TPS E32: Pyschotic Episode w/Dismemberment / Finger On The Trigger – Brad Nischwitz – Thingspolicesee

TPS E32: Pyschotic Episode w/Dismemberment / Finger On The Trigger – Brad Nischwitz

In this episode I talk with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Nischwitz (ret).  Brad has some great stories from his time on the job.  One of these stories is the craziest I’ve ever heard (very graphic).  You can’t make this stuff up!

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hey guys it’s Steve welcome to podcastthis is episode number 32 in thisepisode I interview Brad nish whit’she’s a retired deputy sheriff from Ohiothis this episode was pretty intense I’mgonna have to warn you up front one ofBrad’s stories is one of the most no noI take that back the most disturbing andshocking and to scratch your head storythat I that I’ve ever had on the podcastit’s it’s truly insane if you’resqueamish at all I’m just warning youupfront that um it’s it’s pretty nutsso buckle your seatbelt folks this onegets really hairy and yeah Brad just hassome great stories and one of them is areal humdinger so yeah without furtherado here’s Brad nish woods this isthings police seize first an accountwith your oast Steve GouldBrad nish whit’s of the MontgomeryCounty Sheriff’s Office retired how youdoing man doing very well thank youthank you for coming on the show I’msuper happy to have you you were a fanof the show beforehand correctabsolutely I’ve listened to all theepisodes so far and they’re reallyintriguing and good informationman I’m so happy to hear that becausethat’s I did it for a while then Istopped I kind of exhausted my immediatecircle of law-enforcement friends thatwould come on and I just kind of put itout there and you guys have been keepingthe show alive by um by your willingnessto come on and share your story so thankyou so much I do welcome that is greatto hear so can you tell us a little bitabout Montgomery County the how manyofficers will kind of Airy you policedsure yeah it’s about 300 officers andit’s a that’s a fairly decent sizedCounty here in Ohio and the area that Iworked was called Harrison Township andwhat I I’m assuming other departments dothis also but smaller townships insteadof them having their own police forcethey will contract to the sheriff’soffice to do the patrolling and followup on crimes and things of that natureso I was assigned to Harrison Townshipwhich is which was most of my career ormy ten-year career and it was a veryvery active place to work a lot ofpeople say as far as the county goes ifyou spend a couple years in HarrisonTownship it’s like five or six yearssomewhere else we were very active youhave everything from rapes to homicidestabbing shootings kidnappings robberieseverything oh wow so you were verythat’s very cooldid I’m not that those crimes are coolbut it’s probably uh Christ at work yesso cuz because national sheriffsdepartment to me uh people listening tooverseas and stuff but Sheriff’sDepartment I mean it I think thesheriff’s is like the oldest I modernidea of law enforcement right datingback to yes dating back to England andthen the sheriff’s here like well I inMassachusettsthe sheriff’s just do corrections andthey also they also would the only timewe’d see them in public is if werequested a k-9 like if you work for asmaller area you didn’t have a k-9officer they would okay they wouldrelease a k-9 officer deputy from thefrom the Correctional Facility to helpyou track a bag Ohso but then I moved out here toCalifornia and deputies are full blownlaw enforcement there they do everythinglike you said and they pick upunincorporated areas and if a townthinks they can save more money they canshut down there please apartment andcall they can contract the sheriffs andthe sheriff’s will set up a station intown so that sounds like more your typeof department correct yes you know wejust have a very small portion thatactually is dedicated to one areaeverything else is townships that we arecontracted to work in it has a quicksidenotethe neat thing is as you said thesheriff’s is one of the oldest onesaround but before we had sheriffsespecially here in Harrison Townshipthey had constables so you’re talking40s and 50s and the neat thing is mygrandfather was a constable in HarrisonTownship before I started work in thereobviously so that’s pretty neat tofollow in grandpa’s footsteps absolutelya legacy that’s really cool yeah theyoung yeah in the older parts of thecountry the constable thing is reallyfascinating like a lot of the old masslaws referred they kind of add it inlater peace officers in police but itwas always referring to the villageconstable you know yes I even went on acall a wellbeing check for an old oldman he was like in his late 90s and hewas okay but they they hadn’t heard fromhim his mail was piling up so theyfigured you know he died sure he wasthere he just didn’t feel like his mailand that I ended up chatting with himfor like half an hour and he told meabout his dad getting angry he said theonly problem we’ve ever had with policewas my dad chickens were being killed bya neighbor’s dog and the local constablecame in to investigate you know and thisis a hundred years ago her by now yeahthis guy’s dad and he’s in his late 90ssaid the local constableover but then the constable kept he wasa part-time guy used his own car andeverything but um yeah he was in chargeof the whole area but he then he keptyou liked the guy’s wife so he keptcoming over for this dog investigationand he says yeah he’s investigatingkilled chickens for six months and mydad finally told him hey you’re notwelcome here anymore yeah I thought thatwas funnyall right Brad let’s uh let’s get let’sget into it can you tell us about yourfirst the first hot call you went on thefirst time your adrenaline got pumpingokay this is gonna be probably two ofthem because I I had two crazy hot callswithin about uh my first six monthsgreat the first one was I was just I Iworked the midnight shift so I work from11:00 p27 a-and I was just hitting theair and one of the third watch guys hada suspicious vehicle that he rolled upon and so they sent me to go back him upand I was probably about by at leastfive five to ten minutes away was wheremy headquarters was so I started headingthat way and just as I’m turning downthe street that he’s on and that he’sprobably about a block and a half fromme I cannot see his lights yet as soonas I turned down that Street he comesover the radio yell and shots firedshots fired I’m even being shot at and Iobviously punch it to