TPS E46: Homicide In The Street / LAPD to Washington State – Thingspolicesee

TPS E46: Homicide In The Street / LAPD to Washington State

In this episode Steve and Ken chat with a Washington officer about starting his career with LAPD and later shipping up to Washington State. 

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this is things police see first andaccounts with your host Steve goldhey guys welcome to the podcast thatinterviews active and retired policeofficers about their most intensebizarre in sometimes humorous moments onthe job with me as always Ken Roybal howare you sir yeah I’m good I’m alwayswith you always always with me and Inailed your last name right there yeahyeah that’s pretty coolexcellent thank you that’s been it’sbeen three years so yeah you know what Iwas able to stand up for myself becauseI think because we just passedInternational Ken day and which is okaybecause everybody has in some kind ofinternational day so why can’t Iand I thought I’d stand up for myselfabout that yeah appreciate it Keninterview today is a an LAPD guy whoflew the coop and went up to WashingtonState and became an officer that’s rightgreat guy great guy good guy and we’renot gonna he’s not gonna use his namehe’s gonna go by Mac and we’re not gonnamention the agency he works for now wasthat correct yes how come people can’tbe anonymous and say just call me KenRoybal why can’t they do that and thenthat would be kind of cool everybodyevery anonymous guests should be Kenrobo yeah I agree that would work fine Iyou’re reminding me of a time when I wasin high school and we were drinking andwe all had to pee we’re all peeing on afence on the neighborhood somewhere anduh one of my buddies goes I’m gonna callmy penis Stephen Gould from now on thisis my Stephen Gould then he did it wasvery in hilarious but yeah okay that wasa weird memory that popped up every timesomebody every time he introducedsomebody you to somebody they look theircrotch yeah let’s see here let’s let’sdial Mac into the conversation Mac herewe go hello Mac hello yes hey welcome tothe podcast man thank you for coming onyou’re on with Steve and Ken and Kenhello gentlemensir man it sounds good you’re youare using a headset are you just usingthe speaker I’m just using an earphonethat’s plugged into my phone uh perfectawesomeboom Mac you did started your career atLAPD and then you you smartened up andtransferred up to Washington State isthat what happened yes sirno really didn’t really didn’t want toleave la it’s just for the family ohokay gotcha how long did you do in LAalmost two years and not a bad choiceWashington is is happening manit is it is it’s a good place it washappening until you got the Corona byerisa now you can’t go outside yeahwe’re locked down out heresend food all right my god so you werehow long you been in a Washingtonofficer for almost 16 years now okaygreat so can you uh can you tell us thiswould Bobby from LA but could you tellus about the first time you responded toa hot call a call that really got youradrenaline going yeah it was down in LAand it was and call that went out as anambulanceshooting and my cell phone my partneractually heard the shots which was onlya few blocks away so when we turned acornerwe saw the young man still somewhatalive and a person kind of huddled overhim and not knowing what the actualsituation was what the person huddledover himwe tactically stopped the shop or theunit in front of the right by theindividual and drew my weapon and afterI cleared who the individual was and shesaid she was a nurse she continued tocontinue them rendering first-aid andunfortunately the person passed awayand so from there so it was like it wasa zero-to-sixty type of called basicallyyou’re you’re on patrol it’s a weekendand beautiful day and all of a suddenyou hear the shots and then it’s only acouple blocks away and a perimeter wasset up air unit was set up and longstory short I think the haunting portionof this whole call for me was when thefamily came home and began yelling outto the victim to get up and of coursethe victim wasn’t gonna get up and itjust so happens that there was I thinktwo or three other victims that daythroughout the you know throughout LAand it took the corners quite a while toget back they come out to us so we hadto hold down the perimeter and respectthe the scene where the body was at andat the same time having to listen to thefamily trying to try to have their thefamily member get up but he wasn’tgetting up so that that will alwayshaunt me how old was the victim thevictim was 17 he was a he was a good kidand he managed to stay out of gangs hejust happened to be caught in betweentwo rival gang territories and also theunfortunate thing is that he was caughtin what we call a long block and a longblock is basically you get caught inlong block