TPS E44: LAPD to Charlotte PD And Back Again – Steven Hollowell – Thingspolicesee

TPS E44: LAPD to Charlotte PD And Back Again – Steven Hollowell

In this episode Steve and Ken chat with Steven Hollowell about his journey from LAPD Explorer to LAPD Officer.  Steven has some great stories and also a really great outlook on things.  

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your oast Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcast interviewsactive and retired police officers abouttheir most intense bizarre and sometimeshumorous moments on the job with me asalways co-host Ken Roybal how are yousiras always I’m here I’m here with youSteve always always comforting me alwaysnew yeah man sir so we have another oneof your all Amata for today yeah yeahhe’s I’ve known this guy since he was ateenager just to I think he was 15 yearsold when I met him and look he’s outthere doing police work and I hope Ihope I had a positive influence I guesswe’ll find out huh yeah that’d be greatif he was they actually can reallyscrewed me upyeah the wrong path and I really lost myway for a while I doubt that’s true buthe also went to North Carolina Charlottefor two years so you LAPDthen across the country and then back toLAPD so that’s they’ll be interesting tohear the contrast there yeah I like tofind out what that what’s uh what thedifference is I’ll like all the agenciesfrom here to there yeah I don’t think Iremember calling over there a few timesfor when I was on backgrounds and Ithink that’s a pretty big area it’s likeCharlaine Charlotte Mecklenburg orsomething mmm but it’s a pretty largemetropolitan area so it’s not like hewent to the sticks or something no no itsounds like it’s a very you know stateof the art department and everything Imean I don’t know I just see thepictures and stuff when he told me hewas going there I kind of looked it upand it seemed like a pretty cool I meanbut there’s a reason he came back too soI guess we could find out a little bitabout thatyes sir let me um let me dial him in allright here we go StevenStephen you there yes hello sir thankyou for coming on things please seethanks for having mealright likho do well look if we got theI probably didn’t tell him we do when wedo the Skype we do we just do the audioso we can get all the the bitrate goingtowards audio quality good but you are ahandsome gentleman I’m glad I got to seeyou again never changes can only hashandsome friends I’ve learned when Iwhen I did meet him when he was ateenager he did have hair I have to goyet see you can’t keep it all stress tothe job I removed it so Steven you’vebeen pretty interesting you you wereLAPD where you met Ken and then you wentall the way across the country to NorthCarolina and then back againyes back again that’s pretty cool wasthat uh was that easy to do when itcomes to training and you know you knowlike when you went out there did you didthey just take your California post ordid you have to do something to get onmostly they took the California Postthey were and respected it as a lateraltransfer you do have to take this statetest in North Carolina which was fairlysimple I mean it’s not too difficult thegreat thing about law enforcement is youknow when something is against the lawyou just have to title it correctly asit applies to that state that’s it andKen how when did you guys meet when hewas youngerwell we met so long ago I would have tobe guessing I think Steve’s Steve’smemory is a little bit different but Ican’t tell you I was the wilshireExplorer advisor back in the 90s andSteve came on as a as an explorer and Ibelieve Steven you’re gonna have to kindof remind 13 years oldDecember it was not my birthday yet cuzyou have to be technically have to be 14to be an explorer at the time so Ibelieve it was December of 95 95and so I’m 130 now so even must be alittle older than that yeah so so youknow 39 you know what when you’re 15year old when you’re 14 year olds arenow 39 Steve which okay so I’m gonnacall Steve Steve and Steven Steven soyou know if I’m talking to you but youknow I’m gonna call you Steven okay andI’m gonna call Steve Steve so I canfigure out who I’m talking to but yeahit’s it’s really great because steven isone of the explorers that went on to togo into police work I mean I I haveexplorers that are on LAPD for the mostpart like quite a few from our LAPD’sborder patrol Corrections Department ofCorrections for California Steven canyou think of Las Vegas Metro Vegas MetroI think we have a couple out east but Idon’t know the names of the departmentsand then we have a couple of dispatchersthat are up north okay yeah yeah you areKim yeah okay Steven I wanna I thinkeverybody wants to know what was canRoybal like when he was dealing withpolice explorers I see pitchers thatlooked pretty squared away he’s veryvery spelt not that you’re not spelt nowbut you looked even spelter is hismoustache was in command was he was heintimidating or was he welcoming or whatwas it like working under him so youhave to think it’s the 90s and thecountry is our most for the most part westill have a discipline system to acertain extent it is rampant withviolence outside of you know the policedepartment but the military is stillpretty disciplined the police departmentstill pretty disciplinedso Kim sounded exactly how he sounds onthis call right now mm-hmmbut if you snapped a finger the samevoice would come out but it would be thevery intimidating voice and it’s kind ofweird you’re like ohthat’s all I could think you knowalready nine oh and he could say likeokay take them outside and they’re goingto have to do some push-ups I like and Ican actually imagine that that’s awesomethat’s great there there was there’sbeen more than one time this is this isa story that that go that has to do withthat and there was one of our femaleexplorers that became friends with me onFacebook so you know you retire andyou’re you know you kind of you’rerelaxed more and then you’re explorersare all grown up they’re in their 40s oror a little bit younger but so they’readults now and they have children I havesome explorers that have grandchildrenand so this tells you how grown-up theyare and one of it and and this is verycommon for me but one of my explorershas me on on Facebook so she had to getahold of me for some illegal somethinglegal that she had asked me a questionon so I said yeah give me a call him atthe office so she calls me and she goeshello hi officer Roybal I go I’m retiredyou can call me you can call me can i Ican’t I can’t do that okayI can’t so for for that for some of theExplorers my first name will off wouldalways be officer they can’t get awayfrom them I just start calling you canprobably maybe a year or two ago it’svery unusual for me but it’s it’s it’sjust that the those Steve the way theprogram was structured was veryparamilitary I cut them no slack therewas no room for honor and and Steven Idon’t know if you remember this we had aflag and they used to teach a class thatwas I don’t remember the name of the ohI think what they called it officer Royballs I don’t want to say principles orsomething to that effect but anywaysthey would yeah it was something likethat but it would be honor honestyloyalty discipline and pride and I haveto go over each one of those and we wedrilled that into them so from the timethey came into the door till theypromoted and everything they had tofollow thosethose guidelines and it actually becameone of my classes that I taught duringthe during the evening sessions and thenit somehow they picked up on it and itbecame a class for their all therecruits but Steven was right there thewhole time man it was like no slackthat’s awesome and these guys you’reexplorers never stole cruisers and wentjoyriding correct I don’t even there wasa certain amount of healthy fear that Idon’t know if that would ever be athought for our error of explore so Ithink the and I think the officers werevery savvy and they would have caught onto that very ahead of time they are theyare they still able ken