get to him andjust as soon as he said shots firedshots fired he says I’m chasing too andhe was giving a description of where oneof them was going and so I could tellwhich one he was chasing and so theother one was going to be my the one I’mgonna try to get so I started going inthe direction that he said that this guywas running and I see this guy runningfull steam down in this side street andthen crosses five lanes of traffic andso I punch it I go across all five lanesof traffic I stop in the street and hethis guy’s running next to itso I take off running next to the churchand I get to the rear of the buildingand behind the church was the church’sparking lot was not very well lit icanna peeked around the corner I seethis guy running through the parking lotand going out the rear of the parkinglot so I take off running again I go tothe back of the parking lot I go througha small little clump of trees and nowI’m in the back of the cul-de-sac and Ihear a screen door slam and I’m all bymyself and the interesting thing iswhile this just happened it’s onlydistant this was just a minute of timeif that as I said here is in Townshipit’s just like a little cutout and sonow I’m no longer in Harrison TownshipI’m in the city of Dayton and I’d haveno clue where on that which is very veryunsettling especially for a new deputyabsolutely dispatch saying what’s yourlocation and I say I’m behind a churchon Gettysburg Avenue and had called theSAC that’s all I got cause obviously theback of a cul-de-sac doesn’t have astreet sign right and I don’t know ifthe door slamming was a coincidenceor it was this job just ran into a houseso I was able to articulate as best thatI could of where I was at city of Daytoncrews came to back us out backed me upwe checked the area nobody on footobviously I don’t know what screen doorsslam shot we did a little bit of Vestagating couldn’t find the guy so I goback to the scene to see how my buddy ishe did not catch his guy either and whatbasically happened was the deputy wasjust patrolling he saw this car parkedoddly in the street so he got out calledit inand as his walking out he saw a guysitting in the back seat so he madecontact pulled the guy to get out of thecar and as soon as he did that the guyjumped onto the floorboard of the carand then shots were being fired by thedeputy from behind him in between twohouses these guys were standing andshooting at my buddy he hits the groundrolling around trying not to get hit andthen when the shots stopped he jumped upand made the call Keith he had a hole inhis car from the shot so they were theywere fairly close and we never were ableto and then I’m sorry as we were chasingthese guys the guy those in the backseatjumped in the front seat and drove awayso we’re heard the scene with no car oranything anymore because of the chaosbecause Dave because I’m he had theplate they were able to make contacteventually was somebody the detectivesthat I don’t know much of this story butthey know as often in law enforcementyou know who did it you just can’t proveityou know yeah that’s nothing everhappened and we find out later about ayear later one of the guys got killedgot shot so he must have continued hishis his ways and an interesting sidenote is which is an incrediblecoincidence because Harrison Townshipwas fairly big big place but were youknow we have lost a a deputy got killedwith our department back in 75 and itwas on that street on a suspiciousvehicle call Wow which is really strangebut but it is what it is so is this abad kind of a bad part of the Townshipthat backs up to getting Dayton’s a bigcity so okay yes sir yes it’s a it’s apretty rough it’s all streets there’snot many apartments and there’s noapartments let’s all just run downstreets and houses when people are justscraping pennies together to make endsmeet and stuff but just there was a highhigh stressor obviously oh yeahespecially when you’re on foot andyou’re chasing someone then you’re likeall right now if he turns aor if I gonna deal with them I’m gonnabe tired already right you know thisguy’s already shot at someone so so letme ask you about yeah I was gonna saywhere they um were these guys like doinga handoff some kind of drug deal or werethey fighting with each other and thecop just walked up on him no I don’tknow what they were doing really honestI don’t it really makes me because I Ihad made contact with this deputy hererecently and it really really in in nowthis is this was back in 92 93 so it’sso it has been a while but it almostsounds like an ambush yeah it is how whywould this guy died down in the backseatof the car right before the shots ringout you know how was he let’s see whenhe looked at the deputy could see hisbuddies up between the houses generate ashoot baby I don’t know it really makesyou wonder for sure that’s really weirdand were they both shooting or was thisis one shooter yeah they were bothshooting Wow he’s your partner there’slucky didn’t catch one all big Tom thinkTom ended and in fact before and I don’tknow which guy it was because there wastwo guys who obviously and then monthslater the the deputy ran into one ofthem in the jail and and made a commentto the guy hey if you want to try totake me out won’t you do it face to faceand sort of shoot me in the back and theguy just sort of laughing at himso man CD CD CD part part of the worldsad to say yeah yeah sounds like ityou said you had another anotherexperiment one yeah the other one was itwas in the same timeframe as the lastone it was was very early it was aroundprobably around 11:30 at night and I wasgoing to a call and just like a lot ofjurisdictions you have little parts ofthe city that will stick into thetownship that you cross through nightlyhow did they handle or I was I’m sorryto interrupt but how do they handlejurisdiction there you guys cross overfreely you don’t have to ask for likemutual aid or anythingnow we’re a really good we get alongreally good with each other and if wehave a problem and if we see somethingin their jurisdiction or vice versawe’ll just pull the other to come helphandle it and do the paperwork butobviously as you know if we had to wecould handle itsince we are Montgomery County in thecity of Dayton’s in Montgomery County wecan handle anything we want to but it’scommon courtesy we usually call them ohthat makes sense county sheriff’s okayI’m a little bit slow in the intake yardcall and I was going through a part ofthe city of Dayton and as dark outobvious I come to this stop sign andthis this particular Street is linedwith two-story