TPS E51: South Dakota Deputy – College Stabbing / Meth Head With A Dead Cat / Cruiser Covered In Blood – Thingspolicesee

TPS E51: South Dakota Deputy – College Stabbing / Meth Head With A Dead Cat / Cruiser Covered In Blood

In this Episode Steve and Ken interview a South Dakota Deputy Sheriff!  Jeff has some great stories from policing the Midwest and we had a blast talking with him!!

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this is things police seize first-handaccounts with your host Steve gold heyguys welcome to the podcast atinterviews police officers retired andactive about their most intense bizarreand sometimes humorous moments on thejob with me as always my co-host KenRoybal Ken how are you sir hello helloI’m good this is really an amazing timein the time of coronavirus I amexperiencing 80 degree beautiful springweather in Washington State wow it’swarm for up there and that’s um thatkills the coronavirus right the heat andthe UV light and all that yeah well Ihave this special thing I got fromAmazon where you actually it’s a it’s acollector and you put it in your downyour throat and it collects the sunlightand shoots it into your body and killsanything potentially ill oh I gotsimilar but they were out of that one soI got the one that goes in the other wayyeah so this is an amazing I just youknow the weather itself could just liftyour spirits I don’t know how it is inCalifornia anymore but I think that thethe the heat in Washington is a probablya little different than California yeahit’s been it’s been really warm actuallykind of weirdly warm in the 90s lastweek so that was kind of like ya knownegative negative yeah I’m a redhead I’mnot into thatno but Ken today we have a guy from Igot an email a while back from anofficer and he said hey Steve what aboutsome love for the Midwest and I saidthat I’m all ears I you know are you acop from the Midwest and he said yeahI’m cop in South Dakota I said come onthe show and he said he was willing sowe have a South Dakota police officerhis name is Jeff he’s active on the jobso we’re not gonna talk about agencynames but yeah he’s waiting for us tocall him up he he doesn’t have that manyyears on but apparently he’s got somestories to shareI love stories I think that’s what we’rehere for so let’s hear some stories andI’m ready Ken like stories I do I like Ilike a good war story let’s see just[Music]hello Jeff welcome to things please seeyour um Steve and Ken Steve mr. Roybalhow are you very good sir how are youI’m super good man we’re kind of pumpedthat we got to connect with you this isgonna be exciting yeah a little bitdifferent other than kind of differentplaces you guys have done so farabsolutely I mean little Midwest I canhear the the South Dakota Minnesotavoice a little bit there cuz we’re allcops here you know we just we bust eachother’s chops so this will be kind offun it’ll and don’t be afraid to to snapback at us you know yeah I’m still youknow I’m still in the first quarter inmy career so I mean busting my chops iskind of a given yeah no no back talkfrom you then No so Jeff I don’t want togive away your position or anything orwhere you work but um can you give us abrief history of your career so far justoh sure sure so I started in Minnesotayou know the requirements in Minnesotayou either have to have like a militarypolice background for a certain durationthere is I think one or two collegesthat you could have a two-year and it’sbasically law enforcement entirely basedfor the whole curriculum otherwise youcan do like a four-year degree whichthere’s certain core classes you had todo and then you got submitted into theAcademy which was like self paid formore or less coming out here financialaid or wherever and I believe that wasten weeks after your schooling and thenonce you were done with that Iyou got to take what’s called the peaceofficer standards and training test onceyou pass that then you are eligible forhigher so you know you’re basicallygoing from zero experience to beinghigher noms the department when Istarted it was very competitive inMinnesota you know I think my first jobwas like crystal PD which is justoutside of the Minneapolis area and Ibelieve there was like 75 applicants youknow I’m sorry there was a 250applicants for one job you know so whilesome areas maybe don’t have that issueit was very I mean you walk in thereknowing that you aren’t gonna get thejob but this was gonna be goodexperience right I was gonna learn howto do a panel interview and I was gonnayou know learn how to do some of theintro stuff so I applied to severalagencies and you know being green andnot having an experience I had kind ofthe odds stacked against me and so Iended up having some close familyrelationships with the department and asheriff out west near the South Dakotaborder and ultimately started out thereas a correctional officer and adispatcher I think there was less than10,000 gear I can tell you less than10,000 in the whole county I thinksomewhere between five and seven so Istarted doing that and we you know wascertified to be a law enforcementofficer and started as a deputy thereand was a deputy for a for a short timethere ultimately you know I think thatdepartment was looking for something alittle bit more experienced based I meanmy FTO and you guys will get a chuckleout of this because you guys were outwest of the coast my FTO was three weekslong so oh my nice you know they justthey need it invaded they didn’t reallyhave an FTO program and it’s not a fallto them you know they just don’t hirevery often it was a four Road guyDepartment for road guys a chief deputyand a sheriff you know and so the hemeans several hundredmiles and that’s what they had you knowthat’s what they had to deal with yousaid so several hundred square miles isthat right yeah I’m imagining like likeriding across the plains with horses andlike a posse yeah I know you guys aregonna kick out of this you know the oldCrown Victoria when that got a roargoing I mean you know five hundredsquare miles you know it was a fun rideyou know you get to run hot call it wasfun though yeah so anyway it just endedup you know not being a good fit for meand I’m I resigned from there and therewas an opportunity in South Dakota andyou know there were some more personalreasons why I moved to South Dakota butI started on and got hired in Septemberof 2016 with a you one of the majoruniversities in South Dakota there are Ithink two maybe three universities thathave full-time 24/7 service lawenforcement agencies so you know theyhave full arrest powers there I meanthey’re cops right they go to the samestandards as everybody else does so Idid that for two and a half years andhad a lot of fun doing that you knowcollege kids I would say we’re not thebest most hardened criminals if you knowI know that probably shocks ya but Idoing that for two and a half years youknow there was something about being adeputy sheriff that had always had mycalling right I wanted the big picture Iliked working you know for the electedofficial there was something honorableabout that and so I I applied with ourlocal sheriff’s office and got hiredthere that was February of last year soI’ve been doing that for a little over ayear now that’s awesomeI like the elected official appeals tome because of that movie walking tallyou know like he gets elected sheriffand then he fires everyone is that Imean theeven elect like small-town Sheriff siris that right yeah so I mean therethere’s some departments I believethere’s even a department out west is itis it Hermosa I believe there they haveone town cop and he’s a marshal righthe’s defined as a marshal you know andthere’s a whole backstory with that butit’s a very different it’s verydifferent in South Dakota and this’llblow your guys’s mine cuz I know therewas a previous episode that talked aboutyou know the rigorous training you guysgo through I know Steve on the EastCoast you did but you know LAPD for sureright it’s very rigorous and in theirfaces and all that stuffSouth Dakota you basically have to havea high school diploma I think you mighteven have to be able to have a GED be ofa certain age and you can start being acop and you can be a cop for a calendaryear with supervision of course but likethe account for a calendar year beforeyou have to go to the Academy Wow solike zero training no part-time academylike no no you walk in in the departmentand God willing that they have an FTOprogram you basically learn from an FTOabout you know how to do criminalinvestigation field sobriety you knowhopefully you have guys that you workwith that have good experience that canwalk you through some of that stuff youknow of course you as you guys know it’snetworking right so if you havequestions I’m sure you guys always hadsomeone you could go to right there wasthe the guy or gal that you could goback to and ask questions right um butthat’s kind of how it is it’s kind ofthat Big Brother little brother systemthat they operate on here do they dofull backgrounds on the candidates I’msure right oh yeah yeah we still havethe vetting process that’s required bythe state but South Dakota it’s anoption here it’s it’s optional to do apolygraph Minnesota did not do one theydon’t do polygraphs at all you know Imean I’m kind of under the impressionyou know old school if you do abackground and you have Inklings thatyou shouldn’t hire this guy don’t hirehim you