TPS E31: Shooting A Rock Star – Neal Smith – Thingspolicesee

TPS E31: Shooting A Rock Star – Neal Smith

In this episode Steve and Ken chat with Macon, GA officer Neal Smith.  Neal did almost 40 years policing the deep south and his stories are INSANE! From shooting Ronnie Hammond of the Atlanta Rhythm Section to finding a severed head in the street, Neal has seen more than his fair share.  He has some crazy stories and he’s written a book to chronicle his experiences.  

Blue Truth / Liberal Lies – Neal Smith

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00:00hey guys it’s Steve before the episode00:02starts I just wanted to give a special00:03shout out to Sean from Thin Blue Line00:06America the Facebook page on that page00:09they sell items dedicated to those who00:11support law enforcement and a portion of00:14all their proceeds is donated to00:16families of fallen officers Sean00:18actually put me in touch with the guests00:20her about to hear00:21I so appreciate it I love it when you00:24guys reach out and you’re able to hook00:26me up with in it with an interview is so00:27great and he also I just received in the00:30mail a baseball cap from his company and00:33it’s awesome it’s a black on black Under00:35Armor hat there’s a picture of it on the00:37things please see Facebook page you can00:39check that out and on the back of it00:41it’s got the thin blue line American00:44flag embroidered it’s it’s just an00:46awesome baseball cap it’s probably the00:48most comfortable baseball cap I’ve ever00:51worn so go check him out over there on00:54his Facebook page Thin Blue Line America00:56and I will put a link to that in the00:58show notes this is things police seize01:03first an account with your oast Steve01:06gold01:13hey guys it’s Steve welcome to the01:15podcast today I’m joined once again by01:16my friend and co-host Canon Roybal Ken01:19thanks for coming on hello hello so this01:22is here this is geez I’m not even gonna01:25say it because last time I screwed up01:26the episode number cuz I’m I got them01:28all pre-recorded now and I can’t keep01:29track but um this is an episode with a01:32officer that spent 40 years in the deep01:35self policing so deep deep deep south01:38yes so I’m I’m excited for this one I01:40think it’s gonna be pretty spicy so deep01:44not even on the map it’s not even on the01:47map he went from Patrol to Detective to01:49sergeant to SWAT the end of his career01:51work for the marshals he’s got some he’s01:53got a book out called the blue truth01:56slash liberal lies and it just sounds01:58like he’s had one hell of a career yeah02:01and you know we got to say we got to say02:03that people watch all kinds of news from02:08from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York02:11and the deep south they do police work a02:14little bit different there so this is02:15gonna be a kick yeah yeah I think you02:19hit the nail on the head there so should02:21we should be dialing mr. Neil Smith02:24that’s this talent man02:26alright see if I can do a better job02:28than I did last time02:32[Music]02:36hello Kenny there yeah alright you’re on02:40with with Neil Neil are you there yeah02:42hey thank you hey Neil how are you I’m02:47great02:47nice to talk both of you guys nice to02:50meet you sir Neil we’re excited to have02:54you on man we just we were just chatting02:56before we called you up talking about02:59the 40 years of policing the deep south03:01that’s that’s quite the career yes sir03:04up I appreciate it it was it was quite03:07challenging excellently 38 years I think03:12the publisher rounded it up to 4000 okay03:15and you were in Macon Georgia correct03:20correct I started with a Macon fire03:23department in 197403:26a little off my mind and transferred to03:28the police department in 77 yeah usually03:32it’s the other way around03:34people people become cops and they gonna03:36forget this yeah03:40retired retired in 2004 and went worked03:45in Bibb County jail for six months03:47that was before consolidation now03:50believe it or not now making PD does not03:53even exist they did away with it with03:55the stroke of a pen 150 euro agency made03:59it all the Sheriff Department in 2013 oh04:02what a shame yeah anyway I did six04:06months in the county jail and hated the04:08first day and then I got contracted on04:11to the US Marshal Service through a04:13private contractor and did twelve years04:16here in Macon protecting the courthouse04:19and the judges and the staff and04:21traveling what did you judges out of04:23town that kind of thing04:25described us what kind of city Macon is04:27what’s it like Nikon is your typical04:31midsize city in the south it it used to04:36be a real really thriving before before04:391980 believe it or not it had a hundred04:43and two thousand people but just before04:46consolidation it was down to like 6804:50thousand or a typical the typical flight04:55of your working-class people out of the04:58city limits that we have nationwide and05:02it’s not trying to make a comeback we05:05got some industry coming in and got a05:09big new Amazon plant here and and uh05:12several more industries and downtown is05:15trying to make make it be a big05:18nightclub scene of course I don’t know05:22y’all long ways off but Macon Georgia05:24was the servin rock capital of the world05:28is where Alban brothers band recorded05:30and the Marshall and the Marshall Tucker05:33Band and wet Willie and Charlie Daniels05:36oh all that was going on here in the 70s05:40I know all those bands yes sir it was05:43quite a time Capricorn records like in05:46Georgia like Nashville and the East05:48Coast you had some movies some movies05:51based on making as well just there I05:53think there is a Don Johnson had a movie05:59out there making county line or so or06:00maybe but making was on the map because06:01of that stuff here they’ve they’ve been06:03around a while they’re making a lot lot06:08they’re filming here constantly now like06:11the little whole old part of downtown06:15the buildings of actually some of them06:19over a hundred near 150 years old one06:22and the movie companies like it they’ll06:26come in and dress him up to say what06:28they want him to say and Clint Eastwood06:33filmed the problem with the curveball06:36and hmm separable of course I can’t06:41think of them right now but what was the06:44what was the size of the Macon Police06:46Department when you were there it was06:49always around 260 to 300 and that that06:56that says more than it really is you06:59know all that counting administrative07:02and it was probably a hundred and fifty07:04patrol officers it’s still a pretty07:06good-sized department Steve that for the07:09East Coast that’s was that’s a pretty07:11decent sized – yeah absolutely yeah I07:13think nationally that’s I mean that’s a07:16good-sized department I mean we have our07:18super departments on either Coast but07:20those are kind of outliers most most07:22apart for most most people that’s a07:24makings a pretty good-sized city it’s a07:27pretty good-sized department when I07:32retired in 2004 before consolidation07:37just the old city limits we asked for07:40approximately 160,000 calls for service07:43per year compared to the county’s 50,00007:48jeez and now they got the hundred and07:53fifty07:53thousand I mean 160,000 plus the 50,00007:58and believe it or not less people they08:01got a big problem with manpower or they08:05they should be running twice the number08:09of cars that we were running for per08:12area with just the old city but they’re08:15running what we were running or less08:18well they they burning out08:21back-to-back-to-back college counseling08:23no time for