in some type of a shootingyou have no way to for an egress to getout of this situation now if you werecaught in the short block you can rundown an alley and at least try to runaway I don’t know that I didn’t knowthat much about the young man but fromwhat I understood from detectives thathe was he was a good kid went to schoolgot good grades and what your his happenthis happened in oh three oh three Iremember back in the in the 80s and 90sparents would have their kids sleep inthe bathtubs you know because the oldcast-iron bathtub so they wouldn’t be sobullets will go flying and into thebedroom yes sirkiller injured the family members yesthat’s intense so you know we were justpatrolling and it was a beautiful daybeautiful gay and all of a sudden itjust seven shots rang out in successionand then there was a brief pause andthen two more shots so what actuallyhappened when detectives showed up theseven shots were in the back and the twoshots were in the head mm-hmm so wowthis kid wasn’t gang affiliated he wasjust uh that’s that’s the saddest partabout it he wasn’t even involved it isand it’s those things that you know youas an officer right then and there youthrow up you’re you you startcompartmentalizing things and you sawhey this is just part of the job buthere we are you know years later andit’s still I still think about that ohI’m sure that’s tough and um justreminded me about I went to a dead bodycall once and there was um is the guy’swife had Alzheimer’s and it was a whilebefore anybody else responded and shekept walking in the room and rerediscovering her husband was dead andthat was like a similar not similar butit just um I felt very like you knowyou’re trapped at the scene you can’tleave and it’s not getting better herejust like this is horrificwell thank thank goodness a nurse wasthere that’s something yes cops like tosee it a scene with injury so Mike Idon’t know if you remember or not thatat these scenes there’s friends andfamily that are just gathered around theyellow tape and stuff and they’re likethat when the family finds out they sendpeople over and they’re on the groundwaylene wailing and they wanna they want togo see the the person I want to touchthe body and it’s just this is sodramatic that was the hardest part waswaiting waiting for our turn for thecoroner’s to come out so they wereactually I think what they were to twoscenes away from us so it took quite awhile so during that time is when youhear the family especially the motherjust some yelling and you knowunderstandably so rightsince sure that’s it I mean that’s anintense call was this how far into yourcareer was is this was on probation thiswas when I was on probation so it was Iwould say I was in about six months intoprobation why did you have well theycalled me like did you have any questionin your mind that this is what youwanted to dono questions whatsoever because thetraining that you get prepares you forit I mean not to brag about LA but theyreally prepare you I mean you go to thecorners a part of your part of yourAcademy training is should go to thecorners you ask questions and you yousee autopsies if there is any going onat the time if just so happen the beator your class happens to be rotating atthe right time so but then again it’snot only that it’s it’s learning how toto treat the public as if you want to betreated it’s it’s easy for officers tojust say you know you try to desensitizeyourself but you can’t because you’reeven being yourselves and they’re humanbeings and they’re going through atraumatic period and so those are thethings that eat away at you so that’syeahyeah that’s um I know the academy’s dotheir best like you said try to get youa little bit desensitized for it but I’msure when it’s not a controlledenvironment and it’s on the street andyou have that element of family membersand public just wailing out yelling andit’s that’s definitely something I don’tthink people think about when they signup for it you know yeah it doesquestion your mettle you know you do Imean I’ve seen some probationers that itquestions them you know is this what Ireally signed up like a use last earlieris this what I really signed up for andsome decide not to go on because it’snot what they signed up for it’s notwhat they thought it was going to be canyou describe the strangest or mostbizarre thing you dealt with hmm let’sseeherding cattle and goats I like that Iguess yeah we actually just had a babygoat born on my property this morningwell congratulations you questioningeverything around you I feel that we’rein Washington now is it no come on now Idon’t think we heard any cattle in lateso I’m I’m especially not to find ofgoats cattles I’m okay because cattle isyou know you get one and everybody elseall the other cattle follows but thegoats they just pretty we just prettymuch herded