do you know inthe program are they able to do physicaldiscipline can they do pushups andlapses up is that okay or is this now inthe our current age unacceptable I thinkit’s just is just my personal opinionbut I think it’s the the program iswatered down quite a bit now it’s nowcadets not explorers they’re not part ofthe Boy Scouts anymore but Steven wouldhave more he’s got he’s probably hadmore of an eye on setup like they’retrying to go towards a leadership styleprogram but it’s only physical trainingduring physical training time so ifthere’s a discipline that needs tohappen and it’s more of a talk let’stalkoh let’s talk about ityeah I have my own opinions about allthat about this planet it I think itprobably goes to the academies to wherethey’ve changed the the way theacademies are run now but that’s youknow it’s a different time andeverything and it was a little morehardcore for the explorers than it isnow I think yeah I figured that was thethat was the caseDerek Steven you ready to get into somequestions I amall right brother can you tell us aboutyour first hot call you responded to onthe job so I’m working Southwest whichisone of these Southland divisions alsoreferred to as south-central at the timeare to some older people they stillrefer to as south-central and it’s a atwknow a shots-fired atw victim down shotmultiple times and I’m like oh my goshit’s my second day and we shoot out andwe’re going code three lights and sirensand we get there and exactly what theysaid in the call was exactly what washappening except they didn’t explain thepeople it was complete pandemoniumpeople were running and telling us helphim help him and the person is clearlydeceased I mean from the the wounds thathe sustained to due to the shooting youknow he’s not alive and we’re putting upcrime scene tape and I’m like what did Iget myself into I have been an explorerfor four and a half years and I was notprepared for that day just trying topush the crowd back and trying to calmpeople down and I had no idea what I wasdoing so that was probably I rememberthat it was my second day on the job andI person down who’s crazy oh that’s nutsand that’s um what do you remember fromthat do you remember one thing Iremember from seeing like carnage forthe first time was how kind of weirdmemory but just how bright human bloodis you know in the daylight was at nightwas at nighttime for daylight it wasdaylight yes it was it was in an alleyand I remembered like the firedepartment you know if this crowd isreally trying to attack the firedepartment and making them try to workon this guy and that there’s nothing todo yeah but there’s no work to be donebecause that’s how badly the person wasshot and I just remember thinking I wasnot prepared for this like there’sthere’s nothing that can prepare you forthat except going through ithey Steven back when I was workingpatrol we didn’t have any kind ofmedical training so people would just bebleeding or whatever they were doing andwe’d kind of stand there and act like wewere doing something rightand wait for the ambulance to come dothey have some kind ofare you guys still in the same boat withthat I there isn’t we’re kind of in thesame boat you’ll have officers likethere was a fish the guy was going crazyin the mob maybe like two years ago hehad a knife and then he was ultimatelyshot by one of the officers there andthen an officer came in and rendered aidimmediately and it was like some of theofficers were like wow I wouldn’t bedoing that but you know I think it comesdown to a moral choice now and peoplefeel I think they’re they’re more intouch so they can do that part andrespond as a police officer but they canalso respond as a medical firstresponder I don’t know if I have thatpiece in me but some officers do I reada story I want to see was the LA timethis is a this is way over five yearsago but they were saying that they weretraining LAPD officers to be like likecombat medics is that just an individualthing you know the newer academy they’rethey’re teaching them how to usetourniquets and beef and they’reteaching them perception and what itlooks like to respond to a situation andnot help the victim so they’re notmaking it a shell but they are likeencouraging people to do what they cantill the fire department gets there Ithink that’s the best way to explain ityeah I’ve seen these these videos onYouTube where they’re police LAPD putsup those videos and there’s at leasttwice where the officers yelling to hispartner he goes tourniquet broke give mea tourniquet bro so like they know ohyeah they’re fired up about the turnagain which is kind of different thanhow I was originally trained we weretrained to never use a tourniquet and sowhen you’re trained to never dosomething and they did they say okay nowit’s good your mind kind of neverswitches totally you never really buyoff on it and I mean I haven’t yet Ibelieve the tourniquet is very usefulbut my mind is still like oh they’regonna put a tourniquet on it is thatperson going to lose their limb likeeven though you better you have to stepstop the blood in order to even stayalive you gotta stop the blood fromgetting out butwe were all taught not to usetourniquets so you’re you’re you’reconsidered old school now because youwere you were hired 1617 years ago yesso that no tourniquet thing is reallyinteresting to me come on am I correctand where did you thought the same thingnever I’m sorry what were you taught touse a tourniquet or did they know nahman we didn’t even have band-aidsyeah so they told us in use your belt ifyou absolutely have tothat’s what you said yeah Steve you hadsomething yeah my correct in thinkingthat um the tide kind of turned up thatNorth Hollywood shooting when no aid wasrendered to the victims of that you knowthe not the victims with the suspectsthere and they died and the city lost abunch of dough was that what turned andsaid there was a there was a law inCalifornia used to be called the GoodSamaritan Act and a believe it coveredpolice officers as well you know in theperformance of their duties were you ifyou tried to help someone like that thecommon the common thing is if you seesomebody in a in an ANA traffic accidentand they’re laying out don’t don’t dragthem out of the car because you mightbreak their neck or their back orsomething and they’re supposed to becovered by that police officers are so Idon’t know if it how it changed itthat’s kind of like um that’s how theykind of presented it to us because theypolice academy Massachusetts they showedthe North Hollywood video excuse me andthen they kind of talked about like howAid wasn’t rendered and now it’s kind oflike now they were me Oh Elise officersmore the force for you know the fullFirst Responder chorus medical coursewas given and as soon as it’s safe yougot a you got to help the people nomatter what they try to do to you andthat type of thing yeah Steven he’s talkI wasn’t explored that daythen or Farley was shooting p100 and allthat there was notfrom listening to the radio that thatwasn’t even it was so much going on thatrendering aid was not I think we werethinking that it in a utopian that’swhat you would do but there’s not youhave never you’ve never seen anybodydude that with body armor so to renderfirst aid was not in the cards at thetime yeah those guys made it like a warzone it was like a war well I know whatyou’re talking aboutSteve is that when they when SWAT Istopped this the second guy on thestreet and they got in that little minishootout with him and then he was layingdown there’s a famous picture of himlaying down in the with his face downhis feet but he’s kind of his head’sturned towards the camera it’s kind oflooking at it and what happened wasthere was there was an indication thatthere may be a third shooter out thereso they didn’t allow the the ambulanceto come in because it could be still ahot area for the ambulance to come in sowhat happened was the officers did werenot equipped to render first aid and andthen so the guy bled out and he ended updying