know there’s nofor the polygraph Steve and I talkedabout this same scenario I think one ofour one of our other listeners broughtto our attention this one kid was one ofthose one of those officers like youwere talking about where they kind ofthrow them in the field they can be outthere for a certain amount of timebefore they have to be I don’t knowqualified by the Academy or somethingand this kid and yep getting killed andthat that’s one of those thing and thenthey stopped it and they changed it sonow you have to go through an academyand all that but that kind of stuffscares me when I hear that that thingyeah it’s it’s definitely differentyou know I think like anything there arejust some people they get washed outfairly quickly you know especially thetwo agencies in the state that don’treally allow you to be on the roadbefore you go to the Academy as SiouxFalls in Rapid CityI mean Sioux Falls I think has justshort of a quarter-million people withthe outlying areas you know not directlyin the city but still associated so youknow that when you get hired there yougo through some administrational stuffand then they have you know half dozenpeople to go to the Academy and theacademy here is 13 weeks it’s based onwhat appear which is our state capitoland you basically have a live in it’s alive in dormitory more or less there youknow food and all that is provided andyou go through and kind of learn how tobe a cop you know as you guys all knowit’s about 10 percent of what it takesto be a real cop you know it’s just kindof the basics you learn a lot of stuffon the road so that’s very cool so inCeltic odor then moatmost of the population of that state istowards the East End and the West iskind of like the wide-open yeah so youknow we joke about it because we’reseparated by and if you’re from hereit’s East River and West River from themfrom Missouri and we always make jokesthat the East River people are verydifferent from the Western right it’sjust like in like the mountain peopleyou know but you’re right you know and Ithink there is a like I could be totallywrong I think there’s eleven tribalreservations onsenin South Dakota 11 different locationsWowI don’t I don’t know if they have thesame if you call a tribal denominationor whatever the correct term is butthere’s 11 different reservations andtwo of them that are very large resideon the west side of the state it’s theRosebud reservation and then the PineRidge Reservation which you know that’sa whole story in and of itself when Imoved here you know that’s you hearstories about the place it’s it’s like aoperates like a third world country insome fashion as far as you just don’thear about the things that happen thereyou know they have their own tribalpolice force and all that right you likethat yeah they have tribal and then Ithink it’s BIABureau of Indian Affairs and theyoperate on their own system I meanthere’s counties within there you knowso the the County Sheriff has deputiesand it’s one of those things whereeither you have early good pact with thetribal law and your counties or theydon’t you know and if it’s a if you willa non-tribal versus non tribal issue thecounty handles it and then if it’s youknow tribal and tribal to try the handsyou know handles it so it’s it’s verycheckerboarded to so it’s kind ofcomplicatednot real simple to understand I’ve beenon the reservation out here and let metell you Jeff those Native Americansneed to get with the Native Americanshere because the ones in California areRich’s hell yeah the Pechanga with thechange’ tribe they get like you knowthey each get like 20 grand a month andthey live in giant houses and they havean awesome casino so they should do thatthere that’s all you know that’s funnyyeah mystic lake in Minnesota I mean Iremember growing up here about you knowthere was guys that were making fiftythousand dollars a month you know justgiven to them and it was like come on Ibegan I say no but very different hereit’s a very low funded state as far asreservations are something that you knowI kind of have the passion that we needto work on that we definitely do heySteve you I just I just noticed a littleyou’re kind of channeling Jeff therebecause you go out here let me tell youJeff like that kind of I don’t know whatit was a little Twain that you did letme tellyou I went to a a couple of reservationsand they have their own tribal policedepartments and they have their owntribal courtsso we operate on federal court systemshere I mean I I believe they have sometype of tribal court but to myunderstanding most of its federal soJeff can you tell us about the first hotcall that you responded to as a peaceofficer huh so you know I I’m still alittle pup right so I’ve got that’squite a few years to be able to tellstories but the first one that thatcomes to mind I had a few that rolledaround in my head I had a rollingdomestic back in Minnesota and I wascentralized in the the main town thatheld the sheriff’s office PD and kind ofthe you know that Corrections Centerjail and I think it was approximately 18to 20 miles on this Lake Road from themain town to where the the domestic wastaking place so my partner you know wehad we had contract dollars there so wewere required eight hours a day to be tobe in this town and there the domesticcame out while he was there so he wentto the call I hopped in my car you knowand we generally as deputies in thesesmall counties handled everything byourselves but if we had a partner a coolanyway but he wasn’t answering his radiothis county is big and the radioreception is you know 50/50 so I hoppedin my Crown Vic and as you guys probablyremember you knows the best squad carever made right probably next I hear theCaprice was pretty wicked fast but youknow I guess I don’t know I’m not quitethat old mixers Lynn’s man so the theroar of that engine you know there’ssomething to be said about it anywaysyou know I was probably I mean if I hadto guess I was ten feet tall andbulletproof I was like twenty four yearsold you know I can go as fast as I wantdidn’t couldn’t couldn’t get hit bynothing right so probablyyou know 120 plus market by 80 gueststombstone carom yeah yeah I was not Imay look back now and I’m like manyou’re such a knucklehead you knowanyways that that County had that theLake Road I talked about and Iconsidered and I think it was called bya few other guys Deer Valley so theywere always like when you come aroundthese curves Jeff you gotta be looking aquarter mile ahead of you because ifyou’re going maxed out it’s gonna takeyou that quarter mile to avoid the deerstanding on the road all right well ofcourse when you get you know that thatblood pumping and you forget about thatI saw the deer come out of the ditch andthere was there was not a whole lot Icould do I believe if I if I reviewedthe the dash camera that there was onefacing you I believe it was kind of likethat that Carrie Underwood song you knowjesus take the wheel or whatever so Ijust shut my eyes because that seemedlike the best option you know and I youknow I had kind of that early 2000stwirler light bar you know where thelights actually still spun oh yeah itwasn’t yeah I mean it was not the olderlike super old version but it was kindof the last phase of them so I hit thatdeer and you know quarter second went byand they opened my eyes and I’m I’mstill going forward somehow it shot upover the top of the car and I I just wasyou know body check in right likechecking for holes and I just keptdriving you know I let dispatch knowthat I hit a deer and you could tellthat they were really baffled but Iwasn’t gonna stop because I was stillten fifty miles outI get there and he’s got the house litup with this with his spotlight and theguys supposedly barricaded inside thehouse well uh-huh what I did know wasthat the deer left to perfect and I meanperfect pristine racing stripes of bloodfrom the front of my bumper all the wayup to my windshieldand I still when I roll up you know I’mtrying to grab the old m16 out of theback and the guy peeks out the windowandthe blood stripes on the front of my carand he just comes out yelling no no nonot tonight no Freddy Krueger I’m notdying you know that’d be my first hotcall and I was running hot but it waspretty funnymy partner’s like I don’t know whatvoodoo you just did but we’ll talk aboutit later that’s awesome and you weregrabbing a rifle out of the back yousaid m16 were these military surplusguns or were they also you know whatwe’re talking the a – you know I meanthe Asahi erathat’s great was it full really fullauto I don’t I don’t I don’t recall Ithink they might have been on thefederal program so possibly but uh yeahit was it was old and I was afraid toshoot the thing so that’s awesomebecause I I went to UM when I went tofirearms school there was a city fromour our area that came and they we allpopped our trunks to start rifle day youknow and one one city had big lot likethose the military m16s are long they’relike big long rifles yes we’re like holycow this your chief assigns like machineguns to every Cruiser and he said wellthey were just they were cheap thegovernment gives them out you know yeahyeah yeah yeah my agency has them nowmyself and one other guy I work withalso operate on our local SWAT team soyou know thanks to our wonderful Sheriffhe gifted us with a couple of Rock RiverSB ours so police you know suppress andall that stuff so now we get to playwith