them to a corner of thewoods and then waited for them and theowner to show up so basically they justgot out that was it and causingdiscontent and some type of hate ortraffic so an animal control is usuallynot going to be available until the callis done no it’s just kidding AnimalControl people are good people as wellbut anyways thatyou know yes that’s it sounds boring butthat was pretty that was one of thestrangest ones that I’ve had so thisdefinitely goes in the the category ofmore rural policing were you thinking toyourself wow this is so different lookyou know what there are calls like thatin LAwhat there are and you think about itespecially near Elysian Park the youknow there’s there’s calls of coyotesout there oh sure yeah yeah and becausethere there are still some pockets ofwooded areas near Griffith Observatory Isay that the mounted unit has as a youknow metros mounted unit has a placewhere they act it’s actually a farmwhere they store their horses farm wasat the Ahmanson Center is a common signthat the recruits enter no no no theyhave one up in Northeast Division whereit’s like it was called like thetraining because study wasn’t what doyou call those yeah questions senatorokay that could be it yeah it could be afarm too though there could be anythingyou want my could be anything it can beanything that’s not people like about LAthey that’s that when the conversationla versus New York comes up it’s alwayswell LA at least has nature woventhroughout it so there’s a it was amountain lion over the GriffithObservatory but I think p22 wondersright you know I don’t notice in cattlethough you know when when they when thatcattle is taller than you that’s youreally begin to worry they might have aquestion for you about your LA time yessirthis is so funny cuz Steve you probablyhave gotten this this question toohave you ever had to pull your gun outon anybodyinally yes 400 timesthat’s almost unfortunately you you cansay during a deployment period therewould be times where it’s almost it wasnightly oh yeah where did you do yourprobation 77 South LA oh you’re pullingyour gun out down thereyeah it’s you know it’s basically it’s Ilearned I had some outstanding trainingofficers where you know you learn how totalk to each other you’re you’reconstantly doing tactical situations ifeven if you’re gonna stop somebody andyou know we say to each other in or outmean so we’re going to keep them in thecar we’re going to get them out of thecar depending on depending on ourlocation in in the 77th weather it’sgood to keep them in the car it’s goodto keep them out of the car or do wewait to pull them over and get air unitoverhead depending on what we have onthe vehicle so it was it was nicebecause you’re you’re constantlyconstantly talking to each other withoutlooking at each other and saying okaythis is what I’m thinking clear rightclear left whatever it’s you’re alwayslooking out for your favorite partnerand so I really like my time down thereI worked in Newton which which borders77th so we would get a lot of crosstraffic’s and stuff going on but 77th isone of the most active divisions and inthe city I mean if you want to learnpolice work and it’s really cool whenyou’re out of the Academy and they sendyou to a place in South Bureau 77Southwest all those areas and you haveto learn some real heavy duty policework in a very very short time like whata week and that’s it’s a jump anddivision and there’s constant constantshootings murders shootings all kindsown horrific stuff in those divisionsand you know there’s there’sthere’s a pecking order in there too andthen and rightfully so I have a militarybackground and you know my trainingofficer said as a probationer or youryour actual grade is p1 they pretty muchtold me P ones hang out with P ones p2 shang outs with p2 s and P threes and soon and and rightfully so if you’re at ascene and you’re not the primary officerbut you see a fellow p1 needing help canyou go over there instead of juststanding around and talking so you’reexpected to do things and and it’s notsomething degrading it’s more of theywant you to learn they want you to bethey want you to start thinking tacticsall the time and Ken’s right Ken’s rightI mean it’s it’s it’s like a baptism ofthey throw you in the fire and they wantto see how you were you’re going toperform if you’re gonna shut down orwhatever but at the same time keeping inmind that you’re I know it’s just thesaying a motto but to serve and toprotectokay to serve means you you have tocommunicate to people you can’t just goto a call just say okay we’re done sothat’s what I liked about that area whenyou Washington was a one-man cars what’sthat is it one single man cars know likein where you are I yes so you come downthere Miller two-man cars yeah downthere or a cars or two met cars got ityes you definitely