I’m sure it was probably a woundthat maybe today the baby they wouldhave applied a tourniquet you know andand he may have survived but I don’tknow but that was where they people weregetting all pissed off about this youknow the liberal folks that thought theofficers should have rendered aidalthough he shot a bunch of people thisis okay I don’t think that people werethinking about render an ad thatcaptivated the city and it was likestopped this guy he’s he’s out ofcontrol and it wasn’t until afterthought that they said oh they shouldhave render aid and they’re gonna suethe police department but people wholived in that neighborhood they wantedit to stop yeah yeah yeah those gearsare kind of hard to shift from stop himstop him he’s a maniac to help him helphim really feel like actually yeahdifferent times but I don’t know howthat all turned out I don’t know ifthere’s any policies that you shallpost if it’s possible you shall renderaid to the guy that you shot yourpartner Wow you know Steven after youwent to the scene and it was mayhem andthere was blood everywhere in the deadbody and you’re holding back the crowdand they’re trying to attack the firedepartment the next day when you came towork were you like on high alert likewow this is uh is that gonna happenagain today was that like you know Iit’s pretty funny because that wasn’t athought in my head and I’m gonna tellyou why if you think of the probationaryprogram at the LAPD in 2003 I thoughtthat those guys were machines thosetraining officers and I was just likeokay what’s next do not want to get litup by one of these training officers forthinking too hard it was like going tothe next thing and that was the cultureof LAPD at the time it was like workhard and get on to the next thing I Ididn’t think about it till years laterto tell you the truth of the crazinessof that situation because I was morefocused on the training officers anddoing what I needed to do because Ididn’t want to get fired that’s goodthat’s a distraction Steven can youdescribe the strangest or most bizarrething you dealt with strangers or most Imean there’s so many bizarre things thathappen in Los Angeles they it’s likehard to even the only thing that themill the mental illness calls that we goand I thought of one that I went onrecently in in Van Nuysprobably like three years ago so youdon’t feel in this and you get there andI go oh the lady calls police and sayslike UFOs are chasing her and you knowwe go to all these costs it’s not likewe’re like no we can’t come we hang upthe phone with so we continue to go sowe go to the call and she has fiveand just file cabinet so in her in herliving room just stackedback-to-back-to-back and she’s like Ijust want the aliens to go away and I’mlike oh my gosh but I was able to talkto her about those file cabinets and Itold her you know maybe you want to filesome papers cuz I it looks like youreally enjoyed filing papers and makingsure things are very organized in yourhome and I think that’s what will makethe aliens go away and she’s like wellcan you flash your light when you leaveand I might I surely will take thespotlight flash it on the windows andmake sure that you can file your papersproperly and she was like okay and shethat’s a miracle she didn’t call backoh I mean I I sounded very confident andat this point I think I had probably 12or 13 years on the job and I wasreassuring her and she’s like thank youso much officer for coming out this isexactly why I called you with thosecrazy people it’s more of a they’re morelike nuisance calls and some somecoppers would probably go oh my gosh getme out of here you know what don’t callus anymore and there are some guys assmart guys go let me and there pull outtheir cell phone let me let me talk tocontrol central and I sent a code I sentthe code for you and they’re like thankyou so much you’re the only one that’sever done that and then I was said callsover you know you got that was it yeahbut they’re satisfied because theywouldn’t produce that call again I wouldhave went back and I don’t like to goback to things that I’ve already handledso I try to make sure that they’refeeling great for that night at leastyeah I went to high school with a girlwho when I was on the job inMassachusetts ended up getting herself akind of psychosis from using too manydrugs and she used to speed around we’dpull her over and she’d go you know Igot a I can’t stop for long sorry aboutthis but they’re chasing me there abovethey can see all of us you know likethere’s a radio and my fingernail typeof thing she was always thinking alienswere out for just like you’re describingand she end up getting trust passed fromthe local elementary schools cuz shewould wait outside the girls bathroomsand start you know trying to give themadvice about becoming a woman and sheread that book the secret and she cameinto our Police Department she’s likeyou know I just wanna let you know I’mbuying you all new cruisers I’mmanifesting all kinds of money and we’relike okay thank youand I ended up actually one call I endedup tackling her naked she came out andsaid she said no officer Gould or is itgold she’s gonna thank you in advancefor the ocean the moon and the stars andall this stuff and I mean the firedepartment had a tackler but she endedup this went on for like a year and justhere aliens just reminded me of this sheuh she ended up lighting herself on firein the second story of her parents houseand burning down their whole house inhopes that whoever was up there was somesome alien Xenu or whoever was going totake her into outer space but yeah youdestroyed that memory for me it’s verystrange I mean that’s a great thingabout police work as we can be police inany part of this country and we have acall that’s similar to yeah that we didon the whole other side of the countryand it’s just goes to show it’s peoplethat’s how people are yeah because thepeople of walmart are all overeverywhere you don’t just stay in onespot everybody’s got a story man doesn’tmatter where you are these guys are nutshey Steve Steve I got a question for youwhen you tackled her nude where you werenude is that well it was you know itwasn’t Department protocol but I thoughtit’d be faster if I was also naked I wasin full uniform thank you very much andSteven can you tell us about your mostintense and or terrifying call it’sgonna be funny cuz I’m gonna I’m gonnaplay it out for you all rightI am three FB 32 and our job is to goand find bad guys so i’m code six in thenorth south valley north of three eighteast of western there’s a white orillumination between two people lookslike a little drug deal goingdown a drug use we pull up on him andbeat me my partner we separate him weput him on once the other side of thecarcome on crossfire but it’s how we kindof do business when we’re doing anarcotics investigation and the hair onthe back of my neck stands up as I’msearching this guy and I’m like whoathat’s weird and I pull out my gun and Iback off and I said don’t effing movewoman I’m search and then I cuff him upand then I start to do the search againand I find it 38 revolver in his frontright pocket so prior to me telling hisstory when I originally look at him helooks at me with this intense look likeI had no I only had like two and a halfyears on the job of like fear but I’llfight you and I the sixth sense cameabout me but I think that’s the most inand I’m like partner gun and she throwsher her guide down on the ground and shelike literally throws him down so thatshe’s not in the crossfire and shehandcuffs her guy and I was like I don’tknow why I told him what I told him butI guess at the end I figured out thatlike you feel things and people can likewhen people are telling you like oh wellyou didn’t know what he had there’s youcan’t explain these feelings to citizensand people who’ve never done this workand so I think that’s the most terrifiedI’ve ever been on a call and you wouldthink oh it’s like men with gun but thatlook and that feeling in that alley wasunbelievable yeah I bet