apartment buildings Idon’t know much about him becausethey’re all City date and I’ve neverobviously dispatched there anything thatI go through them a lot and they’re notthat than the nicest in the world butthey’re not terrible either and on thesidewalk I see this female on the groundstanding over her is a guy with afistful of her hair in his fistand then his other hand was punching herin the face so she’s on the ground hehas a hold of her head and he’s justwing and just punching her right in thefaceand I’ve won and I look over and see itand so I call dispatch and I know whereI’m at so I called in the address andstuff and the guy sees me so he startsdragging her by her hair back to theapartment building roof so I get all IknowI started going after him and they’re onthe second floor their apartment is orhis apartment is so he drags her up thestairs by her head by her hair and I’mI’m running up right behind him I’mobviously I’m yelling the whole timegive him commands he’s not listening toit he goes in the apartment dragging hertries to close the door on me I followhim right in he drops her on the floorand starts yelling at me to get out getout get outmy apartment blah blah blah than usualas I go in the apartment a little bitthe apartment number I tell dispatchwhere I’m at and this guy is notlistening at all I’m giving him allkinds of commands get on the ground showme your he you know the usual and he heis just saying get out of my apartmentget out get out and this goes on it wasprobably just four seconds but it feltlike minutes and I get on back on theradio I said what’s the ETA on my backupand it was like five minutes outoh it’s forever this is this is notgonna go well and so I told him I justcame back on real quick I said step itup we’re gonna start fighting in aminute but I knew where this was goingand I don’t know if it was part of youknow back then we didn’t have earpiecesor anything like that so the guy couldhear that I’m sure he heard that and sohe was not happy I was in his apartmenthe was very upset going crazy and so hejust lowers his head and tries to runthrough me now I am about six for about250 so it’s gonna say you sounded likeit’s a lot it sound like a big dude wegot some sides on me right yes and thisguy just lowers his head and tries torun through me to get out of theapartment and he hits me I grab ahold ofwhatever I can get ahold of and thefights onwe are just strapped and we are fallingover couches we’re falling over tablesand I’m just fighting as hard as I canto keep this guy here the lady’s layingthere screaming cold crazy luckily shedidn’t do it in and help him I like hashappened in other occasions right we arefight and fight and fight and finally mybackup shows up they get in there we getthe guy cops city of Dayton shows outand they’re going to take it becauseobviously it’s in their jurisdictionthey’re gonna take it as a domestic andstuff and then I was going to do awitness statement for what I saw andthen get assault on a police officeralso and as most of the time or not yeahbecause a lot of times these thingsplayed out in courtso I have no idea where this is goingbecause it’s all city of Dayton CourtI’m expecting to get a subpoena but Idon’t and then I just don’t want to mycall you know I’m done now a little awaygearing exactly exactly exactlyso now you want to fast forward about amonth and my wife is eight monthspregnant with our first child and I’mworking and I’m luckily I work in thetownship or I live in the Township thatI work in so I’m at work it’s aboutthree o’clock in the morning and my homephone rings three o’clock in the morningobviously back our back then we hadanswering machines my wife knows betterto pick the phone up at three o’clock inthe morning and as a guy comes over thephone at three o’clock says that he’sgoing to kill me and my family and someother things so my wife freaks out shecalls dispatch dispatch thinks thatshe’s going in labor because I gave myheads-up that it could be any time andthen she tells them what had happenedand within minutes there are sixcruisers at my house and we startfiguring out what’s going on we do aninvestigation for a phone harassment andstuff detectives did a hold of it andthey the detectives tell me that therewas a guy from the domestic and whatwhat the problem is but the problem butthe reality is I was such a new deputy Ihad not unlisted my phone number yet Wowand so my phone number and address wasin the phone book and that’s this guyjust went to the phone book look me upknew where I lived and called my homephone at 3 o’clock in the morning sothat’s scary the yeah yeah there was abig wake-up call maybe that thedetectives made contact with the guy andobviously you know it’s very hard toprove that stuff especially back thenand so we couldn’t prove a% but we know it was him and so thedetective said they had a discussionwith this guy and yes he was drunk thatnight and to not worry about itand so that was yeah and I never had togo to a court for the assault on apolice officer in the domestic so itmust have pled that out but that was aman that was a major major rush eveningfor sure yeah that’s really scary whenit leaks into your personal life – likeyou know innocent bystanders like forlack of better word like your wife youknow it’s not involved and that I know aguy who he just treating him fight a guyhe’s just transported him to the countylockup and uh-huh the guy in the back isthe guy they had arrested we had a lotof problems with he was very strong hewas like 510 but like 210you know just but all muscle rip dudeyeah he loved to fight he injured abunch of officers previously and forsome reason he did not like this cop whotransported him all she did was drovehim there and from that point on hestarted getting phone calls from the guyhe started on the guy started leavinglike creepy letters in his mailbox thathe’s gonna you know hurt his family hiswife and his kids and sheesh he wouldn’tleave him alone I mean went on for ayear and he was brought into court andwarned over and over and it was insanehis marriage suffered you know his wifewas going nuts he got her her license tocarry Trainor and shooting and finallythe guy after year this he got broughtback in and he actually wasn’t crazyenough to charge the bench and go afterthe judge wouldn’t you know it at thatpoint he got put in jail but not Mollynot until he charged a judge before thatthe judge wasn’t putting them anywhereso you know which is unreal because youknow the there the department’s pleadingin the courtroom like hey this guy isruining