TPS E35: Prisoner With A Gun / Tuscaloosa PD – Toni Sisk – Thingspolicesee

TPS E35: Prisoner With A Gun / Tuscaloosa PD – Toni Sisk

In this episode Steve and Ken chat with retired female officer, Toni Sisk.  Toni worked patrol for Tuscaloosa PD before being assigned to investigations in the SVU where she finished up her career. 

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sparethat’s a great way to support the showso thank you so much and without furtherado here’s the episode this is thingspolice seize first and accounts withyour oastSteve goldhey guys welcome to the podcast thankyou for joining us as always my co-hostKen Roybal from police background net iswith us Ken hello hello hello hellohello sirtoday we have a southern lady forperhaps a southern belle not in Bell Idon’t know yet but her name is Tony Siskshe did 20 years at Tuscaloosa PoliceDepartment in Alabama and she also last5 or 6 years she worked for there s SUVdivision so this should be prettyinteresting I spoke to her on the phonelast week and she is a firecracker she’sa firecracker I just enjoyed theconversation I think this could be avery good interviewexcellent all right should I should Iwork my magic that never goes wrong whenI add someone into the call do it do itokay here we goyou can await with bated breath hold onTony are you there Tony you’re on withStephen ken how are you hi Tony how areyou I’m here I’m good so we’re all readyfor this we’re very excited you comevery very highly recommended and we’rejust ready to go yeah we have people onsocial media saying oh you got to hearher stories you got to get this girl onthe podcast yeah yeah yeah absolutelydon’t be nervous just you know the barhas been set for D&I; and Kent Stephencan you know us well this is great Tonyit’s gonna be hard to like tell onething on each one because there’s somany stories you know how to pour somany stories yes yes well that’s okaythat’s we’ll work our way through themand you know see where it takes us wehave to do if we have to do a three-hourlong podcastyeah down the rabbit hole Steve that’swhat we’re doing tomorrow all rightlet’s see well see if we can do it yesyou’ve done this before we can we cannavigate this and Steve absolutely soTony you were on Tuscaloosa PD for 20years that’s is that correct yeswhat positions did you hold therepatrolman and the last six and a halfyears I worked in the juvenile divisionI was assigned to the juvenile divisionand most of my cases there will we inour department we work anything underthe age of 15 if it was 15 and older itwent to homicide bitchanything under 15 it came to usand so that being said I worked a lot ofchild abuse neglect sexual abuse missingchildren you know just you name it andif I didn’t have like a case load ofthat going on I would work other caseslike you know assault criminal mischiefyou know things of that nature so just alittle bit of everythingWow so is that a detective position yestogether so same thing it’s just that wedidn’t go by detective we went byinvestigatorokay but it’s a different rank thanpatrol and police officer and Sergeantall that kind of stuff it’s just anassignment basically like if you wereassigned to CID and you know you wereassigned to that it wasn’t really apromotion but it got you out of patrolmm-hmm that seems like a pretty good wayto make sure you’re burnt out at the endof your career doingSUV stuff that’s social with kids that’sreally like a combination of social workand police work and you just see a lotof nasty stuff yes it was very stressfuland I didn’t really realize howstressful it was until the last let’ssee I guess the last nine months I wentback to Patrol- let my pace load because I knew I wasgoing to retire and so I’ll let my paceload like you know dwindle down so Iwouldn’t be going to court two yearsafter I retired you know becausesometimes those cases you know it willbe like a year or two years you knowafter you work the case it could come upfor court and I did not want to be goingto court you know like after I retiredyeah that’s no good yeah so that beingsaid those last few months when I wentback to Patrol those were honestly thebest months of my career honestly yeahpeople love Patrol absolutely it’s uhit’s a great position the backbone ofthe PD can you take us to young officerSisk back in the early days and tell usabout the first time you responded to ahot call or a call that really got yourblood pumping okay so the one that Iremember most when I got out of AcademyI went to midnight ship and then when Icould go to evening shift I went toevening shift which was about threemonths maybe into me being on the streetand I remember who I was riding with andit was the very first call and we workedfour to twelve and so it was fouro’clock and we got a call that this guywas in the middle of the street with a300rifle and he had already shot out someshot at his dad and he was upset aboutsomething about the cable or somethingso he had shot at the cable box and sowhen he got there he was standing out inthe middle of the road with a 308 and hewasn’t like pointing at us or anythingyou know he it wasn’t really I didn’tfeel like it was a threat to us but youknow we were just sitting there tryingto talk him out of the weapon and thenall of a sudden these other guys comehauling ass and what’s it a safarithat’s a cop colony in sideways and ofcourse then the threat was there becausehe felt threatened you know because wewe really had it under control but whatmade me nervous is there was a churchbus right there where he was and he raninto the church bus with the weapon yeahI don’t know why this but the lieutenanton the shift he gets on