’s uh that’sdishonest you know yes yeah absolutelyI mean I was um when I moved out here Iwas blown away I was just doing backworking for background copd so I I wasrapping on doors neighborhoods and stuffand just the guys at work with I wouldshow him where I was going just so theywould like they could tell me about theneighborhood and if I should go withsomeone or maybe just make it as quickas possible you know what I mean cuz ofgangs and um you know I’m I’m like Idon’t fit into a lot he’s neighborhoodsI’m very pale red-haired manwith a big red beard it’s just I don’tlook like everybody looks at me likethis guy’s like a like Jehovah’s Witnessor he’s uh you know selling something orhe works for the city or he’s a cop youknow that’s that’s where everybody wouldthink about but um you know cuz LA has acouple hundred gangs but is New York thesame way as New York riddled with thatmany different gangs I mean you know behonest that I I know there was a lot ofgangs in uh in eastern York in Brooklynbut as far as the rest of the city it’sreally like from my experience becauseI’m not an expert I was never you know Ihad three and a half years on the streetthere so I’m not gonna say I knoweverything but from my experience I sawthat it was actually a lot of likesubsets of gangs so you had like just tomake up a name you had like 18th Streetfolk you know gang whatever and then twoblocks down you’d have you know theCPC’s or theand you know I’ll block that so it was alot of like subsets but not too manywere you know like extremely organizedand listen I could be wrong I could bejust like completely ignorant of thewhole Romo gang culture and gangorganization I mean might be a betterquestion for like the gang squad outthere but I mean as far as my experiencelike my street experience there wasreally like a lot of subsets if maybelike like me broke neighborhood gangsand stuffyeah like eight to like maybe 15 16 maxI would say that yeah yeah and they werehard people like don’t the doctor theywere straight-up criminals just cuz likethere was eight you know 14 year-olds ina gang doesn’t mean like these kidsaren’t carrying guns and that wasactually usually the case is like theyounger ones would be carrying the gunsbecause you know the their process isjuveniles not adults and you know I comeinto it yeah exactly and they’re likethey want to earn their stripes andstuff like that but I mean makes senseto me it’s pretty terrible when youthink about it but ya know in in LAthere’s um kind of the overriding gangis the Mexican Mafia the kind of mostgangs pay homage to that is they’re likethis is gonna I’m so naive with New Yorkgangs in general and your gangs but isthere like a mafioso style gang stillgoing on in New York like Italians yeahI mean they were pinstripes now likeTommy gun’s or so maybe it’s maybe it’sa different maybe it’s not Italiansanymore maybe it’s like Russians orsomething I don’t but they’re probablydoing like usually they’re just likebusinessmen that do like shady businesspracticesI would assume yeah over here they havelike Glendale has Armenian power andthen Russians too but they’re kind ofnorth of the city where the MexicanMafia is kind of I don’t know I’m notlike you said we’re not experts but um Ijust kind of get what other people tellme it fascinates me and I mean we didthey they would like work gang stuffinto our like in-service training andbut you know I was we didn’t have likewhere I worked in Massachusetts it waslike you knowHells Angels and like other like bikergangs there wasn’t like any like streetgangs to speak of so right yeah it’slike a whole world within a world reallywhen like I mean I learned a little bitabout it I had like very limitedknowledge on the whole gang culture butI mean you could sit there and you canhave a whole master’s degree in gangsand still not know what the hell you’retalking about there’s a lot that goesinto it those guys especially the cityguys meant that you know like the guysthat work gangs that are in that unitthat have plainclothes that are runningaround that those are the realest likethe real cops like I remember theBrooklyn guys took the Brooklyn northguys gang guys Oh Mike those guys weresavages man they were like in it day inday out just grinding it out soknowledgeable like the best cops likeI’ve ever seen those guys the line mustget blurry for them between crop cop andcriminal cuz they’re like they’re mixingit up yeah I mean they would never likeundercover oh yeah they were more like alike a like a crime team really blackguys that would just go out there andlike but but they were really good theywould do intelligence they would knowexactly the players and like and not notjust in Brooklyn like they had to studylike the whole city like the majorplayers and like Staten Island the majorplayers and like the Bronx they wouldhave to know them because like you knowcriminals don’t know any boundaries theydon’t know what precincts stop at whatline didn’t care about thatso yeah dude I heard I heard of New YorkCity had like intelligent officers andlike mosques in Europe oh yeah all overthe world that’s insanethey’re like it’s this big differencefrom the department that