this guy’s life he’s criminallyharassing him you say the wrong thing toa judge or go after him it’s it’scurtains man you’re going away for twoyears exactly but I remember I rememberthat and I can remember there was awarrant for him in our neighboring townsaidhey we’re gonna go pick this guy up andI went to high school with him and I wasfriends with my brother my his brothertold me stay away from him because he’lllatch onto you like he’s you know he’snot right so they’re like hey I was oneof the only guys on in the northernsector of town like hey I’m the sergeantcalled music hey work they’re gonnaborrow you to go to go wrangle this guywhich is fine but I was like man I thinkI’ll wear a balaclava or something overmy face like you know like he tell youyeah like when they tell us to deal withthe Mafia I was like I’m not gonna bethe next guy that’s haunted by thispsycho but it all worked it all workedout fine but Mannie that that is eventhat spooks me more than on-duty stuffthat’s that’s all that’s that’s rightman all right brother can you tell usabout your most intense or terrifyingcall that you went to sure hope youdon’t have a weak stomach because thismay be a little rough I do but lay it onme so as a lot of guys are you know whenyou’re working the midnight shift youhate to get a late call like a latecrash or something like that you knowbecause everybody wants wants to go homeon time oh yeah so it’s about sixo’clock in the morning on a Mondaymorning and dispatch you know calls meand I go oh no and then they go it’sjust a method call at one of our localhotels and there’s a nice hotel not toobad I’m set a bar and it colleges haveparties there and so it’s not terribleand they say that the guy this is a guyhaving a seizure in the hotel I saidokay no problem so you need to play tellthey said you up the second floormanagers up there with the guy so Istart walking down the hall I see themanager standing in the hallway and thisguy is laying on the floor half in theroom and half in the hallway he’s notwearing the shirt and he has no pants onhe has bedsheets like around hismidsection and he has dry blood all overthe placeandthe first thing I think is I’m not goinghome on time she’s not a seizure exactlysomebody beat this guy up somethinghappened last night so I walk up and theguys laying there he’s awakened beentalking the problem and medics arealways already on the way and he’s thatlike I said dry blood on his legs andhis hands and his chest and his neck andI asked the guy on the ground I said heywhat’s going on this morning and helooks up at me and he goes I cut my dickoffwhoa and this guy was like in hismid-20s he’s like 25ish and I said whatand he said I cut my dick off I go okayI said have you have you cut yourselfanywhere else because there’s blood allover the place and he said well Istepped myself on both sides of my neckand both of my groins I said okay areyou trying to kill yourself he doesn’tknow I said okay so well the medics arecoming but I said so you cut your dickoff he said yeah I said well where is itbecause it’s in the room oh I go okay sothe guys it’s really strange because Isaid the guy’s laying right like hismidsection is right at the doorway andhe’s laying on his back and right by hisright hand there’s a framing hammer andI go is he kind of giving me to stepover him he’s gonna hit me with thishammer and so I kind of I I kind ofleaned in with my foot and kicked ahammer out of his hands reach I steppedinto the room over him the room’s dark Istarted looking around and in front ofthe TV is a decent puddle of congealedblood I’m looking around the bed andstuff there’s there’s blood there alsoand I come back to himand I can’t find it I said where is ithe said it’s in the bathroom behind thetoilet I said okay so I go in thebathroom and and it looked like somebodyslaughtered a cow in the bathroom therewas blood all over the place man and Igo in there and I look behind the toiletand there is his penis and testiclestogether in a package still connectedtogether laying on the floor and Icouldn’t believe itgoodness I could not believe it so Icome back and then on top of the counterin the bathroom is a Leatherman tool andif you’re familiar with the Leathermantool they have it’s a you know itunfolds obviously and on one side of theon one of the folding parts of theLeatherman he has the straight blade outand on the other side of the Leathermanhe has the Sall tool out so it lookslike big monster scary snippers with theblade on one side and a saw blade on theother know what I mean yeah so I go backto him and he’s laying there medics werenot there yet and I said what do youwant I said the medics have to knowyou’re not gonna be on trouble and evenknow what drugs you’re on or what youdrank because they didn’t know to helpyou he said nothing and he’s he istalking just like we’re talking he is hehas no pain at all and I startedbadgering him I said I said what are youtaking what are you taking I have toknow yeah it’s on is that for your owngood and I and I was getting agitatedand finally he said okay okay okayhe said I had a mountain dew last nightat Taco BellI said that’s it that’s all you’ve hadsince last night he said yes sirand he was yes sir no sir he’s very thiswith a clean-cut kid and he just weresidenote he was in town doingconstruction and he lived down inArkansas or Alabama okay so while we’rewaiting for the medics still and this isall happening really fast l-like ourmedics take that long no he did he goescan you give my good luck charm and mygirlfriend’s picture from under the bedI said okay so good the bad I picked itup but up the corner and sure enoughthere’s a lucky coin allegedly lucky Idon’t know if I’d call it lucky yeah anda picture of his girlfriend I bring upthat to him I give it to him and he sayswould you write a phone number down forme I said okay so I’ll write a phonenumber down and he gives me a name and Isaid who is this he said it’s my mom anddad he said she did call him and tellhim I love him I said no I’m not gonnado that and we’ve been very cordial youknow this has been a very goodinteraction for the situation peaceablewhy not and I said I’m sorry but thisdid not work and you’re gonna tell themyou love them yourself because in my myopinion and things that I have seen ifyou do someone’s last will and testamentthey can let themselves die but if theyhave unfinished business they will hangon because there’s unfinished businessto be done if their body will let themhang on right so he told me that as I’msorry we’re not I’m not this did