TPS E55: Oh Canada! – Em The Canadian Copper – Thingspolicesee

TPS E55: Oh Canada! – Em The Canadian Copper

In this episode Steve interviews Canadian copper – code name Em.  She polices the Ontario Province in one of the more populated areas.  Em sheds some light on some of the differences in Canadian policing and also brings some GREAT stories from the job!!

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this is things police see first Annacomes with your host Steve gold hey guyswelcome to the podcast thank you forjoining me this is episode number 55 andwe did it folks finally on the podcastwe have a Canadian we have a Canadianofficer lined up it’s gonna be a greatinterview I’m excited for it so it’s afemale officer which is kind of alsogreat because I’ve been trying to getmore women to come on the show and yeahit’s kind of two birds one stone type ofdeal here I’ve been contacted in thepast by several Canadian officers eveneven Mounties and nobody follow followthrough so this is um this is my firstCanadian and I’m super happy to have afemale on – because I feel like Ihaven’t got enough of them on the showso not my fault you know I don’t knowmaybe I’m not maybe the the podcastisn’t most women’s cup of tea alsothere’s just not that many women in lawenforcement get something like tenpercent or something so I’ve been doingmy best with that so I’m happy to haveher she’s she is active on the job she’snot retired and we’re not gonna use herfull name I’m gonna call her em sheworks for a municipal agency so she’s abeat cop in the province of Ontario andwhen I looked up her agency it lookslike she’s in one of the more populatedareas of Canada so I’m sure she’s gotsome great stories I can’t wait to talkto her about the differences in traininghiring and just police work in generalin Canada because it is very differentI’ve spent some time up there when I wasyounger I love the country I love thepeople if you don’t like Canadiansthere’s something wrong with you becausethey’re great so every one of them -never met a bad Canadian so withoutfurther ado let’s give her a dial Mwelcome to the podcast thank you forcoming on hey thank you for having meI’m so excited this is great this isreally cool I was just saying in theintro thatI’ve been contacted by several Canadiansin the past and there’s been a lot ofempty promises about coming on the showkind of dead ends and then along youcame ready and willing Wow well don’tlet that reflect on us Canadians we’regood people I promise no I you know it’sthe other thing I just said I go I’venever met a Canadian I didn’t likethey’re all every single one of them aregood can’t tell me different I used togo up there and party a bit when I wasyounger I went to a college in westernMassachusettsand there was like a bus for $99 youcould go to Montreal for the weekend Ohbuddy it was so cool you know for a kidwho just grew up you know in message inthe Northeast would just very everybodyyou know just very like a let’s say awhitewashed area for for culture it justwas like a lot of the same very blandevery even everybody woke I grew uparound nobody had accents you know weeverybody talks like newscasters so tobill to get on a bus and go like eighthours north and then you’re there’speople speaking French there’s all kindsof you guys have all kinds of quips anddifferent sayings I think you call casesof beer to furs or a24 you call youryour money loony toony or something yeahwe we have we have dollar dollar coinsand two dollar coins they’re calledloonies and toonies there’s this nothingnot fun about going to Canadayeah and it’s crazy Montreal is probablyone of the most diverse cities in Canadaas well so you would have gotten quitean experience coming up here and thedrinking age is 18 like you can’t beatit yeah it was from what I remember wehad a really good time that’s good fromwhat you remember so you’ve been on thejob two years now correct yep that’sright okay so I’m really interested ofcourse I’m going to want to start withyou’re with a hiring process in Canadais it from what you heard down here inthe States is it similar you guys do thewhole background deal are very thoroughwe so our process from what I know aboutAmericans it’s very different and weactually have three different levels ofpolicing here in Canada as well so wehave like your municipal / regional /City and that’s what I do I work for aregion andyou know in a City Police Service but wealso have provincial level police solike your state police and then we’vegot our National Police so the RCMPthose are the ones that typically whenAmericans make fun of cops it’s becausethey look at the the RCMP with their bigfunny hats and their red jackets and sothose are yeah work so I’m but with ourhiring process so you apply to a serviceyou apply to whatever service you wantto work for that’s your first step andthen so the service that I work for Iapplied and the first thing that I hadwas called my local focus interview andwhat they do is they talk to you forabout an hour and they ask you variousquestions and it’s pretty standard aboutkind of where he came from who you areand then they throw in a couplescenarios like policing scenarios andthey just kind of want to get an idea ofwhat you would do kind of as a humanthey don’t expect you to have any fancypolice answers and then when you passthat your second one is called youressential competency interview and thisone is awful it’s it’s about three hoursand they ask you five questions in thesethree hours but what they do is theytranscribe the entire interview so youhave to talk slow which is verychallengingyeah yeah you think but for some reasonthey like to they type it out or evenhand bomb it and they because they useit as a way to mark your answer so it’sit’s five very specific questions andyou’ll give an answer and then sometimesthey’ll ask you to step out into thehallway and they’ll discuss your answerI had to step out of my interview fourtimes I was like I’m not getting hiredthere’s no way that is not psychologicalwarfare it is insane yeah so when youmake it through that then your thirdinterview is the Chiefs interview sothey’ll send you up to the chief’soffice and it’s either the chief or thedeputy Chiefs depending on availabilitywho talked to you for about 20 minutesand it’s essentially just the you know Idon’t think it takes them very long tolook at you know whoever it is and goyes they’re gonna be a cop or no I don’twant this person around so that one’spretty standard then once you get theokay from that thengo to your your background interviews sothey will contact like every boss you’veever worked for if you have a boyfriendor spouse they’ll reach out to themsometimes they will go to your yourformer place of work and actually talkto them so at the time when I applied Iwas a teacher so they would actuallytalk to my principal face-to-face andonce that goes through they come into ahome visit so they come sit in yourhouse and chat with you there and thenyou finally get the okay so it’s a veryintense program process so awkward Iremember um when I was doing at FraleyPD like we’d take their phones and dosocial media checks like it was justbecause of the way password just storednow they would um like all that stuffyou just said is very familiar to me weused to do that stuff and then for thesocial media aspect we would just taketheir phone because having them sit downand log into our work computer like halfthe time you don’t remember yourpassword you know what I mean like oh soit’s like they’d be like well can I justuse your phone most candidates won’t sayno they’re like okay privacy breach theywould never do that up here um yeah it’skind of a gray area that that has beendiscussed before but um still doing ityou know just I think you could probablysay no yeah but you’re not gonna want tosay no exactly yeah but I mean there wasjust like especially with when you catchpeople off-guard there’s always like youknow that I would get I would get likedudes like posing outside the agency 15minutes earlier before their interviewwith me you know saying something aboutyou know anticipating meeting me or youknow something real cocky on theirsocial media or like there was the worstwas like the duck facing with girls orlike them in their bikinis and likesuper like revealing Instagram likeaccounts yeah this is terrible for bothof us so but they don’t they didn’tsubject you guys to that that’s goodyeah I know they asked for you I think Iwant to say in the paperwork prior toyour first interview I think they askedfor your social media handle but I meanat the end of it like I think mostpeople have the commentsto kind of do a quick purge throughtheir social media I know I got rid ofpretty much all of mine so yeah yeah Ifound that a lot to people I don’t havefacebook really that’s it’s amazing yeahyeah well I guess you’re all set thenyep so how long was Appel long did thehiring process take so up here in so Ilive in Ontario so how our policingworks is all the municipal andprovincial service services in Ontariogo to the same Police College justcalled Ontario police college and it’slocated in a pretty small town just westabout an hour or maybe two hours west ofToronto I’m just totally actually :police college yep they call it shotOntario police college so it runsclasses three times a year so intakes inJanuary May and September and they lastfor about 13 weeksso when yep so when you get hired youhave the kind of the same star data asthe rest of the people that you gothired with and you got sent down topolice college all together with all theother services so my intake when I gothired from my service there were 13 ofus that got sent to police college andthe intake of all the new officers inOntario I think there were about 350 ofus wow it’s a big class yep so and whenyou’re at police college they divide youup