don’t have that umyeah I mean I worked in a rural area andit’s very easy to become complacent andhave poor tactics because the hot callsyou run into are spread out further youknow you’re not you’re not polishingthose skills all the time can you tellus about your most intense or terrifyingcallI think the most you know I thoughtabout this I thought about that questionyeahcan you said you were from mutant and itwas I believe it started out as a mutantcall and what it was was a rival gangthat was looking for another gang memberit so they drove by his house and founda family member watering the lawn orsomething and instead shot thatindividual killed him with some type ofrifle and lo and behold this militaryguy just happened to be on vacation hewas striving and he saw the whole thingand followed the SUV as it went from onedivision and entered our division andthe call goes out air units overheadtracking the the width as a he’stracking as the wind is tracking thesuspect vehiclesuspect vehicle enters our location andeventually stops near a conveniencestore believe it was like three deep orsomething like that and we just happenedto come around the corner and we wentahead detained two that was about toenter the convenience store and past gotsome information where the thirdindividual went and individual wentsouth to an abandoned house not too faraway and again that’s that’s where ourtraining comes in where we don’t havetime to wait for slot B yet you know itcould become a barricaded subjectbecause the rifle was still outstandingand the third subject was stilloutstanding so we after after perimeterwas set up on if I remember right theperimeter was set up on the abandonedhouse and I was tasked to get a teamtogether to enter the home and clear itso you don’t have time to say let’sthink about this he just your trainingtakes overand you just say okay I’ll be you knowit’s it’s like in diamond formation I’mI’m the I’m the number one number twobreaks left number three breaks rightnumber four is the cover officer just incase somebody somebody goes down and Ithink number five is going to be the onethat pulls the individual out ifsomebody goes down so we just that’s allwe had time to go you you you you meanwe’re just gonna go and then clear it soluckily the individual he just ranthrough that house but he he didn’t hewasn’t in there after he cleared it sothey eventually found him hiding in a ina trunk of a vehicle abandoned vehicleand in an alley not too far away but itwas uh it was a call that just again Icall it zero to sixty just go it youknow you’re you’re on patrol beautifulday and all of a sudden this goes downso you just don’t have time and you knowwhat happens up here too it happenseverywhere it it’s not just exclusivedown the SoCal or New York all officersdeal with that type of call all the timewhere it’s just you’re you’re just goingabout your business doing a report andall of a sudden you get toned that upfor something yeah I mean how hard isyour heart beating right before you gothrough that memory to the point manmm-hmmand you know what I think you don’tthink about it until everything is doneand then you there’s a debrief but inthe heat of the moment your trainingtakes over it really does because thereare times when when you do things likethat as an officer and you don’t evenknow you’re doing it until you’re donewith it and you say wow I just did thatso right all about repetition intraining yes no we are probation at thattime still yes yeah so so the hope youknow your question about being a pointmanSteve is crucial because he was onprobation which means he was absolutelyexpendable his life did not matter and Ijust want to bring that to the attentionof anybody wants to be a police officerjust remember if you’re the point manyou have no value whatsoeverI’m sure the rear guard had 25 years onprobably the back actually I think wewere all P ones that that entered athome it’s okay you know what can you docan you tell your p3 no I don’t want todo this or that the sergeant on thescene you know I got a question for youregarding cuz you were you were on thejob back in the day and and you’re stillon the job tell me about the differencebecause I’m thinking about all the newsstories we have and all the videotapesand all this kind of stuff and I’mthinking what are your thoughts on theway it used to be and the way that itappears that that police officers are byand large so disrespected and you justwanted to you know reach out and tothese some of these people and show themthat you really need to show somerespect here what have you seen somemajor shifts in in how people respect ordisrespect the police coming from LA toWashington and just the years that havepassed I think for the most part the therespect is still there when when you’reone-on-one with individuals there arethose far