TPS E48: Jimmy Barbee – Fetus In A Cup, 3 Shootings, Selling Mama’s Eyes – Thingspolicesee

TPS E48: Jimmy Barbee – Fetus In A Cup, 3 Shootings, Selling Mama’s Eyes

In this episode Steve and Ken sit down with retired Georgia lawman Jimmy Barbee.  Jimmy told story after story of absolute craziness!! You are NOT gonna believe what he’s seen!!

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this is things police see first-handaccounts with your host Steve gold helloladies and gentlemen welcome to thepodcast interviews active and retiredpolice officers about their most intensebizarre and sometimes humorous momentson the job can Roybal how you doing sirhello hello to everybody I’m man I’mdoing goodexcellent we got a UH we got a hot onetoday this is this is great it wasrecommended to us by Neal Smith who wasa past guest who had some I’m sure youremember something totally insanestories from Macon Police Departmentyeah yeah this guy this gentlemanretired captain I believe his name isJimmy barbi and he’s just doing a littlepoking around on the internet he seemsto be somewhat of a law enforcementlegend in the state of Georgia so Ithink he’s gonna have some good storiesRockstar he’s going back sometime tohe’s going pre eighties so I mean he’she’s been around for a long time backwhen you know police work was policework I like it I like it I was made forthat time Ken I was robbed with thatit’s okay it’s okayyeah I’m looking I’m trying to find outwhat year he started but I can’t wellyou know what I’ll bet he knows he mightknow he might have an idea all right letme um dial him into the condo rightJimmy barbi hello hello hello sir thankyou thank you for coming on the podcastthis is awesome you come highlyrecommended by Neal Smith a former guestof ours who was just a lot of fun tohave on and you know we do a littleresearch before we have people on andI’m reading from a few different sourcesthat you’re a bit of a legend in lawenforcement in the state of Georgia andyou were so Jimmy can you tell everybodyjust give them um just a brief synopsisof your police career ranks you held andhow long you were a cop for when Iretired in 2015 I was a captain with theBibb County Sheriff’s OfficeI started out in 1971 with making policedepartment and some idiot in governmentdecided they were to consolidate thegovernment so we have no policedepartment anymorein making go all sheriff and I didn’t Ididn’t stand patrol along I want Iwanted to go an investigation I spentmost my career investigation about 30years of it working homicide wow that’sa long homicide career I know it wellyou know as bad as it is I did threeyears in internal affairs and the onlything good about that was I met my wifewhile I was a director and then up gotout of thereI did one years training director and itwas fun but my passion was homicideJimmy can you take us down memory lanehere tell us about the the first hotcall you responded to as a policeofficer the very first call I respondedto was a was a shooting and that’s theway they gave it out shooting and youknow I think third day out of the policeacademy and of course my partner thatday we ran two million cars back then mypartner with a guy named CalvinSmallwood and the only thing he couldhave done better would have been acircus clam because I mean they werethey were stretched out and he wanted tobe an instructor and he wanted instructme so soon as we walked through the doorhe starts talking I need you to lookaround tell me what you see what do yousee in the bedroom and this lady blessher heart she’s probably 80 or 90 yearsold she’s laying in the bed the guns inher hands she’s got powder burns on herchest out of her sternum and he saidwhat do you see and he questioned melike that whole time I was there howI see I think it might be a suicideCalvin he said all right what makes youthink thatand I said the damn gun in her hand is akind of a giveaway detectives came thenwe left and I’m playing you why are youquestioning me some we’re not gonnahandle it’s gonna do the initial reportand that was the first cop I don’t knowwhat was it just went out as a shootingI think we have here we go boys but itwas just that little old lady bless herheart she got tired of living and killedtruth really how old was she probably 80or 90 years old Wow and she shot herselfin the chest shot herself in the chestthey don’t shoot themselves in the headthey don’t came to 90 years old it looksyeah now this guy you’re with he doessomething that clown what you guys areyou’re the same rank and he’s likeplaying he’s playing teacher with youthis it’s like so obnoxious I guess youwere just trying to help me alone maybeimpress me a little bit you were notimpressednot much what did you think of that didit have any impression on you your firstyou know the first call you go tothere’s a dead body it’s a suicide notit didn’t mess with you at all nineteenoh I tell my wife I teased her and shetells everybody I’ve only had two jobsin my lifeI killed North Vietnamese and I join thepolice department and and that’s all Idid nothing on the police departmentscared meaffecting me in any way across all somuch everything Vietnam and summer butand I didn’t I made a point not to takethat home when I got off workyou know old shit oh yeah I tried toleave what sounds like Vietnam give youuh give you a look just the right amountof Callister to do do what you did canyou describe the strangest or mostbizarre thing you dealt with you know Iwas thinking about that student and Isaw a lot of death in those 45 years butthere was there were two particularcalls that I went on I was notifiedabout and I was in the bureau then onewas a frozen baby and the other wasstolen eyeballs and yet I want the typeof supervisor that would point thefinger at one of my detectives to gohandle it or go handle thatyou know I take the lead and good thengo with them but the frozen baby so I goto the residence and it’s a high-riseapartment probably a block and a halffrom my office and I knock on the doorthis couple comes through the door and Isaid how are you mr. nice guy they’rejust as friendly as they could be and Isaid you know somebody I think youplaying a joke on you and said that youhave a frozen baby in your apartment andthey said well come on in yes we do andI’ve got over here oh so we go in thekitchen and it got a refrigerator with afreezer on top and they pull out aBurger King cut a big cup maybe I don’tknow what it 20:32 I don’t remember whatit was and it’s kind of red liquid looklike real ice and they said here he isand it’s certainly not big enough to bea baby but it’s a full-term fetus wellnot not full-term but old enough hecould have livedfor a while and they froze that baby notto keep itwhoever the caller