top of the busand I’m thinking because a real cowboyokay this guy’s got a rifle he knowswhere this lieutenant is walking he’sgonna shoot through that you knowthrough the bus okay so but anyway thatbeing said it came out well hesurrendered you know they you know gothim you know took him to jail all thatstuff so basically I think that becauseI was thinking to myself now this isreally I said if this is what eveningshift is going to be like I’m going backto midnight because it was like my veryfirst call and I was just like oh my godyou know but it you knowso it turned out okay yeah that’sdefinitely intense ever find out why thethe lieutenant was on the bus I think hewas just like gonna capture this guy youknow yeah I guess I don’t know what thehell he was thinking you know this isthis is why this is why watch commanderlieutenants stay in the station anddon’t go in the field really Tony cancan you tell us about a strange orbizarre call that you dealt with okaysay I have been thinking about this oneand okay sotuscaloosa has these humongous oak treesand oh yeah I think I read they callthem druid trees or something yeah andeven our patch has druid City you knowcity of Tuscaloosa the druid City andand that’s what like our hospital wascalled Jewish City Hospital so yes sothat being said every Halloween Eve allthese pagans would come to Tuscaloosa toworship the trees yeah it sounds likeCalifornia but he means Rove but a beingyou know just camp out in the woods andyou know oh and I mean they wouldn’tbother anybody or anything but anyway soI get this call I’m on days shift and Iget this call that this guy is downtownTuscaloosa and he is digging up a treeso yeah he’s digging up a tree downtownTuscaloosaget there and it’s this dude incamouflage pants no shirt and he’s gotthis animal head skeleton around hisneck and um and then my backup got thereand you know and he was he was juststanding there and I was talking to thedude and I’m like so what you do inthere and he’s like I’m saving this treeand I’m like okay well you can’t bedigging up our trees you know I’m gonnahave to take you to jail this is justyou know you can’t be digging up ourtree and I said so I was gonna ask youwhat the hell is around your neck I saidis that a Doberman I said it looks likea dog it was a raccoon head and well itwas a skeleton it you know it yeah andso I said okay and I said well you’vegot something in its eyes I said what isin his eyes and he said tobacco for goodluck of course Sam he started telling uswhy he was in town and they had arrestedhis girlfriend the night before on thestrip at the University where all thebars are that’s what we call this wecall it the strip anyway they hadarrested her because she was walkingaround with a gallon of beer in like amilk jug and so I noticed that he hadall these like Hickey marks all over hisbody and I’m like dude I’m like whatwhat’s going on there and he’s like ohmy girlfriend did that he said we suckthe blood out of each other mm that’strue love yeah and I’m going in soanyway the guy that was back in the UHbut really I didn’t have a problem withGod it was there he’s like dude talkingto me he’s like dudeI’m out of here I said he said he toldthat guy he said don’t make eye contactwith medon’t look at me and he left me therewith that idiot scared that he was gonnaput a spell on him or something and I’mlike well this is great so anyway but Irested the guy took him to jail and hewas really nice I mean he really was butI saw his girlfriend down there she wasstill in jail and she was the oneholding failed and I said I’ve got tosee this chick you know see what shelooks likeI looked at her and she had all kinds ofanimal bones twirled up in her hair allover her hair and she had those hickeymarks all over her she was loved – yeahfreaking the weirdest thing everso these are like pagan pagan longertoescorrect yes mm-hmm yeah yeah so so soand I’m sure that they still come toTuscaloosaevery Halloween because of the druidtrees because of the druid ruin what’s -what’s the origin of that the druidtrees were these actually brought overfrom overseas from somewhere in Englandor something or they’re a really hugeoak trees like really big ones so Ireally don’t know until you know I cameacross him and then when I startedtalking to you about that and I thoughtyou know I’m gonna really research thisdruid thing because we do have druidCity on our patch and by the way we gotthe most awesome patch ever I mean it isamazing I mean it’s it’s better than anypatch I’ve ever seen basically yo yeahit’s not like okay so it’s got a Chiefshead on it like an Indian chief and Ithought you said that cheese head I’mgoinguh-huh and what that is is that umTuscaloosa was itsTSCA lol essays but it used to be to usk and because cheap Tuscaloosa with a Kthat statistically forgot its name okaythat seemed like we actually know it’sfunny Toni is my PD that I work for EastHam had a Native American like Chiefhead on it as well very similar fashionyou know we were because we lived in anarea called Nauset when the NausetIndians and hit like lived originallyI’m looking at the patch right now as wespeak and it says druids City on ithuskily yeah it’s a pretty cool lookingpassive colors they’re really nice CLELAPD doesn’t their patrol doesn’t wherethey don’t wear patches there’s zeropatches on their patrol uniforms yeah Iwas at I was it a funeral one time for apolice officer in another city and we’reall standing in line there was hundredsof officers standing in line we’re readyto go on the church and this one officerfrom a young officer from a neighboringagency somewhere somewhere nearby helooks around he’s gone and