into I think there were ten you knowdifferent different classes there andyou you go to all of your classes duringthe day with everybody and you livethere during the week Monday to Fridayand then you’re able to go home onweekends but yeah it’s I mean it’s it’sin you’re you’re paid to be like you’repaid from your service while you’rethere at obviously a lower rate thanthen a constable but yeah you’re paid tobe there so it is essentially your fulltime job it’s a pretty sweet sweet gigthere and you’re being paid to you knowgo to class every day and do fun policethings and yeah yeah as a paramilitarylike getting your face and stuff um yeahno I’m definitely not probably not whatit used to be they’re just they’restrict on you know timing and you knowyour deportment you know looking goodand your shoes are shined and dependingon the officers that are there some ofthem like the some of the sergeants youknow like to really keep it old-schooland you know make sure your shoes areshined and yourall your little shreds in your shirtsare plucked and things like that so butdo they do anything humiliating like inyour face or anything or not really umno I I think society as a whole hasbecome too soft for that to be okayanymore I know that’s the way it’smoving yeah I went I mean I went throughnot that long not so long ago me reallyor 2006 I think 7:00 in Massachusettsand it was like you know our guy wasstill a Marines he was a Marine ourdrill instructor and he was you knowyou’d get in your face but half thestuff like I’m not sure it’s just youknow it’s a game you don’t I mean soyou’re not like you’re not so freakedout it’s not like you actually thinkthis man hates me I was the from day oneI was getting yelled at because I lookedwe’re in line and I looked into thegirls bathroom I just looked to my rightand there was a girl’s bathroom in himin this like cavernous girls bathroomthat’s shut down for the season it wasat a memorial hall and he’s justscreaming at us we’re just alone andeverybody out to the rest of the cadetbut someone was laughing at me when heput me back in line so he took these twoguys out he made them rub each other’sbellies and laugh he’s like laughslaughing no no keep laughing laughs andit went on for so long that they’re likeha ha ha ha ha like terrified butpretending to laugh it was really uh Ithink baggers really screwed up rightyeah it was really um it was reallysomething but that being said it wasn’tsleepover and I think and I was excitedbecause there is sleepover academies youcould be sent to by your chief inMassachusetts I was excited to go homeevery day even if even if it’s a quickturnaround and they like give you ahomework I think probably sleeping thereis probably more it’s probably a more ofa cohesive experience for you knowfellow officers I think you probablybond better that way and you and I thinkthat’s why they could probably make it alittle bit shorter because you just getmore done well yeah like so we werethere our classes ran for me 32 for 30every day and you had 475 minute classesand a lunch break so I mean it you youwere living and breathing policing whichessentially you know for how you knowhow broad of experiences you’re gonnaface on the job it’s it’s still notenough you still you leave the policecollege and you’re still like I have noclue what I’m doing like what are what’sreasonable grounds mean like you youreally don’t know until you get on thejob but it kind of gives you a goodfoundation and it truly does kind ofteach you how to you know walk like acop drive a police vehicle the shootingis great you get you shooting your gunalmost every day which is so cool thatwas probably the best part of PoliceCollege yeah that’s really cool cuzthat’s something lacking inMassachusetts really we did not do a lotof range I mean like two weeks total outof 22 or something oh wow we had I thinktwo sometimes three times a week that’sawesome that’s really cool like you saidwhen you graduate Academy there is umyou do you feel so like out of placekind of and you’re being trained andlike I still remember the feeling oflike putting your hands on someone likeforcefully like when it’s time to stoptalking in time for that person tocomply that is that’s the weirdestmoment I think when you’re a youngofficer where you’re with the seniorofficer you’re being trained and theymake the decision I’m not listening toScott anymorewe have enough let’s take him and it andit’s just time to grab someone yeah isthe heart that that is a strange to meanyways that was the strangest thing toget used to as from going not a cop tobeing someone who can take someone’sfreedom I mean that just Timmy was likewhoa okay I get it yeah it’s weird toobecause I know like from being a formerteacher I was very used to dealing withconflict and very you know going to alot of classroom and handling kind ofthat scene and I mean that’s that’s alot of policing is you’re just dealingwith you know conflicts and people thatare rowdy and out of hand and gettingthem calm but then to take that nextlevel and go okay you know this has gonefrom you know dispute to you know yourthis person is you know causing causinga scene or causing a disturbance andI’ve got grounds to arrest them and it’slike oh like okay you know I actuallyhave to act and I would say that wasjust like you said one of the weirdestthingsto get used to because you’re literallytaking someone’s freedom and you’reallowed to when you have the girls it’scertainly weird yeah it’s definitely umI found that once you get the hang of itit’s like you know it’s it’s it’s goodbut you do see people that that don’tever get or they never get they neverget rid of their sheepish Ness if youknow what I mean like they’re you kindof there’s always you always you alwaysknow a cop or work with the cop that’skind of like that cop who’s kind of likealways just a little bit slow on takingcare of business you know oh yeah orlike that oh no we don’t have groundsyet and it’s like no we had grounds likesoon as we got here but it’s all abootlet’s keep talking yeah oh man is I haveto ask you is Canuck offensive term ornot no okay just like I guess it wouldbe kind of like how Americans aresometimes referred to as Yankees but Iwould say Canuck is probably more morecommon than calling Americans Yankees Idon’t know what to call Americansanymore without offending them so I justI just don’t so softyeah it’s it is so crazy right down heredown here em it’s like it’s even toomuch for a lot of a lot of the people onthe far left they’re like you knowthey’re starting to get they’re startingit canceled themselves and they’re likewhoa what have we started here this isnothing can exist let’s get rid ofHamilton let’s take off paw Patrol likelive PD like it’s just insane to me Idon’t know why we’ve gotten to a pointwhere we have to think that just likewhere everybody is acting off offeelings instead of logic and that’scausing so many problems that I don’teven know how like I I don’t know I likeI lived in the States for five yearswhen I was in university and I I lovedit but I could just never live downthere I had it I don’t know I alwaysfelt a sense of like Russells ness orlike just kind of a weary feeling thatyou guys just you just never know whatcould happen like people are carryingguns everywhere people who certainlyshould not be carrying guns andI don’t know it’s just it’s I don’t knowhow I don’t know how you guys are gonnarecover and I hope that you do I lovecoming to the States I love visiting Ilove you know a lot of things that youguys are about the pride you know beforeall this happened and I hope that that’ssomething something major changes orsome some kind of resolution arises fromthis but III don’t think that it’s gonnahappen anytime soon it seems like thethe left is you know only screamingtheir side and not wanting to listen andI think the right is just too afraid tosay anything right now so I know it’s soweird and I mean I pull her ops of youthe guns make me feel betterraised with yeah but I remember going toUM I dated a girl from Canada back inthe day probably almost 20 years ago nowbut I used to go up to New Brunswick andyou’re the Bay of Fundy Saint John youknow st. John oh yeah yeah ma’amit was a good time it’s just good peoplereally like like one of her friendshusband’s was a longshoreman her dad wasa longshoreman her her best friend’s dadwas the fire chief of musquash and theywere just like like really solidsalt-of-the-earth people they were justgreat great folks I remember going onthe fire departmentone night the chief was like hey comewith me we’ll go for a ride in the truckyou know whatever I’m like great so wego in this truck and we go down the firedepartment and because it’s in theirdistrict they have a nuclear power plantthe power plant is required to give themso much money because they’re theresponding agency but it’s a volunteerfire department so there’s all theseyoung young men they’re setting up alsoof course is smoking out different roomsin the building they’re drinking beersbut they’re training you know if it justwas like this is like really cool I likeAmerica yeah the East Coast people arejust the kindest people in the worldthey’ll give you the shirt off theirback though like that still in 2020 theyleave their doors unlocked they leavetheir key and their ignition in theircar like they’re just the sweetestpeople in the world they’re so nice so Iwas with my family one more quick storyand then I’ve got to get to thesequestions I just I just love Kennedy MITokayI took our we took our fifth wheelcamper three or four years ago up tothrough Truro into Nova Scotia and onthe way there something broke the underlaminin of the trailer Oh Oh the one ofour holding tanks broke out and smashedall over the ground was it was like greywater so wasn’t totally disgusting butum and there was wires hanging Icouldn’t