was did not tell ourdispatch they they wanted to give thatbaby to the Mercer University School ofMedicine in Macon so if they could useit they could and they didn’t know howto get rid of so that was the only waythey were gonna get rid of it and amedical examiner did an autopsy on itand caught all top c7 being anything badhappened to it but and the next one wasI got a call to wait Jimmy let me knowwe’re up to you because I have somequestions for you nuts okay so back inthis what year was this that you werehanded a fetus in a cup okay wherepeople was like home births and stuffpretty common in this relived no no noit’s most people into the hospital okayso um what exactly happens she did shemiss Carrie at home and then she decidedto freeze the baby she did shemiscarried home and decided they wantedto give the baby to the medical schooland I see if they could help them teachtheir medical students so they just Iguess they went to Burger King thatnight stuck it in a cup put it infreezer okay and someone from the housewas the person who called hmm or someoneelse no nuts in their house if somebodyelse call they had mentioned it someoneand I guess they would have been like mesaid yeah really but they thought aboutit and said well maybe we better callthe police so they did and then theycalled me didn’t send a patrol unit Idid it called me so is there any lawsbroken for that no no I mean not evenconcealing the death because it was awell I guess you could have made a casefor concealing a death but I’m not surehow the DA’s office would look at thatsince it was a fetus like that butanyway I said paperwork to him they’d doanythingbut I did my job let you do this sureanymore prosecutor that’s fine me sowhat did you do with the with the babydid the coroner come out did you have totransport it somewhere I transported itto the crime lab met corn later he wasbaffled as I was but yeah we left itwith the medical examiner and asked whatwe do with our bodies the funeral homesgo and pick up the bodies in if theygave it to the medical center I mean OhMercy University that’s fineonce I got it down there and found outwhat I needed to know wow that is uhthat’s pretty that is strange andbizarre Ken this is just one of thosecalls where it’s like you try to tellpeople when they get into police workthat you’re gonna see the the weirdestthings you can’t even imagine this islike the poster child for that calllike fetus fetus in the cup well youknow I’ve been around for a long timeand if you can get me to go what thehell then if it’s weird it’s definitelyweird they picked us many dead bodiesfor me you know I suppose problem theysaid we got a letter from a localattorney said they’re gonna sue us and Isaid that’s not I don’t handle suits andI said well you need to sit down andlisten so I sat down and they said thisman had his mother in their funeral homeand they were getting the body preppedfor funeral and you know he wanted tospend a little time with her alone so hecould cry out clapped his hands whateverhe wanted to do and uh then he goes andit’s anything then he left and he goesand gets a lawyer and the lawyer saysfuneral home letter sayingyou stole her eyeballs and we’re gonnasue you for $600,000 well the funeralhome in Macon was owned by dignity outof Texas so they called the chief’soffice and chief said okay I’ll sendJimmy down there so I go and I look andsure enough her eyes are gone eyeballsyou know but this man was a doctor thelady’s son and he he wanted an autopsydone on his mother but he wanted afriend of his to do the autopsy so theman does the autopsy accepting fakehe kind of forgets to open up the bodyhe does the autopsy and oh my goodnessher eyes are gone okay are you sure wellyes I’m sure I said did you take theplastic lids off the eyes under the Idon’t know if y’all know it but whenthey died they put plastic cups underthe eyes so I was gonna shrink into thehead eyelid oh okay well no I didn’tlift the lids up well that’s what hesaid and I said yeah okay well I wentback and made my report said you knowthere’s no evidence of course Bonniebeen disposed up I said there’s noevidence to say that the eyeballs weregone and what was he was gone he tookthe eyeballs out at the Sun did andgoing to say that the funeral home tookher eyeballs out so they could donatehim to somebody well you don’t donateeyes from a 70 year old woman who diedwith cancer they’re not gonna take themI don’t why he was an autopsy anywaysince she died in cans and it’s knownwhat killing but he was just trying toscam the funeral home and uh they gotmad at me because he did anyway becauseI didn’t tell his attorney what I foundoutand uh they call me chief solves itasked me said did you tell his attorneywhat you found in I said no sir I did hesaid why I said I don’t work for hisattorney I said I work for you in theDA’s office people with something evengo to court find out through recoverydiscovery of me and that made him evenmadder but uh the guy he dropped thelawsuit just trying to scam Wowhe told lies out himself Jimmy yeahthat’s and what was his endgame he wasgonna translate he Kulu dignity for$600,000 did you find that eyeballs nonever did and actually couldn’t prove hedid it either so there was no case madebut we stopped a lawsuit Wow yeah themedical examiner was out of WarnerRobins just about 18 miles south of methat is not cool scooping out your mom’seyes yes because the money no but mywife telling me you can this ispermanentI guess mom didn’t leave him any moneybecause if he’s trying to scam thefuneral home for money for the eyeballsthat she prayed wrote him out of herwill or somethingI used to work with the guy that hasjust reminded me of this he his bodyonly the only thing that his body didn’treact to negatively when it came todental work was gold so his back he’slike back for teeth her soul solid goldand there that’s worth I guess it’sworth a ton of money gold you know I’mback in the Old West he said pullpeople’s teeth out a kiss that had goldbut he actually put it inand it’s in his will that the gold isthere and that he wants it removed andgiven to his family does that much justjust remind me of that because you knowpeople trying to capitalize on corpsesthese guys gonna melt full of gold WowJimmy that is um that is that is twovery very bizarre stories why would youthink that somebody gonna donate eyesfrom a cancer victim well I was thinkingnormally when you have family disputesover over dead people’s possessions yougo what you do with mom’s dresser butnobody goes and go they wears mom’seyeballs it doesn’t quite work like thatthose babies are worth 300 grand apiecethanks for that stuff manthis is what I love about this podcastwe get out here and Steve and I youcan’t see us but