proactive patrol no oh I’m08:27sure you started in 1977 correct can you08:31think back to your early days on the08:34street to the first time first call you08:36went to that was you’d consider like a08:37hot call or you know really got your08:39adrenaline going you know I was08:41listening to all your podcasts the other08:43night and I heard an officer on they had08:45been on but for years and I noticed it08:49was real easy for him to reach back I08:54feel you know after 26 years and and08:59gone from actually being a street cop09:01over 13 it all so kind of a blur but09:07actually when I started writing my book09:11the very first line of the book09:14literally tells about the first little09:19adrenaline pump that I got on the street09:22called Ajax Street it was talked about09:27in the book now back then especially09:28there was a hidden culture that city09:32politicians had sort of speak hid behind09:36our invisible curtain that they hoped09:38pastors behind tours didn’t see and he09:42being a somewhat middle-class I guess09:47sheltered what white kid I didn’t even09:50know communities like this existed next09:53thing I know we’re zooming down into a09:55place called a Jack Street for a fight09:58call I’ve never been any real fax me10:01maybe a high school fistfight but never10:04a fight where your life might depend on10:07I’m thinking you know oh my gosh what10:10what am I gonna do when I get there10:12you know there’s this training really10:13gonna work you know we get down in his10:16bottom and like you know know the10:18country and and people running and10:21hollering and yeah well we got a guy10:24cuffed and get out of there and that’s10:29that became obviously uh just you10:32everyday a car you know after that10:35routine you know but to a 23 year old10:38it’s time that was that was heart10:40pumping and then probably not too far10:45after that came my first car chase I was10:49a passenger10:50we did it we still we rode too they were10:53still two men two-person units the end10:56but uh my partner and I were cruising10:59probably about 2:00 a.m. on a road11:02called Columbus Road and there was11:05enough Oh11:07gas station back then called a base11:09station and back then we actually had11:11time for proactive preventive burglary11:14patrol on the midnight shift that’s11:16basically what we did was cruise and11:17look for burglars anyway a stabby to but11:21a headers on an uncapped and I like a11:24retro racing engine in it pulled out in11:27front of us and uh westbound on11:30kilometer oh and he just stopped and we11:32we stopped behind him and he repaired11:35the engine up to the floor for like a11:38dragster and dump the clutch well left11:42us sitting there in a cloud of Tyre11:45smoke there we went in the top at all we11:50were not even in a real police car at11:53the time they were kind of ragging short11:56on cars in 77 and uh we’re in a former12:00admin car 1976 Ford LTD we know no12:05police suspension no police package and12:09then this dude I was riding with he it12:12was just like at the time just like a12:15Hollywood movie I thought he’d lost his12:17mind he was going down the wrong guy12:21we’re going down the wrong side of the12:22road I remember glimpsing over and12:24seeing the speedometer on 120 and and12:27the share a bit too was gone12:29I mean you have a curve we went around12:30you could see his taillights going12:32around the next one you know I had about12:34three miles we found him he he was12:38running so fast he couldn’t hold on his12:40side of the road to fit big old Ford LTD12:43had iPhone but not direct head-on like12:47left headlight to left headlight just12:51peel that share but to open right down12:53the driver’s side like you open it when12:55a can opener and uh the dude live hmm it13:00was in the hospital quite a while but he13:02lived and luckily the people in the13:04other car was not hurt that bad somehow13:06there was he running for it just a13:11typical teenager at the time I guess13:13just dead he could outrun us and was he13:16he did wow it’s pretty ballsy to13:19challenge a cop like that yeah go ahead13:26say it’s so strange with people when13:29they when they go in pursuit you know13:31you’re doing all these things they13:32they’re almost getting in crashes or13:34they crash at the end of the thing and13:36then you you know when you ask them13:39where they were running they go I got a13:41$50 warrant yes it’s like yeah you just13:44sit yourself to jail for a $50 warranty13:47dummy were suspended yeah it’s another13:51big one not worth it man what they’re13:54thinking there’s nothing more13:55uncomfortable than being the passenger13:58in a chase view I used to love the14:07chasers I’m a I’m a big race fan big14:11NASCAR fan and and at the time I’ve14:14never driven a race car man sometimes I14:16pull up behind the bad guys and pretend14:19I was drafting them oh no Neil you’ve14:30had a uh you’ve had a encounter14:33let’s14:34with with someone who was famous and I14:36was reading about this a little bit and14:38I just can’t wait to hear your story14:39about it14:40Ronnie Hammond from the Atlantic rhythm14:42section and I was suicide-by-cop can you14:45can you tell us about that a little bit14:47man I love that group oh I did too still14:51do yeah I can I can tell you the whole14:54story of how much time we have but be14:58quick all you need begin take your time15:01okay begin with to make it so unique and15:04unique I kind of grew up with Ronnie he15:06was three to four years older than me15:08but we both grew up in South Macon and15:11went to the same high school15:13Willingham high school and he back at a15:18time like at the local skate Arena as15:20they had dancers called sock hops15:23I remember Ronnie playing in a local15:27band called the Celtics sock hop and15:31next thing I know sometime in the15:34seventies he’s the lead singer for the15:37Atlanta rhythm section who got quite15:40famous up and just just for your viewers15:43Steve I know not everybody knows him but15:46back in the 70s the Atlanta rhythm15:49section that was big that was like if15:51you’re listening to the radio for music15:54they came on you knew who they were I15:56heard they had top-ten hits they were15:58they were invited to the White House by15:59the president playing the one yeah and16:02this guy Ronnie he was smooth man his16:04voice was amazing16:06[Music]16:07yeah they had go not sure about platinum16:11but I know they had several gold albums16:13so I’m going to top it with champagne16:15jam not gonna let it bother me tonight16:19spooky imaginary lover away that that16:25night some took 2530 years later16:29whatever December 28th 1998 when I went16:33on shift16:34another sergeant said I said I know you16:38may be getting a call to Ronnie Hammonds16:40house he he’s been kind of suicidal and16:44they get another call back16:47but uh I think it initially did16:50something like it’s idiot taking some16:53pills or something – okay didn’t think16:56nothing about it really16:58and sure enough about eight o’clock17:00another officer and I officer Tom unless17:05we were sitting downtown side-by-side17:07you know like I can’t pull up slightly17:10each other and talk I’m sure enough to17:13call went out attempted suicide on17:15mathis Street and uh just so you know at17:20the street was no place where I you17:23would expect to find a rock star that17:26were it’s successful as they were he had17:29he had lost lost all that money and17:32stuff and Mathis was a used to be in a17:35nice area but it not that nice now17:37anyway he was renting a house on Mathis17:40and we with the got there and he was in17:44the front yard with a broken off