tell the thing so I just pulledover to this tiny garage in Truro Canadaand these guys ran out and the this guypulled all his guys off the two lifts atthis little mom-and-pop garage and theyfixed my camper I was just like guys I’mdesperate I’m like I’m here with my twokids my wife like they’re I don’t knowwhat we’re gonna do we’re in the middleof nowhere by the way and yeah he theguy took come-along straps from Walmartwhich he drove like 40 minutes to get itfor a project at his own house and heused them on my camper to put it alltogether oh well you know we’d like tothink this is how it would be if thishappened down in the States I’m likethis is so so kind so amazing and youknow I had to force the owner to takemoney like the guys do you watch like Iwas like just take this money and giveit to him because this is ridiculous butum you know it’s just one of manystories I have of Canadian kindness justtwo for Obama to four all right um let’sget into it let’s let’s get let’s getsome of your experiences here so it’sbeen a while since I visited some ofthese stories I know and I noticed thatyou I didn’t get it out to you quickenough you typed them all out and I waslike no because I’m thinking of they’renot good stories it’s probably not gonnawant me in the podcast I thought I’llget into them because it was just funkind of revisiting all those littledetails no it’s great I love it andyou’re not the only one there cuz if Idon’t put that warning in with theirinitial email that’s usually whathappens so I apologize no extra effortbut um yeah let’s uh can you tell usabout the first hot call you respondedto as a as a beat copyeah absolutely so i-i-i was actually ata collision with with my partner at thetime and we were just finishing uppaperwork it was just kind of just rightoutside downtown and we were at acollision and I was just giving the guyhis ticket and then I could hear thislike screaming and it sounded kind oflike a domestic and I wasn’t really surewhat was going on so my partner was likeI’m gonna go in the cruiser and look atthe screen and see what’s going on and Iwas like I’m just gonna walk around thecorner and go go see so I’m approachinglike a house and I see all these peoplelike probably 10 people up like standingup against the house and I see them likekind of yelling and they’ve got thehands going and as I’m walking closer Isee this one like teenage looking girlstanding in the middle of the lawn andshe’s facing them and she’s yelling andthey’re yelling and it was a very improvsituation so I pulled my taser out and Ijust had it at my side as I was walkingout because I wasn’t sure what the Ellenwas about and as I approached just as Iturned square just the sight was squarewith her she turned to me and she hadher hand up to her neck and she had aknife in her hand and she had this andlike the blade up against her neck andthere was blood all over her wrists andblood all up her forearm and I this wasprobably the first real dynamicsituation I’ve been in and they tell youin your training that you know they tellyou about auditory exclusion I’m sureyou’ve been told that you were told thatin your training and tunnel vision Icould not have heard a stampede if itwas behind me I couldn’t believe theauditory exclusion that I wasexperiencing and I’m my training kickedin and I’m yelling you know drop theknife drop the knifeyou don’t want to do this I’m gonna helpyou just put down the knife thankfullyshe drops the knife it was like Iblinked and all of a sudden my we hadbackup there they had her apprehendedthey had her in handcuffs but it waslike I didn’t hear anything at that timeall that happened was my training justkicked in and I’m just yelling you knowdrop the knife drop the knife and I meanit ended fine she ended up at thehospital she was apprehended she got thehelp she needed it was a major mentalhealth crisis but I couldn’t like theyteach you about auditory exclusionyou’re like the old there’s no way thatI won’t be able to hear something Ididn’t hear a damnthing I couldn’t believe it yeah a lotofficers say that about like gunfireanything that happens it like they don’teven remember hearing it Chester yeahyes yeah it was it was crazy and likethankfully you know I like we I have mytaser pointed or I mean it wasn’t like Ino knife calls typically you know you dohave every authority to pull your gunbut she had all these people behind herit was no it was not a you know it wasnot a she was not gonna be she was anassaultive to me at all was clearly amental health crisis and the Taser wasmore or less to stop her from doinganything to herself but thankfully shedropped the knife and it was taken careof but it was definitely probably one ofthe hotter calls that I can recall yeahabsolutely yes when you say that aboutthat is kind of what you get trained onan academy it’s like they’re down hereanyways it’s a 21-foot rule someone hasa knife out within 21 feet of you theysay that they can they can pretty muchget to you and get that knife in you bythe time you’re drawing by time yourfather your first rounds which is youknow that’s how we train I’m sure that’show you trained but um it’s so much likeyou said that we’re dynamic it’s so muchwe’re dynamic when you get there whenthere’s so much more involved and sameas youI had calls with people with kniveswhere we ended up buckling them andFirearms didn’t come out we had a Taserout on one almost tased a woman and samething though cuz it was like you knowonce you loose once you skin that smokewagon now it’s out you know what I meanyeah and yeah like you’re saying it wasa young lady there was all those peoplebehind her so that sounds like you youinstinctively handled it right I guessman it was like I said my first kind ofhot call and you you go through thesecalls in your training and you gothrough scenarios and stuff and they getyou pretty amped up in Police Collegethey do a great job of you know gettingyou’re getting everything heightened butyou don’t experience the auditory youcan’t you can’t fake or replicateauditory exclusion or tunnel vision likethat’s a that’s an you know that’s agame timethat’s a game time characteristic soabsolutely I’ve been to a few bad wrecksand I I just have holes in my memorylike they’re just just horrible things Iknow I saw and I try to remember what itwill look like and thenI know it’s there holes because Iremember seeing pictures later that adetective pad and I was like whoa ohyeah now I remember that awful feelingbut I think our bodies just have a wayof like picking and choosing you knowkind of oh definitely kids yeah for awhile being I would say you know that’sit’s you know it’s all you got to managethat stress otherwise you can be youknow running your body on a nitro orwhatever oh definitelyall right well that is a hot call that’sa very hot booze call can you describe astrange or most bizarre call you dealtwith yeah so I think I had to for thisor me yeah I do have to for this rip theFIR yeah the first one was I would saymore bizarre so we went to a fire andknocked in the fire department but wewere there first and it was a it was amajor house fire and you don’t see toomany of those anymore I think you knowwith technology and just you know betterquality appliances but this was a thiswas a burner and so we got there we wereme and my partner were first on sceneand I could see in the front doorwaylike an older lady with a walker tryingto get out so I run up and I get her outlike I didn’t go there was it was notthat risky she was in the doorway I gother out and her two older adult sonswere in there with her as well andtalking to them and I’m talking to oneson they’re both in like their 50s she’sin her 80s and the one son it said ohyou know I fell asleep downstairs thewith us so grab my mouth and I can’tbelieve this happened he was super upsetand like total accident so anyway a weeklater we get a call to this apartmentbuilding and it was a jumper it was asuicide and so we get there and I seethe body on the ground and the fire wasactually there as well and they werethey were doing chest compressions theguy was he was obviously he was verydead by the time we got there and so I’mlooking at this guy and I’m like thisguy looks familiar and I’m like there’sno way like I know this person so I’mlooking at him and then somebody elseshows up to the scene and I look overand I’m likeoh my god those are the two brothersfrom that fire last week so I’m lookingat the brother and the guy that jumpedwas the guy that fell asleep with acigarette in his mouth and I’m like holycrap so I’m talking to the brother andhe is just devastated he’s like he’slike I should have known I can’t believethis he was clearly in shock and I saidwhat are you talking about what do youmean I should have knownand he said well we’ve been staying atthis apartment that’s my sister’sapartment she lives in a one-bedroom andme and my brother and my mom werestaying with her and you know we’ve beenyou know walking on walking on eachother and stepping on each other’s toesand we’ve been making some pretty youknow rude comments to him about you knowthat this was his fault and he said I hesaid I think this this you know this didit did him in and I was like how dyj thethe sequence of events and that it’slike nothing you’ve ever seen you can’tmake that up you dick over the edge ifthat show um that show of Canadiansisn’t true they’re very good at ballbusting so obviously oh yeah well whatdoes that show that uh I can barelywatch it around my family because it’sso bad like swearing noise which wordshe fights everybody in town he’sCanadiannot Trailer Park Boys no but I have thaton DVDI keep people know what I’m talkingabout it it’s the name of the show isthe name of the town oh you should knowthis for sure no how could Ihow can you google that to make thislike one of those things that’s hard toGoogle um