TPS E88: U.S. Customs Agent Bob Starkman – Thingspolicesee

TPS E88: U.S. Customs Agent Bob Starkman

In this interview Steve chats with former U.S. Customs Agent Bob Starkman.  Bob worked as a street agent for customs and was also part of the FBI JTTF.  At the same time Bob was fighting crime he was honing his skills as a college basketball coach eventually making his way to the JUCO hall of fame!  Check out his book that details his journey!

Inside Both Courts is a gritty, forty-year, no-holds-barred look from inside my world of college basketball, the people I have met along the way, the War on Drugs, its successor, the War on Terror, and how basketball and law enforcement guided me in my successful careers, and more importantly as a family man.


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