were you guysfrom and before I could even say he goesoh you’re LAPD you’re the ones withoutpatches and so that’s how he knew us butjust an odd thing I don’t know why theynever had patches but yeah didn’t it iskind of strange n-no their divisions dothough right ken like the motor units inthe harbor and the specialty units havepatches specialty units do SWAT trafficthere’s other units that do but patrolstraight patrol does not have anypatches whatsoever it looks kind of coolit’s kind of badass and I think someplaces only have a one patch that lookskind of cool – yeah but I’m I’m kind ofdigging this tuscaloosa patch period ohthat would beamazing all right yeah I worked with arestill there and I’m like I cannotbelieve that you are still here what isthe deal you know and they’ve got smallkids and they need the benefit so theyjust stayed and so yeah and and it’sreally sad because I mean you know theycould have retired a long time ago soand but yeah but our patch is awesomeand it’s the color of the yellow if yousee the yellow around it really standsout on because when I first started wehad light blue Pepsi Cola colored shirtswith art blue epaulets and honor youknow just it was yeah and it anyway sowhen we went to the dark blue shirt itwas like hallelujah you know so I meanthey were but now deal our lieutenantsand our captains they were white shirtand I thought that was pretty dumbbecause you stand out even in the darkin a white shirt I thought that was kindof odd because I was in Florida one timeyears and years ago and there was amotor officer that passed me by and hewas wearing a white shirt and I thoughtI’ll you could do it it’s so easy to getthose shirts dirty and no one likes toget their uniform dirty and the firstday the cleaners you know it would rubtheir and I mean that shirt was done youknow because I was really always crisp Imean I I did my shirts and I always hadwhat you were smart it yeah my pact hadto be smart my patch had to be creasedbetween the eye in the sea it had to becreased right there and I mean like likeyou couldcut your finger on my patch but I wouldhave my pants at the cleaners because Ijust couldn’t get those creases justright so mmm sharp dress Tony I like itis it what was it the British Bobby he’sthe one that said we’re always lookingsmartwhatever the Australian they policeAustralia to the British the samecountry because when I first startedworking there I really had us well Ididn’t but I felt like I really had toprove to the guys that I was that Icould do the job because I was 5’4 and Iweighed 103 pounds so I was pretty tinyin fact they had to like special orderpants for me okay yeah so yeah but youknow once we went to a call likesomebody’s taking somebody’s butt and Imean if somebody’s butt was gettingkicked like one of our guys mine was Tbecause I would not let those guys Imean I was just like you know right ontop of it yeah you were little or youcould definitely like throw you up in asecond-story window or something youcould deploy you all kinds of ways Ihave been three windows yeah so oh I bethe sounds like a scrapper and you knowback then it was like you know it wasn’tlike you know the Thin Blue Line and Igot you back and you know what all thatstuff it was just honestly kick theirass take names and take him to jailbottom line that was it we didn’t havecameras in her face we didn’t have bodycam you know it was just us against thebad guysand you know the job got done so and youknow and when I first started the guyswere really protective as well and soand I appreciate what they did but itwas like they wouldn’t let me doanything I mean it was like you know youstay hereand we’ll do this or you know whateverand so so they were really protective ofme and and I appreciate that now and Iknow what they were doing but that beingsaid I didn’t want somebody saying youknow what she’s standing over there notdoing anything and we’re gonna ask itthat no that that wasn’t gonna happenno Tony this oh good good I was gonna Iwasn’t asked the next question can throwin what you had to say though I can’tremember is too long ago I’m too oldokay perfect Jodi tell me about yourmost intense or terrifying Kalimantan[Music]I’m not I don’t mean to sound cocky oranything but I look back now and I thinkgod I can I could have got killed youknow that sort of went really southreally fast but you know when I lookwhen I worked um I just I responded Ididn’t you know of course yeah I mean Igot nervous you know but when I wasgoing to the call you know I was youknow you know planning out what I wasgoing to do you know and and just youknow trying to you know just do what Ihad to do if I was either back it upsomebody and it was really bad or or Iwas going to the call you know and butthese now I look at it now and I thinkgod that was stupid you know I was likeI’ve done that a million times I look atthis stuff and I’m likeI did that I did that and didn’t eventhink about it and now I’m thinking manthat could have went really bad yeah butum to your question the most I think themost intense terrifying call was when Iwas in the juvenile division and thecall came out that there was a juvenileand one of the cells and he had a 38 hewas in a jail cell with a 38 yes yes soanyway so my supervisor he tell me thatget in my car let’s go well the sheriffhad deployed their SWAT team to go therebecause it was the County DetentionCenter okayand so anyway we got there and a coupleof our guys thought investigators hadgotten their plainclothes guys havegotten there and you know we lookedthrough the door and there he was and hewas gonna kill herself I mean you knowhe had the gun and he was going to