the cool toys mmm very coolso this um this domestic the guybasically just saw the front of yourcruiser covered in blood and just gaveup yeah I mean you know it went from hotcall to anti-climactic really quicklyright you know it was without incidentbasically you put the handcuffs onhimself right but yeah he I mean it wasprobably a two and a half inch widebecause of standing sideways when itwhen I hit it and by the grace of Godso the racing stripes were running upthe front of the car he’s like I don’tknow what kind of Freddy Krueger stuffyou guys are running here but I wantnone of it that’s well well you don’thave time to clean up the blood fromyour last call before you get there youknow it’s gonna you’re gonna surrender[Laughter]that’s a long that’s a far ways away toto be going that fast I mean you havetime to think I mean you’re doing yeahprobably over a hundred for you know 15minutes or something or whatever that’sright yeah so right now Jeffie they’relost super sick are we back you good allright my my County now I’ll just sayanywhere between 700 and a thousandsquare miles so there’s times where I’llbe you know running max speed it for 2530 minuteswhoo your car must be crackling when youget there yeah it’s a little warm I’vegone through a set of breaks for two soit’s a Crown Vic man sick Crown Vic yeahwell now my new my new car is my newvehicle is uh it’s a newer Dodge so Jeffwell can you describe the strangest ormost bizarre thing you’ve dealt with youknow so I think it’s the subjectivequestion right like each guy mightabsolutely more bizarre than the next insmall-town South Dakota bizarre is kindof everywhere uh-huh you know especiallyin some of these counties I have somebuddies that work down on the southerncentral part of the state that theirstories I mean jaw-dropping right youknow and this is like an everydayoccurrence but for up here you know Ihad one of those days and I’m sure youguys have had them to where it was callafter call after call and every call youhad was a reportable call and you had todo a major report on it of some sort youknow so no so it was like an every otherday for you guys right but I had I hadgotten done with my last call and ouragency has the opportunitythrough the highway safety grantsthere’s a grant that we have for federalovertime funding where we go out and thefederal government offers us the abilityto work certain types of enforcement sowhether it be in you know alcohol DUIenforcement or seat belt enforcementtraffic or speed you know type of thingsright sure I’m sorry those guys you knowin if you have time it’s somethingthat’s great you know if you have afamily and kids it’s kind of hard to fitit in but you know with family and kidsyou probably wanna make a few extrabucks so you know not such a bad thingbut I was working that speed enforcementfor the day and I knew that you know I Ireally needed to get just one more onemore stop and or you know citation orhowever the you know they the parameterswork with it and I was traveling one ofthese roads that was highly traveled inthe summertime we have a lot of likeState Park trail Lakes up on this areaand so you know net travel along andhere comes this this this car that I Idare say looked like the car that wasgonna have methamphetamine in it right Imean we I’m sure we can all picture itbut it was going you know over the speedlimit so I stayed spun around to stopthe car and initially notice that it hadIndiana plates on it normally that’skind of like what was this you know itwas ten miles off the interstate why isthis car you know over here what is itdo it I mean of course it could be justgoing to stay a part you know fromIndiana that would be zero sense butit’s possible but anyway car doesn’tstop right away I can see him shiftingaround in there so I know something’s upinitially you’re you know finally get itstopped and I get up there and I’mtalking to the female driver and she’sgot every indication of methamphetamineuse that I’ve ever seen in a person likefit every box on the checklist so Istarted asking her you know the typicalquestions right you know where are youcoming from where are you going toyou know start going into the morefinite questions asking your detailedthings see if I can you know figure outif she’s telling the truthbut in the middle of the conversation Istart digging into the methamphetamineuse you know on in South Dakota this isthis one’s gonna get you guys to webring almost everybody back to our carsyou know for further investigation andinteraction especially if we write acitation some departments haveelectronic printing for citations wedon’t have that we do we do print and wedo handwritten tickets so it’s just thesafer ideology behind it and then that’sthe way they like to do it with usso anyway I’m still investigating thisfemale for possibly for methamphetamineuse and she starts crying and she justsaid you know I’m having I’m just havingthe worst day right and his copswe generally forget to have a heart andsometimes in these situations right andyou’re like oh okay yeah you’re datingyou’re having a bad day you know I’m I’mstuck working in a with a with a vest onin 90 degree weather tell me how badyour day is right right but she says youknow my I’m coming from Missouri and myboyfriend just broke up with me and I’mlike oh that’s you know terribly tragicand she said my cat died Ohat this point right you know you’relooking at it going okay great your catdied like you know so she goes but he’sin the car with me and I go what do youmean he’s in the car with you and shelifts up this towel on the passengerseat and there’s a giant deaddecomposing tabby cat laying on thefront seat and I’m like wow I don’t knowwhat to say right I mean do it vomit youknow or do I like what are you doingwith the cat you know but I said sowhat’s your plans here and she goes wellI wanted to give it a proper burial andI’m like Road ditch sounds like a goodproper burial you know but so I bringher back and she still you know deniedconsent to search the vehicle deniesthat therein the vehicle I ended up calling our k9deputy who was just a few miles hisresidence was just a few miles away fromthere so he was on his way and in themeantime I you know we still do theinvestigatory side right like you knowthe canines come in what’s he gonnaindicate on and of course she admitsthat yes I have a meth pipe in thecenter console okay perfect right we canaddress that no big deal if it’s justthe meth pipe we might be able to workwith you but we’ll see so I go to go tostart search in the car and I open upthe center console and the centerconsole guys was filled with poopkittyland like there were rolled turdson the top right and there’s a brokenmeth bite but I’m like at this pointit’s worse I don’t wanna forget it seeyou later you know this was like walkingthey’re rolling disease you know and itwas one of those typical you know Idon’t they call it a vagrant vehicletraveling vagrant I mean her whole lifewas inside this little Nissan Sentraright and there’s just stuff everywhereyou’re looking at it going I have tosearch this whole car you know oh I’mgonna be here for an hour all forprobably you know personal use so anywayso I go back to search the vehicle andyeah there’s a there’s a litter box withyou know another poopy kitty litter andI’m starting to get near this cat andit’s badI mean it’s 90 degree weather isdisgusting yeah and so I pull the catout and I’m like why I search around ityou know I’m not gonna search the catbut I’m gonna search around it that’scavity yeah so I I get done with mysearch and I don’t know what to do withthe cat right like what do I do it youknow it’s I’m not gonna collect hisproperty no thanksso I put it back in the car when I waslike you mauled the cat you like took itout yeah it was in like a cat bed so Ijust lifted up the bed and sat it on theground while I was searching the car youknow I’m trying to I’m trying to berespectful because this lady was clearlydistraught over her dead and decomposingcab yeah of course so I didn’t know whatto do with it so I’m like well I’ll justput it back in the car for nowright and we’ll deal with it laterwell it’s you know summertime in SouthDakota you can go from really niceweather to like downpour sleet hail andlike a matter of minutes it’s it’s aweird climate here so I started to rainand it’s muggy and the mosquitoes or thesize of hummingbirds you know and andwe’re like we got to get out of here I’mgonna forget anything alive so the towtruck comes well unbeknownst to me Iforgot to redress said cat and it gottowed to a tow yard and she’s she’sgetting hooked on felony charges soshe’s not getting out in like an hourshe’s gonna be there a day or two so twoand a half days later she gets out ofjail and I hear nothing about it rightyou move on with their lives well aboutthree months later I hear from the towtruck driver and kind of the same thingI was on an arrest or something and hegets out and he’s looking at me and hegoes you’re the guy and I’m like whatguy you know I could be the guy for alot of things what do you mean and hegoes you’re the guy that left the deadand bloating cat in that car and I’mlike oh dear God the cat I forgot aboutthe cat he was do you want to know howdisgusting that car was we had to burnit and I’m like oh oh man I apologizeyou know it was I was known as theycalled me deputy disaster for like thelongest time because I just