Fender17:48guitar neck and his left hand and a huge17:52framing hammer in his right hand and a17:55little blood trickling from his right17:58wrist I believe where he had attempted18:00to cut on yourself a little bit and uh18:03there was just two of us there ray and18:06myself and the paramedics were there we18:08kind of tried to keep him in a little18:11perimeter in fact we’ll probably 10 to18:1412 feet from him and trying to talk him18:16into getting in the ambulance he said oh18:19oh no oh hell no I’m not getting in18:23amylin and if you if you try to put your18:25hands on me you better be ready to die18:27so long after that he he suddenly broken18:32broke off the rumor and I ran in the18:34house right there at the steps and he18:37ran up the house and slammed the door18:39shut so you know I hadn’t known Ronnie18:44really in years you know I didn’t know18:46what what might happen so we backed off18:50to the street and to this day I don’t18:53know why I sat down in my car to use the18:55radio when I had a lapel mic I guess18:57tonal vision and stress was sitting him19:00but I19:00I’m sitting down in my car and tell him19:02the control center that he had when and19:07it appeared to him out of barricaded19:09herself in he she might want to notify19:14the OD that’s what we call the officer19:16of the day those in charge of the whole19:18shift anyway by that time the19:21firefighters yell that he’s back outside19:23at this point I didn’t have a clue where19:27Ray was tonal vision was sitting in I19:30guess but I got back I got out of the19:32car and I saw Ronnie coming back down19:36the steps and I remember focusing in to19:38see if he still had the hammer in the19:41guitar neck I’m not even sure I realized19:43it was a guitar neck but I knew it was a19:45hammer so I pulled my Glock out and put19:48it down at low ready and I put my toes I19:50remember putting my into my shoes right19:52up against the curb a very small yard19:56you know and just typical y’all are you20:00know small thousand twelve hundred20:03square foot frame house put my toes20:06against the curb and he looked like a20:09zombie at this point he can’t he was20:12coming down the edge you to driveway and20:14I yeah I was Ronnie I said dude it’s20:17time to put that stuff down let’s get in20:19the ambulance and he shanked when he20:22realized I was there he changed his20:24course and started across the corner of20:26the yard directly toward me it’s20:28probably a little two-foot20:31hunk between the yard and the street20:34yard but two feet higher than the street20:36well I saw him coming so I backed to the20:40center of the street gave him the width20:43of a line but subject to eight more feet20:46to change his mind he he got to the top20:49of that little hump and he drew that20:51hammer back as the Ninian would a20:54tomahawk and he said what the fuck you20:58go dude he came off that hill with his21:01left foot raised in the air and I just21:04rape raised training kicked in I don’t21:07remember a conscious decision to shoot21:10training kicked in I raised a Glock21:12fired21:14he came down up the hill and when he21:16just went face face down and laying21:21there doing a death gurgle as we call it21:23and paramedics were on the scene and and21:27they came up they ain’t in here you know21:32this is kind of a touchy subject but21:35know how a lot a lot of lot of cut a lot21:38of cops cops nationwide take heat every21:42time they they stew or hurt a person of21:46African descent21:48well that that culture culture had my21:54head and still has cops heads so screwed21:57up and and fearful that that man was22:02laying there at my feet dying and that22:05glock still smoking and the first words22:08out of my mouth was I’m glad he’s white22:11well now this that is pitiful yeah that22:17that they have us in that kind of22:19mindset in any way where they came up22:23put his arm around me and said Daniel22:26remember that plain as day no crowd22:29control needed nobody no nothing like22:32that and so anyway detectives and all22:35that shows up and they take my block of22:38course and we go downtown internal22:41affairs to interview me and uh they they22:44did and they were very nice I didn’t22:46have no hard time with them and my22:50biggest concerned that night was believe22:53it or not was get for them to get done22:56with me or I could get to the beer store22:58before they close yeah yeah at that23:04point they were telling me it didn’t23:06look good for running and all that so I23:10was just glad to get out get home and I23:15get home and get a couple of beers and23:19go to sleep and that was a gut shot you23:21got on that’s correct23:24thank God I’m so proud running didn’t23:27die23:28I shot low he didn’t through the gut and23:32actually when the fire paramedics took23:34his shirt off laying there in the street23:35the slug fell out him on the road we23:38went in near his navel and came out23:41right beside his spine23:46you know there’s a good side to this23:48story you ready for that part yeah I’m23:50ready man23:51okay a few uh few months later after23:57Ronnie recovered they he was in the23:59hospital a while they had to cut out a24:01lot of his intestines I understand I24:04went in a convenience store a local24:07convenience store out outside to see the24:10limits at the time and uh called my24:13Mike’s convenience store and and we all24:16all three of us went to willingham24:18Ronnie Mike and I and Mike said hey Neil24:22said Ronnie Hammond was in here just24:24yesterday I believe in uh he said he24:28wants to meet you and I’m like oh really24:32like like what what for he said well uh24:35I think he wants to apologize mm-hmm24:40okay that that’s this is kind of weird24:43you know but let see what who he was and24:47not you typical cop killed Laura or24:51whoever committing a crime and trying to24:54hurt you to get away it was a classic24:56case of attempted suicide by cop and24:59somebody I almost knew I always knew of25:03him heck I’d paid money to go to the25:06macon centerplex to see them play in the25:08seventies mm-hmm so anyway I agreed and25:12uh gave him my phone number and uh sure25:15enough I don’t know a few days later25:17telephone rang you know I answered it I25:21said is this just me Arthur this is me25:25only say this is Ronnie Hammond I’m like25:28okay and all kind of thought was going25:31through my mind you know this is weird25:33this is a guy I almost killed unless25:36he’s a rock star that I am be25:39and so we talked and agreed to meet at a25:44Waffle House I took a huge chance you25:47know I could have got screwed a big time25:49on the ice but luckily he wasn’t that25:51kind of guy but I dropped the charges25:54from felony assault on an officer to a25:56misdemeanor went to the crime lab25:59checked out his claw hammer and get to26:02our neck and in the bullet slug you know26:07what I met him at the Waffle House and26:09he saw the hammer and stuff and he was26:13heading out26:14I want my framing hammer back that’s26:16what he did was flame houses going what26:18play music I want my framingham I framed26:22a lot of houses with that you can have26:23those Fender guitar neck if you want it26:26and uh I said okay yeah sure I want it26:31you know here’s your hammering and then26:34I gave him the slug he stole wha what26:39did it huh what did it and each I might26:43have it go plated so we went on in the26:45Waffle House and in between him signing26:48autographs for waitresses and that man26:52looked at me and I and took took both my26:56hands across the Waffle House table27:00helped both my hands and looked at me in27:02the eyes and said I’m sorry for what I27:05made you do mmm iced him rania