Canadian show yeah that’s itI’m trying to figure out right now umhe’s got short hair he fist fightseverybody I literally just had aCanadian show in like 45 show shouldhear of course all right well I’ll justdrop it then this guy jumped you saidhow from what how high it was it was a5th floor balcony and actually he hejumps and he landed on grassto be honest it was probably the this isgonna sound weird but police peopleunderstand probably the best dead bodyI’ve seen he just he landed on his backthere was no blood there was no therewas nothing like he looked like how deadpeople look in a casket in a funeral ohwow he just like shocked his insides todeath yeah I think so cuz there yeahthere was no no sploosh no fluids comingout it was cuz I mean we’ve all everypolice officer seen absolutelydisgusting dead bodies it’s like a trueCanadian he died like super politely yepbasically that’s the epitome of aCanadian I guess that’s great that’s notgrateful you know oh yeah yeahthe show was Letterkenny letter accountokay yes that is yep that’s a that’s apopular one yeah that’s really it’s areally good show it’s really um superinappropriate though so yeah three kidsso it’s yeah Canadians we do it we havegreat sense of humor and we we can takechirps with the best of them I don’tknow if you guys call them chirps we didlike when you make fun of your friendsno that’s amazing their chirps chirpyeah I lived with them I lived withCanadian from new Saint John for asummer and I wish I wrote downeverything you said because he was justhilarious he’s just like you know heknew all the you knew all your yourmagic quips yeah we have our ownvocabulary up here it’s actually thereit’s funny there’s you’ll see like skitson TV and stuff that they they make funof Canadians and I think there’s athere’s a song called or a youtube videocalled going for a rip yeah that’s likea very Canadian going out for a red sidelike that’s a big Canadian thing go fora rip I seen that video it’s amazingyeah yeah my second bizarre one and thiswas a this was really odd too so we geta call from this female saying that herroommate has she wanted her roommatechecked on because she was staying withhim and she I guess she had just theygot into a bit of an argument shedecided she was gonna move out and shejust wanted to go back and get her stuffbut he had locked the door and shecouldn’t get in and she said my keywon’t work like I don’t know what he didbut like I can’t get in then she saidhe’s not answering my phone calls he hasanswered my calls for the last I thinktwo days she said and said I’m a bitworried about him because you know hedoes go through depression he’s gotpainkillers for his his back and he shesaid I don’t know baby he’s taken toomany he’s overdosed so we get there andthis is a really crappy apartment andit’s at the top of a flight of stairsbut the way that the stairs are it’s thedoors at the very top of the stairs andthere’s no like landing so bit of asafety hazard in my opinion but we’retrying to get it and we’re knocking onthe door this guy’s not answering we’redoing you know loud docs call-outs he’snot answering and I was my sergeant wasthere with me and I was I was quite newat the time and he kind of looked at meand he goes you think we have groundshere to breach the door I kind of lookedat him and I’m like hell yeah we do thisis wicked so I I’m looking at this doorand I have you know the one thing aboutbreaching a door you know with yourshoulder or where the kick is that youneed a little bit of clearance to getthat momentum and I’m at the top of thestaircase and there’s no landing there’sno room I’m literally standing on a stepbelow this door trying to hoof it inwith my shoulderand I’m giving it you know I’m givingher in this door and I’m you knowhuffing as hard as I can I finally endup getting in but the way that the doorcracked open it cracked in threedifferent pieces and when it opened weactually saw that this guy had put inlike six I think they were like four orfive inch screws between the frame andthe actual door so even if you unlockedit you couldn’t open it oh yeah I and Idon’t know why I don’t know why he didthat I don’t know if he got pissed atthe girl that was staying with him butso we breached this door and I’m likethe entire city would have heard thisdoor open cuz it cracked like you knowlike super loud and we get in and buthe’s just sleeping in his bed likedidn’t hear any of this I don’t knowwhat kind of meds he was on but we go inand I shake him some like this guy deadlike what what is going on hereso we wake him up and he was you knowcompletely confused butwe end up getting her things back it wasall good but the best part about this isthat we go back out to the car and Iparked our cruiser along this along acurb and there was a like a marked offspot like a marked off line that saidwhere you can’t park past and the verytip of my cruiser was touching that lineand you know how the public is aboutpolice so this guy walking by looks atme and he points down the line and I waslike the server here for for a policematter and he looks at me and he goesyou’re a – dick mouth bitch I looked atmy sergeant and I was like that might bethe best name I have ever heardWow what a jerktalk about like have you been calledanything worse than I don’t thinkanyone’s ever been called anything worsethan that on the job I don’t even knowwhat it means to dick melt bitch is thatwhat he said yeah Wow that’s me yeah yepso that’s that’s gone down on our shiftI think is the best name insult did youpark your cruiser like a little bit overthe line yeah exactly you know we’re thepolice and we’re awful so Wowyeah people yeah people are crazy andlike I mean as a female officer I getcalled everything under the Sun and Ireally don’t care like you look at thesource and you’re like okay I you knowthat’s fine if it makes you feel betterto call me the c-word or whatever someother disgusting word but how was I waslike that’s like that’s creative and Ithink he was a homeless man oh well thatmakes more sense okay so there mighthave been maybe some mental how that howdo the homeless people are surviving atcandidates I’m told I well you know whatit’s funny so we have very similarweather weather where I am to Buffalookay and land like Pennsylvania likewhere I went to school it was the samething we get the we get the the effectsand the extremes of all the season sowe’re in the middle of an absoluteheatwave right now like it’s God I don’tknow what the Fahrenheit would beprobably not I’m guessing 90s but it hasbeen like mercilessly hot the last weekbut then our winters do get very verycoldnot Montreal cold Montreal is disgustingyeah the place but it gets coldyeah it’s Pennsylvania cold here in thewintersI guess we just get used to it I don’tknow they always joke the Canadians lovetalking about the weather and I say it’strue yeah that’s no it’s not muchdifferent than New England you knowBoston area good Massachusetts NewHampshire and Vermont that gets I meanthey they can’t really um they can’treally brag about their weather I meanit’s it’s horrifically cold there in thewinter yeah yeah exactly it’s kind ofkind of somewhere here all right sorry Iwas just um I’m like having my brain isfreezing because my son six years oldit’s like whop dick walked up behind mehad this big question for me went intothe microphone all right so I had aquestion for you about you know you knewthis is coming because I’m an American Ihave a question for you about guns okayin Canada the way I understood it youguys are armed but you leave do youleave your gun at the station like aftershiftyeah yes you can so you guys don’t haveaccess to weapons off duty so we do butthe kind of the rule and kind of theyeah I guess it’s the rule is that ifyou do bring your gun home you have tohave a like a locked like a securedstorage box for it it has to be securedto your like either floor or wall itcan’t just be like a gun case it has tobe like something that is like affixedto you know your floor or your wall andyour closet or something so it’s it’sliterally just not worth the trouble andI don’t even I can’t even imagine ifsomebody used their their servicefirearmoutside of work I wouldn’t be very goodoh you think they would go for the joboh I would guarantee it yeah can youcarry concealed off-duty or just no nono you can’t you can have a when you aretransporting any kind of firearm here inin Canada you have to have it it has tobe like locked in a in a case and it hasto be I want to say it can’t have ammoin it and it’s got to have a triggerlock on it I don’t call me on it but I’mpretty sure that’s thetransport rules okay so that they gosame for police personnel so like whenyou’re when you’re off-duty do you havepolice authority oh yeah oh yeahdefinitely yeah you can still act youknow if you come in same thing like ifyou come across someone that’s you knowstealing or someone that’s assaultingsomeone or whatever you can you cancertainly act as a police officer you’rekind of a police officer all the timebut that’s so banged up to me they dothat to you guys cuz I mean the onething that george w bush did that ireally liked was he made this thingcalled lyosha law enforcement officersafety act in america where policeofficers on or off duty can carry theirweapons concealed anywhere in thecountry without a permit long as long asyou have a badge in a department ID andthe idea was of the rise of terrorism inactive shooters and stuff like that wasthat good guys with guns is is a goodthing and geez in Canada I mean the samerule would apply I mean you guys have alot less gun violence because there’sless guns and stuff but still a cop witha gun is still a good thing you’retrained you know you’re you’ve beenvetted the whole deal I think from andthis is only opinion I think the riskversus reward is probably just itdoesn’t it’s not