our eyebrows are goingreally it looks like these some of thesestories you guys come up here with it’sjust amazing that’s probably the bestones Oh Steve yeah yeah that’s that isnuts that is out there absolutely youknow you can always say 300,000 piecefresh from a 70 year old woman withcancer Jimmy can you tell us about themost intense or terrifying call you youknow I thought about there’s there somany most of them involved hostagesituations and most of them did turn outwell they weren’t you know I wasn’tscared for me you know a littleconcerned about some of the officersespecially SWAT officers but uh before acity the size of making we had about 17or 18 men on the SWAT team we’re prettygood-sized watching but you still worryabout when you got hostage situation andyou know I thought about this question alot and the two that jumped out in mymind were we had a hostage situation ofthe apartment complex 2nd floor when thetwo and we tried we tried we tried toget this boyfriend to let his girlfriendgo trying so hard and that’s for about10 hours you know I guess he got tiredof listening to us he just killed herkilled himself and then we got a littlekid that was about 13 years old runningdown one streets in the hood and he wasjust crying he was screaming he waspeople yelling he was so afraid and wefound out that uhhis mama and brother were in theapartment with him from the ex-boyfriendbroke in and they were fighting he wasafraid something was gonna happen and wewe got there anybody real quiet wecouldn’t get in response to the door sowe sent the SWAT team in we isn’t it wasa about four or five apartmentsconnected to each other and the onlyaccess to each problem through the Atticso we emptied the whole apartmentbuilding and I secured that entirecomplex and we caught him coming out oflike her apartment was number one andfive apartments down where we caught himand had blood all over so we sent SWATteam in and we found the six-year-oldboy in the floor he the only reasonbecause he had off with a piece of skinon the back of the neck the night didn’tgo through it they went through thevertebra and everythingthe mother was stamps many times Icouldn’t count them and then he pickedup a television set and back then it wasnot a flat-screen television he pickedup that television and dropped it on herhead and we stayed out there I don’tknow forgets I got the collegeThanksgiving Day and uhfamily was over and we put the I don’tdressing on the turkey or something weput it in the oven and my pager went offand I told my said I got to go I said Ohsave me a piece of Turkey so I left andwhen I got back home that night thenwonderful turkey left aids oh and uh butI was going that long they cookThanksgiving meal we had to did onestupid gone to jail but it’s all abouthostage another one daddy shot at hiswife and he didn’t hit her but it wasenough to scare her that she called usand he had enough time to put stock ofwar took all the pots in the kitchenfilled him to war he he thought weturned the water off he put thingsagainst all the doors put things up inthe window so we couldn’t see in put theleads to some cast iron pots that shehad on a rope around and put it on lethim made him a rest side of a cast ironlid covered his chest and we stayed thentry to top that man I hurt you son fortwo days and I know way too long if youask me but but I wasn’t SWAT commanderso long story short we made entry wethrew in flashbangs made entry he was inthe kitchen he shot two SWAT officersbefore they riddled him and uh but theboard was all right we say save littleboy and it was all because of childcustodyWow that’s pretty intense made me tomeet himself like a suit of armorwithout of cultural objects did wedidn’t we didn’t turn his wart offwe turned his electricity off and it wasso hot got mighty nose of her hot and itstayed off so long that uh we actuallyturned it back on so it wouldn’t get toohot that’s got to be the hardestdecision for whoever’s got to make thecall to breach entry into a home it’shard enough but then when there’s kidsin there that’s got to be such I can Ican understand why someone would holdoff for that long you know everything wedid every conversation we had with himexcept one was at the back door he put ashower curtain around him and his sonwalked down porch and talked to one ofthe hostage negotiators one time butcourse he had a hacksaw with a piece ofstick tied to it under that curtain andall you could see was that hacksaw bladethey thought it was a shotgun so theydidn’t rush him and but everythinghappened at the back door and theywanted the video camera set up at thefront door because that’s where he cameout to talk we just knew he was gonnacome out and talk or the bad was gonnahappen at the front door well it didn’twe set the video camera up like a womanand it all happened the back door topolice officer shot not bad and uh wellI st. give me a shot but uh and was shotin the kneecap but he had a ceramic hehad ceramic plates in his uh body armorso it just it bruised his knee and uhbroke a plate but I’m okay you shootsomebody close up with rubber bulletsout of a shotgun and they’ll penetratejust like buckshotoh bus you guys you guys shot him withrubber bullets one the first man in hada shotgun and his first round withrubber bullets now the second Manion hadan mp5 he didn’t have rubber bullets andit lead him up like a Christmas tree ohI betand those mp5 say full auto yeah I shotone of those when I was training directand it’s shooting out you case it’s sofast it knocked out the fluorescentlight oh my stop it broke those are sickif you put a suppressor on those asilencer that you can almost hear thebolt work it’s so quiet those things areawesome alright sir well I wanted to askyou I saw that you um were really intocold cases as a detective is there canyou tell the listeners what I think somelot of people probably rias what makessomething a cold case and how do you howdo you manage him how do you how do youdecide to start working it again welleach departments got his own set ofrules and standards how to classify acase of cold case the minimum that I setdown was uh it had to be at least oneyear old and nobody was working onsomebody who had a case it was a yearold they were still actively workingthat case then then I didn’t mess withit but you have to understand when Iwhen I started police work we didn’teven have an internal affairs at ourdepartment we didn’t we had a crime labbut uh nothing like you know what wehave today and we had investigators thatuh if you had a if you had a high schooleducation man you were Sherlock Holmesmost of our you know just hired for 1450but I got to looking you know nobody wasworking cold cases Master Chief I saidMike that’s not can I