and that’s umthat’s like sounds like a spidey sensealmost like a sixth senseoh yeah which is the spidey sense is theone that freaks you out because youdon’t even know why you’re feeling likeyou’re feeling if someone’s activelyshooting or you’re responding to thingsof death like you have information tosupport your thought but when there’s noinformation to really support whileyou’re feeling that uneasy that’sterrifyingno it’s worried about that when you whenyou get when you get your first gun offof somebody I don’t I was never trainedin the accountme okay specifically if you’re searchingsomeone and you feel a gun grab the gunyell to your partner partner gun it’s wewere never trained to do that butsomehow my very first gun I was onprobation that’s the first thing to gethim out of my mouth never even realizewas where did I even come from I Iwasn’t trained to do that but good youknow weird was that the same for youSteve Steven it was all weird to mebecause you know how particular LAPD isabout like talking on the radio all ofthat was so clear and concise and thenused used that word gun and then mypartner throwing her person on Crown tonot be in a crossfire situation it wasit was like like we’ve been trained forit but we were only trained to a certainextent and it’s like the rest is likecommon freaking sense and you justfigure it out some type of way yeah thecool thing about police work is there’sno there’s no delay like if you’re in itif you’re another job you go hey youknow this and they go people think yougo huh yeah okay let me react but inpolice work it’s seamless partner gunpartner takes the guy’s ass on theground yeah there’s no there’s just nothere’s no delay in reaction it’s likeseamless this is pretty amazing policepolice officers are just amazing howthey how they process information soquickly because most of the time you’reit’s not something you’ve been in beforeyou just react automatically it’s coolabsolutely I can definitely remember amoment that was happening when a guytried to charge me outside a house hehad had a knife and we got him outsideand he was suicidal and stablishedafraid and the guy just tense for amoment because I was the contact officerbut it was two officers on either sideas soon as he’s tense his muscles tolunge at me the two officers on eitherside slammed him against the house andthen facedown on the deck and it waslike boom am seconds that would be likesomething that Ken would say I rememberKen was teaching us some baton trainat some type of movement and he’s goingover with the group and he uses one ofthe explorers as an example and hedoesn’t move it wraps him up and thenputs him down and he says you’re done[Laughter]yes exactly that’s exactly thank youthanks for playing they were trainedyoung Steve we gotta bring you back kenyou gotta get you to some kind oftraining program back at that place thatwould be great then you’d havediscipline I don’t know man I don’t knowSteven you said a bunch of jargon at thebeginning of this story you want tobreak that down for me in him as wellyeah I was at scene which is code 6 inan alley which is the alley runs in anorth-south direction and I was north ofa street which is 3/8 and I was east ofWestern so I mean a little like caveatwhere if you don’t give those thosethose directions no one’s gonna be ableto find you cuz you’re in a place in thecity of Los Angeles that’s veryintricate behind people’s homes and soand then my callsign was 3 FP 32 sothat’s 3 foot beat 32 so we’re not thefoot beads of old where we walk aroundbut the foot beats are supposed toactively go out and try to seek bad guyssure so it’s a Z car this is Z car butyou know in LAPD deployment sometimesyou can’t have z cars if you don’t havethe deployment to have a special car tojust look for bad guys you still have tobe able to handle radio calls so theyput you out as an FB car and activateyou if they need you you know it’s alljust a big bureaucracy stuff Solman andarguments my man holy cow are the oddand even numbers the those didn’t denotewhat watches your cuz the even numberslike 32 used to be a mid watch car butyou guys are watch car working midmediums so work akin still remembers allthis stuff you knowit never leaves you and the interestingthingyeah well p.m. yeah thank you theinteresting thing about about la and I’msure this is across the country isalleys are kind of unique becausethere’s an old story about the thecoppers with their the training officerswith their with their boots I I don’tknow what else to call it they call themtheir boots probationers rookies rookiesand so the old story is that the officerwould stop in the middle of the streetand say okay where am i I’m shot wheream I and the the rookie is like I don’tknow I would get out of the car walk tothe corner grab the street names andcome back here and so that was that’slegend of oldon-on-on the department and so it wasalways it was always drilled into theinto the recruits heads if you if youare on a block you need to know whatblock number you are I’m in the 1400block of West 51st Street you need toyou need to know what corners you’re onyou need to know what direction of fromwhat street you’re on I’m I’m on 54thand just west of Western and all thesebut alleys Stephen were unique in thatyou’re in an alley at near 54th and andHoover and just west of Hoover I meanit’s just you have to know exactly whereyou are every second so I used to everytime we cross the street I would say55th 56 1400 block I mean you because ifsomething happened you had to knowexactly not I think I’m somewhere youhad to know exactly where you are andwhere an officer’s down that was veryimportant I’m on a lease especially Iused to practice alleys off-duty onprobation because I was so freaked outabout how to show that I was at scene inan alley because I knew that the trainedofficers would like like they will go inalleys on purpose and say hey where weat and that would be my whole shift youwould think I would be worried about allI’m worried about like okay where we atwell because I figured I could figureout the callno but if I didn’t practice the streetsand how to say it I would I would Iwould have a brain fart our LED codesthe same as the sheriff like in inneighboring cities no it’s a little weakin LA we pretty much talk plain talkexcept for like a couple different codesand we use penal codes to say the typeof crime that’s pretty much ityeah Ellie he just uses plain plain talkand they’d say there was the ice to hangout with with sheriff system if they use10 codes and they said well what do yousay when this I say I need an ambulanceand they go oh we say 10 10 76 what doyou guys say for this we say like 10 99is help what do you say for that we sayofficer needs helpone of my sergeants back on the EastCoast when he was a kid he was in his20s flew out here with the with his bestfriend and they did a little ride-alongprogram with the sheriff’s they werelike it was a huge recruitment for theLA County Sheriff’s back in the eightiesand that’s what he said he said I had noidea it was so intimidating riding withthese guys cuz of the code talk he saidI had no idea what the hell these guyswere saying the whole time becausethere’s they just spoke code yeah andthen we would and and there was no codelike the penal code the most famouspenal code and I’ll use this is 187everybody knows 187 is a homicide so itwas simply it was simply like that youknow one out of 12 four five nine inprogress burglary in progress that wasthe Penal Code section so they didn’tsay burglary in progress or they didn’tsay ten something they would GSB fourfive nine in progress and you’d knowcertain there’s a lot of stuff that youused over and over again that you wouldjust become knowledgeable about I meanit’s just you knew exactly what theywere talking about but yeah just playingplain languageyeah after 9/11 that was huge in theEast Coast where all these agencies weretogether with all their different codesand after that I remember in ourtraining they’re like this is that’senough we