and few between again will youknow everybody says it’s social mediaand everything like that because socialmedia you can hide behind you knowusernames and and whatever and in themedia itself but you know the mediacould be at the same time helpful youknow for an investigation so I think nowwe have to find that happy mediumbecause there are timewe’re like I just said you know mediacan be held but there are times it’sit’s a double-edged sword right it’s itcan be detriment to presenting one sideof the story of an actual incident thatjust went down before the incident wasactually investigated so but then as aswell be I think when you and I were weredown in in LA where we didn’t have youknow social media we don’t have time totake a picture and upload it to you knowour followers or anything like that soofficers nowadays you know they’recoming from a different ice I would saygeneration they are savvy with thesocial media and the phone andeverything but they also have to becognizant of the fact that it can beused against them not infringing onrights to free speech but it can be useused against them because it could be anactive investigation so anytime we havean active investigation obviously wedon’t we don’t there’s nothing that’sdivulged because it’s still active so soI you know it’s easy for us to say thatI think think there’s always been thosesituations where people are upset butwith law enforcement know for whatreason whatsoever for any reason and butnow it’s it’s more publicized okay whichwhich is rightfully so but then you youhave to find a happy medium for themedia is it also only the negative butcan we do that a positive as well andI’m seeing that now myself you know theyare doing positive presentation of lawenforcement but it all comes down towhat whatever distractors we have outthere as officers we have to stayfocused we have to stay focusedas far as as doing our job in treatingpeople the right way if we do that andnot let the distractors distract uswe’ll be okay mmm do you guys do bodycams up there not yetI find that um can the people we’vetalked to some of the younger guys andprobably like you were saying that thereare they’re not adverse at all totechnology mmm they’re there they’reliking the body cameras they’re therebecause I think everybody thought likeAHA now we’re gonna catch the police youknow being racist and abusive and thenlike quite the opposite happened they’redocumenting all all their stuff and youknow they’re finding the opposite thatthese these these video recorders seemto be protecting police officersalthough they’re a huge pain in the assto deal with you know I don’t think alot of departments there you’d thinkthat they would be all kind of nit pickyabout professionalism and stuff but whenyou see these shootings that are postedfrom the different agencies they havethe officers using foul language and allthat and I would I would sum squint inthe in the building would go you knowwhat there was a good shooting in policyand the officers did the right thing butwe’re gonna have to we’re gonna have tomention that you did use unprofessionallanguage during this deadly situationand they I don’t think they do that Ithink they realized that the bodycameras are gonna capture real life crapand when you’re in the middle of agetting shot at you’re not gonna goplease sir please drop the weapon youknow it’s not gonna work like that so Ithink the department’s are by and largevery cool with the fact that this isgritty real life let’s not nitpick yesI’m thankful for that myself because weused where I worked we used to border anational park and the Rangers had bodycams and we didn’t there’d be so manytimes we’re backing them up or whateverand were to see them around shooting thebreeze saying you know who knows what toeach other joking around being crass andthen they would just randomly point attheir chest like hey don’t forgetoh right yeah absolutelywe’re just what if it were to swearingin whatever else but yeah I don’t knowif I ever told you a story when I was onprobation I was in foot pursuit and thisguy with he was it was like a commercialarea and a guy was climbing over thesebusiness fences they’re like ten feetten feet tall fences and I’m going – manand I was very young I was 22 and and Iwas chasing this guy I was in footpursuit chasing him he and he hops overthis wrought iron fence I swear it waslike ten feet tall and he gets over theother side I’m going off dude I cannotget over this fence so what I didinstead I had my gun out and I waspointing through the fence and I and I Ishouted the guy you better stop RockEffie kill you and the guy stopped inhis tracks and then they went around andthey cuffed the guy up took him and I’mputting him in the car and as I’mputting him in the car he looks at meand he’s like almost crying he goesthank you for that killing