do this he said Idon’t care okay well when I retiredthere was a tea cold cases and excuse mein my office that’s how many cases aregoing unsold Oh just and we have onecentral directors central recordsdirector I don’t know what his mind toldhim but when I came on please pop youtake a homicide report on a 5×7 cardthat’s it name address where it happenedstabbed to death Jill schmuck who tellsworking the case and that’s about allyou have well he needed file space so hejust threw all the cards away so he’dhave more file cabinet a lot ofinformation went out the door but it’sthe case was a year oldI would I would take the case as muchpaper work as I could find and for along time in the 70s and 80s they wereputting all these cases on microfilm anduh and that was real good but we had areal problem making police clock we putit all on microfilm we didn’t have adamn machine where you could play it youyou just had a handful of microphone butyou couldn’t put a new machine see whatsee so I found a way to take it out tothe college they would take it all thisfamily put it on computer and printeverything out for what they they helpeda lot but there were so many things thatcould be done today that couldn’t havebeen done and 70s or 60s whenever homeswould have happened when I came onpolice bought most feared three lettersin the loan for the FBI but that’s DNAand there’s there’s a lot ofone thing that we can get DNA yeah but II had some and I took all him that’s acold case homicides not to a cold casebreaks you know and I just I worked Ihad a lady from South Carolinaher name’s Alice Smith she was certifiedin South Carolina and Georgiashe was actually sheriff’s deputy upthere and sheriff’s deputy in Georgia atone time but she kept a certification inboth state I didn’t know Alice and sheasked the chief if she could help withcold cases and he said you can help buthe’ll have to ask me if you can help andyou can’t tell him I said that and shethought she’d just gone and helped me doall this stuff and it’d be a breeze notask further for her help and I did butit took about a year or 18 months andshe kind of got fed up but she wouldtake all of my cases scan those reportsand put everything on desk and when Ileft we had a we had pretty good systemand uh I made some arrests and I’veupdated some cases where DNA was presentsent to the lab it’s just you can’t work80 cold cases by itselfof course yet you can’t do it and wedidn’t have man but we had manpowerworking on delegate the manpower tohitmen to make a cold-case squad itnever developed and it’s to this daythat has not developed even afterconsolidation in the sheriff’s officebut uh it’s funny you should mentioncold cases to the UH the sheriff’soffice called me about I guess five orsix months ago now wanting to know if Iremember a cold case from the 80s wherethe lady was thrown off a cliff and herbody was found some months laterand then I told no I do not I said letme tell you why I said it what clear shewould thrown down an embankment from thecapital cycle in the old capital cyclebuilding and uh she landed in a bunch ofEnglish ivy in a back yard and skeletonwas the only thing they found and I toldmyself that’s Fredonia Smith I said nowthe cold case in my old office orwherever y’all keep them now and you cango read it the reason they called me wasthe FBI had called them there was someguys had been convicted in Californiamuck homicide a serial killer he’d goneto Texas and got his ass arrested inTexas for killing somebody and he wasjust filling his beans and he wastelling them all about possibly the mostprolific serial killer in the UnitedStates so far you know things on thisroad in California death row in Texasand he admitted to killing Fredoniaand the FBI called me and I they saidhow do you remember this nice taste Ican remember how many holes andsomebody’s head if they were dead but Ican’t tell you the address of City Hallright now and it wasn’t three numbersyou know it’s just some things I canremember some things I can’t remember Isaid but I tell you this I said you havea retired FBI is living in DahlonegaJordan who was the lead investigator onthis case that’s what you need to do iscall him and and they did and we sent aman that takes it and the guy said yes Idid it he said ok so that he’ll comehome they’ll stamp it clear by wrist andgo down we’ll bring you back fromGeorgia to prosecute for that one murderanyway I’ll too much I know it I know doyou have any more memorable cold casesthat that you solved had a guy breakinto a school one dayand a teacher was in her classroom andhe beat her and he raped her and I meanhe he beat the brakes off of her hewanted to do something they weren’tcleaned up his crime scene but he didn’thave time to stay there and you knowtake a rag and some Lysol and so what hedid is he took a fire extinguisher andhe sprayed that entire classroom withthat fire extinguisher the powder theteacher everything and of course wecould lift print anyway and I got casesof cold case and I looked at it andlooked at it look at it look at it and Istarted working the case to build thesuspect and found out he was in prisonin a Lee County Georgia the name came upin another case where he tried to rapethe girl she caught him on the sidewalkbut he didn’t write for anyway and I gotlooking at the crime scene photographsand trying to see what I could see inthose photographs and when you see oneof these on television like cold casesand they’re looking at the picturesthey’re not looking to see the body oranything they’re looking for what theydidn’t see the first time and in themiddle of this snow field in thatclassroom I saw a black spot and I gotthe crime lab and I asked myself look atyour report and tell me what this blackspot in the middle of the floor is theysaid it’s a clump of head hair she hadpulled out some head hair what thatpicture told me was that hair came outafter he sprayed her fire extinguisheror it would have been covered with dustsure we got we got the DNA profile offhe was already in prison so we hadprofiling CODIS and wham bam thinkingthat we got a manyou know I went to prison you knowwalked up to the gatethey let me in I went back to talk tohim enough we uh I took a crime thattake with me to get his DNA you know Ididn’t know how the prison did theirinterviews and things like that nice mysetup school just got breaks Bassett whouh who takes care of the prison gossipwe are okay crime lab tech I said weshare you knowwait course with CODIS now you’ve gotyou can’t take the evidence and match itwith coders and go trial we had to gethis DNA so we could say okay this DNA ishit the unit’s match Dakotas and this wecompared to the DNA off her hair and butanyway we got a match enough mm-hmm hesaid he