I’m in nowbecause the department is like a tenthof the size of the city was so I’m stilllike getting used to it now because Yolostill a large department probably bynational standards the one you’re inyeah there’s probably three thousandcops three thousand personnelyeah that’s pretty big around about yeahwell coming from you know 35,000 to meit’s good I guess that’s a good pointyeah I think of the rest of the countrythere’s some you know there’s somedepartments that don’t have as many copsas like the precinct that I’m in now ohyeah I think nationallylike when you average it all of theaverage police department has like 15guys or something because all the smallrural areas that’s crazyto me that’s like a that’s like theamount of cops that we put out on like ayou know just one shift yeah we put outmore than that really that’s that’sthat’s awesome in force yeah all rightman do you have a like positiveencounter or heartwarming story you’dlike to share yeah so I do actually andit’s a it’s not like a specific story umit’s more on lines of like an everydaystory like this is I thought about thisone a lot so like in the media you seeespecially now if people hate cops nowthat’s what you see in the media rightright like you see like in the mediaeverybody protesting cops this cop youknow should be fired that Cup should befired and listen we’re not gonna getinto the specifics of each and every youknow situation cuz you know I wasn’tthere for any of them so I can’t speakonly the people that were there knowwhat happened right rightbut the media I feel like blows and wayout of proportion that like cops arehated or you know yeah if the New YorkCity Mayor not bad absolutely and listenthe politics is one thing don’t get mewrong but the politics with policingright now I believe is very bad not goodit’s better especially when it comes tothe you know the administrativepersonnel for for some departments but Iyou know I’m not gonna blow the cityspot up right now or like my departmentspot up because I think my department isactually really good with the politicsbut as far as like the actual people umevery day that I like went out on patrolwhether it was in Brooklyn or whetherit’s in the area that I’m in now like Ialways found somebody that likesupported us and somebody that was likehappy that we were there even in likethe most crime-ridden area of Brooklynlike we saw people that would bethanking us all the time yeah you knowyou go in the Dunkin Donuts you get acoffee people like all you know thankyou for your service I’ll be honest ithappens a little bit more now that I’msure in Brooklyn but you know it stillhappened out thereand the people that were happy that wewere there were like so happy becauseyou know we’re trying to you know you’retrying to fight the good fight take thecriminals off the streets and like howthose people Richard poor they can’tafford to live anywhere else besidesthat neighborhood and you know theydon’t want crime next to the door theydon’t want you know to hear gunshots at2:00 a.m. be woken off cuz they got kidsyou know so a lot of those people youknow everyday people would thank us andI don’t think that people hear thatenough from cops saying that like a lotof people really do support us themajority of people really do likeregular peopleyeah it’s not said that that’s awesomeyeah it’s not the news anchors that areout there you know it’s trying a MondayMorning Quarterback you know everythingthat happened because you see that allthe time it’s nothing makes me like morefrustrated than people Monday morningquarterbacking like things that happenjust cuz it’s on camera you know andthen that spirals out of control and youget the people on Facebook that startgoing nuts in the comments section sayyou know kill all cops and it’s like theI like the cult like the silent minorityor it no I said that incorrectly so thethe vocal minority are the people thatare you know popping up and the peoplethat are in the media and you see thosecomments on social media but that’s noteverybody there’s like I don’t knowwhat’s the population of the u.s. like300 something million I think yeahsomething like that right I’m prettysure like 90% of those people don’t hatecops they’re happy that we’re therethey’re happy to pay taxes and havepolice patrol their area they just don’thave the time and they’re not losers andthey go out there on social media andcomplain about cops because most of thepeople that do that you know thatthey’re at a pretty bad point in theirlives to be you know hating on thepolice meanwhile they called 9-1-1tomorrow i’m pretty sure they’d bepraying that the cops get there ya knowten seconds ago so it’s the theheartwarming stories really like everyday when you go out on patrol you do seethose people it exists i just wantpeople to know that that not everythingyou know people don’t really hate thecops i think the majority people reallydo love the cops you just have thatvocal minority that’s out there thatpeople see all the time that getspushed in the media and it’s really it’sreally not the case at least for mepersonally there could be someneighborhood out there we’re like reallyto hate the cops I don’t want