I accept27:11your apology and I just thank God you27:14lived yeah he said I’m sorry he said you27:19know all people want to think about it’s27:21me he said but I know I know it had to27:23be hard on you are you going through27:26something like this yeah it’s pretty27:30stressful you know specially with all27:31the all the heat I took in the newspaper27:35from they had up they had up column here27:38at the time called Straight Talk27:39they still got it but now you have to27:41leave your name back then you didn’t27:43have to leave your name mm-hmm all the27:46all the old hippies and make them up27:48wearing me out27:50hmm and he27:53and have to shoot that man don’t they27:55aren’t they trained in karate and27:57hand-to-hand combat why didn’t you shoot28:01him in the leg yeah yeah why don’t I28:04shoot him in the leg and this was a 9828:08so there was there all kinds of stuff by28:10then but yeah the silliness that comes28:12out of ridiculous yeah yeah I’ve tried28:17to explain to people you know we’re28:18allowed to use one level of force above28:20well what they had he already had he28:23already had impact weapons I wasn’t28:25required to have a dadgum stick fight28:27with him mm-hmm28:29talk it’s a very unique situation I mean28:32how many how many officers out there28:35shoot someone and then you know that28:37person’s famous and then they meet them28:38over waffles and the guy apologizes28:40that’s insane yeah yeah and even on top28:43of that was we became friends Ronnie28:46Ronnie called me every once a week28:50and then it got down to once a month up28:52until the time he passed he died of28:55heart failure in 2013 or 2011 I forget29:00yeah and and we were blessed lucky29:04enough to see his very last performance29:05so we get you know the Allman Brothers29:07Band is from here and well this is where29:13they recorded and lived after they got29:14famous but they saw a house here a29:16museum called the big house it’s one of29:18the houses they lived in real nice29:21Museum if you ever come you need to get29:23make sure you go to the big guy but29:24anyway the big house has small concerts29:27in the backyard and I saw where a band29:30was playing this was before obviously29:32before Ronnie died maybe in 2010 lemon29:35and uh they said Ronnie Hammond formerly29:39of ARS was gonna be the guest guest and29:41sure enough I said we going and we went29:44and he came back at about 9:00 and 3029:48and July night he looked rough man he29:52had him cut off blue jeans like it was29:551975 and he was soaking wet with sweat29:59you wouldn’t think that man could sing a30:02lick and uh he got up on that little30:05stage30:06and one of the guys in this other band I30:08believe her name was the fuck I ban I30:10think they bullet said one of those guys30:12used to play with ARS and anyway he got30:16up there and he sang I’m not gonna let30:19it bother boo tonight champagne jam and30:21spooky I walked right up to destructor30:24state just a foot a foot high30:27and I walked up there with a camera and30:29he recognized me a winked at me you know30:32and when he got off the stage he gave me30:36a big hug and came my wife a big I said30:39Ronnie I said and then you sound just30:41like it’s 1975 you’re amazing he dog30:45you’re too kind Neil but he really did30:47he sounded great30:49and he walked away in the darkness to30:53where but he was weird and never saw him30:56again30:56now did he continue to have problems or31:00did he was there some turning point his31:02life that he got over his alcohol and31:05mental health31:06he created the shooting would turning31:09his life around he said did I saved his31:15life and he found God and a new wife you31:18know because of that incident so now he31:21he he was a good dude it had a really31:25big heart he really would it sounds like31:27he made an impact done on your life as31:29well did he did I can’t imagine that31:33that moment when you’re sitting there at31:36that restaurant he reaches across and31:38holds both your hands and asks you know31:40for it tells you he’s sorry cops never31:43get that and I think that’s a pretty31:46that talks about who he was you know31:49kind of hard he had exactly a unique31:53story I don’t know if it’s ever happened31:57I’m sure it probably has but probably32:00very rare did he become a Christian is32:02that what happened did what did he do to32:04me did he become a Christian born again32:07yes that’s what he said that’s what it32:10sounds like yeah I mean I think he32:13already was Christian base but I think32:15he told me you know he got closer to God32:18and found Jesus now32:20that and quit drinking and doing drug32:22that’s cool32:23amazing I went to his funeral to it32:26first I was like I don’t know if I32:27should go and his wife it was past now32:32that he met no drinking all that she’s32:36dying now cancer I think but anyway I32:39called her I said should I go to the32:42funeral she said you best be at the32:44funeral I’m rolling in a grave row if32:48you don’t show up that’s why I didn’t32:50know you know how how some family32:52members know whoever might feel about it32:54and that’s it I’m caught that’s again32:58that’s in your book as well the whole33:00story yes yes most of all the main story33:05there is in a book and at the graveside33:08service uh believe it was Chris Hicks of33:11the Marshall Tucker Band played played a33:13young instrumental well he’s saying – he33:17did I forgot which one he sang but he’s33:20saying her ARS song mm-hmm they were so33:23good they’re a good band your friend33:27they’re described it perfectly Ronnie33:29Ronnie’s voice was so smooth yeah I33:33enjoyed them so much you know back Steve33:36back in the 70s you know we had a track33:38players and they came out with cassettes33:40later but the there was no there was33:43there there was no way to get songs33:45unless you got him on a 45 record and33:48you put him on your record player you33:49get him on that on the eight-track tape33:51but there was no way to just all of a33:54sudden you want to play this song and so33:57when Aerys was coming on the radio you33:59had to just be listening to the radio34:01and then that song came on you know from34:03them and then you just turn it up it was34:05the greatest thing but I’ll tell you34:07when they came on you knew who they were34:09it was just and the name of it was so34:11cool to think their big gig that biggest34:14live concert was a near Atlanta cut the34:19concert named champagne jam mm and they34:25saw a picture of that on the front of34:26the album champagne jam I think it’s34:29just a sea of people like a hundred34:32thousand people out there34:33very cool that that’s a great story of34:37you know somebody somebody gets into34:39something and then that’s the story of34:41redemption forgiveness you know because34:45it could have missed it could have34:46messed up Neil emotionally and all that34:49but I think that there’s quite a bit of34:50healing in that the way it went down and34:54the fact that that Ronnie came out later34:57and just kind of made it right you know35:00and you know I think that probably35:02helped you with your heart Neil as far35:04as what you may have been dealing with35:05all those years it did it did right on35:10target for that one he was genuinely35:14concerned about all that and my wife and35:18I were separated at the time just like35:21he was I was doing some bad times myself35:25at the same time ronnie was and and35:28Ronnie and Nancy and I got back together35:31and it was like I always wanted to want35:34a cold telephone calls kind of drifted35:37off but I kind of believe that was here35:40when he saw I was back when auntie35:42Ronnie