I had astring of events like that where it wasjust bizarre you know and I know and Iasked her I said you know what was thepoint of this this dead cat and she goeswhoa I just didn’t feel right dumping ityou know in a hole in the middle ofnowhere and I’m like oh lady that methhas got a grip on you you know yeah yeahit was something elsewow that is that is bizarre and grosswell an insult I mean South Dakotayou know we it’s different you knowwe’re the Midwest nice is a thing butMidwest weird is even more prevalent I Ijust I can’t even tell you stories ofother guys that just again makes youshake your head yeah so were you bornand raised in this areaI’m originally from the Minneapolis areaand so you know I lived in a city fromthe head about mmm sixty to ninetythousand people some are real he ledthem ones that you’re real fancy ledthem for yeah you know it’s it’s builtin a square or a rectangle I guess youknow and and so the avenues and thestreets and the county you know they goyou know one two three four five youknow all the way up to like four hundredand whatever our county is on our areasnear the border so it’s you know it’slike four hundred and eighty seventhAvenue or whatever it is but it’s reallyeasy to understand right you know as faras directional however when I got therea lot of these folks would say you knowgotta go two miles on the gravel passJimmy’s outhouse Shack you know and hangWest on on the oil road and you’ll comeup to the small church with the hangingI mean seriously you know how about twomiles north and one mile west you knowwhy is that not a thing so when I cameto South Dakota it was definitelydifferent I was a city slickerdon’t do it yeah I mean your ass isreally in the wind working an area likethat I mean you get into trouble yeah oryeah so with art with our agency I thinkwe have six or seven Road guys and wehave you know a big jail and all thatstuff but generally except you know fourout of the seven days a week you’re byyourself so you have your you know Xamount of square miles by yourself runinto calls and this the City PoliceDepartment the main city has it hastheir own Police Department and thenthey assist us you know the universityassists us and the stand the HighwayPatrol but more often than not you’re byyourself you know you’re kind of you’redealing with stuff on your ownyeah a friend of a friend was a deputyway up in northern Maine and yes themwe’re hanging out he has him how do youwhat do you guys do with two domesticshe goes shotgun in hand everyonebecause it doesn’t matter he does it getout your rack around just so they justto set the tone cuz you’re alone yeahyeah and and I I’m lucky you know I workin a fairly safe place I mean there Idon’t go to work ever thinking that youknow I’m gonna have major issues andthen we have bad calls once in a whilebut South Dakota as a whole I thinkexcept for just a few troubled areas isa fairly safe place to work as a cop soyeah Ken what were you saying there yousounded kind of muted I I was sayingthat the backup isn’t near at all knowsnone we had a we had a partner of minethat got into a vehicle pursuit you knowit was one of those nights where it hadto have been ten below you know and youjust deal with it but he was out more orless you know sitting on the call on afelony stop or a high-risk stop waitingfor assistance and I think it was like20 minutes he stood out McCole justwaiting because he couldn’t approach thevehicle you know that’s that’s insanelike there um if you’re it’s gonna likeAlaska if his car broke down and he wasby himselfyep just freeze to death yeah aknucklehead I had gotten my vehiclestacked she stuck this last winter on agravel road and I I mean I buried it Icouldn’t I couldn’t hardly open thedoors to get out I buried it in the snowso badbut I was lucky that I had a partner oncuz otherwise I would have been the onlyguy out in the county and you knowyou’re waiting for a tow truck to comepull you out that could be a problem youknow I mean that I was I was sweating alittle bit because if something badcomes out and my partner needs help I’ma sitting duck you know I can’t help himyeah so we we definitely have thatproblem as a whole state I don’t I don’treally it’s not just our agencyyou know finding our funding andpersonnel and qualified people I mean wejust don’t have you know some of the Imean I went to visit a friend inColorado that’s that’s a deputy up inthe mountains there a few months ago andwe got to talk into one of the localguys and he said you know where I workat a small department and I’m likeoh you know like how many guys doDepartment small he’s like kinda like 60or 70 I’m like oh it’s a smalldepartment I’ve got seven and the guywas like what like how do you operatewith seven guys you know that’s a wholedifferent ball game it’s so insult whereyou’re at what is the cost of livinglike what is because you’re sayingthat’s it’s hard to get officers butlike can you you have like a 20 acreranch for for 150 grand and you knowwhat’s the soundI mean acreage here is like gold mine ifyou can find Anchorage here it’s thePrimo we live in a county that I wouldsay is one of the better paying countiesactually I personally write I think it’sphenomenal for what we make but cost ofliving in South Dakota as a whole isfairly affordable I can afford muchnicer home you know and all the otherthings that come with itlooks like a 2-time ranch with an acreyou know with an acre well I mean that’slike you know property I mean you canhave a 3/4 acre no problem on a lot ofproperties but kind of a basic old houseI mean maybe two hundred thousand soit’s not vetchyeah no no I mean they have some ofthese small towns they have like newdevelopments you know and a few yearsago you know they were selling you knowtwo-bedroom unfinished split foyer youknow kind of cookie cutter homes butthey were brand new then they were likea hundred and seventy thousand so I’mfairly affordable yeah got you Jeff canyou tell us what the most terrifying orintense cul you’ve been on yeah so youknow this one right being young in mycareer I mean in a safer place this onewas kind of tougher because I haven’treally had any calls that were like justto the wall you know what I’m sayingtester calls but I remember one that wasit was odd so when I worked at theuniversity they had they did 10-hourshifts and they had you know rotatingrotating shifts and from 10:00 p.m. to4:00 a.m. there were two guys on andthey’ve hired more guys sinceso now they have more as working but atthe time when I was there there wasthere were two guys on I was working the6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. shift which isthe best shift ever and I got done withthat and I lived only about a mile fromthe campus I gotten home you know about4:30 4:45 because I just was biessingwith the dispatchers and stuff before Ileft but I just laid down and I got acall and the dispatcher all he said exityou know it said you know dispatch on ithe said I always said there’s been astabbing on campus we need you and nowI’m like you want to elaborate and youjust hung up I’m like oh this is goodyou know I don’t know what’s happening Ihad only been a cop for like a year anda half two years at this point you knowso I don’t know what to do with that youknow I’m not I’m not an administratorI’m not an investigator I’m just thelast guy that happened to work and theyknow I lived close right so I jumped upthrew on some city close to a gun on anda badge and I drove my you know POV inmind you you know again from 4:00 to8:00 a.m. there was only that one uniton so I’m trying to gather informationwhile you know getting back into thatcop mode right because you go fromvigilant right your whole shift more orless you know kind of looking for forpeople and crimes and all that stuff andonce you get home that decompress andthat decompression mode trying to getback into intense mode was kind ofinteresting so I was kind of having aweird adrenaline rush with that but tosenior officer that that was dealingwith ithe basically I ran into dispatch waslike where do you need me you knowbecause our dispatch center was directlyin our in our department the Universitydepartment directly dispatched their ownagency and then the city-county was wastheir own dispatch center but I justhear him yelling on the radio that heneeds me at this ret this dorm all rightnow so I bust over I grab a squad carand I bust over there and by the time Iget there I mean there’s city copscrawling everywhere you know Iin the door in one of their city guysand I give kudos to this guy you knowcuz he was self-aware but he didn’treally know me I didn’t really know himbut he’s like here’s what we gothere’s where you know you need to goblah blah blah and I’m like boom Rogerso I walked up to my partner and he’sstanding next to this I forget what whathis nationality was what kind of aMiddle Eastern Asian fella and he’scovered blood from head to toe and I’mgoing what the heck is going on here youknow and but he’s on handcuffs he’s juststanding there covered blood there’s nomedics around he doesn’t seem like he’shurt like what is happening so mypartner who handled it really well youknow he you know he’s trying to gatherall the information and nowinvestigators are getting called in DCIwhich is our Division of CriminalInvestigation it’s you know at yourstate agency gets called in and they’recoming in because our agency we don’thave