worth it I would saybecause I mean if you know policeofficers have their guns all the timethey might become targets that thatwould be my assumption just because youknow there are not as many times herebut the one thing is that certainly arethe guns that are you know on thestreets here are in very bad hands andwe do we like I think our region has hadmore shootings this year then I thinkwe’ve ever had and it’s just and againlike we’re a service about an hour westof Toronto and Toronto is kind of thehub of you know all gun violence but itkind of makes its way up the highwayhere we have a major highway here calledthe 401 and it’s comparable to yourhighways in like you know Los Angelesyou know Phoenix it’s it’s a largehighway and it goes runs east-west andwe get a lot of gun violence and gangviolence that comes from Toronto up ourway sure yeah you guys carry could youcarry concealed to and from work orstill have to be unloaded and securedcontinue it’s all yeahself to be unloaded and everything likethat unless it wasn’t like unless I forsome like so for example like for somepeople like I work a lot of overtime soif I was to bring my uniform home thatwould be the only real reason that Iwould be carrying my my firearm on meand it would obviously be loaded but I’mgonna be going to and from the placewhere I was working so they basicallydon’t want you acting off-duty as policeofficers pretty much yeah yeah I wouldsay I mean I’d sure as hell wouldn’tgood we yeah we have we have a muchhigher like we have and this is where Idon’t really understand policing in thestates is that in Ontario here we haveour Special Investigation SpecialInvestigation Unit so our SIU and theyoversee any any incident where either apolice officer has caused bodily harm toa civilian or a police officer anytime apolice officer shoots someone the SIU isinvoked and they will do their owninvestigation as opposed to our ownservice doing the investigations so theyare some known as though you know theprovince is watchdog I know they’re notknown to be big fans of police and theyseem to come out with I guess theirtheir investigations are not alwaysfavorablereally silly not like sworn officersthemselves it’s like a separate it’s aseparate agency that investigates okayand a lot of them are former cops butsome of them are former very disgruntledcops at least that’s kind of the thoughtprocess or the way that people thinkhere so yeah oh it’s not a terrible ideaI mean civilian oversights not alwaysbad but that situation sounds like itcould be kind of unfortunate for youguys yeah especially an agency that Imean you’d be you’d be lying you’d besaid that you you know if they wereoblivious to what’s going on in theworld right now and I mean nobody’s infavor of cops that are you know engagingin in force against civilians right noweven if it is warranted but just it’sit’s unfortunate the time somewhere inright now I thinkpolice do is not seen as favorable andit’s very frustrating yeah it really isI mean down here in the states aretalking about New York he’s got a billon the floor to remove protection fromthe police for liability so their policewill have to purchase their owninsurance policies for liability howmuch does that policy gonna cost likewhat do you do for well I take people’sfreedom away arresting people I have agun I could shoot someone oh my godlike who the thing that sucks is werewere like me the citizens are gonnasuffer because I like the policeI like yes around here it’s your normaleveryday hard-working nose to the groundpeople that are that are gonna end upyou know paying for this because you’regonna get the good officers that arelike you know what this isn’t worth itI’m gonna go back to being an accountantor I’m gonna go drive a truck for aliving it’s just not worth it it sucksyeah I workI mean I’ve almost went back into policework a couple years ago I had to offeron the table and I didn’t take it andright now I’m a couple years ago itwasn’t nearly as bad as it is right nowand now I work for I’m an SIUinvestigator for insurance company andit’s fantastic I have a take-home car Iwork from home I make my own hours I’vescheduled my own appointments and itpays way better so it’s like it’s waysafer so it’s like you know I still haveto go to like cell Central and stuff butI’m not the five-o you know what I meanI can always this sneakers and they runyour police are not paid that wall downthere are they um it depends it’s allvery regional like you might run intoofficers in Alabama that make like 35grand or 30 grandwhere LAPD in a couple years you’re inyou’re at 80 you know okay la I thinkmaybe five years in your clothes you’re80 same with New York 80 or higher butthere’s a lot of attrition with that toopeople don’t make five years you knowyeah WowI think they start I think I think theystarted like 65 or some 69 okay so it’snot but the cost living in LA is outstupid yeah exactly so I mean theyshould be there is agencies here BeverlyHills and Santa Barbara and some otherthe other ones that start at like 95 or100 between oh wow but I mean thenyou’re looking at like your your cost ofliving like you’re like I can’t evenimagine the housing there no yeah theythey can’t have it in their charter thatthe officers have to live in town I meanyou work for Beverly Hills PD you livein you live 40 miles awayyou know it’s yeah okay pretty cool jobthough oh yeah it’s I mean they have allit means you’ve seen every little copI’m sure that he Murphy it’s yeah theyhave all the best toys you know theythey have all the bed they look greatand they pay phenomenally but um so thatyou think they take a little bit bettercare you guys in Canada yeah I would saywe’re paid better like you’re you’rehitting that a hundred thousand mark byyeah by year five okay and then it justcontinues to go up from there but yeahand I mean like we have our own you knowpolice associations and we’re protectedpretty well like we’re we’re lookedafter I would say I mean everyone’sgonna have their own opinions and theirown reasons to be disgruntled but I interms of you know compensation and youknow our overtime and you know if youget called out we’re taking care of Iwould say we’re very lucky in thatregard but it’s it’s also hard work soI’m you know its deserving for surepeople will say that we’re overpaid andyou know they need to cut our budget butI mean what what do you want to cutwhere do you want to take those numberslike nobody has solutions everybody justhas complaints yeah what kind of cops doyou want you know yeah you start payingthese um clearing house prices you’regonna get Clearing House cops you’regonna get you know you’re not gonna likehow many handle yeah exactly man allright let’s see here can you tell us themost intense or terrifying call youtonight yeah so and this was this onestuck out right away in my head so I wasactually working overtime shift and Iwas partnered with someone who is thisCobra he’s he’s fun to work with becausehe just you know those cops that justkind of have a nose for certain thingsyeah that’s true if this guy’s just gota got itI knows for absolute crap so we’redriving around and now we’re driving upthe main the main drag in downtown wherewe work and there’s a sushi restaurantand I it’s like probably two o’clock inthe morning and I see this car with itslights on and kind of the very back thelot and I’m like hey let’s pull in thereand go go see what this cars doing likeobviously restaurants closed there’s noreason anybody should be back here I wasthinking it we’d roll up on you know twopeople just being stupid in the car ordoing drugs or whatever so we get thereand the guys parked facing therestaurant and we’re like hey man let’swhat’s going on why you back here and hesays oh we’re just picked I’m justpicking up two of my buddies from herethey’re just you know staying at thishouse and there’s a house that is rightbehind this the sushi restaurant and itit’s backyard kind of backs on to thisthis parking lot and it’s a roominghouse and you know a lot of drugs run inand out of there so you know Hyundaiguard up a little bit kind of knowingthat something could go down and as thedrivers talking to us you look at themand I’m like this guy’s like high as akite and like weed is legal in Canadabut obviously not not driving and beinghigh so we’re like all right like I justsee your license your ownershipinsurance you know you’re technicallyyou’re trespassing you’re not supposedto be back here so he gives us hislicense and my partner runs him and itturns out there’s a warrant for thisguy’s or usso obviously we don’t tell him but wejust said hey man do you mind steppingout of the car we just got a chat withyou for a minute and he starts toreverse the car and we’re like no no yostop the car stop the car like you getsquirrely as soon as someone doesn’t youknow doesn’t listen to you especiallywhen they’re gonna come when they’re ina car so he said oh I thought you toldme to park and he’s you know he’s kindof smiling I’m on the driver side of mypartner’s on the passenger side and sohe stops the car and I was like hey manjust step out for a second and as soonas I said that he rose the engine andflies out of this parking lot and I meanme my partner were his windows like wewere probably within two feet of gettinghit and it was probably the mostterrifying moment on the job becauseI’ve never been that close to being hitbefore so he takes off and my partnergoes running after the car to see whichway he wentI hop in the cruiser and drive aroundthe corner to see if I can seeand I see his two these two buddies thathe had picked up they were walking downthe street so I get out of my car I getthem a Taser point you know I’m sayingdon’t move don’t move because I had noidea why why they drove off like I knowwho it was you know what their deal wasand they had said oh you know he he saidhe’d