need to do more plain talkbecause there was you know 30 agenciestrying to get together for this hugecrisis and nobody knew what the hellother people were saying yeah I thinkthe hardest thing for people to get inLA is not so much the the words it’s thespeed there’s a certain speed in brevitythat you have to use because there’s somany people trying to talk so you can’tbe getting on there like 3f be 82showing me like that that just doesn’twork you have to be fast and brevity butit still has to be clear through epi32show me code six on to Lincoln VictorIda one to 538 and Western so that’s thehardest part for the trainees or the theprobationers to get is the brevitywhat’s what’s cool about it is that thethe dispatchers they’re called PSRthere’s so called PS aren’t they yeahpolice service representatives sothey’re not they’re not calleddispatchers per se but what was amazingis you could swear your partner wastalking so fast and they’re talkingSpanish into the radio and then the thePSR would come back Rogerwhoa and they had to type all this stuffout super fast too and it was like therethey make the police out saying we’rejust yelling in the radio but thedispatchers man here amazing if it’sgonna make it but let me just I wasn’tfor pursuit of a guy with a gun and I’mlike 333 showed me a foot pursuit of a415 man with the gun I’m I’m westboundon to eight and blah blah blah so thenthe dispatcher comes onall units and on frequencies be advisedfor pursuit of a 415 man with a gun he’seastbound to eight towardsArlington and it just sounded sweet andI’m like that’s not how I sound it whenI gotta do it they’re amazing yourdispatchers a when you’re working SteveI’m sure we’re the same but I don’t knowhow they get all the information andthey type it out so fast and then theyjust repeat it on the radio I don’t knowhow they do it I came from a small placeand they did a great job but when I whenI was working for LAPD I I went over andhad I had a reason to go to the valley Ithink North Valley maybedispatch centers that’s um right mhmyeah the valley and holy cow man holycow I mean these PSRs each have liketen screens are looking at they have a16 desk in the floor I’m sure the flooris like a casino I mean it is huge andthey’re just sprawling there’s this somany of them it was really mind-blowingI saw it a photo just maybe a coupledays ago of communications they areshowing this one PSR in front of her herconsole she had six screams six screensand the screens are up and down nowopposed to kind of like oh yeah givethem more space but so they’re hugetablet size like 22 inch screens andthey’re going up and down and they’vegot locators and text message and oh manthe you know all kinds of screens theycan’t even see each other across theroom anymore I am prone to vegging outso would not be the job for me I meanseems like you got to be on the ballyeah I often thought I’ve listened a lotof police calls you know recordings andyou know in the in the watches that thatwe all worked like p.m. watch or when itslows down the PS ours are thedispatchers they gonna be sitting thereI may be playing solitaire so I don’tknow what they do during the downtimebut then all of a sudden the there’s aover the radio there’s an officerscreaming and it’s just like would jar anormal person so I I really give kudosto the PSRs because they’ve got to keeptheir their act together and and havetheir wits about them and to be districtit’s like it’s like you’re in a deepsleep then someone yells fire yeah Idon’t know me sir officer officer downcall and that P I think it was quietit’s like that ear acquired and thenthey’re like shots fired officer Daraand that dispatcher just like went rightinto it like it was this is what theydid every day like just boom it’s output it outyeah so if there’s anybody listen tothis podcast that I mean if you youmaybe don’t want to be a police officerbut you find it the thing interesting ifyou think I might want to be adispatcher that’s that job is no jokeeither that’s something you have toreally be made to do so but it’s a heckI mean it’s a lifeline to the policeofficers and it has the longestprobation your promotion area period ofany job in the city so they can get ridof you for a lot longer I think it’s twoyears their probation and I used to takemy probationers down there and tocertify it is rough like they have tohave a pursuit you have to have a footpursuit they have to have like all ofthese things like checked off and toeven certify so you’re waiting on thatcall to certify you’re like well I needto be on the frequency when they havethis but you don’t know what they’regonna happen hey Ken I didn’t know thatit I wrong in thinking that you at onepoint ran the radio and it was when likecards would come down a conveyor beltand that was the call well it’s kind ofsort of Stephen out on a few minuteyou’ve probably seen the old Adam 12yeah yeah so when I was working thereSteve I was I was a what was called theEPO operator emergency board boardoperator and we were the ones in thewhat was called the horseshoe where theofficers were seated in a horseshoeconfiguration at Communications Divisionand we would be the ones that would takethe calls we’d get that there was no9-1-1 so we would pick up the rotarydial telephone and have a headset andtalk to people and if we needed to knowwhat where it call was we’d have thisbig Rd or it was called the reverseaddress book and it would have our DSreporting districts attached to it sothey would give us an address becausewe’d get calls from all over the cityexcept the valley and le cities almost500 square miles so we would open thesebooks it could be a shots-fired shootingin progress called and we’d have to openthese big books find the address findwhat division that’s in write it down onthe card and it would be a white cardwould be no code calls co2 would be Luand then pink would be code three and sowe would we would check off the boxesfor a 415 man gun and then we would puton the conveyor belt if anybody everwants to see this look at the openingcredits of the very first adam-12we put the card in the conveyor belt itwould go through into another room wherethe radio dispatchers were they werecalled radio telephone operators andRTOS mmm and then they would grab thecard they would give it to the radiodispatcher or the RTO she would read thecard off and I mean she would dispatchthe call and the interesting thing aboutit is if it was a code 3 call like shotsfired shooting in progress somethingsomebody down or something like that wewould take the call put it on a pinkcard would not put it in the conveyorbelt we would grab the card unplugourselves from the console run over towhat was the p3 who was sitting in thehot link he was the link operator and wewould run through the door hand him thecard and say someone like shots firedshooting in progress or whatever hewould grab the card and this is whereyou hear this famous voice come in wherethey would there would be this tonemaybe a code 3 tone dude dude dude andthen this voice would come on and sayall units and all frequencies stand byand everybody goes go you know becausehe never do what division they weretalking about and then they would sayall units and all frequencies stand by 3Adam17 3 Adam is 17 bah blah blah blah blahhandle the call code 3 and everybodyit’s just like the drama but I was partof that yeah that’s crazy I rememberseeing the picture of it mean like wowwhat an operation this was yeah andthere were there were Oni I think we hadwhen we were fully-staffed around theHorseshoe there were only 18 operators18 police officers and they were theywere putting PSRs there in there at thetime but there were only 18 of ushandling calls for the entire city andValley had their own CommunicationsDivision but it wasn’t like it is nowand there’s a there is a it’s just it’sjust kind of weird to be to come fromthat era there were no Kim there was nocomputers it was all it was just allpaper handwritten there’s no we weren’table to look up addresses on a computeranything