experience and stabbings we don’tdeal with stabbings right we don’t Imean we have a good we a goodinvestigator at the time right goodadmins but you know it’s just not ourForte right we’ve got guys thatexpertise in this stuff so my partnerjust says I need to do the most mundanejob of the world I need you to I needyou to watch this this room like boomsane security got it important right youknow I mean this is this is a majorcrime for us so I ended up pulling up achair and there was like a room directlyacross from the door and I I just satinside this room you know and and didkind of the crime scene lager right andbut I had about four hours before thestate investigator made it to the doorwhere I was at so I had about four hoursto stare at puddles of blood I mean andI’m talking it is amazing how much blooda human being can lose yeah and still bealive I mean it looked like somebodydumped a five-gallon bucket all overthis room oh and and I’m just looking atit going okay you know andwith my with my degree background andthe criminal justice and the thecriminology side he I had some time toanalyze this room right looking at bloodspatter and coagulation and all thosethings that you know that was kind of aninterest to me right the crime sceneinvestigations so I’d kind of come upwith without knowing the backstory I hadkind of paid in a picture in my head ofwhere it started and kind of where itwas goingright so the story is in and there’ssome details that I don’t entirely knowbecause you know it wasn’t wasn’tentirely my case right the state endedup helping us with this case but thismale individual that was standing therewith that was covered in bloodhe came back from hanging out of hisbuddies one night and and he wasn’tactually a student at this time he hadhad failed out of some courses and so hewas staying in the room with with theseguys these two other guys and just kindof sleeping on a futon mattress and afloorand he had passed out middle of thenight this younger this other studentwho had been out drinking right becausethat doesn’t ever happen on collegecampuses had come back extremelyintoxicated thinking that he was at theright dorm walks in the room which forwhatever reason the door was unlockedwalks in the room and starts peeing inthe in the room like that Kane’s in thebathroom or something I think I don’tYeah Yeah rightso he’s peeing in the room that guy’slike hey you know what the heck are youdoing you know I mean that kind of calmconversation was taking place you knowhe’s kind of figure out what this guy’sdoing well after he sent peon the guystarts taking his clothes off right likehe’s gonna go to bed and this is where Iget a little fuzzy with the story Idon’t have all details and regardingthat I never did hear that portion butthere was something to the effect of hethe the the guy who was covered in bloodout in the hallway thought that this guywas going to try to like sexuallyalt him for some reason I tried to climbdown and lay next to him or somethingbizarre like that and somehow in themeaning of all thisthis kid grabs a pocket knife and startsstabby stabby this kid I mean juststarts going stab mode and I think hestabbed him nine times you know andthere was some detail in there that youknow this kid had the ability to likeretreat because he had made it to thedoor and could have left there were somemore details there but it you knowthat’s kind of how it went so this kidsBabs is another kid and walks out downto another dorm room knocks on the doorwith some other buddies he had in thereand the guys answer the door and it’scovered in blood right so naturally Idon’t think I would let this person inmy dorm room but these guys being dumbyoung college students they’re like whoaman come on inlike what happened you know and so hejust basically sat in the room and wasin shock you know shut down sat inanother room in shock meanwhile thevictim stumbles out into the end of thehallway finds it to the I don’t theycall it community assistant or residentassistant you know kind of the dorm hallliaison person to that level knocks onthe door guy comes at the door and rightabout when the when the ra CA answersthe doors got collapses on the floorhe’s covered in blood he’s leakineverywhere so he ends up somehow gettingto the main entrance and then that’swhen the call comes out and my partnermy senior officer partner gets there andagain kudos to the guy right becausethere’s holes everywhere and you’ve onlygot two handsand he’s just plugging holes and he’sand he’s trying to save this guy and Ican and I think he got stabbed ninetimes once or twice in the neck and andsurvived they ended up what’s calledlife flight they helicopter him downfrom our town to Sioux Falls which isthe big you know they have traumacenters there so they transported himdown there and he made I believe a fullrecoverythe the suspect I believe endedgetting pled down to aggravated assaultor simple assault I don’t know what itwas something kind of outrageous but youknow that’s not my deal it’s above mypay grade so it was it was intense yeahit was it was an intense deal I meanyeah other than blood not in handcuffslike your brain is gone okay I don’tlike this you know yeah it’s crazy thathe um you know you don’t often see astabbing where the stabber is covered inblood because it takes a little time forthe wound to start producing and gushingand so this kid sounds like he stabbedthem enough times and spent enough timewith him that the kids blood poured allover him that’s kind of that’s crazy Iwonder was this well drunk or anythingor anything under the influence the kidthat was doing the stabbing yes I thinkthat was one of the details that waspart of it that he was intoxicated tosome level but I never did hear thelevel of intoxication but yeah I meanit’s just you know it’s not like themovies right where you stab somebodythat’s like four foot stream of bloodlike you say it takes a little bit trueyeah exactly exactly right you know soand it kind of trickles out so there’s alot of things you know that I didn’t Imean as a low-level beat cop right Ididn’t have the awarded ability to havelike the insight but it was it wasinteresting you know for small-towncollege university where we dealt withunderage consumptions and you know footrunners and duis and things like thatthis was bizarre this is this made thenews you know for sure oh I’m sure Imean and I went to when I was in collegein Massachusetts I went to I went to areserve academy while attending collegeso was like 150 hours you go and thenyou can be like in Massachusetts you canbe a part-time cop I mean actually youcan work for a year with reserve Academybefore they make you go to full academyso not not that on not that dissimilarI’m you but um while I was there I wentthrough with a university cop then helater had to go to additional trainingbut he had to take this intermittentclass before I became university cop andyou know he was older he was in his 30syou know and he ended up being like acaptain or lieutenant or something atthe place but right like he was always Ifeel like had his hand on his foreheaddealing with us you know I mean like itwas like it’s like non-stop headachebeing a college cop it’s like apopulation of young insane kidsconstantly drinking and swallowing drugsand they’re all you know then you havethe the law majors and they out thereall booking room lawyers and it justseems like anybody who does a career asa campus police officer my hat is off tohim because it’s it is like it’s likebabysitting and then and it does get badtoo like you have there I mean I went toUMass to visit my girlfriend in collegeand there were on frat row I mean UMassis huge it’s a hundred thousand studentsbut there was a frat row there was 15cruisers and there’d been like ashooting and stabbing oh my goshso they got all these annoying kids andthey’re also attacking each other it’slike yeah you know I can tell you thatit was fun don’t get me wrong I mean ityou learned how you learned how to be agood cop because these guys were badcriminals right I mean they they’re badLiars you know they’re in in in SouthDakota of marijuana itself is an arrestof all offense right now and then if youhave it altered from its flower form orplant form it’s actually a felony wellso yeah so if you have like THC oil orlike if you make pot brownies rightwhich I mean at one point I’m sure was abig thing I don’t know how big it is nowbut that’s a felony you know you go togrand jury and it’s it’s a big deal youmy buddy used to make those in collegeit would like our whole apartment reallysinks because he was like uh you knowAlchemist he would do something with thepot when he cooked it in butterso the THC will come out and then likethe brownies didn’t have any leafy greenin them it just had like the reduced THCbutter that he had cooked up and yeah itjust wreaked yeah and I had a roommatein college that unbeknownst to me waswas a guy like that until I discoveredit and it’s just you know at that pointI was intrigued right cuz I’m like whatis this you know being that I was goingthrough the law enforcement dealyou know criminal justice program sayokay you got to move out before you goyou know explain to me how this worksyou know yeah so but yeah it was it wasinteresting the things I saw there youknow just the amount of alcohol consumedI mean I can tell you right now thatlike you give a PBT or you know a breathtest and they