give us a ride somewhere like we’renot friends with this guy like I don’tknow why he did that like we told him tostop so they were fine but we wanted tofigure out where where buddy went so wehad his license and we had his addressand the car was registered to his mom sowe went to his mom’s address and sureenough the car is there in the parkinglot and now we’re like perfect andengine still warm so we’ve got all ofour grounds at this point I mean we’vegot every every you know drivinginfraction on this guy at this pointwith the possible impaired by drugcharge as well so we knock on the doorand his mom comes to the door and wesaid you know is it so-and-so in hereand she said no and we left her and Isaid listen ma’am like I know he’s herelike he was get him to come to the doorwe need to talk to him about a trafficabout a traffic stop and she says holdon so she goes in the house and comesback probably like two minutes later andshe says yeah I know he’s not here andthen she puts her hand up to her mouthand whispers to us and goes he’s hidingunder the desk like at home so we go wego in and we go into the living room andsure enough this guy is curled up underthis desk like a baby so we get him outand I think we actually had a motivegunpoint at that point because I mean wedid we just didn’t know we’re facing buthe like he came out he ended up beingimpaired by drug and like a suspendeddrivers warmers were at like probablyten charges on this guy at that pointbut just the adrenaline dump after afterthat call just with him driving off andjust because it was honestly the lastthing I expected and it was a good agood learning point because now you knowthat’s just kind of what I anticipateevery every traffic stop at this pointso yeah that is a good one now when youguys in Canada if you go to the door andshe persisted or even if you could seehim in there would you guys be able togo in so if I if we could see him inthere we would have wewould have to write up what’s called afini warrant so mean that we do knowthat he’s in there and we need thejudicial authority to actually go in soeither somebody would go and type it upit’s a real pain in the ass my mom wasthere to say come in this yeah oh yeahso she yeah she yeah she gave us youknow she gave us the entry but if if wedidn’t see him in there even though thecar was there and it was hot if shewould have said no he’s not in there wewould have had we wouldn’t be able to goin do the old just come to the door Ineed to talk to come out here exactlyyeah I noticed that you called him weknow it’s odd that two people in yourstories would be named buddy anotherCanadian thing I think so yeah it’susually well I mean I it’s usuallyshithead or whatever but I’m trying tobe a little more proper so buddy istypically the go-to for us god yeah Ilove itokay what do you what do you guys say umif you’re not gonna need if you’re justgonna probably like I don’t know dudeyeah dudes another one but yeah buddybuddy and bud are very big Canadianterms I don’t know I don’t think thoseare used as much in the States I don’tremember people using them as much inthe States and I was down there you guysuse wicked though I noticed wicked a lotyeah yeah I was down there too becausewe used I got called out on a lot inbecause Massachusetts we use wicked alot too but um if you venture too faroutside New England then you know Ithink it’s odd just means like reallywicked yeah yeah Americans useawesome a lot which I found to likeeverything is awesome every every wordis awesome and it gets used a lot whichI find really funny yeah it’s reallyweird and we’re like not self-aware atall cuz I’m just responding in textmessages and because of the podcast Iget tons of messages and like I’ll belike is this a third time I’m puttingthe word awesome to someoneawesome awesome like is it awesomebecause awesome if you look up thedefinition is like a really big amazingthe power of God is awesome yeah werecycle see you later awesomeall right now can you give us a positiveor heartwarming situation or giveanything like that this is a tough oneand I don’t know I hope this isn’treflect on me I just feel like I can’treally think of anything superheartwarming I mean you get those littlemoments like you know where people arejust super excited to see you or you getyou know the waves from the kids that’sthat’s really nice but it’s actuallyfunny so a couple weeks ago I waspulling up to an intersection in thecruiser and there was a guy in a pickuptruck beside me and I could hear himlistening to a ben shapiro podcast andknow I love ben shapiro unpopularopinion maybe but i really enjoy howpro-police he is and just how much of arealist he is but anyway oh yeah exactlyso I look over the guy and I said areyou listening to ben shapiro and he goesfuck yeah and I love you police I waslike that’s awesome it really made myday because I just you know we’resurrounded like we’ve got this one guythat walks in front of our PoliceDivision almost every night with an acab sign just on on on cardboard and hejust walks in front of our division andevery time the cruise was driving hejust like holds a sign up of waves andI’m like you don’t have anything betterto do lest you forget you’re a babyyeah thank you because I wasn’t I forgotthat all cops are bastards thank you forreminding meyeah is this guy mentally deranged or ishe like does he really think he’s ummaking a point I’ll let you answer whatkind of horrible life are you leadingthat that is wait that is your everydayactivity yeah we and I mean we like inour city we have a pretty pretty bighole most population there like wefennel is a huge problem in our citylike last summer I think we wereprobably getting an overdose call a dayand it’s pretty rampant where we arefentanyl and meth so I mean that’s itjust it obviously it fries everybody’sbrains but our homeless population iscertainly plagued by those addictions soyeah that’s those are nasty drugs andthey they really produce nasty humans todeal with as well yeah and I mean likeit’s hard when they’re high too becauseI mean like I I’m definitely notabove these people and I don’t go outthinking that I am and I love talking tothe homeless especially the ones thatlike the homeless guys that are justlike you know what like I you know I Iscrewed up my life a long time ago youdo oh no you live in a house right yeahyeah but I like to I like I don’t liketo you know go out and act like I’mbetter than them just because you knowmy life had better opportunities andwhatever but no there’s there’s a couplehomes people that are my I call them myfavorite I like if I if I see them onthe street I’ll go by the mud and icecap from Timmy’s or whatever and theyappreciate that and it’s nice to youknow sit and shoot the shit with themwhen they’re when they’re not high andyou know you’ll typically they rememberthat and I have a pair of like in thewhen the sun’s out I’ll wear my I have apair of pink oakley sunglasses and Ilike to wear them because everybodyalways remembers me is the officer withthe pink oakley sunglasses yeah and soit’s it’s just a nice way for them toremember me and just kind of know thatI’m I’m never gonna be the one thatreally you know goes over and Bob justscrewed them over if I have to arrestthem I have to arrest them but it youknow my mouth gets me out of a lot ofsituations that I think could getphysical but don’t because I like tothink that I’m pretty good at leastde-escalating people are talking to themso and hey there those are eyes on thestreet all the time you might need themsomeday or you might need them you mightneed their help someday you might getattacked know they’ll be nearby you knowyou never know well yeah that’s exactlyI mean we have you know we have soupkitchens and we have big you knowhomeless shelters and shit goes downpretty quickly in those and yeah you’reyour y ou numbered yeah yeah absolutelyand I noticed you said timmy’s they weretalking to Tim Hortons here Tim Hortonsyes are you Canada I think I don’t thinkit is I’ve only been to it oncedouble-double and then you’ll they knowthough got it got it I’ll write thatdown little double I was gonna say soany interesting encounters with policebefore you work up umactually someone buddy I think most ofmy police memories ironically were fromwhen I was at school in the StatesI went to school in Pennsylvania andwe had like university police that werethere and I remember one time me and myteammates were drinking at one of ourteammates houses and all the 21 yearolds went out to the bar so of coursethe 19 and 20 year olds are drinking atthe house and and we had a case of nattylight or some disgusting cheap beer thatwe were drinking that night and we’rejust drinking shootin the shit wethought for some reason we thought itwould be really funny to go out frontbecause one of our teammates had parkedin front of the girls house and wethought it would be funny to go out andpick up the front of her car and kind ofmove it to sort of the middle of theroad so that when she came back she waslike what the hell like yeah stupidthing so we do that and we picked up acar how many of their rooms there were Ithink four of us we just picked it upfrom the front I was like a littleToyota Corolla we were softball playersso we’re we were pretty strong yeah butyeah so we we thought it was hilariousso we go back in and we’re drinking ourbeer and we hear this really loud knockon the front door and this flash lightshines in and of course shines in aroundthe case of beer and it’s the police andwe’re all freaking out this were likewe’re all scholarship athletes we’re nottroublemakers we are all terrified ofthe police just as most normal citizensare they don’t want to get in trouble sowe hear them we’re like oh my god sowe’re like let’s just pretend like we’renot here that’s the smart thing to dohmmyeah so and then we’re like