killherself how old was this kid15 15 years old when they put him in aCell do they was he alone or is he witha bunch of other kids well the firstquestion the first question I have isdid somebody search him obviously notwell I mean that’s the obvious thing tome what the heck you know the guys inthere with a gun usually that’s a searchthing she’s fixed him didn’t town rightnow Steve ahDave in the investigator in the juveniledivision they had put him in jail okaythey had picked him up and put him inthe detention center okay so they hadpicked him up put him in the carthey were driving to him to thedetention center and he ended up in acell with a 38 Wow because I mean wewould transfer people to but it didn’tmatter how well we told the sheriff’sthat we we frisked them they always didit again and they did it like no onefrisked you like a like a prison guardyou know what I meanright that’s it that’s crazy well and Iasked him I asked him how he did ityou know and he told me he said he hadit in his waistband and the back and hewhen he changed clothes he drugged thegun down with his pants and he put it inhis shoe and when he put his otherclothes on then he just reached downthere and you know and they werewatching him you know change clothes andeverything so that being said you knowof course the investigators I told him Isaid dude you know and they’re like noway there’s no way we we searched himand I’m like then how in the hell did heget a 38y’all transported him down here it’s notlike when in the Detention Center andthey said oh here here’s your 38 so yeahso I you know I was like you know butthey still do not it but anyway hold onhold on hold onthey denied that they denied theymystogan in a search so the gun betweenthem picking the guy up and put him inthe in the holding cell and the guyhaving the gun there saying that wassomething that the jail was responsiblefor they’re saying there’s no way thatthey put a guy and in detention with agun no waywell okay how explain that to me then ofcourse you know they were you know yeahthey were one of there were two nutheads but anywayI mean they didn’t have their head inthe game honestly I mean really and sothen I hate to say that because I didhave a good rapport with with the guysthat were in my unit and but anyway soyeah I just want to add and Steve youcould back me up on this if this wasLAPD there would have been in therewould have been a personnel complaint aninternal affairs investigation and thoseguys would have taken days oh yeahdefinitelyI got reprimanded and I’m gonna tell youwhy so the guys sitting there and he’sgot the gun to his head and um and Iknow that there’s he’s just mentalsomething’s going on with him you knowand so I cried you know we I said justcrack the door let me talk to him and soI was standing there and I’m like and Iremember his name his first name wasTerry and I said um you know Terry Isaid you don’t want to hurt yourself andI just kept talking to him and I saidand I kept saying put the gun down andjust slide it over to the door and I’llcome in and we’ll talk in Tony whenyou’re doing this is this like a soliddoor with a slot in it or is it are youwide openlike is it bars like he could have shotat you it was wide openyeah yeah and but you know I just like Ijust reacted I mean I didn’t feel likethere was a threat to me he was a threattoward himself I guess but now that wasstupid I was going to ask you about thatTony what about that move Tony you’renot making me any happier this thisthis interview may not have ever gone ifthat had gone south we all learned weall learn so the director of theDetention Center was there there was twoof the plainclothes guys from aren’tinvested what we call CID which isCriminal Investigation Division they didall the robberies and you know all theyou know anyone so there were two guysthere right behind me and one of thesergeant’s from Patrol was there and soanyway so I told him and it’s like it’slike I remember this like it wasyesterday and I don’t know if y’allremember things but I just have a memorythat I can go back and remembereverything names and faces and thingslike that but anyway so I remember hislast name now but his first name wasTerry and I said look I said think aboutyour motherI said if you hurt yourself I said yourmother is going to be devastated and Isaid let me tell you a storyI said my dad committed suicide when hewas terminal with cancer and I saidthat’s been a while but you know a whileago and I said so let me just tell youhow it feels to be left behind whensomebody hurts theirselfI said so please I said you’ve got tothink about the people you’re going toleave behind because soap will never getover you hurting yourself and at thatpoint he started crying and I knew thenthat that was it you know I knew thenthat he was going to put the gun on thefloorpush it over to me and you know and thenI was going to go in and talk to him andso he he didhe put the gun down he pushed it youknow toward me it was out of reach fromhim and I went in and all I could do wasjust embrace him I did not want tohandcuff him I did not want to hurt himbut the deck on sergeant that went inthere had his gun out in his face andI’m like it I I don’t know for somereason I just told him I and we haverank on me and but I literally ducked myhunt hand out and I pushed his hand downand I’m like there’s no threat herethere’s no threat and and they’re like Icannot believe that you’re hugging himI’m like this kid is sick he needs helphe need to be locked upyou need help so what did you getrecommended for not waiting for the whatcoming in hmm yeah I could see I justfor our safety and tactics and all thatthey know