me and I’mlike that’s right thank you for notkilling meI did a favor so Mac do you have apositive encounter you’d want to sharewith us yeah you know again like I saidearlier you I take when you have timetake a time out to talk to whether it’sa victim even a suspect you can get somegood information from and victims andwitnesses you calm things down pizzaswhen you have time and the divisions notfalling apart or your patrol areas itisn’t falling apart but I had one wherethis this old lady she kept calling 911because she said they was there was aburglary in progress and if thishappened for like three nights in a rowand so on the fourth night third orfourth nightme and my partner were dispatched to thesame home and we we did our perimetercheck and met with the lady and we justtalked to her and talked to her and andassured her everything was okay and as Iwas talking her I found out about herfamily when her her and her husbandmoved to the neighborhood which wasearly in the six in the early 60s herhusband was since deceased and found outabout the neighborhood that thearchitecture of the home everything andas I’m talking to her we heard scratchesand banging on top of the roof and so mypartner and I went outside and lo andbehold it’s a huge raccoon with her withher babies trying to get into thecrawlspace of the Attic so the lady waslike she was like she was upset andrelieved that she wasn’t hearing thingsand she wasn’t you know in she she gavea hug for taking the time out to for ustaking the time out and talking to herand finding out who the suspect wasright the raccoon so I guess the themoral to the story is you know we tookcare of the situation by taking a timeout and talking to her but at the sametime there are people out there that areliving alone and sometimes an officer ifhe or she asked the time out to talk tothem talk to these individuals becausethat’s all sometimes that’s all theyreally want that’s all they really needis because that’s sometimes we are allthey have and and I always remember thatand I always remember her I don’tnecessarily remember her name I don’tknow if she’s still alive but her takingthe time out and having tears in hereyes as she hugged me for for taking thetime out and talking to her graves itthose are those are the calls thatsticks in their mind records no no wejust kind of like they look you knowraccoons therefunny they’ll look at you like there’sthey’ll stare you down like what they’retough yeahand so I believe what happened wasanimal control eventually made it out toher and family members went out thereand you know boarded or not familymembers and I believe those neighborsboarded up the the whole up there orwhatever but you know and then theykilled the raccoons in this situationrecord of dying somebody right realizethe different hats cops where that’s thefirst line of defense for everythingyou’re there before any town or cityservice can get there a lot of times yesdo what you got to do I had I wentremember going to a really elderlylady’s house and she goes I hear waterrushing I could hear it like like loudooh there’s a problem she goes I don’thave a basement I have like a quarterbasement it’s like only there’s onlylike three feet tall and she goes Ithink a pipe burst and sure enough Ilook under there in the trap way andthere is water going everywhere in thecut and the shut-off is way across thiscrawl space and I’m like oh hell no I’mlike I’m not getting in there so I tryto call a plumber with her plumber can’tcome till the next day Wowso I’m like I guess I’m doing this and Icrawled through her crawl space gonnablast it with high-pressure water Oh inthe winter and I shut it off I’m like Icouldn’t I couldn’t just leave her she’slike she’s gonna ruin my house butthat’s and she still she still remembersthat I bet she remembers that oh yeahshe was she was very very appreciativebut yeah sometimes it requires a changea uniform you know literally but againwe you know if the division is notfalling apart you have time to talk topeople I think that’s that’s the bestthing I think with all this again withsocial media and doing more with lessand we we go from call to call we forgetthatwe we have sometimes we have todisengage and put ourselves back and howcommunity policing really is right is togo out there and talk to talk theindividuals absolutely it doesn’t takemuch either like I’m walking down thestreet in Los Angeles my family whenwe’re living Louis police and a officersaw my son II he was clearly checkingthe car out there sitting on the curband um you just want a buddy and it mademy sons all day you know to me and mywife was so impressed because it’s sointimidating when you see a city policeofficer just kind of sitting there inhis car for him just to even turn hishead and say hey bud do it to a childthat you know that’s all that took