like that and of course like Isaid it was the old rotary dialtelephones well if you’re dialing thephone which most people who I’m talkingto you don’t even know what I’m talkingabout what’s that rotary dial telephonesthat’s how we did it back in the dayyeah the phones have changed a littlebit the other day my son again given totry to get him to talk on the phone tohis mom and he goes oh dad I can’t Ican’t talk back connection like oh no noit’s nothe’s only used the videophone so hethinks anything else is broken but no nothis is a phone call he’s like phonecall I want FaceTime yeahso they don’t even my daughter couldn’tidentify a wall phone you know like arotary phone or just a normal phone inthe wall she’s like what is that forSteven when you’re working the frontdesk they still have the the rotaryphones you switch them up by then so youknow we had that blue phone the sky thestorm phone and then we they still hadthe road not the rotary phone but theregular phone with the lights like the10 lights under there all year and yeahred light for whole Danny you like pressit but you gotta press it really hardcause it’s gonna cause the other buttonsto knock up he’s crazyonly the best equipment yes Steven do doyou have a positive situation orencounter from the job positive I alwaysmeet people every usually once a shiftand as I’m older now it turns out to besuper positiveheartwarming Wowlook should we move on to the nextquestion there’s so many that are that Ican’t think like one that’s just likeWow and me right now if we come back tothat one coming up with okay yeah no noproblem do you have a really popularquestion we get a lot is people arethirsty for advice new candidates peoplecoming on the job is there any littlebits of wisdom you could you couldspread I think the best thing that I cantell people and I are written with somepartners that our background that usedto be background investigators and youknow talked to Ken about his backgroundexperience it’s important to tell thetruth because I think that people try tofigure it out before they get there theytry to watch YouTube videos on how todeceive the investigator and but they’renot this generation is not really goodat lying not that any generation shouldbe but they don’t connect the dotsreally well and that’s not anydisrespect because they’re just taughtto be you know whatever honest but youcan’t try to fudge the truth becausethen it won’t go together cuz it’s ait’s a story your life is a story soit’s important to tell the truth on thequestion you’re asked this a lot ofpeople go into the psychologyappointments and they think that that’syour personal psychologist and so theyask him a question and then they just goon oh and then I just felt so sad thatday so just be careful how you talk tothe psychologist to answer the questionthat they’re asking you but you’rethey’re not there to give you therapythey’re there to see if you’re qualifiedto the yeah that’s not good doctortherapists okay BAM I’m gonna go tellhim how this affected me and I want tobe a better personno they’re trying to see if you’requalified mentally to deal with stressand you know problem-solving and stufflike that no that’s that’s good Ihaven’t heard that before that’s sickthat’s good advice for for Canada – nodon’t let them lull you into a sense ofsecurity where you over share stuff youdon’t need to talk about withwith them over sharing or how about as abackground investigator right you’relike yeah that’s to the to the policepsychologist and she’s a little crazytoo so that doesn’t helpwell they don’t they don’t really sharewith us about the about the the cycle uhthe psyche interviews but I can tell youright now just Steve and I can bothattest to the fact that there are peoplethat come in to apply and they just feellike we must have friendly faces orsomething sleeve because they want totell us all this stuff that’s they likethat yeah and you know what II feel bad about it now but I did thisthing with my dog and and then insideour head we’re going this is it on theapplication dude why are you telling meI can’t unsee this now so you know youknow I put peanut butter on something adog will lick anything yeah for somereason people just have to overshare oryou have a friendly face you remind themTeresa I don’t know what it is but I’msure this psychologists get the samething where they just yeah I’m yourfriendyeah tell me everything and they do theytell you everything even though theirlife is gonna be ruined as a result butthey just have a and I know the psychsget the same yes I did it yeah and justjust word to the wise that peanut butterstory that’s not on the application dudethey usually ask about bestiality rightyeah yeah you yeah so it’s not there sodon’t feel like you need to share no Ijust that what’s weirdest thing soSteven before he came on I put it up onour Facebook page to all of our fansthat you were coming on and asked themif they had some questions for you andthey do you mind answering a couple ohhere we goAlice Tessie one see Tess I wants toknow what knowledge did you bring andsharewith Charlotte and what did you bringback to LA from CharlotteAlice T we call house T yes Alice T theknowledge that I came up that I broughtto Charlotte was the the ability to movequick under stress when you’re in asouthern part of the United States itthings move a little slower butcriminals are still moving fairly quickyou know generally so I think the justability to be quick-witted ininvestigation skills I remember I wasworking with a young lady and thisperson was clearly lying and she ran herfor once and warrants and it was just alady named that she had made up and Iknew she made that name up so I said tothe to the other officer that wasworking with who I’m really good friendswith back now I said you have to come upwith a sequence of how you ask questionsand you have to ask at the same timeevery time so when someone is lying whenyou ask the series of questions overagain they’re there they’re gonna haveto come up with the same lie or you’regonna discover that they’re lying abouttheir names so it’s like oh what’s yourname oh my name is sue oh where were youbornokay don’t you the weather is so niceout here and then you kind of throw in aa crazy question it has nothing to dowith police work and then you go back toyour line of questioning and then you’relike okay you’re in line so now we’regonna have to tell the truth or we’regonna take a ride and so just beingquick in and witty not saying people arefrom the south or not witty I think thatthey’re trying to be more polite and I’mnot from that part of the country theyare known for their southern hospitalityyeah absolutelyall right Tommy Hartman he asks when youfirst went to South Carolina or it’sactually North Carolina right yes sirNorth Canada when you went to NorthCarolina that was my fault I think I putout South Carolina was it drasticallydifferent as far as crime goes and whydid you end up going back to LAPD solike I was like we were all seeing onthe call you know it’s the great thingas a criminal is a criminal is acriminal a family problem isthe problem is a family problem on anypart of the world so there was nothingthat was different from LA I think thedemographic of the people that I servedand financials may have changed a littlebit but we all have from rich to poor weall have the same problems so there wasnothing that was that strikinglydifferent what made me return to LosAngeles was family and friends kind ofgot a little homesick but not so much Idiscovered that I really needed to beback home in since then you know I oneof my friends he personally he I cameback Stieg was here for four years in hedrownedsuddenly in Hawaii so I was able tospend time with him and his familybefore he passed so God kind of bringsyou back to places that you need to beyou don’t know why you’re there so Ithink that’s one of the reasons why Icame back because I needed to spend timebecause he wasn’t gonna be here for thatmuch much longer so hate to be a downerbut that’s