it was just a showboat kind ofthing you know you get all these SWATguys in and you’re gonna bust in thissale and take over and what’s gonnahappen that kid’s gonna shoot himselfbecause he sees all these people comingat him what’s he gonna do he’s eithergonna shoot it down or anything she justfelt so and it all worked out andactually um the the two guys from mydepartment from CID they’re like Tonythat was amazing that was awesome whatyou did you know and I mean they wereright there behind me and they heardeverything well the director of thedetention center found out that I gotreprimanded came and he wrote thesheriff and my chief a letter and toldthem that he had heard that I had gotteninto trouble well not badyou know it was just like you know don’tever do that again kind of thing youknow swats gonna come out Bubba you knowand all that crap so and so anyway so hewrote and I still have everythingletters and awards and you know stufflike that but anyway he wrote a veryvery nice letter saying that you know ifit wasn’t for me he really believes thatthat kid would had killed himself itwould have been really bad and so youknow he’s like you know y’all were wrongyou know getting onto her because shereally handled the situation the way itneeded to be handled yeah I mean youtook a risk for sure but um youdefinitely got reward from it definitelyended wait I see it and so my supervisorhe said you go think you got a goodreport this kid I want you to take himin a room and ask him how he got thisgun and this facility and that’s when hetold me and I told him I said to two ofour guys in juvenile he had the gun intheir car he had the gun when they tookhim to detention and boom that was it hegot it in his cell yeah this reminds meof that old police dilemma where the guythe suicidal guy is holding a gun to hishead and the cops are saying put that ifyou pull the trigger I’ll shoot you youknow that’s like you know what are yougonna do Wow but you you were in thatsituationtough situation I don’t know that Iwould handle it exactly the same but itturned out well and and that’s all youcan say about it you know it’s you didgood thank you well afterwards theyreleased him and I took him to afacility and hugged him again and justtold him to everything was going to beokayandthat was the last time I saw him but Iremember it to this day and you know andand all I knew was just to hug himbecause I knew that he was reallyhurting and you know and and I guessthat a woman’s instinct I don’t know butthat was just me I was just very youknow that that’s just how I was I meanthat’s just how it was I mean yeah Imean I could have liked you know I meanyeah I could keep but when I needed tobut just have to go I guess with yourinstincts and and kind of like you knowyou you don’t have to go just you know90 miles an hour into these calls andjust be a badass and make things worsesometimes you just have to show a littlebit of compassion and show them that youknow okay we’re going to talk and dealwith this and figure this out you knowand sometimes it works a whole lotbetter at that and when you go in thereblazing and you know with guns drawn andall that stuff but cuz that is you knowthat kicks it up you know so you know somany notches when that happens rightabsolutely yeah were you able to keeptrack of um this kid and what happenedto him down the road I mean you know ifyou could or not but I just wonder if hepopped up againI mean I could have I mean I could haveyou know contacted his parents or hismom or contacted the facility but me butyou know I tried to not get attachedbecause I did get attached to a lot ofthe kids and um like a lot of my kidsthat I work like cases or sex with thesecases you know I spent a lot of timewith them and Ia lot of very intimate time with them aone-on-one intimate time and um you knowand they trusted mehow would you I’m really curious Tonylike we just D that’s your job yourassigned to that investigative spot howdo you get like when you go home how doyou get those images and because in thatposition you see pictures and injury anddiscussing perverse sexual things thatseems like a very intense thing to dofor six years yeah I cried a lot and Icry I mean I really did and mysupervisor would even call me in andhe’s like look you’re gonna have to quitcrying so muchyou know because yeah or I’m gonna takeyou off these cases you know becauseyou’re just crying way too much andeither the assistant chief call me upand he’s like you know Tony you know Iknow how you know how you are I mean Iknow how you always kid I’m the same waybut you’re gonna have to stop cryingemotional thing getting emotional andyou’re also gonna have to quit makingenemies with the DA and social workersbecause they’re complaining about youbecause you know because I’m doing myjoband he’s like I know you’re doing herjob but you know we have to like keep agood rapport with them well I say BS youknow because some of the you know wellmost of a lot of the cases you know theDA would just like cut a deal withsomebody or shove it under the rug andthat would piss me off because I hadworked those case I could listen tothose kids I had got myself involved inyou know with those kidsand the DA would just shove it under therug you know or knock it down tosomething that was just ridiculous likeif he had got well I had a kid that hadbeen raped by her cousin and the nextthing I know they’re coughing and a saltgreat charge on him yeah how do you dothat without even well I know I knowrape and a sexual assault is just veryhard to get a guilty in court no forsure you know I mean anything is it’sthey’re hard cases they’re very hardcases to work but but