ityou know one one other thing I learnedfrom a training officer was that thatreally stuck with me was we would go towe would go to you know we’d go to lunchand this particular training officerwould always ask if you know are yougoing to eat that food food that wehaven’t really touched and so he said wewould say no and then and then he wouldgather all this food and then we wouldgo back to our reporting district andand we would find a homeless person andwe would actually he this he taught methis he we actually would go up to thehomeless person would you like this foodwe wouldn’t just like give you know likethrow the food at them it’s just thiswould you like this food you know givehim treat him with some respect and andwe gave the food and I remembered himsaying telling me one time he goes okaybooth this is you would you learn fromthis I go we’re giving food away he goesno you never know when that in thisalley and that transient our homelessindividual is going to witness we’regoing to be the only one that can helpan officer that’s in a fight for his orher life and you know good deeds likethis they’ll remember thatso so from then on I started doing thesame thing when I wheeled over toanother division and started doing thesame thing is you know we would I wouldalways ask hey are you going that youhaven’t touched that are you going toeat it they go man you’re always hungryI go it’s really not for meand so we would snow around mmmpeople who speck and give it and givethem give it to that absolutely that’sawesome do you have some advice for newofficers candidates that are getting onthe job yes just don’t leave anythingout in your background because itbecause if it’s found then it’s gonna bequestioned why you left it out whichwhich would throw a red flag about aboutyou as an individual and also watch whatyou put on social media because we domeet we do look at that those things arewhat we call those things we can youwill be able to find and just be yeahjust again it’s just not it’s not justit’s just not being a candidate forpolice it’s just being a good person youknow you don’t want to bully somebody onsocial media you don’t want to whateverand you know it’s um it’s the new thenew officers now the new candidates nowbased their their outstanding a lot ofthem are are well educated and it’s adifferent generation there’s positivethings about the new generations theylike to have good ideas but sometimesthey want to have they think their ideasare they need to be implemented rightaway but then as a good mentor youshould be able to tell them that greatideas you did a lot of good work on itbut there is a process in getting theseideas approved like city budgets stufflike that but at the same time for fornew police officers you know they’reawesomethey’re they’re workaholics but just Iguess just again it again it’s the thesocial media thing it’s don’t don’t letit distract you just do your job ifyou’re doing your job the right way youshould be okay that’s about it I thinkthat’s it’s the same way for all thegenerations right it’s not the newpolice officers and candidates but I’mrunning out of words here Ken oh that’suh you know when you said that Ireminded me of a situation when I did abackground on someone and like you’restressing social media and it’s soimportant because we get a lot ofcandidates that are just back fromoverseas soldiers you know those guyshave access to social media now whilethey’re deployed so a few times I do thesocial media check and I had to bringthe guy in and go hey man I understandyou’re at war and there’s you’re in adifferent mindset and I totally get itand I’m not saying you you know youcouldn’t be a cop but with what I justsaw on here and people have seen thisyeahno man you get that you know it’s eitherextremely overtly violent or racist orit could be misconstrued by so manydifferent ways but they’re in the middleof a war time and maybe they thinkthey’re gonna die or they’re being theythink they’re being funnyno don’t like if you have any idea thatyou’re gonna after deployment come hereand be a cop please don’t even get onsocial media when you’re deployed that’sthat’s my two cents exactly totallyagree with you totally agree can’t youyes and yeah all questions for ourguests I’m kind of wondering my keep Ithink Mike’s been holding back a littlebit I’m kind of wonderingtell me about some pursuits Mike out ofthe 2,000 that you were involved inthere’s got to be pursued stories codethirty-sevens I really only had some onegood bonafide code 37 you know where thecodes Oh code 30is a stolen vehicle and it was a funnyone really to the point where I call Ithought ik I know I it’s not that Ithought I knew I called it out the wayit’s supposed to be called out basicallyyou say you know your your callsign showus following a code 37 vehicle lalalathen you give