was like well he’s okay now35:43hmm let’s look let’s at God’s35:46fingerprints all over it35:48yeah yes it does I’m a pretty good shot35:52I believe God kind of pushed that barrel35:54down yeah he’s like oh I was meant to be35:59though that meant that that whole thing36:00the way it went down so cool now what a36:03story you know way back on that other36:06subject uh I got a couple of more36:08bizarre calls if you want to hear36:10absolutely Lena Lee – yes sir I call36:16this heads clipper call got a call about36:21a domestic between father and son get36:25there and uh and bullets is there and36:30elderly gentleman sort of seemed Dettol36:33to me at the time in the hamlet with36:35blood running from his face area young36:39man running around they’re hauling and36:41carrying on I asked him what’s going on36:44he said36:47ah tile that motherfucker running his36:49mind he did so I took the hedge clippers36:52and credit slips off whoa I said do what36:57easy yeah come on inside look we went we37:03were going inside and sure enough the37:06powerheads clipper sticking in the37:07sheetrock wall five foot off the floor37:10with his daddy’s bottom lip hanging up37:16that’s horrific could they reattach it37:21or was it uh I hope the guy was in a37:26tobacco chewer total paramedics they37:29were in there on the wall I think that’s37:33what those bizarre stories where they go37:34yeah they put the lip back on but it was37:36upside down guys that’s like that’s this37:43cop humor guys don’t we don’t want37:45anybody to get excited about that we’re37:46not serious you have to have humor I37:51tell you you drove you crazy a long time37:54ago a lot of people don’t get that37:56butBut Neil is gone yeah they sure37:59enough there was his lip right there the38:01floor stuff like that but people are38:02going that’s disgusting and all this guy38:04stuff put cuffs that’s a survival skill38:06man you got to learn it early on gallows38:09humor help yeah that’s why we all you38:12know a lot of people said we were crazy38:14you know in between calls off-duty or38:17whatever we could act kind of Corky38:20sometime but you had to deal with it38:23yeah for sure38:25Neil you gotta you said you had a pair38:27of stories for us to get another one38:32looks like you got some trespassers38:34going on over there you got a dog in the38:39background yeah I do but they’re not38:42supposed to be barking that’s38:45unbelievable how this fits in his story38:47I’m about ten that I planned that then38:50perfect okay38:54okay yeah we got a call about the bad38:59odor coming from a house and we get39:03there and it funded a carport I believe39:05we were and you could you could smell it39:07through the door we we knew what it was39:10no nobody was around you anybody until39:14we had to kick the door in39:16it’s dark in there and like I said in39:20the book you know we had our weapons out39:23but you never know and I started he’s in39:26that dimly hallway about about halfway39:30down the hallway we could hear this39:32sound like a dog lapping water and and39:38so like what the hell and so we ease on39:43down and look look in the next room to39:45the right laughing sound was like all39:48laughing his owners brains from the39:51skull what was left of his head39:53dude dude took a 12-gauge shotgun and39:57blow to his entire face off I mean for40:02real I mean it was like they took a big40:05ice cream scoop and scooped his face out40:07and just left nothing but the back of40:10his skull well dog was that dog was40:14lapping away what kind of dog was this I40:18believe it was like a little cocker40:20spaniel does it you always do Wow we ran40:28the dog we ran that man’s best friend40:30way for detectives holy yeah I mean I’ve40:38been in houses before with you know40:40decomp decomposed bodies have been there40:43long time and cats and dogs they don’t40:45they don’t care they’re not let anything40:47go to waste now they’re eco-friendly Wow40:53that is uh that is disgusting you might41:06need to hit it41:08want to listen again no this is what41:11they sign up for they want to hear what41:12you guys what you guys really see you41:14know and that’s that’s just a it’s just41:16a fact of the job it’s a real deal man41:18it’s that it’s not Hollywood out there41:21no Neil we don’t want to keep you all41:24day but do you have another like bizarre41:26or crazy call you dealt with yeah let me41:30think back have to be the head he had a41:35human hair in the street I was on the41:40DUI Task Force and I had got off at 341:43p.m. on the way home and we we take our41:49police cars home here they started that41:53the car assignment program in about 198041:56but anyway I was on the way home and I I42:0075 at PI local Street called pine Nona42:06Avenue which is us 41 and I 7542:12I was south of the ban on 41 and saw42:17something on to the left side the road42:19that looked like a dead animal I slowed42:22up like what the hell and I could see42:27hair and a stream of blood running42:31across the next Lane I stopped beside it42:34and put my spotlight on it and it was a42:37human hair just just sitting there on42:39its neck with its eyes wide open looking42:43know if it’s male or female it was a42:48male and I’m like what the hell then you42:52know passers-by it was 3 a.m. that’s42:54still a few cars you know passes tobago42:57and North was just driving through the42:59blood you know looking like what is43:01going on on him I turned almost robed43:06and called it in and totally was no43:10doubt with neither fatality investigator43:12and and I saw it I didn’t know how the43:15head got there43:17I’m I’m sorry to laugh but this is just43:21and I looked over shine the light over a43:25little ravine that by the interstate43:28ramp and there was a Jeep over in the43:31ditch you know what had happened was the43:34dude was northbound on pound pound on I43:38haven’t even he had had a little to43:42drink I believe and there was a backhoe43:45northbound on Pownall carrying was43:49carrying one of those huge steel plates43:53that they used to cover up construction43:55holes with a steel plate hanging from43:59the backhoe on a cable just the right44:02angle44:03he ran up under that plate cut his head44:05off clean like a guillotine his body44:09stayed in the Jeep the head flew out on44:12the ground44:13Wow you guys didn’t get any calls about44:16that all right44:18it just happened to when I saw I didn’t44:24have to work it I was on the way home I44:26won’t play to everybody it’s got there I44:28went home went bed man you know where44:31did you work again people’s heads are44:32falling on dogs are people’s brains my44:36goodness 90 90 miles south of Hotlanta44:43Georgia no I know there’s that old44:47saying that when your time it’s your44:48time and then some things are just too44:50perfect like this guy he’s it was his44:52time that’s all there is to it yeah well44:56that’s pretty disgusting me like like go44:59eat lunch now whatever oh my back I saw45:05I saw too much more the most now you got45:10a good attitude about it still hasn’t45:11had yeah hey I just thought of man45:16another one up and this one was actually45:19done by a police car I was only like45:241979 I was on a unit called armed45:27robbery unit we stakeout back when you45:30could stake out a convenience store hide45:32in a cooler or back room with a shot45:34and killed a perp and nothing be said45:37but uh we that’s what we did and we had45:43device electronic device on a van that45:46would show us were alarms that anyway45:49the one of our and marked cars45:52responding to a supposedly a robbery in45:56progress and uh when tactical went down45:59a big hill that help would