didn’t do it he got life for notdoing it yeah that must have felt goodtelling him you’re not going anywhereanytime soonyeah I was cocky when it came to putthem into place I never I never slappedpunch did all his own stuff I thinkthey’ve had an internal affairinvestigation yeah but uh I listened toso many excuse hey Jimmyis it go ahead I’m here oh I was justgonna say can I’ve been reading up onyou because you’re famous all over theInternet’s can you tell us aboutstudents I’m sorry about what Stephenrose and Ricky yeahMcDonald’s homicide happened uh Jenwhere the 14th 1918 that they weremanagers ofwelcome to management assistant managerMcDonald and making rips I Drive itNorthside Drive and I drove past thatsaying every daygood work every day I passed that Ithought about their case and they theywere clothed it wasn’t all nightMcDonald’s they closed up doinginventory and Rick he was the managerSteven was a system manager I guess fouror five days prior to the murder one ofthe cleanup people saw somebody standingoutside by the dempsey dumpster and theygot a little worried so they started thepolicy if if you’re closing up and gomake a night deposit bank two employeeshad to go to the bank well that wouldhave been Rick and Steve on thisparticular night there was a 16 year oldboy have a ride homehe’s a part-time employee so one of themmade the decision to take him home andsince there were two employees eventhough he was part-time they could takethe money to the bankand that’s what they did Rose took themoney to the bank while the 16 year oldsin his vehicle and then carried the boyhome and came back to the store tofinish the inventory when they finishedthe inventorythey started to leave Rick he had hisday planner in his hand and from adistance it would it would probably looklike a money bag there was one hidingbehind an air-conditioning unit at theport of paints naked or not sure wherethe second guy when Odom’s two of themgo to weapons use when Rick went out theparking lot getting his truck they shothim center mass with- right and it went straight into hisheart he fell over dead right there inthe parking lot we know there was aperson behind that air conditioningcoach first round it didn’t go offthere’s 22 rim fire so they ejected thatround and didn’t pick it up and firedagain and killing rose took off runningthey shot him one time we think in therisk the second time was in the back ofthe thigh and a seven femoral artery hehad made it into the middle of thestreet and we’re following his bloodtrail he goes across the street to whatwas an insurance company at the time andhe’s losing too much bloodhe drops to the ground they rolled himdown an embankment next to anair-conditioning unit at the insurancecompany and shot him in the head killingyou couldn’t see rough you couldn’t seeroses body from the road now this iswhere it got tricky that insurancecompany was in the cityMcDonald’s across the street we’re goingto County and yellow line was the boardin the road we responded because we wecould get there quicker than theSheriff’s Office we could get anywherequicker than the Sheriff’s Office couldbut the chief at the time Jim Brooks hehad a good homicide unit and and he wasproud of so we were weep standing aroundand trying to look here and see if wefind any evidence and we were not goingon with talking back novels that thecounty that was their crime scene welllo and behold a couple hours later wefound roads in the county coming in thecity beside that and Jim tell sheriffwhy don’t we have a joint investigationthey knew our records some cases theysaid oh boy ok let’s do that well wewere good but we wasn’t good on thiscase and it we don’t have a clue to thisday we don’t have a clue a lot of peoplesend it up and yeah a lot of people youknow we think somebody passing throughtown and they just got off theinterstate to rob McDonald I said well Idon’t think you right I said because ifthey did they’d parked on the interstatethey’re mild half from the exit I don’tthink a robber is gonna work too hard atwhat he’s gonna do so he would’ve had togo up a 50 foot embankment know thatthey were cutting the fence that hecould get through or have to climb overthe fence and he wasn’t gonna do thattrying to out that stopping on theinterstate the second thing is they gota a yellow sand with the arches 100 feetin the air if yellow are thrown you knowwe call it a clue restaurants open ifthe arches are off they’re probablyclosed so you have to know what theirschedule was you know I just didn’t feellike it somebody passing through townbut I could be wrong for that case theyfilled in the sheriff’s office to dateand and I I put it in a cold case fileand uh we we haven’t started the programwith one of the TV stations orCrimestoppers well we would actuallyprofile – we did it once a week weprofile two cold cases file on that showevery week it’s amazing you know nevergonna never got a call didn’t get a calla bunch of that’s pretty that’s kind ofstrange ray because it’s um like likeyou were kind of getting that they wouldkind of have to have someknowledge of when the place was closingwho would be bringing who would be doingthe drop and all that so you’d thinkthey were probably local people thatknew about McDonald’s taking their moneyout so did you find usually if it was acrime by someone local they you knowusually they can’t keep their mouth shutor something happens right exactlyexactly you a rapist is not going to goout talk about what he did but a burglaror a robber you donate just so proud ofthem get a couple pumps of them in thelocal bar and they start what do you seeI used to have a see yeah he did I usedto have CI that would call me and tellme when the burglar was gonna happenahead of time and then of course youknow we should take that he wouldn’thappen and then he called me backs and Iknow he’s he said they just changed thedate I said how do you know all thisstuff he said hey I was with JesusChrist meant Jimmy I’m just I’m justseeing this um some other cases theyjust pop up from your from your past earcareer latoya Berrien boy it was a coldcase yeah that seems like a prettyintense one it it was we were we lookedat more green cars my life latoya waswith some friends they wanted to stop itup a hamburger gives witness yeah theywant to stop at wendy’s and getsomething to equal a toy you didn’t moveshe had talked to somebody and uh latoyaturn a trick everything it when sheneeded some money she would you know shegot in the car they didn’t know thatthat that seemed really but uh theycould describe the car extremely welland we found heron Indian Park Railroad Avenue or atrash pile they had beat her with a 2x4dumped her body on top of a trash pilemaybe 3 or 4 feet highboxers limbs