your location out youcrest back up in an airship am I correctken yes okay so long story short it wasa roll in stolen and then all of asudden it stopped we got it in thedrivewayonce the dust was settledeverybody was cuffed and everythingI remember my training officer saying aboot do you forgot something you forgotto say there you didn’t say the rightthing over the radio and ice yes and Igo no sir I believe I did I saideverything goes are you sure and I goyes sir I am I’m sure and he goes wouldyou like me to get the tapes I goperfect and all this conversation I wassitting on the mic so we go back to thethe we go back to the division and thesergeant to goes are you two okaybecause they heard everything it wasjust a joke it was just like you know umI that was the first time I stood up formyself right yeah you know hey I know Idid it the right way and but I just sohappened to happens to me I was I wassitting on the mic at the time because alot of lot of dynamics is happening whenyou do when you pull over a role instolen and you get everybody cuffed upand everything and sometimes when you’regetting out of the shop you throw yourbike down and it happens to land on yourseatand that’s that’s what happened but it’snot there’s no worse feeling whensomeone tells you hey do you know youhad an open mic cattle on you whatdid I say but I think I think somebodypulled me sigh good for you you stuck ityou stood up for yourself because theyheard it too but you know I got a lot ofI was am fortunate enough to be dad tohave good mentors good people to workfor not only down you know down therebut up here as well work with and workfor I count my blessings so it’s justthat I’m getting oldpolice work what’s I’m sorry see goahead I was gonna say I have a I have aquestion for you guys either one of youfour people are more rural and don’twork with helicopters often like Ididn’t few questions can you talkdirectly to the chopper from your freakfrom the frequency in your car we dohave a channel okay do you have achannel that we can switch over toeverybody you know usually dispatch willpick a channel for us for that everybodyhas has access to and then we’ll do itthat wayoh it’s like a party line you guys areall in there yes it also will be tech -uh-huh I’m sure there’s some there’s somany frequencies flying around LA Countynow there’s so many agencies therehelicopters are so expensive to fly Imean la must just have one in the air acouple in there all the time right soyou can just call out he’s already upthere usually yes okay so it’s not Imean like Becker I was his real ruraland we would use the state police AirWing so you know you’d have to make aphone call and then secondly they’d haveto make sure conditions were clear cuzthey weren’t always in the air and thenwhen they came out it could be 20-30minutes so they showed up so a lot ofthought went into do we really need thishelicopter because the expense was hugejust to get it to you you know what Imean definitely yeah so usually it’s forlike lost kids or lost vessels or youknow whatever something like realseriousMike what are you eating now I justmoved it to the side we’re aprofessional podcast editing you won’thear anything thank you ThanksI’ll leave a little bit in because it’sfunny for just context for people wellhey man I really appreciate you comingon the show that was fun oh you’re verywelcome thanks for inviting meexcellent yeah all right sirs well um Iwill I willoutro us Mike will you hang on the linewhen I run that outro reel yes ok heyguys I hope you enjoyed the episode ifyou’d like to support the show go overto things police c-calm when you get onthe website there’s a few different waysyou can show some support you can donatedirectly you can do a one-time donationor a monthly donation even a buck helpsus keep the lights on over here pays ourexpenses for the month is greatlyappreciated you can also just use ourAmazon affiliate link if you just wantto buy something on Amazon like younormally do just do it through our linkand we’ll get a little kickback for thatso you can go to the website and do thator in the show notes I’ll put a link youcan just click right through that linkand the third way is you can buy somegood buy some merch so we have coffeemugs we have t-shirts men’s and women’sand we also have hoodie sweatshirts nowso go over two things please see calmand check it out you can also justlisten to the podcast there or you canapply to be a guest to scroll down toand click on be a guest and what youwant to do is just give us a briefsynopsis of your of your service howmany years you were on the job and justa very brief idea of the stories you’dlike to share and I will get right backto you so thank you for listening andwe’ll catch you next timeyouEnglish (auto-generated)

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