notwork you’re gonna see him he said and hedidn’t like that but he was okay with itso right around that time the medicsshow up and they kind of you know theythey just rolled out of bed they’relooking in the room they said what hegot Brad I said he cut his dick off andthey just freaked out not not bad for acop but they’re expecting a seizure andthen it was funny where it sort of hitme then as a crazy medical emergency nowbecause I was sort of saw it as a verystrange situationbut these days look at it obviously froma differencestandpoint and they were saying okaywe’re gonna get double IVs going rightnow right where he’s layinso they started working on him rightaway and they’re scrambling and anotherdeputy they happened to show up just incase I needed think we didn’t know itthey just think I’m on a seizure stuffthis other deputy shows up to see if Ineed anything and he sees what’s goingon and he was out in the hallway whenthe medics picked up the sheen and Ididn’t want to see I’d already seenenough but the mayor said to see whatwas going on and this deputy saw thevoid that this guy had yeah it showed mewhy he was on his back pushing himselfout in the hall because once you removeyour package your insides will fall outoh my goodness oh so his insides werefalling out from the wound that he hadcreated so I’m still in the room and oneof the firefighters is out in the halland this wasn’t very nice it was a veryprofessional but it is what it is hereaches over the individual on theground and he has in his hand a couplefour by fours of gods and rubber glovesthis hey Brad put that thing on ice andI reached over and he thought I was on agrab it when I grabbed him by theforearm and I yanked him over the guylaying in the doorway into the room withme I said no no no no no I said you guysare gonna be dealing with that I don’tget paid to deal with that yeah I saidyou’re gonna pick that thing up and putit on ice and so we went and the managergot us an ice bucket to put it on andobviously I have trouble using Hotel icebuckets anymore after oh man nothing onice the ice bucket so he got double IVsgoing and and and now they’re stilltalking to him when the medics wereworking on and trying to keep himsidetracked and we were still talkingnorI’m sure his anxiety was growing up withall the scramble and they were doing andas I’m talking to and all of a suddenhis eyes just slam back in his head andhis eyes shut and I started yelling athim just because I just started yellinghis his name and he do blow up in hiseyes he said what what I said I’m sorryI said but you got to stay awake I saidI know you’re cold I know you’re tiredbut you have to stay awake I don’t wantyou closing your eyes he said okay okayI said you’ve got to stay with me so hewill woke up enough after I yelled onhim the medic said we gotta get to thehospital right now and the hospital isprobably about five to eight minutesaway and as now you’re talking rush-hourtraffic also and there’s no highwayinvolved just uh main thoroughfares so Isaid okay I said and as I’m sure youknow once you stop a met if it’s hard toget it rolling again from a stoplightyeah so I said I’m gonna I’m I want toclear as many intersections as I can foryou guys you can just keep on motor andthey said that would be great because wehad to be there five minutes ago we takeoff and I’d block these intersectionsthe metis go flying by me and we’re justleapfrog on all the way to the hospitaland we did an eight minute drive inabout four minutes in traffic Wow wewere flying and we get there and it wasso surreal because I go into the ER thevictim is still in the medic and thesethree doctors are looking at this icebucket going what in the world are wegoing to do and then they bring the guyin and I didn’t realize it in the hotelbut he had I guess you’d call it extremefirst extreme first degree burns fromhis chest down his chest his arms andhis legs I go home I go old burns nookay rand-newbecause he did this removal in the shina Spalding showermy water as how does that Walt watercould come out of that faucet in thehotel he had it cranked on in the showerand so you could see and then the ER hewas all be red and blistered and stuffWow so so I went to obviously I hadtrouble sleep in that night and or thatmorning and then the next night I wentgoing to the hospital to check on himand the ER said we shipped him out toOhio State to try to get it put back ontoday he seems not here anymore I saidokay well hope and pray for the best forhim and I was and was really interestingwhere I was trying to figure out for amonth what how this could happen becauseI could understand brain was thinking ifyou guys had a crazy mental thought orsomething you get a meat cleaver and youcut it off you would do it and you goouch that hurts that was a mistakeyeah you think the way he did it it tooktime a lot of time the dairy yourself inone package in the pain I could not evenfigure out what it could have been andso I was trying to guess why he wouldhave done it and dealt with all the painand my – the only thing I come up withwas because it had Grover and we have alot of prostitutes where I work I saidmaybe he hooked up with a prostitute andfelt really really bad and cut it offother option was he was a pedophile andcouldn’t help himself that was my guessso I go back to the hospital maybe threeweeks later and they knew of the caseobviously so I talked to the ER doc andhe said Ohio State was able to put hispenis back on but the testicles didn’tmake it I know okay well yes it’shalfway okay but but then if you thinkabout it now you’re talking aboutgetting shots for the rest of your livesfor the testosteroneoh right Yeah right right so then I saidwell what happened and he was I don’t Idon’t know yet he said well still hesaid I’ll let you know so a short timelater I went back and I’ve been thinkingabout this a lot I was really I guess Ijust couldn’t believe how you could dothat and not have any pain you just talknormaland they said the bottom line was it washis first attack of being bipolar Wowthat’s what he didthere’s no drugs in the system oranything else the other thing I couldthink about as a deep demonic possessionyou know right exactly that was that wasthat was insane I couldn’t believe itthat is crazy silly did they do did theytest the blood and there was no no signsof drugs or did you find outso this was his first psychotic episodelinked to bipolar nothing about thatdisease but he had these both these twoguys are doing construction here toroommate and management to try to fightthis roommate