that’s one of the realreasons no it’s just a beautiful thingyou got to spend time with himabsolutely yeah and I saw that inFacebook and I didn’t know what thestory was I was very very i posted onyour Facebook page I was very sorry tohear about thatwas he a police officer as well he was aSanta Monica police officer and we werein the Air Force together we smell from20 to his passing we were together inlife from oh I mean I think he wentoverseas and he was diplomaticprotection and he did some stuff for theDoD but for most of our life we’ve beenbefore he was married before he had kidswe’ve been together so it’s a veryinteresting relationship mm-hmm very sadto hear about that yeah but he he was inHawaii on vacation kind of jumped off ofthe cliff and got caught in a Riptideand that’s you know yeah be carefuljumping off those cliffs yeah no doubtyeah I’m not doing that stuff in theocean is not a game hey Steve III I wantto ask Steven something real quick withsure I want you to be finished make sureyou’re finished with your Eve with yourquestionsokay I got one more this is from andforgive me for pronouncing this namewrong Leske let’s say a dolla and that’snot how you say it and the question ishow did the movements like black livesmatter in all the negative mediacoverage of police impact the thoughtprocess of the use of force especiallyon minorities in people of color and weshould mention for context that Stevenis a black man so what do you think whenI start speaking I’m gonna startspeaking from personal experience firstand then as a police officer and I justwant you to repeat the question one moretime I think it was multi-layered and soI want to make sure I’m gonna get itright it was a lot absolutelyhow did the movements like black livesmatter in all the negative mediacoverage of police impact the thoughtprocess of the use of force especiallywhen you’re dealing with minorities inpeople of color okay so I’m one of thoseinteresting people that was trained byKen Roybal and people like him youractions dictate what happens to youregardless of your race gender religionany of those things so if you’re doing amovement that is consistent with metaking action I’m gonna take action andI expect anybody that I train or to bebecause that shouldn’t be a barometeryour skin color on if action should betaken or not taken so that is a fallacyto me that you should have to treat onepeople-friendly then you treat anotherpeople because these officers don’t geta lot of credit for this but we dealwith everyone we deal with all kinds ofpeople and we’re kind of used to itthere’s not a profession that I canthink of besides to the fire departmentwhere we deal with multi ethnicities andgroups and we do it seamlessly most ofthe time there’s a there’s a littlepercentage of time where we don’t do itwell but we’re more experts at it thanmost people so there’s a couple ofsituations that have gottenlot of media attention and made it seemlike the status quo when I go outside asa black man no one knows that I’m apolice officer and I generally gettreated fairly well so I think it’s if Iget asked the question I do what I’vebeen doing but I’m aware that somepeople may think that I’m doing itbecause they’re certain color and that’swhere I get to educate them and as aveteran police officer I say if you actin that manner and you’re afraid oryou’re doing things and then you want toblame it on something you’re only gonnahurt yourself because at the end of theday if you’re yelling now and you’rebeing combative you’re gonna get what’sgonna come to you because police cannotjust go out and accept that you’recombative for what you saw on the mediabut you’re not representing yourselfvery well you’re not representing yourfamily very well so it’s important torepresent yourself and your family welland own up to what you’re doing so ifyou’re doing something that’s againstthe law and then you’re thinking you’regonna get a pass because you watch aYouTube video where somebody was chokingout a person of color that’s probablynot gonna happen so just do the rightthing and if you do the wrong thingsubmit to what you did and thenhopefully it will take care of itself Ihope that answers the questionabsolutely I think that’s a great answerI think Ken and I kind of echo that allthe timebut it’s great to hear it from it’sgreat to hear from a black officer youknow yeah I think that being a blackofficer allows you to say some thingsthat without any reservation that othersdon’t get to do and I hate that becausewe’re all in the same profession we allrisk our lives to go out there andprotect people that we don’t know andgive the advice to people that we don’tknow and why should I be the chosen onethat because of my skin color that getsto say things that other people don’tsay and me putting the same thing onthem on the line which is their life andme not coming back to their family and ahundred percent because we always talkabout life but we don’t talk about theback injury that causes you to never beable to play basketball with your kidagain and so people are putting the samething on the line that I’m putting onthe line so why should I have to why doI always why do I get to be thewithout any body seen like people can’ttalk trash to me back like oh you can’tsay that I’m black too so I do get thatopportunity but I don’t think it’s afair I think it’s a little bit of aprivilege that I don’t know if I deserveso Steven this brings it up anotherquestion in that beam up being a blackofficer you know when there when thereare stories in the news and they say awhite officer killed a black man it’sit’s it’s the first thing in the on thefront pages but then when the blackofficer kills a black man you rarelyhear about it I’m kind of curious as ablack officer especially working in LAhave you ever had opportunity wherepeople come up to you where black peoplecame up to you at a crime scene and theycall you names or they like you’re atraitor to the race or anything likethat so I think I was on 7-6 in Broadwayno not 76 in Broadway 76 in Hoover maybeabout a year and a half ago and this isreally every black lady that came up andshe was so angry she was angry and Isaid ma’am you cannot possibly be angrythis angry about us setting up a crimescene there has to be something elsegoing on in your life that would makeyou disagree for you to bring up everysituation that’s evershe’s like Tamir rice Gardner MichaelBrown I said there has to be somethinggoing on in your life that makes youthis angry and well that’s what I’vediscovered it’s really not about me it’sabout how happy someone is in their lifeand if they can spew that type of angerin the name of you know the EqualityI don’t buy it I say you’re unhappy inyour life and you’re being mean to mebecause I don’t think it could have donethat at 22 or 24 but at 38 I’m like it’slike water off a duck’s back becausethey’re not mad at me you’re mad attheir life sucks if you like that do youever get heat because you’re a blackpolice officer I do and butI get heat but I also put look at theperson that’s the he and I don’t want tobe super judgmental but generally theirlife is not because the people whoselife is good like I pull over someonethey may not necessarily love the policethey’re not that mean to me if theirlife is okay but people who have hadproblems they’re living in a toughsituation that’s when I get the heatabout being a black police officer but Irealize it’s really not about me being ablack police officer I think it’s moreabout them having a rough life and Irepresent something that’s a good way toput it yeah that’s a great perspectiveabsolutely because when I put stuff onFacebook about like if I got a ward atwork people who can’t stand the policeare like do you like us it so it has tobe about their personality their theirpersonal struggles that they’re goingthrough you know Stephen I had to put upwith some adversity as well as a gingerginger manyeah backgrounds Ken would say often saydoes he need to put a sunblock on or dowe need to cover him because