with the46:01speed and I know they had it in the46:03floor and and a lady walked out in front46:07of them that what blood they could46:10scrape up I think turn to point 43 BAC46:13oh crap46:16but this lady this lady could not been46:20more messed up and I I’m not46:23exaggerating if she had somehow pulled46:27the pin on the grenade and swallowed it46:30days she was in three different pieces46:33and a stream of intestines right down46:36the center line oh yeah Wow you guys saw46:42it Oh out there that’s some weird stuff46:44I’m almost done I have one more question46:46on deck and I’m hesitating to ask what46:48Neil’s gonna say okay can you tell us46:53about the most intense and or terrifying46:56call you respond to do well like I said46:59it’s all the blur but of course shooting47:02a human beings pretty terrifying but but47:06actually I didn’t feel don’t remember47:10feeling terrified at the time but but uh47:13something comes to – one time my right47:19leg was actually jumping shaking on the47:21gas pedal I was driving down a road on a47:25Saturday evening a residential street47:27with both windows down in the summer47:30listening for music I was on a loud47:33music complaint I said I’ve been too47:36loud I had it I had to let the women’s47:38down to listen for it but that’s what I47:40was doing then I got through a stop sign47:44and47:47know if anything y’all ever heard it I47:49heard that sickening kissing sound a hot47:54lead flying over the car yeah it sounded47:58like one of them could’ve came through48:01the wind and out the other open window48:03but I doubt it that’s how close it48:05sounded heard that hiss hiss and then48:07pop pop pop and I didn’t know works kind48:11of mom so I hit reverse and started48:14backing down the road and trying to talk48:16on the mic at the same time and I48:18remember my right leg was shaking on the48:20gas yeah well yeah they say that the48:25your major muscle groups can get real48:27jumpy under stress you know and anyway I48:31stopped maybe 75 yards back and time I48:38got through calling it in the control48:40center comes across and says report a48:44signal 54 that the person shot48:47such-and-such a street and that was a48:51block from where I was48:52so my drive up there sure enough had to48:57lay it in the front yard shot in head48:59and what I never I couldn’t prove it but49:05it’s obvious to me in what happen is the49:08stop sign I was stopped at when though49:11when that lad went over the car was49:14visible from where they shot him at just49:17maybe six hundred to a thousand yards49:22away and what happened was they shot him49:25standing in the yard and when they got49:27to the next doctor they saw me saw that49:30patrol car sitting at the next stop sign49:33they thought a couple of shots my water49:35I guess I think that’s the night you49:39came home with the bullet hole in your49:41trunk yeah I had a bullet hole in the49:44trunk is it that’s your wife I’m49:48guessing yeah what a good sport you are49:52for putting up with with this ball these49:54years49:56yeah she she really is he’s gonna great50:00cut out to why it’s a stressful thing50:03having a having a spouse and the service50:06of the police it’s sleepless night50:08boyfriend also I’m sorry the the book50:16blew the truth liberal lies one of the50:19platforms of it also is calling50:22attention to PTSD in cops you know over50:27the country wonder why some cops appear50:30to be just spazzing out nothing whatever50:33I mean cops are suffering just like50:36military people sure yeah50:38and you do you may not see your partner50:43blown to smithereens but you see the50:45same violets and and death and50:48destruction but in this part of the50:50country from twenty to forty years or50:53they only see it for three months or a50:55couple years yeah I actually interviewed50:58in Englewood cop who was a Marine and51:01then he got out and came here and became51:03work for inglewood police department51:05which I’m sure you’ve heard of to eat to51:08miss little city but he said that to me51:10when I interviewed him he said you know51:11when I was in the service you come home51:14it’s Emmys terrible but it’s over you’re51:17safe but when you’re a cop you come home51:19and eat dinner with your family every51:20night and then you know they’re gonna51:22call you or the next day it’s there it’s51:25like it’s your life now you can’t get51:26away so what did you what did you do for51:30um what are some things you’ve done to51:33help yourself deal with that kind of51:37trauma Bud Light classic just on a51:49weekends usually but exercise I’m51:53fortunate blessed to have Macon PD had a51:58pretty strict PT test most of my career52:02the last five years the crybabies and52:06the Liberals made that go away but uh52:09most of my52:10career we had every year you had to run52:13a mile on a hat and do push-ups and52:16sit-ups and benchpress and all that and52:18plus I was on SWAT team a lot of em52:21years and we had to do over and above52:23that like run five miles plus what the52:27regular cops did and I it caught on with52:31me instead of waiting until test time I52:33I just got the mindset I’ll run all the52:37time so I did and it it has helped me52:43stay in good health52:44you know I hike me and my wife we hiked52:48and and I most mostly I’m walking now I52:52will jog did a twenty five miles on the52:56Appalachian Trail in 2016 oh dang that’s53:01no that’s no stroll in the park serious53:04hike no a lot of retired guys they don’t53:07uh they don’t realize it once you retire53:10man you still got a you still gotta keep53:11in good shape and eat well and stuff53:13like that because once you once you53:15leave the job it all just stops and53:18there’s no adrenaline rush there’s53:20nothing going on and so you have to keep53:22keep the blood flowing and keep yourself53:24in shape otherwise you’ll die early53:26after retirement53:27exactly right I believe that last twenty53:34to twenty years or so I believe you look53:38I believe you’d probably say that cops53:40lifespan after retirement is improving53:44because because of you know and they53:47started the PT stuff in beginning like53:50with my career in the seventies and53:51eighties were before that they were just53:54a bunch of fat cops eating doughnuts as53:58the media likes to show there’s nothing54:00nothing wrong with doughnuts I just shit54:03everything in in good measure you know54:06was it was interesting that you talk54:08about that because I remember back in54:11the well I started in 1980 and when we54:14would sit in roll call they would have54:16this they would read this thing in roll54:18call every day it was called the rotator54:20and the rotator would have54:21you know what cars to look out for what54:24crimes are being committed and the other54:25thing is they would they would read the54:28the end of watch notices for officers54:30that died after retirement and anything54:33over five years a guy lived five years54:36past retirement that was a big deal we’d54:37all clapping stuffing that God guy made54:39seven years you know it was like it was54:41normal for us to people to leave a job54:44and die five years later yeah yeah yeah54:48it is better now though Steve you lucky54:51a build early I’m gonna live forever54:55hahaha yeah yeah I can be dangerous if54:58you don’t take care of all that stress55:00stuff eight thirteen or fourteen past55:05retirement from the PDS55:07I quit that uh I quit that US Marshal55:10gig in 2016 and really retired then and55:16that got it that had to you know really55:21watch you know what I do and keep acted55:24spent three years now with without55:27working I’m kinda got the urge to find