come back at a point threeand you’re like how are you functioningyou know you are a walking alcoholbottle I mean how are you functioningyeah so I mean it was it was fun it wasdefinitely fun I mean there was a whilethere you know the problem with thecampus right is is a cop you keepgetting older and they stay the same ageyou know so trying to jump a fence orchase after somebody for something youknow petty or whatever after a whileyou’re like I’m just gonna stay in thecar he can have that Buchan yeah I’mgetting college kids are so intolerableto they’re so arrogant you know they’relooking down their nose at you likeyou’re like you know why aren’t you acop you know for the city why you a cophere you know what I mean like youcouldn’t make it like that’s that’s howcollege kids think you know that’s theway they are so college cops dude I havea question for you Jeff like it seemslike in most cases you see in moststates if someone breaks in if someonebreaks into your house like this kidbroke into this dorm room it’s on likethe home owner or occupant of the roomor home can pretty much do whatever tothis persononce they’ve broke into your house Imean you we had a thing in college withthese local guys there was a bar fightand these local guys found my buddies attheir apartment back on the collegecampus and the local guys came and kicktheir door in and came in wellthey kicked the door in to a couplefootball players rooms and a lacrosseplayer yeah and these guys I mean I’venever seen this wasn’t the first time mylives I’ve seen the human body socontorted like they beat these guys sobad their heads were like there was thissoftballs everywhere like I was like Ithought these guys would never be thesame I’m like wow that is their teeth inthey broke through cavities like theykick these guys assesno charges yeah because they broke downto them and there was witnesses so myquestion to you is this kid who did allthe stabbing I mean certainly there wasprobably administrative punishment fromthe college but did he face anylitigation for that as far as criminallitigation or civil order yeah anythingyeah so he ended up getting charged wecharged him with aggravated assault witha deadly weapon I believe or you know isa felony level aggravated assault okaybut there were some holes in his storythat’s why we ultimately charged himbecause you know right away we were likeoh self-defense you know not a big dealbut you know he was supposed to be thereI was in his residence oh that’s righthe had he had the opportunity to fleeright and that’s the self defense Koreyright is you you have that opportunityto flee you he was bigger than thisother kid you know there was no weaponsinvolved from the other side of it hecould have made the attempt to open thedoor and leave right yeah you know ahindsight 20/20 right you know we don’tscrutinize law enforcement in this wayright you know it shoulda coulda wouldasituation is what it is but in this casehe it sounded like he had enoughknowledge of what was going on aroundhim and he could articulate it enoughthey were like yeah you really shouldhave a step like you know beat this kidto a pulp right you know kick his behindbut stab him where does that mean yeahthat’s like the next level yeah I seewhat you’re saying there yeah yeah sobut South Dakota I mean it’s it’s youknow we call it God’s country right it’sit’s a constitutional carry state youknow I mean all the time I stopped carsand you know we have permits to carrylong firearms but yeah they say oh I’vegot a you know a pistol in my rightpocket or my right hip you know and it’ssimple hey you know I got a problem withit you’re talking to the guy does a hugeSecond Amendment supporter sure um justleave it in there you know don’t makeany sudden movements for it and I got noproblems with you know that’s used foryour protection in a lot of avenues butyou certainly don’t need it during ourour duration of conversation you know itdoesn’t change whether you’re getting acitation or not you know but it’s okayyou know don’t be afraid of it sobreaking into a home here that would andespecially if you break into like acountry home down in acreages goodluck to you yeah but say goodbye to yourhead like a 1l it’s gonna be yeah it’sgonna be mushroomed out like you didn’tbelieve so I believe itJeff give you um ki tell us about apositive or heartwarming situation yeahso you know I I think for me I got intolaw enforcement for multitude reasonsright I think everybody has the clichelike I want to change the world andserve and protect and I think to anextent you know I absolutely have thatJeff that’s funny you said becausethat’s the exact reason I don’t askpeople that question anymorewhen I first started the podcast Iplayed with the idea of saying what youknow why’d you get in the lawenforcement but all people say isbecause I want to help peopleyeah yes you’re asking like you know apositive interaction right yeah okay sobeing that you know I I very much wantto get the bad guys off the road rightthat’s I I thrive under that pressure toto find these folks but at the same timeyou I think especially in today’s worldwith a lot of the mental health issuesthat we have a lot of the low incomebase you know lack of education in someparts of especially this state you haveto have a level of compassion right youhave to be able to communicate withpeople cause lucilla I lost you for asecond there I think we’re back yeahbecause so you have to have that levelof compassion so I’ve taken it uponmyself you know to kind of have that bigheart and have it worn on my sleeve sopositive interaction I I had a family inone of the towns we patrol they had anissue with their younger middle-schoolaged son chemic emp’d acting out youknow I think the dad was actually astepdad you know so there was some ofthat inner family issues but he keptbecoming kind of unruly at home and wegot there you know got called for awelfare check to speak with the theparents and I think the kid actuallytook off in town somewhere and we weretrying to find him we ended up trackinghim down andtalk to him in the counselor and I justhe was afraid that he was gonna get hurtby his family and you know I think itwas in adamant it wasn’t like a real hewasn’t actually being harmed he was justthat was his outcry because he washaving some struggles but anyway Ibrought him home and you know I havethis this fatherly sense when it comesto being a cop right you know I havekids of my own so when it comes time tobe a dad and a mentor I gave him bothright and I think there’s a time and aplace where you talk to them like afather and a time where you talk tothese these young folks like they’relike your mentor right and those are twovery very different thingssure and so Oh giving this kid a pieceof both I told the family you know I’dstop by once a week from now on when I’mavailable and don’t have calls and I didwhile I could I think it was severalseveral months but they ended up movingaway you know to somewhere else in ourCounty or I haven’t heard from him youknow so obviously I might might just hadworked but I recently received a letterin my work mailbox from his family andthey wrote me a very nice letter thatsaid there’s said had been doing greatgrades were upno more mouthing off to them you knowfor the most part he’s he’s like 12 or13 so I expect that a little bit surebut and the dad who was a really greatguy is just a really warm hearted guy hesaid I cannot thank you enough my kidwas an introvert and while sports arenot a big thing it doesn’t matter wewant our son to find a passion he goes Iam a huge baseball fan and he was my sonjoined he’s joining baseball this yearand so he goes can you freaking believeit you know he goes it puts a smile onmy face knowing that you came to help usand in return it puts a smile on my faceknowing I could help this kid rightleave him from going down the path thatI once was and you know we can touch onthat too but you know it takes fiveto change a lifetime of choices rightyou know they a person could a hundredpercent take in what you’re saying orthey could not listen to anything at allyou know but if you don’t make thateffort as a law enforcement officerright I mean you’re the hero with thecape and a badge and you know I meanespecially for these young folks if it’seven one person that I make a changeI’ve already done might do justice rightabsolutely absolutely yeah that’s agreat story know what now you hintedthere what kind of trouble have you beenin Jeff would you done manthere’s a reason that I’m a cop rightthere’s a very good reason that I’m acop because I am a bad criminal I justcould never like I could never be acriminal on a bad liar you know it waskind of one of those things when I was akid and I would do something stupid mydad would look at me with the eyes liketell me or it’s gonna be not good youknow and III just decided at one pointin my life that it’s it’s time to figureit out so I can drink water here fromabout 14 to 18 I was a bit of atroublemaker I think a lot of it was aproduct of who I was hanging around andI got into trouble a couple into troublea couple times a year and it was areally dumb stuff it wasn’t ever likecriminal matter just don’t be an idiotbut I had you know a couple things whereI had a couple petty thefts on my recordthat were ridiculous on my part justridiculous looking back on it but youknow the first time I ever got introuble with the police