to speakfor them and you know steal theirthunder cuz there could be a majorproblem somewhere but right for me in myexperience you know the majority of itwas good I think people just get hung upa lot on on the bed and I think if youjust focus more on the good stuff suitsit’s good for everybodyyou don’t go home depressed and youdon’t get stressed out as much you knowtry and be more positive that’s greatman I think you’re right I think that’sI think that’s true I think the I thinkthe media there’s about dollar bills youknow negativity cells and they anynegative situation they’re kind ofdishonest about it and they kind of makethose like you said the vocal minoritywho are like mostly nut jobs who are mywife and I said all the time when welook at like Yelp and like other thingsand even my youtube channel are on thispodcast like get tons and tons reviewsand then but that one person that’s likethis you know Steve’s a douche cops sucklike Oh eats at you and I’m like I’vegot all these other reviews that saythey love the podcast how it’s helpedthem because they’re looking at policeacademy or they’re bored at work orwhatever makes me feel so good and thenI see this one I’m like oh that’s gonnabug me all week that’s most it affectsyou the most so that’s kind of whatright that’s what they go with they gowith whatever they can however they cantweak you so I’m glad you said that manthat’s that’s awesome because I work fora smaller community I used to say thesame thing I was like must be in the bigcities or something because our peoplelike us you know like we we we kind ofwe have to lay down the law and and dosome things that aren’t that popular butmost people here liked usyou know they would drop off Christmasstuff say hi waved here whatever um sothat’s that’s good for people to know doyou have this show do you have someadvice to give to the new officers orsomeone who wants to become a pleaseanswer yes so this is actually gonna benot so heartwarming okay if anybody’sbecoming a cop right nowclean this day and age you have bodycameras you have this you have thatplease please please learn to defendyourself um I’m gonna go right out thereand say the Academy is not enough I needwhat you know people’s academies that’sgreat the Academy teaches you how topunch awesome righthave you ever actually been punched inthe face like it ask yourself thatquestion like have you right no becauseit’s going to happen and when it doesit’s going to be somebody who doesn’tlike you because you’re a cop now theylike probably want to kill you at thatmoment so like please please pleaselearn to defend yourselves like do notwait until the academy you know me I doa lot of jiu-jitsuit’s actually like a huge passion ofmine um I just had an interview withanother guy that was singing the praisesof jiu-jitsu oh it’s the bestyeah listen I’m gonna say there issomething which you just said oh that’sthat is probably not best for policingit’s a lot about like fighting off yourback which is good but you should have awell-rounded game you should learn howto strike you should learn how towrestle because if you get too deep intojiu-jitsu you can get into like thatsport jiu-jitsu of like as soon as youget into a confrontation as somebody youyou know you pull guard you try and wrapthem up sometimes and policing that’stalking to you the pest stops and gotchaso uh yeah I mean we’re going down alittle bit of a rabbit hole now but no Imean just yeah just do anything I meaneven if it is like I don’t care like Ished on krav maga a little bit sometimescuz I caught like the fake martial artit’s like he’s really one I think yeahit’s a thing between like Krav Maga andjujitsu guys but I mean even if you dothat I don’t care do something like evenif it’s going out and like buying aheavy bag and you have no idea whatyou’re doing and you’re looking atYouTube and your garage and you’re justtrying to hit the heavy bag and likeemulate you know Anthony Joshua or somejust do something do something yeahyou’re absolutely right there’s gonna bethat time like people can go cops can gotheir whole careers you know in someplaces without ever having to likereally fight for their life and I wishthat would happen to anybody who becomesa cop ever like I would be the happiestman on earth on earth it’s like everycop goes to work every day it doesn’thave to put hands on people you knowdoesn’t fear for their life but it’sjust not the reality that we live in youknow so you gotta be prepared to letthat one moment where like somebody’sgonna test you and you’re gonna likeyou’re gonna find out who you really areand I’m not even gonna say that like I’ma badass because I do Jiu Jitsu likethere’s been like I’m scared every dayand then I go to work you know cuzanything could happen I’m not gonna sayI’m not scared but like I’m prettyconfident myself like you know cuz I’mI’m like a smaller guy I’m like 165 youknow I’m still confident that if I seesomebody who’s 210 like I I know I got afighting chance because I do train likemaybe I might have to tase him you knowit might have to happen but like atleast I know in my head it gives me thatconfidence boost it’s like all rightthis guy doesn’t train