a55:32part-time job well make it at like the55:37hardware store or something stay away55:39from this confrontational type of55:42business take a break any kind of law55:47you could be over to local coffee shop55:50you could be like a barista make an55:51cappuccinos you know take a week o work55:54at the mini-mart55:59oh yeah if you’re gonna jump making56:01doughnuts you’d never live that down56:03oh no no Neil makes doughnuts this is56:05great I guess it’s a more of an olden56:11thing or something you don’t see cops56:13and don’t eat doughnuts down here that56:16much you see them in the Waffle House56:17and the coffee shops but no don’t that56:21thing just in that popular yeah it’s not56:24that popular in the Northeast anymore56:25either actually when I was a cop and56:27mass if guys did get the doughnut like56:31Dunkin Donuts they would request the non56:33wax paper bag because56:34you got that when you get the paper bag56:36it meant you got a bagel some they’d say56:39gave me to those honeydew honey dipped56:42in chocolate and put it on the bagel bag56:45because no cop would know no cop would56:48be seen in public eating a doughnut cuz56:50it’s because it’s that bad now so even56:51when you I saw guys order a doughnut in56:53uniform and everybody in lines eyes are56:55rolling like oh boy here he goes it’s56:58like oh that’s it cool especially when57:01they didn’t have one ounce on patrol but57:03Krispy Kremes on if you have on that and57:06George or not but at Krispy Kreme57:07doughnuts those are like heart attack57:09bombs you’re just so good oh they’re so57:12good though but I believe I heard that57:16the reason that cops started going to57:18like wind chills did you guys have wind57:20chills on the East Coast there57:23Winchell’s donuts no is all Dunkin57:25Donuts well you have Krispy Kreme that57:28crepes cream started here okay well the57:31reason was because the donut shops were57:33open 24 hours and so cops would go there57:36at graveyard or nighttime and get a57:37doughnut and a hot cup of coffee and57:39when everybody else was closed so that’s57:42what I heard that sound good to me other57:44otherwise doughnuts are pretty good yeah57:47they are okay I heard as the as cops57:51grow as they get older in their career57:53they become more and more racist and57:55they crave doughnuts becomes donut57:59eating racist monitor I read that in C58:03on a CNN article so don’t shoot people58:06in the leg only only Steve only on your58:11podcast would we talk about cops and58:14doughnuts that’s oh that’s a segment of58:15your of your podcast today cops and58:17donuts yeah like you say they’re58:20wonderful so y’all so y’all had never58:25heard of Macon Georgia58:26I heard of Macon Georgia because there’s58:29movies and there’s some other stuff58:31that’s come up but I’m you know I was a58:34child of the 60s and 70s so that I don’t58:37know about Steve if he ever heard I was58:38born in 7958:40so I mean I enjoy the Allman Brothers58:43and and bands like that but I don’t have58:47the deep deep knowledge of the 7058:49bands and this music scenes at the time58:51and you shouldn’t speaking of being in58:59LA and cop getting to do all that star59:03stuff59:04the only thing close to that here is uh59:06I got to work concerts at the Cineplex59:11one of my most memorable things with59:14that was I was wandering around59:17backstage before show and uh Loretta59:21Lynn invited me in another officer on59:24her new bus to show was her new bus mmm59:28very cool that was cool seeing Greg on59:34many times up close oh one time Greg59:38actually pushed to me let the cuffs on59:44this was I think when when they were59:47broke up in them in the early eighties59:49and great when I don’t his own and he59:54was playing here at a at a place called59:56Lakeside Park that still there her but59:59it’s not open and it was a building60:03there where he had a little concert60:05jam-packed with people the stage was60:09just a small stage about a foot high and60:13uh so I was trying to just get as close60:17as I could you know and I stumbled on60:19something that made me higher than60:21everybody else so I I stood on it when60:24it was over oh he took a break or60:26something he he he come stumbling60:28through the crowd he looked at me and60:31looked down he said and you’re standing60:34on my fucking guitar case60:36[Laughter]60:39that you the hell out of me grant I60:45didn’t I couldn’t see where my feet were60:50you know I enjoyed I enjoyed Neil’s60:53accident that’s the coolest accent ever60:55absolutely we’ve sought out we’re all60:59California sounding y’all so I’m pretty61:01normal61:02to me you don’t sound like like somebody61:04from Jersey or nothing like that we said61:07I think California Massachusetts except61:09for the Boston area like we mostly sound61:12like newscasters kind of like no no61:15accent right is that what you would say61:16yeah good newscaster a good friend of61:21mine growing up was from Abilene Texas61:22he’d come visit in the summers and you61:24go you know even his Texas draw but61:26Steve you guys you just sound like61:28you’re on the news thoughtless we’re61:32using our radio voices right now our61:33radio voices Steve we are I’m being61:36processed through a lot of Technology61:37right now that sound like this yeah I’ll61:42tell my wife early I said I got it I61:44hate the way my boss now so raps yeah61:47they should not should I try to talk61:49like this no it’s perfect man I’d like61:52cancer southern drawers I actually61:55watched a YouTube video in the sky drove61:56cross-country in the knee visited all61:58these different states he’s this guy61:59from South Carolina and then he came62:02back and he said he got to Texas and62:03he’s like just to hear this he goes is62:05Texas a Southern drawl egos it kind of62:07sounds like it I feel like I could live62:09here you just felt comfortable again cuz62:11he was back at the with the draw I’m62:14generally can tell Texas and South62:17Alabama and North East self Alabama you62:23need a translator for it yeah Chuck can62:33you tell us a little bit about your book62:34it’s blue truth liberal lies it sounds62:37like I mean when I read the description62:40online I was reading on your publishers62:42page – it sounds like the kind of the62:45mission statement of your book is very62:47similar to my podcast it’s basically62:49just you know honest hard-hitting62:51stories but people experience so that62:54people really look these stories kind of62:57foster a better relationship between the62:58public and the police to see you know63:00what they’re really going through is63:02that it seems like the gist of it yes63:05you’re right on target it’s a63:07combination of stories like similar63:09stories we’ve talked about and basically63:12I’m saying that at the liberal63:16have basically taken the effectiveness63:19out of law enforcement in this country63:21and me in many cases like I was telling63:26you you know the first thing out of my63:28mouth was I’m glad that dude I shot was63:30white they liberalized that we we pick63:34on black people and we pick on this and63:38we do that is it it’s all a lie and I63:42got a good I make a good point in the63:45book I said really really people do you63:48think on one of these nights at 3:0063:51a.m. when I was rolling around in a63:54person’s living room crashing over63:56coffee tables praying backup we’ll get63:59there64:00do you really think that I’m thinking64:03well this dude is black let me hit him a64:05little harder Billy you know that is64:10just so unreal you know that is just so64:14moving he said that I just shot him you64:16know you said thank thank goodness he’s64:18white