I say yeah Ididn’t even know was the police he’sthat’s how dumb and naive I was we wentto play I don’t know what you guys callit frisbee golf or disc golf and yeahand you know that was like a big thingwhen I went through high school you knowlike 2006 through 2008 or whatever itwasanyway so we were playing frisbee golfand and we were out of this this ispay-to-play park you know like aregional park and you had to have a passto be in therewell we rolled in there and again I waslike 15 you know 16 years old my buddy’slike dude there’s no guy at the shackjust you know don’tabout it yeah 15 16 you’re like I reallyhave a lot of money so I’ll skip thefour dollars you know not a big dealsomebody out here well we we had a buddythat had a season pass so there’s ourguys were like dude just like you knowif somebody asks it’s the part peoplejust tell them you’re so-and-so and I’mlike all right that seems like a reallysmart thing to do so we’re playing alongand this lady who had kind of like apark ranger looking uniform well Ididn’t know that these Park Rangers hadlike law enforcement powers at the timeso yeah unbeknownst to me I’m just likeI’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna pull oneover on this lady and she asked for ourpasses and I said oh I don’t have mineon me but you know I I can give you myname and she you know I’m assuming theyhad like a spreadsheet or like a systemof all these stuff you know I againreally dumb and she goes hmmall right come with me and I’m like oohthis isn’t good and so that was kind ofmy first red flag right what was yourfirst clue so we started back walkingback to her vehicle and as soon as Icleared the tree line I just see thispickup truck that says Park Police andI’m like oh boy and so she she goes I’mgonna give you another chance and I gonope I’m sticking to my guns like I amsmarter than the police right and I’msticking to my guns and she goes huhokay she goes what’s funny the name yougave me I shall we know that guy andyou’re not that guy and I go well youwould you would be absolutely right I’mnot that guyand you know so guilt got the best of meat the end of it you know I finally hadto come clean and she gave me it shegave me a ticket and the petty ticket sothe funny part is is the park pass waslike $3 right here’s the life lessonpark pass was like $3 and the ticket waslike a hundred and seventy so do themath there it did not make sense so youknow I had to call my parents and I wasmore fearful and my mother coming Ithink that my father but you know otherthan that a couple of speeding ticketsyou know a couple seatbelt ticketsbecause again I was ten feet tall andbulletproof[Music]you know I definitely so had I did havetwo minor consumptions I found what whatwhat barley pops were we got a drinkerhere can but you know in my college daysI definitely indulged in a few here andthereOh water water beers yeah originalgangster man lucky stone yeah yeah youknow and whatever I mean I I learned mylesson but I think you know thatattributes as much as I made thosemistakes I think that attributes to WhoI am as a cop right so dealing withthese kids done caught on collegecampuses it played out perfect becausethere were a lot of times where thesekids are drinking you know and and I’dsay you know what are you going toschool for I’m in the nursing programI’m in the farm program where I’m inaviation okay well you realize with anunderage consumption they consider youfor denial of of entrance to theirprogram if you have an underageconsumption right especially foraviation you know you have a have tohave a squeaky-clean record for that andI’d say sohere’s what we’re gonna do right I’mgonna let you go with warning I’m gonnatake all your boobs or gonna dump itdown the drain but if I catch you againagain I’m gonna hammer you witheverything I can like call it the youknow the University of violations I’mgonna hit you with criminal code butdon’t make me do that right I want togive you the opportunity I said Iunderstood I was always say I get yourown right you’re gonna drink I’m notgonna be able to stop that but besmarter about it right you know don’t beroaming around with you know and it’ssurprising guys it’s amazing howstudious these college kids were at likeone o’clock in the morning with thesebackpacks roaming around campus I I justI was so impressed going to study thatyeah you know and it’s funny that thebooks in their bag were shaped awfully alot like bush light boxes so rememberthose days yeah you know I mean we’veall been it but yeah so yeah my pastcame came to full fruition right and sowhile I was on on the on the collegecampus you know I had the opportunity toto do and and and this is Ithink there was that I don’t want tojump into your questions Steve but therewas something about you knowrecommendation to young folks right Ithink that was one of those get right indoing I’m absolutely yeah so you knowagain I really like that communitypolicing side I mean don’t get me wrongcops gotta be cops we gotta go deal withcalls but when there’s down time and wehave the ability to talk to the public Ithink especially right now with as muchas gone on in our country with lawenforcement the last ten years you knowdon’t get me wrong I want nothing to dowith these challenge videos you see onthis Facebook where you’re like dancingand singing because number number onelike they don’t need to see a big a bigyou know city kid dancing around it’sjust it wouldn’t be pretty and getstarted on these dancing cups it bothersme you know I get the attempt right theywant to reach out to the public andsocial media is like cream of the cropright now however that’s not why we’recopsI mean there’s program and so we can geta part of right you know that we couldwe could get our face out there in lowerincome or vulnerable you know childrenand adults that we can be a part of Idon’t care that Joe Blow likes my videoand shares at 3,000 times I could careless you know it did that doesabsolutely nothing for me but rollinginto that you know my advice to youngfolks is be aware of who you hang outwith it’s very very easy in today’s tosociety you know rolling back into thisis to fall into bad decisions whenamongst friends or acquaintancesespecially acquaintances right peoplethat you don’t really know the core ofit’s easy to do things out of characterto follow along I’ve done I’m sure we’veat some point in our lives all Dunhamwhere we did something that wascompletely out of character so somethingwhen I was up at the University I did apresentation in the dorm halls and itwas called phys with the fuzz and Ithink they did like root beer floats andthen you would gather in the dorms andone of the things it was like the tencommandments right it was the 13 waysnot to get arrestedand these college kids love this youknow you would get a lot of receptivequestions of course they all ask you akind of like you guys you know what wasyour craziest call and you’re like yeahokay people you should I doyeah yeah like I don’t know whewright Johnny Walker but lost kilt yeahbut they love this stuff and so one ofthe ways was exactly this you know Isaid don’t hang out with dumb you knowwhat if for some reason you spend timeand you look around and you cannotfigure out who that person is it’sprobably you and when I would when Iwould read that out to kids there wasalways that one kid in the crowd of kidseveryone would look at like hey you youknow yeah I just knocked out your buddysorry guys you know so but know it thatwas something that I really took a joyin you know I only did it for about twosemesters and then III went to thecounty but I really enjoyed you knowthat portion you know thirsty for youngpeople wanting to get into lawenforcement I think media and in moviesand that mantra if you will has led usto like run-and-gun and crazy andshootouts and like yeah I mean there’sthere’s areas in the country right thathave shootings every day and they haveofficer-involved issues every day butthere’s also a lot more to lawenforcement right there’s a lot morethan just a city cop right State HighwayPatrol there’s County there’s clearlyuniversities there’s there’s there’sgame fish and parks in our state we haveyou know it’s like our game wardens andyou know you name it state agenciesfederal agencies so there’s a millionthings you can do in law enforcement youknow don’t just be tied to one agency orone Avenue you know I was very much whenI started like I’m gonna get hired onwith one agency I’m gonna ride 30 yearswith that agency and we’re gonna retireand ride off into the sunset right butthat’s just not I’m seeing that that’snot a common theme anymoreyou know to my understanding and forCalifornia when you guys were there ifyou’re certified in the state you’reyou’re certified for the whole stateright there’s not like you know burrowyour or jurisdictional differences yaknow you’re certified for the state yeahokay so it would be the same thing aslike a lateral transfer right you knowunless you have especially as a youngperson that’s not married doesn’t havekids if you’re not a hundred percentsatisfied with your department it’s okayto say I’m just gonna find somethingdifferent you know and of course there’salways the option and getting outta lawenforcement all together and then thathappens but if you’re not ready to hangthat hat up which a lot of us aren’tseek something else out within thatrealm you know especially right