yeah you sopersonally invested me that must havebeen hard and you know and that wouldreally upset me because they would dowithout even talking to me about it youknow like hey you know we think thatmaybe we should knock this down to thesalt-free because you know we don’t wantthe kid testifying or we don’t thinkthat you know this or that you know I ifthey would have just talked to me aboutit because it was my case and the guysin my unit even said you work the crapout of your cases you know you you justlike you know just go in there work themand let them go I mean just you know Icouldn’t do that I mean I had to I justhad to do everything I could for thosekids the victim I had seen Wow well godbless her for working those cases for solong I only I only saw I mean I saw afew sexual predator cases and and so Igot to see the insides of that stuffthat detectives were working on theywere just so disturbing to me I can’tand I can’t imagine that just being myonly job I think I would just burn outin like six months this would befrustrating and raging sad wow that’s uhthat’s quite the feat those are toughcases with the with the abuse childabuse caseswith the I mean you know working patrolyou’ve got the call to go there’s achild abuse and you see the theextension cord marks on the kid or justdifferent injuries and things like thator I I’ve handled cases where kidschildren were raped and then I have tointerview the kid things like that butthe detectives are the ones that have togo through and get the photos and thenonce you get with the children homicidesand things that’s I I’m with you Steve Iwouldn’t be able to deal with that forvery long at all at extension courtsthere was a time where I went to theschool and this little boy had been likejust oh my god he was so striped up froman extension cord and it looked like hehad a couple of broken ribs because itwas like he was a first grader and hismom before school had beat the crap outof him because he wouldn’t keep hisshoes tied that was yet that was thereason that was the wreath and she had athree-month-old at home and so it was sohe’s beating was so bad that I calledhomicide and I said I need y’all to comeout and just video his injuries and Istayed in there but it got so I just hadto leave I just had to get out of thatroom and let them do what they had to doand because I just could not controlmyself I could not get control of myemotions and so I had to go into anotherroom until they got through you knowdoing what they had to do because I justcould not I couldn’t look at him anymoreyou know I just couldn’t look at him hewas hungry he hadn’t had any breakfast Ijust I couldn’t look at him anymore canyou imagine this mmm tense I mean yeahand I remember he had a sweater on and Iremember lifting up his sweater andseeing all that andI just it was just unbearable for me Imean and it’s not the worst that I’veseen but it was just I just when yousaid extension cord that just yeah thatpopped in my head that little boy Iremember the school I remember himhis grandmother came to get him and thenI went to his mom’s house and straightto his mom’s house and I told her whathad happened and I said she was big andfat and I said let me tell you somethingyou fat bitch oh I will be back with awarrant to put you your ass in jail andthat three-month go right therewill be put in foster care I said markmy word and that’s exactly what I didyou know for I I think I speak for allthree of us and this is for yourlisteners Steve is that police officersare they are supposed to be theconsummate professionals we’re humanbeings and I will tell you fromexperience that if when we come across acase where you see a child is beaten ormolested and you have the suspectsitting right in front of you your humanside of you not your superhuman side thehuman part of you wants nothing morethan to just take him out in the backand do what you will with them howeverbeing professionals and being policeofficers we never ever did that but boyoh boy oh boy when you see a child hurtthat’s the first thing you think of I’msure that LAPD in the late 70s and inthe 80s never administered any kind ofstreet justice to perverts and rapistsKen I would never you know do not have arecollection I didn’t recognize any ofthat never excuse you yeah anybody elseof that just listen just listen to Tonytalk it just brings back memories ofthese little crying children man yeahthanks Tony jeezmental Mound I mean I’m certifiedmentally certified I mean because I donot look at situations and I’ll give youan example but I don’t look atsituations like like normal people dobecause I was in a waiting room one timeat the doctor’s office and this littlegirl was running around running aroundand I remember Channel rain boots andand and her grandfather was sittingthere and he said come here and let youknow and so and he put her on put her onhis lap and he was just patting on herand you know rubbing her who tummy andunder her shirt and stuff and all Icould think about was you pervert youare a pervert you are a dirty old manbut he wasn’t it says that my that’s howI think now and I will never ever thinkanything less I mean that’s how I thinkthat’s that’s difficult it taints youyou know experience yeah yeah Tony I wasgonna ask you do you have any advice fornew officers and in particular femaleswho are getting into the field um well Ireally searched and searched my brainfor this and I’m like don’t do it you’reon being honest you know I get back butI’m gonna tell you I look at things nowand nowadays and out and god forbid thatI said say this but it’s a man’s job itis you’re gonna piss off a lot of peopleout there such a love