I mean they’d say you were really64:19operating on some almost paranoia there64:22because of the because of the media64:23messed things out yeah I mean if he had64:26been Y we would have had to have had64:28crowd control and call the whole64:30department over there I mean I’m not64:33trying to hurt anybody’s feelings but64:35it’s just a thought64:36yeah this happened in December 1998 and64:41is that is that correct December 28th64:441998 just so-so I mean Rodney King had64:49happened you know different different64:52things the riots had already happened64:54I’m just going from what’s going on yet64:56and LA but in the 70s64:59LAPD shot you love she was a black lady65:02with a knife and then from then on you65:04know it’s just it’s just been got but65:06it’s really bad now but in 1998 you know65:08that was that was a time when you had to65:13be careful about you know how you65:17treated people of color and all that65:19kind of stuff so I can see where you’re65:20coming from you could you could have65:24been something super righteous with a65:27black person and you would have been65:29scrutinized65:30up one way now the other end ronnie was65:32white and you were still taking flak65:35from people in that newspaper65:38hey talking about taking flak and one65:43thing that probably made me say I’m glad65:47he’s white65:48I was absolutely on trial in 1992 me and65:53another officer was put on federal trial65:55for violations of civil rights it was uh65:59what criminal it was the civil statute66:04of civil rights we had a club in66:06downtown Megan at a time that uh catered66:11to the herb urban music as they call it66:15and gang bangers you know hung out there66:18and all that and it every Thursday and66:22Saturday night it was just a smile right66:27we came closing time and gunfire static66:31gunfire anyway one night we would you to66:34block off both ends of the street to66:36keep them from keep them from circling66:38in their vehicles and leave quicker but66:41you know black sergeant standing there66:44in the street and I drove up about about66:47ready to go get tonight I go I can66:51service from instead of being on that66:54detail and he looked up the street and66:57saw two black females standing beside a66:59car he said before y’all leave go tell67:01them to get it in the car and move on I67:03said okay so I help white female recruit67:08with me and out and I drove up there and67:11this lady was leaning another drivers67:14door open and it was cleaning with her67:16elbow on the roof yeah it’s as nice as I67:18could I said ma’am67:19need to get in your car Lee she says why67:23I said because there’s no reason to be67:25here67:26clubs closed been gunfire practically67:29right everything’s shut down she said67:32I’ll leave when I’m fucking ready to67:34leave I said no you’re gonna leave now67:36are you gonna leave with me67:38we started pawing at each other trying67:41to be trying to get her to cover and67:43here comes this her friend from around67:46the car big girl in linen 70-pound67:50pawing at me telling me I’ll leave my67:53friend alone leave my friend alone she67:55got up in between us and and where that67:58where my female recruit was I don’t I68:01don’t have a clue but a big big officer68:06was closed by Officer John and he uh68:11about six foot six and two seventy he68:15waited up and then got me in her68:18apartment yeah we we slammed it up to68:21the pavement face down oh I was pissed68:25by the end she was oh she was job and at68:27me with keys but he didn’t wait her arm68:31her left arm when she went down her arm68:33broke and we didn’t know it that’s when68:36it broke partially anyway but anyway68:39when Teddy John went to cover when he68:43pulled it back it snapped like a dry68:45twig mm-hmm long story short statute of68:49limitations almost went by right at two68:52years we got notified with being sued in68:56federal court68:57I had to get depositions and all that69:00anyway went all the way to a jury trial69:03lasted two and a half days she was so so69:08so dumb69:09her attorney actually they violated69:13federal law they de ferrol statute that69:15says it’s illegal to file a federal69:19lawsuit that is known or should have69:22been known to be frivolous okay how69:26could how could she she pled guilty in69:29court69:30they’ve never there’s another problem69:32they let her they not bad about plea69:35bargaining it was felony obstruction69:37they let her plead out to misdemeanor69:40obstruction so how could she plead69:43guilty to misdemeanor obstruction and69:46make a sworn statement that she was a69:48law-abiding citizen or downtown making69:51when she was attacked by two police69:54officers how can it be both69:57the suit was obviously frivolous but70:00anyway it went in and and she got on the70:04stand and they asked her at any time did70:06you did you attack did you hit officer70:09Smith she said I sure did he didn’t have70:11no Bennett putting his hands on me70:15though he said my large that I’ve no70:18further questions then another one came70:20in in lied for her they asked her said70:23do you know what70:26perjury is she said what perjury lying70:30under oath you realize your friend just70:33came in here and admitted to striking70:35officer Smith no no I didn’t say that70:37then why they found me not guilty had a70:40hung jury on the other guy because there70:43was one guy on the jury wanted him to70:47pay because he’s the one the head dime70:48when it popped they dismissed judge70:52Fitzpatrick dismissed it70:54that took that took the wind out of my70:57sails and that was in 92 I just after71:02that I’d never got in a hurry hardly for71:05four BS for for the ghetto I mean it71:09ain’t about color71:11whoever why should I get in a hurry to71:14come help you when when things turn to71:17crap this could be my fault that have71:21hurt a lot they had a lot to do with the71:23statement I made I’m sure Federal Court71:26is no joke because they just don’t mess71:29around there yeah I I can see where71:32you’re coming from I mean especially71:34back then this is in the 90s but can you71:37imagine being in the street today with71:40all that you cannot do anything without71:44being scrutinized and blamed and all71:46kinds of terrible videotaped everywhere71:49I couldn’t I couldn’t thank you today no71:52well I’m pretty sure I wish we had had71:55body cams back then we’re to help more71:58than it would hurt now today you got72:02people purposely antagonizing the police72:05just purposely you know esque72:09relating situations so they can sue you72:12or whatever yeah it’s a different time72:14Neal where can people get your book72:18Amazon looks a million all this is72:22online on Amazon booked a million Barnes72:25and Noble72:26it’s available on Kindle and uh where72:31there’s a I boots or ebooks and there’s72:34a whole bunch more places like Amazon72:38that I’ve never heard of that its own72:40Honda I’m lying there that’s the main72:44most heard of places and it looks like72:47it’s filled with even more stories like72:49we heard today so looks like it’s pretty72:51awesome read well Neil thank you so much72:55for coming on the podcast man it’s been72:56a it’s been quite a ride huh well you’re72:59very welcome thank you for having me in73:02the book is oh thank you it’s the book73:07is blue truth liberal eyes as you can73:10tell you’ve got some is crazy and73:14awesome stories so pick that up and73:16check it out for sure i’m azad amazon73:20and all the other book sites habit sony73:23oh thank you sir and we’ll talk with you73:25soon you’re welcome73:28all right thank you thank you73:37[Applause]73:39

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