all kind of trashyneighborhood and set that thing on firewhat bad enough beater would have to buyfor killer when they set the trash pileon fire burns body and we worked thatthing and worked it work my squad didn’twork it but we all work these home sizetogether these pickles on the mill squadand we work we work we work we couldn’tcome up with anything that we could taketo the DA but then the county had onethey beat that girl beat this girl beatthat girl put her inside didn’t havetrash pile but they have a house thathad been trashed put it on the trashpiling that half set it on fire yeah andwhen I left we were looking to see ifthose cases could be you know linked andthen see what kind of physical livin butI retired before that happened that’sreally weird Jimmy that’s like almostlike Ritualist Ritualist yeah a ritualcan’t talk that is uh that’s freaky itwas you think it was a cult or somethingor more than one person do you think itwas like a like a serial killer like acrazy picture up that wasn’t gonna payher she was gonna be Joe bad and uh thenhe killed her and they didn’t thinktwice about itanything he killed and and reason I saythat you killed somebody 99 times out of100 the person if you shoot somebody thefirst person that regrets it is gonnapull that trigger when you beat somebodyto death with a 2×4 you know you mighthave a little difficulty saying you knowI’m sorry but when you put them on trashpile and set them on fire you really gota problem saying I’m sorry it’s a lot ofeffort a lot of time to think about itas you’rebut then again you want to destroy thecrime scene yeah no she you said herfriends were getting a hamburger she shelike did this happen right outside of aWendy’s or something out of the parkinglot they had gone to a movie and theywere in the parking lot of wind is goingin and that’s when she saw no she knewhim he just kept on she went on track orwhat but uh but yeah the friends went oneven got their hamburger they didn’tknow she was gonna get in the car untilyou know she didn’t come in but uh butthat’s what she did and her mother blessher heart her mother she called me oneday and she said uh she said captain shesaid I I need a favor from you I saidokay she said I they gonna turn my wateroff tomorrow and I said oh I said wellshe said can you loan me some money andI’m thinking he’s Christ she’s gonna askme for $100 and I said how much do youneed miss barren she said I need $19 somuch sin Ohcan you come down tomorrow and pick itup she said I can come down right nowcome on down and I put 25 it wasChristmas time I had some Christmascards I wrote a Christmas card out fourand I put $25 in that envelope with aChristmas card and I handed it to herwhen she got there and I thought Ididn’t have a $19 be like it but I had a$25 bill and she just laughed she openedthe egg she gave me a Christmas card shehad done the same things if she leftmoney out and uh and I laugh and she wasa she was an employee at Burger King Idon’t send you when I had to work sheknew my work schedule around that factshe still got my phone numbershe would bring me a biscuit by thedetective bureau ever son it’s nice whatshe’s Steveoh good Joey good Jimmy she she wouldcall once a month and she that did youhear anything I said no and she can youput it on television again and thetelevision stations they did that somany times they really didn’t want to doit anymore and uh she said well can youdo it at the cemetery where we buriedher and there’s oh yeah we got anotherangle yeah we can show the cemetery plotand they did that for a long time butnot first phone call mm-hmm hey Stevesir before we were to end this thisinterview I want to find out about thisrascal Jimmy Barbie who hung a guy outof a third-floor window at Lanier HighSchool I want to hear about that onewhat did you do Jimmy oh by his anklesoh we got to hear this when we were injunior high he threw an ice creamsandwich PE into it must have been ahundred of us out there and that icecream sandwich hit me in the side of thehead and I didn’t like it so I picked itup and I walked up to him and I smearedin his face and I drew back to hit him Ilike the jerk my shoulder out a jobcalledone of the football coaches grabbed myarm you know then he stopped me he saidwhat are you doing nothing now coach andthey make run laughs and uh so we getover the scene yeah a couple years lateryou know I still didn’t like him I don’tknow what he said to me butwe were in third floor science class Ijust picked him up three women by theankle and uh teacher walking yeahand she said what are you doing I saidI’m giving Albert Slayer she may bepulling back in you know he neverbothered me anymore but I tell you whathe did the next year he set the damnschool on fire and burnt to the groundmmm Wow goodness so yeah he had someissues then yeah sure to drop him yeahreallydo the world a favor yeah I can yeah youknow what I was a backgroundinvestigated for 16 years this is my jobthat is funnyJimmy can you tell us about aheartwarming story from your career Iyou know I don’t know I think thebiscuit story was kind of heartwarmingactually here yeah for me sureI don’t think live the crime when I wasin I ate I smoked so I go outside andsomebody come up this room you can’tsmoke in the building and I’d go outsideand smoke and uh I didn’t know Brendashe worked on the 10th floor and Iworked on the third floor you know for25 years we worked half the block awayfrom each other both of the same cityand I’ve never met her so I was sittingoutside smoking and every day she’sgonna power walk and uh she would takeher keys which was a nice set of keysand stick them in her back pocket andwhen she walked past me I my eyes willmagnetize the little keyand I asked Betty my life smoke what Isaid who is thathe says that’s Brenda that’s what I saidI really don’t give a damn how mean sheis and I’ve been look at those keys eversince but I’m you know and all the timeI mean I you know now married to thanksfor those keys I get it nowI was like what is he word see gettingthat here I get it Oh Jimmy well youknow well it says do you have Jimmy Ican take one okay there’s a little ladyhad an accident and her car was upsidedown she was trapped in the seatbelt andI had to go down the embankment and Igot in all the glass was broken out andshe was so afraid that car was gonnablow up she’d seen all these movieswhere the car turns over boom too closeup and I’m trying to get her out welldrop her on her head and all that glassand she told me she said she said thiscars gonna blow up she said said pleaseleave she said she’s if it’s my time togo was my time to go and I said ma’amthis car wouldn’t dare blow up with meand she said she said my son’s a statetrooper and I said well if it