bug don’t evenyeah I’m just saying that I just watch Ithink it was NYPD this whothis male police officer was fightingwith the sky and this guy had him downon the ground here comes a femaleofficer and she’s hitting him with herass which we didn’t have those at thetime and she and I’m and my comment wasand that’s what she was doing I mean andshe was calling for backup but that’sall she was doing and she was like and Isaid what the hell I said it looks likeshe’s paddling a first-grader that’sdone something I mean that’s exactlywhat she looked like and that makes allfemales look like crap and that makesthe men think you know yeah there you goyou got a you know a female there thatdoesn’t know what to do or she’s gonnabreak a nail or you know things likethat she’s gonna mess up her hair sothat being said it’s it is it’s hard tobe I can’t imagine being a female nowand you know because definitely takes avery special woman to be a policeofficerI agree I would agree with that samewith her percent actually well the oneson the streets the ones that are workingon the streets absolutely yeahcuz I mean I mean females only make up10 or 12 percent of a police force anddefinitely valuable because it’sdefinitely valuable to have all thegifts that women bring to the to the jobbut I’m with you and it’s not a popularstatement but I think most I think mostpeople know in their mind that it’s thatit’s a it’s a male job like it’s adominated male profession for a reasonit will probably stay like thatI’m not saying women aren’t capable anddon’t do a good job as pluto’s becausethey do and we’ve just heard some ofyour stories and you did but I think theway it’s set up is is probably it’sprobably pretty good it’s cut just kindof the equilibrium that’s happening withthe 90% male 10% female is working theargument that I’ve heard about femaleofficers is that the they they want morefemale officers because in LAbut they want more feel than maleofficers because they’re able toverbalize more and and they have adifferent approach that men do who arejust inherently violent people you knowthat’s that’s the whole take on it but Ihave to tell you from working in the 80sin patrol I had a ton of female officersand I cannot tell you how many times wejumped out of the car and I think I’mgoing after somebody and the femaleofficer passes me and puts a beat-downon the guy before I could even get therethey were so bad ass bad ass cops Iloved working with the female officerson LAPD there were my partsbecause I was up against the guys evenat the range I wasn’t up against myselfand that target I was up against all theguys down the line I wanted to shootbetter than they did I wanted to fightbetter than they did I wanted to just doeverything better than them because Ifelt like I had to continuously provemyself to those guys that I’ve got yourback you know I’m gonna get in there afight with you you’re getting your asskicked I’m getting my ass kicked that’sthe bottom line so and I look at thatI’m thinking why does she not grab himaround the throat with that ass and pullhim off of that male police officer thathe sat down on the ground have you seenthis video Steven that she’s talkingabout I think I have yeah the one it islike NYPD and the she’s she’s Tony’ssaying it correctly where the theofficer he’s actually on the groundgrappling with this guy trying to takehim into custody and the female officeris doing this is a common ploy I’ve seenwhere they act like they’re they’rehelping but then they have to get on theradio you know and they have to radiofor backup so they can’t get in thefight because their radio in for backupthis was some I was quite discouraged byit by that video that she’s talkingabout yeah I mean I I had thatexperience to working with like I said Iwork with many good female officers buta lottimes when things got rough or violentthere was the men would take over youknow that’s just the way it went justhis physical stature and aggressivenessthat’s just the way now don’t get mewrong there was some god like that therewere woods of course absolutely we knewyeah yeah we knew who they were you knowwe knew all the secrets we knew who wastape recording us in the car just tolike get a leg up on us you know inbrown-nose and that was that was a goodthing because if you came in as a rookiesomebody would come say hey be carefulwhat you say in that car with thatperson because they tape recordeverything you say and they take it tothe captain because they think thatthey’re going to be just yeah Tony I’veI have a question for you in the yearsthat you were I’m not gonna say whatyears you were on the job but given thatit was a number of years ago I’ll saythat and times have changed and whatwould you how would you address this thewhole thing about women versus men andand women can do everything a man can doand and with regard to police work andall the kind of feminist rhetoric that’sout there regarding police work and menand women how would you how would youaddress that if someone asked you likeI’m asking you I mean just like I saidmen are stronger I don’t care how much awoman works out or gets in shape men arejust stronger the ones that take care ofthemselves and work out and take care ofthemselves of course but I mean I havehad femalesask me you know well you know would yourecommend me going you know and tryingto get on at the police department andI’m like absolutely not no under nocircumstances would I recommend thatthat you need to find something else todo not that you can’t do it and not thatyou’re not able to do it or you canlearn how to do things it’s just that Ijust think too much and allocate thesefemale sometimes