okay we’lljust put the blanket over the beer andwe’re not gonna move then all of asudden we hear footsteps and thisofficer is in the house and we’re likewhat the hellWow so we’re freaking out she’s andshe’s like oh the storm the storm doorin the back just flew open in the windso we understand here too you know andshe says oh you guys smells like beer inhere and we’re like no like there’s nobeer like we’re not drinking and she’slike what’s under that that towel and ofcourse we’re like abiding so we’retelling her everything and I’m lookingback now like man she didn’t rememberright to be in the house yeah yeah but Iof course I’m a dumb university studentI didn’t know anything so anyways yeahkids she knew what she was doing rightyeah exactly so she she says all I camehere to do was try and figure out whatidiot parks their car so poorly in thefront but for thoselike oh my god so she she ends up justsaying you know what like she goes I’mgonna write you guys all tickets fordrinking but she said what I’m gonna dois I’m gonna take down all your phonenumbers and gonna connect you guys withthe soup kitchen to get you guys tovolunteer so who gets the last laugh weall give her fake phone numbers none ofus have to go bowling yeah well you’relucky she didn’t come back there oh I’malways gonna do bust in the door like noyeah I come in illegally again yeahexactly so yeah I mean yeah we ended upbeing it was all good but no that’sabout my my extent with the police I wasa pretty pretty square kid I owe it likeI grew up playing softball and that’swhere just all my time went so I wasn’treally I wasn’t the kid going out toBush parties drinking and stuff likethat so yeah sports super importantsuper important yeah the big cities – itkeeps lots of kids off the streets so sodid this story come up when you wereinterviewing to be a cop I’m curious itactually did it and I and it wouldn’thave been for not telling them but Ijust don’t think that there was aquestion that that was around thatbecause it like technically we didn’tget in trouble so it wasn’t like youknow have you been in trouble with thepolice and I mean I don’t know I stillto this day don’t actually know if theylike run your name to find out like Iknow they ask you like have you everbeen arrested or have they ever had anycharges against you have you ever beenpulled over and I’ve been pulled over acouple times actually the one time I didget pulled over driving from here toback to Pennsylvania for school I gotpulled over in New York I was doing 84and a 65 and I got stopped and I thoughtfor sure I was gonna get a speedingticket in this cop I was terrified theNew York sheriff or whatever and he’swearing his hat and I was terrified andhe ended up just giving me a ticket forhaving I had like these Derek Jeterfuzzy dice hanging and play in my mirroryou did to him hurt yeah yeah yeah buthe just wanted his tags I guess for themonth but yeah I was I was very lucky inthat regard but and I had another ticketjust for running a stop sign andactually thethe guy my interview said well whydidn’t he said did you fight the ticketand I said no he said why didn’t youfight it and I said because I didn’tstop like that that’s just how kind ofnaive I was to police back then likeyeah like he called me I didn’t stop Irolled the stop sign so why would I whywould I try and fight that but now as apolice officer to see the the lengthsthat people will go to fight theirtickets and to fight their charges isunreal it’s good you’re not a liaryou know well yeah I just forgetInstaller I got caught you know blewmany other stop signs that I didn’t getcaught doing so right yeah if you have aticket for one just imagine all the onesyou didn’t get caught for okay exactlyso all my stops are pretty good afterthat though so do you have some adviceto new police officers who are lookingto get on the job in this is a prettybig percentage of our listeners and alot of females too we get a lot ofletters from females who are maybesometimes a little more concerned aboutit because it is kind of like a you knowquote man’s job it’s dominated by menand it definitely poses a little bitmore challenge to him and I think inthat way yeah I would say just forpeople in general applying to policingif your number one reason to apply isnot to help people then don’t apply likedon’t don’t get hired because you wantto carry a gun and drive fast likethat’s not the job like the job has likefrom you know obviously I did I wasn’t apolice officer in the 80s and 90s butyou know it’s not about going andgetting in fights in the streets anymorepolicing is so much dealing with mentalhealth dealing with people in crisisdealing with you know your snowflakesthat are offended or upset and it’s likeyou have to be able to make them believethat you care about why they’re upseteven if you don’t even if it’s thedumbest thing to you in the entire worldyou got to make them believe that you docare so I would say like if you want tohelp people it’s absolutely the job foryou I think that the job needs morefemales because at the end of the dayit’s you you carry enough weapons thatif you’re ever in a fight you’re gonnabe fine if you know how to use them andyou’ve got good instincts I think thatfemales have an ability to be a littlemoreempathetic and reasonable you said judoyeah exactly and that’s what I said likemy mouth has gotten me out of so manysituations that I’m sure male officerswould have ended in fights but you knowI’m not a big person I’m you know fivefoot three and maybe you know maybe 160pounds with my 30 pounds of gear on soI’m not I’m not a big officer by anystretch but I know how to talk to peopleand that’s that’s a quality that I wouldsay females tend to be better at there’scertainly females that are not better atit and there’s certainly males that aregreat at it but I would say as a wholeand I think most people would agree thatfemales tend to be pretty good attalking to people especially when peopleare at an escalated state yeah I’m veryuseful to and in domestic situations orwhen there’s a very angry male a lot oftimes there there’s just they’re justmore apt to be calm down by a womanthere’s more of that feminine quality isvery can be very useful in thosesituations exactly and I just think thatand with females I know they’re theirbiggest apprehension tends to be youknow the strength thing or I’m notstrong enough or I’m not fit enough butI mean that’s just not really the jobanymore it’s not it’s not like thatanymore at least up here so much of whatwe deal with in in a lot of our opinionsis not police matters but it’s somehowstill gets sent to the road and we stillhave to go deal with it so it’s it’sessentially almost feels like socialwork a lot of the time yeah I think it’sum I think it’s the numbers arepercentage are so low just it’s almostjust naturally women are less less intoconfrontation but I think if you’re awoman who’s in you know yourself andyou’re interested in police work youshould do it because they we do needmore women on the on the jobs andthere’s a lot of super tough and capablewomen that are cops but I think I thinkthat’s why it’s the numbers are so lowit’s just not most women don’t want toget into it yeah and I yeah I think tolike just from even my background as anathlete like because I think the biggestand best characteristic to have in termsof getting along on the job like withco-workerand you know as a patrol officer helpingeach other out is coming from a teamsport background because you knoweverything from like knowing your roleas a rookie it’s like being a freshman acollege team or it’s like being the newguy on the sports team and you knowlooking up to your seniors respectingyour seniors even if you know even ifyour senior guys the biggest asshole inthe shift he’s still been there donethat so he he deserves some respect andI think team sports give you a lot ofthose characteristics and I wish thatmore females that played team sports andplayed college sports and n-c-double-awould go into policing because I thinkthat they would find that they wouldlove it honestly it’s it’s my thirdadult career in in my life as a 30 yearold and it’s I’m gonna do this foreverit’s I love this job it’s awesome it’sso cool I’ve interviewed women on herethat are just such such great people andsuch awesome cops you know and they justhave it’s a very special woman that Imean it’s a special person that becomesa police officer let’s face it that’sits job not for anybody everybody butit’s a very special type of woman thatcan be a cop and kind of navigatethrough that kind of boys club and Ithink you’re right with the team sportthing yeah if you if you have thatmindset and that kind of and you and Ithink most people do enjoy that kind ofcamaraderie it’s a great job absolu yeahnot to mention like the team sport thinglike you know people always joke if yougo into a women’s locker room it’sprobably the the top of a conversationis probably more disgusting than whatthe men talk about like females orfemales are pretty ruthless and it goesa long way to with you know shooting theshit with the boys when you’re doingyour door-to-door meetups and you knowit’s not about being the you know thedelicate frilly girl it’s about beingthe chick that just you know doesn’tdoesn’t try to fit in just kind of fitsin seamlessly and it’s it definitelytakes a certain kind of female you knowyou can’t let the men intimidate you orget upset when they you you know kind oftake over try to take lead on thingsit’s just just about keeping your coolreally and just kind of going with theflow and I don’t know if just notgetting upset over things that aren’tworth getting upset about but I wouldsay that will get you through the job inmost situations it’s like you said ittakes a special person because you’renot it’s not like another job where youyou know you clock out and you go homelike