was mymama yo son would be in the car with herand I did I couldn’t sleep and got herwhere I got my legs or something underwhere we should fail she didn’t call inall that broken glass and she wasn’thurt but she was scared to death but itjust tickled her today I stayed with herand particular son will be too butthat’s man thank youyou were home five thirty years it takesalready brainerwhere did that man know you hear ya Ihear ya Jimmy one one question thatpeople really seem to like his advicefor new officers or candidate policecandidates coming on the job payattention when you’re in training theydon’t train you these things just to betaken up classroom time you’re gonna dothings you’re gonna see things you’regonna hear things that you never thoughtyou’d hear or see or do and one way tocover your hiney is to say you revertback to training if they train you thisway then you’re okayit’s you can’t train enough I don’t carewhat kind of class it is if it’steaching you how to accomplish pointnorth go to it you can’t get enoughtraining do not be afraid to do what youhave to do it’s uh it’s scary sometimesand you do things that you don’t want todo but uh there’s a motto what theGeorgia Police Academy it’s better tohave 12 trainees and six carry you sodon’t be afraid to do what you have todo police officers go the entire careerwithout having to pull the weapon if youpull it and you have to take secondplace is the first loser mmm you don’twork you don’t want to be the firstloserand you always revert back to training Ipulled mine three times fired threeshots over 45 years and uhall I had to do with my statement andfree up a bit the dust bank that youwere involved in three shootingsyeah shot 300 but it will come notguitard like Neal yeah that’s uh that’sintense is um I’m gonna tell yousomething Neal Neal was right I heardthat interview that tore him up to thatto shoot him and but that get talk hereand sure but I had two guns and a knifecoming at me do you want to elaborate onthat story a little bit oh there onething first first one was in June I’msorry laughs 1976 exactly one monthbefore my son was born we had got a callabout a stabbing and when we got to thescene it was a duplex shot house theysaid liquor by the shot ladder licenseand there’s probably 25 or 30 people inthere lady got stabbed in the breastbecause of an argument and it wasn’tlike threatened we were just trying toget crowd quiet and uh man comes in I’mwatching him and I’m listening to himhe’s just wearing us out he doesn’t careabout the crowd and I told him I said ohyou need to calm downget away and he walked away from him Isaw my lieutenant elbow him in the chestand I found out after it was all overthat a guy walked past me put his handson youpistol grip and uh I followed him into alittle hallway and I I stopped McGinnismister I said okay sup now I said youdon’t shut up and quit interfering withus I said I’m gonna have to lock you upand he said well why don’t you just dowhat you got to do I said why don’t youjust put your hands on that wall and hedid and I started patting down he turnedaroundpetted his pocket and he said I’m notgoing to jail I said if you stick yourhand in that pocket for that gun I saidyou’re going to hellnice pocket it was his right hand so yeppicture this now I’m facing him heshoves his right hand in his pocket Igrab him with my left hand on the pocketand I feel good and I’m trying to keepthat barrel pointed down he grabs mearound the neck with his left arm thatleft my right on free so I pulled myweapon and the fight ended he snappedthat thing five times and it hit fivebullet but the lining in his pant pocketwas preventing that hammer from hittingthat bullet hard enough to set it offand uh I sold her daughter I said giveme some towels and I put one stomach wewent in and went him right below his ribcage and I put one his back and I’mtrying to stop the bleeding and he helooked at me and he said Lord Jesus I’mdead I said no but you working on I toldyou smart he died the second one was arobbery two females old man picked uptrying to give him a ride he was 76years old and they pulled a knife on himrobbed him took a hundred dollar billand some more currency and they got outof the car he comes down the City Hallthis is Sunday I have to be in an hourahead of my squad so I’m just sitting upand tells her when I take the port oldphone and talking to that officer and hecomes in there was nobody thereto assign it to so I think we’ll get thecar with me we’ll go you showed me whereit happened and I was trying to find thecrime scene and he stops he he made mestop and he said they’re coming down thestreet so I backed up there come twowomen down the street one ameno hot pinktights and a hot pink shirt I mean shelook like a big bowl of cotton candycoming down the street don’t think youthink about ituntil I pop those blue lights on themwhen I pop the blue lights one runs upin the front yard and I jump out of thecar and I recognize her and she said shesaid hey mama and this lady at the frontdoor said don’t call me mama get out ofmy yardand I told I said Cal Vina come towardsme Cal Vina had a reputation she wouldlay in the road if you stopped to checkon her she would pull out she kept alittle bottle of lighter fluid or cannedgood in her crotch and she would squirtLancer don’t say give me money or I’llset you on firewell most people give her the money niceladyyeah well she comes up me the firstthing she does drops her blue jean andwhen she did I formed and knocked on theground I flipped her over and I put myweapon in my left hand my weak hand andI got my finger on the side not on thetrigger I take my hand cutting the grassand I handcuffed right home and as Ibring it behind her I swear she wasgonna try to help me she was trying tofight me or hurt me or anythingshe throws that left hand behind herback and the foam goes into triggerguard and that glocca the shoot throughthat no technically she shot says I saidmy be gone.ibut I saw the bullet whinnying right thecheek of the butt and thanks for fraksat the top of the femur and spun aroundlike a little top I think look at thatand she was so high okay no she was shotbut Tina the girl with her she was soafraidI told her get on ground Tina and shehit the ground she was so afraid whenthat gun went off she still had the openknife in her hand it was right so rightout she hurt you know that was a secondguys shooting everybody in the ass youcould have told her to you know reenactHamlet she would have done it you besurprised now number three all right mankidnaps a lady he tells her I will rapeyou I will kill you three differentbanks and she draws out money from herdebit card he takes her back to themaking no no no he drops her off youknow