down because the Ruby hadasked this guy if she wanted to go tothe Waffle House if you are you hungryno I’m just gonna sleep in a littlelongerso his roommate cause of the WaffleHouse this guy gets up he goes in thebathroom and cuts his step off yeahWaffle House now I’m gonna hang back andcut off my wiener okay did you everthink Brad that you would go on a calllike this when you became a policeofficer never I mean that’s it’s nevermy thing is as you could’ve asked memaybe this was near the end of my careerand I said you know you see odd thingsat the beginning of your career evenbeginning of my career maybe I’m threeyears then I’ve seen an odd stuff Ishould have never even come up with thisyou know yeah that isn’t yeah theyalways say you know I they always saywhat’s the expression bread the truth isstranger than fiction that’s what it isyeah that’s right that’s an absoluteguaranteeing police work holy cow allright my man do you have a that was athat was a hell of a storydo you have a positive situation whereeverybody keeps their body parts on yeahwe didn’t have a whole lot of that as wewere on the growing the shift I was onbut there was a obviously I’d probablyhalf a dozen strip bars in my B and theyeven half a dozen just you know just inyour area yeahholding one probably probably for Manosfizzle out strip that’s a lot for LasVegas holy cow yes but the interestingside note is that was back in we’retalkin I retired no for their the boutsthey were still around six of them inthat area but we had I don’t know if yousaw in the news but earlier this summerwe had a terrible tornado that camethrough Harrison Township hmm and 90% ofthem are gone nowstrip clubs Wow blue or whatever soanyway you know I’ll watch the bars tomake sure there’s no fights or anythingand I see a car in the parking lot and aguy sitting there and I see the brakelights coming on a little bit I thinkyou know please don’t drive I knowyou’ve had too much I know yeah so Ijust no make contact with him before heeven pullshe’s sitting in the car the car is noton or anything and I said what are wedoing he said I’m waiting for my ride Isaid good thing because you’ve had toomuch he said yes sir I have I said okayI said and I said of cold ice and you’rewelcome to sit in your car but don’t bedriving away you so no no sir I’mwaiting for my ride so okay so I leaveand not that I’m a poacher and not thatI’d like to you lied because it takesabout three hours back then to do a DUIright you know they’re they’re notthey’re very time-consuming so I justpull across the street I just sit thereI’m not there ten minutes and I see thebackup lights come on and he backs outand he pulls out on the street and I getworried you’re kidding me so he startsdriving on the street that’s the law yesI’ll just follow him for a minute andsee how bad he is right that didn’t testhim or anything obviously and he goesabout a block and a half and he can’tkeep it in his lane and stuff and I gookay we’re done so I light him up I pullhim overI walk up and first words out of mymouth was I said yes what’s gonna happennow he says I’m going to jail for DUI Isaid yes you are I said get out so weget out I take him to jail for DUI doall the paperwork and then about a monthlater but I’m coming to work at eleveno’clock my captain is at work which isnot a good sign generally speaking andbefore roll call he was Brett I need totalk to you I got crap what did I doso I go in the captains office he said Iknow you’ve had several the others DUIarrest but he said did you have one thatstarted from this particular bar about amonth ago I said yeah I said yeah I didI said you ever sit in the car and Itold him not to leave he left and I gotit for DUI he said well he sent me aletterI said okay and he said that he wantedto thank you for taking him to jail forDUI and how you turned his life aroundand how respectful and professional youearth and during the whole interactionthere I go well I saw that’s that that’sa rare thing to get a thank you forsomebody from taking them to jail forDUI and if it is that it never happenshe says good job on you and good job forgivin the sheriff a decent appearance tosome people that you’re doing a good joband people do good work under the dealbut but yeah it was a because it becausewe’re working the midnight shift it’shard you don’t get a lot of good stuffthat happens he’s had to say no yeahthat’s a good one for sure and I’veheard similar stories like that wherethe guy I even my sergeant arrested aguy similar scenario he was DUI and hehad a federal warrant and the guy wroteto him from jail for like a while Wowand my sergeant was uh yeah great guyhe’s actually interviewed him on theshow I’m Sergeant Pierpont from East himoh yeah he great guy and he’s just got abig heart and he would um in the bookingroom if he saw an opportunity he wouldhe would help you know he was um he waswhat they call it the big book or AAAoh yeah he was at he’s big into thathe’s been sober for many years and hewould try to help whoever he could cuzyou know a lot of times it’s the peopleare a disaster as you know and then inthe morning they’re shaking their headand apologizing a lot of people you knowsure because they have a problem so hewould I started talking this guy in thebooking room and yeah he showed me thislet handwritten letter from a federaljail I was like what yeah so like yeahon Midnight’s you rarely get that kindof attaboy but that’s that’s really coolright right I got one more story that’sa crazy call and it was down on one ofour government housing areas that I wasassigned to it’s a large housing unithasthree hundred units in it about 70buildings and it’s your averagelow-income housing area and we gotdispatch two shots fired with an assaultand I started heading down there and assoon as I parked a few doors down fromthe unit because I don’t get stuck in mycar with someone shooting had gone offobviously and I get out I startedwalking down the sidewalk I hear thislady screaming bloody murder and I see Isee her shadow and I see a guy take offrunning so I take off running down thesidewalk towards her and after this guyand I’m running as hard as I can and asI’m getting close to her she stood himright next to the sidewalk and the guyis running away from me like behind herand I’m running as hard as I came downthe sidewalk as I’m getting close to hershe has a huge knife in her hand like abig butcher knife just standing thereright next to the sidewalk and I wasrunning so hard I couldn’t changedirections or stop and I just prayedthat she won’t even have