you’reany moment of the day you will identifyas police officer I know that’s that’sme I’m no longer just me I am a cop andI will identify as that forever and Ilove that I can identify as that nowit’s it’s kind of become my part of mybeing yeah no yeah really it’s one ofthose it’s one of those professionsreally it’s always it’s a career youknow it just kind of becomes part of yousometimes I can’t believe I’m not a copanymore like because of that likebecause I was I was in LA born for 14years and thought I would never leaveever you know I mean the idea of leavingwould not be a cop made me angry youknow what I mean like he’ll never knowand then you know life happens and my mygoals changed what I wanted to do withmy life and I kind of had to make somesacrifices and I left but I I still Imean I do a podcast about my interviewcops about their stories now I stillit’s still like in me my dad was a copfor over 30 years and it is it’s one ofthose jobs that gets just gets into youyou know and it’s just becomes part ofyou really and it’s funny because it iswhen you do finally retire after yourlong successful career I’m sure you’llnotice like now that I don’t do it it’samazing he’ll unstressed out I am ateverything you know ya realize howstressfulpolice work is until like you work inthe world of insurance you know you’redisliked nothing gets my blood pressureup at all I yeah you see a car crash yousee something happen in public whateveryou’re just like mm-hmmnothing gets you excited because yourjob used to be every time you know you’dhear tones on the radio and go yourheart would start going and yeah youknow it’s like it’s funny when I thinkback like wow I really have it easy nowI’m really well I remember when I firstgot hired I in my sleep I would hear thethe notification sound from our computerof when a call comes in and I would Iwould add 30 times in my day where Iwould think that I would hear the radiobut it was obviously wasn’t cuz Iwouldn’t be at work but it’s thoselittle things and even like because wecan access the call screen from like anyany laptop I can log in and see what’son the city and I I’m still new enoughthat it excites me to look at calls andsee what’s going on in the city cuz it’sits ownership right like its I feel likeit’s it’s I it’s my city and I like totake care of it and I like to see what’sgoing onso actually earlier today I was lookingat the call screen and nos we had a callon the weekend because we just came offour five banger and we had a call whereit came in as a domestic but it wasessentially a couple that had broken upa while ago but they have what they callshared custody of their dog and I cantotally respect and appreciate that Ihave dogs in there they are my babiesbut so I guess the mail went to go pickup the dogs on the females house but heended up being two hours late so she waslike nope like I’m not you know I’mgonna turn the lights off pretend I’m athome so she called us to say you knowhe’s parked outside my house he won’tleave if he was supposed to be here twohours ago but he you know he wasn’t andshe said I could see him in the driver’sseat and I know that he’s a suspendeddrivers so we go over and he wasn’tthere when we got there but we went tohis address and we had gotten therebefore him so when we saw him roll upyou know we had our evidence he wasdriving so anyway we had dealt with himin terms of the suspended drive but hewanted to get the dog back and we justkind of explained to him that like justlike with child custody I don’t know howit is in the states but up here withchild custody even when there’s anagreement and an arrangement policecan’t just go in and and rip kids or ripdogs or rip property out of someone’shouse just because the agreement saysyou know by nine o’clock you know shehas to get the dog back in the only waythat that ever happens with childcustody there’s we have what’s called apolice enforceable clause which ajustice of the peace will sign off ofsaying that you know if so-and-socontravenes this agreement police havethe authority to go in and take thechild and they do that very rarelybecause they don’t want us going intohouses and ripping kids out and scarringand scarring them but anyway so he wasall hyped up because he wanted the dogback she didn’t want to give it backthen a she’s like just tell him thatI’ll give it to him tomorrow so we hadthought that we dealt with this you knowfamous last words right you’re like ohthis is this is settled everyone’s finewe got another call half hour later thathe has called her 26 timeabout the dog and won’t leave her aloneand so she’s now saying oh he’sharassing me this is that so we end upwe just said to her you know turn yourphone off for the night we told himleave her alone we thought it was fineOh earlier I was looking at the callscreen to see what was going onapparently they went to they weresupposed to meet up – I guessfacilitating exchange with the dog and Iguess he apparently broke her window inher car and took her purse took the dogtook the keys everything and I’m like ohmy god but that’s that’s the stress ofthe job cuz now I’m thinking about itand I shouldn’t because I’m in themiddle of my days off yeah yeah you’regonna turn that thing off but I can’thelp it like it’s cuz I just I like toknow these and I mean it you know I’msure I’m sure that’ll wear off but likeI said I’m still new enough that I thejob excites me all the time but it willtake a toll like sergeant angel from HotFuzz got to turn it off yeah I have yetto get there but I’m sure I will at somepoint I remember when my wife and I weredating and we went to her parents houseand their phone ringer was set somehowto the exact same ringer as the 9-1-1line in our station oh you should gotype directly through all of ourspeakers so everybody in the stationcould hear it and I had to ask her momthat’s like the third call I’m like canyou turn that ringer to somethingdifferent or some because it’s reallyit’s triggering me definitely got to youwell um thank you so much for coming onthe show that was really fun yeah do youhave any other Canadian relatedquestions like I it’s always it’s alwaysfunny to hear Americans ask one of myAmerican friends actually the other dayasked me she was shocked when I sent hera picture of our money because we havepretty colored colored bills and shesaid oh I thought you guys do useAmerican money and I was like why wouldwe use American money I’m like that’s areally ignorant thing to say and lounyand Tunie Eileen oh is that that is thattheir last names loonie and Tunie nothat’s just the loonie well so the Ibelieve and I don’t know don’t quote meon this but our so our our bird is theLoon and I believe that’s where they gotthe name loonysir like our i think it’s our nationalbird or it’s one of our birds is a loonand that’s actually on the loonie likeon the dollar coin and then our $2 coinis called a toonie and I I think justbecause it’s 2q Loney I don’t knowthough I mean that sounds very it’s itsounds very Canadian to do that so thatthat very well could be where it comesfrom I’m probably an awful Canadian fornot knowing like the legit answers but Ithink that’s what it is that’s awesomeno I think I I I feel like I’ve learneda lot about the Canadian culture this isgood well that’s pretty cool I’m gladreach out anytime this has been reallyfun talking about policing with anAmerican so yeah absolutely you was uhwasn’t too scary no no this has beengreat this has been really fun I I seemto feel my comfort zone when I starttalking about policing so now you soundtotally comfortable it was really areally fun I appreciate you I mean we’rewell over an hour I appreciate youtaking the time on uh what do you sayyour fiber yeah yeah so we just came offour we call them like our five banger sowe just had five ships oh no yes aroundfour days off now and then we go backfor another five banger and then so yeahyou learn these phrases way more funyeah weird talk Canadian vernacularit’s excellent yep alright em well thankyou so much please be safe out there inCanada and I absolutely love to have youback sometime if you’re if you’re opento it and discuss some more some moredifferences and some more callsabsolutely yeah that sounds great thanksfor having mealright take care alright hey guys thankyou for checking out the podcast ifyou’d like to be a guest on the showplease go to things police see calmscroll down to guests and just fill outthe quick little form there and I willget right back to you ASAP I reallyappreciate that it’s been working outgreat and getting lots of good guestsguys if you’ve been enjoying the podcastin the catalogue of stuff behind youthere’s I think over sixty hours nowbetween the interviews in the cops inthe news segment you could also give adonation we so appreciate the donationswe get it all goes to just running theshow and just slowly upgrading ourequipment so we can keep bringing yougood solid quality audio and goodcontent soanything at all is appreciated I getsuper pumped I get a notification thatwe got two bucks I think it’s incrediblethat we could do this podcast and thelisteners just 100% listener-supportedas you know Amazon will not allow us tohave a link we’ve tried several timesand they just don’t want to beaffiliated with the police so superunfortunate because I have a lot of youreaching out and requesting the link sothat you can just shop through us onAmazon that would be hugecan’t happen right now I might try againin a couple months but as of now they’vepretty much rejected us because of ourpolice theme so just go to the websiteclick the donate button that’s so soappreciated guys also on if you youcould also support the show by gettingsome merchandise you can get a t-shirtcoffee mug sweatshirt that’s about itnot too much stuff but there’s a there’sa few 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