something like a rescue missionthrift store and he goes back to themall in her car he steals a carwell patrol officers find the car thatmake him all probably thousand people athousand cars at Gordon lot and I getthere and I drove cars with my Macy’sand her car down by the food court and Iasked him I said how many unmarked carsor at mall and they said just you I sothat’s what I thought I said I’m gonnago down there where her car is it andI’m gonna wait for him to come up I saidwhen I do I said I’m gonna take him downy’all get down here quick they said okayso I I’m headed down to the parking lotand I’m talking to the good Lord I saidLord just let me get close to the carand boom there’s a parking babe rightbehind it I didn’t I said this I thankyou Lord I really won’t get this closebut I I parked I wasn’t there fiveminutes and here he comes he’s dialingup to the car and he go to try to get inI walk up behind him and it’s colderJanuary so I challenging identify myselfand he’s looking down the barrel of aGlock but we looked at the Pens rottenlyhe throws both arms out to the side hesays ain’t robbed nobodyJesus Christ here we go I said thisain’t going because I set my radio onthe hood of a car and he turns around Ichallenge you identify myself as apolice officer he throws both arms outhe says I didn’t Rob anybody I said okaythis is not gonna go well so I set awalkie-talkie in the hood of a carhe turns red and smiles at me that’swhen he tries to duck behind thetailgate of the pickup and I’m thinkinghe’s gonna take cover and shoot at me oryou try to go in that mall and takehostage I’m not really to do either onethe only thing I could see when he dugwas the knee down on his right leg so Ishot him right in the knee cap and uh ohgod he screamed two inches of bone nowthat that’s a realism I just had bothMonday’s replaced but those officerscame down so fast when I started to cuffhim I drew back with the cuffs and I hadan officer in each one of my armssnatched me off of him and uh picked himup and feeling good one patrol car andcustom in his legwhat used to be the need was moving tothe right and the foot would move to theleft and I told my man that lookspainful God all he could do is curse meall I’m trust me when I show no respectno respect though I could not makemyself tell somebody to do something ifI couldn’t do it myselfI took a SWAT team one day and had Icould talk my way out of anything Ibelieve I had a guy barricaded in thehouse and he had a woman in the houseand we got SWAT team there we’re tryingto talk toI’m talking to them and I look off theporch and I see the lady coming aroundmy house she says I went out thebathroom windowI said well good so I told her I said Ican’t hear you come up to the door andhe came up to the door when I tell theSWAT team I said they had two batteringramI said knock the door down well when youtell the SWAT team to knock the doordown you’ve got two choices you can goin with them or get out of the way and Idid neither one they hit that door andthe next thing I know my nose is pushedthrough wire-mesh coming the glass onthe door the door cuts my arm and that’soften the SWAT team they hit so hard itnot you’ll make the call then back upJimmy you have given us some greatstories man I truly appreciate it we’regoing on we’re up to an hour 20 here sothank you so much for coming on brotheryeah well not gonna reveal his sourcesgot ahold of your high school teacher hewas going through your garbage Jimmy doyou have anything else for Jimmy can Ijoin I’m just mesmerized he’s sayinghe’s got some good stories but what alegend man just so many years of goodpolice work and we just touched the tipof just the surface of his experiencethere’s just so many so many things pluswe don’t even get to too much of the theVietnam stuff that led him to where hewas in police work and a lot of peoplethink that you know police officers aresometimes callous and they don’t takethings you know like like serious stuffas as to the heart as other people dobut but I believe I read the Jimmy andhis crew in Vietnam they killed 400 400people in one night with a five-man crewthat’s that type of thing is what shapedhim to who he iswhen he was dealing with these homicideswhich is what it takes you knowabsolutely tell you what my my crews onthe 8-inch howitzer each projectile with205 pounds holy cow I thought you weregonna say they’re wrong on some kind ofgovernment government drug Wowwell yeah really awesome Jimmy thank youso much once again I think so Jimmy youthere Jimmy come in don’t leave usare you back I’m not leave oh yeahyou’re coming back and say goodbyewe got your brother yeah I’m here allright man we were just saying thank youvery much for coming on and we justtruly appreciate it well it’s mypleasure if I could send you a pictureyou know we had to torn out of here nowe didn’t have ever headed over NeilSmith’s house and that littlefraidy-cats in got it built even ingrass shelter nothing was stared down toa hole I don’t blame a man those thingsterrify me you know I thought I heard alittle snickering in the backgroundthere is that the missus yeah she uh sheknows well hello to you too she’s ashe’s my best friend there you go sheknows everything and she haven’t leftyou so that’s pretty good Ohoh I might taste Malatialright Jimmy well thank you very muchfor coming on sir and I’m gonna I’mgonna do our outro plugs here wellalright sir take care hey guys I hopeyou enjoyed the episode if you’d like tosupport the show go over to thingspolice see calm when you get on thewebsite there’s a few different ways youcan show some support you can donatedirectly you can do a one-time donationor a monthly donation even a buck helpsus keep the lights on over here pays ourexpenses for the month is greatlyappreciated you can also just use ourAmazon affiliate link if you just wantto buy something on Amazon like younormally do just do it through our linkand we’ll get a little kickback for thatso you can go to the website and do thator in the show notes I’ll put a link youcan just click right through that linkand the third way is you can buy somecan buy some merch so we have coffeemugs we have t-shirts men’s and women’sand we also have hoodie sweatshirts nowso go over two things please see calmand check it out you can also justlisten to the podcast there or you canapply to be a guest to scroll down toand click on be a guest and what youwant to do is just give us a briefsynopsis of your of your service howmany years you were on the job and justa very brief idea of the stories you’dlike to share and I will get right backto you so thank you for listening andwe’ll catch you next timeyou[Music]English (auto-generated)

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