now Imean we see cyber cyber law cybersecurity is definitely being you know itis is being used more than it was tenyears ago right I mean everything IV ison the internet right now we talkedabout child pornography and all thatstuff so if you’re not the best beat copbut you’re like man I really enjoyinvestigations I really enjoy gettingthe bad guy and that analytical thinkingthere’s something for you you know youjust got it you just kind of got to openup your Pandora’s box and find somethingthat fits your it’s your niche you knowhey Jeff what advice do you have forpeople that want to be cops and cops onsocial media so high the more I do thisjob the more I talk like anadministrator which is painful to me butyou know you have to think mindful rightit is so easy to want to do two thingsright to put your personal beliefs thatare quite a bit different than yourdepartment’s beliefs right out thereand then your actions that are caneasily be perceived as what the heck isthat and I can give you like the numberone the number one thing that I justshake my head today is you knowInstagram is a big thing rightFacebook’s a big thing you see a lot oflaw enforcementI myself have Instagram you know it’slocked down there’s nothing that wouldbe controversial to my department youknow and and I make that very clear youknow in my statement but there’s an appcalled tick-tock right oh yeah I’ve seenthe mm-hmm yeah I just cannot wrap myhead around it I convinced myself tomake one and about an hour later I waslike get me away from this thing youknow like do not bring this back in mylife you know and so you hear you knowmy I hear even my daughter talking abouttick-tock and she’s like seven years oldI mean I justmm-hmm we’ve come to an era where socialmedia is more prevalent than reading abook you know and it just makes mescratch my head but those are two very Imean social media is dangerous you knowit’s uh I get you want to help I waslittle elites right you’re allowed tohave personal beliefs I mean it’swritten in our it’s written in ourConstitution right it’s your god-givenright as a US citizen but that doesn’tmean your department can has to keep youon right you can you can route and tootall you want about your personal beliefsbut if they go yeah you know what wejust really don’t we don’t we’re notseeing eye-to-eye and they fire yeahbecause of it that’s your faultyou know they have department policiesand we have our own department policiesyou know that you know if you do meanmore or less it’s more or less as youknow you do something that would makethe sheriff look badgood luck being on that chopping block Iwouldn’t want to be a part of it youknow and I have a huge respect for mySheriff he’s a really good guy so it’sjust one of those things that I say it’sokay to have some of the media you knowcurrent cops and and on on comers but bevery aware of what you’re posting bevery aware of what your friends areposting right because they can tag youin photos because once it’s there and Iknow you guys do the the policebackground net I mean or at least I canI know you doyou know it’s you can find it it’s nothard you know just a little bit of elbowgrease and you you can find just aboutanything you want about somebody out inthe public record you know and then theythen they have obviously systems whereyou have you know certain access tocertain systems that the you know theaverage Joe Blow wouldn’t have access toyou know private investigators and stufflike that but yeah I I just say be veryvery cautious because it may be cool atthe time you’re especially going throughcollege at one point you know III thinkthere might have been a beer bong inmyself in the same photo I can eitherconfirm or deny thatoh dear mom but yeah right but you knowthat that made it a scrub exit and Ihaven’t really ever heard about it sensebut you know he imagine going to a panelinterviewer into the background and inpolygraph phase and they go so tell meabout this four foot long funnel on abeer you know what I mean how do youexplain that you know other than I was acollege kid and I was experiencing lifeyou know a little bit too much life butyou know nonetheless you know it gives abad representation about your integrityyou know are you are you gonna are yougonna be able to be the ironclad copthat they want you to be especially forthese large agencies you know listeningto your can i I do get a kick aboutabout the LAPD and the news because it’salways like almost cringing you knowyou’re like is it gonna be good thisweek or is it gonna be just Malaysia youknow but it’s one of those things whereyou know you you screw the pooch on itand they’ll just get rid of ya right Imean they have enough applicants inthese big agencies they don’t need yaSioux Falls and Rapid City or I thinkare definitely that way to you know youif you don’t follow their their IDideology well just get rid of youthey’ll find somebody else becausethere’s plenty Africans waiting at thedoor sure that’s the way it is yeah yeahwell Jeff this was awesome and I’m soglad that you came on yeah absolutely Iyou know we had to get some of the SouthDakotans in Minnesota you had to showyou what the Midwest nice was becauseyou know the this West Coast East Coastthing it’s quite a bit different outhere you know even though even though weyou know all of us own cows and we allhave horses you know and all that stuffwe actually don’t so hey I like it and Itell you what is we’re speaking rightnow these people pulled up to the frontof my property they’re here to buy someof our goats so I’m going the other wayman I’m mom we’d love to have a milk cowokaywell I can probably we arrange that Ithink I know a few people we haven’t dothose out here Ken let’s do it take aroad trip go get go get me accountingabsolutely do my my South Dakota accentI’m price screwing it up bad no we don’thave an accent we’re not from like thegreater so this isn’t Fargo all right noI did see Fargo a couple weeks ago and Ijust got a kick out of that just the waythey talk to this so I see yeahit’s idea where she kind of idea to gofor New Brunswick who kinda you knowwhat I’m saying like it’s kind ofsimilar that’s kind of I think it’s anorthern thing but I think it’sendearing I love I love an accent man Igrew up and I grew up in Cape Cod whereeverybody talks like newscasters there’sno flavor you know yeah well you knowapparently we all say Oh to like ohsorry you know that’s a thing – oh Ithink it’s great man now I catch myselfat the store like oh thank you so muchcan you were kind of quiet but I feellike there was a problem with yourconnection or something there no it’sjust my mic you know it’s kind of funnyevery time I fire up Skype or zoom itjust decides what it’s gonna use as mydefault microphone and all that anddoesn’t ask me it’s it pisses me off soI’m I’m Cyn deer talking and and and Ihear some of these it’s almost like I’mgonna fly on your back right over butSteve and I are in text and he goes Ican’t hear you what didn’t I check mysentence god dang it yeah I got Kenjacked up on the board here all the wayup I’m like in me and Jeff were talkingit’s just like this little trickle awayno words absolutelylike it’s a different world because whenyou when the younger guess come on asopposed to when when we have some guysfrom the 80s and stuff like that we justkind of go back and forth because we gellike that but you guys talking aboutcollege years and all this stuff thathas to do with more within the last youknow 15 20 years that’s that’s anotherconversation yeah it’s definitelydifferent law enforcement is not thesame at all that it was 10 15 20 yearsago so yeah well we’re gonna have tohave you back once you uh once youaccumulate some more stories brother youknow yeah absolutely I appreciate yourguys time I you know consistentlisteners so this is just one more onemore hat to wear right yeah yeah thanksbrother we appreciate it man absolutelyit was good all right I’m gonna you knowI’m gonna outro us cuz I got some goatsto to sell go alright use of all timeit’s a different goat I’m selling TomBrady over here alright thanks Jeffthank youhey guys I hope you enjoyed the episodeif you’d like to support the show goover to things police see calm when youget on the website there’s a fewdifferent ways you can show some supportyou can donate directly you can do aone-time donation or a monthly donationeven a buck helps us keep the lights onover here pays our expenses for themonth is greatly appreciated you canalso just use our Amazon affiliate linkif you just want to buy something onAmazon like you normally do just do itthrough our link and we’ll get a littlekickback for that so you can go to thewebsite and do that or in the show notesI’ll put a link you can just click rightthrough that link and the third way isyou can buy some buy some merch so wehave coffee mugs we have t-shirts men’sand women’s and we also have hoodiesweatshirts now so go over two thingsplease see calm and check it out you canalso just listen to the podcast there oryou can apply to be a guest to scrolldown to and click on be a guest and whatyou want to do is just give us a briefsynopsis of your of your service howmanyyou were on the job and just a verybrief idea of the stories you’d like toshare and I will get right back to youso thank you for listening and we’llcatch you next time[Applause][Music]you[Music]English 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