stabbed me as Iran past her right because I don’t knowwhat’s going onyou know but thank God I ran right pasther she didn’t stab me or anythingand I’m on the tail of this guy the guyrounds the corner behind one of thebuildings and there’s there’s averagelighting herenothing super brighter and I go aroundthe corner and he’s vanished just like aHoudini just completely gone and whathappens and at least our governmenthousing area if the police are chasingyou you can go up to about any back dooror front door and start knocking on thedoor saying po po po po po po andthey’ll open the door and let you in tohide you which I was very challengingwhen you’re chasing somebody yeah so Igo back to the female and I said what’sgoing on she’s that blood running downher face I called for himshe said my boyfriend just snapped Idon’t know what his problem is I saidwhat happened he mad at me he threw medown on the couchand pulled his gun out and put his gunright next to my head and fired a roundoff into the back of the couch and afterthe gun went off he hit me in the facewith the gun cutting her head open I gookay medics coming for ya and she waspretty upset about it obviously I lookon the bat on the ground and there’s agrocery bag full of marijuana packagedfor sale a bunch of little baggies andsince I said whose is this that’s histhat’s his dough he’d left it here Isaid okay so then it takes her to thehospital I go to the hospital to get astatement from her and she’s refusing tocooperate I know okay you don’t wannahelp me help you find this guy that’sfine it makes my my report much shorterokay so I I say have a nice life I leaveand then a couple hours later I couldjust specially the same address on areportable fight I get there I saidwhat’s going on she said he came backhe’s pissed off his broom his dope isgone and he pushed me around I said okayyou want to file charges on him nope Isaid okay so I leave again and about anhour later I was sitting with anotherdeputy very close by and a neighborcalls him to fight this time not her andI the deputy says haven’t you been thereI said yeah I said hang on a minutedon’t leave yet I said I’m gonna go intothe complex a different way in thedirection that he uses and runs andhopefully he’ll run right to me becauseI’m tired of this right we’ll lock himup so I pulled down on the wind in theplat into the complex and I’m a bigadvocate ofthat car off and yet now because carsare so loud you can hear almost anythingwhen you shut that thing off I shut itoff I start walking I don’t hearanything I don’t hear any screaming Iknow the deputies coming down the streetdon’t we the way we did the past twotimes and I start walking and I see twoguys leaned up against one of theapartment buildings now this littleapartment building is probably about 30yards from her apartment and these guysare just sitting along this wall alongthe building and then the building hasmade out of break and there’s two guysthere and I made small talk you knowit’s just like say 3 o’clock in themorning but people are out all hours arein this complex and so I look at the oneguy and I said what’s your name and hetells me his name I get in the first guyand I go what’s your name he says who melike yeah Chuck I already talked to yourbuddy yeah you what’s your namenone of your effing business nice so Iknow this is probably him so I pull mygun out because he’s sitting thereIndian style but his legs crossed butboth of his hands I cannot see past hiswrists they are buried it is drawinglike it is like in between his legs andI started yawning I said let me see yourhands let me see your hands and hestarts yelling back at me after you I’mnot doing nothing I’m just sitting herechillin and I you know my radio I saidhe got him over here and as it happensI’m in a dead spot and no one hears meand it made my transmission doesn’t goout and so I’m yelling and yelling andyelling and yelling at this guy reallyreally loud and I’m saying show me yourhands show me your hands and he is justcussing and cussing right back at me theguy the innocent bystander allegedly hewas sitting next to him he starts comingup off the wall standingI said no you sit down – I don’t wantyou guys nobody’s moving here stopmoving around so he sits back down andI’m still you know this guy he’spressing right back at me and I I hadthought this throughin in in in split second time that I hada good back I have a brick building butthis guy’s leaned up against if I shoothim the bolts are not going to go intoanybody else if I miss him they’re notgoing to hit anybody else I may have toshoot this guy I’m screaming I’mscreaming let me see your hands let mesee your hands and he must have sawsomething in my demeanor or somethingbut he started really getting agitated asort of jerk so they’re moving his handsaround but he wasn’t pulling him outwhere I could see him all I could seewere down to the wrist and I went fromindexing with my finger along the gun tothe trigger because I thought I waswanted to shoot this guy because I feltconfident he had a gun and he was tryingto figure out how to pull it out andshoot me but I had the drop on him and Ithink he saw meput my finger on the trigger and when Idid that he jerked his hands out of hisgroin so fast that it’s a miracle Ididn’t pull the triggeroh but he pulls his hands up and putshim up and then in front of him I don’thave no gun shoot me you want to shootme don’t you I know you want to do itand I was I went back to indexing againthe other deputy had heard me yell andhe came around a corner he sees mepointing my gun at this guyhe pulls his gun out and points it athim I said put hands on and grab a holdof him he could be sitting on it for allI know right so that the deputy put hisgun away grabbed a hold of the gun assoon as he put hands on him fight was onthen I took my gun away we fight him totry to fight him to get him in handcuffswhile we’re doing that I’m trying towatch the other guy to see what hegonna do because I don’t know who thisother guy is right and we hit the guycuffed up that we want to he is goingoff crazy cussing and carrying on wehave no right doing what we’re doing I’mjust sitting out here blah blah blahonce we get him cuffed we go we put himin the cruiser we take we go talk to hershe’s yeah that’s him I don’t want topress charges I said well you’re doingsomething because I’m taking him to jailbroken record he’s going to jail toonaughty he’s been out here three timesand all of these apartments had a frontdoor and a back door all of them andoutside her back there was one of thosecheap