social media and in inthey’re doing this stupid videos ofthemselves oh yeah who knew that therewas so many attractive young femalepolice officers until Instagram camealong it’s like are they all models theydo a split screen and they’ve got theiruniform on and then the other screenthey’re half butt-naked and I’m likereally and so when people see that whatdo they think what do they think wellnumber one what did the guys think thatthey’re working with you know I meanthey’d seen that oh and they’re gonnaride with that chick and they’ve seenher naked yeah I mean I mean oh my godand so I just like I literally thatmakes me sick and then when I see themwith all this makeup on and this hairflowing and and and don’t get me wrongyou don’t have to be looking all youknow I mean boots down yeah but any longnails and things like that I’m like howdo you handcuff somebody with those longbayonet how do you how do you shoot agun how did he go to the ranch withthose things you know what I’m saying soI mean that’s what I think about it Imean I just I don’t like that at allthat just turned I mean if I get on apage and that page starts showing femaleofficers like that I cut them leave Icannot stand math I cannot stand it justthis reminds me back in 1994 there’s afemale officer from NYPD that posed nudefor Playboy she got fired in thewas one in 2001 were an LAPD femaleofficer posed nude for Playboy and thatLAPD officer is referred to the CityAttorney’s Office and see she hadviolated any kind of city code or youknowLAPD code I don’t know what the outcomewas but he’s know yeah that yes but thisis this thing with with police officersfemale officers you know like you’reseeing on Instagram but like it’s adifferent time obviously this was almost20 years ago but yeah it was a big dealback in the day of that type of thinghappened I mean that makes all of uslook bad it makes us look like we’reairheadedand we’re you know they get on hissnapchats and do the stupid stuff andI’m like oh my god you look so stupidyou know you’re a police officer youwear a uniform you know and you’re doingthese stupid things you know I mean ohmy god that’s just crazy don’t whatdon’t do that don’t do that but anywaygetting back to the advice besides don’tdo it is there anything else yeah Ialways say could I had a great mentorand they told me what two of them theytold me keep your mouth shut till youget off probation just keep your mouthshutlisten to your FTA you know listen tothe guys that have been there you knowand you might not agree with it but keepyour mouth shut until you get offprobation and then if you think it’sstupid or whatever you can tell them youknow but so I did I kept my mouth shutand I just did my job you know and andthat’s what I did and that’s what theytold me and they’re the reasons becauseI wasn’t even thinking about being apolice officer but I looked at them andI thoughtthey actually would like they enjoytheir job you know and so I’m just likeyou know here maybe so so that’s andthey helped me study for the test andthey helped me tremendously and I’llnever forget them you know because theyreally did mentor me you know in a waythat I guess some people aren’t but andI also say if you do get you know if youdo decide this is what I’ve got to do Isay work your ass offnever leave your partner in a terriblesituation you jump in and that’s justright there you just jump in and just dowhat you can do if it’s just pullingsomebody’s hair or you know getting themoff your partner or just helping youknow don’t just stand there with yourhands in your pocket and let somebodyget you know let another police officerget their ass kicked like this girl thatI saw on the video today I mean so ifyou don’t have it in you to jump in toget into this get into the scrum as theysay then you should probably walk awayfrom the job that’s what you’re sayingTony Sisk 20 years policeman tuscaloosait’s been a pleasurewe love your stories what you said thepositive situation that you encounteredum well I have a lot of those but andI’m not going to get into that foot Idid read this from one of my mentors andhe’s retired he’s a retired policeofficer and this is what I would telltell a rookie or whatever and I got toteach at the police academy for threeclasses before retired so that waspretty cool piece I saw all the cadetsand it wasand it wasn’t just Tuscaloosa PD it waslike you know all over from Alabamapeople you know would come to ourAcademy but our residence today and itwas really weird because yeah I wassittin here you know trying to figureout what I was going to say and he saidshow respect even to people who don’tdeserve itnot as a reflection of their characterbut as a reflection north great devicethat being said you know if you showpeople no matter what race how old theyare you know anything like that I triedto show respect to people I tried totreat them the way I wanted to betreated and it was their choice whetherthey were they’re gonna just be a buttor they were going to be really nice andwe were going to have a nice situationwith no problem and that’d be bad andthat’s in it and when he said that I waslike that’s exactly what I’m gonna saythat wisdom relevant yeah you know Ialso there yes you’re here okay but youknow that’s you know and and also if weget a chance to go to schools go to asmany as you can absorb you knoweverything you can and and just be thebest you can be female or male so yeahso that was that’s my adviceexcellent yeah let’s standing well Tonywe appreciate you taking the time I’lllisten thank you for the yes thank youalright Tony thank you so muchby hey guys I hope 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