we’re goingoutside all the time you know redheadyeah all the brown guys were alwayspicking on me so killed it and weconstantly wanted to kill you they saiddon’t get alone with Steve he’ll eatyour soul you should probably kill him[Laughter]well you got any more questions forSteven I doI just wanted to Steven I think there’ssomething in the back of my mind thatsays are a year a motivational speakeror something along those lines so ima Iwant to say I mean a coach at heart alifestyle coach so not like how to get aFerrari or how to make a million bucksbut growing up how I did and you knowwith my father in my home and Ken beingone of my first mentors and realizingthat you need those types of people inyour lifeto make you successful um I want to payit forward to people so I’ve traveledwith a motivational speaker for twoyears and kind of realized that peopleneed tools in order for them to get thetools they need to get the motivation soit’s a combination of being cutthroatand being motivational so like I wasyou’re on Instagram you’re enough it’syour companyit’s called Stephen Halliwell themissing piecethe miss you don’t know why you need meyou could be me to plan a party for youyou could me to tell you that that coloron that wall is just don’t look good Ican tell you your hair is messed upyou just you don’t know why you need meI just kind of I could say things topeople that most people can’t say so mybrand has become the missing piece I’mmissing piece you know before I gotthere the brand the brand that’s rightthat’s right and they can find you onfacebook and you have a web page or isit just on the I’m just on Instagramright now and I am I have a truckingcompany also I’m kind of like I saw thatoh wow so I have me the police officerand then I have Steve Mahalo of themissing piece which is a bit of amotivational life-skills Brennan andthen I have hallo inspired truckin whichoperates two 18-wheeler tractor-trailertrucks with two drivers and a dispatcherholy you know managing that piece andyou know yes Steve Chris Johnson JIT andand and Steven were in the same Exploreroh it’s good – Steven I don’t know ifyou know that Chris just started I thinkit’s I can’t remember the name of thisBluecoats security security security yesI saw Chris I see Chris every now andagain cuz he also throws events he’slike a jobof police showcased events to fundraisefor causes so tell find singers andbands and stuff up they’re usually madeup of police officers and he’llfundraise and so I see him at a coupleof these events where we have friendsand in common that are police officersso I see Chris out there doing hisbusiness thing and so I just if theirparents on here that have children thatcan be involved into a program thatbuilds their children to be successfulas adults I think if I could speak forChris and myself we learned at an earlyage so that when we got to the militaryor we got to the police department wewere able to branch off because thepolice explorers wasn’t all aboutpolicing it was about being responsiblebeing able to be confident being able tolook people in the eye and I thinkthat’s why we’ve been accept successfuloutside of police work because we gotthat under early age so get yourchildren involved in something that isempoweringyeah discipline and structure isimportant when you’re that age andyou’re especially you’re coming fromthose areas the the explorers they wouldbe so proud to be in uniform but theyweren’t able to wear their their theiruniforms or their jackets out in publicbecause of fear for attacks and thingslike that but were you were you andChris get the time to do all theseextracurricular things like yourmotivational company your truckingcompany and by the way you work afull-time police job I don’t know whereare you making extra hours in the weekthat we don’t know about because this isreal speaker it’s kind of like a mindsetlike you have eight time like somethingyou may get less sleep right now butultimately you’re building a life whereyou’re going to be able to relax and Ithink we’re in a society where we’realways want to relax like every Fridayequals relaxed or every Monday is asucky day so no Monday is no longer asucky day Friday doesn’t mean I have torelax I fit it in and it’s not astructure of days it’s when life allowsme to do such thingsyou feel motivated in other ways I couldsit here for three days on a weekend anddo nothing and say I’m relaxed or I cantake six hours out of each day and dosomething productive outside of policework and make a life and a legacy formyself and my family and my friends it’sjust a mindset change that’s all sorryso Stephen Stephen is Stephen Halliwellthe missing piece on Instagram folks goahead and if you follow mehe’s on my he’s on one of my friendsthere too but anyways look him up onInstagram and whatever your whateveryou’re sitting there thinking what is itthat’s missing call Steve call Stephencuz he’s gonna tell you what the missingpiece is very cool so you send me allthose send me all the links I’ll putthem in the show notes and it will endup on our website as well okay I will dothat I’m so grateful to have been on theshow anybody who feels the need tocontact me inbox me I will answer I’mnot one of those guys so I will answerany questions that you have I will callyou on the phone because I’m a talker Ilove to talk and also as an aside tothat Stephen was not only an explorerbut he was also in the United States AirForce did some did a tour in England ifnot mistaken or is it yes and alsoTurkey well in Turkey and so if anybodywants is in the military and wants tofind out transitioning from green toblue Stephen is probably a good a goodcontact to have for that too yeah I meanalso I will give this a plug for themilitary sometimes I look at my life andI’m like oh my gosh how do I do this butI’m I don’t live in my house military Igot the job you know I’ve had furthereducation because of I’m sir the DI billand some of the things that the militaryoffers to me so if you’re thinking acollege is not for me the military mightbe regardless of what the public says itmay be the answer to some things whenyou look up you’re gonna have benefitsthat other people are not gonna have hadyeah very cool well Steven thank you somuch for coming on the show man wereally appreciate it thank you forhaving me guys and sir and like I sayguys and while you’re talking to KimmyExplorers it’s like Ken Roybal officerlove there’s like a couple of them andpeople mention their names as people wewould fall out right now that’s goodthank you so muchall right thank you sir good yeah StevenI’m gonna put I’m gonna do our outroplug real here and then we hang on theline for a second okay Rancho great heyguys I hope you enjoyed the episode ifyou’d like to support the show go overto things police c-calm when you get onthe website there’s a few different waysyou can show some support you can donatedirectly you can do a one-time donationor a monthly donation even a buck helpsus keep the lights on over here pays ourexpenses for the month is greatlyappreciated you can also just use ourAmazon affiliate link if you just wantto buy something on Amazon like younormally do just do it through our linkand we’ll get a little kickback for thatso you can go to the website and do thator in the show notes I’ll put a link youcan just click right through that linkand the third way is you can buy somegood buy some merch so we have coffeemugswe have t-shirts men’s and women’s andwe also have hoodie sweatshirts now sogo over to things please see comm andcheck it out you can also just listen tothe podcast there or you can apply to bea guest to scroll down to and click onbe a guest and what you want to do isjust give us a brief synopsis of your ofyour service how many years you were onthe job and just a very brief idea ofthe stories you’d like to share and Iwill get right back to you so thank youfor listening and we’ll catch you nexttimeyou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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