charcoal grills I lift up the lidof the grill and there’s the gun layingright there so he ditched it when he ranout putting the grill and there was justsitting there chillin acting like Idon’t know what’s going on so in mywhole 10 years that was the closest I’veever had or came to shooting somebodyand it was it was it was an adrenalincrazy crazy dump to the point of whichis great to have fellow deputies thatare to back you and help you in any waybecause my adrenaline was dumping myanxiety was dumping this guy was goingoff and nobody likes to go to jail butmy buddy that I work with says I’mtransporting this guy for you you’ve hadhim enough tonight you do the paperworkand I’ll drive him downtown for youwhich is just great to have that wasthere was craziness yeah I know otherpeople have crazy thinking stuff we’llhave to shoot people and stuff but thisis as close as it ever came to mean itwas it wasn’t very fun for sure ohthat’s yeah that’s high-stress thankgoodness your buddy stepped up you haveto listen that guy chirping in your earall the way to jail you knowabsolutely absolutely Crais trying tospit on you in whatever else yeah that’sthat’s an intense one-man finger on thetrigger I mean you probably go youprobably could to justify shooting himmaybe you know he’s not a hoarderthat’s crazy thing because that becausefor four days afterwards I was I wasalways processing if I would have pulledthe trigger could have articulated tobeing justified to shoot him and Ithought and I think I could have buteverything that happened earlier andeverything that happened then where hewouldn’t showed me his hands andeverything and and it would have beenterrible terrible to have shot him andhim not have a gun with him yes I justcan’t imagine that thank God it didn’thappen yeah and well yeah and then youalso you have that witness who I’m surewasn’t going to be on your sideregarding right away we’re playingpatty-cake and this guy came up well itsounds like despite despite theadrenaline dump you played it perfectlythank goodness yes thank you alrightbrother um do you have any advice fornew officers who were thinking aboutgetting in or just new on the job umyeah I think that if you can at least inmy situation to have a good partner wifeor a girlfriend or whatever that you canjust talk to obviously get to filtersome of the stuff that you would tellthem and you would learn I learned whatyou could didn’t say so you wouldn’tfreak them out it’s good to have abuffer that I felt that you should talkto about stuff that has happened at workand situations so you’re sure your honortrying to process it by yourself I wouldconcur with a lot of the other advicethat some of the other people have givento have non-law enforcement friendsbecause law enforcement officersalthough are great people and I wouldtrust my life to them they have adifferent perspective and theirperspective is often skewed by the seedysociety that we have to deal with allthe time right and so I think it’simportant just to have good normalpeople that don’tissues and aren’t on drugs and drinkingand stuff and oddly I I would almost saythat it’s a good idea to watch like thelive PD shows and the PD cam shows justjust from the from the city of watchingit as a learning tool to say what wouldI do in that situation I wouldn’t watchit saying that’s what police work isbecause they never show the hours andhours of paperwork or just sitting in aparking lot writing that we have to doobviously but it’s really a good tool tosee you can see something happen and sayeither how what I do deal with that or Iknow you’re watching it on TV but couldI deal with that could I deal withsomeone shooting at me or hearing shotsfired and me running towards him insteadof away from like everybody elseand then my last one would be I havealways been very active in my church andthe church had gotten me through a lotof stuff the people there and once againjust like Evan non-law enforcementfriends having church friends is likehaving normal friends on steroids youknow they’re a new person of the timethey’re they’re awesome people and goodsouls and just help you get throughstuff I couldn’t agree with you more wewe moved to California about three yearsago and we uh we were you know we wereraised Catholic but had walked away fromit and we came out here and about a yearand a half ago we were born again into asmall local Baptist Church SouthernBaptist Church awesome and I’d alwaysheard you know when you moved somewherenew you if you if you have Christ inyour life and you you go to church thebest way to get plugged in is go to finda good church never thought much aboutit but man it couldn’t be more truewe’ve met the nicest people the kindestpeople people who will help you rightaway just out of the goodness of theirheart expecting nothing in return so umI that’s uh I’m glad you said thatbecause that’s made a huge difference inmy just my wife and I snore Mille lifeand jeez and I look back on the 10 yearsI did on the road II could have benefited so much from thatif I had been you know absolutely thatit’s awesome to hear that is good stuffBrad you’ve had some you’ve got somegreat stories man and I reallyappreciate you coming on thank you thankyou very much I’m glad you enjoyed themawesome well thank you sir we’ll be intouch all right have a great you too heyguys thanks for checking out the episodeI hope you enjoyed it I sure didthose were some totally insane storiesespecially the one at the hotel when theguy did the thing to his ween veryupsetting and insane so yeah you justyou just cannot make this stuff up andyou can never you can’t imagine whatyour what your local police are seeingday to day so I really thank Brad forsharing all that with us is reallyreally great if you want to reach meit’s Steve at things police see calm andif you want to support the show rightnow the best thing you can do becausethe show is growing actually a prettygood clip it’s pretty awesome if youcould rate review on iTunes I know Ialways say that but it’s just true itreally helps a show I recently I gotnotified that the show has been startingto rank on whatever podcast databasesit’s or an iTunes it’s um when it startsto rank it means it’s with its under -it’s like within the top 200 so what I’mtrying to say so and I’m told the moreratings and reviews you can get on theshow the the better it helps thestanding so that would be awesome if youcould just take the time to do that I’dreally appreciate itbut um yeah I will see you guys nexttime

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