like you you knowor you just put that in your head itgives you that confidence boost and thatcould be the matter between life anddeath sometimes and I just I hate goingto cop funerals I like I despise it andunfortunately for the rest of my careerI’m gonna go to more it’s just the factof life but like if this advice couldjust save anybody in the future of likeyou know just have a fighting chancewhen that moment does happen if it doeshappen god forbid just like pleaseplease be prepared please it’s greatadvice man I’ve talked I’ve spoken witha lot of background guys because we lookat the candidates first you know and alot of guys would be like yeah I’m paperthe kids fine he goes but that was thething that would that would trouble guysbe like yeah I don’t think he’s everbeen in the in a scrap like he’s livedin his mom’s basement and he went tocollege or whatever but like you canjust tell he just didn’t it never had aphysical altercation like even if youplay sports or do like Lisa spar martialarts or you’re gonna get your bell rungyou know someone’s gonna throw an elbowsomeone yeah yeah you’re gonnaphysically do wrestling in gym whateverif you’re an active guy and you and youdo that stuff you should pursue likeyou’re saying should pursue somethingmore specific like like jiu-jitsu orsome kind of martial arts because ifyou’ve never had your bell rung wherethe first time it happens you’re wearinga gun and a badge yeah very differentvery different yeah sometimes you seelike I mean I just graduated BK ad melike five months ago for the newdepartment that I’m in and like you likeanother Academyyeah yeah sorry sorry but it’s alrightactually had my life met some of thebest people that it’s a good time but Imean while I was in there it didn’t feellike was a good time for those starsfrom scratch but you see some guys thatyou know that they’re big dudes they hitthe gym but then you see you know you’llsee those people on the street and it’sdifferent you knowOh meanwhile you’ll see the quiet kidthat you know never said anything in theacademy and he’ll go out and he’ll belike the best cop and he’s not afraid toput hands on people and he can hold hisown and you’ll see it’s it’s not alwaysby looks or it’s not always you know Isaid myself I’m 165 it does not looklike I’m tough at allI like I look like the softest person inthe world but I doubt that pretty fitdude I mean I I’m not like overweightbut I mean right but if I was gonna getinto a bar by you know not that I everwould but if somebody was you knowsizing me up they would be like oh yeahI could take him like guaranteed I’m nota very imposing person in real life yeahwell that’s uh that’s funny it justbeing in college I wasn’t like a bigfight or anything in college but uh Iwas a scrap but um but some of the guysI went to school with that were like youknow five eight like a buck fifty bucks60 and could fight would wipe the floorwith 200-pound dudes regularly cuz theyweren’t afraid to engage and theyweren’t afraid to punch a lot of theseguys are like used to these high schoolpush fights or whatever and that justwasn’t what was happening it’s like areyou gonna step to this kid and fromSouthie you know South Bostonhe just gonna he’s gonna punch youdirectly in the nose that it’s justembarrassing for you you know yeah andpeople don’t know when you get punchedin those you cry like it’s automatic youcan’t help it baby so you look evenworse dude that’s some great advice manI really appreciate you come on thepodcast Daniel this was uh those weresome great storiesno thank you it was you know it was mypleasure I just I really that those lasttwo like you know the media is in all itseems to be and please please learn howto defend yourself I just want to hithome on those because those to me you’relike two of the most important thingsit’s good stuff man thank you no thankyou it’s a pleasure thank you brothertake careguys thanks for checking out the episodeI hope you enjoyed it I just wanted togive a plug here to Daniel at the endhe’s got a digital marketing companycalled bump it marketing he told me toto put it out there that any policeofficers that have a side hustle or needassistance with anything to do withsocial media or marketing or web designto go ahead and give his email out thereand he’ll he’ll do everything he can tohelp you he’ll give you a freeconsultation he’s really he’s reallydedicated to helping officers getsomething going on the side to helpsupport themselves so that was reallynice of them you can reach him at Dan atbumpit marketing.comso Dan at be um P I Tare kidding calm and he’ll he’ll hookyou up also I wanted to mention that thepodcast has a Facebook page and I’m justtrying to build a community around thepodcast communicate with you guys and ifwe talk about anything on the show avideo or something to do with socialmedia I can I can post it there so ifyou if you don’t mind go over to thingspolice see on Facebook join thecommunity and we can interact there aswell also of course you can reach theshow at things police see at gmail.comso thank you again for checking the showout and see you next time

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